The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 01, 1909, Image 3

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towsy Items Gathered from All
Paris ol Ihu World.
Lois Important but Not Last Inter
ttlng Happening! from Poind
Outifd tlio Stato.
;('holern ha been taken to Holland
torn lliilnn irl.
' lmnlrl T An tho greatest hand-
rrltiilg expert, l dead,
'Tlio American llnr association lina de
flated for reform In stnto courts.
llnrrinmii In resting nt liln homo nt
Harden, N. .1., but chafes-under restraint
if inaction,
i Graft I" charged In connection with
Win cement nml pnlnt supplies fur tint
C n it mi ennni.
'l.iitliniu linn beaten l'ntilliain' record
for time, speed nml illstntito In tlio nlr
istup trial at Ithelms.
m H In rumored I tint David I. Thnmp-
Moil, Aliirncnii nmlinssndnr In Mexlcu,
Mini bought urn j'nriitnin railroad.
'I'll I'. Walsh, mlilloiiulrti inlim
inner uf Colorado. Iimn glen $50041 to
R!iiruiiragi lite search fur milium urn In
(lint slnir
Tin' I'rriirh bark flifl, bound for
ir I Intnl. was wrecked ulT tlm Austrn
tjHnn com), nml only onn boatload uf her
n'w luu been heard from.
Moorish deserters declare tlmt Hpati
ili urimiurs nre horribly tortured mill
Ruililntrd nml then beheaded nml their
uhlirN Hum: Into n liulii ou .Mount uu
Illngrr Hermann may not bo prose-
Rutcii, as llcney i iqo busy,
HI. Petersburg report 30 now eases
nud 12 deaths from cholera In SI hour.
A negro ran amuck nt Monroe, La.,
mil wounded 30 persons, three fatally.
Ilia was dually shot.
Fivo deaths have occurred In Ala-
iiainii from rotlng stale irreon corn. Tlio
fill seam it known as pellagra.
llnrrniian ha reached home, still alck
land in iieril nf further treatment, but
tSrllh a mind ai actlvo nt over.
Federal Judge Mean hai decided that
Mho Oregon Trunk has prior rights In
Detinues canyon, naseu on original sur-
tf map, ,
Woman suffrage was discussed nt a
meeting at U. II. I. Holmont' summer
hdnio at Newport. It. I known m
L' marble house."
With n delegation of 0,000 turn and
vomen tlio bupremo iodgo or iirgro
Culirht uf Pythias oivcned a four day'i
Session in Kansas City.
A steamer collision at Montevideo
tost oxer ISO Uvea.
Himmnrdi ara preparing for n deel-
live battle with the, moon nt Melllln.
A steamer arrived at Antwerp from
itign. Russia, with flvo dead of cholera
fen board.
Governor Johnson, of Minnesota, will
tindergo a fourth operation In Hcptrm-
lier lor Mpndieiiis.
The bodv of Lieutenant Button will
So exhumed for examination and then
mrled In consccreted ground.
A federal court ha overruled the
Missouri llallroad commission rate or
der and greatly curtailed it power.
Daylight robber cot nbout 12000
worth of Jewelry from n Portland rcsl-
ilence which had been loft nlono less
than nn hour.
Tlio l'nstor' Alliance of Atlantic
ilv. X. .1.. will seek to cnimiel tlio po
lien judgo to receive complnlnta of vio
lation of Hundoy law.
Mark Koeniiel. superintendent of
(school of 1on Angeles, says, Mr. Long
"firth's Kopemlty for cfgnrctto smok-
ins Is a bnd oxammo for boys nna uina
Riiml nlin hfis n demurnllxltii; effect upon
Itlio wumen of till country.
lloiovelt has killed a bltf elephant
land Kermlt a hippo,
A enmtittnv ha boon orsanlrcd In
tSan DIcijo, CH, to build noroplane for
An Arizona man haa built an alrshin
In which ho flow olobt mile and landed
A famous nnlntlntr by Murlllo ha
i boon found In San Francisco, after bo-
Ing "lost" for 00 year.
Six nrrotdnnr took part In tlio avla
Itlon cnrnlvnl, tho wrlRht machine
making tho boat showlti);.
A clmruo of wholosalo poonaea Is
innde nL'ainst former Htnto Honntnr
I mlth, of Ooorgln, by nbout (10 negroo.
Taft confer with cabinet on Inter-
etato commorco and nntl-trutt law.
Tho Duko d'Abruzzl I roturnlng
from hi lllmnlnyan trip nud hoiios to
tneot Miss Klkln boforo sho loaves
i:i)it person worn klllod nnd ton
fatally hurt In riot nt Bchoonvlllo nnd
MoKoc Hocks, lonn. Troops, lmvo
boon ordorod to "shoot to kill.'
Tho llonsovolt hunting party, nftor
making a long march through n water
less country, renchod n water holo only
to find It dry. Thoy woro forcod to
camp without walor and on vory short
Spoad HecoriJ Urokon-WrlRht Mo-
chinos do Usst.
ItlioliiK, Aug. 21,- Tho spectnelo of
six neroplnna slmultnnooiitly winging
tholr flight In hugo circles near tho
plntn nt Ilnthnny hero today mnrkod tlio
oiienlng of aviation week, At tho finish
tlmro wn n great burst of clioor over
thl wonderful nnd Impresslvn oxlil
bltlon, lutormlttent showers and high wind
provnllod, and tho eliminating trial for
tho selection of tho I'ronch representa
tive for tho James Gordon Ilonnett In
ternational cup, which I to bo contested
next Hnturdwy, woro spoiled, Only Lo
1'obvre, with n Wright biplane, Illorlot,
lUnuiili l'oltorlo and Captain Forbor
braved tho gusty puff. I.el'obvro nlono
succeeded In negotiating tho comploto
circuit of tho course, flo romalned In
tho air for 10 minute In a SS-mllo
wind, breaking tho speed record hereto
fore held by Tlssnndler, covurlng 10
kilometer In 8 minute C3 4-fi soconds.
Uf tho others entered In tho trials,
Illorlot was only ablo to covor a suf
ficient dlstnnco to qualify,
Hhortly boforo dark the rain suddenly
censed and the wind fell to a dead
calm. Tho sky pilots soon wero busy In
getting tholr machine out. Latham
was first nwny, ascending high from
tho start. Ho pnMort tho cheering tri
bunes at tho height of ISO feet, Xara
bort, Hummer. Cockburn. Do la (Irani;
and 1'ournler followed In nulck sue-
cession, nnd as Latham was complet
Ing tho flrtt round, now at a height
of 300 feet, six aeroplane, llko sea-
fulls, woro hovering over tho field,
'ournlcr wn first down, falling head
on Into a haystack n Lambert swept
around into tlm second lap, his machine
seeming to cut a brilliant rniniiow.
Mennwhlln IiKebvra started afresh
and was followed by Lalllnnc, llunau
Varllla, Tlssnndler, rorbor, Dlerlot and
raulliBin, until the entire air seemed
filled with mammoth bird.
lAthain eamo down after finishing
the second round, tho others gradually
dropping out until only three Wright
machine romalned afloat. Lambert
mado four nnd LcKcbvre and Tlssandler
tbreo circuit each.
LoKehvre concluded with a thrilling
demonstration of tho maneuvering ca
pacity of hi machine, circling aroynd
tho starting point, cutting several fig
ure eight and swooping down over the
1eople In front of the tribunes, Lara
iert finishing at tho same time.
During this exhibition Lambert and
Lnl'ebvre passed each other twleo and
gavo other evidences of control over
their machines. The Wright aeroplanes
alono complotod the requlrod three
All the principal automobile manu
facturers have representative here
watching tho contest with a view to
embarking Into tho manufacture of mo
tor. Llentenant Commander K. L. Chapln,
American naval attache. I here, having
received cable Instructions from tbo
navy department to attend the contests.
Settlers Driven From Idaho Foreits
and Fires Still Ftsgo.
Spokane, Aug, I. Fires raging in
forests northeast and southeast of 6po
kano aro destroying nn immense area of
splendid timber and driving the few
settlers In the more Isolated region to
the river's brink for safety.
While tho fire along the Tend
d 'Oreille river In Washington Is under
control, it still blazes furiously, having
cut n swath n mile wide and several
miles long. Tho damage will total an
nnmensn sum.
Terrific wind are blowing thl even
ing near Handpolnt. Idaho, fanning
small fires, which so far have been kept
under control, and they threaten seri
ous damage. A large flro south of Co
colalla threaten to destroy timber be
longing to II. O. Culvor. liighteon men
are now lighting this fire, but cannot
subdue it.
Tho Lumbermen n IVotectlvo Asso
ciation is pressing every available man
iuto servlco to fluht the flames. A
largo flro 1 roortcd to havo dono n
grent deal of damngo at Naples, Idaho,
but at present thero is no means of com
munication with thl place, Anothor
largo flro betwren Grnnlto and Athol I
reported to have destroyed n largo tract
of standing timber.
Forest lire havo destroyed sovoral
fnrm bouses in tho vicinity of Fort Hill,
north ot llonner Ferry, Idaho, burning
much timber also. Mon ennnnt bo had
to fight tho flame. West of llonnors
Ferry a large forco of mon I working
day and night to extinguish tho flames,
but havo not mndo any hc&dway,
A million dollnr would not pay for
the tlmbor already destroyed, but It I
difficult to estimate the oxnet loss. For
est raugora havo the flro under control
oast of Uonncrs Ferry.
Crazed by Fool Questions.
San Francisco, Aug. 21. Ooorgo L.
Hoot, a tourist conductor of the Chi
cago, llurllngton & Qulncy, who was
found wandering nbout tho railroad
yard In n hnlf-domcutcd condition to
day, attribute hi montal breakdown
to tho cnmiilaiuts, protest and ques
tions pou rod Into In unwilling cars by
a party of tourists of which ho wn In
chnrgo on tho trip to tho const from
Kansas City. In hi lucid interval, nt
tho hospital, ho declared that the woe
of hi charges aftor a slight accident
in Colorado caused hi mind to bocouio
unbnluncod from worry.
Cloudburst In Colorado.
Ouray, Colo., Aug. 4, A cloudburst
this aftornoou caused a flood In this
-I... ..... ....... . .. .. u . 1. . ..V I
mouth ago. Portland and Caacado
crooks ovoruowou, mho water was mreo
feet deep In tho street. No fatalities
(were roported,
If Any Oihor Ingredient Used, Lsbsl
Mutt Ho State.
Wnshliigton, Aug. 27, Upholding It
contention that tho consumer In, under
i no roixt ami urug net, untitled to know
tho character of the product ho buys,
tho bnnrd uf food nnd drug Inspection
of the) department of ngrlciilturo today
issued n decision declaring that n hover
nge cniinut bo labeled wiiio unless it Is
iniiiio from "tlio normal alcoholic fer
inonlntloii uf julco of sound, rlno urotie
without addition or abstraction, elthor
prior or uuscrurni to fermentation."
Tlm term "wlno" can only be used
for ii bovernuo mndo from tho mare of
grape If tho boverngn Is labeled "imi
tation." a rrrmentcu beverage pre
pared from grapo "must" by tlm ad
dition of siignr may bo termed "sugar
wine," according to tlm board's de
cision. The addition of water to tho
grape "must" will also rcpilro further
clmructerlr.ntlon than tho term "wine."
The decision was reached bv the
hoard In connection with the JnbclluL-
uf Ohio nud Missouri wines.
Try to Leave Out Farm Land,
Washington, Aug. 25, Statements
nnd Interviews quite constantly ara
printed from friends of tho policy of
conservation, based on the assumption
that amendment of the law will be nee
essary to enable tho elimination of agri
cultural lands from nntional forests.
Associate forester, In the absenco of
Forester 1'inchot, whon asked about
thl matter, and requested to make a
statement setting forth In substance tho
facts, prepared tho following:
"In establishing tho boundaries of
nntional forest, It I the aim of tho
service to excludo, so far a pouible.
lands more valuable for agricultural
purpose thnn for forest purposes. Any
one acquainted with tho mountainous
rcirlon of tho west In which aro located
nations! forests will realize, however,
that small areas of agricultural land in
pockets nnd in valley of minor stream
exist, which In establishing boundaries
to luculda forest land could not bo ex
cluded." Peace Sqjadron to Orient.
Washington. Aug. 27. Another
"pence" licet I to bo sent ncros the
l'aeiflc by Uncle Hum, It will comprise
riuht nf the strongest nnd fastest cruis
ers In the naval force nnd will leave Hnn
Francisco n week from next Sunday. It
will lie occupied with It mission, which
s declared to be iricndiy, more man live
The vessels which hnVe been ordered
to prepare for the Journey nre the fully
nrmorrd cruisers Tennessee, California,
Houth Dakota, Washington, West Vir
ginia, Colorado, Maryland nnd l'cnnsyl-
According to tho navy department's
schedule of their 2H,0O0-mlte journey, af
ter making several side trips to f. lilnese
and Japanese ports, tho whole squadron
will reaiwrnilile nt Yokohama and will
soil home January 10, 1010.
Rate Hearing Advanced.
Washington, Aug. 27. A chnnge In
tho itinerary nf tho interstate commerce
commission on Its Facifle coast trip dew-loped
today. It had been exacted
that the work uf the lommisslqn would
beuin nt Hixikanr, October 4. Commis
sioner I'rouly, however, has assigned tho
first ease for bearing nt Halt l.nkc Uty
on Heptember 22.
The rehearing of tho case of Spokunn
ngainst tho Northern l'aeiflc railway
nnd others, known as tho Hiokano rnto
cast, is set for Heptember 20. It Is like
ly the advance In tho dates of the hear
ing of thrsi two ease will automati
cally advance, tho dates of hearing of
tho rnse in Seattle, I'ortland, Han Fran
cisco, l,oi Angeles nnd Itcno.
Roosevelt Order Disliked.
Washington, Aug. 27. Hx-Presldent
Koosnvclt's order, by which 15.000
fourth-clnsn postmnstcr wero put into
tho classified civil servlco at ono stroke
of the pen, stands a good chance of
meeting with n sudden end, according
to information obtained nt the postnf
llco department. According to high de
partment officials, tho movo ha proven
of doubtful value, nnd it Is gcucrnlly
conceded that tho remaining 45,000
iiostinnsters who wero not Included in
tho November order will not bo placed
In tho classified service, n long a
President Taft remain In tho Whito
llouso or Postinnitter-Gonernl Hitchcock
retains lit present cabinet portfolio.
More Land for Settlors.
Washington. Auir. 27. Undor tho en
larged homestead net, allowing entry ou
320 Instead of 100 acres, Acting Secre
tary or tlio interior I'lereo today desig
nated for settlement 012,-ISO additional
ncrea in Montana, nuking a total ncro-
ngn designated in that state- of 20,030,-
Under tho twnio net 123.330 acre of
land In Hnn Juan county, Utah, have
been .ttimllnrly designated.
Sparry to Do Retired. ,
Wnshlncton. Aug. 27. llenr-Admlrnl
Hporry, who took tho Atlantic, battle
ship fleet on it crulso from Han Fran
el sen to tho Philippine nnd through tho
Bucr. cnnnl to, Hampton Itonds, will bo
placed on tho retired list Heptember 3,
having then reached tho ago limit.
No Troublo In Mexico.
." rt U . k ... t J..,,. ,17 . ,l.tii. 1-
Thompson, United Htatos Atnbassndnr j
to aiuxico, nn loiegrnpnou roe stuta
department that thero ia no danger of
sorious troublo lu Moxico,
Djpsrlment of Agriculture Does Not
Approve of Oleschlng.
Washington, Aug. 20. Tho requests
of manufacturers of bleached flour that
no further seizures of bleached flour bo
mado until a test caso should havo been
decided, wero refused today, following
a conferenco between Wndo II. Ellis,
acting attornoy-gencral, and Dr. II. F,
Dunlap, of tho puro food board of the
agricultural department.
Tbo food expert of tbo department
some time ago decided that bleached
flour was in violation of the puro-food
laws, not so much on the ground of Im
purity but because of alleged misbrand
ing, and the agents of tbo department
wero Instructed to make seizure of
flour. Counsel for the millers have
boon suing to have the seizure discon
tinued until a test caso could be de
cided. Today It wa determined that
tho seizure would bo continued without
regard to a test case.
it Is not known what pcrccntngo of
flour now consumed In tho country is
put through tho bleached metaod. Two
processes of bleaching, ono by elec
tricity and tho other a chemical pro
cess,, aro used nearly altogether.
ma large muter or tbo northwest
stopped bleaching flour on February 1.
The hard wheat of the northwest make
a white flour without bleaeblcx whllo
the softer wheat of tho middlo west
doe not produce luch a whlto color
when milled.
Million Cigars From Philippines.
Washington, Aug. 24. One thrifty
Philippine commercial concern managed
to get into tho United States 1,000,000
cigar and. it 1 thought, other tobacco
product, In advance of certain rule
and regulation which the war depart
ment nnd the treasury department were
Ibo cigars and other stuff arlvcd
on tho day the tariff went Into effect.
As the tariff allow Importation free
of duty of only 150,000,000 Philippine
cigar, tho proportion which has olrcad
como in In regarded a large.
Tho cigars are understood to be of
Inferior grade, and it is said that the
long sea voysge from Manila has a
deteriorating effect upon them, but it
1 claimed now that some concerns have
Invented n method to offset this.
Pure Food Scrsp Renewed.
Denver, Colo., Aug. 21. Secretary of
Agriculture Wilson and Dr. Harvey W.
Wiley, chief of the Bureau of Chem
istry, will bo in Denvcr'Tucsday to at
tend tho annual convention of tool
commissioners. As a result, it Is ex--ccted
that another controversy be
tween Federal officials will be brought
to Denver, this timo not over forestry
and Irrigation, but over the use of ben
zoate of soda In food.
Supporting Secretary Wilson aro sov
eral members of the Scientific Itsfcroe
Hoard, whllo Dr. Wiley's chief suppor
ter is Commissioner J. Q. Emery, of
Wisconsin, president of the association.
Another feature will bo reports Tues
day afternoon ort results of food, dairy
and drug control in various states.
New Tariff Works Welt.
Washington, Aug. 4. The new tar
iff law has gono Into operation with sur
prising smoothness, according to Assist
ant Secretary of the Treasury Reynolds.
"Wo expected to be overrun with
quostlons, many of them silly." said
Mr. Reynolds yesterday, "but the num
ber of inquiries each day has been little
mora than wo have had under the Ding-
loy law."
Thi I ascribed by tho Assistant Sec
retary to the bill having boon passed
bv a republican congress. The phrase
ology is much tho samo as under tho
old, only the rates have been changed.
Tho operation is rendered easy for the
Exhume Sutton's Body.
Washington, Aug. 27.- Tho body of
Lieutenant Jnmes N. 8utton. of the
United States marine corps, will bo dis
interred nnd examined by medical nnd
gunshot experts to determine tho naturo
or the wounds mat caused nis ucaiu.
Ilefore) reinterment, howovcr, the
ground In which the body now rest in
Arlington cemetery will be consecrated
under the rite of tho Catholic Church.
Cardinal Gibbons hns sanctioned tho
plan. Cardinal Gibbons, It is said, con
sider it hns been established that Lieu
tepnnt Huttnn did not take his own life,
at least with suicidal intent.
Nlckell Gets No Pardon.
Washington, Aug. 27. Tho depart
ment of justice today announced that
President Tnit had refused to grant a
pardon to Charles Nlckell, formerly a
United States commissioner nnd editor
of n newspaper at Medford, Or, Nlckell
was convicted in Portland of consplraey
tu suborn persona to commit perjury by
making fatso atatemeuta in their appli
cation to purchnse land In that state.
Nlckell was sentenced August 0, 1000,
to 13 mouths' Imprisonment.
No Politics In Census.
Washington, Aug. 27. President Taft
bus mndo it clear that ho does not in
tend that tho census work nnd politics
ohnll bo mixed. Acting Secretary Mo
Hnrg of tho department of commerce
nn!) labor today received a letter from
Mr. Carpenter, secretary to tho presi
dent, stating that census supervisors
.1 .... -.,...,... ...... A. !.... a a.....
who held political iiosltlnns, auch ns sea
rotnr.vidilps or chairmanships of county
committees, must glvo up either tholr ,
political or (iioir government position,
Wellmsn Mado Good Start, but Acci
dents Drlng Failure.
Camp Wollman, Spitzonbergcn, Aug.
ID (via Hnmmerfest, Aug. 23). Walter
Wollman 's second attempt to sail over
the North Polo In a balloon has resulted
in a failure The giant dirigible bal
loon "America," in which Mr. Well
man and his party of three set out,
proceeded about 32 miles from the
starting point, when disaster overtook
After a long preparation and wait
ing tot favorablo weather, the oppor
tunity came today, and Mr. Wellmsn
decided to mako tho start. It was 10
o'clock in tho morning when the great
airship was brought out of Its shed and
tho daring explorers took their places
in the car.
When the anchors were cast loose,
tbo airship ascended beautifully, the en
gines wero sot In motion and everything
seemed to work to perfection. Tho big
air craft was rasnuverod for somo timo
and answered the belm perfectly.
Then Its bead was turned northward,
and it set out at a speed of 25 miles an
hour. Suddenly, after having eovercd
32 miles, and when everything seemed
to be going splendidly, the leather guide
rope, to which was attached 1000
pound of provisions and stores, broke
away. The aecideat occurred just as
the airship wa nearing ths pack iee of
North Spitzenbergen.
Released from this great weight, the
airship shot upwards at a terrific paee,
until it was a great height abovo the
clouds. The pilots succeeded, howovcr,
In bringing her down near the earth,
turning her about and set ont to fight
their way southward against a strong
The airship proceeded slowly south
ward to tho edge of the pack ice, where
tho steamer Frau was anchorod. After
much difficulty, a tow rope was gotten
aboard the Fram. which started imme
diately to tow tho airship to Spitzen
bergen. Tbo strain was so great, however,
that it threatened to tear tho car to
which the rope was attached to pieces,
and Mr. Wellman finally decided to
bring the airship down to the surfaeo
of the water. This was effected with
out mishap and the car rested on the
surfsce of the water until all tho mem
bers of the crew, the dogs and the sci
entific instruments could be transferred
aboard the Fram.
The America was then towed back to
the landing stage, and within a short
distaneo of where tho start was made.
But the Ill-luck of the expedition way
not yet at an end. Just as tho airship
bad reached tbo landing stage and ev
erything looked favorablo for Its rescue
without serious damage a sudden gust
of wind caught the big bag broadside
on, and snatched it away from its tow
It was carried careening over rough
Ice hummocks for some distance and
then it exploded. All the scattered
parts of tbo airship were subsequently
recovered, bnt the damage was so great
as to preclude any further attempt to
fly over tbo polo this year.
M'jst Maka CampslgnJHowever, on
Independent Ticket.
Newport, Or., Aug. 23. Francis J.
Honey furnished the Oregonlan a writ
ten statement today, In which he figures
out that, according to the recent Su
preme Court decision In California, he
cannot accept tho nomination for prose
cuting attorney on either the Demo
cratic or Independence Leaguo tickets.
"The only way in which I can be
come a candidate Is by petition signed
by a certain number of voters who did
not voto at tho primary election, re
questing that my name be placed on the
ballot as an independent candidate,"
says Mr. Henoy.
Mr, Honey has been nominated both
by tho Democrats and tho Independence
League, but California's new primary
law forbids that a candidate accept
nomination bv two parties. Further
more, n candidate must be named by
tho party with whom he announced his
affiliation at the primaries. Mr. Honey
I registered as a Republican.
Mr. Henoy says be does not wsnt the
office of prosecuting nttornoy, but will,
if nominated and elected, sacrifice his
builneM interests for the public weal
in order to continue the war against
the grafters.
Racing Autos Get Three More.
Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 23. Tbreo
mora lives woro sacrificed today in tho
speed carnival that marked tho open-
Ing of tho new Indianapolis motor
.spoedway. Ono mechanician and two
spectators wero today's death toll.
Charles Mora in a National in the 300
mllo race lost a tiro ind crashed
through a fenco Into a group of spec
tators, Tho deadt Claud helium. In
dianapolis, mechanician In the National
car; Homer Joleffo, Trafalgar, Ind.;
James West, 20 years of age, Indianap
olis. West was a meat cutter.
General Booth May Go Blind.
London, Aug. 23, Genoral William
Dooth, commander-in-chief of tho Sal.
vntlon Army, was operated upon today
xor aopiio poisoning or mo eye. 'rue
doctors are not yet able to say whether
me uenerars signi will do saved.
His Health Halter e! CeRcem ti
Entire Cootry,
Financiers Wanted Him to Jump lnta
Harness at Once, but Condi
tion Will Not Psrmlt.
On Board a S. Kaiser Wilhelm IT,
Aug. 24, The condition of E. IL Har
rlman has nndergone no notable change.
He still remains most of the time la his
private cabin owing to the heavy fog
which has provalled throughout the en
tire trip. The present indications ara
the steamer will be late in arriving, be
cause of the delay occasioned by the
Now York, Aug. 24, As tho Kaiser
WilhcJm II hourly draws nearer to her
pier ia New York, public interest la E.
IL Hsrriman's roturn grows acute. Gen
eral anxiety as to his health has found
expression in a series of published ap
preciations of his personality and
achievements such as probably never
before has been accorded a private cit
There is manifest disappointment la
Wall streot that Mr. Harriman's so
journ abroad has not set him np suf
ficiently that he may resume at once ac
tive charge of the great interests with
which his name is as-oclated. Tomor
row both the Southern Pacific and tho
Union Pacific directors will meet, but
it ha not even been suggested that Mr.
Ilarriman will try to attend these meet
ing. Alexander Millar, secretary of the
Ilarriman lines, one of Mr. Harriman's
most trusted lieutenants, spoke of bis
chief today with seriousness and
"Mr. narrfman," said be, "has bees
pictured as an ogre, a huge spider, aa
octopus. Yon don't know what a big
hearted, blg-sonled man he really is. I
call him today the biggest, the braini
est, the most patriotic American eltixea
we have.
"If I should bo asked to name tho
chief characteristics that have contrib
uted to bis success, I should say, his
wizardry with figures, his faculty for
getting Instantly Into the kernel of
facts, his judgment of men and his in
sight into ana faith in the future.
"lie makes changes, but the very
men shifted will tell you they do better
work in the new positions.
"Like all big men, he Is not what
you would call methodical. He jumps
to conclusions by seeming intuition. No
doubt the logical processes are all there
for Mr. Ilarriman is bo visionary
but tbey cludo analysis by their swift
ness. "Docs he play as hsrd as he works I
To tell you the truth, I never saw him
play, except with his children. Ills chil
dren and his work these are his life."
American Aeroplane Lowers Record
for Rhelms Course.
Rhelms. Aug. 24. Glenn H. Curtiss.
the American aviator, and M. Panlham,
representing France, divided honors of
the second day of aviation week, the
former in a thrilling flight just before,
dusk, in which he lowered tho speed
record for tho course, which measure
C 1.5 miles, to 5 minutes 35 2-5 seconds;
the latter making two impressive high
altitude flights of 49 and 50 kilometers,
respectively, in the endurance test for
tho prlx do la Champagne.
Curtiss' performance began just as
the time limit for the start of the prix
de la Champagae was expiring. Bleriot
only a few minutes before hsd dipped
10 seconds oil LcFebvre's record.
Suddenly, at the end of the field a err
went up: "The American Is starting!"
With a preliminary run along tho
Ground of 100 yards, the machino rose,
ghtly and shot by tho tribunes at a
height of CO feet. It was going a ter
rific pace, with tho wing level as a
flano. Curtiss made the last run under
be mlstakon impression that the finish
line was closer. lie descended so closo
to earth that many thought ho touched,
but perceiving his error, ho mounted
quickly, crossing the line majestically.
An instant later the signal was hoisted
that he had made a record.
Wheat Prices Tumble.
Minneapolis, Aug. 24. No. 1 North
ern wheat today broke 15 cents from
tho opening price, dropping from 41.25
to $1.10. Opening figures today wero
15 cents under Saturday's quotations
of $1.33, making a total decline of 25
conts slnco Saturday, New No, 1 North
ern sold a wock ago at $1.45. Satur
day' prico was $1.35. Today it sold
early at $1.25, but whon 445 cars of
wheat wero received, ot which 105 con
tained old wheat, 1C0 now-crop Winter
and ISO new-crop Spring wheat, tbo.
market broke wide open.
Grasshoppers Devastate Farms.
Choyonne. Wvo.. Aug. 24. A plague
of grasshoppers has caused thousands of
dollars' damage in tbo neighborhood of
Cowloy. Farmers have beou compelled
to cut their alfalfa before it matured
in order to save it from destruction.
All green stuff has boon eaten. Around
ChAvnnno nraettcsllv all vureiatlon but
I been destroyed. ' t