The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 31, 1909, Image 8

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Redmond Items.
KKDMOttn, March aS. Orvnt Spencer
j;ar a patty Ust Mumlnv night in honor
of his titter, Olive.
It. 1'. Jones' team Is still missing. He
is ft(1vertislti n liberal reward tor littor
jimtlou leading to their recover)'.
II. .V. Kendall has a new team.
J. A. Norwood Iim been helping clear
ing st Brown's the past Meek.
Hen McCafTery has bought a tnrm but
we did not learn where.
Mr. Long, who hag been living In the
ltarllngham house, has bought the Koliy
Mrs. l'inl Woods is quite sick and
had the doctor yesterday.
Milton Uwon'i Utile scratch on his
foot is giving him so much trouble that
he is tearful of blood poiiouine.
Tomorrow night the annual meeting
of the Presbyterian church and congre
gation takes place.
The Spencers, we hear, are going to
California, accompanied by the McDon
alds. The Ladies' Aid will give another of
their socials on Tuesday night of this
K. C. Vabk.
Pleasant Ridge Items.
Tlhasaht Ridc.k, March m At the
social Saturday evening at V. P. Perry's
home, something over f6 was taken in,
which was turned into the Sunday school
organ fund.
We have been having lots of nice sun
shine for some time, and just enough
ind to make it pleasant.
The hot-bed are all doing nicely and
we are anticipating an early garden.
The farmers this spring arc all taking
much pains in laying out their farms for
a more practical method of irrigation,
thereby lessening the amount of water
needed as well as the task of irrigating.
Miss Marion Wiest of Ilend spent Sat
unlay and Sunday with her friend Mrs.
K K. Sherwood, all of whom were the
guests of Mrs. G. W. 1111 Sunday for
dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett also were
We are glad to note that Mrs. Irvin is
much improved in health and has decid
ed to remain with is for the summer
months, hoping that the warm summer
weather will prose beneficial.
Jacob W. Petersen is making prepara
tions for a larger crop this ear, much
over tliat of last year.
Mr. Snyder will handle the Amburn
place the coming ear.
Tumsto Items.
Tomalo, March aS. A light sprinkle
of snow fell here today.
James Bean passed through" here today
on his way from Bend to his homestead
on the Matoles.
Two loads of machinery came in for
the Spoo-Dayton sawmill last week and
most of it bat been put In place and as
soon as the boiler arrives the mill wilt
be in running shape.
Last week Mr. Spoo went to the val
ley after the balance of his family, and
they are expected in any day.
Partners In these parts are all busy
plowing, clearing and patting in to crop
a large acreage this spring.
Ceo. W. Wimer & Son have about 70
acres of Scotch fife wheat, town last No
vember, which is looking fine now.
Clus. Spaugh and J. E. Wimer are
busy clearing and plowing 60 acre of
new ground for crop this season.
Mr. and Mrs. Ceo. W. Wimer pent
the day at the home of I. B. Wimer
J. W. Tlaker and family are expected
back next week from a visit with their
pareuts'at Roseburg.
Powell Buttes Nates.
(Too Ulc for Urt week.)
Several are on the tick list these days,
Mrs. lams having the doctor from Prine
Wile. Panning is the order of he day, much
plowing and tome seeding being done
and a good many potatoes being planted.
Mr Elliott of Washington, whobonght
Seed Oats for Sale.
We are selling our oats nt 75c 0
bushel. Owing to the backward
season last year, seeding- having
been postponed to the middle ol
June, our oats are not as good as a
year ago, and will need cleaning.
Parties purchasing seed will be al
lowed to use our cleaning mill free
Sacks not furnished. Parties may
pnone irorn uena, Kedmoua or
Laidlaw or address
Shkkwoo.d Bros.,
Redmond, Or.
$ ED$
Frstb, Btlliblt.Purt
tiasnlt4 to Pleats
Every Oartlener and
iMtituirkir ine rixiul Out
71 ortbera Orown beeua,
s.sccirl errrit
waarillme poatpald nr
PAMnnct r-ril I Fr.TION
llr.M.rt.. , , sa.
I l(. rrlaM li . ,,,!-
I l(..IM...lf f.l.r, ...-
1 !flr1irrw-h.4fV.Wa , , ll
I . r.U.rU. B.rl.l l.j, ..,!
il-lWI..U.I.k,IK.,,W. . .
Wrila M.fl SU ID tnf itM, S.y wlvi 4
fl n l, iw , ,, rau CvUmUo-." Iv
gur wita rar w. au4 la tint Ilia !' ti.u. .
oiiKATNimiH i:k.x hkkii ro.
17SI IUhm Bt, It(.ckfurd. Illinois
Hat m k.llflB
Uert Davis' place, is here and has begun
If vou wont a lb inch Oliver plow or a
good all-around horse, call 011 C. II.
Severat from these parts luc gone to
wotk on the ditch.
A. I). Morrill is moving out from
Ilend to his houiesteid at Powell lluttcs.
Several strangers are here looking for
School has legun in the river bed sec
tion with 13 scholars enrolled. A new
school house costing fSao or fooo will
soon be built on the Cliff Hilts home
stead. Foley's Itouey and Tar cures coughs
quickly, streugtlicus llie lungs ami ex
pels coMs. Get the gcituiue in a jeltow
package. Ilend Drue Co.
Land for Sale or Rent.
Forty acres ditch land in
river bed section. Inquire of
2-5 Hknkv Linstkr, Bend, Or.
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Prank
Das, three miles north of town, Mr.
James II. Hewes to Miss l'raucis Ilasl,
on Sabbath afternoon, March 38, by
Rev. J. Anthony Mitchell.
Besides Mr. Prank nasi and family,
and Mr. Wilbert Itewes anil family, the
family of Mr. and Mrs. William Alt
were present, alio Uncle John Slsemore.
The journj couple, with Mr. and Mrs.
Wilbert Ilcwes, start overlaud for Cali
fornia this week. We all wish the I
young people the most and the best dur
ing a long life.
Foley's Kidney Remedy will cure any
case of kidney or bladder trouble that is
not beyond the reach of medicine. Cures
backache and irregularities that if neir
Iccled might result in flright'a disease or
diabetes. llenil Drug Co.
Store advertising nowadays is ad
dressed to the sober business sense
of the reader and should not be
overlooked by people who are cul
tivating that faculty.
Department of the Interior
D. S. Land Office at LakerM. Oregon,
February 14, 1909.
Koticc It hereby glien that
MilUrdF llawthorn
of Roaland, Oregon, who, on May so, loot, made
homeateaa entry No. SJ (Serial No. 01041) foe
WHNhV.bHW.VWif. NKWftWX-. See. . Tp. II
8, K 10 K.. WltUmttie Meridian, haa fllnl notice
of intention lo make final moof. lo eatahtlah
claim to Ibc land above described, before II. C
Kill. U. H. Commlaaloner, at bit office at Ilend,
Oregon, on the ih day or April, 1909.
dalmant name at witnrsae William ti
Pordham.of Xoaland. Oregon l)ari4 Hilt. Otrlu
MUler, Marlon Carter, all of Bend, Oregon.
rorj-a; J N. WATSON. Eeglaltr.
Notice (a herebr aleen that bv virtue of an n
ecution lued out of the circuit court of Crook
county. Oregon, on the 13th day of March, iuqq
upon a jiMgmeui rcnaercu in aaid conn on me
iTin oay 01 January, iqoq, in raror or ine central
Ureson Rankinr & Trutt Co.. rialntiry. ami
Ranking ca
CatieC lUti
iiiui Miie i KMtbenci perenaani, 10 me 01
T ..... .-.... .- -- . . : ..
reeled and dtllrrred. commanding me to make
theaumofloil It ludraent. indudina liun at.
torney'a fee and ll'-43 cota and diaburieinenU,
and io additional accrued coata, with Intereal on
till 18. th amount of Judgment, from the JJth
day 01 January, 1909, st the rate of 6 per cent per
annum, out 01 me peraonai proDcriv beloutlnr
annum, out of the peraonal
loaaKioeieuoauiauiiii ai
found, then out of the real
aald defendant on or after
lossKldefeudaulaudlf tuinclenl cuuld not be
betonaluir to
aald defendant on or after ihe aald nth day of
January. 1907. I did on Ihcijth day of March
1H levy upon the following dcacrlbed real Drou-
erty belonging to said defendant, Katie O Kate
bcaet, being unable to fiud any peraoual prop
erty to aatUfy aald Judgrnenl
Lot number 14 In block number , and tot
numljer 7 In block number II in Town of Ilend,
Crook County, Oregon.
And I will, on n-turday, the 14th day of April
19U9. at Ihe hour of one o'clock,! M of said day
at the front door of Ihe court bouw in the City of
rrinenlle. Crook Cbunty. Oregon, sell at public
auction lo the hlghrat bidder for cash In hand,
all Ihe right title and intereat which Ihe aalii
defendant Katie O K'tcbenct, had In aud lo Ihe
above described teat properly on Ihe 17th day of
January 1909 oral any llm thereafter, lo aatitfy
aald Judgment and Interest and co-it, and attor
neys' feet and accruing coals.
C S. UKNSON. Crouk County, Oregon
Attorney for FUlntlff
Hirtt ftauc March 17U1, last lue April 14, 1909.
Tnaor. Mahkh
CopYmama Ac.
A nyon aandlng a tktteh and dtterlptlon may
imlcilr artaln our opmum fr wbalhar an
Invention la probably patantar,la. Communlea-
llofit irieiiroonoaanuai.
tent fraa. Ilioaal
FaUou takan
fide! aaaney foraecuringpatanri.
takan Ibrouih Munn A Co. racalra
u. without cliarca. la tba
ajweioi nmut, 1
Scientific JHncrknit
A bandaomaly lllnatralad wteklr. Mrettt dr.
eolation it aor actcntMe rjurnal, Tarmi, U
raari lourmoniut, fi. sowpyaji rva
aSniwbOSUa OS S St. Waahloguai,
Of UHlttiON. lliR Tlllt COUNTY Of
The lvtHitc Intention fc lMwer
Company, n Corporation,
V II Cooper amllhe State Land
honiil ofOrcoti,
' Defendants,
ToW II Cooper, iKfciidaiil.
In the name f the BUI of Otcgun Yoil stt
hereby required lo appear ami ati.ncr the com-
piaini mm again! you in iiw auore cmiiirii ami
within all areeaafiuw the day of the Hut publl
ir vou u tu an
pear and antwer for waul thereof the plaintiff
will amilv lo the Court lor the trlltf utayut tot
In the complaint, tu-nll fur the cancellation
nit tettliiifa.idc of a certain contract datnl Ihr
14th ily i)f December IV. mail between yuu
and aald I'lalntltT relating tu the purihtof,ccr
lain lands and Ihr water tl.hl appurtenant
the rtto, aituatc I11 Cruok County (iir.uu, and
fur such other ami further relict at may arevn to
ine wuri ju.i anti co,uuanic
Thlabunimonalaaemdupon you by publics
Hon bjr authority of an onlrr ul lh Honorable
Kilt. Couulv Judie of Ciouk Couulv. Oir-
00, and U order is Ualrd March I J. lvV. ami
it iluly made and entered In satil Court and ault
Dateofflrat imMlrallon Match 1JII1 tw
Allurstye lot tiatuttrf
In the Circuit Court ot the Male or Otrgoti, fur
the County of Crook.
The Deschutes Irritation A fowc r
Comauy, a Corinjiatlon.
Wm II Cummin, ami the KUIe
Laud lluaru vf Oit(un,
To Win II. dimming. Defendant,
In Iht namroftherltatr of Otvcon You ate
htrrby rtuutml lo appear amlantnrr the etuti
plaint Rlr.1 again! )n In the above enlilleil ault
KilhlnaU xrvkt riuiu the ttayofthe Hint puUI
ration ol (hi summon, ami if vou fall tu to an
pear ami antwer for want thereof the I'lalutitT
wm apply ioirr kouri ror the reiki prayed fur
In thccurantalnt. lo-rlt I'ur the ranrellallon
ami aettlnrathleofa certain eoiitrarl tlateil the
17m uay 01 Nonrarxr. nj. raadr uelweeu you
amlaahl I'lalnlllfrelatiiii; lathe purthaveofrer
tain lamia and the water rlghla appurlrnaul
IRerelo situate In Onot. County. regun. and
tut aiKh ather and further relielaa may -rem lo
the Court Jul and equiraWe
inianummona laaervexi upon you or puMica
tlon by authority of an order of the
I. li
L. lUlia. Cuuntr Judee
of Cruuk County. Ore
eoii. au
oil, ami said onltr la dale.1 March I
IV. -nu
u duly made and entered In ukl einin and auil
Ibleorrmt tHiblKaluu March inh
jrutaK !rnAK(.ana juiin 11
Attorneys fur I'UlnllfT
In the Circuit Court of the Mate of Ortgon, for
the County of Cruok.
The Drachutc Irrigation ft lwcr
W ! Hluan. and the btatc Land
buard of Oregon,
ToW r Sloan, IHfendanl.
lu the name ul the Male of Oregon You are
hereby required to appear and aniwer the cam
plaint filed agalnat you In the above entitled lull
ilhlnali -ctk. ftum the day of the Aral publl
cation of thl bummona, and if yon fall o lu ap
pear ami aniwer fur want thereof the plalulllf
will apply lo the court fur the relief prayed fur
In lh- cum plaint, to-lt fur the rannllaliun and
aettlng aside of a crrtaln cuutract datrd the lath
dayollVepiempeT. lyo5, made between yuu ami
aald plalutirT relating tu lh purchase of certain
la tula and the water rights appurtenant thereto
alluate In Crook County, Oregon, knd fur such
other and further relief at may teem lulhe
cvuri juh anu ru,uuaoie.
Tbiaaummonalt aerved upon you by publica
lion by aathorily of an order of the
11. w. iuua.vouniv juuge o
of Cruok County, Ore-
con, and aald order la dated Match is. ix. a
n, and aald order la dated
siarcn u, ioiM,ana
la duly made and entered In aald court ami suit
Date or Brat publication Mrch ryth. lyuo.
Attorney for llalnllff
In Ihe Circuit Court of Ihe Stale of Oregon, for
lh County of Ciook.
The Deachute Irrlgatlox ft Power
Company, a corporation.
Annie M Ingell, and the State Land
Hoard of Oregon,
To Annie M. Ingell, Defendant
In the name of the Matt of Oregon You are
hereby reuulred to appear aud aniwer lh com
plaint filed agalntt you In the above entitled suit
within als weeka freni the davof Ihe firt tnibtl
caltouofthlaaumaont, and llyvu fait so lo ap
pear and anawer for want thereof the plaintiff
will apply lulhe court for the relief praved fur
In Ihe complaint, to-wlt For the cancellation
anjxtltor aalde of a cvtlaln contract dated Ihe
J4lh day of July. loos, made between you and
aald plaintiff relating to the purchaw of certain
landa and the water rlghla appurtenant thrteto
other and further relief a may seem lo Ihe
Court Juat and equitable
Thla buntmoua la served upon you by (niMIca
tlou by authority of an order of Ihe Honorable
II C la lit, County Judge of Crook County. Otr
f;oo, and aaid order It dated March I), 171, and
t duly made and entered In aald Cnutl and tull
Date of Aral publication starch I7lh, 19")
JKbtiK bTl!ARN and JOHN il HAL I.,
Attorney for llalnllff
Department of the Interior
V 8. Land OfTkc at The Dallet, Oregon.
February 19, 19119,
Notice It hereby given that
J'.UIeF Darnalt
of rortlsnd, Oregon, who, on December 10, ivri,
made timber and alone aworn atatcmenl tio,
&M, kerlal No 04340, for NM1K Hec r.Tp. HH,
KloK,lol6and NliUHWU, Kec 6, Tp 11 b.
K 1 1 K , Wlllamettr Sleridian. hat filed notice of
inlcutlon to make final proof, 10 etlaUUli claim
lo Ihe land dcacilbed, before UeaUlcr and Me
ceiver. at The Dallea, u egou, on the 6th day of
iy. W)
Claimant namet at wilneaatt Arthur V Don
ohue, of Laidlaw, Oregon, John A Tracy of
rorllaud, Oregon, XIra. Anna Landra of Clacka
mat, Urrgou, John Illoat of hiatera, Oregon,
Charlc lluyd of Bend, Orcgou
raj arl C W. MOOKK, Kegialer.
In the Circuit Court In the rUsl of Oregon, for
Ihe County of Crook.
Tbc Deschutes Irrigation & Power
Comnsuv. a Cornuralloii.
W R. Ketley, and the ftiate Larul
lioard of Oregon,
ToW K Kelley, Defendant.
In Ihe name ol the Slate of Oregon You arc
hereby renulred lo appear and au.wcr the com
plalut filed agalntt you In the above entitled ault
within all week! from Ihe (lay of Ihe first publl
ration of ihla buramont. and If vou fall ao to ap
pearand aniwer for want thereof Ihr I'lalutitT
will apply lo Ihe Court lor Ihe rellcr praynl for
In the complaint, to-wlt For Ihe Cancellation
aud setting aside of a certain contract dated Ihe
i6thdayof June, ivA made between you arid
aald plaintiff relating to th purchate of certain
landa and the water rights appurtenant thereto,
alluate In Crook County. Oregon, aud for such
other and further relief as may seem lo the
Court Ju.t and equitable.
Thia Summons It served upon you by
lion by authority of an order of the Honorable,
II C j'.llia. County Judge of Crook County, Ore.
ifon, and aald outer It uateaiar.n 13, 1907, aim
land suit,
I duly mane and entered in aaii noun ana
Dateornrtt publication March iiiri, 'n.
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