The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 03, 1909, Image 2

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State Help Wanted by Oregon
Idaho Development League.
Record of the Legislature
Tne folViwtng btlU miw.1 hy tvlh nouwa of the . "'"Tr . . .
legUlatureW beewne lawa, JUIW,CM, ,hrr I t llj'.l'Vl'
S, It. S&J- Anlmala at !r In (HtlUm county.
mmntlc luTfortuntii on conaeut r
I the Jnvc
II 11 t
le court Judge,
-ror puniaiuiient or highway
Governor Brady Pledge Support to
Movement for Opening Door
From Interior to Sea.
Boise, Feb. 27. A state-aided rail
road from Dotso to Coos bay is tho
chief object of tho Oregon-Idaho De
velopment congress, which opened to
day, attended by 100 representative
men from Eastern and Central Oregon
and Southeastern Idaho.
Tho object of tho congress was heart
ily endorsed by Governor Brady, who
welcomed tho delegates. He said he
would pledge his support for any ac
tion which would give Idaho better
means of transportation and open its
, doors to reach tho seaports of tho Pa
cific Hq spoke of the growth of the
state, its wonderful development and
ts great resources, stating that it
would continue to grow and, even If
walled in, would continue to develop,
as it had all tho resources needed if
left to stand alone.
"But," he continued, "we want to
extend our resources into Idaho. When
tho Panama canal is completed it will
mean ono of the greatest freight rate
reducers for tho West that it could
possibly have, for at that time tho
great steamers from the bast will un
load cargoes at San Francisco, Port
land, Seattle and Coos bay."
He spoke of the situation of the city
of Lewiston and stated that he expect
ed to live to see the day wehn it would
have an open waterway to the sea and
the products of Idaho would float on
the bosom of the Snake and Columbia
to the Pacific and the commercial ports
of the world.
The governor stated that he would do
all In his power to further the move
ment and that some action should be
taken at once before the one line which
dominated the state had secured all the
best valleys and left nothing but those
of second class for a new road. He
closed by praising the Commercial club
and the citizens of Boise and stated
they would all understand the real
meaning of hospitality before they re
turned home. His address was well
received and be was given hearty ap
plause at the close.
wmUl by the governor, tomo h allowed to
bem law without hU (mature and other
were pawed over hl Veto.
A It. 1 Creation nf artealiin wt.11 ......
, a IL 4 Trial b' Jury arter default Jn
damaco suit.
. IL I Appeal from Justice Court
wnntn so day.
for repairs.
H. IL Dlklnc dUtrlet may levy tax
tf. R 10 Klxlnir attlarlea of Con-.tnt.ti
ami Juniors at -3i.le, Chttaop County.
8. IL U In criminal eases Judgment
to b n Urn from date
S. ll IS l"or renew! or Judgment
every 10 year.
S. R ll Voter abaent from the atate
may rtKiairr.
S. R II Itawk deposit not drawn for
ovtn eeeneat to tne atate.
8. IL 16 Hotel Klttl liHlirinhmii.M In
have fir eacnpe.
R. II. IS Unlet and tndrlnehmiaea tn
provide nine-foot bedahevta.
m. ii. ii rrovidinit tor two additional
H. R II Kor treatment of tuberculo
id poor.
S. R IS Three additional dairy In
epctr appointed bv th Governor, with
conaent of Dairy Commlaaloner.
8. R It Minora not to enoiKa In
cramea of rhanee In nubile reaorta.
Supreme Juatlce. (Kmerceney.)
8. II. 31 PtKlnir tho ealarv of Union
voumy Jiecoruer.
. It. 32 Additional aalarr for luili
nf LM.tith Ttal!... m.... n ...... ..J.
... an,.i, ',b,. w.w uu.tiuui
s. R JS Ilevlard military code,
8. R 43 Kor aid of I.lnn County Fair.
S. R 17 -13&.000 for Knal.rn rlrvirnn
Experimental Farm.
rt, R tt Salary School Superintend
ent Klamath County.
tf. R ; AuthorUIn- school dlatrlct
to refund Indebtednee.
8. R it Thirty day notice of
eatrnye taken up.
S. R B Title cuarnnteo companlea
to depoalt ISOjOOO aeeurlty.
8. R tJ Government may aequlro
land for flovernment bulldlnsa.
8. R s Manner of amandins char
tera of charitable Inntltutlona.
8. R tl Defining a lejral feneo In
Kaatern Oreiron.
8. IL CI ichedul nf fee for fuetnrv
8. II. SI Sunrerne Caurt mav Iranafiir
wirvuii yuuKra.
8. R (I To abolllh aearrt inrl.llr.
In public acboola.
t it c? ticAiuui e ..iH.HM.
Aa-rlculturat Coliece.
8. R 79 I'reserlblnft- manner of tak
ing daooaltlona.
8. R .1 For distribution
Secretary of Interior Opens Route for
Central Oregon Road.
Washington, Feb. 27. Tho Harri
man railroad will be built up the Des
chutes river to a connection at Kla
math Falls with the road now building
northward to that point and tho right
ot way win be approved by Secretary
Garfield before next Thursday. These
facts were brought out at a hearing
Dei ore mo secretary or tne Interior
It was stated by a representative of
E. H. Harrlman that out of the $82,
000,000 raised by bonds recently float
ed by the Harrlman system for new
railroad construction, $40,000,000 had
been set aside for the construction of a
railroad up the Deschutes river into
Central Oregon, terminating at Dend
and for an extension of the new Shasta
division, now nearing Klamath Falls,
northward to meet the Deschutes road
at Bend, thus completing n new route
from San Francisco to the Columbia
Tho construction of the Deschutes
road will be commenced, it was said.
as soon as the secretary of the interior
approves the right of way application.
and Secretary Garfield said he expect
ed to ao uiis before he leaves office
next Thursday. He is waiting only
the adjustment of a few minor details,
as outlined yesterday, and knows of
nothing that will likely delay his action.
All material obstacles that ha vo here
tofore delayed the approval of maps of
location of the Deschutes road have
been removed.
Check Traffic In Opium.
Shanghai, Feb. 27. -The Interna
tional Opium commission has virtually
completed its work here by the adop
tion of nine resolutions suggesting
means or ngnung the opium traffic.
ino commission ueciarea that unre
stricted morphine traffic constituted a
grave danger, and that the morphine
habit showed slgnB of spreading, and
urged Upon all governments the im
portance of drastic measures to control
the manufacture, sale and distribution
of morphino and other noxious deriva
tives of opium.
Four Deaths From Blizzard,
Denver, Feb. 27. Three men are
known to havo perished in the blizzard
which swept tho state Monday and a
fourth who was badly frozen will prob
ably die Several are missing. It is
estimated not Jess than 2.000 sheep
Af mmmmlan
uwi ana journal.
. 8. R 71 Appropriating IJO.m far
hateberlen aouth of Columbia.
8. R 71 Salary of IJnn County 8u
perlntendenL (Over veto.)
8. R 77 Irrlg-atkHi cede.
, 8 R 7 Salary of Ileeorder in Wah
In&ton County. tOver veto.)
8. R Si ! atinronrtatlan for Hi.
perlment Htatlon nt llurti.
s. is. 11 Croat aiuivrnl whan ral
property na Dn BttMneu.
. ik -uaroe cone.
8. R 107 rrovidinit aeota far motor-
8. R 109 I-or central hateherv nn
8 R IIS rtre-uutlnr ule of Hinn.
(rated atoek food.
S. IL 1U-!lUtln to thannmr4tLin Afl.M.1
for corpora t porpoM.
j. ... .. r.AiiiK MMlin Ol BIVIK HflU
deputies of Supreme Court.
8. R lit Coplea of Supreme Court
derldon to be filed In office ot elerk of
8. R US Additional aalary for Cir
cuit Judce In Ninth Dlatrlct.
8. 11 110 Salary of School Superin
tendent In Marlon County.
8. R US New military code.
8. II. 117 Kor fre ferry asroif Wil
lamette at Peoria.
8. R i:S Special lax by dlitrict for
8. R ill Manner of letting; contract
ior or lure uuuuincr.
8. II. IIS I'eraon under II not to
run cnevaior.
8. II. 149 Ten hour a day' work for
remaiea in teiennona and tHfiranh or.
8. II. ill Ilrcnutlnr manner of fll.
Inic town plat.
. u. ill rime ior orincmr libel
ult one year.
a IL I4S I'ravldlntf leather nAttahna
ior eiaciHHi iMiisi itaxen.
8. II. 11 -Creatine Cenaervatlen Com.
8. R 117 Warehouie receipt to how
rate of atoraire.
8. II US Itallroada need not file Hat
of trip puaaea Isaued to regular em
ploye". 8. II. let Fixing term of eeurt In
Kleventh Dlatrlet.
8. R 187 ItetrulatlnK mutual fire In-
aurance companlr.
b. ii. ik itennnuianinr mate a claim
on two acre In Multnomah County.
8 IL l9 IUI road may be laid for
conatructlon work on county roada.
n. II. 171 ror organization of en.
operntlvn anancUtlnna.
n it in Kenuirina rniiroan in con
nect with each
8. II. ITS -To nunlah fraudulent ren-
rraenutlon a to membership In aert
aocletle for purpoae of obtalnlnc
a I), lis Relating- to larceny by
, 8 It. 187 11 reed In horae to be rK
lat'rxl at Orairsn Arrlcultural Colleice.
8. II 191 Prohibiting- puttlna; tila
nnu nan in roaua.
m n. II 19S I'rnvldlnir additional Judite
for Klflh Judicial Dlatrlct.
H. II. 1 Kor Uauarwe. of bond by
drainage dlatrlct.
n. ji. 19k ror salary of Sheriff of
k money for nn
f ttltMlllll
I IL 19 llniriifAtliitf till.iliiM ... ....
umbln Itlver.
II It. is l'mhlbltlnir lumt ela of
II II. t lteUllnn to town pint and
II. R ! ApprppriatlnK ITI.000 for n
Hrlrtite rood at Celllo.
II JL JJ Aipriirltlmr nddltlonnl
US. 000 for AlnnVn-Yukon Itxposltlon.
11. R SI tucriRli!K ilrv of Juek-
Oll Cotlntv ludtfR. llSlMil nittp Him
Qovernor' veto.
It R IS Authority of real natal
nitentn imiat be In writltiR.
ii. m ii Manner or tranarerrina- no
II. R :s Kor Incorporation of ixirta.
11. 11. 31 Alltliorllltlir Hiitiremn l-mirl
to appoint n cods commlaalun niul uppro
prlntlnif tIS.000.
, ti. ii. ts lixinit aniary or Tom Coun
ty School Superintendent. (l'uod over
llovernor'a vetat
II. R 15 Mxlnn bond of Umatilla
II. R IS Klxlnir aalarv nf rl.lmn
County School 8uirlntendrnt. (l'aenxt
oer uoxemor veto.)
II It tl Cotintlra mav lew lar for
advertlalnic raourct.
II IL si KmPuwrrine- Wallowa Coun.
ty to eli certain real property.
II. R it Klxlnir aatarv of Mnrnw
County School Superlntrndent. llnad
or Oovernor'a veto.)
II. It. to Providing- for a free ferry
at ML John.
II. Rtt-PratUlna- far clerical aMlstanc fur
an tor of CoIumU county.
. li. R tx Prohibiting awlne at Urn
In Columbia County.
II. R tt Klxlna- the aalary of tho
lamnui lountr ricnooi nueriinniiIciiL
-aiaed over tho llovernor'a veto. I
II. R Tt lixtendlne eminent domain
lo tntlnnRe dlatrlct.
II R TT Providing for raUIng ehool
II. U. TS Creating an liuuranca department.
II. R l llegulatlng hauling ot loada
on public hlrhwnya.
II. R To urovld for luvlnir out
county roada.
11 R St Crmtlnr Ilia ltivir.t nf Ull
Tax Commlialonrra.
II. II. S7 Dvlne declaration admit.
alUle In civil caeca.
II. R si nx,liiR- lerma ot court of
the Ninth Judicial Dlatrlet.
II. R ST Creating lmuranee Icpart-
II. R IS Requiring door to awing
II. R 100 ItevUlug riite of Inherl
tance tax.
II. R IOC Appropriating IJ10.MO for
uuiiuinKi ai J. A. I.
II. II. 110 Kor Deputy Aaaeaaor In
Creok County.
II. R 111 Klxlnir nalarv nt )....
County School HuterlntendnL iPuhmI.
notwItliatniHlIng the florernor' veto.)
II. R lit lMatrlhuliau ntt.l ti.vm.Bi
of legaele.
,Jl t'-. n AUlhorlilng a deputy for
the Ckttion CbuhIv Aiiuu. iiiUu.i
nrr Uoernr' veto.)
ii. ii. ill rayment or claim of Cn
trat Normal School.
II- R 1ST Ker an Interstate brhlge
at Ontario.
II. R 111 Permitting County Court
to dealgnate the kind of culvert lo be
II. II. Ill Providing for filing of II
ii. il ii rixemplion sf earn ns of
II M 1ST !olurttig the legal mid o
rial UntuH nf Mnry C Wfl'.
II II IS Autfinrlaen 'hool lnxtrd
to govern ihm of aebmil money
11 It : rUlna artlary of I-un
County Srhuol Siiiverlntendent
II. . .io-tVunlr lllahtchool funJ. .
II It. IH--Ainrndlng cod relallng to
sst rroiect "Vnnk" flub In
R 301) Prohllilllnv fnlao mlrnrtla.
II It SOS Amending Irrigation lawa
II. R 310
ClnrknmnH County Knlr
MptoprtAilng lluOO for
f mir.
road to feneo right af
II. II. Ill Kor nn net rvlatlmr In
local ontlon law.
tl R ill Appointing IVpulv Dlatrlct
iViinrney ntr me riecothl luairlrl.
II II SI I Itentilrlnr railroad in ex
terminate Ituaahin Dilation on rUht-of-
li. R SIS llevlne achedtllr nf rnt
for corporntlona Inereavlng ropltnl Mock
It R 321 Intpodng lleenve on ped
dler. II. It. SJt Aulhorli Htaln t-nnd
Hoard to rcimy money to Albert C ltn
II. II. 331 Itelatlng to contracta fur
ahlrplng. j
it. II. JIJ Deficiency bill. 10.000.
II. IL SU-AppivprUtlon fr O. A. C ly U. fl
II. M. 3S Concerning organisation of
Irrigation dlatrlet.
II. R 3St Charitable aocletle. SIS..
II. II. SSI 8ecurlng lien nn chattel.
It II. StA To fir Haljirla nt 1'hh
County officer.
n il sit Abollhlng Cenlrnl Oregon
Normal Mchnol.
II. II. 3ts Appropriation bill covering
mtacellaneuua olalm.
each other with private
Judgment debtor.
It. II. 13 Prohibit animals
at large Wvt of the Sandy.
II. R 111 Appropriating IT0OO
aiaie veterinarian.
II. R IIS Providing cloied (eason for
BliellfUh In Cooa im Cnrrv I'nuuil..
a fnliowa. Craba. July. Auguat and 8l-
temper, clam. June. July ml Annul
erurflh. November. December. January
Kin. rriiii.i,
II. R ll tllvlnr Circuit Cmirla now.
er nf imrnllng prlvonrr.
II. II. 110 Annrnrirlitlnr. lISAaa tnr
prrniu iMtuniy.
II. R 1SS Itelatlng to Itallroad Com.
II. R 1SS Permitting Itallrnad Com
mlmloner to rfcle on locotnatlvea.
II. II. ISt Providing an additional
Judge for Kuurlh Judicial Dlatrlct
11. II. Itl-YamhIU Pair auocUlloi.
ii ii. in i-rokiuing ior private
Rose Carnival Float,
iuanon ino i.coanon liusinrss
Men's lcnguo has decided that the city
should build a JCO.000 ,K, chool
butldinif. About 30 of the leading
business men votrxl unanimously to
exert their influence toward that end.
A meeting of tho voters of tho district
will bo held In I ho near future. Mr.
Thomas, of Portland, addressed tho
league regarding the advisability of
Lebanon having a float in the rose car
nival at IVrtland. A committee was
appointed to tako up the matter.
Money Ratted at Monmouth.
Monmouth The normal school at
Monmouth will go on to the end of tho
school year. The citizens have already
raised tne necessary lurnls. There is
a strong feeling of loyalty here for tho
Institution, which extend toother sec
tions, and tho subscription fund has
been materially augmented from some
of the outlying districts. Tho summer
normal will also run, and it Is hoped to
bo ablo to go right on next year.
propagation fit trout.
II fl. ITJ Authortxlng acheol
ITS Amending the cud relating
umpina uivrr
rrleer of stale
havo perished.
coos County.
. 8. II. 1S7 Kor relief of Heed Initl.
8 I). 191 Clothing railroad detective
with police power.
M H II, 193 Itcgulatlng drainage dis
trict B. II. 203 Weekly report on registra
tion of voter to Secretary of Stale.
, p H SOI Convict may bo worked at
fair ground.
, 8 II. Sot Blale Fair to have printing
to amount nf 11000.
8 II 307 Itelatfnff tn lew nml anlA
under execution.
n. II. 210 Kor county referendum nn
county meaaure.
. 8 II. HZ To divide Flrt Judicial
8 II. 113 Voter of county may refer
i;imiir ineaaure.
H II. 5-0 .lili law far tlin ("ilnml.ln
M. II. ZS1 nelatlnir tn Ration! nlalrlnl
No 1. Klamath County.
8. II. 223 Amending code regarding
i-wii'viMuuiiB urgainzeu ior irrigation
8. II. 2JI Authorlxlng city of Cor
v'i,".,,0J),Jrrha" '""'Is near watershed.
.," : 236 Certified copy proof of a
I'm -ml llouor llcenae.
8. II. -2 Preventing gont from run.
"'" at larga In yamhlll County.
. Vi " 7 When aevernl perwon may
hold real property a tenant In common.
In the Tenth Judicial Dlatrlct.
H. II. 237 Hxumllng time for acijulr
Ing Oregon City lock.
tmH. ?'-. 2J3 Additional ludgo n Second
DUtrlcL (Kmergency clauae.)
8. Ii. 218 KmnowArlnir tniinliiln1 ttnw.
poratlon In other tnte to nrqulro title
to land nnd water right In Oregon.
n ii. ziii izu.umi rir hiia vtim im.
H II. 2S2 125.000 for ntntd Vnir Im.
ii iiii I7U.000 ror tutiorctiioaia
H. H. its Amending
le rUhlng for Mlmon tn V
II. R lit ItMiulrln arr
iMMrda and eommlaalon to attend meet
II. II. lit Providing far eonatllu-
tlonal convention, aubject to referendum.
II. II. ISO Stale tux lew. in.r.
geney. )
II. IL IK-ICegulatlng water power franehUea
II. II. 1S3 Allttmrlflnv eluirllrtl.l. .
aoclatlon tn organlio.
II. II. 19t 'Iloklnir rtowdar mint Im
plainly labeled.
II. II. ISO Making Appropriation to
relrnbume Oeorge II. Hmall.
II. R I8 Appropriating 11900 for
the Deeeri Ind llonrfl and tn noi-tii
cpriain inno iy ine ime.
, II. II. 300 Manner of taking deponl-tlona.
II. II. SOI Kmnowerlng exeeutor to
execute deed.
II. II. 203 Manner of challenging
II. II. 20 Itelatlng In bureau of la
bor atatUllc and Jnapeelor or work-1kip.
II. II. SOT Relating to regent of the
Male LTnlveralty.
II. IL Ill Providing an appropriation
me u
for the tixpenae ot
turai 8ooieiy.
II. II. S2I Annrnnrlatlnir
me crnier iiko roau.
II. Ii. sxs Appropriating
vtrnaiiam rair.
II. II. 223 Itelatlng to custody
Utata llortlcul-
1100.000 for
11000 for
conltol groumln.
If. II. SSI Puhlle record to bo free.
breeding of
II II. 2ST Providing for
aaylum In Kantern Oregon.
, II. II. SS To regulate
II IL S31 Heatorallon of corporation
In default.
II. II. 235 Regulating flahlng In
Itogue Itlver.
II. II. 136 Plllnir anlnrlAa In VI,lr
II. II. zrr-HaUitea In Wheeler county.
II. II. 23k I'lxlnir Mnlnri ft Tjibn
wouniv Aaavxaor.
JI. IL S33 Providing that conditional
nle of personal property shall b ro
corded. n II. II. 211 Fixing enlary .of Curry
County A(or.
II. IL 3U Feeding of prUoners In Multnomah
II. II. Sl E Imlnatlnn of itnnllenllnn
Of COUrae nf In Ilia alnlia lilulifir
cuupaiionai inaiuuiion.
II. II. SIS Kor orimnlzntlnn of mlnlnir
uiiu uining iniereaia.
If. II. 2I Ijn4 board to purchaao
land In forct reerve.
ii. li. 261 (loycrnlng axpendlturo of
miiu iwr mo univeraiiy or urcgon.
! '.'. tu?7 "nniiiif ncniui law.
II. II. Z&S-VleWeru In lni ..ill rnaa
01) beat grade.
ji. ii. zoo mcrenlmr annual appor
llnninent of rmintv tiiinni e.i.i.iM rrnrt
ISO to S100 per dlatrlct.
11 11. Z57 llalfnhnrylfiir Xfnrlhn u
II. II. 20C-Conla nf aoimlnn Inw. in
be printed,
II II. ZSS Itelnllnir n alonllnn n...
clnct. " " r,v
II II. 2S Fixing fee of Blot"
.." I'- '" Free ferry acro Wlllam
fctto at Independence.
II 11, SM -To provtnt unjust discrim
ination by railroads.
Judge Anderson Makes Pottlbta Max
imum $720,000.
Chicago, Feb. 26. A reduction from
Judge Land!' fine of $29,240,000 to a
posilblo mnxlmuin fine of $720,000 Is
admitted to be tho meaning of a ruling
mado today by Judge Anderson in the
retrial of the Standard Oil company of
Indiana (or rebating. Tho ruling was
Informal, but it almost certainly will
The Court of Appeals In rulinir out
Judge Landis' great flno eliminated tho
view that each carload of oil on which
a rebate was accepted constituted a
soparato olTvnse. There were 1,402 of
these carloads, the freight charges for
which were paid in 30 dlllVrnent set
tlements. Judge Anderson interpreted tho de
cision, which, he said, served us his
guide, to Imply that the rebates ac
cepted after each of the 30 settlements
constituted the units of ofTense,
Judgo Anderson's ruling was a se
vere blow to District Attorney Sims.
no ana his assistant, Janus II. Wll
kerson, had argued that each of tho
COO shipment, making poaaiblo n max
imum of $10,000,000. constituted an
offense. This view Judge Anderson
declared ho could not understand. Ho
saw no reason why, if a trnlnlond or n
carlot wero regarded as n scparnto
offense, th? matter might not be fur
ther divided, making a hundredweight
or a gallon, a unit, greatly increasing
tho number of ofTenscs nnd magnify
ing tho punishment.
Mr. Wilkcrson argued that tho flno
possiblo under tho court's ruling would
serve merely as a licenso to a (treat
corporation. On this Judgo Andorson
said in effect:
"That is a consideration which has
no weight with me whatever. I am
not concerned with the effectiveness of
tho statutes, hut with their interpreta
tion and application. If tho view that
I have taken hat tho effect you stated,
that Is a matter for the lawmakers to
consider. If tho laws nro Inadequate.
gut them to supply a remedy,"
Saturday, February 90,
Snlcm, Feb, 20.- llotli houses uf tho
legislature cleared dway nil nccutnu
Intcd business before adjourning, but
It was nearly 11 o'clock buiore all wero
finished. Appropriation bills amounted
to $1,100,01'0 morn than the session uf
two years ago. A number of laws
needed by tho state wero pasted and
several of the now measures will In
create the revenues.
The house bill appropriating $210,
000 for now buildings nnd improve
ments nt tho Agricultural college paus
ed tho senate by n unanimous voto this
Tho Weston, Ashlnml nml Monmouth
normal schools we're nil left In exist
ence, but both house refused to pass
appropriations for their maintenance.
The house passed tho game codo
practically as It came from tho senate.
Iloth houses passed n tuberculosis
sanntorln bill enrry ing an appropriation
ot 4u,vUU,
The dairy Inspector bill, which had
been killed Wednesday, wan rvcuntld
ered by the house nml passed.
Unly 12 members of the house voted
for tho bill creating a state highway
Whether or not Oregon shall have n
comtltutlonal convention will be de
cided by tho voters of the state nt tho
election of 1010.
Hy n vote of 10 to 0 tho senate re
futed to sanction the bill providing fur
an additional bank examiner.
Itrpcal of tho grant to railroads of
valuable tide lands In Lincoln county
was voted by the sennto this afternoon.
Only four members opposed tho tueas
Will Comply With Government Con
tract) Concerning; Payments.
Klnmath Falls At n meeting of tho
directors of tho Klamath Water Users'
association n resolution was adopted
notifying tho secretory of the Interior
that, so far ns Is in their power, they
will comply with the contract made
with tho reclamation service ns to the
payment of tho cost of the first unit of
the Klamath project as announced by
the secretary.
It is thought that letters lately ro.
eclved by the department from thu
directors havn led to tho belief that
tho water titers monnt to repudiate
their contract as to this payment, hence
work was suspended on thopro.ect out
side of the first unit. Il is believed
that this decisive action on tho part of
tho directors will lead to Out prompt
resumption of work on the plant out
lined for this year a work.
McArlhur to Oe Secretary.
Salem Secretary of State Frank
Ilenson has confirmed the appointment
of C. N. McArthur as his private sec
retary to serve during the time Mr.
Ilenson will act as governor. McAr
thur, who was sinker of tho hnu.c
during tho recent legislative setslon,
hns been at the canitol for the natt few
days utaltting tho house clerks In ar
ranging tho houte journal. Others who
are working en the legislative records
nro Chief Clerk Fred Drnirur. of tho
home, Calendar Clerk John I.atourctte,
nnd Journal Clerk Oeorge Ncuner. It
will take another two weeks to straight
en out tho tangles. Tho law allows
20 days for tho work.
Russia Expects Austria Will Invade
Sorvla In Fortnight.
St. Petersburg, Fob. 20. Tho pes
simism wiin regard to tna uniKnn cri
sis Is steadily increasing In diplomatic
circles, where it is believed .that Aus
tria's action against Sorvla may bo
expected within a fortnight unless a
solution to thu present grave problem
Is soon arranged.
Foreign ofllco officials stato that
Ituosla is not disposed to consider an
invasion of Sorvla alono us n casus
belli, but thuro is fear that tho gov
efVment'n hand may bo forced by pop
ular fouling. The beginning of hostil
ities will throw thousunds of Russian
volunteers Into tho Servian ranks,
Elgin Excllad Over Ootd.
Klgln Elgin Is excited over tho ill.
covory of gold nbout four miles from
town. Somo sand taken from thu well
of W. W. Slon wos assayed at llakor
City nnd It showed $ir a ton In gold.
This well wos dug 10 or 12 yearn ago,
nml tho presenco of gold was not
known. Thirty years ago gold was
found In the vicinity of, Mlstourl hol
low, but did not provo n paying assay,
It is now throught that tho entiro
strata of sand covering that valley runs
ncn wiin goid,
Error Appears In Port Dill,
Salom The Ileon port bill, provid
ing for tho establishment of ports sim
ilar to the Tort of Portland, has n anrt
of doublo shuflle provision relative to
thd operation of tugboat service by
such ports when they nro organized.
As tho bill was introduced it provided
that tho ports woultl havo tho ower to
"establish, maintain nnd operate" tug.
boats. As tho bill was enrolled It pro
vided that tho ports had the right to
"abolish, maintain nnd oporato" such
a service.
To Reduce Insurance Rales.
Uokor City To readjust and lnwnr
liro insurance rotes Frank Sinker, S.
0. Jewett and Volney Seebeck, repre
senting tho coaHt board of flro under,
writers, were hero last week. They
Inspected tho city wuter plant and flro
dopartment nnd pronounced thorn satis
factory. Rainfall Qladdens Fsrmors.
Pendleton With tho normnl nmnunt.
of rainfall for this season of tho year
rucuivuu ami wiin oincr conditions fa-
Dlundor Killt Dill Appropriating, Money
for Stale Intlltullorit
Salem- A sH'clnl session of the Ore
gon legislature will bo necessary, or
sutihto hill No. 2fil, n bill appropriat
ing $.1(i0,000 for Improvement nt nUt,
Institutions will fall to become n law.
Owing to Irregularities tho bill was
not legally passed, nml Is Invalid. T,
sH'olnl session, If called, will merely
pass the hill In the form In which it
was Intended to be passed by the ..
slon Just closed.
No special session has been cnlln.1
nnd none will bo tiiilrss 20 members of
tho senate ami 40 members of thehouto
signify their willingness to come to
Bnlnn for n special session without ex
ieiite tn the stnte. This decision was
reached at n conference between (iov
rrnor Chamberlain, President llowrr
mnn, Senkur McArthur and Senator
Kny, Scnntor Kay has umlertaksn ti
get the members to agree to come and
believes he can do so.
Few Chsnget In Election Laws.
Salem The election nnd rrgtra
tlon laws were little tnmxTrd with by
tho legislature, Many change wero
proMMifd, but practically the only ones
enacted Into law wero those nulhorU
Ing tho reglttrntlon of voters while
they nro outside the state and an
amendment to tho registration law
providing that the ostol!1ce address of
the voter shall Ins noted. Under tho
Nottingham bill It will be olble for
Oregon's senators and congressmen to
forward their registration cards ft
Washington nnd have thnlr namm
entered without traveling across tho
continent, ami all of those tompotanly
absent from the state can register by
absent treatment, provided they are
well enough known where they must se
cure tho nrcetsary nllldavlts,
CoIIsrs for Pentilston,
Pendleton This city is to Do tho
homo of n Junior college, If the pretrnt
plans of tho lioard of trustees of the
Pendleton Academy materialize. In
nddltlon to extending the course of
study so that students can be carried tho first twu years of a regu
lar college course It Is planned to In
crease the endowment fund to $100,
000. Pendleton academy Is a Prctby
terlan school nml Is the only one which
the denomination Is attempting to,
maintain in this part of the state.
Drechca Fills Low Lands.
Marshfleld Tho dredger Oregon,
which Is being operated In Coos bay, Is
doing good work. The dredging nro
beg used to fill the low places In the
city. A jortlon of Front street, which
was before slmnly a planked bridge,
has been filled In ami a largo tract of
land along the street In tho north part
of tho city, which wn formerly cover
rd by the tldo wntcr, has been brought
to grade,
35 Hortat Doughl,
North Powder-Twenty-elght horsriB
nt$I00 each, tho second lot bouuht
hero by Cato K. Prescott nml II. Iti.l.
well; nnd seven more, purchased by C.
Todd of Pendleton, at $100 to $212.60,
nil up to tho requirement for United
States cnvalry service, wero accepted
and by the Inspectors nnd ihltitMil a riv
days ago.
Whcat-Illuettem, $1.10; club, $1.03
Ml. 01: rod Iluaslnn, HoCl.Ol; valley,
Ilnrloy Fcttl, $28ii28.fi0 per ton.
Oats-No. 1 whlt, $3CetaC.C0 Inn.
Hny Timothy, Willamette valley,
fl3GPlf5 Has tern Oregon, $ICfttl8:
clover, $ 1 2 13; alfalfa, $HjClG;
grain hny, JIHfifU; cheat, $13.B0ji
14.C0; vetch, $13.C0GC14.60.
Potatoes -?1.2C per hundred: sweet
potatoes, 2kc pound.
Onions --Oregon, $2 tier hundred.
vegetables Turnips, $1.26 sack;
carrots, $1; parsnips, $1.05; beets,
4)1.60; horseradish, 10c pound; nrtl
chokes, $lfy(1.26 dozen; nspnrngus, 16c
pound; cabbage 3(ii3 J, c pound; beans,
25c; cnullllowor, $2 per crate; celery,
$I.C0 crate; parsley, 30c tloren; pcos,
ICclb.; radishes, 30c doren ; splnnch,
2o lb. ; sprouts, 10c lb.; smiatb, 2J,c.
Applos-7GcC($2.75 box.
Iluttor City creiiniory, extras, ilflc;
fancy outside cronmory, 32r(t34u; store,
J820c. (Ilutter fat prices nverogo
1 H cents per pound under rmmlnr hut.
i i -
tur prices, j
Kggo-Orogon ranch, 21f(22Jtfcdor.
Poultry Hoiih, IGfifilOo; broilers,
", iryors, lomzuc; roostcro, old,
110CI2q; young, H&filGo; ducks, 20((
..;, ki-vbu, me; uirKoyH, 18(i20c.
Venl Lxtro, 0G(U0o pound; t
inn, minis; uenvy, oc.
Pork-Fancy, Oc lb; largo, 8QlSkc
Citttlo Uest steers, $6.25(it6.60;
metllum, $4.6001:5! common. r,nir,i i
cows, best, $4Ctl.25j medium, $2.26i0
3.75; calves, $1010.
rrr'n" nHt wethers, $0; medium,
SBfifB.GO; mixed ahoop, $3.60ftfG,25;
vornblo the farmer,, of Umatilla county iwV$5M6 60, lain! M 76
nro contented. Tho prospects for houvt UaZ 1 tuV .AT0''0',
iiiUDUULiit inr iwiiiirts iimsu . nn,.t ..,
yields wero never bntlor' " en r ,"""' Ulf.80J medium,