The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 17, 1909, Image 7

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    By Our Formula
We produce In Hood'a SnrsapRrllla
a modlolno that has an unai"
proaohetl rooortl of cure of
rJoroliiln, conviiini eruptions, catarrh,
rliotimntlsm, niioiiiln, niirvousncss, Hint
tlnxl fcnlliiKi loss ol npiit'tllti, cto.
Tim combination mill proportions of
tlioimiru tliiintumity tlluYri'iit ruiuedlnl
annul rontnlnr-rt In llotitl'ii Nnrnnimilllit
nro known only to nursolvos, o tlicro
can lu no siiliallluto.
I'hla mmllrluo itmly liciillliy nnd
stronif, tlio "I.ltllo Holtllors" In your
blood, llioso corpuscles Hint Unlit tlio
dlecnso ucriiii constantly BlUicltlnit. you.
"I'rknd," aaVrtl tlio niaariilliie linlf ol
the pnrty In Die runabout, "wlml run! Ii
Till. I lovers Un. air," as.J Hi" lis
tll "ami It fiiiU iluvvn llirrr In tint nl
of llm rlrrr ili cell tti devil's elUm."
Chicago Trllninr.
Hot Infanta and .Children.
Tbo Kind You Have Always Bought
Sltfimturo or Cafffdi
A l.llrrnl llraiiliiif,
"Conrlcl sit-in to rcrjr jwllto nor!
f IMNiplc."
"Will jnu lell mo what lxl you to
thM coik'IiisIoiit"
"Biiruj they- noTrr do wrotnr without
lirKKlns pardon for It." Ilalllmore
I'Ar.O OINT1II1NT U rurM-l to euro any
of llthlftr. Wind, IllmllPC ne I'jotruJInf
lUealnltol ' - ---- t..I. Wo.
1u . ruiiltvr.lui,
Prtiilriil MntmiM I know Mr. (lupplns
It not bamlaom. Mxrllf. but b conire of
family of lilgh-inlnilrd and honorable
snn. Ileinemlwr, "by tbrlr frullt re
ball know tli'ui."
Mia Mjrtlo That's Juat It, mamma. I
don't Ilk lilt grrat, ble Ailam'a apple.
Chicago Tribune
. .
CtTC IH. VIUI Itaera aa B iiimhm rmk
1 1 1 J Mtlr ' l It. t Im tlraat Kan II.
Mora. Sa4 lofrillllH lllal ttle aa. Irealla.
i. ii. it. an, ut, wi ink si. rsiia4eii. j-e.
Tli rmfnaenr.
Th prntruor n wrlllnf something
la a email notebook.
"Making an addition to ray visiting
list," be riplalnnl to lb iloclo.
"Your vltlllnc Heir flurried the othr.
"Yre; tbla ! a record of Ibe cloe ralli
I bate ha J In rlvtiln Automobile."
Molbr will OncJ Utt. Wlnttaw'a llwthtn
afiupibUilriiif.1r lUMlu(ihlr(liU4rea
buiiu( me weiuiuf nuu.
S'ul Ilr AKulr. lim .
The srocrr'e buy waa lumberlns up the
llcbeu aleirway wuu bla arma fail ol
"Ilor," aald the tnlatrrae of the bouae,
eomewhat aharply, "ar your fet cleani"
"Yra'm." b aniwrred, tllll climbing Ibe
Ulra. "ll'a only m eliof tbat'a dirty."
Homo Tonic for Old Poopto.
Womlarful rcaultn, ovrntually rcitor
Inc full phyelcal vlor, aro obtained
from tho following: To ono-lialf pint
Kood whlakcy ntld on a ounco yrup ar
aaparllla and ono ounco Tori com
pound, which can bo procured from
any druRKlat, Take In tcapapoonful
doaea loforo each meal and buloro re
rallrn Trnvrle I'ur.
Tho pollen from Iho pine forcala of
ten r)rma a yellow routine on lakes
or on tho ocoau, na far na 200 tulles
from the ahorr, nud haa Ikmmi mlatakrn
by penaanta for allow era of aulpbur.
The iiollen crulne of tho pine aro pro.
tilled with yellow vealelea, which
buoy them up In tho air very much ou
tbo principle of n box kite.
fltllT nwkl DoMn't ntnount lo much, but
tnlihtr dluxrb. You'v no U hw qultkly
lllll lltinline WUaM Oil will luUkat 0
aonli and mka wi cuiifeiUU ln.
Ho Troulilr Aliout ThM,
The druggUt'a rlrrk banded him hla
aoroua plaatrr.
"You want to read Ibe dlrctlona care
fully," he ailil, "to aa to know what (a
do when you're ready In lake It off."
"I never take 'em off," anawered Mr,
Wlpedunkt, "I alwnya wear tbo Iblngt
till tbey drop off." Clilengo Tribune.
for lb lnlur of K. W. UltOVU. UmJ Iho
wofklorrloCurCoVJ lnOnI)r. tic
"lie awnre that life villi her would
to all Bunahlno."
"And shortly after tbey were map
"lie care a correct Imitation or i
ninu looklnu for n atorm relUr." H
mlnrliifi r '
Keep It on Hand!
Cwida nd toll, pur Mix
ni'mUi -4 lli l.iralr Mjr dax.
Mor Ud rulj Ui b.q tmlhl
tkl KIKO MllMM Ihl lUlmue
hf I irfd bf Oi IfcaH Mt
( I1w Cui. llmolmmUnj
ill loUxkiiocouiKiUilieiLU,
Inn it na Uuk-ImI a lua
....ii, .1 . i. .ii . i -
ll,. Irunt r.J.1. a. Ilul Iji
tdlCuiU. rutlvttlJJnil,
At ll OriiitUU', 83 cl.
rr'JAi.wt. mi n.v.utvyir'i
:--?" ;riTJi-;T7 2 w
Mr h ".0y I'nrmrr,"
Tlio farm problem of Aincrlrn I not
In bursting burns nor IiIkIi hmt atink,
nor mill fi'rllllly, nor even In Hid rurnl
arhool, hut In tlio fnrmrr hlnwlf. Ita
Milutlon a In tlio Individual known na
tlio iipiv fiirnior. Tlio tln-nry ilrudeory
of tlio old form cxlatvuco la fnat pnaa
Ins mvnjr, nnd In IU iilnco la coining n
hnmd, rich, frco HvcIIIiimmI, noviT known
Itoforo "tho new muiitry llfi'.'.' Tlio
now fiirimT llvra Iho now country llfoj
Iho now fnrinrr hullda for hli wlfo nnd
clilldicii n modern, annltnry, nttrncllvo
Iioiiioj ihti now fiiniKT umkiii hnrd
ronda. Ho liialnlla n tclrphouo, recolrw
Ida innll hy rco delivery nnd encour
hbch lulorurhnn ntvIci-, aupHirtN n
HirlrliiK rurnl tlinreli nnd domnnda nn
olllcleut ronmilldnted achool with n IiIkIi
achool (Hiuroo for Ida Miua nnd riniigli
(era at houic. Tlio now farmer rendrf
rami Ihlukai ho atudlett liU own environ
uieiil, aei-a hla npNirtuully nud lluilln
llona; luipron'a (lie one and remove
tho other. Tliu new fanner la not only
11 HclcntUt, hut n aoeloloKlat. Ho worka
In harmony with hla neighbor for tho
Kener n I kimm! nnd uplift of hla Inline
illnto commtinlly, and nhovo all olao ho
rnillrea tho d'letilty nnd liuportnnro of
hla own profeaalon and Imllvldunllly In
tho itormanont nnd nntloiial welfare.
Currr h Cun;
It la profitable to Kroom cowa, cape
clnlly In tho aprliie. Till a la dono In
tho anme manner tliht n horso la cur
ried and hriikhcd, nud tho work na thor
oughly dono na If gnwiiiliiR n Rood
horae. Tho cowa aro curried with n
almrp currying comb until tho looao
hair are combed off and tho dandruff
on the akin la looaened. They nro then
ruhlx-1 down with atraw and nflerwnru
with n nib rng until tho cor.t la amixith
and cloaay, Thla oH'iia up tho porva
In the aklu, aria up a healthy action In
tho email blood vessela Juat under the
akin and helps n treat deal In a direct
wi,y In putting tho cow In eood condi
tion. (live tho cowa plenty of outdoor air
aa aoon ns tho weather moderate, but
do not compel them to stand out In the
rain. Keep tiiem In tho yard until the
ernaa I well started, for the flrat blade
are too watery to furnish nutrition, and
It la fatae economy to turn stock on
pasture until It la well atartrd. Any
nvlnc of fnrnro lusdn In this way will
bo paid for Inter by the shortness of
tho crass when It Is most needed.
llnm-)l-iil Hrttodrr.
A. UpHT sinoko plK to carry off
tho fume nf the lamp. It. Cotton-cov
ered frnme or roof of brooder. (J.
Ileat-tvfli'ctor. I). Heating chamber.
coMsrsucnoM or nnoontn.
V.. Two-ply thimiel to form tho wnrm
hover for tho chirk. V. Fresh nlr
elmmlKT. (1, Ixiwer rtinoko pliK. II.
OnlrituUed Iron rim ou which tho heat
er rout. I, Warm fresh nlr entering
tho hover.
now u sum cow.
Cows nro nlwnys milked from tho off,
or right, shlo because they have beeii
taught tlmt way. A cow cun bo milked
from either sldo If alio Is brought up
right, but tho lessons uuUt begin nt tho
enrllst bundling of tlio heifer. Milk
first from ono sldo ami then tho other,
nnd In n short time tho heifer wilt not
mind. It often conies hnndy to milk
from tho left sldo mid cows should bo
trained to stand for It. Tho man who
will mnko n pet of his cow will liavo
no trouble and will get greater benellt
nt milking tlmo than tho ono who
trents her ns n stranger, Ituiot nn ene
my. Field and Farm.
Winter Mnnnuciiiciit at Slock.
(Ilvo utt farm iinlumls good wnrm
shelter nud plonty of food during tho
winter. Tho better tho sholter tho less
feed required, nnd feed Is moro ex
pensive thnu shelter. Keep tho young
stock growing. Do not stunt nn nnlmnl
simply becnuso It is winter nnd feed Is
senrec, for n stunted young animal will
never after mnko th nulmal that It
uri ' N
J jjp
fM Mttw-i
ould Imro mndo hnd It been Lent
growing rlidit nlom;. it I better bimb
nea luniirtRement lo buy nomo feed
rather tlimi to cut short rnllon of
young Mock, for In the young growing
nnlmnl feed bring tho largest ro
f.uui, Trpati anil (Hlirrtrlae,
Iiiformiilloii comes from Hecrelnry of
Agrlculturo Wilson Hint henceforlb
eggs styled "fresh" or "strictly fresh"
must llro up to their profession. Htor
nno egg must ho InMed ns such. If
Ihls rulo Is rigidly enforced nnd the
rltntea of Nehrnskn, Slliuiesoln and
rennsylvnnln nro lending tho rnn In
punishing lolnlor of tho law there
will bo some queer cxMricnce. It Is n
well known fnct Hint many iersmi
liavo h-n enlliig eggs two yenr old tin
ler the caption of "strictly fresh."
While nny jterson of senso resllres that
"slrlclly fresh" eggs ore nlmost unoU
tnlunbto In midwinter nmt tlmt tho de
vtlopment of cold storngo fnellltles ha
been n Ikxiii to the consumer, It goes
without snylng that free born man has
n right to know what ho Is gottlng for
hi money. Then If he prfcr oggl
under tho ban, let htm hare them.
I'or llr-rllnir I'mll,
rnrmem nnd oilier orns with
fnilt orchard will llm! much to com
mend In the Invention of nn Indlnim
limn, which mnkrs
.-Mho gathering of njv
pies, pears nnd
jK-nches n fur cosier
and quicker propn
vltlou than it lias
Isvn Ii n r o t o f ore.
This Invention la
simple enough, but.
like innny other
simple expedients.
It renin I nnd tin
thoticliL of until re-
Avrtx 1'icKra. IVntly.
Tim rtfilrlvti,tA I. .. inuliil .m.Im
on the principle of n pair of clwrs,
exmit that where the ioliit of tho sol-
SOIH Would coino them I nil nun hMii
n disc and on the other a circular open
lug into n long Imc. which Is attached
to It. The handle of tho ImrveMlcr nro
hollow. SO Hint tllrV will Hi nrrr tlio
IniIiiIiiI ends of jHik's, which may bo of
nny length required. Hy mentis of till
Uflvlcu a IiOrkOll alululliiir mi II. n vmutt.t
c reach fruit otherwlso In Iniicccssl
bio plniv nnd hy compressing tho ban
dies enn snip the fruit from the limbs'
Into tbo bag. In this wny fruit can
be plucked ln-foro It falls to tho ground
and become bruised.
Inrnlmlor Clilck.
Chicks must bo kept clenn cither
with liens or lu n broixter. Tu clean
them ccry Hay Is not too often. Tho
bent from tho brooder makes dropping
produce foul nlr, nr do hens when
brooding chicks, vo no feed until
tho elulch Is nt lenst thlrty-slx hours
old. They do not need it for the yolk
absorbed Just boforo hatching provide
them until Hint ngv. lyonve them lu
tho Incubntor or under bens until ready
to glvo tho first fetHl, which should k
lino gravel or sand on tho bottom of
Iho coop or brooder. They will eat
qulto n lot of It, nud It prmldcs tbo
glunrd with grit to grind food.
C'aro i f tho Yunnir Itora,
Work with young horses Intended fo.
mat season's work while you Imro time
Ihls winter. Ilnlter nud stall them,
groom them dally nud barncsa them
frequently, so that they become necu
turned to your working with them. It
require time for the young horso to
Mud out mnny things required of It In
rcgulnr work. If It Is tlmt taught tho
feel of the halter nud harness there
will bo IctM for It to think nbout when
It Is hitched up for work. A well brok
en horse Is worth much more thnn one
poorly broken. In selling tho horso
Hint Is tho tlmt Inquiry of tho buyer.
Mulches of Mm nil re.
During Jnnunry nud February heavy
mulches of stable mnnuro may be
placed nboiit perennial fruits and vege
tables. The manure will act as a pro
tection to tho plants, somo of Its rich
ness will soak Into tlio soil nud weath
ering will cnuso tho manure to become
mild, so that It mny bo wifely uwsl for
nny of. Uio garden crops next spring.
Thero Is little dnnger of scattering too
much uiAnuru In our gardens nud or
chards. Govcrumeut Kxperlmeitt,
Tho farmers of tho country sur
rounding Shreveport will this jear
plant "50 acres In peanuts, nt tho In
stigation of government olllclnls, who
hnvo recently coluo south for tho pur
poso of testing tho value of tho pea
nut ns u producer of lino oils. Tho cot-ton-Bced
oil mills, which nro usually
lillo during tho spring nnd summer
months, will bo equipped for tho cx-l
pcrlmout-Ucaumont JouniaU
This Book Sent Free
tire cost. If you have some hay down all ready to ro in, it is worth
ton-cllilng; to have a telephone with which to call on Neighbor Smith "for a lift" before the storm breaks.
The Rural Telephone pays for Itself each year and wc have brought the initial cost within the
reach of every farmer. Present prices arc especially favorable and thousand of Farmers' Mutual Com
panies arc now organizing so as to build their lines this Spring. Write us to-day.
S-tkri ORIu
AtUU Kuui Cllf
QiideuU Poruiw-jlh
D.lUl S-lnl Loalt
lodUupell EiTuuk
Tb number of marrlsges In tb Gtr
mux Kmplre In 1003 waa -ISSfiOO.
The llalile aea Is not utty tnough to
rciuln tbe Ufa of Ibe oyster.
To Enjoy
the full confidence of tbo Well-informed
of tbo World and tho Commendation of
the moat eminent phyaicians It was eaten
tkl that tbo component parts of Syrup
of Figs and Elixir of Senna should be
known to and approved by them; there
fore, tbe California Fig Syrup Co. pub
Uibes a full statement with every package
Tbe perfect purity and uniformity of pro
duct, which tbey demand in a laxative
remedy of an ethical character, arc assured
jy tbo Company's original method of man-
I ufacture known to tho Company only.
Tlio figs of California aro used in tbe
production of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna to promoto tbo pleasant taate, but
tho medicinal principles are obtained from
plants known to act most beneficially.
To get its beneficial effects always buy
the ccnuine manufactured by tbo Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co. only, and for sale
by all leading druggists.
SfgWr3 W
lssssasviE ,.,
. i. JF " !
TTlAtjat llsiMtt I
arm moM comfortable
encapest in the
end because It
wears onneit
ItSJl F-..,4. t
MiCf LWjniiuci
tvery garment.
))wniUllitru -
waternroof Cxiika I
i29w",eO- HI'MUIl I
WS'isjss'JS ' as ess ssf
The 2
are the
fast through trains
Color more KoodabritrhUr and faster colo
rrviViY ..
ri I I ix ftnsn
r Jt7&nf&
rM 'f.'
i am
'ro J 1
Want a Telephone?
If you do you can get It. If you arc anxious to get Into closer
touch with your friends, with the family doctor, with the store, with tho
pott office, or with the cotton buyer, you can do it with a telephone
at hand. If you want to make the. farm a more livable p!ace, if yon
want to protect your home, you can do it by installing a telephone.
If you will cut out this advertisement, write your nsme and
address on the margin and mall It to-day to our nearest house,
we will end you at once a copy of our Free Bulletin fto.112 on
"How lo Build Rural Telephone lines
Tills Bulletin explains clearly how a rural telephone system is built
and operated, and it alto contains full information as to costs.
In a Farmer's Mutual Company a few day's labor and a cash
Investment of about $25. per subscriber, will purchase all matertel
and build an absolutely standard system.
A Rurnl Telephone Is nn Investment, not nn expense. The
telephone which enables you to sell ten bales of cotton at lA cent per
pound more than the traveling buyer offers you, has paid for its en
- J rVl ZfcasSiiB tt
Th c-DfU' oldfit f! Urrrtt itlc
pboM rrjifiafactiir-- Thrrt IP ovtr
lAMaWnum Kltrtrte TtlcpboM
( m la Um Ueiud buu umU-
Eril ItUflnttt a ifnltUj
A Flavoring. It males l
syrup better than Maple.
jt jt Sold hy grocers.
A man's hair usually turns gray fire
years sooner tKon a woman's.
Air that nan iwen iabaled baa a higher
rn iriml fnnrtuctivltr than normal air.
seed oats ".;::
OBSSsS Fer Saber's eataloc rs BHSJ
Lirritt firmer e( sd ot.iht. bulrr,
Mill, corn, potto, irum nd clorerl od
riimuifdilatb woilJ. ills ettloirior,
ud loo la aunpe sod rcl tmpl ol
UOIioa IXAlu Crtu. tUMIos 10 Ion clbtr
ad eaulot ft. Or, nd ISO and w add a
ample lana d ooraltr ortr tto txlor
brroo. SALZERSEE0C8..wftUCmit.rt.
: ,r. :
WC LL.anaMMr :
tT ait aikalr aakaar A1 kw4 font
T farm. Mvtrur a Urr hUtTn crrs 2
T Qokk vlajt, Prvp ca a cani If you bar T
anvltitnae e Irutw nt aitiv fm ns stsilai
J 420 Lumber Exchasg e
39IISifSB3f )
m WaU Paper, Mouldings,
$ Pictures and other aim- Si
ia ilu roods, for Umber W
A Undfarm land or ca-ih. m
a Lowest vtioleaale ft
m prices, wnto ma. m
S 144 yenh SU Portland, Oregon
There ll
ctreclr anv limit to th
noaalhlr ImnrovrmrBt In ae,1a.
but It take time and monrr. Wehara
been ImrroTlnit Dower and vrgrlable
aredf rororrr pw vran. aloretbanscca
people ere woiklnj lo make Ferry'a
bctJi anlt you. L'uy the beat Verry'.
For ealc everywhere. ,
rtitnvs is9 site annum.
B, M. FERRY a, CO, BtrH, MMu
i ha toartj
forme of
SPOHN MEDICAL CO, Chesalits and
Kimlrint limit to th PJea7
ssssssSBSssspSgseBeBeseBki s trnv INHIMJ KQinQiTSTM
rBsvmofevctvrara. (S
L-bnktnt aili-ai avF-t at
p bor riuJ la Ui
mix AM
than oay ethsrdyt). CMoiCsjpkw colore sJUc.wool and cotton MvuaBy wail
rtonWra ! Wtrttr Oflai
IbMtoa Pillnl.lpfiU
O.laio hiut-K
lltavcr ftni l'il
Im Am -U Kill IjH Oli
new you
C.. fc..-...A
. .!... ,KtaM C.aia
"al. t Okw. "; 5. K.
er-r I r.ll- ". " " T" '
It k. tM ii niie w
fa!i..S-irrlii"ll- Tirr. rrsvC
BIS rarl Strret. VMliaff.
"Ha! Ma! It didn't hart a WU
Now for my. Alveolar Teeth."
In cat Rl the ab.rj duntiat ttoow aa
Ihelr hand and r llwrc hi no ! are a
elate or fata t of Inlb. hut Iha AKeolar art
lent aalvrd the probltm aod mw slate aro oat
MCtatary uiWeat all lb l:h ar sia.
W do dental work In all Ita branche. from taM
almple pleee oT AUlna to the complicated and aei
rnUSe Ahrrolarwork. Lt no fool jroq tnt
parlna fancy prieM Conaultu. Thprkaba
low ar for th hUbeat claaa of dental work.
AKeolarTctlh 1 X39 a
Rerular Cold Crown. 22k iJJM
Regular Porcelain Croa J J.38
Regular Cold or tnamel rW tl.M
Rctular Inlay riUIiiga. Palalea and P er
ica $2JS
Regular EapeH Plat Work. per Mt ...S3 Jena
Palnleai Catractlng (frc with work) 30
W mala a carvfal examination of th moata)
frea. If yeo would know mar of I hla Alraolae
work, aand for our bnuk. "AWaolar Dantbtry. a
trertia on th teeth In Kcnara) anj tha new
method In particular. Th book I free. Out-of-town
patient traalad In the ahorttet plbl
Dentfats of 5 to 28 years'
cine protlkc In the cky.
Tk ALVEOLAR Paiiiiess .Drals
Feurth and WaaMncten Streets
lady Attendant
OFFICE IIOURS-8a,m; to Sp-nu Sunday t
a. m. to 12m. 1'HONK Aim.
HKK writing- toadvertlaerapleaaa
inenunn tin papar.
mL i i stisl.M
fsssa'H ' sJaBsK
Bst v 5V 'KSIiIbsIv
Can t- lBa4ll tvry rwllr. Tha wick ar rartJ. a4 all eOitn m
ths.ast) lo mullpf lVtt3sjtl, ff4 ftna havlBf Ik alt
uIdi VUUIVU UQU1I) DhTfiirui anic WacJi
or la tv$. iru on lb bloctd nnd rxrala ft not of
tttttourr IWi rtsi
1 rmJ rc innia icr
auraanBai t-eiaaa fsCe avnd II I
id hervjMaltlaiaalftleHt Pltit
hmhow 10 ltk tnte, 0r Tf4
Bar. Lakl SUtMflta HaVlltaKL IjkTKOmk I
aca ifMv fre
BacterloIogUta, GOSHEN, IND, U. S, A.
Get it from
your Grooer
POUND 25c.