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NO. 48
One Halt of Dressed Hog Tips
Scales at 2U Pounds.
An Instanco That Show What Can lie
Dono by Raining Hog In fho Ho nil
Country. Interesting Item
by Our Correspondents.
RitDMONl), Feb. 7. Wc Imtl
counted on having n little bit ul n
hog story of our own to tell this
week, but luck of having u pair of
Kititable scales linmly preventfl.
Butchering took place on Monday
with Mr. McGuiric'.i help. One
half of the dressed hoc weighed
7.. potiuds, nnil the limits, trimmed
up and ready fcr the pickle,
weighed a little over 50 pound
We rejoice ultli J. . I.amb In the re
turn of Mm. Lamb from an extended
visit In California, where she has been
nude rKoInc medical treatment also, rtlic
Just got In lait illy lit and we have nut
been able to learn bow she stood the
trip, but late reports hac lcn that she
Mas much Improved In health, Mr.
I,amb thoughtfully had the ucw home
all finished and furnished ready to re
eclve her.
Mr, and Mrs. If. I'. Tliuley of O'Nell
were visiting rclalhca In this neighbor,
hood today.
There was a very good crow d
that en loved the ikatltiL. Weilnetdav
night at the rink. Mr. l'nlmlexter calls
the floor a very good one except that it
Is too slick without chalkiiiL'. and he had
I ajibcrsl supply of tluljput on,
The Colonel Is cxctcd back from
Portland on Wednesday of this week.
His coming has been heralded by a let
ter written bv himself. As a letter writ
er he ranks pietty well up with Roose
velt although Kibty not quite so ver
satile, his socially being the advent of
railroads. Moil of us are led to liellcvc
that If the first train Is not In by Tues
day it surely Svlll not I later than
Wednesday. Some there be who say
"They hae cried Wolf!' Wolf!!' too
often," but away with such a prcposter
ons idea. There surely Is wolf, else
why all this fuss and feathers.'
Kirk Wliltcd is putting up a tarn on
the farm. 11. J. Ilcuniuger, who hauled
the lumber from the OrUrly mill, says
the roads are a pretty tough proposition,
Mcf.allln, Young & Company are
back from their clearing in the Johnson
ranch nelghliorhood, and are now at
work on Carl lilircl's forty. Our opin
ion Is that company was the gladdest to
get back. We have pitched right Into
work like that when soft and just out of
school and our back aches In sympathy
with him,
Wc understand that the townslte com.
paity sold only i. lota on t'riday to sU
different purchasers and concluded that
busluess was getting so dull that they
would withdraw the rest from the mar
ket for the present.
Prank McCaffery reports the sale of
the Jake I'.lirct forty just east of John
soil's As that is where the late railroad
surveyors laid out the V and the term
ilius of the road, we wink at each other
and say what a sly fellow that llarrlmau
Mrs. C W. worked up a very nice stir
prise on Chris I'.hret for lust night In
honor of his birthday anniversary, A
very pleasant crowd Assembled mid en
joyed themselves with games of various
kinds anil refreshments until the clocks
said Sunday,
The social and chicken pic feed on
Wednesday night was well Attended,
Over a hundred and fifty ale, dunk and
made merry.
Washington's Illrthday will be doubly
observed this year nt Hedmoud. There
will lie a dance at the Hall on tue jauu.
Some of the ludies hud ulso plunned a
Colonial Supjicr, but hearing of the
dance they postponed it to u previous
date and the supper will, take place 011
.Saturday night, the Jotli. Following Is
the menu:
Iloiton flaked Ilea us,
Hunker Hill Drown Dread.
Ml. Vernon White Dread and Hotter.
Plantation Coffee, Hplrll(s) of 1776.
Ice Cream, n Mnrtha Washington Cake.
HupiKT 35 cents, served from 7 until
to o'clock, More about Ibis Tea I'arty
next week.
)!. C, Park.
Tumalo Items.
TUMA1.0, I'eb, 7. The weather, has
been somewhat of a variety this week.
The machinery for the new mill Is ex.
iected In anytime now.
Teams are stilt hauling lumber from
the Gist mill to Dend for the Wenandy
The stockholders of the I'armera and
Merchants Telephone Line No, I held a
very linKrtaut mtetlng at Laldlaw yes
terday, and no doubt the lines No, r, I
and $ will soon consolidate into one line
and together build lines to both Ilcud
and Redmond in the near future.
I). V. Couch returned yesterday from
Shauiko with freight for Horner of lald
law. I). V. says the wind blew so hard
at Khaulko that It blew the rim off his
The party who sprung the refiort in
the Sisters and Gist neighborhood that
Geo. W. Wlmer & Sons had sold their
ranch at Tumalo must have had wheels
in their head. This report they em
phatically deny, as they have neve en
tertained an offer for their proerty.
1 If, Hoot has been enjoying a visit
from a brother who has a large ranch in
Montana, Mr. Root was very well
pleased with this country and says this
Is the only country he hss seen since
leaving Montana that he would leave
Montana to settle in, and he has been
down in California on a visit.
Inklings Prom Ulst. .
(5 1ST, I'd). I!, The drama given at
the school house at Gist was a success.
The receipts from baskets sold amounted
to fly It was evident that some of the
boys had their lest girl there, the high.
est basket going for fyy, the lowest for
ft. jj. C. I.. Gist was the auctioneer.
Walter Graham ami wife came over
t'riday to attend the drama.
J. II. Kdwards of Gist, who sold his
ranch here some time ago, will move in
a short time to Washington where he
will make his future home.
Quite a good deal of laud is being
cleared this winter In the Gist country.
Rev. Iwthcr of Redmond will hold
revival meetings at the school house at
Gist, commencing Sunday evening,
the Will.
I'rank Kdwards was a caller at Gist
Mr. MclCenney is moving onto the
Kdwards place which he purchased some
time ago.
Pleasant Ridge Note.
1'r.KASANT RtnCK, I'eb. 10, Mrs. Ir-
vin hss for the past few ds)s been serf.
ously III, Her trouble seems to lie acute
Indigestion, She is somewhat easier at
this writing.
Mrs. O. W. Hall was called to Cllne
Palls Sunday eveniug, and although she
herself had been bedfast, she took no
consideration but to relieve the sutTcring
of others, and went.
Horn to Mr, and Mrs. I'loyd Harrader
of Cllne l'alls, on Sunday, a girl.
We have just been Informed that Miss
Pern Hall, who has Ixcu teaching at
near Creek, has accepted another four
months term In that vicinity.
Clint Woods has been disposing of
some of his dairy stock,
Mr, and Mrs. R. 1. Sherwood, son
l'rancls, and Grandmother Kiley were
guests of Mr. and Mrs, J. A. Vosbere for
dinner Sunday.
Quite a number in this community
were out to hear District Superintendent
Sklpworth I'riday evening at Redmond.
Protracted meetings at Pleasant Ridge
are quite well attended and great Inter
est is manifested. They will close this
evening with u number of accessions to
the church membership.
TI10 nhove Is the name of a German
chemicul, which is one of tin many valu
able ingredients of I'olcv's Kidney Rem
edy. Hexamethylenetetramlne is recog
nlted by medical text tooksund authori
ties us a uric ucld solvent aud antiseptic
(or tue urine, lake Foley's Kidney
Remedy as soon as you notice any ir
regularities, and avoid n scrlouit malady,
Send DrujiCo,
't tiliiAiL iL'Jn Aiy tiJtfr mkat 1M1 iiiiAiii ft. 1 '
SUGAR BEETS have made an excellent showing in the Bend country. A sample of beets grown
here was sent to the State Agriculture College at Corvallis for analysis, the analysis resulting
os follow' Specific of juice, 1 0851; per cent solids in juice, 20 4, per cent sugar in juice, 18.7; pur
ity cr cent, 91.6. The assistant chemist, Prof. Kdwards, In reporting on the analysis, said: "This
shows an excellent beet.. In one year wc examined 216 samples with an average of 15.24 per cent
sugar in juice, and purity 84 36 per cent. The beets arc of a good size for sugar producing, and of
ou excellent shape." Prof. KniMily reported: "The purity and per cent of sugar in the samples
arc very promising, as they stnnd high." Eighteen and seven-tenths per cent of sugar, and purity
91.6 per cent is a good showing. The standard of excellence in sugar beets is 16 to 18 per cent and
purity 85 per cent. The per cent of sugar is much above the average and the purity, 91.6 per cent.
Is unusually high as an analysis of 90 per cent is exceedingly rare.
Very Confident Work Will Commence
Soon on Central Oregon Line, Saya
Roscoe Howard, General Man
ager of D. I. & P. Co.
Reports have been persistently
circulated in Bend this week to the
effect that Harriman had tele
graphed orders to Mr. O'Hricn to
begin construction of the railroad
into Central Oregon just as soon ns
the weather would permit, the re
port stating that the news had been
forwarded from Portland to the
local D. I. & P. Co. office.
The Bulletin interviewed Mr.
Howard, general manuger of the
company, In regard to this icport
and Mr. Howard said: "I have
nothing new in the Hup of railroad
news, and there is nothing to the
report iusofar as it claims to impart
any new information. However, ns
I have previously said .since Mr.
O'Hricn returned from his trip to
New York I am very confident
that he bas already received definite
orders to build into Central Oregon,
aud that the route chosen is up the
Deschutes. While there has been
nothlug reported during the past
week, yet I have reasons that make
me confident actual construction
will soou be commenced."
Another Successful Rabbit Drive.
A. D. Thayer says that the rub-
bit drive held three weeks ago in
the district In which he lives was
a great success, several thousand
rabbits having been killed. Over
a thousand rabbits were killed at
the corrnl near Mr- Thaycrjs place,
..... ASil.llii liliitr Mnllnllt Ism
OVCf 40U liiuuua isiii(, wuuui 111
one drive, The drives were con
ducted while snow was on the
ground, nnd the rabbits were car-
raled without great utiiicitity. 1 uere
is a noticeable decrease in the uu tu
ber of rabbits one sees in a walk
over the hills. Madras Pioneer.
Township plats for sale at this
office, two sizes, 3H und 6 inches
mik",J""l"""l;'-.,- mw l.!
.t zmmtmm.TZ :
L- f.- '
''?&' J
W - KW1'?
Homesteader Win Contests.
Waller Wing of Silver Lake was
in Bend the first of the week con
sulting Atty. C. S. Benson in re
gard to n contest case brought
against his homestead claim by the
forest service. The homestead is
in the f.akcvicw land office dis
trict, and when the contest was filed
some time ago Wing decided not to
fight it, as there has been for some
time past n well founded belief
among homesteaders in that district
that timber claimants were being
favored in preference to homestead
crs, in content cases where the laud
involved was in the timber, as in
Wing's casr. Recently, however,
two cases of this kind, those of E.
O. Check and Peter Peterson of
Silver Lake, after being decided un
favorably by the register at the
Lakeview land office, were appealed
to the Secretary of the Interior,
who reversed the Lnkcview officials,
As a result homesteaders in that
district have taken new hope, und
many nre appealing their cases with
the expectation of finally wtauing
out. Mr. Whig stated that the at
torneys of Lakeview and Klamath
Falls urc seemingly standing in
with the timber men, as they al
most invariably fail to give a timber-
homesteuder rlient nny eucour
ugeurl'tit, when consulted. Atty.
Ucusou handled the c.ises of Check
und Peterson, which were decided
iu their favor by the Secretary of
the Interior.
Planning "Ulg Doln'."
The Whatsoever are planning
on "big thini's" ut their entertain
ment iu I.ara hall Monday night.
The comical production, "Six Cups
of Chocolate," will amuse you for a
While, and then there will be the
grub bags, the postoflke, and valen
tines to hurry the evening along
aud cause fun for those present.
Refreshments will also be served,
It will cost you either to, 15 or 25
cents to "grab" 11 grab bag, ac
cording to which department you
grab from; and the letters aud
JML- ss wafsmr
valentines will also be priced at
nominal sums. Admission, adults,
15 cents; children under 1?, 10
cents. The ladies guarantee a
pleasant evening, so turn out and
give them a full house.
Work Is Progressing Nicely.
J. II. Grimes, manager and one
of the stockholders in" the Pilot
Butte Ranch Company, was in
from the ranch Thursday. Mr.
Grimes rcorted that they were
stretching wire fence at the rate of
a mile a dav, nnd that general work
on the ranch was progressing nice
ly. Mr. Crimes returned recently
from a visit to Salem, where his
family is residing. He says he
will move his family here next sum
mer as soou as school closes.
That Masquerade Dance.
The library club have arrange
ments all completed for a most suc
cessful masquerade dance to be
given Friday evening. Music will
be furnished by the popular Bend
band, refreshments will be served
during the evening, and everyone
who enjoys' dancing is certain to
.have n fine time, at this the first
masquerade iu Bend for several
months. Prizes will be awarded to
both lady aud gentleman' for the
best sustained character, nnd also
for the most humorous character.
Gentleman's ticket, including lady,
fi.oo; lady's ticket, 25 cents.
Diphtheria Reports Exaggerated.
Dreadful reports are current in
outside papers of the diphtheria
scourge in Lnkeview.
There is no occasion for such
misrepresentation. Three children
only have died. One died of mem
braneous ctoup or possibly diph
theria, the other two of pneumonia.
There were no doctors here, Dr.
Hall being down with rheumatic
fever, and Drs. Daly and Smith
out of town, so the authorities de
cided to take matters into hand aud
quarantined the town. Iu the
emergency Dr. Amsdeu, who had
not been practicing for some time,
stepied into the breach and suc
cessfully ministered to the sick,
The quarantine was removed
Saturday, and since then the
schools and nil public places have
oceu open. Ivxamiuer.
Trespassed on National Forest
and Was Arrested.
Drove Cat tie Through Reserve With
out a Permit and Feel Die Hard
Fktof Uncle Sam Other Items
of General Interest.
T. D. Combs of Paulina recently
paid f&o in the federal court at
Portland for trespass upon the for
est reserve. Combs is a cattleman
and refused to obey the rules laid
down by the forest officials.
Last summer he was arrested by
the forestry officers for ranging his
Mock without permission within
the confines of the Deschutes forest
reserve, and wo fined co for the
offense, which he paid under pro
test, a monm or so later the cat
tleman drove about 20 head of his
stock through the reserve without
permission, aud was again obliged
to feel the iron hand of Uncle Sam
in the shape of a criminal com
plaint. Although the privilege of
driving stock through forest re
serves costs but a few cents a head,
amounting in Combs' case to not
more than $7, he scorned the right
of the government to collect the
toll, and in consequence bas been
forced to submit to various expenses
in connection with his declar
ation of independence aggregating
fully $200, as he has had to make
two trips to Portland from his
Paulina home to face the charges
before him, besides engaging an
attorney and finally submitting to
the payment of damages as indi
cated. Shorter Items of Interest.
During 1908 Lake county spent
J r 2,562.06 in running the county
A large gray six-year-old Per
cheron stallion has been bought by
Joseph Lister of Prineville.
The Silver Lake Leader says that
many homestead filiugs are being
placed on land in that vicinity.
A new post office bas been es
tablished in the Embody sawmill
neighborhood, 14 miles northwest
ot Silver Lake. S. L. Lowing is
the postmaster
The work of plastering and fin
ishing the new court house at
Prineville is now under way. The
big clock for the tower was shipped
from Boston on January 26.
Ou January 30th 1,000 sacks of
Blue Stem wheat No. 1 milling
sold at Walla Walla for $t 00 a
bushel. It was the first time in
more than 20 years that wheat
brought that price.
The Prineville city couucil will
soon enact an occupation tax ordi
nance, which will provide for the
payment of a license fee on all lines
of business, ranging from $2 50 to
$20, according to the Journal.
Superintendent Covey, oi the
Warmspriug reservation, says he
believes that many quail ou the
reservation perished during the se
vere cold spell of last mouth. Quail
were getting quite numerous there
and in a few years these fiue game
birds would have been plentiful but
for the thinning out they have suf
fered this year. Madras Pioneer.
Pneumonia Follows La Grippe.
Fneumouia often follows la grippe but
never follows the use of Foley's Honey
aud Tar, for lagrippe couch and deep
seated colds. Refuse any but the genu
ine in the yellow nacksue. Bend Dm,.
For Sale.
Four slot machines, two musical,
two only playing j cost $580. Will
sell or trade. Cau be seen iu Kad
derly Express Co.'s office, Portland,
Oregon. Anprkw Grodaus,
I 4M9 Arthur, N. D.