The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 08, 1909, Image 7

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"I tflcil nil kind of Mood irtncditi
which failed to do me any jood, but t
liavc found the rljdit thliif at lnt. My
(ore w full of llilptfalid Mack lirnda,
After takliijr Catcarctt tlicy all Irft. I mtt
ctmtllUilliM the ttie of them mid rertitu.
iiictwIliiK tlicm to my frlt-wlt. 1 feci Una
when I tUo lit (lie mornliiK- llum to
have n chance to trcotiiliietid CnKnictt,"
1'rcdC. Wllleii, 76111m HI., Nrwatk, N.J.
leaitnt. Palatable Potent, Teat (Intnl.
n (Io.hI Never nlcaeu.Weaaenor (ltli,
104, IV. Mo Meter aold In bulk. The n.
ill tablet llainpml C C C. Uuaiaateed In
u4 or jour uoor back. 92
just mnnr
Vttr II I'MTiirril Them.
PrWnd Why do you oncoiim the
woman' siirfraxe meellns? Burely
you don't approve of lliemT
Husband ApproveT With nil my
heart! I can com horn lata si I
Ilk now without tlndliiif my wlf wait
Inr to 11k quetlloni. Kama City
Do your eat aver feel tired, nchy
and toru nt nlffhl? Hub them with n
little Hamlin Wizard 01. They'll ba
Bind In the mornlnjr, nnd ao will you.
Tbeaah Thr I If IaentlTv,
Pint Hunter You know they have
paiiid a law In Florida pennlttlna the
allllna- of alllgntonT
Htcond Hunter O, well, I auppote
we'll keep on killing them, Juit tho
Mothere wilt II nil lira. Wlntlow Boothia
riHihbesi rvmvOr taut fur liitllcnUdisa
tuiiui Ik leeltilu ilod.
Mrallelln Slualv,
Crlllo (a lh comiMiarr playa hti
I piece) Very flno. Hut what la
that paaaaae vhlcli mnkra the cold
Chilli run down the Lark?
Compoier That la where the wan
direr line tho hotel hill brought to
blin. niea-enda lllaetter.
Cleur Waal- of Money,
rUptelah The doctor lay there'a
lomnhlnr tin matter with my had.
8liori Vou aurrly didn't pay a doo
.tor to tell you thatl lioiton Tran.
Kih PtlctO Llls
I brllcr. It rait lb
dauih and nikriTlibU
r. iwr.lrf ami IkIIci
rlun I !;, JwIJ j (to
crxSriaprr Dolled, II
yu will fDii Hi Tai
.... ... nam an4.aldmi, w
will ikt yen a took In h.iltb aad btlla pswdti,
CUCSCENT Mro. CO. Seattle, Wn.
$15 P,r Acra 10 Yaara' Time
Ihf ef Canadian I'arlA Italltrar
iiulur from U la U buakati of whaaU II
lIOObuthUf oala, pnun AUlwar
tallwira, lawna and Mhoala PuUl
lhatnt whatl land pmxullUn for nn
af tncalrrala maana. No rrrp fallut,
Hnd lidar for frr lllutlralol lltatalura.
bpMlal ralM lit and Uih of ry mania.
Gtnl, I -an.1 Alia Canadian TatlAi It. R.
IJ4-M l.umWrmfn'a llulUIng
y ,iS
VI !i tt - 1Nv i
aJLIVialiuliu' T
wear won
ond they Keep you
dry while you are
wearing mem
ritunr rare
wwww ff". S'
ToCTO. Cam.
C. Gee Wo
tt.3 Chinese Doctor
Tlila VrundrM man haa
in ul u liCaatudy of lh
iirorartic o Kuuia.
(rl.a ',d llarka. ami
Kllnir Ilia world Hi
Unantof bla aanrlcaa.
iJJ5) No Mr
,'jii Ontratl
DrutiUtcd, No
.u'S Optratlont or Cutting
fluaranlta to rur Catanh, Aallnna, I.unr.
Hlomarh ami Kldnrjr IroutlM, ttiut all l'tlvat
Uliouca of M n and Woman.
Juit racvlycd (ruin I'tkln, China tafa, iur
jiid rallabla, U..fallln In I la woika.
If you cannot call, will for lynuitom, Uank
and circular. Incloaa 4 canta In a I amp,
' The C. Gee Wo Medicine Co.
163M Tint St., cor. MoftUon, PortlanJ, Or.
.11 iLV
' 1 Vt
TO '
. $W,.nWJl&v"
Ji-.wyi T 1 IHK WnWirMll.n.iKB.i
0 -SvSjW -ff
Mff"r 4w-:' ! ' AM '
Wilt tffcKIAJTTTTAitt-
''"' r WfV OiA r
M.tt2JteSfam -
i&wj - r ...f.v5-
K3Pcn. ..-Zb-'
Wf.wrSsoSrVrrsr- "
ftniillnry MIIU .'nil.
Much the InrRur proportion of milk
Ih rafrlcd In wldo-tuppcd, uncovered
pnll from tho cow to Iho itrnlncr, n
dlNtnnro of 2fi to 100 fi'et. aero n
towynril, mnlr n hay loft, or past n
111 nti 11 re idle, thu oxpotlnR n law
urfnra of wiirm milk, which nbiorb
nil Kind of tindotlrolilo odor nnd col
lect dirt nnd dust.
(InlVAiilied lion In anmothlnR used
for milk pnllM, hut It li not heat, for
tho rough aurfneca nttord hiding
(ilnrea for hacterln. Wooden veimeU
ihould not bo mod for hnldliiK milk,
for It la nlmoit Impottlulo to keep
them clean. Ileildea Imparting n me-
novmr rnoncriorf.
0 nTATTiniNO.
tnlllc flavor to milk, rutty tinware la
objectionable bccaiuo It la Impoislbto
to keep It clean. Good tin la tho only
prnctlcnblo materia! for milk veiled,
nnd It mint Ixi kept ililny nnd bright.
Tho moat Important thing In pro
ducing milk la to keep the dirt out.
TI1I1 rnu only bo done by carefully
grooming tho cowa and by uilng n
winltnry pall, two of which nro oliown
hero. There nro aovernl tytca of theio
palla, but (hey nil have tlie lame prin
ciple There la n raver with n imall
opening, under which la fattened n
cheeaecloth atralner. Tho one with
VT .3!"lWyflC?WnWW7
There are place whero a common everyday gato I an utter nuUanc
and whero a turmtllo or lomo other gato vubttltute or contrivance I par
ticularly convenient nnd welcome. With tho arrangement herewith Illus
trated tho gateway la nlwaya doted to nulmaU, but men may paaa through
It without dimculty. Tho accompanying drawing will glvo a clear Idea of
tho plan. Tho akctch la mado to ruprcicnt a very tmnll gate, but to nn
awer nil purpouc tho wing tnela and gato perhaps ahould bo halt a rod
In length.
tho (pout atralna tho milk na It cntera
tho pall, and nlio a It I poured out.
rami and Homo.
Nnir Hula I'rvlulit nn I:kk.
After nn Inveatlgntlon covering two
rvcoka, William Krohbach of Dauby,
Pa., ha learned tho ronton ho hn
been rccolvlng only two or thrco egg
n day from hi flock of alxty hcua, nnd
Incldentnlly found out eomethlng
about tho Invcntlvo cnpnclty of rata.
Ono morning ho heard n nolto In
his chicken houio, nnd quietly making
hla way there, ho nw two big rata
In tho net of making nwny with a
newly-laid egg. Ono of thu rodont
wn lying flat on It back with tho
egg tightly clutched In It four pawn,
while tho other rat wn dragging It
along by the tnll. Krohbach wna ao
Improated by tho Bight that ho
watched tho rodent for thrco minutes,
during which time they carried tho
egg for twenty yard along tho fenco
until they emtio to n holo In .tho
ground, Into which they took the egg.
Ono of tho rata becumo tired whllo
carrying tho egg and changed plncos
with It follow,
VoulllnlliiK Mtnlile.
llorios and cows nro In tho stablo at
night for rost. When tho weather I
warm tho atmosphere In cloao conflno
mout bocomes vory warm and oppros
tlvo, to much ao that tho animals bo
como vory uncomfortable, and honco
fall to get proper reit, Tho horao that
docs not get proper rest Is not In a
good condition for honvy work tho fol
lowing day, and tho cow that does not
ileep In a cool, restful plnce In hot
weather will not glvo a full flow of
milk Tho tcnipornturo of tho work
ing or producing animal mutt bo kopt
normal to glvo licit retulte, If there
nro no window In your ttnblot, cut
out a number now and let light and
froth air come for the health and com
fort of tho nulmali. There I nothing
lllic plenty of good froth air In living
and tleeplng room,' whether th room
bo for tho occupancy of man of for
niiliimli, Thlt hold! good for both
winter nnd tummer.
NiirNi-liiif i:li-rliiirnl.
r:xHirlmcnu with fungicides upon
IKitatora have been carried on ut thu
Vermont Bxtrm,nt fltatlon for
eighteen yenra. Kxporlmenla mado ro
cently tvero dctlgned particularly to
dctermlno tho relative gain from
ipmylng jiotatoct with bordeaux mix
turo and parla gn-eti, comparing the
reiulta from two, three and four ap
plication. Two appllcntlona of bor
deaux mlxturo mado In Augutt proved
let efllclent In checking tho flea bee
tle nnd early blight than whero other
application wero made, particularly
tho apraylng mado In early July. Tho
Increato In marketable tuhcre for the
prn)cd over tho uuipraycd Iota varle
from 02 to 172 per cent.
llrlnUlnir Wnlrr fur l'iitl.
Rcummy drinking caavla cauao tick
neat. They ahould bo Hfaldrd out
every now and then. Filthy water
drank dally la very Irritating to the
bowel. Water la the principal con
atltuent of tho fleth, bone, feathers
and egga of fowl, and necoaanrlly
largo ipiantltle of It I continued
dally. Therefore, It ahould bo icen
that the water tupply 1 not only purn,
but freaii.
TMallit aiurk I'on.l.
8tock of nil kind greatly rcllih
tho planli of the Kuulan thlttle, which
hn fairly Jumped out of tho ground
tliico the raln. nnd our llattcrn plain
-- - '
v- '
aro verdnnt with It Why not make
hay of UT 80 palatablo I tho hay to
cattlo that they leave green paituro
nnd break through fence to dovour
thl obnoxlou und outlawed weed It
It I cut nnd stacked beforo tho red
dish tlngo come on to U10 plant,
which occur nbout tho mlddlp of July.
Many of our Colorado pcoplo havo
uncd Uuttlun thlttlo for forngo for
aevernl years, nnd soma of them say
that It Is as good na nlfalfn. In a re
cent analysis tho Russian thistle na
aayed na followa; I'roteln, 17.95; other
extract, S.C1; nth, 21. OS; crude fiber,
20.14, nnd carbohydrate, 30.32, All
over KaRtern Colorado there la n la
montablo shortago of pratoln feed
Htuff. Corn, corn stnlka, straw, millet,
Kaffir nnd pralrlo hay nro ull long on
Btnrchy matter, but short on protein.
In tho thlstlo wo havo a crop that
grow on the arid rcachos which will
not only yield n largo amount of for
ago, but n vory palatablo ono nt that,
and n crop that Is rich In tho two ele
ments In which others nro deflclont.
Field nnd Farm.
llurdrniix Mixture,
Tho llordenux mixture Is tho proper
remedy to uso for nil fungous trou
bles, vlx., mildew and rust of beans;
potato and tomato rot "and leaf-blight;
melon and cucumber diseases; celory
loaf-blight and rust, otc. Tho half-
strength mlxturo (two pounds copper
sulphate two pounds quicklime fifty
gallons of wator) Is strong enough to
uso In the vegetable gurdon, oxcept
for potatoes
Tho Bnlvntlon Army Is estnbllnhed
In fifty-two coiinlrlva.
There I a great shortage of thcoloK
leal students In Wiirtcmtorg.
Tho War Department paid 8t,4l
for artificial llmba Inst year.
Six out of seven picture nent to the
royal academy every year nro rejected.
The railroad of thU country pny
out 121,000,000 ft year In freight
There Ih still pending In the Hngllth
law court a rata which was, Initiated
In 1707.
An owl with n rmt of youn? will
gather about forty mlrn a day for her
One-fifth of the country's wealth l
represented In tho Nw York Stock
Kor uso during military maneuver
tho Kaiser ha n portable notice mnde
of asbestos.
Thero wero fifteen execution of
criminal In Prussia In 1J07, nil 'but
ono of them mon.
There nro thirty different kind of
now rmea for this year nlons In I'ng
land, whero row eulturo abound.
Nearly nil of the fifteen thousand
Inhabitant of Marchncuklrchen, Sax
ony, aro engaged In violin making.
An effort mado In Russia to form a
gigantic steel corporation, on the line
of the ono existing In this country,
uas failed.
Tho Bwlia government spends more
money. In proportion to It population.
for tho relief of Ita poor, than any
other country.
Tho volcano of Btiomboll ha been
known to emit flames persistently and
lava nnd cinder spasmodically for
over 2,000 years.
A Parisian antiquarian has paid
7CO.000 francs for tho famous Marfcls
collection of wntche made In the six
teenth nnd seventeenth centuries.
At Fnlun, Sweden, are tho headquar
ters of a mining company wlUi a his
tory so remote that tho date of It
origin cannot bo definitely fixed.
South American woods woro former
ly used exclusively In tho making of
flihtng roils, but tho material Is now
being largely supplied by Queensland.
In 1900 there were 1,171.000 textile
worker In Ilrltaln. Tho average pay
each week for men was 1C.S3, for wom
en $3.75, for boys $2.53, and for girls
Frog may do sbmo harm to fish In a
pond, but Ocrman experts have decid
ed that this la outweighed by tho good
thoy do In destroying Injurious in
sects. New York State haa taken a prac
tical way of encouraging forestry. Dur
ing tho past planting aeaton more
than ono million seedlings wero dis
tributed nt cost throughout the State
for planting.
Solitary confinement still exists as n
punishment In Italy, although humani
tarian observers declare that capital
punishment would bo far more hu
mane, besides being more effective as
a deterrent.
On the basis of a bushel of corn pro
ducing 2.5 gallons of alcohol, It baa
been figured out that last year's corn
crop In tho United State was sufficient
to furnish ; power fori
ten hours a day for an entire year.
Wilbur Bowser, living near Pitta
burg, has constructed n. frame house,
built In sections, which ho ha moved
In a freight car with nil his household
good to Wyoming, whero ho has ac
quired a section of 1C0 acres of land.
Tho latest suggestion for the treat
ment of asthma comes from Germany.
It consist simply In breathing exer
cises conducted In such a way that the
Inspiration la rapid, whllo tho expira
tion Is ns slow nnd aa thorough as
Not to bo outdone musically by N'ow
York's pollco department, Chicago po
llcumen havo set out to organlzo n
band. Chief Shlppy, who used to
"pound tho pavement" himself. Is en
thusiastically In favor of tho scheme
nnd promises all tho aid he can glvo.
Tho export of domestic merchan
dise from Alaska to tho United States
In tho calendar year 1003 amounted to
$12,255,255. of which $9,282,952 waa
for canned salmon. Tho salmon out
put of Alaska equals the combined
catch of mulsh Columbia, tho United
States proper, and Japan,
Not tho least Important feature of
tho gvnernl agricultural revival which
Is In progross In so many over-sea
markets, and particularly In South
Africa nnd Australia, Is tho Interest
thus created In steel windmills na mo-'
tors for such purposes na pumping and
operating small machinery. ,'
Itaw river water should bo stored
antecedent to filtration for thirty days,
In tho opinion ot Dr. A. C Houston,
director of water examinations, Lon
don. Storago rcducoa tho number of
bnctorla ot nil sorts, and, If sufficiently
prolonged, devitalizes the microbes ot
water-borne disease (typhoid bacillus
and cholera virus). I
Tin) Kind Vou IIao A I way
turc orCliiii. U. Flftclirr, and lin been iimilo under IiIh
pergonal Ktiporrlxton for ovr JJO yrnrx. Allow no ono
to deeelvo you iu thl. Cotinterieltx, Juiltatlotix nnd.
"JiiHt-n-cood" nro lint Experiments, ami endanger tho
health of Children Uxpvrlunco against L.sicrJniuit.
What is CASTOR I A
Cnatorlu Ih 11 harmless aulistltuto for Castor Oil, I'aro
Rorle, Drops and Hootlitui; Hyrtipi. It In l'lcrumnt. It
couliiliiM neither Ojiliim, Morphlno nor other .Narcotlo
aiilnstnucc. IlH ntro Ih ItH f;iiuraiite.c. Jt destroys Worm
mid nllayH I'wrrikliiir. Jt cures Dhtrrlnrii nnd "Wind
Colic. It relieve Teething TrotililoH, eiires Constipation
nnd Flatulency. It asslinllateH tho I'ood, regulates tho
Htoinneh nnd linwels, giving health mid natural sleep
Tho Chlldreti'M l'uuncctt Tho Mother's Friend.
Tie Kind You Haire Always Bought
Boars tho
Use For
tmc cc tu iMpaar. Tt
"I admit I havo the fault you men
tion," said tho conceited man, self
complacently, "but It's the only fault
I have, and lt'a a small one."
"Yet," replied Knox, -Jutt like the
small hole that make a plugged
nickel no good." Catholic Standard
and Time.
Pattlt't Eye Salve.
No matter how badly the eye may
be dUcatcd or injured, restore normal
conditions. All druggists or Howard
Bros., Buffalo, N. Y.
What'a lh Aaarrtr.
riumplth maidens seek the seashore,
slim one seek the mountain high. If
you think you know the aniwer, why,
why, why? Washington Herald.
Shake Into Your Shoes
Afttn's FooI-IUm. powder for tha f rt. It ran
paJnfal. nrollca. martins, nnllu f t. Make
near shoe xaar. Sell br all Drusrlst and 8ho
Rlor. Don t atcrpt anr anbatltul. Kampl
ITIEK. Ad4lrtaA.&OInutd.lnor.N.Y.
rianalbta) rrcrarlrallna.
Of two kinds of liar, the one who
can II plausibly I most to b feared.
Tha crude liar Is simply a Joke. De
troit Kawa.
of it kind in the Nonhwcit, we invite
ii) Iavcitifttloa of those who want the
best In a practical education. Let ut prove
tuperiority. Call, phone or write. Cat
alogue, butiocit formt and penwork free.
'The School of Quality"
Tenth sad Mormon 3 Portland, Oregon
jt pM jf Jr rf 2L
Jr Ar & e .-St a'
- w m- r m
In theea daii ef pioareaalf farming- na man can afford to neglect hU arm equip
neat. It I Juat aa eaacntlal that the farm ihould have the benefit of the beat poatlbl farm
machinery and moat modern labor taring drlca aa It U that a properly conducted factory
should have It, and rren mora to. We hare In our ettenalre itock, labor earing- roachtnea
of all klnda, machine that preflta atvl make the farmer the moat Independent man
on the earth; machine that make farm life more enjoyable and tend to keep the youna
men utbfled with farm work. No faratr ever ureeted hit money to better adrantac
than whin he bought one of the machine mentioned below. Theee are tinea which are In
eeaaon NOW and are rooda which ahould Intereet every farmer whodealreatomakea
ucceaa ef f armhur, Kramer Kotary Harrow Attachment, (ahown here), Honlcr Drltla,
tahown here), J, L Caae riowa. Sandwich Hay froac. Dlck't Faoou Feed Cutter.
uoover loiato Ulster, uouoie Action
and Rlshtlap Cutaway, Slorer Gaaollne
Engtnea, New Iowa Cream Separator,
Xlycra Pumpa, Eta. Etc
Do YOURSELF and ua a favor by
aaklne for our
IJotitrht Jiuh borno tlio rIlmih-
Signaturo of
Over 30 Years.
atuMf rff cr, nkw Teaa crtr.
HOWARD C FrirruM Ajn aaJ CbaaiUt.
H Lr4i llr. Cm. rvlo. iMa arlo.i UoM,
Sllt.r Laa4, II. ( li, 811 r l Ooll. Uk baa
rOopfrll l .laniTltffan'l fall frt-i IWa
ant on arrllralifln Im rol a J LaiBlr aockao
llatlaa. Jlaf.naMl CarloeaU Kalloautl Itaafc.
a laara a Leader In PalnUM Ornuu
Work la I'onland.
Out-of-Town People
Should remember that oar ftrr le o anaicl
TILACTlN'R FREKwhrnplatrt or brVtaatar or
PAIN NO STUDENTS, no uncertainty.
For tHo Next Fifteen Days-
We win aHre you a rood tZk. cvU or porce
lain crown for ,.. SSJ9
Hk bride teeth .. ....... 30
tlolar crown , . ................ S.03
Goldorenamel fUUnsa .... LOC
fillrer fllllnn . -fi0
Coodrnbbrr plalea. tJ
Thabeetml rubber plalea. ... , 7.0
TalnleMi exlraetkna J8
Dr. W. A. Wise
President and Manager
The Wise Dental Co.
UNO Third and Waahlntlon Sta.
No. 36-09
WUK:i wrillnr toatrrtltrpaaa
tnanllun Ihla paper.
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