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i Aunt Diana i
The Sunshine
of the Family
CIIAITKK XIX. (Continued.)
It was a lovely evening, a Mlseie iM
one of Hiose rare Seitember evenings
that eowe when summer and autumn seem
bleeding fnto each other. Alison stood
for a nwincnt In tlic ball, debating wheth
er she was too tlml to seek lloger In the
timber yard, or whether she sIiohM In
dulge in solitary muting under the lime
tree. A free hair hour wan a delicious
boon, anil use mint employ It to the best
advantage-. Site decided after a Moment
tint she vii too dull for even Roger's
cotuiny to eli lir for she wa In on
of those mood that the taaculine mind
find no dltncult to understand and she
was Jut taking down her garden hat from
the peg when a (leu re came lelweeu her
and the evening light, a familiar voice
poke her name, and the next moment All
Mil was In Aunt Diana' arm.
MIm Carrlngton' kleii were very
grno and tender. They spoke volumes,
but C le seemed to hare no word at the
moment. Jlut Alison'. "Oh. Aunt 1)1!"
was more than eloquent the quiver of
ber voice meant ecstasy. Hut the next
tnonwnt Miss Carrlngton put ber at arm
length, and. Mill holding her, scrutlnlicd
her face almost pitifully.
"Allie. my poor, dear ehtUl, wbat have
they done to jotiT Ok, dear, what thin
cheek, whit heavy eyes!" And sud
denly dosing her face'between her bands,
he. kitted her again awl again, ami Mb
Carrlngton was not a deeaoastratlve wom
anher caresses meant something oat of
the common. They brougkt Alison's seft
color back, ami the happy tear cant Into
her eye.
"I am gd I dW not tell you." re
turned, unsteadily: "I sball I juhe well
and rested now I bare seen jour dear
fere again. Ob, Aunt 1)1. Imw I bare
wanted you," her vote sinking still
"Vra. I knew," replied Miss Carrlng
ton. almost abruptly all the more be
cause her feelings were not so well un
der control as usual. "Allie. what must
yoa have thought of my silence? Come,
let us sit down somewhere where I ran
talk to you without interruption. I don't
want to ee any other face but youra
for the present not even Hoger."
"I think my non will be best," re
turned Alison, heidtating a little. "Miss
l!gh l In the drawing room and Itudel
In the dining room, and Itoger generally
alta in the study when he come In of an
evening. Walt a moment. Aunt 1)1,
please: I must ask Ha rah to make some
tea for you-r-aupper will not be ready
for an hour. Oh," smiling archly, "I
know your taaie Aunt 1)1 eau not go
without her tea."
Mln Carrlngton offered no remon
strance; perhaps she waa In need of re
freshment. 8he waited to see the cab
man deposit her luggage In the hall, and
then abe followed Alison upstairs.
"My dear." she observed, looking round
her aa she entered, "tbU is not your W
room; I thought this waa MUsle's!"
"Yes, but Missle bad mine, and I did
not Hke to turn ber oat It would only
bare mused u4eaantaM. 1'lraae do
not look so grieved. Aunt DI: I have
got used to it. and da not mind the eraet
so much as I did at first at laast, it doe
not make mj bead aebe."
"And you never toM me. I could not
have borne to have thought of you in
this room. Allie. 'Veil, you bare spared
me many a heartaehe. I should bare
wanted my child bark In her little nest,
nd bare been unhappy became I could
not get her." And MIm Carrlngton jo
Itlvety shuddered as she looked at the
grim lines of tbe crane, and round the
dark, bnavlly furnished room.
"I am glad I did not tell jou," re
turned AUaon, gently, aa she unfastened
Mln Carrington'a mantle and waited on
tier. I'erbap Aunt Diana loved to feel
tbe soft little bands busy about ber, for
he offered no resistance as Alison
smoothed ber balr. and brought her a
footstool, of which she took possession
"That ia right." olsserved MU Car
rlngton, stroking tbe brown bead that laid
Itself In child fashion on her lap. Albion
was m rrf tired there was utter aban
don In ber attitude, and yet abe was so
happy, too.
".Sow we will bare one of our coxy
talksdon't look At the door, Allie I am
In no hurry for my tea. My dear, I am
longing to tell you how It 1 your letters
have miscarried; I rrad them all for the
first time last night."
"Aunt DI, do 'you mean that you have
flown to u only telegraph wire could
have done It," laughing incredulously.
"You may be. wire that I should have
flown to you If I bad the power," return
ctl Miss Curriagtou. seriously. "Allie,
I was not In Switzerland, us you thought.
I waa recalled suddenly, a fortnight ago
by Mr. Moore's audden Hint. Orevllle
telegraphed for me, and I came borne at
"Mr. Moore ill!" exclaimed Alison,
with a fast paling fare.
"Yes, very 111, but, thank Cod, my dear
Old friend la better now. It lias been an
anxious time for us, darling. (irevllle
Is cnt down and unhappy you need not
look at tue so reproachfully, I would
not write to you It would have given
you useless pain, and I waa so engrossed
with nursing that letter were Irapossl
Ida luxuries. Utile did I think In tnj
night nl"lniig that Allie was anvloua
and unhappy, too."
"Aunt 1)1, that I why you look tired."
Tired! Nonsense, child. It Is - bless-
el thtng to wear out one's self for one'
friends. I love that sort of fatigue. I
could not he left my patient until he
waa cut of danger, but now I enn safely
trust htm In (Ircvlllo'a charge, lie Is a
capital nurse. In spite of bis ho) tidiness,
nil tie hs. tturimt l, )ieli Ittm. llv lite
bye, Mr. Mixire sent his love to Suiny,
j Stay, I umst try and rememlwr his mes.
sage; he Mile his little sinlieani remem
ber ber ail'wton, aad not to be afraid of
rioud.v iWijs.'
"Did Mr. tlrevllle send me a message,
toiV askerl Alison, a little timidly. MUs
Carrlngton hesitated.
"Well. 1 think he sent his love, too
In fact, he sent a great many messages,
but I told him I could twit bo a carrier of
nonsense, and should only deliver one
That he bad kept his promtse, and bad
been working famously."
Ob, I am i glad, relumed Alison,
brightening nt this. "Aunt -DI It was
not good of jou to keen Mr. Moore's Ill
ness from me; I should have liked to
have shared your anxiety. Dear old man,
I am so thankful he Is spared."
"Ills character seemed lovelier than
ever In his hours of suffering," obiervod
Miss Carrlngton, thoughtfully; "he wns
so patient, so grateful to us all for our
rare of him. I understood then what
being Ilka a little child meant it seemed
as though It were we who were bllad, not
he lie seemed so steeped in the light of
"Io you think he wanted to dleV ask
ed Alison, In an awestruck voice. "How
strange It seems that he should be so
willing to go."
"Why not?" replied her aunt. "Death
has no terrors for him. Wliy should he
fear the summons from the Master whom
he loved and tried to serve here, and who
died on tbe cross for his redemption! And
yet he was resigned to stay, for (Ire-
vllle's sake. The lad wants me a little
longer.' be said once. 'Well, 1 siiplxwe
1 ran spare my boy a year or two out of
eternity: I mean to bate no will of my
own about it. When tbe Master calls I
ball Im ready, but perhaps for who
kaows ills graciousne? lie may l
tblnkiag of my boy. ''"
"How I should hive to see blm again!"
exeiaisaed Alison with a sigh.
"So you will by ami by, I hope. He
missed you dreadfully, Alison."
"Ami you. Annt Dir
"I am not going to tell you about that."
Then, aa AHson'a eye looked ideadlng,
she continued earnestly: "Child. I believe
we are a sort of necessity to each other
nt leant. I find my life will not shape
Itself properly wlthouj, you. I am always
thloklng bow Allie will like this or that.
Your absence quite took away the pleas
ure of my trip. You naughty child, you
look delighted: but there come my tea
please pour me a cup, and then tell me
all about your poor father."
Alison was soon narrating the story
of the last fortnight. MJss Carrlngton
had received hers and Itoger'a letters late
the previous night, and Mr. Moore's had
put her In iwswudon of the latest news:
still there was mueb that she wished to
bear. She listened attentively, and with
out interruption, as the girl poured out
the history of ber hopes and fears. Her
grave. Interested face, and now ami then
a tightened grasp of Alison' hand, spoke
la mute sympathy, but otherwise she said
"It hat. been a dreadful time," SnMxd
Alison. "Itoger and I were so afraid of
papa, ami thee Mlssie was so nnbapw
and ill. That is Itvger'a whistle. Aunt
DI 4 is wondering what has become of
we. Khali I call blm lr And Mis
Catrington nodded.
Itoger's look of Intense surprise amtiud
them excessively, but be wekumed his
auut with evident satisfaction.
"Now Allie will be all right again,"
be observed, with a smile at her; "she
has been sick for months, Aunt Diana.
You are not going to take her away from
us Jst at present, are youV"
"No. not Just now." returned Miss
Carrlngton. quietly. "I am golHg to stop
until you are tired of me, and then Allie
and I must say good-by to each other for
a little longer. What should yon say to
bringing ber for a few weeks In the
spring. If your father get better? You
look In want of a change, Itoger: they
are working you too hard, my boy."
"You tstttt not tempt me, Aunt Diana,"
be returned, rather gravely. "There, will
b no holiday for me next year. The
whole coHcorn rest on my abouldtra at
prwent, and our manager I a defaulter.
Alison shall go with you, and welcome."
"Well, well, we must see about It;
winter come before spring. There Is
plenty of time, and 1 don't mean to glv
up my plan of having you and Allie to
gether. Now I must e your father;
will you take me to hlmV" And Itoger
consented with alacrity.
In the Msage she stopped and laid
ber hand upon hi arm.
Thank you for taking care of Allie:
I know how good you liave been to her."
"It Is iie wbo has been good to us," he
returned, with a sudden flush. "Aunt
Diana, you do -not know tbe blessing she
ha been to us; we have to thank ou
for that. Alison would never have bn
tbe girl she I If you bad not taken so
much pain with hex."
"Don't moke roe tain, linger."
"MII and I have proposed buying
ber a little red mo'rooeo book and pre
senting It to her," continued Itoger, with
dry humor; "the title will be 'Aunt Di
ana' Hayings,' for Allie bring out a
fresh one every day. Missis aya she I
lnventlc, and coins tliem herself; but I
have an Idea that tbey or genuine."
Mis Carrlngton hook her bead at
blm, and only bade him lead the way
to hi father' room. Alison had already
prepared him for hi slstvr-In-law' vllt,
and be held out bla hand with a pleased
'Till I kind, Diana. I said the al
ienee was not like you; my poor girl
here baa been fretting herself about It;
but of course you never got tbe letters."
"No, Indeed; Alison will tell you about
It rntly. It Is too late for dm t
prviong my uu now. nivalin inouui
be quiet nt this hour. You see 1 under
stand nil about It, Alnsllc; but I am griev
ed to the heart to see you like this."
"You must not make yourself unhappy
about It; It Is only n case of v.itlcnct
and 1 have good, attentive children, t
wish their mother could see tbemj she
was nlnoj so prowl of them."
"Yes. indeed! l'oar Florence, you
must mlM her. Alnslle." And Mis Car
rlngtim'n lip quitered slightly, for her
slater had been the object of her dearest
affection, she bad neer felt so drawn to
Florence's buhatid as she dhl now . her
Cray eye rested upon him pityingly.
"Children, you Hunt take care of your
aunt; ahe must be tired with her Jour
ney. To-morrow you most come and alt
with me. Dmna." MIm Carrlngton felt
herself gently dismissed. but eh did not
misimdcntaud dim, and. prelng bis
banil Madly, she hdlewed the othets from
tlit room.
Mlstte reMvnl the acus of Aunt Di
ana's arrlinl with an exclamation of dls
may, ami a hot llusli came to her face.
"Ob. AINon. It will I dreadful to see
Iter! 1 alwajs was afrnhl of her, you
know: she la one of the painfully good
people w!w make one feel smalt and hor
rid. I'lense don't let her conn? In to
night" And MUsle sat llt upright In
a ivinlc.
Now, MIm Camuglon bad quick .ears,
and she caught tko wwt of this speech
and laughed to herself softly; for It Is
those who try hard to I good who are
the most conscious of ell within, and
Mtsa Carrlngton was one who had often
cried with St. IMul, "The good tMt I
would I do not." I lee heart felt very
soft toward the willful little girl who bad
brought such relsry on herself ami oth
ers, eien before she entered sfce room, Uit
btr first sight of Mlsete gave Iter a feel
ing of surprise. She sahl afterward she
ceased to wonder at Alnslle's Infatuation ,
for tbe child, for she was certaluly a be
witching little creature.
The pink ribtxHts in MUsle's ibilnty
dressing gown were not pinker than Iter
rheeks, her blue eyes shone with un
easy light, ami tbe soft, fair hair lay Ik
delicate ring above the pretty, chlklUh
face; Iter rlgbteaed, apteallng hk would
have touched a colder heart than MUs
Carrlngtan's. and It was wlah real affec
tion that site bent over her. Ilut Mlssle'a
tender conscience made her aaritik from
her aunt's kisses.
"l'lease don't be so kind to me, Aunt
Diana every one is, and It Is not right."
"My dear little girl, we none of in
want to set) our poor little butterfly brok
en on tbe wheel; we are far too sorry for
you. Of course, you have been a naugluj
child: you hare been setting your small
world on fire, ami have got your pretty
w Ings singed. Well, now you have lenrn
eil wisdom through painful experience,
. ,,.,.... . .1 - I -
ami ""'",' ip Ju '"-'mimbcr of piano boxc. Two emmy
MLt'lk any one was eter so M lrlJllon. may la put III tlu-eo
wicked as I, Aunt Diana," sighed Missle. . nl ' "" w" ni-comtmslnto
"Well, my dear." returned her aunt, M-veral hundred sum 1 1 chicken. I'lfly
briskly, "It Is not my concern to go about I small chick I the largest numlKT
weighing my nelgbUir's lresases lu a tlmt can nfely l housed logetlinr.
balance; I don't fancy human scales Mot overcrowding I found In hrooit
would be nicely adjusted; but I am quite ,., nnd tho most rummon mtstnko
sure of one thing that I was a ery ',,!,, not to consider tlio rapidity
naughty efclM miH-lf -tbe red-cbeeke.1 a;- w whk,h ft c,,ck ,u,T(nn)l nm ICI1W
,dJ stole gaic me moral Indlgertlon (m Ilwvtr ,,f , H,eolw ,,,.
It was l-po-lble to look trrave over 'j 'H.C wrrl I. to aerate lb
Ma: Alb-m's merry Uugk was Infectious. !'" "" w" n,H' mrvr '" ,1B
Miss Carriitgton ntaye.1 a few more wis- :lm pllo tt. Owrvrowdlmr rnaulU In
ale. queiiofiiac Mlie about her arm. lack of exercise, food nml drink,
ami talking kindly to her. until tbe poor ! which tnetins txiwtd trntihlu ami oilier
chlbl was quite happy ami at ber ease. jilos-a. Mrk of pure nlr weaken
"I iloii't know wt It K" she J iliclr ayatwnj It I Iwtotr to etill out
that nlgit. wka Alison gave ber tlihnf of yotlr flock nnd rnlm tlio ro-goo-l-nlght
ki.s: "you all seem trying lainlndor In health nnd vigor than to
rk...r..,rrrs..rir'.,ovcreroii.l them nnd uffer tin. lo
naughty at all. and that there is nothing
to forglv."
"I thought forgiveness meant that. ' re
turned Alison, slwjdy; "ywi know how
I be Illble steak of U ldotte.1 mit
tlmt means the page I wWle again one
ran write freshly acrttss the blank."
There never was a merrier supper table
tihin the one at The Holm Ibat night;
lain as It was. Topple sat up for It. and
no one relinked her for her chatter. Itudel
kept up tbe character of a tashful school
Iwy; but een be relaxed his wide-eyed
gravity wn Otter was admired and kind
Iti'iuh-ie made after Sulky. Aunt Diana
knew tbe way to a boy' heart; though
she never had a boy of her own; but
there are some unmarried women whose
large natures can embrace a whole world
of tittle ones, and such a one wo Aunt
Diana. ...
Hut aa she talked ond laughed with the
others, ber keen gray eye followed All
son' every nwtement. It seemed to Mia
Carrlngton that her darling waa' dmngeil
somehow some of the brlghtnes that
bad alwaya lighted her young face had
faded a little ; she waa graver and mor
In earnest.
"Alll" b 1M aside her leading string,
and ha learned to walk alone," she said
to herself; "though heJove me a much
a eT, she needs ,ne lam. I ought to
be glad to know this, for I nn not ex
pect to llv forever."
(To be continued.)
A Question nt Honor.
Mother Willie, you wicked boy, ymi
linvci't kept your word. You jironv
lwtl you would never utenl Jam, nnd
here I tlnd you nt It ngnln.
Willie Well, It' no worse tlmn you.
You ald you were going out fill oven
inc. nnd If you had kept your word
you wouldn't Imvo found mo Mealing
Her Hero.
"Wlm'a your Ideal of brnvery?"
queried the old bachelor. Ia It General
"No," anwcred tho njdnatcr dejei
otcly, "lt' a. Monnon." The Tatler,
Cmttlgis sflafr
1 t'laT
" L
-IP -J 2
I'nriu .Machinery,
In what kind of u abcll tm your
farm ttmrlilticry mid tools? nsks the
ChtrnRii Weekly Itilcr Oohiii. Many
fnnucra Imvo it big nuii'lilno stuit mIIIi
th ky for n roof. This I n nnitny
holt.', but It IM lilt) illendtniltago of
Mug lonky when It ruins, and wntcr
Is not the beat thing for wood mid
So ninny mini'luln Hint net proills
of fit ruling it tv atiHtll. No woihIit,
when tbey nr timiimlliil to tmrvlwso n
now binder or enlllvntnr nostrly every
Niiiiitner. Tbeso machine ought to ntnl
will Inst for many istr If iiru'wrly
enrol for.
Now Is the time. If It l nol nl
rondy lxen ilotie. In get all tool nnd
Implements, cnrofitlty uttt nwy In
n dry bulldliiBn. On relny iny r nt
odd tlnira nil tbe wood niMt tnttt work
slHiuld Im coattxl with nil or nxle
grense to iiTHtent rtt nml ileeny. Till
will not only make litem last imiger.
but will livp tliem brlirht ninl imhiihI
for Immediate nml nallsfnctory tso
when tbey are takwi Mit tmxt nprltis
Itusty wluvls ami lrtni Mill tmt
run sitHMtli. ami Hh rttsty jdcnv U n
vexation when the new seeiNtn ojetis
for nish work. A ronCa worth of ll
nnd n mltiiite'H wirk now will nave nn
botir'a work of aeonrliiK ami awunrlng
next spring.
Men who get rich nml luire money
to lend make It n point to probing tlio
life of their farm Implement by shel
tering them nnd keeping them well
died nnd Ktlhtd. Why not you?
OterrrtittUlnir t'lilrbens.
The gnitt losa oiteti jear from over
crowdltix runs up Into thousand of
dollar. This can eiislty Ikj remedied
by HndliiB a few cent enclt for a
I 'J i-m-miini, ,
ef your whole tlwk. Keep the quar
ter clenti to rid them of mite nnd
llt-o which ttp the life out of them
In n short time.
Never allow Hut yotitiR Mock to lm
confined In house nnd yard tlmt nre
coupled by old bird, n limy tramp
nnd rut, over them, and tint Ktiint
their growth. Stunted clilekou nro
like Muntcd pig no good nt nil ; they
tuny pull through to mntttrlty. but
tbey can't develop Into healthy bird.
'rv Tnis of Horseshoe.
If horse Imil mean of oxpreliis
their tlmnk they would probably imlto
nml tend n rewiltitlun of grntltude to
the Pennsylvania man
who I ti von tod Hid
'.iiiiM.Vv horseshoe itliowii In
the iketcli. Ami hit
man who Imvo nccii
llie pnllent Ih-iihI fIIiI
Iiik nbout on llpiHry
Ntreet In (U'HiM'ruto
noojtToitouHi. nmi often vnln effort
to keep their feet will Iioxj Hint Hie
Inveiillon I ii flimiielal Hittveiut, Tlio
liorsodioo ha u erle of pnrullel ridge
on It heel nml too portions Tim ridge
nn tho too iMirtlmi run p'trullul to the
longltudliinl iixl of the shoo nml I host
nn tho heel jMirtlon run trnimversely.
Tlieno ridge form n erle of roci-HMe
nditpteil to reecho nnd retnln niiuw or
dirt, tliu forming " Ixfirlng nurfnce
for tlio kIioo mid innklm; tho horiwi
Hiirer of hi footing. Ittimilng In nppo.
lto dlretllon, n they do, tho corrugn
Hon uet a n ort of brake In which
ever wny Hie ntilnml' feet mny linppeit
to Nllp, imil the whole effect I to pre
vent nnw or dirt "caking" on tlio Hat
if tho bIioo.
I,onifl)llre funnling,
A city mini want to run a big farm
by mean of a foreman who will cze
ciito order ent film from tho city
oflloe. Ho nsks porslHlentlyi "Why
I'll Vn
I'll I'll
v Wl
M Mf- e-x 1
liilllud Ihl ll,l I
lAiiniit tlila lx dond"
Ttlu liskllilt tif
i... ......t.... I., ... l.l..ii.t llml ,mr frtimil
IIIK.IIII-I.IHMI .-m-.i-.M .-
ibx'rt not tmderstiind futmlng nnd emtiii "" ; ""
not dlnvt the work to N.t n.Unntnge " r,ll..g to tl.u ns.e.. t.IM
even If Nig distance fanning were u."""'
feasible thing The pntetlcul fnrmerj While the llrltlslt send on nn nver
know Hie aiittfiiltloN. lie know bl,nte two telegnim n bend e. Ii j.str.
plnti elmiige eniitliumlly n wmHifr.ncwinllni; to government atnlUtlr. w
elmnge nml n plnul itinj nulmnl de-Anierlenii eud only one nisi ouetentli
M'loli llo I wnlrliliig, tliltiking ntnl
modifying Ills plan uetiinlltig lo
etinngol ouullllims. He mnke prog
res by lutvlng some thing forced uhiii
bl nltetilloii tlirotigli dolly contact.
He gitlnt exin-rtnes by dally exerl
eiiet". No man lu it city oillee enn farm
HtmvMifiilly Miilt be guo to Hie fnrtit
nlmost dnlly or else hits a foreman who
Is eomH'letit to do more limn exevole
oriler The man who actually man
nge must Ih on the ground. A hit
Agre. lu Nnlletml Mto'kiiutii nml
1te Mill 'llieiirr.
After n erle of uilntitUnc etHrl
metil, fur whlrlt lie I noleil, I'rnfe.
sor lliK-eker of Hie Mlnnesotu stntlun
nltiriiiiil Hint there I a misapprehen
sion among the sllolsl nlNiut the qtuil
lly nml feeding vnlne of silage by the
ftresenee or nbsetere of em tui lb Th iiwral ,uiiniti is that tho
II.k. utile more valuable bv devel.
mum; the uraln. That I, n stalk with.
out nn tr will imiI store up a ntiy
units ef feed imlrtt-Mt a It will by I Dr William S lllgelnw, wlei I re
fcrnilug nn ear Tut total, of course, 'ttponslldo for the cutting of Ibe tew
iHdudfs the ear. Tims the effort I I'titled State gokl odn In Itilagllo
made everywhere to iHtrtHtun. a largo j Instead of In relief, a new departure In
growing rum ami Imlncti earing.. The eoliMge. I neither n enilptor ler a
pmfoesor h fwtml that the stalk tlmt tmioKstimltst. but llie atitlmr i.f the re
lw tuner slmwn n ear -If left until wt j. ,H, "Umldblsni and Itn'o-r
ntatttn I the mm a aiitMher similar
rtalk supis.rtliig the itr. Ihl I teit
... anjamn io w, sk " m'"" ,,,r,r
v,,j? '. v.. :::.r:. ;
'"" " ""' " "" '""!
maturity of the dant are eettrs lv
fore soiling. The fact wa also found
that tbe "cxiwnso." of digestion wns
iiui'i. iin in iiiv nullum nurn' in"
. , ,, . . .. . . , .,
fissl solids were In he strtlrtupi nf the
plant tlmn wtietv lu Hie grain, though
the latter wn "asstiil" by Hie nitnll
ton of tho smrtilciKv n contrnstiHl
with grain dried, 'llie dlsctivery oh-h
tip new line of culture. Shall we plant
thlck.-r to cet more fodder t culllvnte ft
little ileejier to nrrrst lisi rapid growtli
nml nsslst In promoting earlier nnd lT'
feet ttmlurlty, wbldi InHude, of coitr
the maximum amount of nutrition?
4 'nni m err In I Yxtue nt tTornslalh,
After numerou experluients Hi
cbt-mlsi of the lltircau nf forestry
nnd Plant Industry ns.rt Ihnt paK-r
can Ui made from eortistnlk by very
nearly Hie same process isuployisl lu
making It from whmI milp. Moreover,
""v. "" " " "7 . ",,v", "" "'"
ery lia been perfiH'tinl the cost of look -
log iwiHtr front eoriestalk. (nt present
ll.i. hsii a t ili.l .. !.ss ana ftlilti. I
urli jieMir com nlwut n dollar n ton
re to make limn wood pulp nwr)
will be n little oer half wlmt It I
Two grade of oornatalk paper Iihvc
-en made, n white mtr nmde from
the outside shell nf tbe uirnslnlk. nnd n
yellow from ibe tilth. It hn taken
fifty icnr to develop the present nielli -
ml of nuking MtMr from wimm! pulp.
Dr. II. S. Ilrtstol, the Jiend of the tat
reeit, Udlitti- Hint when prowr ma
chinery I built nnd the fanner r onl
ine Hint it good rcu-uuo tuny bo derived
from the nle of eornliilk, HiHr will
bo manufactured from the new urn -
terlnl nt half tlio present wood pulp
pa hi r.
With wooil nt ?.H n cord, pner I
inndo from wood pulp nt n cost of fin n
ton. Cornslitlk enn Ik iHuight for I.T'of Mag,i(.iurg. mnilu ono which wI
n ton nmi tue ;hit mnuu wiin mo.
. a .a .. s.s .!'-"
preNiint primitive machinery for 111 n
The Predion t lions,
A dog should not be fed on inent
nlono under tiny consldcrntlon, lle
lde making lilm it nuisance It inakea
htm naturally coriilvoroun nnd often
savage. If he I nlwit) fill nt thu
conclusion of u ivrtnlu meal dinner,
for Instance he will wait patiently
until the prciu'rlbcd lime. It I a
good plan In feed after one' mlddny
men!, giving plenty of green vegeta
ble, broad mid potnloe, with n very
few Hemp of finely cut meat, the
whole well mixed nnd winm grnvy
poured over It. If two incnl nre glv
en, one tilioiild be nt breakfast time
nnd ono lu the evening. One hlioiilil
coiiHlst of only n little tmtmciil nml
milk or n piece of dry dog hleult. At
nn time nlmitld Hie dog Imvu uiorii
Hint) lie will eat, nnd If he leave nny
thing hi nllownneu nhoiild be reduced
or n menl omlttetl. Journnl of Agri
culture. lunar from Heels,
Heel now miptily one-lmlf of the to
tal production of mignr, wlillo twenty
OMhVtlZi,,,I!,,flb0Ut0ne-,h,ri,ifa' "own nml plck.,1 1
of tho total product
llerllil linn ndopteil liinilnoiis (riTt
'llm Norwegian nrmy Inelnde a
ttirH on sit ales.
The my roll of Amerlenn ritllromU
nmmml to n blllbiu dollnm n jer
If eneli Imlltldiinl In New York illy
owned en tspint irllon of It real es
, . ,.,. .. .,..,,. ,,,,. ,.
nmi ine iiernmu utne-ienin.
Money I nivtimulntlng In New York
City more rapidly tlmn nt any tliuo
lu the Inst two jenr. Hanks are re
telvlug tiuieli faster than they nre pay
ing, a I'd good Intosimcnt Htt Ulng
dtllgetilly sought In every dlrctbm
'Hie new ealnloiue of Cotumbln I nl
vers lly rhow the total number of citl
ter of the administration nnd In
Mrilrlnr to l tll);the lolnl lililiiW
ef rvsldent sliidonls ft.tlHJi. nN against
i.IMi Inst year. Hlmv Hie Inst tain
I'htue wn ptlbllslieil right serlal funds
have iH'en erented by ierlnl gift or
Ilrlipiette nmsiset of ealitiuu car
bide Iihvc Is-en prepnrett by II IC Knf-
fer ef Vienna, nnd nre claimed to ht
imil li)dnHKiple, keeping Indefinitely.
and do net cnuttuu to give off ga
''Her wlllidrawal of water Titer are
1 1""'! lntlmalely liiUlng finely gran
"Ied rnrldite with a IdtMlllig mall rUI
"inl cwpreesltig In imdd.
taUty." He lia given year of study
, ulf) uicratHre of Hie I'nr Hast
Ulsetisslon nr.. nt n mMliiK "f th
"")- tmi, A.r.m. ini ?
ItnnntliinM mi - !..lle fnuil the lur-fll
guvernmeut lrd asking what order
the guardian bad made on n fortie-r
letter from thu IsMtril reiuetliig that
,, , ... , , ....iis
the imtiiMir shiiuld 1st uilleil wltn
'" ' , ,. ',.,,,,,
frk nt meat. It w ileelile.1 to In-
form the l(snl gorrrnmeut Umrd that
the guardians did not consider forkt
inoi-ssary. Nindon (Holm
'IV o Iliisstan sailors, wishing to tie-
wrt from their ship lying In the TH
Itiiglnml, Hs.k n UniI and rowed f..f
tbe ojk'H sen. tiiey iimk wiiu hum
fi.Ml nml clothing and Asi In rasti.
The IIinnI tide iu-t tliem nshore ngnlu
and they tried to btlsl. but the sea
wn running t high. I'or ninny li-un
they drifted hWplnwly ntxHil. and final
ly their tiny croft wn pllihnl upm
, ,H(H( ((f MMlmrrll( ,1(r H....tti
Shield Here tbey lisik refuge In a
ee. where they llveil fmir drt) nisi
nights, until their food UsHtiie et
Imuatetl. lltmger drt.xe tlmn Info the
1" . " ,
'I1?'. BlM mlmn "" w"r" "r
i r"m'-
I '" ,,IHW, l""'1 ft"!"" mstnl. with
' modHlwIloii, for cnr Mm-b
the same fashion coiitlnunl HiMtigti lt
''"'K reign of Iuls XIV. nnd mi"ther
! thniugli that of IamiU XV.. while the
. btdle of the middle age never II KM
"f varying tliwlr isistutue A fir in
."reek uml the Komiiu. geoerii'iiMi
iliveciletl geuerutlou with little i haute
In femitle dre; nml jet nil (low la
dle of the wst were more nrtltliiliy
dreuoeil than those of lo-day Mntiy,
no ilutibt. sim-iiI more tlintl tbey ivtild
nlford, but when they lind n r-sti;
jilres - s they kept It, mid did not throw
It nwity to replnee It with niiollicr
Some curious thermometer wciti
iipide. Otto tie Htterlcke, hurgomnslrra
twenty feet time nnd gorgeou will
blue paint mm gilt Nliir. It conisteAf
nf n large gloW fastened to n tulj
Isdli of copcr. The tul) wn Ik-hIJ
uimiii Itself Into the form of n wr;
narrow II, lu which wn placed the
requisite nmoiiut of alcolas. One run
of tho U wu shorter Hutu tlio uthrr
nnd icn at the top. On Hie Ibpild m
it lloat, to which wiih nttnclied n eif
pithslng over it pulley. At the othf
end of till cord wiih hung n gl't no
gel, II linger imlnllng to n ile e
which the degree were painted
I'lweldou, the ueet Australlnn gol4
Held, I producing ome reinnrkiibH
nugget. t)ne, hIuiiniI extielly like
cricket Imil, wn nwutly found ther
lying on tho mirfttiv, the Under nt fir!
iiilNtnklng It for u mushroom An'
now, from tho name plnce, come new
of n nugget of KKI ounce
aemblliig ii nnutllii hIicII
found by an lrlhmnn, nml on the ml
Joining cinlui n Seotchmnn nnmed lf
Kcnzlu nlmoHt aliuultniieoiisly 1 tniuxlci
n thlrty-elglit-ounce nugget on the pom
of hi pick. Furthermore, n boy driv
ing n bnkor'a curt over the Potu'ldon
I field aw tho glenm of piM ,,(
a ulco llttlo uuggut of four ounce.