The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 14, 1909, Image 8

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(ContimuM from first pnKC.)
Mamie Vatuicverl of the Bcml
"The lMeacnnt Side of Tench
tig" -Miss Ruth Rcid, principal
Bead schools.
Reception nt Pilot Butte Inn.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Lucas very
kindly threw open their popular
hostelry, the Pilot Unite Inn, nml a
reception was tendered the out-of
town visitors from 430 to 5:30
Saturday afternoon. Punch utul
wafers were served, Prof. Throne
favored those present with several
cornet solos, and a very pleasant
Lour was enjoyed.
A List ol the Teachers Present.
Following is a list of teachers
who were in attendance at the
LahIUw I. Alton Thompson, pritici
pal; Mist Nellie Jamea, rs NlchoU.
Rttlmontl V, B. Chapman, Mrs. W
11. Chapman.
rieatint RiclRe Heury Hewitts.
O'Neil John Tuck.
Towell Butte Miu Nellie Reynolds.
RooUnd Mrs Strotts Mita llunnclt.
McKay MOs Madeline PntM.
Bear Creek Mins Kern Halt.
Crook County Utah School M. B
Hockenberry. pr'ncitwl: J P Blauchanl.
MiMes Rom? t'arrolt, Catherine Conwar
rrinevllle School E. L. Aihhy, prin
cipah Mr. Arnrsmicr. Miw leute Hurt
ley. Haiti Caldwell, Elva Stnllb, KUic
Bend School MIm Ruth Retil. prin
cipal; Miiuca Margaret Gittint, Mamie
Vandeveit. Marion Wiest, Nona Rich
aril sort.
Arnold School (Beud district) Mis
Cora Fcrguwjn.
Yesterday afternoon A. F Shire
man caught 57 fine trout from 8 to
16 inches in length, from the river
just across from bis house.
John Ksllutn, who recently came
to Bend to make his home, ba
bought 120 acres of ditch land of
the D. I. & P. Co. and will im
prove it at once. He recently pur
chafed a good team of horses of J.
H. Wenandy.
W. J. McGillvray had au excit
ing experience last week. He
drove into the Central Oregon canal
at the Philip Francis place, intend
ing to fill xome barrels he had in
the rig. This is the usual custom
with farmers living in that section,
and Mr. McGillvray drove in
where others bad been driving ever
since the canal was opened. 'This
time, however, the bottom dropped
out of the canal, letting the team
and rig down so far that the water
flowed over the backs of the horses.
There was considerable plunRing
and excitement for a few minutes,
but fortunately the team, the rig
and Mr. McGillvray finally suc
ceeded in getting out none the
worse for the experience. The
cave-in apparently did uot open a
subterranean outlet for the water,
as it simply filled the bole and
then flowed on in its usual channel
S. M. Findley, a farmer in the
new Fort Rock settlement, was in
Bend on business the lait of the
week. He confirms the report that
a large number of horucseekers are
taking up land in his locality and
says thatdiundreds of newly built
houses, and tents, may be .seen
from the summit of the Port Rock
prominence, Irom which the sur
rounding level and fertile plateau
takes its name. To the south and
east of the rock the houses and
tents and newly plowed fields dot
the land as far as the eye can bee
Mr. Findley say he recently re
fused $4 000 for Ids 160 acre tract,
nearly all of which he has under
cultivation. It is generally believed
that the Fort Rock country will in
time be one of the greatest wheat
producing sections in the state and
the fact that excellent water for do
mestic purposes is easily accessible
by means of wells, is resulting in
the land being rapidly taken by
Will UulU Crater Lake Road,
Tbe department of agriculture
lias sent out the information from
Washington that it is ready to send
its engineers to begin work on tbe
survey for the Crater I,ake road.
Will G. Steel has received 11 letter
from the department .stating thnt
"as www as the new commission is
tppoiuUtl application should be
made on the enclosed blank and
forwarded to this office. As soon
after the receipt by us as practica
ble we will n.vrign some men to
make the surveys, prcpate the
specifications and estimates and to
supctvtsc the work."
The Critter I.akc Koatl Commis
sion will l appointed by Governor
Benson on May to as provided by
the law enacted bv the legislature
when the state appropriation was
made. Applications will be made
to the department as soon as the
commission is appointed, so that
work can be started as soon as the
season will permit.
Pacific Hone LMrneat is prepared
eipresMy for the wed M hencwe and
riatkmca. It l a pa trial awl pene
trating Mmtftt, a remedy Iw taxr jet.
cks. A tefttttfeg emferocatien lor the
reiki ol pain, and the rt (Mnwttt lor
ipr lns and tortnm. " Uwijuika lor
carinc the woe and Injuries el
BARBED WIRE and In- braHnf rata.
abrasions, sorts and (roues. Pacilic
tlorse Liniment is Wtf luarantred.
No ower 1$ 10 rood or htlffol In so many
wajk Illt'tUsteutbly.wcaatfcorue
all dealers to reland the purchase prke.
tiraa tt namta irw cinn
Korr Cncmical Co.
roan'. CMC.
The First National Bank
01' ni'.ND.
No jy
Treatury Pepartmrnt. Office of Comptroller of
Ike currency, Mnin(iun, u. t., juarvn 17,
Wiiexxa. Br MlUfartorr ceidencc Dreented
to the umlmlsnril. It ha been made to appear
that "The Vlrtt National lunk ol lrnd." In the
townorileml. la the couDle of Croak, and atate
oftiregon.haa compiled wlihall the prorilon
oftheMatutraof Ibr Unilrd Statra, rnulrrd 10
be complied with nrlore an artociaiion nail ne
autborlaed tocouimroce the batlne of bank
.Sow Timaarua I. Lawrence O. Murray.
Co Mplroller 01 the Currency, do hereby certify
that -Tbe Flr.t National lUnk uf rund' In the
town ol llrml. In the county of Cronk. and atale
ofretfon la authorltr.1 to commence the Ui.
nea of banking aauorlded In ttetllon VinyKine
hundred ami tutr-nlne of the KxrUed Statute
ol the Unlteil btalea
In TaariMonr wntaanr. witneu my hand
and aeal of omce Ibia aerenteeuth day of March,
rorji-loi Comptroller of Ihe Currency
Department oflhe Interior,
V S Laud OSxt at The Dalle. Oregon,
March nth. fh
Notice I hereby given that Arthur O I'.ly of
itend, Oregon, wno, on April icxn. i4, mace
liometieaii I'.niry (r-erut ro. UI4 "o. liiil
for the SW U M 11, Tp. if ft., Tk 11 K.. W M .
baa filed notice of Intention to make final Ave-
year proof, to catablith claim to Ihe land above
urCTlDcu. oeioie 11. .. 1-11, iniira oiair vum
mtuloner. at hi office at Itend, Oregon, on the
nth day of May, i).
Claimant name aa wllnevae Fred A. Hun
ncll. Kilward I' lirotlerhou, Laeern (). Reed
and Lothlop II. McCann, all of Bend, Oregon.
aj-mj C. W, MOOKK, Regtaler.
United State Mud Office.
The Dalle, Olrgon, April 1, 19;.
Notice I hereby given that Ihe Northern l"a
cific Kailwar Company, who poat office ad
drraaiaht. I'aul, Mtnucota, lu thi uth day of
Marth. 1909, filed lu thi olBce itaapplicatiou to
aelrct under the provialon of Ihe Act of Con
grew, approved July 1, SvA( Mat. yn. Aw) a
riteiidcd by the Act ol Cuugrrta, ippiovrd May
17. lyrrf.lhcNlt K of SKK Section a), Tp. ,
K 11 V... W M
Any and all peraona claiming advernely Ihe
nnaeCTiuea,oraeirinKiooiieri utiiuv 01
the mineral character 01 the land, or fur any
other rraaon, to the diapoaal to appticaul thoubl
nle their atniiavit or proteat in tbl omce, on or
before the 14th day of May, lyu.
au-miv C. W MOOHK, KegUKr.
Notice I hereby alren that by virtueof an ex
ecutiou iuuedoutof the ciirull court of Cnok
county. Oregon. 011 Ihe ijlh day of March, p19
upon a jirogineut reuoerru in ajia court ou me
;tliday orjaouary, IV), III favor of the Central
upooa iitOgincut rendered In aju court ou Ihe
;tliday orjaouary, lv, ill favor or the Central
Oregon IMuking it TruM Co., IlalatltT. aud
aiaintt Katie t lUtcbenrt Defendant, to me di
ream ana ueurereii, ogiumanuiug me to mane
theauinofion laiudgiuent. Including fu-oo tt
tornev'a free aud fi,H 45 co4 and duburaeiueut.
and 910 auaiiionai accrueu coia, wnn iuieret oil
JAM lit, the amount of judgment, from the JJth
Jav of January, moo,
1, at
Ihe rate of 6 er rent per
na1 orolicrtv bclouvnie
aiiauin, out oflhe peronal prony belougiug
10 aid defendant aud If umctenl could not Ik
founil, Iben out oflhe real propeity belougiug to
aaiddcfcndaut oil or after the uid i?tli day of
January, lyoo, luidou ine 13111 day or March
io9 levy upon the following described real prop
erly belonging tu aaid defendant, Katie O. !lc
hcuct, being unable to fnul any personal prop
erly luaaiisiy aaiujuugmcui
IjjI nuiulicr 14 iu block number , and lot
iiumbcr 7 in block number 11, in Town of Dend,
wrooa couniy, Oregon,
Aud I will, on naturday, the Jtth day of April
M. at the hour of one o'clock!' M of aald day
at tbe frout door oflhe court noun: In Ihe City of
rrinevllle, Crook County, orrgou, sell at public
auct'ou to the highest bidder for cath in liuud.
alllherlvht. title aud lutcieit which the aald
defendant. Ktle C ltcbene, liadiuaud lo Ihe
abmc described real property on the 17th day of
January ryujorat any tliu thereafter, to tatitfy
aald Judgment and Interest and col, aud attor
ney1 fee and accruing costs.
C, 6, ni'.NSON, Crook County, Oregon,
Altornry for Plaintiff.
I'Utt Ifiuc ilaicli J7U1, but luuc April h, roj.
a. 0) ma.i tv -sYsaBaasl
Tli IWhiitr Urleallon fc IVnrt
Coiiiimhv, N ClltUtloll,
W II Own, amrthe HUlt LanU
YwW It Cistis-r.IHfrn.Uiil
In Ihe name orthe tttate or Ittrnon Vim hit
hetehy required In appear iml mn Ihr com
plaint Mrl kiiI vmt in Ihr above entitled suit
tthlu at vtrekaftvm the day til llir Hist pilbll
ration nf tht summons, and ir,ou foil i to ap
pear and answer for want llierror the plaintiff
wllMpply tu Ihr Coutl lui Ih irlirf li)rt tot
In the complaint, lowlt I'nr ttir miicvtUtion
ami setting aside of arcttstitctmltait itatnt thr
14th day of IKvrmbrt, ly. made betwrtn )o
and Mid Plaintiff icUtlng lo thr puii-hase of cer
tain lands nml thr water rights appuitrnaiit
thereto. Situate in Ctouk Iminltr llltijim. and
for such other ami lutlhcr relief a may term to
thr Cuuil )utt anil equitable
This ftuiumoutemd upon yvn by puMlen
llou by authority olu onlri til the honorable
II (J Kill. Cuunty Juilar wfClisiti Cmiiily. tltr
ton ami mUI utttrl I itatrj Marrh ij, lyw), ami
i iltily maUr aii.l rntrtnl In mUI Cuuii ami auit.
Iiair nr nil piiMlnllun Match i;ih tvJ
iniiT-aMt Altufiity lot I'Uinun
In thr Cticult Coin tol thr Malt uf Uirgon. fur
ItirCouuly of Ctook ,
Thr itrKtiutr liiUatUm A l-unrr
Cumany a Cttoratiun,
Wm II Cummins, and thr Mate
Lan.1 IKmiu of Urrgvii,
TuWm ll.Cumtntng, Drfrndanl.
In thr uaturof thr Kialr of Oiraon .You art
hrttby truulrnl toapurar nlanrr III roui
plaint Hint agalnl you In the aUitr riilillnt null
wltklnli fiti from thr ilayuf thr Itt.l puUt
calton ol IhUnummon. aut if vou fall . toao-
Iprar ami auwtr for want thriruf Ihr llalnlvff
win apply iu inr .ouri uir inc irnri prayru lur
III thrrvrapUlnl. tu-wtt I'or the ranrrlUtlon
ami Kiting aaklr ofn inUtn coiilroit Uatcit the
t;lhily of .Vomnbrr, J, madr ortwetn you
ani mmu i laiiiiiu rriaiinjE ivirr mii nar 01 cer
tain Uml ami Ihr water rljhia aninirirnanl
llirrrto. klluatr In Crook County titrcon ami
toi aiKh ihrr ami funnel relict a may aeera to
ine louu ui ann eijuuamc
Thi summon I wrveil upou you hr inihllea
tlon by authority of an oiiltr of the lionorabie
II t. Kill. County Jiktve ofCnmH Ctwiniy. Ore
ion, ami wM onl.t I ilalol March i . iy ami
mluly made ami rntrrnl In aaid court ami uit
Iloleol &il uublKatlon Match irth,
IKS.HK bThAK.Ntiaml JOIIS ll II i.L
tui-aS Allotnrya for rUliitilT
la the Circuit Court of the Mute of Orrgoa, for
, Ihe County of Crook.
The Drachute Irrirallon Jk rower
Cowiiany, a Cor pur a llou.
W I Sloan, and thr Stale Land
Hoard ufOicgon,
To W r Sloan, tirfendant
In the name ol the Male of Oregon Vou are
hereby required 10 appear and auwer Ihe com
pUlnl Cleu again! you In Ihe abore enililed aull
within atx week from Ihe day of the Brt publl
cation at thi Summon, and if vou fall o tu at-
tr and anrr for want ihrrrof thr plalnlln
wiu appiy to inc court wr me reuei prayeu lor
lu th- complaint, tj-wit for the cancellation and
ettlnr atiOe of a certain cuniract dat d the lth
day oflwptrmper. lyoj. made between vou and
(.! ptalutllT relating tu tb Hirchae ol rrrlaln
Und and the walrr right appurtrnanl thereto,
Ituatc in iruok County. Oregon, and fo' auch
other and further relief a may areut to the
itNiljiH uu euiiiNr
Thluinmona I arrvetl upon you by pohlka
on by authorllv of au order oflhe ilooorbli
uniuon i rveii upon yon
authority of au order oflhe
II C Klli.CouniyJwlge of Crook County, Ore-
on. ami 4ki oruer la uaira aiaicn 11. im.
la duly mle and enured in alil court ami ull
Daleof Br.l uublirallon March ijlh, !.
mnr an Altoineya for PUiiilin
In Ihe Circuit Court of the Stale of Oregon, for
Ihe County of Crook
The Dcachutea Irrigation Sc -ower
Company, a corporation.
Annie M lug'll, and the Suie Land
Uoaid of Oregon,
To Annie M. Ingell, Defendant
In thf name oflhe Mate of Oregon You are
hereby required to appear and anwer the com
plaint aim again you In Ihe above entitled aull
within l week from the day ut Ihe Ar4 oubli
cation of Iht uraiuon. and if you fail o to ai-
pear ami auawer fur want Ihrrrof thr plalotifT
win appiy lame court lor me reuei pravru lor
in Ihe comolalnl. lo-wll I'or the ennrellatlon
and telling alde of a crllalu contract dated the
Mb rtay or luly. ypi, made between you and
uidpUlntlfT relating to the purcha of certain
limit and Ihe water tight appuitenant thereto
aitnate In Crook CouM). Oregon, and lor Mh
othtrand further relief aa may aretn lo Ihe
Court jut and equluble
Thi nammon I tetvetl uoo you by puhllra
tfon by authority of an order of the Honorable
II. C Kill, County Judge of Crook County, ore
gou, and aaid order U dated March u, Pv;, and
I duly made and enlrr d In aald Court and auit
Daleof nrat publication March 17th, '
mri7-a4 Allorntya forllalnllfT
Drpaitmcnl of Ihe Interior.
V. S. Land Of flee at The Dalle, Oregon.
February 19, 1907.
Notice U hereby giren that
Kl.leF Darnall
of Fortland, Oregon, who, 011 December 10, looi,
mane limber ana loue sworn statement No.
yvui, nerlal No o4Ma. for NHill rWc. l.Tp, lH,
Kill'.., U'lllamrtlr Mrrkllan, ha Alnl notice of
lutentioii to make flual proof, to etabllb claim
lo the land dracitbed, Ih-Ioic Reglttcr and We
cetver. at The lullca, Oregou, ou tb 6th day of
My. ty.
Claimant name at wllneaat Arthur V Don,
oliue, of Ijil'llaw. Oregon, John A Tracy of
rurtlaml, Oregon; Mra Aum un
ifantiea 01
' Clacks-
inaa, orrgou, John lllo of hlitcri, OreguU)
.narie iioyu 01 iwiiu, iregun
C. W. MOORI!, Rrglttrr.
In Ihr Circuit Court lu the Slate of Oregon, for
the County of Crook.
The Dcachutc Irrigation & Power
Company, a Corporation,
W K. Krlley, and the Hlalc Land
Hoard of trc)ioii.
ToW R Kelley, Defendant,
In the name ol the Mate of Oregon: Vou are
hereby rtouircd to appear and au.wcr Ihe com
plaint Bird against you In Ihe above entitled auit
within l week from Ihe day oflhe nrsl pub
canon uf tin humuioni, and If you fall to tu ai
pear aud auswer for want thereof the 1'lainllff
will apply to Ihe Court fur the relief prayed for
lu Hie complaint, lo-wit For the Cancellation
aud silling aside of a certain contract dated the
1Mb day or June, I'A, made between you and
uidl'laiiilifrrrlalliigtothe purvhase of rrrtain
laud aud Ihe walrr light appurtenant llirrrto,
situate In Crook County, Orrgon, and for audi
other and further rrlief aa may teem to Hie
Court just and equitable
1 nis numinous is served upon you ny puriiica
lion by authority of an ordrr of the
nlv. Ore-
II. C HHk, County Judge of Crook County. Ore-
son. aud aa
:on, aud aaid order la dated March ij, ioto, and
Is duly made and entered iu aald Court aud suit.
imic or nut imiJiiraiimi Jiarcn 171 n, 19011
iuri7-a8 Attorneys, lot 1'UlutUf,
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