The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 17, 1909, Image 3

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flcwsy Items (lathered from All
Paris o! tlio World.
Less Important but Not Less Intin
osllng Happenings from Points
Outstdo tho State.
Knstorii wool buyers havo formed n
tiuvrral person Imvo been killed l
Mexican riots against landlord rule.
A Jury linn been secured In tho tirl
bery case against Calhoun In Bun Fran
lsco. A lornnilo In Delaware and Pennsyl
vania killed two persons find destroyed
ninny building.
Cullforiiln fruit minora fulled to get
tlio Increased ruled on drleil and can
ned fruit rescinded.
Toft's engineers say tlmt n sen-level
eanat I out of tlio question, as tlio cost
would bo Inealulable.
President Gompor. of tlio Amerlomi
I'wlorntioii of Labor, says S.i'OO.tHlO
trwn or now out of employment In tlm
U li I tod Ste'M.
Now Orleans I preparing n great
welowtw foi tint Tnft party, the princi
pal feature .if willed will Iki n typical
iioutlwrn bouquet prepared by Creole
A Chlenjjo firm ha been awarded n
eontract to supply tho British nrmy
with oomod beef for n terll of thrwo
jrear. Tho lirt delivery, between
600.000 and 1,000,000 pound, will bo
made next July.
An n result of n search lio lint been
making In tho Interior department.
Representative Hnwley linn discovered
tlmt tho Corvalll & Yaqulna wagon
road bill, rceently Introduced hi tho
house, contain a joker which would
.nu-rntn to defraud tho uovcrnment out
-of sovrral thousand acres of valuable
land In Oregon.
Certain ronatora havo revive! tho
cry for n sea-level Panama canal.
Many inoro prominent men have been
Indicted for Oklahoma land fraud.
A terrible billiard la raKlncocr tho
entire country east of tho Rocky moun
tain, j
Franco and Germany havo signed a
treaty of jteaco regarding Moroccan
MmIiii.1 lilllim nf IM'firO Mill CTKxl
will wero exchanged between King Ed
ward and Emperor William nt tholr
banquet In Ilorlin.
Flro of unknown origin destroyed
the Missouri, Kansas & Texas railroad
crcoollng plant, located four mile
fiom Greenville, Toxa. Tho los is
-estimated at between J1C0.000 and
Mm. Kuth May Swlft-Kvcrw, of
Chicago, who was loft a fortuno of
$5,000,000 by her father, tho lato Guv
tavua Swift, was granted n divorce
from her husband, Ernest 11. Kvcrsz,
by Judge Gibbon.
Tho union Jack of tho battleship
Maine, which woa sunk In tho harbor
.tit Itnvnnu. wl received nt tlio Nnvy
li.imrtment from Cnptoln J. C. Fro
tnmit rnmmnmllmr tho United Slates
shin Mississippi. It will bo added to
tho collection in tho museum at Wash
Ington nuvy-ynrd.
Tho controller of tho currency Tues
day announced that tlio Coal Holt Na
tional bank, of Ilenton, 111., has been
cloned by order of tho director and
that Georgo C. Hall hna been appointed
receiver. Tho Cool Holt National
bonk'a embarrassment i aald to dato
,.,. tlm .lufnlrnllim u fW Vearrt OITO
of It. A. Youngblood, formor president
of tho bank.
American inanufacturcra fear pro
moted revision of French tor I If.
Tlio government will probo four moro
"big packing firms on robato charges.
Socrctory Garllold admlta ho Is not
handicapped by limitation of secret
Tho nation Is preparing to honor
Lincoln's 100th birthday unnlvorsory,
February 12.
!.', Innrl In worried over tllO roVOHUO
problem. She muut rolso $ 100,000,000
extra this your,
A wireless tolegraph oporntorwas
badly burned by n atroko of lightning
during n Btorm nt San Francisco.
Tho "Morry Widow" lint Ib laid
nsldo, Riving placo to a shapo that
looks Ilka an Inverted llowor not.
President-elect Tnft Is now on routo
to Now Orlonns, and says tho canal
work Is progressing satisfactorily.
California loglslaturo Is dotorminod
California 8olons Must Oo Shown Ac
tunl DntiKor.
Hncramonto, Cnl., Feb. O.Ppsltlvo
Information that nntl-Japniioso leglsla
tlou will Involvo tho Unltwl Btntes In
troublo with Jnptui Is nil that will pro
vent tho final iiBSatfo of Grovo I,.
Johnson's Japanese school bill In tho
assembly nexi Wednesday muriiinK.
Tho ower House lias uiKcn opcimer
fitantonnt his word and awnlbi en-
IlKhteninenl upon tho great secrnui oi
state, publicly or privately. If tho
conversation of members Unlay rellecls
tho aentlnient of tho assembly, tho
tllglitest olllclal Intimation that legis
lation adverse to tho Interests mid wel-1
faro of tho Japanese In this country
may cause liitrnntlonnl complications
will bo siilllclent to kill ovory untl
Japanese bill,
if, howovor, tills olllclal information
., lii. nrniliiriiil liv Ktanton. If ho
can't "make good," then tho assembly
will demonstrate that the speaker may
cry "wolf" but once,
Stanton's ilromoiic pleading ior no
loy Friday Is thu talk of the ieglsla
turn. In both houseB tho member are
asking, "What In the world did he
rneotiT" ,..
Arrayed against Governor Glllott,
Stanton and tho conservative, how
over, I n strong nnll-Jopanose force
which Is merely conciliatory. Tho
iwiattwirutmiTit. of filial HCtloll Oil tho
school hill wns in tho nature of on
nrmlstlco and back of that action Is n
determination to pass every anti-Japanese
bill If the sjHMiker cannot make
good his suggestion that Information
would bo suumlttMl to show tho folly
of antagonising Japan. Tlio projio-
tnuiu nf tho iinti-JaiHineso meajyres
ure iUlto frank In saying that Stanton
must produce iloeumeiuory jirooi oj ma
Immineneo of eonlllct between this
MMintrv nnd Jnrmn ami that nothing
oliw will kill the bill.
That Stanton will make good may Do
inferred from tho remark of Governor
Glllott that Japan has served notice
ukiii the Unltisl States to tho eliecl
that any drastic anti-Japanese legisla
tion will bo regarded as a breach of
faith. . . t.
"You know what breach of faith
means In tho parlance of diplomats,"
ll It. iTiivnranr. "Iletween tWO lia-
tlnn It Is n verv serious thing. It
may mean tho end of diplomatic rela
tions. It Is unnecessary for mo to ex
plain tho significance of the recall of
on ambassador."
Tho governor will not divulge uio
nature of tho matter which has been
forwarded to him by President Itoose
vclt. It Is, however, understood that
this, together with additional facts
retatlvo to the diplomatic relations of
tho United States and Japan, which
will bo sent from Washington by tele
graph, may be submitted to the assem
bly Tuesday. It Is tho opinion of Stsn
ton that the display of this Information
will end tho Japanese emurogiio.
Friday, February 12
Washington, Feb. 12.-Hcllpvlng
that all work and no ploy Is bad for
congressmen, member of tho house
ore urging tho president-elect should
not call tho spclnl session of congress
for tho consideration of tho tariff to
meet until March 1C
Tho unusual honor conferreil uon
Representative Fltzgvrald by Bpcaker
Cannon In splinting him chairman of
l the sM)dal committee to Investigate
it,., nuriilnrltv nf bills and resolutions
signed by more than one member, has
l brought out the raci inai wr, r iwrw-
aid is slated for a position oh tho com-
I mit. .n ml,. nf tlm iuxt house. He
Is tho only Democrat to bo appointed
chairman of n committee during tho
present congress.
In his Invocation today Chaplain
Couden, of tlio house, paid n beautiful
tribute to Abraahm Lincoln. Mr. Hou
toll, of Illinois, read Lincoln's Gettys
burg address.
General appaluso greeted the reading
of n letter from Ilritlsli Ambassador
Ilryee, enclosing n dispatch from his
government conveying to this govern
ment, "the sympainy oi wio iriu
government with tho celebration of the nt I'riuilltl.llt I.ltiroln."
Tho names of the commissioners w
renrosent tho United btntes, Canada
ml Mvlrn ut tho conference on the
conservation of natural resources oi
North Amtrlea. which meets nero nexi
Thursday, were announced at the
White house today.
Tlu. UnitHl Stntin will bo represent
ed by Secretary of State Hocoti, Secre
tory of tho Introlor uariiow, ami uu
ford 1'lnclwU
Rebate Inquiry Estendod Under Pres
ident i Directions.
Chicago, Feb. 0.- Investigation of
four additional packing concerns beside
Morris &. Co. will be conducted in Chi
cago as n result of tho conference held
In Washington last week between Dis
trict Attorney Kdwin W. Sims ni d At
torney Geperal Honaparto.
Mr. Sims and his first assistant,
James' II. Wilkerson, returned to Chi-
enrtn tnilnv uroniired to rendw the beef
inquiry. Theso Investigations will not
bo uK)ii an extended scale at nrsi ana
will bo for the purpose of determining
u'lintlmr tlm nnckliiL' concerns have ac
cented or solicited rebates from tho
railroads. Witnesses will probably bo
called this week from tho olllces of tho
Ni.tlimnl Pnrtclnif eoninanv. Armour &
Co., Swift & Co., nnd Schwarzschlld &
Sulzberger, though no largo number ot
witnesses will bo colled at one time.
President Koosovolt's Instructions
that tho Inquiry bo thorough will be
followed to tho letter In theso lato In
vestigation, as well as In tho Morris
Jt, CV. Invontlmltlon. which I DrOCtlc-
tally concluded.' Tho president nnd tho
department or justice in no uncertain
terms urged tho prosecution of tho In
quiry, according to on olllclal who was
In close touch Willi too coniorcnco.
Call for Men Frequent.
Washlnston. Feb. 0. An odlclnl of
tho buronu of Information of tho do
partmontof commerce nqd labor said
today that within tho lost ten weeks
fully 15.000 laborers could havo been
Bent out to different porta of tho coun
try If they, had had tho monna to trav
el, Thousands of nppllcotiona are bo
Inir recolvod for work from tho unem
ployed. Ono suggestion which Iiiib
I,.,.,., fni-wnnl lu tlmt Rolno fill ill III)
Bot asldo by congress for tho uso'of tho
dlvlHlon In transporting muorors, wun
tho understanding that tho money
should bo repaid.
Cold Weather Predicted.
Washington, Fob. 0. Following a
Btorm, which will imvo onstwurd from
tho oxtromo West tomorrow, a cold
wave, which now covers tho North
wost, will prevail over tho entire
Northern Bection of tho country by tho
WHllorniu i -,"..-- --,-- -- . ... , -flrtom.
topassnnt -Jnponceo ogisinvionunieBB .uiuw-- ".,,','"" r ' ,';, "ViV
shown that international complications poratures wl I bo oxporlencod over tho
would result. - HoutJiorn aisuicts.
Thursday, February II.
Washington, Feb. II. Tho agricul
tural appropriation bill was passed by
tho house today, practically as It camo
from the committee. The debate
dragged wearily on for several hours,
when tho proceedings wero enlivened
by n brief but spirited tilt between
Macon of Arkansas ond Cook of Colo
rado. . .
n.irlm- the debate on tho agricultural
appropriation bill Hartlctt of Georgia
suggested-that somo provision should
i..., rur tnn tiri-sorvnuon oi mu
ttossum and provoked the house to
laughter by reading a humorous dia
logue between two negroes, who found
fult with President-elect Taft's recent
'possum dinner in Atlanta on the
ground that 'possum was not a white
man's dish.
All attempts to pass nights tlmo tho
census bill over tho president's veto
wero abandoned today by leaders of tho
hou so and senate.
Senator Galllnger has presented to
tho senate u document known as "hy-
droirraphic data concerning United
States navy yards and stations," in or
der to make n permanent record as to
tho actunl depth or water mat prevails
at tho various naval yards and In tho
channels to sea.
Tho data Is based on Information
taken from government surveys. From
ill., fnliln It i nhown that the I'UL'Ct
Sound navy yard has tho greatest depth
or water, varying irom a xectioui
feet, with Portsmouth, N. II., second
with n depth of 33 to 37 feet, while
next in order como Norfolk, League,,! Viiiv Ynrlr. Mnrtt Islnnd.
Charleston, Washington and Pensacoln.
A successful light led by Shnbath of
Illinois was made against tho senate
amendment to the bill amending tho
naturalisation laws, which, among
other things, Increased tho naturaliza
tion feo from D to ? 10. .Mann or Illi
nois openly charged that tho proposed
increased tee wns simpiy an iuiuniu
to put moro money In tho pockets of
clerks of courts. By nn emphatic vote
tho rnnferenca rcnort was rejected and
tho bill laid on tho table.
A irinuio to i.incoin oy uouven ui
Illinois closed the day's proceedings.
being sold about Uio subsequent reduc
tion oJ the salary.
The establishment of a children's
bureau in tho department of labor Is
provided for In n bill which tho houv
committee on expenditures has decided
to report favorably. The bill places
tho bureau under a cniei, uj va oi
jxdnted by the president, who Is to re
ceive $6 000 a your.
Consideration of tho po"' savings
i.nnV i. ill wim resumed in lliu senate
today. Piles, of Washington, became
Involved In n controversy with Hey-
burn, who was criticising various pro
visions of tho bill. Ho appealed to
tm innnlnr frnm Idaho to nCCCD
amendments ns n means of facilitating
tho passage of tho measure, and added
that If It should not bo enacted this
.....Ion ho would co to tho president
elect and ask him to Insert In his call
for a special session a recommendation
that a postal savings bank bill bo
Tuesday, February O.
Washlnitton, Feb. 9. Under n spe
cial order tho house took up tho bill
"to provide for the government or the
canal zone, the construction of tho
l'nnnmn rnnnl nnd for Other DUrnoSeS.'l
Tho report soys a system by which
appeals may be taken from Judicial de
eluiAnn In tho cnnnl zono to tho proper
courts in tho United States is neces
sary. As there is little litigation in
tho sono, tho report says, tnero is no
ni.Kiiuiiv far threo ludnes of tho Su
premo court there nt present, nor for
tho court at all, II appeals uo omor
wlso provided for.
Tin. .Ilndimlon hrnupht out that
President-elect Taft had been consul tod
concerning tho provision giving to tho
president absolute aumoriiy in mc
matter of constiucting tho canal and
providing for tho abolishing of tho
present canal commission.
Tho prospects ror the passage oi mo
resolution making February 12, tho
100th anniversary of Lincoln, n legal
holiday In the District of Columbia and
l.n U'tTO dimmed in tllC
houso todoy through an objection by
Mr. Underwood or Aiaoama, to a mo
tion to send tho resolution to confer-
WmKMKKKKKKi m 'iibbimjimui i i
Tho Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition is within ten pcrc cntof being ready
to throw open to tho world. By May 1, thirty days before tho day set for the
formal opening, It will be complete in every ueiau, wiui uiuh.. .... j -hlblt
and ovcry Pay Streak attraction installed, bo that when the big day comes
it.. dr. nf It will break all exposition records by being ready and
down to tho minuto on the day first announced.
Tho splendid buildings being erecteu oy uie uniieu o.- k-
house the exhibits of Alaska, Hawaii, tho Philippines and tho fisheries, oro be
inp rushed to completion and Canada's handsome structure Is well under way.
' Oregon and California were first to complete state buildings and Oregon s
exhibit is now being installed. Other state buildings and tho buildings of sev
eral of the provinces of tho Dominion are under way and will be finished with
in the time limit. . , , . .,,....
Tho magnificent scheme of electric illumination and decoration Is ninety
per cent complete and tho landscaping ond gardening, which are to make a
.... . . .1 UmIiIim ma rtnn tnn.
brilliant itiiuru ui uio i-iiuii, -' ., - - n.j.
With iU Innumerable features bo nca ready and with the northern railroads
predicting an exposition transportation, through St. Paul alone, of 1,000.000
porsons, It would seem that tho A. Y. P. E. is to bo ono of tho most notable of
exposition successes.
Wodnesday, February 10.
Washington. Feb. lO.Following
closo upon tho discovery that Senator
Philander C. Knox could not, without
violating a provision of tho constitu
tion of tho United States, occept tho
Bint nnrlfnlln In tho Tnft CnbltlCt. tllO
senate took prompt action todny to re
move tho constitutional oujoction.
Senntor Halo Introduced a resolution,
which was referred to tho committee
on tho Judiciary, providing that tho
salary or tno secretary oi iuiu uo in
duced from $12,000 to $8,000, tho fig
tiro At which It Btood boforo It wns In
creased, ulong with thoso of all other
cabinet oillccrs two years ago.
In vlow of this resolution, Assistant
Attorney Genirnl Russell hold that if
congress restored tho salary tho case
foil outaldo tho purposo oi tno inw unu
wns not within tho law,
In tho house there was general ac
ceptance of tho suggestion for tho ro
penl of tho low Btanding In tho way of
Senator Knox's transfer to tho State
department, but It was not accepted by
all as feasible, Somo mombors rnlsod
tho question, If ovon after a repeal, ho
would not bo prohibited, inasmuch as
tho constitution forbids tho appoint
ment to an ofllco, tho salary of which l.nnn rnlmvl llnrlnf tho Onnolntoo'S
I term as a member of congrcsB, nothing
An nmuslng encounter between
Smith of Michigan and Lodge of Mos
nrhtnuitta marked tho debate of tho
Canadian boundary waterways treaty
in the executive session of tho senate
today. Iodgo arscrted that tho roroign
offnlrs committee hod received from
thu Ktntn HAnartment information
which ho believed answered Smith's
Smith in his reply declared that tho
treaty had not been prepared by cx
Secrctory Root, but that it was the
work or Chanlcr Andorson, a ew xom
Uu-vpr. who has been cncaccd by the
State department on various occasions
In connection wun treaties oucciing
the relations of this country nnd Cana
,ln Smith Intimated that Mr. Ander
son was too close to tho interests that
control power rights nt Niagara halls
ond that tho wholo treaty was prepared
for the purposo of quieting tho titles
of New York corporations to theso
I'hn srnnto committed on naval
affairs today adopted the provision for
the construction or two au,uuu-ion oat
tlcships. It is thought the bill will bo
reported to tho senate tomorrow.
Monday, February 0.
Wathlncton. Feb. 8.Tho houso
Miimirironta." who aro agitating a
chango in tho rules governing mat
body, will Introduce a resolution to
mnrrnw timvlilinir for radical chances
which are proposed to limit tho power
of tho bpcaker.
Tho resolution will bo signed nnd
Jointly introduced by all of those who
havo como out against tlio present
rules, nnd theso clnlnl thot many moro
have expressed their Intention of help
ing tho movement. Because of tho
ninnlr in tlm npmocrntic nlatform in
tho recent presidential campaign which
niixiirnti tho rmriv in invor oi a cnwiiiu
in tho rulcB of tho house, the "Insur
gents" are counting on the aid of the
minority members, nlthough they claim
that no effort to join lorces nas ueen
Tho houso eavo virtually tho entire
anaslnn tn tho consideration of bills
nnrtnlnlno- to tho District of Columbia
A messogo irom tno preaiueni wua
rnnii rprnmmendint? a law rcnuirini!
ocean-going vessels to bo equipped with
wireless telegraph apparatus.
Prnalilont itnosovolt Bent to tllO BCh-
ato todny tho report of a commission
appointed by him to mnko on examina
tion of tho lawa enacted for tho better
security of lifo ut sen, with n vlow to
tholr hotter adaptation, tiio report
rornmmmiria a Bvatomutic rcarrnnce-
menjt nnd codification of existing laws,
togothor with such changes ns experi
ence nnd present doy conditions seem
to require.
President Says Riding Story I Not
Worth Denial.
Los Anirelcs. Feb. 9. Mrs. A. W.
Rhoadcs, of this city, whoso daughter
was mentioned In tho Washington story
which was widely circulated to the
effect that President Roosevelt had
strtck the young lady's horse while
riding past her on tho road, has receiv
ed tho following letter from the presi
dent ontho subject:
"My Dear Mrs. Khoadca: I manic
vnu far votir letter of tho 29th ultimo
and am glad to hear from you that your
daughter denied the Btory that l sirucK
her horse. Of course I never struck
hr hnran or nnv other ladv'S horse.
I Tho wholo story was so absurd as not
to bo worth denial. iMumcrous stones
of this kind aro started from time to
tlmo by foolish or malicious people.
Occasionally 1 nm ooiigca to ucny
them, but as a rulo I find it best sim
ply to Ignore thorn, because denying
them calls attention to them ond gives
n chanco to mischief-makers to mislead
wcll-meanlng people by further repeti
tions of tho stories. Sincerely yours,
Hunters Allowed to Kill But Five Birds
a Day for Ono Month.
Let Alaska Teachers Arrest.
Washington, Fob, 10. Tho house,
committee on territories today reported
u bill to glvo Bcnooiteacners in aiosku
tho samo power ns marshals and thoir I
doputles to mako arrests. I
Sslom, Feb. 9. As amended by the
Joint committee on game, the season
for hunting pheasants has been short
ened to ono month October 15 to No-
vrmVr IB. Tlio limit has been reduc
ed from ten to five birds a day. Ono
concession was mado to tho sportsmen
In that hunting with dogs will continue
to be alio ved.
Thciaison for duck-hunting on tho
Columbia river has been fixed from
September 15 to January 15. This
wns a compromise by tno committee to
satisfy tho conflicting interests that
appeared before It. Tho limit win re
main nt 50 ducks, but the aalo of this
gamo will not bo permitted In tho mar
Tlm pnmmtttea tonlcht comnletcu its
examination of tho revised game laws
as compiled by Secretary Eberhard, of
tho Oregon Fish and Gumo association,
and with a few slight omendments will
report tho original Uratt osck to tno
knii.n fnvnrnhiv tomorrow.
W T. Plnlnv. renresontimr the Au-
dubon society, succeeded In having the
open soason lor ducks snortenea 10
Nebraska Takes a Hand.
Lincoln, Neb., Feb. 9. Representa
tion Tnrru ITnwnnt. nf Tlouclas COUntV.
today Introduced In tho houso of repre
sentatives a bill to segregate Japanese
and Chinese laborers irom wniio wors
rrun Tim measure nrovides that tho
Jnpaneso and Chinese must not work
m company wun wnuo men u mu
not bo employed In the samo building.
Howard says his bill was evolved to
oradicato conditions existing in South
Omaha, where Japaneso laborers aro
employed In tho pacKing nouses.
Mlnlstors Taboo "Salome."
Philadelphia, Feb. 9. Tho forthcom
Ins production of "Salome," at Oscar
Hammerstein's Philadelphia opora
houso Thursday night, with Miss Mary
nnnVn in tho title rolo. has aroused
tho opposition of tho clergy of Phila
delphia. Several of tho ministerial
bodies adopted resolutions ot proicat
today. Tho houso was sold out a few
hours after tho tlckot-offlca opened.
Desires Understanding With Britain.
But Has No Confidence.
Berlin. Feb. 9. The visit of King
Edward tomorrow is regarded general
ly in itself as an event at tho present
moment of tho greatest political signi
ficance, and with tho feeling that It
would be an excellent thing for both
nations if the meeting of the two tnon
archs resulted in a mutual understand
ing tending to allay international ten
sion. From no quarter, however, ia
Vo AvnnrtAtlnn voiced with anv confi
dence that tho visit of the English king
will produce direct tangtoio enccu.
King Edward is accompanied by
Queen Alexandra, and official circles
welcome tho royal visitors in the most
courtly tone, regarding their coming to
Berlin as a return for tho emperor's
visit to England, and are making no
comment on tho political importance oi
the event.
Cologne, Feb. 8. King Edward and
Queen Alexandra arrived here at 10:30
o'clock tonight and proceeded to Ber
Archbishop Farley Calls Modern Plays
"Orgies of Obscenity."
New York, Feb. 9. "The stage is
worse today than it was In tho days of
paganism." said Archbishop Farley In
his sermon In St. Patrick's cathedral
todav. Tho archbishop snid:
I "Tho old nreachers wonted us to be
lieve that wo must live undefiled to bo
saved. All about us wo have the men
and women who ore setting evil exam
ples. Men hoary with ago go to tho
public places and to tho theaters In
shamelessness and they bring with
them youngsters who cannot escape
corruption. Wo see todoy men and
women old men and old women who
ought to know better, bring the young
to thcte orgies of obscenity."
Wheat Market Soaring.
Chicago, Feb. 9. May wheat dis
nlnv ml n runaway tendency today ond
mndo a now high record. The market
opened with unusual excitement In tho
pit and early displayed such restivo
features that tho leading owners not
onlv sold heavily to check the advance,
but advised all their followers to do
likewise. This odvlce was followed so
promptly that tho position at tho close
showed tho revorso of the early ten
dency, May closing with n gain of )i
cent, whllo other months gained JJ to
fi cents, as compared with Saturday's
I Tho range for tho day was: Open
ing, ?1.10?; high, .$1,114, low.
$1.10&; closing, $1.11 t.
Nevada Smothers Anti-Japs.
Carson, Nov., Feb. 9. In tho Neva
da legislature this morning tho assem
bly bill prohibiting Japanese nnd Chi
nos from acquiring land or acting aa
corporation agents camo to tno senate.
This body, instead of referring tho
measure to tho foreign anuirs commit
tee, postponed it indefinitely,
King Menellk Not III.
Addls-Abebn, Abyssinia, Fob. 9.
Tho local representative of the Rcuter
Tnlnn-rnm rnmnnnv has boon ofllciallV
requested to deny tho report In circula
tion recently of tho serious Illness of
King Menellk;. The king is now b-
sent on on automobile tour.