The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 17, 1909, Image 7

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    All Physicians
Muot proscrlbo pomo of tho In
croillontn thnt nro oontnlnoit In
Hood'n Bnrtnpnrllln for all trou
liloa of tho blood, tomnoh, klU
noys nnd llvor.
Tlmy liicltitln imrmpnrlllu, IIIIIiikIh,
jollow dook, K'i""i'i wiM clititrylinrk,
iimndrnkc. dniulolloii, Juniper borrlv,
.. I. ..I. ....... ..In
Illlinipoiin hi mvi .
'j'lio combination nnii iropottlonniirn,
ourotni fortituiu nmi kivu power to cum
lioyoml ttiu much o( tiny other prcicrlp
tlou or mibililiiti). 'Hint's why It In
wlao to Kt Hood's nml only Hood'n.
, . 1 -J s
AKpllllnn ul m-laiillll M.thoil
line Orereoitm IIwubIiI,
(trowing reports nr rrncliliiK Iirrn
bout tlm iiiccm of dry fnrtidnic In tint
scmlnrlil regions, y h Ii Angi'lrs
dliamtcli to tho New York IW New
Mexico tin siIiImI more new pw-tonkr
to lla Hit during the yrr tlinn nuy
other Btiito or Territory and In re
gion where rational "dry farming"
inothnds hate t-cn adhered to the new
ettlera are uniformly proierou. ThU
yeara experience, In fact, lint demon,
ttratrd leyond quiatlon tho full flit-
cacy of tho new a) item or dry rnrm
Ing. Wherever It liaa leeii tried, the
results inr been km1, hi (pile of a
drought of nlmott length
ml Mrrrlty. It can no loiigvr be pr
dieted thnt "when a dry jear coiiira,
the Cnmi-MI tyttPtn will fall." The
dry year I here, and the tclentlflc dry
farmera are reaping record crop. Tito
rrtult will be a phenomenal develop-m-nt
In New .Mexlro, Arliona, and
ottirr region In the miiulnrld region
within tho next decade.
From New Mexico ami ArUonn lisr
come whit-spread ciimplalnt of damage
la rrntM tint limn of live stock Oil ac
count of the protracted drought. Thou-
Arlr)illiirnt fnlli-sira
Agrleiillurnl iidlegea generally had
their beginning In III" bill liitrodiui'd
by Kenator Morrill of Vermont In 1WK2,
which aoiiio time Inter wii eimctrd Into
law, iirovldlng llml hunt bo net nnlde
by the goiernmeiit n they lintl I
for the ronatrmtloii of the I'aelllc rail
road, from the prou-nl of tho aalo
or whirl) hcIKmiI hIhiiiIiI bo i-litlllhiil
for agricultural In-lrucllmi It I In
lenalliig to note, aaj Harper' Week
ly, that In thl me jear, wl moat
of the while men folk were away on l.ilHlli1i-lll. Ilin KlllUX llldlnil
of tho Mute of Mluneaotn uproae and
iimaancriil miiiid WHI or the frontier
tll.-r and In tlm while inan'a reprl
aal thirty-eight of the leader were
hanged on a alngle unilToiti in wie town
of Maiikato. Ho It may readily be tx
lletcd fiirmlng at that time hnd ii-t
bieii riilunil to n pedagogic form, and
little wa done In any of the Malm
for year exiept to provhto a few lec
ture on ImhoIIo eubjeet, for the pur
m.o of hnnglug on to the appropria
tion. When at lat l'renldent Farwell
orgnnlxeil a nml courw of Instruction,
aaiirdlng to the light of the time, It
wn linjKHudhlo to mi-urn any Ntudent
to ptirue It, eren by dint of brllK-ry,
whlrh the worthy limtructor Indiirtrl
oualy tried.
Hook funning wn routcd and ridi
culed by itery ohbfanhloneil or "prac
tical" farmer, a It I In the "way
He Prrfrrrrd On rtlrl.
When J M llarrle, the author of
"I'eler Pan," nlilr-fd nn miIIi-Iim- of
n thouaund girl a Hnillh College dur
ing hi flrat Amerleau violt of but
year, a friend nsktd him how ho had
found the oxMrlenee.
"Well," Mr flnrne, "to tell
you tho truth, I'd iini"h rather talk a
tlimimiml time to one girl than to talk
one time to a tlmnrd lrl."
N I J Or rar.4 W Of. I" '' 'i-
e ' " r '" "'"""" " , Kr1 fr rti t Miii uimi. aaa iri-.
deiehipmeiit III Hie art of hi ut, it. n. kiim. m . w "- '- in'i'i-'
(Irlllni ArtUlnefl.
"Mj dad can lick jour'n," all IlaJ
Mabt hf can." nwri in am
boy with he jtold'n corl, "wit I can
nlmU Ui err)tlng darllihl out of
Whlili h proceUfl JO no, wim hmi-
n ngrlcullurn. It la Hi- oldeat arlenco
rml the dlanncrlea of llio law of mil
mill and plant llf" lyateunillnilly hia
ollled nro acleiitllle ngmciilluro. The
Importnnie of Improved farm manage
li.ent linn lulcrealed alike I lie national
mill Hliite goteriiuieul Aurlciillunil
collegia nml experiment atnlloii nro
entnlillitlieil In all the Klalea to teach
the Hence of farming.
HiiNlniidineii no longrr IimiIj nalinneo
M..l..iif If1 fii'rlfHtlllirn. l!l'lrV.
IIHIII r' iviiiiiiv . -----
where the farmer I confronted with
1 1 iiiv
profeiMlon work-l out nt experiment
Million now 10 iiiiproto inn yiem
of grain and graa ir acre, how to
Htiretimfully comlait the enemlea of
plant and iinlmnl llfo are to clooely
allied with aucrcHaful agriculture to
be Ignored by the farmer.
Knowitlge I Illimitable. We drink
at It fountain, which I luexliniiRtlhle.
The greateat plenaure of life I the ai
ipilltloii of ktiowledgo. It la like
necking the fountain of ercmilal youth
there I Joy In the exM-ctallon of
iimiliir li. H i with tho faruier. new
diniiverle are Mug uinde niiuually In
the principle of agriculture which are
a I'lenaure and prollt to know, ami the
niMMxful httihaiKlmaii I nlwaya
Mi-Uliig arlentlllc knowledge In hi vo
cation. (loodall'a Fanner.
n fl p.nlil Itriv I fiavA vntl Artr-
i.ii in .. j- ..... ... -.,- ,-- ----,
llilng Ihtt' Indralror'lhlef Honnrthlog
In can't break Hi flrit tlm lit pLi;
with itr
"I think to. W hv otn to flat
Ironi." ,
"Hare thr Rot hsndle on 'emr'
"Of roiim."
"Well. tliy won't lt him fiv mln
utf. HUow m omihlii 4e."
Ilraln III rnrilun.
Thre one wa verille kaUer,
Who In handing out talk wm do inlir;
He ot a itralcht tip
To bo! Inn bl Up,
And now the klr U wlner.
Chicago Tribune.
Recipe fop Rheumatlim.
To one-half pint Rood whlakcy, ald
... -..... miwl1lfi nml nnn
Whlcfi h" proeruo in o, wim n--- one ouncu syiui iwhiii -
new and dlapatrh, and they wera Dria ounco Torlt compound, which can be
.i....i. i.miim i ... .... I nf tinti rlnitrcflaL Tfiko in
,fo V. rtnpn Ilrfrfl.
"Anyihlng I can ahow yon, lrr 'When flrt I nought the writer' ranks
MYe, I want lo gt lom kind of tny My feme wn taken In wltli tlianic
n .11 I If--. UM.. h .. . -i .!. I..l.lnl at.lAall
frknila tharoaflrr.
Por Infants and Children.
Tub Kind You Have Always Bought
Boar tho
Qlnaturo of
procured of any drURRitt. Take In
teatpoonful dosca before each meal and
before retiring. Followed up, this la
a turo remedy.
pvrnlntlnn' llrrorllliiK V.ltret.
"lion ahout your told ralnlac atock,
.i.i !,... 1 Ktlll ninnlnr nut wallT'
"Fanning oot7 No. Next thing to
It. thousb. It' Faterlng out." Chicago
aiMla of ahecp have dl-l or tliiret on " "-r. n -
the range, and many lnewrlenceil lairk- dUlrlcl In many Mate even to
.-.. ... i..... i ....,... i n, muiv 1 till, day. If a Ixir wnufeil to le n law
urf llllllli-li" lini" ii - '
Iraami that farming In the rmlarld
laud demand very different mcthut
from IIkhx- iractlcitl In the older agri
cultural coinmunllle. In one week of
July moro than l.i0 farmer whoe
crop bate lieeu aliiHiM ruined by the
drought aectired lefivo of alnienco from
their htHiieatead. nod went to Kann
to ohlalu work a harveat hand In tho
wheal rielda. Moreover, practically all
of thcao will return when the Kanaa
wheat hnrvct l over, and hereafter,
It la aafe to any, they will put In prnc
tlco method belli r ultcd to UCW
ful plain farming. The drought In
Nuw Mexico and Arlrona hn now leen
broken, tnd no further loa or tuffer.
lug I nntlelpnted. Ill apttn of the4
dimcultle the Itplux of linnieateadera
Into both the aoulhwealern torrlturlet
coiitluur to grow III volume.
CI nml rmllr.
"My daughlar aiijiear to have mar
ried tery happily," remarked a lady.
"Her hulnnd tin not wraith, It mutt
be Admitted, but he ha family."
"Yea. I heard he wa a widower
with atx chlldreul" a neighbor aulffed
Uirl l)ilnliin.
"la your Juilgmant." aakfd tli caller,
"what la Ih fulura of lha aeroplaneF
"H'a all up In the air I" aavagely an
anrred tb Informallvn editor, who had
made lha aaiii riKliie to tin qileatlm
forlraavvn tlm before. Chicago Trlb
uti. Anoltirr lliirrnr,
I'irhanga lilllor Ut me e Mark
Twain had a degree ot aoin kind con
feirnl on him. didn't heT
I.llarary IMItor Yea; alnc he Incorpo
raleil hlmielf 1 hellave he haa laVcu th
degrre of Ltd.
rin-Kl uriniiumiiny.
Teaehrr Your iianm I Julm Tlinmlna,
la It Where are you from, Johnny T
New Fnpll Knoliomlih, Wah.
Teather How do you xll It, Johnny?
New 1'upll You don't ijII It, uia'aw.
You aiicie It. Chicago Trllmn.
Wltnt V llNnUed to lllm.
lit) nor What htv you dona with til
your ChrUtmat preaenta
Shyne MaJ a large cold howl of
luminal. ,
lis Kuniv.
Taacher Tommy, who wat Cleopatra?
Tommy Tucker Cleopatra wta tha col
ored woman who uaed to do our wtaliln',
ma'am. Her other name wta Jackaon.
Hold tieatcn out inlo a Icat iaaj,iMi ol
an Inch In thlcknei become tranaluceiit,
and the light rayt penelrollng It give It
grceiilah hue.
There are mora able bodied men to th
total population In th Weatern Htnle
of the Fulled Bltle anil Canada thin
anywhere ele In the world
thU day, If a liy wnnfeil to le n law
yer or a doctor, or even a paraon,
there wan aolne xcii for hi waatlng
time In tud)liig ImmiI. hut 'fnrmln'"
wa "farinln'" and It waan'l to lo
letirneil In aclmol. Time have changed
alnce- then. The teacher IheniM'liea
bate lenrmsl aomctlilug. Many ecnt
have Ihi'M unlocked retarding the chem
latry of aollfc n delermlnlng their
treatment mid the crop they will grow,
the nclciitUlc crowilng of breed of
plaiilV, a well a niiltnnt, tho Im
provement of niil". by the aclcctloli
of exemplary etugle heail from a plot
where en ill lraw I numbered, oer a
IK'rlml of ten or a down year. One
audi prwcv- n thl iiibbil I'.' 1-2 IT
ii-ii t to the hnnl dollar In the Kcketa
of tho farmera who planted otio audi
variety produced In the Mlnueania ta
Hon. Hpraylug with mjaterlou col-li-ge
connection ellinlnnleil the In wet
from tho orchant and douhletl the
inluc of apple In tho fruit market.
BcwareofliieCough H
l tt-t lianga oa ti,Uunilr.
Wf- brVing your nlclii'a riil ami 7TO
mil cilautirngyoiiviluiUiaVlolciK MM
E5 cllluiwiiii)fimt A(wdo,
l I'Uii'a Cuia lll lallavt won- Ml
M ilcilullr any cduiih, no liutur SR
ITs bow lit iMvinceil or mtIoui.
mm li,oattiiamlliUthlriluii4 7j
turUi i, clttn (lit tlatgf 1 air H
Ml ui lha coujU tllaav. fgWM
B ;" !
B AllliiUiiUu88cU
llutiiKHr MnuHtilrrlriK.
In Germany, where the rvlnll meat
dealer I iiauatly til own butcher, of-
roria are iteing liinui' net eie nerc in
Mibntltuto humane laiighterlug fur tho
old time practice that hate rn lined
niiieli aurrerliig. Hnxony la taking tpo
Irani, nml linn- lua utrlet Inu-H forlilil
ding bhvdlng until tho animal have
Ikvii made iiii-nmnolotm. Cnttle nml
filhup niilmnla nee Htiintii-it In n lilmv In
the center of the forehead, iiaunlly with
Homeiiuug more ceriiuu iiinu mo iinm
mer or nx of n few )iar ngo Many
hulchera apply the Mlniighterliig mak,
which liner tho e)e and lit n Miar
IhiII thnt I driven Inlo the brnln by a
hIiil-Ii Iiinu- frniti ii ii-ikulmi lifiiiiiiuir !
inn I ei-i Nttviigui ami "Kin nre rcipiireii
In npparntu ualug powderone of
IIion) lielug In the form of a till like
n telephone reivlwr. tlmt project n
Ixilt when the cnrlrldgo I exploded
by gentle tapping, while another Urea
a Hhurp MiluttM bullet limtond of the
holt. Alt Improved Imitrument Jut In-Irmlui-i'd
Into Ihiglnnd I the ihjIoux
gun, which tin a tivl I in r re I In plnct
nr inn uirii-iiiir enn in ine iiriiuinrT. ihii-
eiu, with n wire ihrough the wimxIoii
bundle for pulling the trigger. In tier
ninii, Italian, Swlea and other cltloa
almttolra nro public liiatltutlona, where
hutchera go to Muughler their nulumlt
iiudt-r municipal HU'icrrUlnn.
Nrlpiitinn riirmlnir,
'iiiihIiiiiiiIiiumi nre loiiklin: more favor
ably uhiii Mi-leutlllc ngrlculturu na they
come to iimicrainim inai ine aymem
ipeou farming nccordlng to tho Intent
dlat-n-, erica of tho law of plant mid
niilmnl llfo. Fiiriuera uawl to rcgnrd
acleutlDo farming law a of ngrlculturo
na formuhited by hoiiio ngrlculturiil ed
itor who had no practical Uiiowlwigo
of husbandry.
Sclenco ineniiH clnaalfletl knowlwlgo
on any subject, iirriingod for mHy rof
crenco of tho civuho which produced
certain effect a. Helcneo prcaervi-a tho
facta connected with every department
nf knowledge, ao cIiihhIIUmI that tho Htu
dent con obtain nn underatandlng of
iiHtronoiuy, medicine, chemUtry, geol
ogy, biology, entomology and bacteriol
ogy Without Hclenco tho ktiowledgo of
tho ngea would U lost mid iimu would
Im iimililn lii mnlm urOLTi'SR.
All Iniluslrles nro operated for tho
welfaro and maintenance of ninn nnd
no profession Is bo allied to umnklud
i:irrlrlellr t A-crlrulliirp.
The eio'ratlon of Prof. Sir Oliver
lodge hn recently l-en nollclteil In
Hngtnud by ex-erluieiitera devlrou of
testing tho effecl of electricity In
allmulatltig tho growth of plnnta. Kir
Oliver IMso hlmaelf decrllx- aomo
or the reult. Wire are alretched on
low (ole mer the field to tie treated.
one pole H-r acre Indng auillcleiit. Foal
the electricity 1 auppllcri at n po
tential of nbout IWMKK) volt. Tho
negative electricity I oouvejod direct
to mirth. I'eraou walking under tho
ln' feel tho electricity In tho nlr
The ciirnnt I liialntiilneil for a-jveral
hour during the day, but la abut off
at night. During bright min-hlno It
cviii iinneciiHwry, nnd may even le
harmful. In tho cnao of wheat tho
deelrllled plota allow M nn lucronao of
)eld of from Wl to -til iH-r cviii. ami
the wheat brought n better prlco In
the market. Other crop allowed Im
provement nliwi.
Vhllfnli tin- llrnlionar.
livery tioultryuian ahoiitd glvo tho
henliuiiott a perlmllcal cint of lime
wah and the oftener ho do- It tho
better. Tho matter I n U'ry almplo
one. If the Im.uh- I tmiill all )oti may
want I a llmewnah bjuali and a bucket
of water Into which a few hnndfull
of quicklime have Ikxmi put, well Mir
reil together and allowed to ecttle. The
atuff when put on ahould be oliout aa
thick aa en-am. A handful of common
roiiKh unit will help It to adhere to tho
walla, a ioonful or two of liquid car
Indie acid will help It to do II mur
dernu work on nulninl llfo and a llttlo
bit of powder blue (waahlng blue) will
prevent tho white ciait turning yellow
by and by.
If the henhouae I a large one It will
pay to ue n aprayer for putting on
the llmcwaMi. Thl la n mot effective
way of whltewahlug aby building.
Tli V. ll- llaolilr.
Under apreadlng Merry Wld.
Th village buty atanda.
Tba beaut., t wlnaonvt girl It aha,
With rlnga on lth her handa;
And claaped around her thapfly trm
Hlie wrnra two golilea banaa.
ivn ritu-rtd-M-r u mmnlMil tn rur-i an
,u, of Ilchlnr, ItHrxl. IiImIIkc or I'rotruJInf
Plwa In a lo M ar ut mmrr raiiing-M. lue.
"It If true," Inquired the traveler who
waa atandlog In front of the Art Inatl
tutt, "that a confidence man once aold
tbe big bronia Hon lo a truatlng atran
gar for J73 or aora aurh titlful aum?"
"Tep," aald the policeman; "tbe con
mm In tbl town art loiln' their grip. I
ran remember when tbey wouldn't ell
nothln ajllr than tha Maaonlc Templa
to a yalioo." nilcwto.Trllmne.
Tla year alnee that Initial aplah
They've never tent tho prmnlaiil cnth.
To wnlt ami get no p-iy. I find,
la wore than having thing declined.
.rlerelioit f'lln Dealer
Hothara wilt Bed Mr. Window' JMot
HTriif. lbl atraiiiwlr louaelof tlialrdilWrta
fiuilug iba ttattiln !tlod.
tfnitrr .f Olillanllona.
"Ren lor, yoo aurely will vote for tbtf
"Why ahould I?"
"It' for the benefit of poaterlry."
"Foaterlty may go hang I I know
ready what poaterlly will y aliout me,
and I'm going to get even with It before
hand. I 'hall tot agalrut tba bill Juat
to aplte pQ'terlty."
for lb. altnalur of B. W. OKOVE. Ulth
wcrM ortr to Cor Cold In On Dr. He.
Dnrle Jerry.
"I abooldn't wonder," aald Uncle Jerry
Feeble, "If there w aomethlng In thl
Idee, that the condition of a man'a teeth
ha a whole lot to do with hi moral
chtrader. The blggeat liar I ever Jcuew
In my life wore a full aet ot yi wtia.
,'blcago 'irmone.
Hen who cannot :
lor a rainy dqy.
Imd Ihc grcaiesl
.Amnrl nnn frri
of bodily movcmenl
Sl!CKRS32? 5.115
Every goravenl bearing
me i-30 ot lh lih
guorqhleed wolerprool
Colaloa lrc
. .."?!' '.i""!"!? "- Z c
-tomR-r --31
hip i-" N r
W i
Va-JD t I
. -- tk-a ------ ---
. 1T7.","T.1,1".V J.m.
wa yietlf rrr)mut t'-raa. WaUia
lllr-HT. J "T- ...m im- .. J v w
Ijrtu ,CUIL'I--,'I mini jnumnTirw pivw
-niHAn-rv. iiiMwi.rai-.waM
Mtiirr r w "r. 7"J-
mva WI iw pr-i. awuw. .--'
D. M. tXKKt CO,
Patrdi, Dtun.
No. 7-09
WlllSC writing to.lrtlpI-M
manllnn till ppr.
I'mlilon Aid.
"The pre ailing iihhIc of dn-aa the
clinging, aoft, dnwpy effect la
bleeylug to thivitergolng mankind ut
leual," reumrkiHl an obaenlng young
iiiiiii to hi companion In nn orchcHtM
tlitilr at one of tho venaouV iiHnlng
phi) a. "If n woman come In Into to
the jierfunuaiico alio cannot dlaturh
eery 0110 about her by tho mulling of
of many yllkm petticoat without pro
elalinlng lieraelf hopolonaly U-hlml the
day In at)le. The Hhoath-llke gown of
thl jcor cling mid I alleut mid aoft
Fur iiDatdf, Fm glad; I've loat moro
than 0110 good apw-ch by the tardy eu
tnuice of a rustling iiettlcoaliil worn
mi. I'd na aoon hoar her allocs
Corn anil Keroaeur.
Twenty )t-nr ngo, nity tho Kansas
City Journal, 0 gallon of kerosene coat
threo bushel of corn. Now n bualiol
of com buya tho gallona of oil mid
tho teller haa a conta chango coming.
Cleanses t Svstctw
Bispds ooCls aTd McaAaccs
tlttcXo CousqVo;
Acs xawvo, acaXvvy as
BcsXov NwJVbwoxv awOiCK
tew. yovx au& QW.
To Je Ws boncJVtVoX cjJccXs.
ovays buy Wxc QcnuwCv
nafsutaciurMt by tk
Fig Syrup Co.
one sue only, refculor price 50' per bottle.
HUT ill
rowDU wia
Het It from
your Grocer
MM win we toe IM ert rat itt.
MatwoodrftilrrtvMOtta.crnlnrT ywiJi-vfr
i IaIA tuna nf imr ia ki.i1 If iIa it tn-iii . a I
IJr. Itttimpiirrv irru y-pj-ti' Cullltod; I
ftlta4 !- II iMclil if tb tt-r mJFlB Blttd
a on . ur-fain uni.rrjlitf- tuirf
f4rmln-mrtr. iripftilirl luiarunltvtti
u)iiainiRu-f pt iwri ii 'r mi -i h-hw rr or
Tim w aaaaJin""-w'a a a vti-. va anav
iian4riul ftrM.loir ariu, Ik tvmil wiMMWr
lrlJ IMI-.l ImtCHrmil !.' kadcmtA
l.frr. Or -4l40 anil will a14 a aai4
farui w4 rniTtli btivr n bjr ju tfor
SALaicn lku in,, uoiu La vroifa, ma.
Nulra liy n WorUluif I'nrmrr,
KihmI given to unprolltahlo nulmnla
I wiiatcd.
Willi n variety of stock ono can utll
Ue nil food.
ltet breed do not Inauro moat prof
It without proper treatment.
All fooda for planta muat bo aolublo
to bo available.
It la tho llttlo economics thnt count
up moat In tho cud.
A high wiling prlco does not lessen
tho coat of production.
Concentrated fooda should always
ho fed with those moro bulky.
It ueeda faith In your occupation to
bring nbout coiuplvto hiicccss.
It rarely pays to feed for u merely
posalblo IncreiiKO In price.
Underfeeding Htunta growth nnd
overfeeding la n wnatu ot food nml of
Thero la moro prollt In growing an
nnlmnl than In fattening ono ul ready
The 2
are the
fast ihrough train
The Alveolar System
Of Replacing Teeth in the Human Mouth is the
Greatest Advance Ever Made in Scientific Dentistry
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These Teeth Will Outlast Those Who Are Wearing Them
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nnir -1.1 D...U!n Prourna . S3.50
Bridge Work (all kinds) each tooth - - - $3.50
Silver Fillings ------ 25c and 50c
We are expert plate makers - - ?3.50 up
Painless Extracting (free with all werk) - - 50c
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We do work for out-of-town people In ahorteit poaalble time.
The Alveolar Electric Painless Dentists
Dml'iib of 5 lo 20 Years Attire Fradke in PortW
N. E. Cerser Fwtrta nd WulusgtMi Stmts PORTLAND. ORE.
rff!c Hour: 8 a. m. lo 8 p. in. talranco liy J- nnou
ndaya, 0 a. in. to 12.
Phone AU71
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