The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 19, 1909, Image 6

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CIIAl'TKIl XII. (Continued.)
Anil that weak mother, who und?r her
fitihnnl' influence. Itmt for the lt week
done nil she cvmM to abet the sale of
the daughter she hred so. wept bitterly
now lirr end was accomplished.
"Don't cry. mother," mM Maude, gent
l.r. "I will tit Mil j on vvlh. I mould
rather tint know mott about it than 1 Mil
obliged to Jut yet. And ww thing more.
I mnt when all settled, jnu know;
there can I no barm then I mut writ
to Idd Oren good-by; you'll let me do
that, mother. won't miT
It wa nil over. The hrhtht Maude of
some few week hack, w it Ii her high spir
it anil ringing laugh, w-a tmtvety to Ix
rtvognited In the isvle hpiritte girl who
!!ixil about tbr luttice now. llr&rt
don't break nowaday: Imt when young
ladle diiwe of their affection Injudl
clouly. the iHtervcuthnt of the authorities
It wont to lie followed ly n short Inter
val of sorrow ami sadnes.
llnroM IKnln, upon bearing hi
daughter's dcctVloa. made a mighty gulp,
nnl. swtlhtwlng a much pride at might
hare .t up two or three omul; familiee.
Iiennei a letter to lawyer rearnwvn.
It wm an awkward etuVlh- to rompo.
Imt the M)Hire showed himwlf quite equal
to the eecasiofl. The sum of it wa thin .
He 8 rot apologised, in a haughty manner,
for what be na pleased to term bis curt
nw at their last interview. In the en
cundereI stale nf H property he had
thought It Imt rteht to hy the pcwfwal
before Ml IS-nltou. who. It appear!,
took a different and perhan more enl
Me view of It thn ihe had dene In the
first instance, lie should, therefore, he
happy to welcome the visit of Mr. I'ear
man. Junior, to lilinn.
"Told you Ki. Sam told you so." uM
old rearmati, when be received this pre
ciou eptmlle. "Me only wanted time and
line enough. I're dene my part, boy. It
U In your hand now . but I think you'll
find it all pretty smooth sailing."
A little after six in the moraine. The
April sun ht just succeeded in breaking
through the morning mint, and the air
till hat a crackle of frot In It. At
the foot of a small knoll, surmounted by
a little dump of Scotch fir, stand three
men. engaged In earnest eui vera t hut.
Carefully sheeted, with ..table bays ofl
their bark, some even or eight thoroigh
bred paee majestically rmiml and retiml
the little hllkx-k. On the t4le th-w nmm
are taiMllng. tretche a coiKhlen.nle ei
panne of relrety turf-down. A erle of
lender white pnU- mark oat a wide oral
road, MHuewheiv about a telle In circum
ference. That bnM'l. green, ribhoa-Hke
track In what l termed the Mhnnendey
JaIh)i. aad the grouml upon which Mr.
Pcarmana hot tare their dally exer
duc. The gtntleman In the pepper-and-Mlt
ult, Iiiglbreatl coat, toitglth walnt
roat and low-crowned hat. In Mfcrtln I'y
rroft. trainer, lie fltbllej with the ah
plant In bia hand, am eem rather to
demur to Miinethlnc that hi companion
Htm I'mrmati kccm Is Inidft on.
At for the third member of the confer
ence, a bright, wiry, dark little man, he
look k If hii opinion mint be aked
pretty decUcdly before be Intend commit
ting lilutself on any point, lie in a Jokey
of tome considerable emliience In bbt pri
Tan't do any harm, Martin. He might
Jut at well bate a apln with tile ohl
bone aa go lit unual gallop,"
"Well. I'd rather Mr. I'earman wait
till he l fiulte wouml up before trjlng
Mm. You tautt do ai you pleae. xlr.
No hore can be doing better: but contin
ually trying dot take the heart out of
tbrm, you know. Mr."
"Of conn H due: Imt mind, we
haven't gallop! Coriander bMe another
thin jear. We upp (,m 0 be quite
a gxl ami better than he i Mt few
tumn, Imt we've never ascertained. I
uean to kiHw thl Hwrolng.'
In the iiteaiitiuie the trlng ha lialted,
the kbeetk are remorl, and then, led by
the head Ud on a etcran of four mammi'
ktanding. the youogter proceed In In
dian die round the coupie at a half.ipeed
gallop. Then cornea more walking for
twenty minute or no, aneceeded by un
other itead canter, towartl the finlili of
which the paw I ooeibWably Improved
the rate of progreaaiiMi Mr; alwaya
regulated by tbi- rhler of the tailing
horw, who ban, -f cuurne, rocalrw) hU
InatrucHoim from the Irultiw lforhaiid.
More walkiuj, then more caiilrin, at
the cuuelunlon of which Martfu I'ycroft
(A) a quietly:
"Take 'em home. William, and tell
thoxe boja to brlti: Ttadttone and Cori
ander up here."
Merely replying "All right, !r," Wil
liam turned bl liorae'a head In th dlreo
tlon of the ktablM.
A minute or two, and a couple of ttable
Kya walk the horkea to where IVarman.
Vyenlt and "the rigid rider to ordera"
re funding.
"Jump off and strip W aya the
trainer. The boya allp off the backa of
their rrt-pectlve. mount, nnd hold them
liv the head while I'ycroft uiilooHea Corl-
ander'a kurcingle, whla off the kheeta
with a dexleroua bntijl, and proceed to
adjust a light raoog avddle on that! be? Veal He at down and khook un
ouiM celebrltyaJbjkAJIiii, ailted by j Coriander, paucd Jim taally, and went
I'enrnwn, in-rforma the same office for
"Nw. klr." ay Martin, "lcfore we
ee how they arv together, we m! lcttcr
jut let em hae a unlet canter. Jim, )ou
get up on Coriander. You, young "un,"
he continued, addrculng the lad who Imd
Ihcii upon lAiniNtono, "get on jour own
home, and lend round a nice Ktrong can
ter, making It a little quicker from the
lmli home than In the dip; but no ptllo
Ing In cornet, luiitd."
"look ami move well, ulr, don't heV
wild Martin, a Coriander, under Jim's
iHMterly hamU, after two or three anerr
snatchc at h bit, eettled down Into
the long, low weeplng stride clmnu-ler-
ttk' of the rntwt tboroughbrcl hore
that dhttinguih thetmelre on a race
And now the pair conve xtrtdlng along
lonard the Lnll, where they are pulled
M(lo klmir Imtiilre Mr. I'ycrft.
"Nice V to rhte an put htm any
where." o)erei Jim, ientimthMtly,
"Walk "em abwit a bit, while we get
the Miidle cloth refcdy."
Jim ami the boy ibily go Into the male.
Another mttttereil coMVerxUkni Ivlweeti
rycrft njd hi mnMer; then the wddle
were removed, the leadej chulw carefHlly
adjoined, the Mthlhw rephtced oter them,
the hmg MirciKgie paed carefully over,
and Coriander and UwwMone were rwdy
for their trial.
"(live them their order. .Martin, and
then come here and ee It. Mlml. they're
to art fii the three-uarter--a-iiilt
hpM. Who'a to start "emt"
"All right. Mr: I tW William to come
back, and here he I. You go down with
em. Will, ltmh U, mltHl. Here, Jim,
yoi ride the ohl horm-, of course, thl
time, (let off, and eom right along. I
don't mean ride hi head off, but take tb
lead, ami keep It."
"All right r And Jim walked the grey
tetairrly down ateflRnlde William, to the
starting po4. ,
"Now. hk here, boy," said .Mr. I'y
croft, advancing to the stripling who wo
on iMfamter; you have an Idea of rid
ing, yim have. Now, don't go ami make
an Mblldtion of yourself thl morning.
.Mind. If ym do it here, I shall take care
yeu don t get tnnch efcanc of doing it in
public. Attend to what I say to yo.
tiet off aa well a ym can. Jlm'a pretty
safe to ih jow there; but, even If be
don't, miml. yim're to wait ou him till yim
come to the quarter-mile pot from home.
Yoh know It. Uhh ap to him then. Hut,
whatever Jim doe, whether be bsglnir rid
ing or whether be domi't. you're not
to begin in nrRet till within llfly ytrd
of borne. I'll forgive you If you wait
lw long, and Un it that way; but If yntt
come too tm and ride him to a stand
still, we shan't want you for llght-wighla
at Newmarket or anywhere ele."
lite Ud walked bU horse after Iad
stoa with a tery seriou face. IJke all
luys In a racing stable, ef course the
height of hi ambilmti was to become a
Jockey. He was not a little prettd ef
Mng iu charge of such a celebrity a
Coriander. Por, lie It known to the unin
itiated that ever) race horse In a big sta
ble U looked tfler by hi own boy, and
that thee lioys, when their horse I one
of distinction, are immenkely proud of
him. They groom him, ride him at exer
cise la short, aJmot llc with him.
Coriander was the first crark that had
fallen U young Allen' rare, and he firm
ly believed stieh a flyer never existed.
Now anxlou moment ! be waa to ride
him iu hi trial. He looked eten at that
fc a great rise in his profeIon. It I
true be bad ridden In two or three trial
before, but then be bad generally been on
something that had hail no earthly chance
to win. huppoae be should make a hwm
of it this momlHg; Mr. I'ycroft would
never give him another chance, perbaM.
No wuod?r the boy look rather seri
ous. ItMt they are at the pot. A couple
of fale kUrt ttfke place, In eotisequnece
of youag Allen' eagrrne to get well off.
"Slop a bit, young 'un." said Jim.
laughing: "be a liule steady. Mind, It
ain't a rare, and I won't want to get
the best of you. I only want to get away
fair. How a starter would wblk down
your threat if you en fried on like this!'
The refftenM ranee bad the desired effect,
and the next time they were away, J I in
having a little the bent of It, though not
much. Once off, tit boy's nene stead
ied directly. He waited patiently till lie
ime to the quarter post, and then ran
up sbrwMrt of IxMidtn. Tcked tooth
er, lliey went for the next two hundred
inrd, and then Jim began what is term
ed In racing parlance "Addling" at hi
home; It mean riding him a little. He
drew near a length bbead, but the hoy
sat still. "Wait till within fifty yards
of home, whatever Jim does," he mutter
ed, "and I will. If I'm bwit for It."
A few strides more, and he saw that
loadstone could hardly hold the lead be
bad obtained, (irnilually he was creep
ing up to him again, though still quiet on
his horse. A little more, and Jim began
to ride his boroe In earnest, and thl was
the hardest trial the boy bad undergone
yet. Tor a moment Jim forged ahead,
and looked Ilka leaving him altogether;
thin he seemed to bang; and now surely
ho was within fifty yards of home. Was
past the knoll n couple of length la
"You'll d!, young 'mi," ild Jim. good
naturedly, n they pulled up their home.
"Don't quite know what imtera oit got,
but en II lirvttr well imii. Vim slick n
clone to wlwt yviu're told to do, nnd keep
jour lnwd ns cool as itm did this lime.
nnd you'll I! ml junreelf Hrt mt Ilia
jHt nt l!wm some of the dt.."
"Well, Martin, I think UmI'II nlhiut
do," Inuulieil IWnwn, n the trial lln
lehod. "It will be n good Imrse tlmt hai
the best of Corhtlider three eek from
"Yes, sir; he' letter even than I
thought ho wh. nnd I know I hawn'l
worked him up to hi iel jet. I've no
fear of lil not going on well, for I never
trained a better vtititutloued colt III my
life; and though we didn't try him quite
the full distance Ihh morning, I've no
doubt of hi getting the llowtey Mile
a well n he's done hi three-quarter
thl morning."
"You did that very well, mj lad." he
continued, ndirrvxlpK Allen. "Thl morn
ing's ride will I a little In jour pockrt.
If we've luck, Mid jwi pajr attention to
my next order; ami they tire Hold jiwir
tongue. Yimi'II get riding More you're
many months ohler. Weil, Jim, what do
jon Uilnkr
The Jtickey Jummil off hi horse nnd
banded him over to the hoy that had
first been ou him. When out uf eunhol,
be replied. "I'll win the (luliim. bar ac
cident. iml lliere' a great three year
oli vvhoc name we haven't heard oil."
Sam I'ntntMii, In the itxmntliue, seat
ed on the stift grtiM. whs buily ebitieiiig
over a neat memornudum Nwk. "Yes,"
be muttered, "stake ami atl. It wilt U a
goodish hit to win. It's a bhiger thing
than I ever pulled off jet, ami I lmv
had some very thly win in my time.
We'll ! off home now, Martin eh? (loo.)
citMHch. Jim, isn't It?"
"Wl-di I'd your lA ou It, sir," was the
that worthy' reply.
"Well, you ami Martin will Rud that
I've not forjRMteM to ibt -omelhtng in
that nay for jwh wbeu It's biiHse.l,'
biHgbe I'earHMii. "Iur the ireeiit, gMj
by." "Mw win -eh?" niM the trainer.
"Can't loe," repmnlwl the jockey,
"unb I'm ksMH'keil oter."
Old l'eurmau bad idmnH erfet knowi
olge of manklml ou Ihe receipt of neut
ron's letter. He had gone over to (Illnti
the next morning. The old lawyer wat
quite master of the sltiMthm,
The sqtilrr felt quite grateful to hi
visitor for the tact ami delicacy with
which he paved the way for hi retreat
from an awkward tedtbu. It wa, per
hap, thl wonderful quality whleli fuel
bclpn! I'earmau u In Ihe world more
than anything. Kven tboe who had been
most cweely shorn were alwajs lpreei
to their dying ihiy that. If they could havo
polled tbrough the swamp of ImiM-cunl-
ohy their reckleoMieM had plunged thetu
Into, I'earmaM would have dooe It.
HeuiMHi wa no fool where hi Inlemt
were rwnrerned. He had. It i true, been
Kullty of the groc folly Iu sqitamlfr
inc a Ane property : hut be wa not weak
enough to hwk upou the lawyer a a ben
efactor. "Well. Mr. l'earaan." he suht, "wa
had beet let byrguttea be bygone. If I
was nhfcrp upou yaw the tuber day In
speech, you retaliated on the mortgage;
ami yoii bad I be bent of It. Come In ami
So the oid gentleman lunched at (Slinn,
and wa Iwlroitaced to Mrs. Denlsou ami
hi future daughter-in-law. Mamie took
but little notice of him, but her mother,
having now made up her mind to Ilia
match, wh favorably impfiil. Mr,
1'earman, In fact, drced quite a the
ohl repe-lable nmrViential s-dHtor, and
acted Ihe part extremely well. 1'ixir .Mr.
DeniMn. ltavlng made up her mind to
meet her lihrnl of a low turf attorney, de
rived prlnclilly from norela, was most
agrrehldy astnlhed.
Tluit the stn would quickly follow In
hi father's footstep was a nifltler of
course; and here again the (illiin family
were deslliK! to be pleasantly surprised.
Sam I'earmaM, though he bad not nil, yet
Inherit) n fair pruiorlhHt of hi father's
tart. The old gentleman, loo, bad given
him one or two valuable bint. He pre
sented himself very quietly, was very sub
dued ami rMqwt-tful, but by no means
demonstrative In hi attentions to Mauds;
talked jut a shade uf raring, to gratify
the squire, letting It drop as quickly M
opportunity served; chatted pleasantly on
all tbn topics of the day, and look bis
departure after Ihe delivery of n neat
anecdote that made even Mrs. Denlson
Poor Mamie, she bad sat very isile
through the vllt; Imt even she felt fa
species of mild Krfltlltide for the little
her accredited suitor bad sought from
her on this occasion. She felt that she
could marry the man to save (Jllnn to her
parents, but tlmt any lovemaking before
hand would Ut unendurable. If he would
continue to trent Iter with quiet courtesy,
site could lear It : Imt to yield her llw to
him, she felt was beyond her. That lov
ers tlfclm Mtcli favor she knew; but tbn
girl had a strong touch of romance In her,
and vowed no kiss should ! laid ou her
cheek 'until she was irrevocably severed
from (Srsnvllle ICuse. She still clung In
an undefined Iojm that he might roneua
her jet. 1'oor child! her en no looks sad
enough now; but there are a good many
fitful change In thl world's great kaleid
oscope. Men cut their throats premature
ly, and humanity generally declines strug
gling, just as better times aro about to
dawn. "More Judicious to piny llio gnimi
out than throw down tha cards," holds
good In life
(To be continued.)
$& MfcrSfc4. r&N
' " - -ss.-- --s-.s.-. .,., -. ,.. .-wrw,. . M
r " 'T-ij'r" -
I mV. n tf'J I A I Mf I I I I) I -'I fill aak. A 1 I I
fifim' -rS:BiV- - 4-."-J - --
rfcvi "
'tvr ' lo
ltTst VS1 -1
V" N4 tl
. j x
lnLS"A3 W .
. . ?
a a ""
-y.v.iT.-i -"i .
x,s:-i -xs-s .: -w.v.7. TV
l'iiiir-ltiire ttteorr,
Thl ikirtli'iilnr furiii uf fonr-liorso
evoiicr Is entered lit work with mm
lnr-. In tlu furnnv mid llio uthcr
thitH" ou tlu Imid To ltd nil won
Ini ft will irli.iM riilt muiio ml-
Illtlllillt of the left Imiul duiihlo ln
mid (lie proper dn to ullurli Hie
rlmlii to Ihe plow lm t-Mti Im fotiiul
lijr otlH-rlliieiit. Th two iloublo tree
nre or the ordinary lenicili hihI Hie
stick iimnI for evener tieetl to l lough
ortk uinl rive feet four Imlie In length
The two pulleys sliotibl In- l.inre elHiugh
to mIUiw m small link lx ctmlti In work
tllrtiMXh them. Two holla nre required
for tliv pulley. hihI two plete uf strap
Iron twi IihIn-s vld. iM a brHcvv
'Itir llliistrnlbui ilmw not liHllcNle vx
nelly the iIIsHmihon Itetweoti the tilt
femit Hdnl wlih-h srnmlil Ih a fid-
htws- 1-ViHn tbe rlsrht ewl In the 8r
Hilly, T litcbti: fmtH tite Hilut uf
HttartinHmt of tbrt duvv to tkw trniw
vf rigfct hhwI unllnr. ISH Imcwo: from
Ihe tbt Of HttHIllMMt f tb- HltHV
v . . ".e
Jf x f'Sr hog iiivds n itrenl uf WHlcr III lint
hr -Tr'ffrAyrir weulher. uinl If he ciiimot sel II lie
1'MMtaitLivSl will I't -mid ns llio rn-st IhsI HiIiib,
A lioic rushes to it minllml" In outl
uff. lie eoiues nut nnd the Hind dries
in hi skill. 'Hie tied until twill tit)
hike mid unollicr lajer In Hint !
tvHidy drlcvl nu. nnd In n short iliii"
Hie poll' of tils skin nre tiuuplctolv
clnggul Willi Hind, .Now. n link entuiot
thrive Willi his res nil cli'CK"! np
any belter Hihii it man. If n lui: li'i"
nwvsn In il deep mmi of wilier, hs lie
slioiild In lint wen liter, he will keep
tlotiu nnd thrive nvm.Ii more Hum If
he lint unmrnt In n tinulluilH iimiIc
Hllliy by conlluiietl Mol farmer
who supply a Imllilni! plate for Ihelt
lime make tliein so sliullow Hint lliey
nre sniii lonverltil Into mudliolea. (in
our farm we uiwlly keep from tlilrlj
In llfly pit. Mini they Iwve n hvo of
WHler fl b) stnstni. ttnl II la dee
etliiuili for llieiu In swim In Tin1
shies are iltHC down sharply. Mini were
laid with eidddi-sliUM for M illlam
ivf four nr five feet frmu the vvler'
etltv. The d wa alwajs clean, wi
never linve Invnlde wllli mne or llr
uinl when on two ncrualnn r.der
svveid llumutli Itit rwuniry uir lenh
Were IMit nrfWteiL 'I Ih InHT "ei
nenl lli- nl unbsM Her weulher wni
extremely Imt.
VssaMaaaasBSBssaBvlSBssakMB. afa f
ptu.x or rotia-nnR i.vr.Ma.
JVulural llriliictlon.
Bald Hho I wonder how theso Hpltlt
nul cominuiik'iitloiiH uru vvrltlcn?
riald Ho With a mtdlutu pcu or pen
cil, I Imagine.
to the renter of the lft hand Hilby
NV4 Iwhes. Thl itluct the two imiI-
liiys nltmH SI Inches apurt. At Ihe
left etui have three w nww boliw Into
whWi tut- ibHlhle lrc' for Uft hawl
tsim can be hltcbttl.
rw mm smi ilisirlbuikHi nf tlw dmft
Hie troHr hiImI of altai hiiseut or lb
left Iraml double trv will depend sob.
ly iimhi the point of allacbinrttt of tUe
chain to tin- plow. If lb- chain la car
ried far back. Ha draft will In- differ
ent fnmi what II wmild l If It were
ntlHcheil closer to Ihe mete end of the
jdow. Assuming that the uitgle of nl
turlimeiit uf the clmtii to Ihe plow Is
) dejcrwH the left lis lid ilmible trefl
slmuld la- Iu Hie main piece
of Hie ovHier nt a ilnt nlniut 2tm
Inches from Hie point of ntlnrliiueut
nf the plow to the double Irctv, Tliero
la no reason why tills evener sliuuld
not work nu any kind of plow pnirld
cd that Ihe lentli of the wrts nre
atlJtjHtttl to suit Ihe dlstnnec of the
I)lnt of nllnclitueiit of llio tuillli tree
from Hid furrow nnd Hint there Is n
rlflil brnru to vvlilrli to nttiuli Hie
Cllillll. ,
Trentineut for Potato Nrnlt.
It Is Irui! Hint ns eurly iin IHI'J n
Oeriimn luveHtluator Miigxested Hint III"
troublu wns chiisoI by n parasitic: or
RJiilstn, but Inter It vvhs( ituilultel)- i
Icniiliifd Hint Hie funtcits. Snrosporltiin
sen Ides, which he had Isolated, was not
liivnrlably the cniies of Hie trtuible. It
vmih not until IhlK) Hint I'rnf. Ilolley
(lenulloly delenulni-il Hint potato wnli
whs cnnsiHl by u fundus imrnslte. Un
til reslstnnt strnlli could lm breil up
IfwiiH iii-oi-sanry that somo teinjHirtiry'
preventlvn Imi iijiiIinI, says I'lirin,
Stock ntul Home. Tnfllinent of i,cn
blis inny bo Hindi) by llio usu nf for
malin or rorroslvo suhllmiilu (bichlo
ride of tnorcury). The Inttt-r Is air
Imps thn jiurnt i-rrerllvn, Imt It sliimld
be bundled wllli Ihe cmitest caution,
ns It Is ii very jsiueTfiil misoii vvlien
Inken Internally. The solution Is pro
Hinl by iIIsmiIiIiik two ouncM of cor
rosive subllnmte In two khIIihih of hot
wiiter. When Hie poison Is well ills
solved, mid twelve koIIoiim of WHtsr,
innklux fnurliHin khIIhiih Id -ill. The
potatoes, which should bo rensn,ibly
clean, should be pul In n (runny wick
nnd tho whole suspemtitl In (ho Willi
t Ion for nu hour uinl u linlf. Then
empty them nut on n lloor In dry Hinr
(Highly buforu puIIIuk nnd plantln.
to Wool tlr.mer.
IMit its Wiwlcr twlm or any ntbe.
klml In lyln liwe. save the mruisi
wsd iwitw. Ith trle stcnrrally math
xtM efftH-ts last jvar l have Ibl del
rlitH-ulrtl cutow dl-ewntlnneil. ami dli
do ntttch thni In eradicate II 'llili
year uit nf the mill nnd leaillni
dealer rrltern.e tbelr ilelertnlliatfot
not to handle wool lie. I wIMi sti
Iwlno, a It reiHlrs lb wool "hrlt f.q
Ijelng, Renin. If gntwe-r or lln' pre
iMrlng id for market expect to Am
ready sale and lot" prliv fur theh they mut adhere to this ad
vice. lltKher prh-vs ami active rotoH-1
i ii hoi lor i ne rtxvipts. u pnq-riy am
enrefiilly handled, Is iHilhtnlly atillrl
paled in thi wsrit the cnntlng sm
son, ami shlqtrs art- ali ilrled thai
In enter to realise the bel result con
slannH-iits should be sold here oil tin
nmn market, where all bujer ran cow
iete for them.
Mellioils Ailopleil lo Move 'llnis ni,,
to Prelect Uniiilnniil I'nrt -.
This Ii n bin country with big in
lereala nnd It Is luuiilfeslly liupntsibi,,
to eousliler till iniltlers In whli Ii mi
Ihe ineiubera urn lnlerest In open ,.,
slnil of llio house, snjs J. Hloal I'hssok
In l.indlo'a Wtmkly. Itnles lmv e hem
devlsiil fur iippiilnlliik' isuiiinliieiia mid
npportlouliiK Ihe work Duly th
mum liiirtnnt bills can Ihi remrte,l
and only the must urgent of Hiee IHI
Ihi iMushlered In Hie wlmle liuuse.
rtllca can be or ought In be devlsnt
which would ennble every member to
lake up the tllnn of Ihe house when
ever It a. plensevl lillll with nny bin
hit iuIkIiI cIummc Hii In Hie hmise, a
In Hut world ici'ueritlly, Hie rule of the
majority prevail. The country, by a
majority vole in Hie several emigres
slotml districts, Mliels Hie pollibal
ixiriy which It desires to have in cm
I Ml, 'llidt majority party, by majority
vote, procveds In urgnnlie tne Iiimimi
Into n vviirklug moclianlsiu I tie
sponker I ide'lil by n nwjorlly ami Is
alvvHja iiMsvvernbln tr thill lusjorltv
Tim rule are adopted by n uwj.irl y
ami are alwnjs responsive lo thai in
Jorlty The rule nre made with fun
provision In protect Hie right of emh
Individual und of the minority, but
rightly lliey are fronted In enable Hut
rctoi!te majority to eterclse ilm
power iHtrtHleil In It by Ihe Jteople. and
for the etcrclso of vvlildi ur Hie faliur
lo exercise which that majority ami
that majority alone, Is Ih-M rcspoosl
Me. f a (ensnrrallc Hilnorlly. by Hir
ahl nf a small lely uf tnsork'cot i
r-MInn llsfmhlrrnn. iml l. atu
p,wHv,nii of the machinery of teglsia
Hon and prevent tbe nrnjofllv fr-nt
tarrying out H irfevU Ihn country
would n4 scrvjit In plesv of mnt s.
sutuw. The entire tnajwrily wiitllil N
hebl rtxstssnlb) for such n bn a h of
Ur A Ilullrld. who dluti-re. tb
.am-leut llrltlsli lake vlilago at lliavou
burg In Isirj. baa now found another
ghHlp uf Iske dwelling at the nclfb '
(string village nf'Meare. 'Ilie site ol
tho lake village coUsUls uf two field
covering atHt twelve acres, ami l
marketl by a nntober nf cray niotuel
frw Uy rtitor uf tlwelllHg pr
Hullcbl ha found large ciuanllllc of
Mies, Inrlttdtug enjeet In broitso,
bom, born ami pottery, 'lite viinjr ii
nMMostsl to bu uf the Isle IVIil. dste.
It was prut Uy built between :si or
l(") II. C. and tbs Ittssisli C.MHiet
Cbei-so UM havo U-eti a rather 'War
ur scnrct srtttie in food 1st l.VJ for,
) tbtt Ijvw 'Unmm. It I recorded In
tb lilark Itouhs" of tm merble
Murbty of IJnoutu' Inn Hist at l.s
lT term. IMS. It was "agteml bv II-
mlMfbuM Mlul lijirhaf 11,1m ltu IKat
sttllnial , u -UJ lku .j i...ii ,..
wai. exa-.ure of tb. lreu for t. ; " rT-i iu-UtZ al Ibe
Intnc n Hsm or at Inn high lewperstnri f. 7,,11nHM' s."',rit i-jy at ii
re-nl.eil it, Injur, : while w ..., T7ny .7, """ Mmm r " """
toola to IIh- wlxlnre re-nlted In siring I hf 'M tntt' " ' (rT Xh ta "
Injury In lm, stuck. rN.r H,WZ" "J"""' K ' ? ' '"T' '"'
"" r-Hnuu-Hi. f ,n v: "XT" ":"7" :uz.z
s T "ro I s'ti etn it ii iiim'ii
Wash for inrer oek,
IHlMdtut nursery link In lluw-ni
,ttiur wash or other luamilclikra has r
-vntly Ihmi inurn advocateil as a sub
stltut fnr fusHmibtiwiihbyilria-ysiilt
arid KM. The stalbm at (lertevs. V Y.
ttttila, however, tssit thl Ireulus-nl. It
uetl at all. mnst In- handled with can
In sure -ale lUwtrm'tbNi without In
Jnrlm; tbe treex. With the
H most crrccllve ami least liable I.
Injury, nnd would mlvlse orrhardlstt
to use the lime-sulphur as n spray
after the trees nre set. wilier than a
n i!li when limy aro recidvcil. I'nnv
.Ii nrtm!.
weekly, under hIii nf expulsion from
Itecent InvrstlgatleHik show that tit
umbrella I undoubtedly of high n
Ihtulty. It apiH-ureil In various form
mi Ihe sculptured nmiiuincnls of Kgypt.
Assjrln. (Itcis-e mnt Home In hot
countries lm U-eu since the
dawn of history a n sunshade n uo
C'oiiceriiloH' Houts,
A ho la n liou freqiit'iilly laiitusn lie
fa given no opportunity lo bo cleanly
nnd detent. Thvio nro fiirmiTH vvhu
believe u lin vvuulil din If nut ullovvcsl
In wtiIIdw In mnt) nnd illtli, wlillo otli
I'lK-IIitllnu- Hows,
Hows inny bo kepi from wiling Hmlr
ldK ly KlvltiK tin-in u (,'TOit vailely
Uf fund for tWU lllliulhu nr mnm l...r.....
era nni of lliv opinion lite ho tho ,Jh rumo iiIoiik. It should lucltidu
diould huvo plenty of clean vvnlcr, Tlio MOiiio unluuil food und plenty of salt.
llOlttt TIIK oatk on:.".
To Unlit the Unit, tltrit,
A plow of HiiiInt IMI two feel 'mm.
with ii milch In one end ant IuIim. v
pbve x two fill long with one end signified by lis name, derived from thn
iM'vei.Hi and n nob h 1'ijxil lm he cut I Ullu "uinbni," n shade In tho last
In position as shown In ski-Mi serves the umbrella Iws ever lxin a symbol
of istwer ami royalty, nnd In many
countries It hna Is-eoum a wtrt of re
llgliHt as well a royal sytntollni.
The CIiIuomo dale the umbrelln batk to
!.) or Mtsi j cars milvrlor lo Ihn
MimwIc date of creation, which would
uiakn It nbmit IO.(hs) or II.Ixk) years
When 70 sr cent of cerium U nl
luvvctt with SO mt cent of Iron, llio
metal Hill produced poswsses tho re
uiarknbln properly of giving off a
shower of sparks when strurk by u
! steel vvtiiid; This substance has been
loyed for tnnkliiK nulnlgnllcra for
itrners, miners' acetylene lmnis
nnd cigar llglilers. decently It lm"
been proNiseil til lllllle It fur IgllltlliK
motor heiidllKhls, nnd even ns n siittl
Into for cleetrle Ignition Is Ihn cylin
ders. Doctor llrlll hna tried It. for ihn
Inst naimil inirpose, but lm llmls Hint
Ihe elllcnvy of ihn nlluy fulls off with
Use. Tint cnii'u of this loss of fluency
Is suspected Iu bo Ihn presence of oil
mid dust.
lo hold the gate open. Tint dot I til
lines show Ihe smIHoii of the holder ns
Hut K'lto Is forced over Hie Imim'I. The
post should 1st set to corristpoinl with
Hid height of Ihn gale when oneu. If
the jwte draffs mi the ground there einplo
Is wnnetlilng vvroinfj ban; Hie gale n'ea b
imi,. 1. 1 i.ImI. 'ei i ... .. .. I
ii iou"-i. " i-iHi iqiHsiie ine
notch of Hot holder should I the heav
iest so iin lo kttfp ,h imlcli
on tho unto.
Cure for llllitil Sfnuuer.
The lntlslHim llxperliueut Hlntlon
IlllH beCII HllllljlllK blind slngKcrs III
liorsos, lis muse mid cure. Hut nntli
Inu dellulle could be found. H N Hudr
opinion Hint the en use of the disease
la In somo wny iissih-IhIciI with tho eon
illtloiis of tho feeilliiK mulerlnls, such
ns urmn, ur ctircti produetH of corn,
A Won I'roplist,
jiioinlueiit member uf tho Itollis-
hruiiKlit about by Hid nl lacks of mold cll"(I fl,l""' l")" i'lvr" "''" ,l" "" "nr
or fuiiKUH.
In Ihn llalldins. Aa it vvnr prophet, too,
wo believe no li'nvo more confidence In
n Itolhschlld I linn n Hohson, ns n Ken
crnl proposition, Wnlilngton Ilcnild.
I'coplo umkii na much nilo nbotit
innkliig up their minds ua If It
uinoiinWd to ionicthlug.