The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 14, 1909, Image 3

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Newsy Items (lathered from All
Parts of tlio World.
Lou Important but Not Lett Inter
esting nappamng irom I'olnl
Oulildo tlia Slate,
Roosevelt has nrrived nt I'ort Bnld.
F.mmn Goldman will fight any olfort
to deport lior.
Eleven Juror hnvo boon finally no
cepted In the Cnlhoun case.
Experiment nro being conducted at
Now York with wlreles lolcphono.
Fifteen automobile worn doitroycd
In n firo which burned n Chicago
Revenue ofllcera engaged In pitch
mI batllo with moonshiner In Went
Preparation nro noirly complete for
thn llnrrlmnti mentor null nt Salt
Lnko, when thn government wilt try to
break tho combine said to exist.
Two men wcro burned to death and
thrco other seriously Injures) by an
explosion of oil tank nt l'olnt Rich
mond, Lai. itio damage win reach
1 &0, 000.
Tim defense liaa closed It argument
In tho cnao to dissolve tho btandard
Oil comjmny. After tho government
finishes tho court will tnke tho enso
under ndvlacmenl nml n decision I not
looked for beforo fall.
Further earthquake shocks aro being
felt at Mculnn.
A UrK gray wolf lin been captured
In a Chicago auburn.
An Erlo, In,, inllllonatro ha been
asked to glvo up $5,000 or ulfor death.
Report thrt tho relief work nt Mc
4ln I a farco continue to And thollr
Tray out.
All Vct Indian colonic havo been
closed against Caatro and Franco will
-expel him from Martinique.
A (J-yrnr old South Carolina boy ihot
til 3-yrnr old brother and I ald to
Imvo ntternpted to bide the body.
A Colurnbu, O., official ha received
n "lllack Hand" warning ngnlnst Issu
ing marriage license to black and
Somrono put n $10,000 bill In tho
collection pinto of a Washington, D.
C, church and tho deacon nro looking
for tho donor, feeling uro that It wa
a iTilittnkc.
Immigration authorities havo found
that tho huaband of Km ma Goldman
-obtained hi naturalization by fraud.
ThI make tho noted anarchlat an
-alien and the may bo deported.
Robber held up nn Ogden, Utah,
gambling and secured $l,CO0.
Tho Now York legislature ha turned
down a direct primary mensuro.
Anthraclto minor and operator Imvo
split on recognition of tho union.
1'ralrle wolvc killed tho 10-year old
tton of n Kingman, Knnaa, farmer
Two Ohio nutolita plunged Into tho
Miami river with their car rnthcr than
run down n llttlo Klrl.
Passenger from tho wrecked stcntn
cr Indiana havo arrived nt Snn Fran
isco on board n warship,
M. Iiwolaky, Russian foreign minia
te r, linn tendored hi renlgnation, u ho
I not In nccord with tho czar.
Suit to Dltiolva Standard Oil Will Qo
to Supreme Court, I
Wnshlngton, April 0. Tlio honrlng
In tho cno of tho United tftntos
ngnlnst tho Btandnrd Oil company,
of Now Jersey, which will bo begun
before tho United States Circuit court
In HL Ioul tomorrow, I ono of tho
moat Important und fnr-renching civil
action that hi over come up for trlnl
in una country, mo bill or complaint
on tho part of tlio United State.
chnrglmr n violation of tho Sherman
nntl-trust Inw, wn filed In Novomber,
1000. Tho Htnmlard Oil company, of
Now Jorsoy, tho parent organisation,
together with It varlou ubldlary
corporation J John I). Rockefeller,
Henry M. Flagler, Henry Jt. Roger,
John I). Archbold, Oliver I'. I'ayno and
innrio M. rrntt aro charged Willi hav
ing entered Into an agreement, com
blnntion and conspiracy to restrain
trndo and commerce among the several
itatec, to monopollro trado and com
mere In tho purchaio of petroleum
and In tho dlitrlhutton, alo and ship
ment of tho product of liotrolcutn.
Tho United Rtato seek perpetually
to enjoin tho defendsnta from dolnir
any net looking to cnrrylpg out the nl-
leged combination or conanlrncv and to
dissolve tho Htandanl Oil combination.
The government concluded IU testl-
mony on January 21, 1000. About 400
witnesses wero examined, approxi
mately 200 appearing for each aide.
Ilia laaua I o Important, that.
whntovor may bo tho renult of tho trial
by tho Circuit court, tho caae certainly
will be appealed to tho United State
nupremo court.
Government to Do Away With Many
Now In Uae.
Waahlngton, April 0. Aaalatant
Secretary of tho Trenaury Coolldgo ha
approved a plan for ayatematlzlng do
signs for Unlteil Statu note and coin
ccrtincatef, thua securing uniformity
In portrait nnd general design.
At p reton t there aro 10 different de
Ign for United State note ond coin
certificate of varlou denominations,
leading to confuilon and uncertainty,
Under tlio now plan Uiore will bo but
Tlio $1 atlver certificate will carry
tho portrait of Waahlngton, tho $2 sil
ver certificate tho jwrtralt of Jrffcr-
on. Tho $(i note, whether allver cer
tificate or greenback, will carry thn
portrait of Lincoln. Tho$10irotd and
liver certificate and United Stntca
note, that of Cleveland: tho $20 that
of Jackson; tho ICO that of Grant;
tho $100 that of Franklin; Uio $500
that of Salmon I'. Chaao; tho $1,000
that of Alexander Hamilton.
Tho portrait of Hillega. Monroe,
Sllaa Wright, Lowla W. Clark, Mine
field and other will be eliminated. Tho
eagle, the buffalo and tho Indian bead,
which havo proved to bo easily coun
terfeited, also will dlsapenr. All
duplication will bo dona away with.
Ex-Qucon Lllluokalnnl, of llnwntl,
must pay her doctor $11,000, accord
ing to tho Supremo court of the Dis
trict of Columbia.
Confedarata voternns In tho Florida
legiilnturo warmly dofondod n resolu
tion to mako Lincoln' birthday a holi
day when other momber moved to ta
ble tho proposition.
A Kentucky judgo has decided Sun
day treating illegal,
A enow storm hns Just swept over
Colorado. Eight to ten Inches full.
Tlio Bnloon question will probnbly
havo to bo takon Into court for settle
ment In Michigan.
A tidal wnvo swept over tho Now
Hebrides Island March 20, destroying
prnctlcnlly nil crops.
Prosldout Goinor hit warnod Cuban
against tho grout tendency toward
revolutions in that country,
Soveral mombora of tho Japanese
dlot will visit tho Pnclfio coaatto
study tho nltuntlon nt first hand.
A retired captain of tho army com
mitted tulcldo at Now York bocnuso he
hadn't enough monoy for hllnolf and
Eathor Mitchell, central flguro In tho
"Holy Roller" murdora at Seottlo In
1000, ha been roloaiod from tho asyl
um on parolo.
Pacific Mall Liner Founders In Mag
dalen Day.
San Francisco, April 6. According
to advices received by tho Pacific Mall
Steamahlp company, tho ntenmer Indi
ana, bound from Mazatlnn to San Fran
cisco, went ashoro during a heavy fog
In Magdalenn bny lost night and I still
on tho rock. inn nasseneora and
their personal bnggngo nnd the mall
wero romoved by tho cruiser Albany.
of the Pacific fleet, and tho tug For
tune nnd Navajo. 'The passongera bnvo
been placed aboard the ships of tho
llcot nnd will bo picked up by tho City
of Sydney, which Icavo Acnpulco for
Mngdalona bay tomorrow.
Tho statement Issued by tho Pacific
Mail company anys that tho Indiana I
nahore on Cnpo Tosco, tho Southern ox
tromlty of Santa Marguerita bny. She
I retting canity on n rocky bottom nnd
protected from the aea and westerly
Tho Indiana sailed from Matatlan
yeatorday nnd carries a vuluablo enrgo
for thl port, Tho messngon received
by her owner any that tho water I 14
feet deep In hold No. 1, 10 fcot In hold
No. 2, 12 foot In hold No. 3 and 14
feot in hold No. 4.
Tho company estimates tho vnluo of
tho ship and cargo at $000,000.
All Nations Present,
Snlt Lako City, April 0. Every
Western stnto nnd territory. Cnnndn
nnd Mexico havo contributed citizens
to tho groat crowd attending tho 70th
conforonco of tho Mormon church,
which oponod hero Sunday. Tho thou
sanda in tho tobornaclo nt tho morning
Horvlcoa wore of many nationalities.
Tlioro wero n scoro of Indian Mormons,
who camo from Idaho In n snoc ml cur.
Thoro woro Japancso converts, believ
ers from Hawaii, nnd tho South acn
Islands, nnd n few negroes.
St. Paul Operates Trains.
Wnllaco, Idaho, April C Tho first
train to pass through tho St, Paul pass
tunnol nt Taft on tho lino of tho Chi
cago, Mliwnukoo & l'ugot Sound rail
road, mado tho trip at noon today.
Work trains aro now run from tho
coast to a point near Missoula,
Friday, April O.
Wnahlngton, April 0. After three
week of conlderntlon tho Pnyno tariff
bill wan passed by tho house of repre
sentative tonight amid great excite-
munt by n vote of 217 to 101, Ono lie
publican, Austin, of Tennessee, voted
ngninit the mcmiuro, nnd four Demo
crat, all from Loulilnna, Iiroussnrd,
Kntoplnal, Pujo and Wlckllffo, voted
for It. An attempt by Chnmp Clark,
minority leader, to recommit the bill
with Instructions algnnlly fntled.
Tho day wna filled with excitement
from the inomont the session began at
noon until adjournment. Tho mom
bora wero koyed up to tho highest pitch
and practically tho full membership
romnined on uuiy throughout.
One of tho principal changes was
tho placing of petroleum on the free
list today. Hldta woro loft on tho froo
lint and an Increased duty placed on
glovea and Blocking. All attempt to
placo lumber on tho freo list failed.
A resolution providing that until fur
ther order tho houso meet Mondays
and Thursdays of each week was
adopted and adjournment taken until
Thursday, April O.
Washington, April 8. Tho houso to
day mado changes In the tariff bill a
follow: Tha mica schedule was
stricken out nnd n new ono substituted,
providing that unmanufactured mica
should pay a duty of G cent n pound
nnd 20 per cent ad valorem, and that
mica cut or trimmed, mica plates nnd
all manufacture of mica should pay 10
cent por pound and 20 per cent ad
Steel Ingots, blooms and slabs wore
reduced from 1 cent to 8-10 of a cent
er pound. Tho ad valorem provision
on boiler or plate Iron or steel was
stricken out and the duty mado spe
Tho committee amendment Increas
ing the duty on round Iron or steel
wiro smaller than No. 10 waa voted
down, ICC to 140, and In It stead
there was adopted a substitute present
ed by Clark, fixing the rate at ?4 of a
cent per pound. On tho final vote tho
Clark amendment waa defeated and the
original Payne amendment adopted.
1 ho rate In briar root, briar wood
and laurel root waa Increased from C
to 20 per cent ad valorem.
Iho tobacco nchedule waa amended
so as to llx a duty or 70 cunt a pound
on the unstemmed nnd $1 n pound on
stemmed filler tobacco imported from
countries which prohibit aimllar Im
portation. A tax of 45 per cent nd valorem wns
put upon tiro fnbric or fabrics used for
pncumntlc tire. Tho clfectof this
provision will bo to place tho duty on
the Jong staple cotton used In tho
A duty of 20 er cent ad valorem
was put upon cotton, bleached and puri
fied, whether medicated or not.
Tho dividing line between tho high
and low ratea of duty on oil cloth and
linoleum wns fixed at 11 feet, instead
of 0 feet, as originally. It was 12 feet
In tho Dlngley Inw.
Ncnrly tho entire day waa consumed
In diacusilnfr tho lumber nnd hides
ichedulca. Tho ndvocotca of freo lum
ber wont down to dofeat by tho nnrrow
margin of six votes after tho striking
out tho countervailing duty on lumber.
An overwhelming majority wa mus
tered ngnlnst nn amendment by Scott,
of Kansas, taking hide from the freo
list and fixing a duty upon them of 10
per cent advalorem.
The barloy schedule came In for a
lively discussion and, when tho bill wna
laid aside for tho day, there were pend
ing two amendments, ono raising tho
rate In thn Payne bill from 1C cent to
2G cents n bushel, and tho other fixing
tho rate nt 10 por cent nd valorem,
Tho aum total of tho days' work,
with tho exception of eliminating tho
countervailing duty on lumber, wns
to leave tho bill In Identically tho same
condition In which tho committee re
ported it. Thla grants free raw hides
and a duty of $1 per thousand on sawed
Monday, April S.
Wnshlngton, April C. Thrco o'clock
p. m. April 9 wna sut by the houso to
day for a vote on the Payne tariff bill.
The long resolution of tho committee
on rule closing general debate, provid
ing for certain committee amendments
and a full and free opportunity
change tho lumber nnd hides achedulca
was reported late In the day and ac
cepted with 1C votes to spare, notwith
standing the desertion of 20 Itepubli
cans. Four of tho 10 votes came from
the Louisiana delegation, who likowisa
broke away from their party.
After a motion by Payne to tnke up
the bill, Clark, of Missouri, made a
parliamentary Inquiry whether general
debate could not be dispensed with and
its reading for amendment begun. Ho
wanted tho whole bill considered para
graph by paragraph. "Wo ro ready
for that performance now," ho said.
Wednesday, April 7.
Washington. Anril 7. This was a
bnd day for tho Hopubllan organization
of tho house, lly a coalition between
some Republican "Insurgents" and the
Democrats, tho wnys nnd means com
mltteo wna bowled over and tho advo
cates of free crudo oil and IU product
won a signal victory when nn amend
ment by Norrls, of Nebraska, placing
tho insignificant duty of 1 per cent ad
valorem on those article wns adopted
by a aubstantlul majority.
On ull other proposition the com
mittee was sustalnod. Tho barloy
schedule ran tho gauntlet without
change. Tou and cotfeo wero placed
on tho freo list
The first subject to como up for dis
cussion was barloy, upon which thero
wns considerable discussion yestcrduy.
Thero wero two nincndmonU pending
on that schcdulo, ono by Miller, of
Knnsas, fixing tho duty at 25 cents a
bushol, and tho other by Alexander
placing It nt 10 per cent' ad valorem.
ns ngnlnst tho rate of 16 cents a bushel
provided for In tho bill.
As a substitute for both amendments,
Humphrey, of Wnshlngton, offered nn
amendment placing barley on tho freo
Chairman Pnyno earnestly opposed
nil threo of tho amendments. After 20
minutes' dobnto tho voto was nbout to
bo takon on tho Miller provision, when
'lawney oltereu a resolution making
tho rnto 20 cents n bushol, This was
dofented., ns wns also tho nmondmont
of Miller. Tho voto than turned to tho
Aloxandcr nnd Humphrey amendments,
both of which woro lost.
Tuesday, April 0.
Wnshlngton, April 0. Wrangling.
confusion, captious objections, person
alities and lnngungo bordering on vitu
peration mnrked tho first days' dis
cussion of tho Pnyno tariff bill for
nmondmont in tho houso today. With
practically n full nttondanco tho mem-
bora woro wrought up to a high ten
nnd wore prepared to fight to tho last
ditch for tho things their constituents
Washington, April 6. Senator Cul
lom today offered a Joint resolution
favoring tho extension of the presiden
tial termg to six years. After a brief
session the senate adjourned to Thurs
day. Saturday, April 3.
Washington, April 3. With no rooro
than a corpornl'a guard present, debate
on tho tariff bill In tho houso proceed
ed drearily today. Every member Is
looking forward to tho bringing in of
a rulo Monday which will provide an
opportunity to vote on a limited num
ber of schedules, with debate to bo
confined to five minutes for and ngnlnst
each amendment.
The Republicans who spoke today
woro practically unanimous for freo
hidos. Tho taxes on tho necessaries
camo in for thoir usual sharo of criti
cism from both sides of tho chamber.
The Supreme court of the United
States alono shall havo the right to de
termine the validity or constitutionality
of acta of congress, if tho bill Introduc
ed by Representative Do Armond, of
Missouri, becomes a law. Concerning
tho acta of the state legislatures, the
Supreme or other high court of tho
state shall have tho right.
Various Organizations Planning
Big Time This Bummtr.
Tho nation's war veterans, and tho
son and wives and daughters of them,
are carrying out big plan for represen
tation at the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific ex
position. The military order of tho
Loyal Legion has preempted a five aero
tract on tho exposition grounds and I
establishing upon it patriotic head
quarters. Tho Grand Army of tho Re
public will be represented and o will
the Son or Veterans, tho Ladle of the
G. A. K. and tho Women' Relief Corp.
Early In the year the Loyal Legion
entered Into correspondence with the
War department at Washington with
the result that it has secured a splendid
equipment and has already established
headquarters tents and a model head
quarter encampment generally.
Afound the camp the government' out
door exhibit will be placed. It consists
of big and little ordnance, of today and
tho other days, Civil war relics and
relics of tho unpleasantness with Spain,
so that the visitor to headquarter will
bo confronted by big modern 12-Inch
rifle on well as cannonades of the
Elghtecnlh century, picked up on the
beach in Manila bay.
JLocal ti. A. it. posts are cxpectlntr a
heavy attendance at the exposition
from among the nation' old time fight
ing men, lor tho reason that tho grand
encampment takes place In Salt Lake
City early in August and tho railroads
have announced lower rates than ever
before from Eastern points to tho ex-
'to j position. Under the tickets offered by
mu uaiiEcununciun. roaus 11 win uo
possible for tho veteran to tako passage
through to Seattle and stop off for tho
encampment without extra cost, and
that thousands will do so is already
made evident by letters received by
ofllcera of tho Grand Army and ' Loyal
Legion In this city.
It will bo open house at Grand Army
and Loyal Legion headquarters through
out the fair ar.d several special days
and events have been arranged in their
honor. Tho state encampment of the
G. A. It. take place In Tacoma in June
and June 24 has been set as State G.
A. R. day. August 16 haa been named
as National G. A. R. day and It will be
mado tho occasion of one of tho biggest
and moat brilliant of the special cele
brations at tho exposition.
Windstorm Sweeps Mississippi
and Olilo Valleys.
Carries. Roofs.From.Houset, Uproots
Cropa and Kills and Malms
Mny Peopl.
Fulton Out of Race.
Washington, April 9. Ex-Senator
Charles W. Fulton has withdrawn his
application for the Federal Judgship In
Eastern Oregon created under the act
passed at tho last session of congress.
Indications now point to the appoint
ment of Judgo Robert S. Scan, of the
Oregon Supremo court, to this posi
tion. It is possible, however, that
President Toft will appoint some per
son outside tho state.
Situation Nears Crisis,
Washington, April C. Indications
aro that diplomatic relations between
this country nnd Nicaragua nro nenrlng
a crisis, resulting from tho failure of
President Zolayn to ndjust tho Emery
claim. Tho retlconco of tho Stnto de
partment in regard to tho enso Indi
cates that tho situation Is grave and
that thero Is little probability of any
settlement on tho basis proposed by
Secretary Knox.
Taft Nominates Young.
Washington, April 9. President
Taft sent to tho senate Thursday the
nominations of Judgo Richard E. Sloan,
of ProHcott, ns governor of Arizona,
vico Kibbcy, whoso term expired, and
George U. Young, of Prcscott, ns ter
ritorial secretary of Arizona.
Calls on States for Money.
Washington, April C Representa
tive Victor Murdock, of Knnsas hns in
troduced a bill calling upon tho states
to rofund money that Androw Jackson
distributed among thorn in 1836, when
tho surplus from tho salo of public
Innds reached $38,000,000.
Hitchcock Is Very Sick.
Wnshlngton, April 6. Ethan Alton
Hitchcock, ox-aocrotary of tho interior,
is critically ill at the homo of his son-in-law,
Commander Sims, U. S. N., and
gravo fears for his rocovory are enter
Large Section af 1 exat City Burned
and Thousands Homeless.
Fort Worth, Tex., April 5. Start
ing In a barn, presumably from a care
lessly thrown cigarette, firo Saturday
afternoon destroyed property in the
southern portion of Fort Worth conser
vatively valued at $2, COO, 000, caused
the death of one person, J. J. Newton.
of Krum, Tex., and rendered several
thousand persons homeless.
The firo originated at Jennings oven
uo and reter Smith street, tn tho cen
ter of a fashionable residence district,
nnd, fanned by a stiff wind, was be
yond control In 16 minutes. Spreading
to tna south, it burned its way through
32 blocks and continued until it had
swept through the yards of tho Texas
& Pacific railroad, burning the railroad
buildings nnd a largo amount of rolling
stock, where tho firo practically burned
Itself cut.
Threo church buildings, the Broad
way Baptist and Presbyterian and tho
Swedish chape), wero among the build
ings burned, as was the Presbyterian
sanitarium. The patients of the latter
Institution were all removed In safety.
The Texas & Pacific railroad suffered
tho largest individual loss. Fourteen
locomotives wero reduced to twisted
masses of stcol and iron and several
hundred boxcars, besides tho round
house nnd other buildings of tho road
were destroyed.
The Texns & Pacific estimates the
loss to the road at $160,000, while the
dnniSe to the church property is esti
mated at $200,000.
Tho fire swept area was patrolled by
armed guards to prevent looting, while
tho ownors pf the burned buildings
gathered what they could of their
household effects and sought shelter
for tho night wherover It could be
found. The livestock building nnd au
ditorium at tho fair grounds provided a
temporary nbodo for many, while
others slept tn vacant houses or accept
ed tho hospitality of Dallas and nearby
Harrlman Blocks Traffic.
San Francisco, April 5. An invest!
gntion of tho high handed notion of the
Pacific Mail Steamship company In re
fusing ohlpmcnts for New York when
its Pannmu 'steamships wero sailing
with vncnnt cargo space has bcon mndo
by government officials nnd signatures
have been obtained from big San Fran
cisco shippers which may result in
drustlc action by tho secretary of war
in breaking olt thu hold which IS. II.
Harrlman has sought to obtain on tho
IsthmuB route to the exclusion of com
Chicago, April 8. Wind that often
retched a velocity of more than 60
miles an hour, accompanied by thunder
and lightning, drenching rains, and. In
some sections, heavy snow, swept
through the Mississippi and Ohio val
leys and over the Lake states last
night and today, doing tremendous
property damage and maiming and
killing people. In many places the
atorm approached the violence of a tor
nado, and ruined a wide area of farm
ing land, killing all standing crop.
Wires east of Chicago as far as Pitts
burg went down rapidly in the gale.
according to tho telegraph companies.
Wheeling, W. V., reported every wire
down east of that point. Of the nu
merous leased wires running cast out
of Chicago, but one was working thla
afternoon, and conditions were said to
be growing worse.
In thla city several persons received
minor injuries from toppling fence
and loosened sign boards. Scores of
plate glass windows were broken.
At Aberdeen. MUs.. W. C. McMil
lan, cashier of tho bank, and bis son,
T. T. McMillan, wore instantly killed
in the wreckage of the Illinois Central
station. Two negroes also met death.
At West Point, Miss., much damsgo
was done on the Terrell plantation.
cast of there, and two negroes wen
At Rich., Miss., a terrific rain, hall
and wind storm prevailed
At Cotton riant, Arlc. a church waa
Reports from Western Tennessee any
tho storm wrecked many small build
ings. At Buntyan a school houso waa shak
en, causing a panic among: 300 stu
At Starkville, Miss., fournecroe
were killed.
At least eight persons lost their
lives In the storm that visited Detroit
nnd Michigan. Three men attempted
to cross the Detroit river In a rowboat
and were drowned.
At Jennings three men were killed
by being caught under a wall blows
down by the wind.
Tho wind's velocity reached 65 miles
nn hour.
Reyes Faces Revolution.
Wlllemstad, April 5. Rumors havo
reached horo of a revolutionary out
break against tho administration of
President Reyes, of Columbia. In the
vicinity of Rio Hacha, a seaport on tho
irritHan. i
Venezuelan "Dictator" Lands nt Fort
de France Instead of Trinidad.
Fort de France, Martinique, April 8.
CIprlano Castro, ex-dictator of Vene
zuela, landed here from the steamer
Guadaloupo today and at once went Into
a towering rage against the State de
partments of Great Britain and the
United States, both of which have for
bidden him to land on any of their pos
sessions upon the American continent.
Hardly had Castro recovered his breath
from a vicious tirade against these two
countries, when ho wan Informed that
a message from Paris had just been re
ceived at Saint Pierre, forbidding him
to land anywhere on tho Island of Mar
tinique. This set the fiery Venezuelan
going again, and bystanders were treat
ed to a vivid description of the placo
where ho would seand all Frenchmen,
wero he the arbiter of fate.
Just what will be the next move in
the "return" of Castro to tho Western
hemisphere is not known. Venezuelan
authorities have received permission
from France to arrest him on a French
vessel, should he attempt to land from
one; and the message from Paris today
Beoms to make it evident hat he cannot
long remain on tho island of Martinique.
With American ports closed to him, the
ex-dlctator Is in a lair way to find him
self a man without a country, and to
become a wanderer upon the high sea.
Cattle tioosted by Forest System.
San Francisco, April 8. The policy
of the government in segregating land
of the forest reserve suitable for sheep
nnd cattlo raising Is, according to As
sistant Forester A. P. Potter, tho rea
son for tho 10 per cent increaso in tha
value of tho cnttloon tho forest grazing
lands during the past year. Potter,
who is making his Bemt-annual tour of
tho forest bureaus of tho western divi
sion, Is hero today. To the assistance
of the government in regulating tho
forest grazing lands he attributes tho
notable increase in livestock product.
Huge Strike on Lakes,
Chicago, April 8. Ten thousand
marine engineers, firemen, oilers, water
tenders and deck hands went on strike
tonight, and tho opening of navigation
on the Great Lakes is threatened with
a complete tieup. The strike waa
caused by the refusal of shipowners to
recognise the Marine Eagiaeers' union.
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