The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 03, 1909, Image 8

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(Continual from first ,K.)
adequate for the the immediate
needs of that country, pending the
building of the authorized Mo miles
of road into Central and Kastcrn
CottJtl Divert Enormous Traffic.
In this connection, the Chamber
of Commerce members expect to be
able to show the Harriman traffic
heads that Portland will be In a po
sition to divert t6 other lines enough
traffic in a single month to pay for
this line. This could be done by
simply specifying in their orders
for goods in the East that they be
nhipped via other lines in compet
ing territory. This plan may be
carried out a great deal more easily
than it ever could have been done
before. The North Bank road will
soon be into Spokane, and with the
close traffic arrangements among
the Hill Northern lines, the Bur
lington route would provide the
connecting link from the East to
Billings, in direct competition with
the Union Pacific.
The unanimous approval of this
plan for hastening the construction
of the badly-needed transportation
facilities by practically all the
heavy shippers in this city will be
brought to the attention of the
proper authorities in the Harriman
system who are supposed to be in
different to the needs of Central
Oregon on the ground that the
road conld not be made to pay for
several years. The shippers are
working on the theory that Harri
man has approved the Deschutes
route, authorized the expenditure,
and that the construction and main
tenance and operation departments
are all in favor of going ahead, but
that the traffic department, from
Director Stubbs down, is reluctant
in sanctioning the project through
fear of insufficient reenues.
Ought te Have Weight.
"It would be foolish for us to
make any threats to Mr. Hurriman
or his traffic Managers," said a
prominent shipper, when discussing
the plan, "and it would be equally
unwise to attempt to force action
by inaugurating a boycott. Harri
man doesn't care enough about
Portland to make such retaliatory
anion advisable, but if we can sub
mit a straightforward business prop
osition in a friendly way to the
railroad company, we believe it will
carry much weight. No traffic
manager likes to see business rout
ed against his road when he can re
tain it, and it is his business to see
that the lines in his jurisdiction
show a reasonable amount of rev
enue upon the capital invested.
"For this reason we expect to
demonstrate to the Harriman offi
cials that we can route enough
traffic in their favor, the loss of
which would more than balance the
temporary deficit in net revenues
that might result through the oper
ation of the new line into Central
Oregon until that vast empire has
been developed. Crook county
alone is an empire of such vast nat
ural resources and productive possi
bilities that in 10 years, with prop
er transportation facilities, it would
support 200,000 or 300,000 people.
There is a laud of milk and honey
over there 200 miles long and So
miles wide that will produce under
proper development more than
three Willamette valleys would, yet
the traffic men of the Harriman sys
tem hesitate to lend their sanction
to the new line until it has devel
oped itself without the aid of rail
roads. "If the Columbia Southern were
pushed forward about 35 miles
through that desolate territory im
mediately south of Shaniko, it
would afford a good temporary out
let from a rich productive country
east of the Cascades. It could be
built in four or five months at a
cost not to exceed $250,000, and
could be used as a feeder even after
the Deschutes river road has been
completed. The farmers could
haul their grain and other produce
to the terminus of this extensiou
on practically a downgrade haul all
the way."
The blow has been struck at a
particularly strategic time, for dur
ing the next few months there will
be an enormous westward move
ment of freight to the Northwest,
and every traffic man in the coun
try is in the scramble for this busi
ness, and unless Harriman can
show the Portland shippers that he
is willing to call off his traffic chiefs
who are doing all they can to ob
struct the Central Oregon project,
the loss to his lines will be simply
stupendous if the diversion is con
tinued over a protracted period, as
now seems likely.
Here's a Snap
For Sale
()NK f the finest ranches in
Central Oregon. 160 acres
of land, all level-, 60 acres in cul
tivation; 14 acres in clover; all of
this place can be cultivated when
cleared; plenty of water to irri
gate all of the place; 6-rootn
bouse all painted; barn 21x18
with shed on both sides 14 feet
wide; good chicken bouse and
other out buildings; small or
chard; good school within one
half mile; local and longdistance
telephone in house. A snap if
taken soon. Price, $30 per acre;
half cash, balance on time.
For further particulars address
Thk Bin.U5Ti.v, Bead, Or.
Mrs. Jack Styles of Laidlaw is
dangerously ill.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. E.
Reed, on Feb. 27, at Corvallis, a
bouncing baby boy.
Why pay 40 or 50c per roll for
the 1907 and 1908 styles of wall
paper, when you can get the 1000
styles for 25c to 35c per roll. Wait
for my new iooo styles, cheaper
and better than ever. N. P.
WRtDBR, Bend, Or.
The Whatsoevers will give a
Shadow Social in Lara hall on
March 26. The ladies are asked to
prepare baskets containing lunch
for two and the men are requested
to prepare to buy the shadows. Of
course a basket goes with each
shadow. More complete announce
ments later.
A. C. Lucas is making quite ex
tensive improvements about the
Pilot Butte Inn. He is papering
seveial rooms in the hotel and will
move the building formerly occu
pied by J. H. Wenandy as a stage
office, up to the hotel and use it as
an annex. He also has lumber
bought and will build a number of
feed sheds to be run in connection
with the barn.
Bishop Paddock, Episcopal bish
op of the diocese of Eastern Oregon,
spent Sunday, Monday and Tues
day in Bend. The bishop held
several services and preached to
full house on each occasion. Mon
day and Tuesday evenings he lec
tured on bis travels and gave most
interesting discourses descriptive of
life and conditions in Europe, cer
tain parts of Asia, and in the Holy
Land. The bishop is a most enter
taining and instructive speaker and
has a winning personality that aptly
fits him for the duties of his high
calling. He made many friends
while in Bend, and it is assured
that Bishop Paddock will always
receive a cordial welcome whenever
be may favor us with return visits.
"My three jrwr old toy iru badly con
stipated, bad high fever and wu In an
awful condition. I cave him two dote
of I'oley'a Orino Laxative and the next
morning tue lever was none ana lie was
entirely well. I'oley'a Orino Lavailve
taved his life." A. Wolleiuu, Caiiraer,
Wit. Bend Drug Co.
Baled Hay for Sate.
At $10 a ton 25 tons rye, five
tons wheat. Ed. Wiiitu,
50-51 Two miles from Gist.
Applications fur flrazlnc Permits.
Notkt It heteby given that all application Tor
petmlla lo grate cattle horact, and eheep with
the eaott of ft, miit be hied In inr olhee al
Kugrne, On-con. ot helm March ik. wj,
rlill Information lu regard to the arming Irea lo
bechargrd ami Wank formetoht wrt in maV
Ing nppiKnltona will t lmilh-l upon teqneat
flMmo CLl)K K MUT oupriviMr
Cnltrd flair Land Office.
The Datlee, Oregon Fen. I, !.
Notice la hereby tiven that the Slate of Oregon
haa filed In thleiunct IU application. Serial No.
oijiotoaelrvt under thr previilune of the Act (
Cvitgrvaeof Augu.t It. iM. and the Atte eupple
roeniary thereto, the SK V NK V ami lot of
c. I.TU.MH.. K i K Willamette Meridian
Any ana all pertone claiming adreteely Ihr
landadrtcriUM or dealrlng lu object bcratiM- uf
the mineral character of tht land, or for nv
other reaon. to Ihr di.poaal la e jpttraul, ahouM
Alt their artdaviltef urotcrt In thUomrr, ooor
trior Ihr lh day of March, two
fia-mt; C W MO.iHK. ttegtatcr.
Department of the Interior,
t! 8. Laud Olnor. Lakcvicw. Oregon,
January n, 1909.
A anlSrlent contral affidavit haying hern filed
In thta omoc by W. I. Kubeitaon. cuutcatant.
agaluat borooteed entry No tMa (serial No.
onj). t-eb. tt, iua. ( Hh Sll V.HVf W
SK S'. sV Vj Mi (. rec . Tp at it. K. it rt .
ty frank A Abbott, ronteatee. til which It la at
leged that aattlcnlrymaM haa abandoned alt hia
right, title ami Interest under aaut entry, in
thta, that he haa not eiuc lane iouA. or uny time
loi-e MKl dale. cumtHinl with the homcatcad
laoaol Ihe Vmtrd Malea. with rcfetriKT to
either reatdrtice. cultivation or improvement
but oil Ihe contrary, haa aa ahurc alaled,
abandoned aald entry, and wholly
neglected to rtj cultivate or Ira
!ro?elnde covered by aakl entry That aald
entrynun died on or ihnl the 4th day of tune.
lyuA. learteg nokiMwu hetra. and that aald al
legrd abaencr Iroaa ufcl laud naa not due to hta
employment tn the Army Xaey ae Marine Cur pa
of Uw United Matra aa a prtratr aiddler. officer,
araman or marine dtmog the war with iialn or
during any other war m .) the Called Matra
nay be engaged.
mm parim are orrey aotneti 10 appear, re-
axnl and cfler erntenee WuehMg mkI aHegatlun
at o clock m m March ij. ly-a, before
w u wit I n Cwawiimaml twlear Utl
Oregon, and that tnal aeamag will ta, Ke4 at
la owock a aa on Mareh rl. iv"). Mwr thr
Kegiatrr an.1 Hmmi at the I aHail Hum Land
OKkt In Lakrte Oregon
The aald eoatntaat taavtag. u a atrT aBVda
ril hied January . ins, narth. aaah
ahow that aRee Joe dalnjenoa neraaial Mime ol
thla nutter ma na4 be naaate, M la heteny arderrd
and directed that awe nelttu be green by due
and proper puMhalM
fj-m j N WATSON. Krgtater
In the Circwi Cuwt f the Mate of Oregon for
Crook County
ThcCeulnl Oregon thanking and Truit Com
pany, naiotlff,
A tt. IWebrnet. Katie O Ktttt-rrut. and A. C
Locns IMfenuanta.
Byrirtueofan eaernttnn and order of aale
taaued out of the abote entitled Court on the tat
day of February, 1909, tn feor of the abort
named Kainiilf, and agaiuat Ihe a bore named
Uefendanta, fur Ihe turn of tea 1 ta, th tnlcrrat
thereoa at the ratt ot m per nt r annum ainre
July 14th. loaf, and fu attorney a f era and
SyMJcuata, upon a judgment rendered In aald
Court on the irib day ot December, lyA and
arhereua It waa further oederrd and decreed by
thr Court that the foltontug deacrlbed raott
gaged properly, to-aril Lot o-etcu (;) of Block
Ten (10) in the Ctly of Bend, Crook County, Ore
gon, be auld by the hhertn of Crook County, Ore
gon, aa under Kaccutloo.
Notice ta hereby given that In obedient to
aaid execution and order of aale. I will on Thura
day. the 4lh day of March lyw, at the hour ol
on o'clock In the afternoon of aaid day, al thr
front door of the Court llouac In Ihe City of
rrlacYtUe, In Crook County, Orrgra, aell at pub
Hcaurtion to the highest bidder for oh. aU Ihe
right, title, and Intereal of aatd Defeodauta, A II
Katcbenetand Katie t lUtebenet. In and to aald
mortgaged premiaea abuTe deacrirml. la aatUfy
aaid judgment and intcrnl and Attetney a fete
and coat and coat of aale
Dated lata tat day of February, low
Sheriff of Crook County. Oregon.
C 8. DKNS0N.
Attorney lor ItalatU.
Firat laaue Fes. J. ry. Latt laaue March j, I009.
Department of the Interior
V. S. Land Offkc at The Dallra, Oregon,
February 1;, 1499,
Notice la hereby glrrn that
iaalel Darnalt
ofrortland, Oregon, who, on December 10, twA,
made timber and atone aworn atatrment No,
JAM, herUt No HW. tor NHI! b. i, Tp It H,
ktoK,lot6and NKMhWU, hec. 6, Tp. tt H.
K II 1'... Willamette Meridian, haa filed notice of
Intention to make final proof, to eaubtiah claim
to the land drertlbed, before Kegitter and Mr
ceirer. at The Dallea, Oregon, on the ath day of
My. lo.
Claimant nameaaa wllnrnta Arthur P Don
ohur, of Lldlaar, Ortgou, iohn A. Tracy of
I'ortUnd, Orrgon. Mre Anna randra of Clacka
maa, uregon, jonn iiioaa c
Charlea Ooyd of llend, Orrgon,
C W. MOORH, Kegiatrr.
Department of Ihe Interior
U S. Land Offlceal Lakeiieir, Oregon,
February 14, ignj.
Notice It htrelty given that
MillardF Hawthorn
of Holland, Oregon, who. on Mar Jo. ton, made
homeateao entry No till (eril No 01041) for
WJaNHW, Rl'.UNW!,.NHWhWlf,Hee ao, Tp. II
. K 10 iZ. Willamelie Meridian, haa filed notice
of Inlrntlon to make fiual proof, to eatabliah
claim 10 the land above dracribed. before II- C
Kllta, V K. Commiaaloner at hit orTtre at llend,
rregoa, oa the loth day of April, iv
Claimant namea aa wltn-aaee William O
l'ordham ofKoalaml Oregon David Hill Orrln
Miller Marlon Carter all of Iteud, Oregon
mrj J J N WATBON, Kegbter.
These Patent Tension Shears
To BULLETIN Subscribers.
launnnpiE ' ,1 F Q " P IM
feu .IKV Hr 4MH
This latest and most useful Household Invention will be sent PREI3,
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