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celebrate on July J tltU ycnr
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The nun who gets the bust.
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NO. 13
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Hill Soys tic Will Not Invade
Central Oregon.
Coos Hay Line Mm Passed the Paper
Slaj anil Surveying Is Being
lie at Hxpcnse of Local Capital-May
Uo C. ft N.-W.
It appears that Secretary Mnllln
gcr has uccorded rlght-of.way to
both the Herrlman and Oregon
Tmik roads Irrespective of any con
flicts that may exist between the
surveys, the adjustment of these
fulling to the courts and not to the
The upper 90 miles of Uarrimnn
survey maps arc about to be trans
fcrred from the laud pflice to the
secretary of the Interior, and, says
the Telegram, Uallingcr "having
established a precedent in approv.
lug maps for the lower 40 mile will
without doubt approve the balance
of the line."
Now that both projects have the
necessary rights of way up the
Deschutes, it appears that the liar
rlinan people will go on the war
path after the Oregon Trunk. In
stead of fighting out the conflicting
claims of right of way with his pos.
siblc rival, it seems that the " Wiz
ard" will attack the legality of the
Oregon Trunk's Incorporation,
maintaining that It cannot operate
in this statu. Whether or not this
new move has anything definite be
hind it remains to be seen.
Others Must Hulld Road.
Ill a recent address in Portland,
James J. Hill utitiouuccd that Cen
tra) Oregon must look elsewhere
than to him for transportation re
lief. Although expressing the very
positive belief that the resources of
this country already more than jus
tified the building of a road, and
that one must ncedily enter the
lung neglected field, Mr. Hill said
that for the present, at least, the
thorough development of the Great
Northern territory demauded his
entire attention.
Klamath Palls Railroad Activities.
R. M. Curnahau, recently of
Bend, has sent us news of interest
concerning the railroad activities In
the southern part of the state.
The road Is being actively pushed
northward front Klamath l'nlls,
says Mr. Cnruahati, the grade work
and preliminary clearing being
completed for several miles, and
grade stakes set out by recent sur
veys reach as far as Heaver Marsh.
Whether or not the construction
force now engaged in the neighbor
hood of the city will be retained,
our corrcsjondent was unable to
The opinion of the southern bus-'
iucss men and contractors seems to
he that the road will undoubtedly
be pushed through directly toOdell
lake, and thence actoss the moun
tains to Natron, thus establishing a
Sau Francisco-Portland main liueoi
far belter grade than the present
one overtthc Siskiyous. An ludi'
cation of the permanent character
of the work already completed is
the fact that go-pound rails have
been tihvd, far heavier than arc cm-
ployed on brnuch lines of light
Coos Hay Hopeful.
The proposition made by Freder
ick A, Halnch to the Oregon itc Id
aho Railroad Company to survey
11 ml build n road from Coos Hay to
the vicinity of Koscburg, has been
accepted by the company, which is
financed entirely by local capital.
The initial cost of surveying falls
upon the Coos Day cople, this to
be returned when Mr. Haines'
backers take over the proposition.
, Haines was formerly locating en
gineer for the Chicago & North
western, and the supposition is that
the road will be extended across
Central Oregon to Nyssa, there con
necting With the Northwestern.
Denton County Sheriff Mas Look Trip
for Nothing.
Thursday night W. A. Gellatly,
sheriff of Hentoii county, had an
unfortunate ending to Ihcdcclcctivc
work which brought him across the
mountains In pursuit of Hurry Wil
son, who escaped from the county
jail on May 74.
Wilson had tried to kill his
father-in-law and was awaiting his
trial charged with "assault with in
tent to kill." Uy good behavior
he had secured the privileges o( a
"trusty," and with the aid of a
friend managed to give the sheriff
the slip.
Prom Bend the description of
Wilson was telephoned to l'red
ShoinUcst, it having been learned
that n stranger answering the de
scription had recently gone south.
Shotiqucst Immediately made the
arrest, as requested, and Sheriffs
Klkins and Gellatly drove post
haste to get their prisoner.
Hut unfortunately for all con
cerned, it was the wrong man, and
the real criminal, Wilson, is us free
us ever.
Prohibition Snakea.
K. M, Caruabaii writes us that the
most remarkable thing about Klam
ath Falls Is its many snakes,
It seems that a visitor who had
Imported n jug of choice "Cyrus
Noble" from Portland, imbibed
rather too freely, and then went out
for a walk about town, Immedi
ately he came face to face with n
couple of husky snakes, and much
worried, called to a native.
"Do you see snakes on the side
walk?" he nsked anxiously.
"Of course not," answered the
native, who scented a joke.
"Then for goodness sake take
my whisky,"
Whereupon the najlvc got the
jug and the visitor sigued the
pledge. Mr. Caruuhau advises his
friends not to go to Klamuth!
For Sale.
Good strong 3)-iuch wapou.
5tf Wm. Aknold.
For Snlc.
Pure bred Brown Leghorn hens,
$6 00 per do. Phone or address,
13-14 A. O, WAI.KKK, Bend, Or.
Wood Choppers Wanted,
To cut green timber into stove
wood. Call on Hi) IlAl.VOK.sitM,'
ntf Bend.
I or Sale,
One team young mares, weight
about -600; good set of harness;
brand new Shuttlcr wagon com
plete; $475 for the outfit. I3tf
Kohukts Bugs , Sisters, Or,
For Sale,
Three brood sows, with pig, and
one hour, Poland Chinas, One will
farrow in about a mouth, one in six
weeks. Will bell cheap,
IlUOlt O'KAMt.
Perfect Weather Delicious Trout
and Unbounded Enthusiasm.
One Hundred and Sventy-Flve,MoH-day
Makers Entertained py Musi
cal Hosts Should lie Made
an Annual livent.
Whcthcror not "Dutch John"
turned in his grave when be heard
the sounds of merry-making on the
grounds of his old home, the pic
ulcers themselves all .had a royal
good time last Sunday. The hosts
of the day were the members of the
Hend baud, and the entertainment
they accorded their 175 guests was
in every way the entire success an
ticipated. During the morning the teams
gathered on the flat by the old log
house in such numbers that the us
ually deserted place took on the ap
pearance of a county fair in full
swing. After all had arrival, and
the band members were busy with
the preparations for the feast, the
guests scattered along the river
banks filling their creels with trout.
Then came the barbecue, trout
without number, cooked to perfec
tion by those past masters of the
art, "Dad" West and Tom Triplett,
and carried by assistants to the
groups scattered far and wide
under the trees.
"Two glasses fora nicklc each."
While the trout were making their
final disappearance, Harney Lewis,
Professor of Lemonade Making, ex
tracted the nicklcs from the pock
ets of all within car allot in ex
change for his concoctions, "the
best on earth," he guarauteed,
though he never "made final proof"
by imbibing himself.
Then Dr. Mitchell conducted a
brief open air service, which was
preceded and followed by selections
played by the band, all greatly en
joyed. And when the day came to
an cud, as even good things must,
it was unanimously voted that the
baud had done itself proud.
The following were the hosts of
the day: H. C. Throne, C. M
Triplet!, Ray Wilkinson, Hlmer
Cast, C. C. Triplett, P. K. l.ynes,
Fred Triplett, Howard Spluing,
John I.iustcr, C. I). Brown, B.
Lewis, Fred Hunncll, C. F. Retime.
New Settlers Arrive.
David and J. R. Williams, for
mcrly of Aberdeen, Wash., have
bought land six miles east of Hend
and will begin at once to Improve
their holdings. J. R. will move his
family here, and also expects his
father-in-law and family, 'now Itv
lug in Oklahoma, to move here to
Unlicensed Dogs Tnko Notice.
No longer may the canine inhab
itants of the metropolis wander
alout its streets free of care aud the
responsibilities of citizenship."
Uvcry dog has his day, so it is
ordained, and now City Marshal
Pearl Lynes announces that the last
days of the unlicensed bow-wow is
at baud- Get a license or suicide,
is his verdict. Let dogs and dog
owners take notice, and net accord
inKly. 8
Udwanls Clots Ulht Years.
Osborne Kdwards, who shot and
killed Thomas McGaillard hi a
Portland rooming house on Jan
uary 5, was sentenced by Judge
Bronnitgh to an eight years term in
the penitentiary on June 4.
The charge of murder which was
originally brought against Hd
wards was dismissed on the ground
that the shooting took place with
out premeditation. He was ar
raigned on a charge of manslaught
cr, and plead guilty.
Daniel McCarty Losra Valuable Horse
on Cllnc Tails Uradc.
Rkiimond, June 7. -A serious runaway
occurrrd on the Clitic Fall grade on
Wednesday morning. Daniel McCarty
was returning from the sawmill with a
load of lumber anil hU team took fright
jutt at it itaitrd to descend the hill. A
Dan had, on a previous occasion, spent
two inonthi under the doctor's care,
when he had loM control of this team, he
made all haite to connect with the
ground and escaped injury, but the lum
ber, team and wagon piled up on the
turn to the bridge. One of the horses
was no badly Injured it had to be killed.
Neighbor McCarty has our entire aym
pathy, a he will Cud hard work tore
place the horse lot. The McCarty tram
waf one of the best in this part of Crook
A Perch Party.
On the evening of Thursday last
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Lara enter
tained n large number of guests at
their home. A pianola nnd a large
phonograph supplied an extensive
repertoire of music, both dance and
.vocal, being played on the broad
verandas, wdierc gay Japanese lan
terns vied with the brilliancy of the
full moon. It was n "porch party"
primarily, and all sat outside, either
dancing or enjoying the music.
This entertainment ended the to
days of festivities that marked the
closing of the schools, aud was in
the nature of a farewell to some ol
the teachers and scholars.
Planing Mill and Feed Roller.
I now have my planing mill and
feed roller in running order and am
prepared to dn work in these lines.
I solicit your patronage.
Hknkv Linstkk.
If you were a "bargain-hunter"
you'd be a regular reader of this
newspaper's ads. of necessity.
What Changed the
Old Town's Name?
Kr. Brown of SLEErYTOWN,
He wouldn't advertise;
80 along came Mr. Strong
And took him by turpriie.
Mr. S., as yon may guess,
Was strictly up to date;
Knew the game and played the same
At early hours aud late.
Strong it iUU in WAKETULVIILE,
The merchant of tho town;
He advertises and still surprises
Such chaps as Mr. Brown.
John Johnson, of Redmond,
Gashes Throat and Wrist.
Demented Man Was Found by Dr.
Dixon Early Last .Thursday Morn
ing, Uelnr Very Weak Prow
Excessive Loss of Blood.
Rkdmomd, June 7 John Johnson, who
has lived alone for the past four years on
his ditch land one mile south of Red
mond, attempted suicide sometime
Wednesday night by cutting his tbroat
with a razor, but only succeeded in mak
ing a very severely lacerated wound with
out reachinc the radial artery. He next
badly cut bis left writ!, but did not suc
ceed in cutting any large arteries.
Johnson, who is of a quiet disposition,
was well liked by everybody. He was
very industrious and had one of the best
improved farms in this district. The
first indication that his mind was unbal
anced occurred the first of this week,
when lie complained about an attempt of
the company to take his land away from
him, the land being all paid for. On
Weilnrsday morning he came to Red
mond and showed distinct evidence
of a disordered brain. Justice Jones
tried to get Dr. Edwards to examine
him, but thi doctor had just left for
Shaniko. When Dr. Dixon returned
from Sisters he promised to visit John,
son the first thing Thursday morning
and did so before 7 o'clock. He found
Johnson very weak from loss of blood
and brought him to town with him for
surgical attention. Later in the day, in
company with 7., M. Drown, Johuson
was taken to Prineville, where Judge
Hills met the party.
Johnson will be taken to Salem on
Monday, the asylum authorities having
sent word that gusrd would be in
Prineville on Sunday for that purpose.
Rosland News., June 6. There was a happy
party of young people from this place
who enjoyed a pleasant trip to Paulina
lake last Saturday. The Misses Florence
Hunncll and Cora Cook and Messrs.
William Dorrcll and William Taylor
made up the group.
We understand that Lee Caldwell and
Mrs. Pearl Bogue are going to leave RosT
land for Walla Walla, Wash., in the
very near future.
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Stephenson and
family will move out onto their home
stead the first of the week.
Will Taylor is locating several new
parties over near his homestead.
Herb Cook Is putting In a few days
over in Prineville. George Bogue is
driving In Herb's place.
The settlers keep on coining In in
bunches, manr of whom cast longing
eyes at this country, but it looks as
though this was no man's country as no
one knows who has a right to it.
II K. Derrick, forest ranger, who has
for some time been working under
Ranger PetlU, has been given the terri
tory known as No. 9, which lies between
MePherson't aud Summer lake, east of
Paulina lake. We just commence to get
acquainted with the rangers when they
receive orders to renew their acquaint
ance at some other time ami hunt a new
fitld for work.
C. W. Richie writes that he Is enjoy
ing his trip to Boise, Idaho, ery much
Mrs, Richie says she expects him home
about the first of next mouth.
Mrs. D. F. Rease and granddaughter,
Nora Caldurll, left for Coos Bay Satur
day. Carl B. Wise took them as far as
Bend, expecting to return with a load of
freight for Grover Caldwell,
Hd II. Malm, the forest ranger who
has been stationed here in Rosland for
the pusit winter, hs been ordered to
make Crane Prairie hit headquarter
this summer, One more ranger less.
We would like to have P.d stay with us
this summer.
The first bunch of sheep for the season
passed through Rosland Saturday, U is
reported they lost about so head near
here. '
Carl K. Wise will start In working for
W. O. Pordham the first of the week.
Jim Iltack has gone out for another
bunch, of cattle, lie alto expects to
meet Hid Stearns, who will come back
with him about Wednesday.
We understand that the telephone
company which operates the Rosland
Bend line, Is going to offer the line to
the settlers in a few weeks.
Inklings from Ot-t.
Cist, June 7, L. B. Lafollette, of the
Pioneer Cream Company of Prineville,
took dinner at Gist Friday. He says the
company is doing a very nice business.
Road Supervisor Chas. Carson has just
completed the bridge across Squaw
creek at the Kamp-Polk crossing.
These warm days are melting the
snow in the mountains and old Squaw
creek is booming. Much water going to
A man by the name of Brown carre
across the summit afoot Friday. He says
there is about six feet of snow ou the
summit. He thought the road would be
opoti in about two weeks.
Rev. Andres preached Sunday at the
school bouse at Gist.
The boys at Gist and Sisters organ lied
a baseball team Sunday at Gist. The
following officers were elected: C. L.
Gist, captain; Hubert Scoggin, manager;
Hardy Allen, treasurer and secretary.
After they organized they proceeded to
play ball, as there were enough boys and
married men for two nines. The score
stood 14 to 12. There will be a dance
given next Saturday eve at Sister for
the benefit of the team.
Mr. Fields of near Prineville, is here
doing some clearing on his desert claim.
Work Progresses oa Power Daas.
Preliminary work upon the pow
er dam at Bend is progressing rap
idly. At present test pits are being
excavated on the other side of the
river that the conditions of the bed
rock may be ascertained before
making final decision of the dam's
Couldn't Catch Ills Neighbor's Horse.
Phillip Burt, who recently pur
chased the I'. G. Allen place, .finds
horse catching even harder than
ranching. Not being- able to per
suade his neighbor's horse that it
really wanted to be- caught. Mr.
Burt decided that walking; was the
best way after all, and so came iato
town on foot.
WM VWt In CaMiWab.
On Thursday morning Mr. and
Mrs. Roscoe Howard and their
children left in an automobile for
Klamath Falls, whence Mrs. How
ard will proceed to San Diego, Cat.,
for a summer's visit with he- par
ents, while Mr. Howard went to
Portlaud. C. M. RedGeld accom
panied them as far as the Falls, re
turning to Bend the first of the
A New Postmaster for Bead.
C. V. Merrill, the present post
master at Bend, has resigned and
will soon be superceded by P. O
Minor. Mr. Minor's entrance into
his new office will take place as
soon as his bonds, which already
have been forwarded to Washing
ton, are passed upon. Mr. Merrill
will iu all probability go over to the
Willamette valley, after the change
is affected.
Before buying wall paper sec my
complete line of samples of inde
pendent walls aud ceilings, crepe
and plain ingrains, printed duplex,
the very latest in oat-meal faces,
beautiful cut-out borders and plain
prints, down to 7c perroll. N. V.
Wkidur, painter and paperhauger,
Bend, Oregon. 10-13
No important store should ever
advertise unimportantly.