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Newsy Items Gathered from Alt
Parts ol the World,
Less Important but Not Lett Inter
esting Happenings from Points
Out ildo Ilia Statu.
Kx-Henator Stewart, of Novoda, li
! F. Collier, publisher of Collier's
Weekly, dropped dead from aKplexy.
It li estimated that Patten ha mado
a million and a half In hla recent wheat
Modjeska' eatato had dwindled until
hut $5,000 remained at tho tlmo of her
Tho United State ha called upon
Groat Britain and Russia to protect
missionaries In Turkey.
Kx-Guvernor Taylor and aovorol
othora accused of tho Ooebcl murder In
Kentucky have been panlonod.
A violent earthquake at Lisbon
caused a panic. Many flrra broko out
but no peraona loat their Uvea.
A bill has been Introduced In the
llllnola Jeglalaluro to limit tho alio of
women' hata to one cubic foot and
Imr anake. blrda and other stuffed
Ono of tho I.add farms In Portland
haa been aold and will bo thrown opn
for home. There oro 402 acre In tho
tract and It brought 12,000,000.
According to tho accroUry of tho
Ksnaaa atato board of aKrlculturo,
there Is o decrease, of 400,000 acre of
twheat In that atate, compared wltn
latt year.
American women In Asiatic Turkey
ro In danger.
Rate aro being cut on many of tho
trans-Atlantic liner.
Pralrlo fires In Texa havo burned
over 300,000 acres and tho loss exceeds
( CO, 000.
Ilerlln haa Inaugurated n system of
opening a bank account of tmo mark
for each child when born.
The American Newspaper .Publish
era' naaoclation haa aaked tho aenato
to reduce tho duty on paper.
lllK hata and lofty pompadours have
been censured at tho University of
Chicago for scientific reasons.
In a magaxlno article written before
his Inauguration and Just publlahrd,
President Taft defends tho lock typo
It Is believed that Secretary Ilallln
Ker will gront rlghta of way for both
roads to build up tho Dsichutra, but
they will have to begin .work Immedi
ately. Tho Canadian Northern railroad will
pend an average of 11,000,000 a month
for tho rcat of this year In construc
tion work. Much of tho work will bo
-west of tho Hocky mountains.
Tho popo Is opposed to woman suf.
Itooscvclt ha arrived at Mombasa,
European powers favor Intervention
in Persia.
A tornado In Texas killed two people
and did much damage to property.
Much troublo Is being had to secure
jury to try Captain Peter C. Haiti.
An epidemic of dlseaso may result
from tho blocking of Niagara river
by Ice.
Carneglo predict a British-Gorman
war and urges Taf t to act as peace
maker. Tho sultan la negotiating with tho
"Young Turks In an endeavor to retain
lils throno.
Mrs. Doyle, tho woman In tho Whit
la kidnaping case, has been Identified
ns Helen McDortnott, of Chicago,
An nrmy officer forced William D.
Haywood, president of tho Western
Federation of Miners, to njiologlzo for
on Insult to tho flag,
Two hundred sheep havo been killed
In Montana. Tho herder Is also miss
ing. Cattlemen nro thought to bo back
of tho crlmu and troublo Is looked for,
Massacres woro stopped In Asia
Minor nftor 400 woro killed.
Calhoun lawyers chanro Honey with
coercion of wllnssos, butth la Is denied.
Tho property of tho Wntors-Plorco
Oil company In Texas Is to ho sold by
tho atato.
Tho merger of Southern Pacific and
Union Pacific I Iron la to Imvoa hoarlng
in Portland May 3.
President Taft has completed all ar
rangements for hla summer vacation,
which will bo spent at Bovorly, Mass,,
In June.
Uakars of Chicago Will Add Two
Cents to Price of Loaves,
Chicago, April 20. Following In tho
wako of tlu action of Jewish baker of
Chicago In Increasing tho price of
bread and biscuits, definite announce
mont came today from President Mo
thla Schmldlngor of tho Master link-
am' association that 1 cent and possibly
2 cent will bo tacked onto tho price of
bread beforo May 1.
After a thorough canvass of tho sit
uation, Mr. Schmldlnger declared that
baker throughout tho city faco the al
ternative of charging more for their
product or going Into bankruptcy. Tho
Master linker' association, which rep
resent nearly nil of tho bread bakor
throughout tho city, will meet noxt
Saturday, and It Is aald to be certain
that at that time a decision will no
reached to give bread prices a substan
tial boost.
Tho high cost of flour Is not tho only
problem confronting tho bakers of Chi
cago. Their employes, Including the
bakery wagon drivers, aro demanding
mora wages.
More than DO bakers In this city
have been driven out of business with
in n comparatively short timo. on ac
count of tho high price of materials
and tho enforcement of tho ordinance
pertaining to sanitation.
Professor Pickering Say It Would
Cost Only 810,000,000.
Uoaton, Mass., April 20, "If man
kind carea enough about It to put up
about f 10,000,000, there I no very
good reason why the human race ahould
not bo ablo to talk with Mar, and that
so soon as next July."
This Is accotdlng to Professor Wil
liam Henry Pickering, Harvard uni
versity's celebrated astronomer.
Communication with Mara will be
mado possible. Professor Pickering de
clares, by adopting hla method of flash
ing message when Mar approachc
tho earth to within 3S.000.000 mile,
or about 5,000,000 mile nearer than
over bofore, Ten million of Hollar
I a larco amount, he admits, but ho
predict that onco thla means of celes
tial communication la eatabiiahcd, mes
sages will be easily recognised and un
doubtedly anawcrrd, If there la Intelli
gent life on Mars: and that In uch
case, hitherto hidden myiterie con
cerning Mar will become an open booK
to tho people of tho earth.
More Than 1,000 Are Killed.
Ilelrut. Syria, April 20. A terrible
uprising h occurred In Adana. Street
fighting haa been going on for three
daya and at leaat 1,000 persons have
been killed. Tho city ha been de
stroyed by fire. American mission
aries named Itoger and Maurer are
dead. All tho other Amorican aro
safe. The Hrltlih vice counsul, Major
Doughty-Wy lie. Is among tho wounded.
At Tarsus there was lesa loss of life.
The Armenian quarter, however, was
destroyed. Four thousand refugee
are housed in the Amorican mission.
Funds Saved to 8alonlca.
Salonlca, April 20. The director
general of the Ottoman bank, having
ordered tho Salonlca branch to send all
It cash to the capital, a measure de
signed to embarrass the organization
of tho forces thorc, tho commandant
of tho Third army corps placed an em
bargo on (300,000 which constituted
the funds of the three vilayet.
Flour Advances In France.
Paris, April 20. Franco la beginning
to feel tho effect of tho prevailing
high prlco of wheat in tho United
State. Tho prico of flour ho increas
ed three franc per 100 kilo in tho last
fortnight and tho bakora' association
Is considering tho raising of tho prico
of bread.
Hailstone Are Heavy.
Dea Moines, Iown, April 20. A ter
rific hall and wind storm struck Uea
Moines and Central Iowa today. Plate1
glass windows in down town stores
wero plown In and cellar wore flooded.
At Stuart, hailstone weighing half a
pound foil, doing much damago to peach
Massacre of 2,000 Reported.
St. Petersburg, April 20. -Advice
to tho Kuhh from Teheran report a mas
sacre of 2,000 persona, including wo
men and children, by Turcoman tribes
men at Astrabad. The Russian gov'
ommont la sending troops thlthor.
Sultan's Brother Succeeds,
Porls, April 20. A spoclnl dlsputch
from Constantinople says that It la re
ported that Rochad EfTondl, brother of
tho sultan, and holr Bpparent to tho
throno, has loft to join tho Young
Sultan Planning Abdication,
Vienna, April 20, Tho Ncues Togo
blatt'a Monustlr correspondents Buy It
la reported that tho sultan la negoti
ating with tho committee of union and
progress with regard to his abdication,
Friday, April 23. Atirll 23.--1 lie first
ruadlng of the tariff bill for consider-
(nir imnmlHiA ntliiinftlnntltjl Wnl Con
cluded when the aenato adjourned to
day, According 10 an announcement
made when tho reading began, overy
paragraph of tho bill will bo subject
to amendment when It Is taken up for
llnnl consideration noxt Monday. All
concede, however, that substantial
progress has been made. There will
be a return to many of tho schedules.
There was comparatively llttlo debate
today, aa Aldrlch positioned answers to
many questions aaked of him In order
to hasten tho reading. no snia no
uimitil mnttn full nxnlmatlnna when tho
amendments received final considera
tion. Many provisions, Including the
wood puip ana wool scneuuie were
passed over today on specific objection.
Thursday, April 22.
Washington. April 22. Republican
criticism of tho (lending tariff bill on
the ground that tho rates were too high
was prominent In tho senate todoy
when Nolson, of Minnesota, and Dol
liver, of Iowa, attacked various sched
ules. Under tho guise of discussing
the duty on ga retorts n goneral de
bate wai participated In by Demo
cratic senators.
It was agreed by Mr. Aldrlch that at
any time while tho measuro waa being
considered for amendment any para
graph might bo rovorted and bo sub
ject to amerdment without the neces
sity of resorting to any rormai parlia
mentary procedure.
Nelson denounced tho measure, de
claring that the cotton, glass and wool
en schedules were too high. He said
that placing duties on woolen manufac
tured goods CO per cent higher than
tho duty on raw wool was unjust.
Galllnger energetically declared that
that waa tho aamo spirit that actuated
Now England with It criticism of any
effort to reduce the high rates that hod
prevailed upon her product.
Dolllver declared that not only were
the duties of the Payne-Aldrieh bill too
high, but they were so worded as to
result in large increases of rates with
out definite Indication of such Increases
In the schedules.
Wednesday, April 21.
Washington, April 21.- Substantial
nroirrrs waa mado by the senate today
in considering the tariff bill. No sen
ator being prepared to speak on tho
bill aa a whole, the reading of the meas
ure by paragraphs began. Tho various
items in the chemical schedules wero
passed over for futuro consideration.
The reading was frequently Interrupt
ed by the discussion of amendment
and only IB pages or tno bill wero uis
nosed of. Cummins presented his in-
como tax provision and discussed it at
Aldrlch stated he would ask to havo
passed over for futuro consideration
any provision that might be objected
to. It was agreed that arty amend
ment to which there should bo objec
tion should bo passed over with tho un
derstanding that any senator might
move at any time to take up any para
irranh after it hsd been read.
Dolltvor suggested that the recipro
city and retaliatory clauses and tho
drawback and the dmlnistrativo feat
urea of tho bill should be reported by
tho finance committeo before the bill
was considered,
' Tuesday, April 20.
Washington, April 20.--Th census
bill was sent back to conference by
the scnato today In order that its
amendment relating to tho civil ser
vico law and requiring tho construc
tion of a building for tho census work
In this city might be considered fur
By an aye and nay vote, tho senate
rejected the conference report becnuso
of its failure to include tho McCumber
amendment, requiring applicants for
civil service employment to reside in
tho states claimed by them as their
That tho census office haa In It em
ploy in ono bureau the wife of a secre
tary of a membor of congress, tho
wlvea of two officials of the War de
partment, and tho wife of a prominent
official In tho Treasury department was
tho charge made by McCumber in criti
cizing the conference report.
"Promotion," ho said, "seems to bo
almost wholly for women who have
husbands In the department. This la
gottlng to bo a city of olllcial families
holding positions undor the govern
Wholo families, ho said, aro cm
ployod In govornmont departments
credited to state which the younger
mombera,.of the families havo never
seen. McCumber urged tho noceBslty
of his amendment requiring actual res
idence by tho applicant from a state,
which was Btrlckon out by tho con
force. Monday, April 10,
Wellington, April 10. Doboto on
tho tariff bill began In tho scnato to
day with tho opontng speeches of tho
leader on each side in the finance com
mittee, Aldrlch and Duniol. The Re
publican leader presented tho esti
mates of revenue and expenditures,
showing that under the bill, which
omlta any new form of taxation, and
with a reduction In expenses to be
effected by economy, the government
will have a surplus of (30,000,000 In
tho fiscal year 1011. Ho declared that
appropriation In the last few years
hod been extravagant, and that no now
taxes were necessary. Daniel criti
cised tho majority of the committee
for not admitting the Domocarta to the
sessions at which tho bill was drafted.
He practically conceded the soundness
of tho protection theory, by admitting
that tho tarlfr should equal the differ
ence In the cost of production at homo
and abroad, but said the bill did not
equally safeguard all Interest.
At tho conclusion of Aldrlch's state
ment, Daniel, the ranking minority
leader of the finance committee, ar
raigned the Republican member of
tho committee for their exclusion of
tho Democratic members during tho
consideration of tho bill.
At tho conclusion of Daniel's re
marks, Aldrlch sent to tho clerk's desk
a copy of a newspaper dated April 21,
1894, In which Senator Vorhees and
Senator Vest had defended tho Demo
cratic procedure In framing tho Wilson
bill to be reported to tho senate without
tho participation of tho Republican
Upon motion of Aldrlch the bill was
then made the unfinished busfneos of
the day.
Dooms Taffa Tour North.
Washington, April 23. Congression
al Delegato Wlckcrsham, of Alaska,
today wired tho mayor of 24 Alaskan
cities to send invitations to President
Taft to visit tho territory during the
summer. When tho invitations arrive
Wickersham will call on the president
and urge him to mako the trip. Pur
suant to tho orders he received, Gover
nor Hoggatt has given up hi apart
ment In thla city and is now en route
to Alaska.
Taft Favors Lane.
Washington, April 23. That Frank
lin K. Lane, of California, will succeed
himself a member of tho Interstate
Commerce commission is believed here
by msny of his friends. Although
Lano'i term does not expire for aeveral
months, it is known that several have
thoir eyes on tho berth. The work
dono by the Callfornlan, however, is
said to have won the approval of Presi
dent Taf U Lano Is bcliovcd to regard
another term with favor.
Barrett Quito Content.
Washington, April 23. John Bar
rett, director of tho bureau of Ameri
can republics, today stated that he is
not a candidate for tho appointment as
minister to China or to any other dip
lomatic post, but is desirous of retain
ing his present position. He said he
had been aaked by both the president
and secretary of atate to continue as
director Instead of accepting a new
Deichutts Project Stilt In Doubt.
Washington, April 20. Secretary
Dalllnger says the fate of tho Des
chutes projoct has not been finally de
termined. Tho reclamation service
recommended abandoning It, but the
secretary has not decided to accept the
recommendation. Further considera
tion will be given the matter in the
immediate future.
MacVeagh to Cut Expenses.
Washington, April 20. Treasury es
timates for the t fiscal year beginning
July I, 1010, must be ready for sub
mission to Secretary McVeagh on May
1, 0,m months earlier than formerly.
Mr. McVeagh proposes to make a thor
ough examination into tho treasury re
quirement, with a view to reducing
Dickinson Is On His Way
Washington, April 20, Secretary
Dickinson and tho party to accompany
him to Panama left hero tonight for
Charleston, S. C, where they will em
bark on the President's yacht May
flower for the Isthmus Wednesday.
Tho secretary expects to get back to
Washington about tho middle of May.
Taft Declines Alaskan Offer.
Washington, April 24. President
Tnft today told Delegato Wickersham
ho could not visit Alaska this summer
unless congress makes provision for his
expenses. He will not mako tho trip
at the expense of the people of Alaska,
who stand ready to raise the necessary
Ellis to Doost In "Hub."
Washington, April 24. Representa
tive Ellis has accopted an Invitation to
address tho Civic league, of Boston,
Monday night on tho development of
tho Western country, particularly by
Oregon Rural Carrlera.
Washington, April 24, Ira Foren
has beon appointed regular. Willie
Foren substitute, rural carrior, route
2, Crabtree, Oro,
TotterlnglThrone of Turkey Seems
About to Fall.
Constantinople, April 19. Tho most
serious crisis In tho history of tho
Turkish omplro 1 thought to bo at
hand. It la persistently rumored that
Abdul Harnld, forced by the uprising
against tho tyranny of tho party in
powr, will abdicate the throne.
The committeo of union and pro
gress, representing tho party of the
Young Turks, with whom aro allied
tho revolting Salonlca soldiers, are en
deavoring to regain the power obtained
by the revolution of last July, which
has been gradually undermined by the
clovemess of the sultan In getting rid
of or winning over by bribes tho lead
ers. The Salonlca soldiers are at the
pates of the city and threaten to enter.
Tho military in tho capital Is In a state
of fear and no resistance it looked for.
To complicate the situation, an up
rising Is in progress In Asia Minor In
which more than 1,000 people have
been slain, among them two mission
aries, and untold property damage has
been done.
Foreigners and many Christians have
taken refugo in the consulates. The
local troops and tho governor aro doing
their best to protect the town, but
thero Is great fear that it cannot hold
out much longer against the invasion
of tho Moslems, who are sweeping
down In large numbers. The Amori
can vice consul at Mersina, John Deb
baa, has been unable to proceed to
Adana, owing to tho interruption of
A British warship Is 'proceeding to
Alsgandretta, which Is threatened by
the Moslems. Soveral American farms
in that neighborhood have been de
Alarm is felt at Kbarput because of
serious depredation by the Kurd In
the surrounding villages, although the
town itself has not been the scene of
any particulardlsorders.
Tho tension in Turkey over the situ
ation is very great. The people of
the capital aro more concerned with
the advance of the Salonika troops
than they are with the massacres re'
ported from various quarters.
Management Haa Provided Well Along
This Line.
Music will be a big feature of the
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition, and
during tho exposition season the finest
musical organisations of the United
States will be heard. Liberati'a,
Innes' and Ellcry's bands will divide
tho season and these will be heard
Tho temple of music is centrally lo
cated, and in this beautiful building,
continuous concerts will be given free
from the first day of Juno until the
closing day on the sixteenth of Octo
ber. A number ol handsome bond
stands have been erected at various
points, and these are so dispSrsed that
music will be heard in every part of
the grounds.
Shorter concert seasons have been
arranged for orchestras and band from
foreign countries, and among these
will be heard the Philippine Constabu
lary band and tho national band of
Mexico. Vocal and solo Instrument
concerts will as a rule be heard in the
auditorium, and this new permanent
building represents ono of the very
finest halls for such purposes that is to
be found in the United States. Of
great importance and assistance to
concerts held in tho auditorium will be
the now organ which has been installed
for the exposition. This instrument
is ono of tho largest pipe organs yet
built, and in tone and possibilities Is
not surpassed.
Interesting novelties In music will
be heard, and among these will be
noted a native Philippine band whose
Instruments are entirely composed of
bamboo. The range and class of music
produced by theso rudely constructed
instruments is remarkable, and tho ex
tremely crude appoaranco presented (s
in strong contrast to the equipment of
other organisations.
Witte May Bo Returned.
London, April 19. Ono of the moat
significant symptoms of Russian poli
tics, which shrewd observers believe
will bo a leading factor in European
affairs In the near future, is the desire
of the reactionaries for a return of
Count Serglus Wltto to power. By
degrees tho disfavor in which thoy hold
him immediately auer ino conclusion
of tho treaty at Portsmouth has been
replaced by confidence Thoy bracket
him with Duroovo, whom they also
wish to advanco in the councils of
Many Cities Are Burned,
Paris, April 19. Dispatches re
colved from Constantinople say tho sit
uation in Adana has become very much
worao; that a number of cities havo
been burned, and that Tarsus has been
almost blotted out. Tho dispatches
further state that a French factory had
been sacked, and that the peasants . bales of cotton, caught fire after raid
J wore coming down from tho mountains! night and its total destruction la ex
I and massacring the Armenians, ipected. The loss will reach (1,000,090,
Abdul Iiamld Said to Hare Gives
Up Turkish Throne.
Abdication of Sultan Cannot Be Af
firmed, but Appears to Be
Not Improbable.
Constantinople, April 20. With the
Constitutional army steadily enveloping
his capital and demanding his head,
with a garrison un wiling to defend him,
and with a cabinet ready to surrender
to the demands of the patriot army.
Sultan Abdul Hamld is reported to
have abdicated and fled on a warship or
sought refuge in a foreign embassy.
Tho report that the sultan had abdi
cated caused the greatest excitement
In the lobbies of parliament. A rumor
of the flight of the sultan on a warship
followed closely on that of his abdica
tion, but neither could be confirmed.
Large crowds gathered at the British
embassy, where other reports bad it
that the sultan had taken refuge, and
there were scores of inquiries at the
Russian embassy concerning the truth
of the rumor that the sultan was under
tho protection of Russia on one of Its
guardsbip. At both of these embas
sies all knowledge of the sultan's move
ments was denied and the Turkish For
eign office gave a strong denial of the
The abdication of Abdul Hamld, how
ever, appears to be not Improbable,
and it appears that within a day or two
the Conatiuttionsllsts may accept 'aa
his successor Prince Yusseff Izzedtn,
the eldest son of the late sultan, who
Is second in line, as they are strongly
displeased with Abdul Harold's atti
tude. The Constitutional forces sent out
small parties to reconnolter this after
noon, and at 7 o'clock in the evening
they were within sight of the gates of
Constantinople. They encountered no
resistance, nor does resistance nem
likely, unless it is at the palace. TDe
headquarters of the Constitutionalist
army is at Dedegaticb, and General
Husnl Pasha's forces, which bow nttsa
ber between 20,000 and 30,000, occupy
a range of hills about 20 miles from
the capital.
Declines Offer of 8260,000 to
Government Inquiry.
New York, April 20. The smuggling
syndicate that first offered Collector of
the Port Loeb (100,000 to drop the
government's investigation of the
smuggling of "sleeper" trunks con
taining (55,000 worth of Paris gowns
increased its offer today to (260,000,
according to Mr. Loeb.
"The amount now offered the gov
ernment to drop the Investigation and
probable prosecution (s (260,000," said
Mr. Loeb. "Tho amount represents
what would bo the penalties of fully
(200,000 above the appraised value of
the goods. All offers have been re
fused. We want the smugglers."
It is believed that worry over this
case so affected tho mind of William
G. Bainbridge, confidential agent of
the United States Treasury department
In Paris, that he committed aaicide.
The Treasury department bad fully ap
proved Mr. Bainbridge's course in the
case, but he loft a note declaring ho
was the victim of a plot
Mr. Loeb's investigation shows that
the smuggled gowns had been made In
Paris by famous designers for many
women of social prominence and wealth
in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and
Washington and that the reason for
offering such a large sum to suppress
the investigation was to shield tho
women from unpleasant publicity.
Short Route to Europe
Winnipeg, Man., April 20. Edsen
J. Chamberlain, general manager of
the Grand Trunk Pacific railroad, an
nounced tonight that in a few days the
road would begin constructing branch
lines north and south from Melville,
Sask. The company will lose no tlmo
in building a through lino from the
American boundary to Hudson bay.
thus providing the farmers of the Mid
dle states with a short wheat route to
Europe. He also announced the con
struct ion of several other branches
from the main line to the north.
Young Turks Will Depose Sultan,
London. April 20. Interest in the
Turkish crisis is now chiefly concerned
with the fata of the sultan and thero
is llttlo doubt that he will be deposed.
Recent developments have served to
emphasize the dovotlon of tho whole
country to constitutional government.
Cotton Fire la Burning,
Little Rock. Ark.. April 20. Th
St Louis compress No, 2, with 1.20Q
I -I