The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 18, 1908, Image 3

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Newsy I to, us (iallmroil from All
Paris ol tliu World.
Lot Important but Not Lot hilar-
estlng Happenings from Points
Oulildo Iho Slain,
Denver ha almost seru weather
The anil HatnhlOiK war it attain
ill Rum
V"H Iluelnw U to present ait ulti
mattit to the kaiser
Itooarvrlt says tltrre will be ti
laughter of name on hia trip to Af
Samuel Cinmpcrt will tf re elected
president of the American Pcdrraiii.ii
u( Labor
A New York delivery company con
tetrip'nfrt tube for I he delivery ol
German miner blame manager for
the recent iliatcr in which 3Wi mr.i
lost i heir livei
The Un.ietl Stale Steel corporation
will wnd JV&im.nwi hi increaainK ihr
capacity of tl plaHli.
For i he lint lime in the hitiory of
the 4ii l;rinrico mint, pennies and
nickel are lo be coinetl there.
The emperor of Chin la reported
dead; the emprrtt dowager dying, and
laaent appointed to control the de
I inlet of the Flowery Kingdom.
District Attorney l.anndon declare
lteney it a martyr to the public and
mvi protet'Hlions will continue tie
(pile the attempted attattlriatiim
The cleition of Gome hi Cuba i
alttioti certain The election it the
first tiep toward attain ttirmitit the
Uland republic over to the peodc.
Huh I'maeltnH hat veted fr mmhIsI
wl naterwarkt.
l.iherslt are espeeted t win In the
Oban eleetUnt.
Caatrti bat (1hIIi-, hit tremrntiuMt
for war with Midland.
Kit t'fclmft were drowned In Niagara
fall while trying to smuggle ilitu the
I'Hltwl Male.
A Herman military hallMn hit a tree
mhiI foil Utn tin" Ihttlle rm. The oeeu
iHta wrir ipaeuml,
The fat af ('WiHeellur van llueloie an thn hatter's ntoptnHe of
4ede t kep cjulrt.
Chart M. Hekwnh, the itml man,
imij real pleasure it Hut tu bo found la
palne, hut among hammer nnd
A Philadelphia ImArdiMg haute hat
been blown up by lllnek llnad niettilmrt
lreHMe one uf the ueeumHt refutel
tu Klve up 1.000.
Meml af th honrd nf suHrvltir
f 8eheeetndy, N. V , have reiigMed
at the eall uf rltisent. They nrn
ehnrgeil with grafting.
Federal official who nre Investigat
Ink the Standard Oil eorapnav nre look
Ing for a man who " harrow "."" 17,54m),
NW from tlin company.
The hou'e committee hat begun lit
tariff revision iniuirirs.
Roosevelt say he will not run for
the senate from Nov York.
A eommillee of San I'rnnelieo citi
zen 1 to Inquire into delay of Kraft
Five person were killed by an ex
plosion on n itcamcr near Norlh Hay,
An automobile collided wilh a train
near Red lllulf, CjI , and four per
ilous were killed. I
A timlent at a Cleveland, Ohio, tml
-vrirtity In been
imagined baring
driven insane liy
Morte. the bank wrecker, hat hern
tlenlcd bail and will have lo stay in
jail until hit appeal Is heard.
A .cat In the New York stock ex-
change hat just
sold for $ A
week ago tliit
same teat brought
Mount Knbtoii, Canada, It claimed
to he the h'ghest peak in the Hockics.
Uooscvclt ha been Invited to visit
Ireland during his trip abroad, but hat
All attempt to slop the fire hiituing
at the Dot lloca. Mexico oil well
have been abandoned. The oil it
flowing at the rate of 11,000,000 gal
lons a day.
Koomtvolt will glvn n dinner to labor
King Kdwnrd lms just celebrated his
mh birthday.
Oorlidynu, it la said, will remain in
the cabinet as aecretnry of tho Irons
i ry,
It Is said flccrelnry Hoot will bo a
enmlli'atn for senator from New York
in Plntt's plnro.
Tho supremo court ha decided thnt
stales mav forbid tho coeducation of
whiles nnd blacks.
,T. ,T. Hill saya thnt within six vcar 0 oress train wub derailed todny nenr government of Paraguay, which was
the I'nited Slates will ennsumo all the Grinds. Ten portions wero killed nnd eslnl llshod ns tho result of tho suo
wheat raliod In this country, many Injured. cessful revolution Inst spring.
Merchants' Association of Manila If
tuut 8 alnrnnnl.
MmmIIi, Nov. 10. Tho MircliunU'
ioiHiK'i!nii of thin city him IihiiksI IIki
follo'liiK ntiitotiiciil:
"Mmi,Iii In ri'Kirtil by thu lnultli
mitliorltli. to bn prnuticiilly frcu of
clmlrni. Hlnco Knvitmbor I in u popu
lutimi of nearly i!fiU,(JIH), oiiu chku daily
Iiiih occurrisl. Thcau riiaca wcru fiiiinil
in outlyiiiK dlatrlcln, unumiiilly vlitltiil
by will leu. Tho Into vlnltiitlon proved
to bu of a very Unlit clmrnctcr aincn Ita
lii'Uliml'iK. md in tint inuiitb of July
worn only 'i'i oiinm niiuiii the whlto
Hipiiiitl(in. Of tlii'tii but 10 provod
filial. There was not a hIiil'Ii cam
iiuinriK tlin l'.'.iioil city iirhool chililreu.
Xinrtt thw Auierli'iin occupttion in lht)8
tlm niitulier hi whltea in tho lalatHla lit
tricked by cholera lit 217. or thomi IHO
caaea went fatal. The majority of
deatha occurri il in lUi)t, when (hern
were 1111,000 triMijm In tho IhImhIn iiikI
no precautliitia exlateil fur protection
acnlimt the epidemic."
Soldlrra from I'ort McKinley and
aailora from the Aalntle npiailron are
now i-nterltiK the city fteely iiikI the
ritizenn are nuxioua that Hear Admiral
Sxirry will permit thi'in to carry out
the plana for the rccepition of thu At
Innlie battleiihlp Meet.
If theae plana are not carried out
It ia feared that u falne and harmful
ImpreMloti will be given to the world
of tin military condition of Manila,
which utxpieatliinably la better than
that of any other city In the Orient and
probably unexcelled by any large city
of the world.
NIipon Yutnri Kaltlia Ur,ln FIrIiI
fur Trailn.
Victoria, II. C. Nov. 10. The Nip
poll Yuten Kaishn baa decided to begin
the struggle with the Canadian Pacific
railroad for the premier oitlon in thu
carrying trade of the North Pacific.
Since thu ruling of thu Interstate
Commerce commission, by which ship
companies ndvnncctl their rates, thu
line connecting with United States
railroads, ami more particularly those
under the United States ling, weru
placed at a disadvantage. The Cana
dian Pacific railroad naturally took
advantage of its ioitUiti and declined
to advance Ita freight rates.
When the conference nt Seattle de
cided to increase thu rates, the promis
ed increases were cabled to Japan,
where a meeting of Japanese shipping
interiata was called. Advices received
by the ltoyal Mnll steamship Kmpreaa
of India were to thu elfect that thu
Nippon Yusen Knlsha withdrew from
tins conleretice ami mi . a general
rwluctlon of aliout 17 ier cent lower
than the former freight rate. Tho
this conference and has made n general
Japanese steamship company proposes ,,. impient and their entries will 1h can
to bear thu burden of the increased rrll.-.' and nil money they mav have
railway charges nnd will give a lower ld thereon will l 'forfeited. Settler
rate across the Pacific, A reduction under the law have one year grace, but
of 2fi centa cr 100 pounds will bu " retarv It unwilling to grunt mure
made on silk and other valuable Umv ,h"M ,h law alhiws.
Government Confidant Germany Will
Meet Her Demands.
Paris, Nov. 10. No word has como
from llerlltl with reference to tho Ger
man government's nttiiudu with refer
ence to the Can a lllnnca affair and n
further delay Is considered likely ow
lug to some confusion which prevails
among the German official nnd the ne
cessity of maneuvering beforo tho
reichstng. Hut French opinion remains
serenely confident that Germany event
ually will yield uK)ii tho M)lnt upon
which Franco insist and express re
gret for tho incident.
Thero Is no trace of "blulT" In tlin
French attitude and the sH-ctaclo pre
sented by Franco lust week must hnvo
convinced Germnny that In all her
dealings with tho German government
since thu catastrophe of 1870, Franco
never -, s.dayed such an exhibition of
national solidarity.
Moreover, Germany doubtless is
aware that Great Hrltaln and lttissin
havu been consulted upon every step
Franco has taken and fully share this
government's, view, and in ndditlon nro
prepared to glvu material as well ns
moral support to Franco.
Record for Tunnel Work.
Lo Angolcs, Nov. 10, Willinm
Mulhollnnd, chief engineer of the Los
Angelea ncqueduct, reports that all
American records for tunnel boring In
hard rock weru broken during October ,
by tho city forces nt work on tho KHz I
nboth tunnul. A dlHtanco of 4(10 foot
wna inndo In 31 tiny, thus mirpnssltiK
tho record on tho Gunnison tunnel.
in ado In Jnnunry, 1908, by 17 feet.
Tho Los Angeles ncqueduct in tho mu
nicipal project by which tho city will
procure n dnily wnter supply of 200,
000,000 gallons from thu Owens river.
Ten Killed; Many Hurt.
ninuntciian, franco, nov. tu. ah
Mini TurnltiK Out Gold Plocn of
Nw UetlK".
W.itlniiKtoii, Nov 'i -The inliita of
I'luladrlpliin, San I'rancitco ami )rn
vrr have Ih'kiiii coining new Jl olil
piece ttrurk on a difTereni plan from
any heretofore coined in the world
It follow an idea expretaed to I'reti
denl Kootevelt by I)r Willlmn S
Sltirxit Ibftelow, ol llonon, that to
prrmit llic coina be, iik piled lo a tini
form lii'iulil, a lilt-lior or mroiiifrr re
'""' iiukIii be obtained by dcprcttuiK
"lr ictgii oeiow .iip neni or pee ol
Ihr rum inttrail ol ratmiiK It ahoe,
at iitiul m all coiuaKe operation
Tin would provide a lint fit Id and a
uniform Ihicknc, the llat turfarr
inkinK the wear and protecting the
relief, the thape of the depreion fol
lowiiiK the outline of I lie relief
The .ime deiKli will be ilted on
the new 'i So piece and all will bear
(he "In God vc Trut" motto
Qovurnment to Take Octopus Rebate
Cats to Supremo Court.
Wn.lilrwlmi, Nov. I.t It was slated
at the depHrtmrnt of Justice that In ' lo" ' ru)ni Overman, North Caro-
vi-h of the lnrKe awuiinl of money in I l'nn- A" of ihK wl" be "cedcd by
....... .. , I Democrat.
vhl. the imH,rtnt .potions of .w T,)e 0J, .h, rpmaIn,nK IfJ
and the , .pular interest in the rate, theillolbt nrc Ulol(u , oh,0( minnr, unA
Bi.vertot.ewt would not rest m the de Oregon, which arc now rejiret,onted by
rNun af the elreuit curt of apMala In 'Senators Foraker, Hernenwoy. and Ful-
,nr p an,r.. en. i.ui mat me rat
Wrniil.l l lib.. In I In. uiii.uu. aaii.. nf
........ .- .. ... .. ,....., ...... ...
Ur i nltel mtet nt th erllett wsi
Die uate. I hit will tin ilnne liv nn nppll
lealu.H In the enurt for a writ of rer
Miararl. The ntipliratinn to the court
'fur n writ will ! submitted Nuem
her 30.
Attorney (leneral lUoiapnrte said that
a runferenee nf eounsel wnulil be held
n Thursday to deride definitely en the
steM thnt would be taken In bringing
the rate brfore the supreme court. He
aid thnt many ImpartaMt rate rates ile
(wmled on the final derftton uf thi rate,
aniniig them lieing seven ur ei)ht an
other counts against the Htandard Oil
Delinquent Minidoka
Forfeit Land
Applicants Mutt
ecrmber I,
WnohiHKtun, Nov, II. Seeretary
Hatfield hat nniiounred that he will
Kraut no eitentien of time to settlers
n the Mimdnka irrigalinn project in
Idaho, who bnve been Itackward in
making their first annual wiynient to
the yovermnent. Many llert who
thi.iiM l.a, tanl 42.HO twr nere tin l)n
,, , , Uy H) ;rt ,,, , nl),
,,. mrh tmymrHt ln WMlI'p ,tf'r l)e,
....l,,., 1 ..t ...rl, .mi. will l..v.imn
Fight for Colonel Stewart.
Wnthlnietun, Nov. 11 The enforced
retirement of Colonel William 1. Stew
art from the I'nited States army five
ears before the age limit hat brought
nverfu friemlt tu the officer's aid,
who announce they will lay the matter
I efore congress at the next settion. It
Is predicted that the hearing will re
suit in the exMun of such a persona!
feud a intensified the Mde Corbln
Friend nf Iho Port Grant
exile declare that several ditinrt in
fluenres drove Colonel Stewart from
the ariuv lletiremeiit lost the officer
at least fioitoo In iy mid the ipr
tunltv uf retiring with' higher rani: ami
Water Okanogan Land.
WashliiKton, Nov. II. At the begin
ning of the next irrigation season the
government w'11 deliver water to II.-I72
acre of the Okanogan irrlgHtbm pro!
,,r ' Washington, and n charge of 0fi
JH'r Hr "'"I ,'' Hm,,' 'he " f
,ir, ,,,7"K ,!I,J,1 w",.or ,0 ,w ,n ",', r,,'1"
-.i'Vhh TlJW , ncre" ad.lllhZi
iimliiteiiaiiee charge. Payments become
due on May 1 of each your, tho llrst
payment becoming duo in 1901). 9
Ruth Work In Klamath.
Washington, Nov. 13 Tho reclama
tion service hns nnnounced that tho
Klnmnth irrigation project Is now ni'i
per cent completed. During October
four sections of the Keno canal wore
completed nnd the south branch cniml
so far advanced that It will bo com
plcted before the opening of next year's
irrigation season,
Blri ' Baker's Pottoffice.
Washington, Nov. II lllds for tho
construction of the linker City, Or.,
I'l'sioiiiee, ror wn cli mi,niu an been
appropriated, will bo opened November
l!S. A total of $.1,000,1100 provided for
puhlio buildings will bo covered by bids
to bo opened this month.
To Recognize Paraguay,
Washington, Nov. 1.1. Tho state de
partment has nnnoiinrod tho ndmiiiis-
i,nnu .iiin r..,.nni 11, ...
Cummin Will Go From
Iowa Kern
From Indiana.
Windilriicton, Nov. 10.- Tho preaent
indication nro that the Kepublicann
will hnvi) almut n two-thirda majority
in the United Slntea aermte, iih the
renult of the election hint Tuerdny,
or virtually thu aarne aa at preaent.
Of the 92 members of that body, CI
hold over, leaving only 31 places to
fill. Of tnuao 19 are held by Kepubli
cana and 12 by Democrat. Alabama,
Arkiitmaa, I,ouiiana and
Maryland al-
,,.,i. ,.,i
luiruui, una
ready havu choaen Dcmij
Kentucky rind Vermont ltetrtililicana,
'1 lie oth' r aenatora of whom aucceaaora
are to bu elected are:
Itepublican Al iron, Iowa; Ank
eny, Wuahington ; Urandegee, Connect
icut; Galligir, New Hamjmhire; Haan
brough, North Dakota; lleyburn, Idaho;
llopkina, lllinuia; Ki .trudge, South
Dakota; Iing, Katiaaa; Penrose, Penn
Kylvania; Perkins, California; Piatt,
New York; Smoot, Utah; Stephenson,
Wisconsin. All of these will bu suc
ceeded either by thernaclves or other
Hi publicans.
Democrats Clay, Geargia; Gary,
! South Carolina; Gore, Oklahoma; M ll
to J,.,jblicans, and Colormlo, Mis-
r. .. ' '
souri nod Nevada, reprosentel by Sen
atom Teller, Stone and Nuwlands,
Governor Cummins, of Iowa, is about
to realize his ambition of becoming a
senator from that state. Ho has many
firlmlrsirti In Wtialiltirvt.n dhiI l fa -.
,.. .1 r..-i ti.i in
Z Z .J : ;;. T " C :. '"" ",.". . ,;
Indiana should send a Democrat in
place of Hemenway, it is supposed
here that John W. Kern, tho defeated
vice presidential candidate, will bo
chosen and hu would bu thu first Demo
crat to occupy a senatorial seat from
Indiana since 1899, when David Turplie
surrendered his olllce to Uuveridgc.
Rootevelt Lead "Hike."
Washington, Nov. 11 President
Iteotevelt yesterday led a wrty of 00,
rompotcd ninstly of high official of
the nrmv and students of the Array
War college. In a five-mile tramp
through Koek Creea park. A twirtlon
of the rnuto wa up and down hills and
over rough roadways, the president fre
iiuently taking the small army of pe
destrians over hnrtod wlro fc'neu. It
was after dusk when tho long walk
elided, and not a few of the party wero
much fatigued, while the president was
in high spirits and fine physical trim.
Banker to Be Sentenced.
Washington, Nov. 18 The supreme
court of the I'nited Sfie In af
tinned the decision of the court of
anjieal of New Jersey utining the
verdict of the Monmouth county court
cions which convicted President
Albert C Twining and Senator C
Carmel of the Monmouth Trust oV
bale i)cp sit company, ol deceiving a
tatc bar ic examiner a to the condi-
tion of their institution. It was con
tended that the deception was prac
ticed to cover up the misapplication
of $30,000.
Twin Sittert Win Court Honor.
Washington, Nov, 7. Twin sisters,
Misses Ethel A. nnd Florence M. Col
ford, of this city, have been admitted
to practice In thu United States Su-
promo court. They aro tho youngest
women over Admitted to practice be-
i",u. --". '"i"J-
Tholr ability got for them nn indorse
ment from thu department of justice.
Bids on Eugene Budding,
Washington, Nov. 11 Ilido were
opened vesterday for the construction
nf a public building at Kucene, Or, Tho
bidders wero as follows: Campbell
"nilding company. Salt Lake, IBS 000;
W. O. Heckert, Eugene, 02,5S0; (leo.
('. Mniircr, Salem, $03,320; Welch Rros.,
Sa'em. sr.4P.57; Chnr'es A. draw Port
land, $fi0,22.'. No award has yet been
Chosen on Fourth Ballot.
Washington. Nov. 12 Rev Dr. Al
fred II. Harding, who for twenty-two
vears past has been rector of St. 1
Paul's Episcopal church here was
, I Tuesday elected bishop of Waslunc
ton to succeed the late Rev. Henry Y. 1894 between Holland and Venezuela
Sattcrlce. Dr. Harding was chosen has been revoked by Holland in accord
on the fourth ballot, up to which Dr nnco with tho ultimatum delivered in
McGill. also of this city, had led in Holland's second note. Tho Curacoa
the balloting. government has received nn order to
declare tho port freo for the import
New Postoffice at Santa Rosa. nn(1 oxport of wcnponB nnd ammunition
mmiiiil'uui, .miv. 1 1 no roiiiriir.
for the construction of n new postoffice
building nt Santa How, Cab, to replace
the one shaken down liy tho earthquake
of 100(1, ha been awarded to Iloyt by
tho treasury department. Tho contract
price is $55,550, I
Forest Service Depositary.
Washington, Nov. 13. -Tho forct
service hns chosen tho First National
bank of Portland
funds of tho forest
... ...... ............
depositary for tho
service in Oregon,
610,000 Said to Have Doen Secured
by Qang In San Francltco.
Snn Fronclaco, Nov. 9, The oncra-
tlona of n clever j'anff of awlndlcra nnd Fftward CuTnirlP.k Slain Ifl Nash
forerM who have aecured larKo auma Luna,u 001 IllUUn. 01(1111 III ncttll
from thu Southern Pacific wuro mad
known today when JackHon II. Gordin
fer, counter clerk under J. M. lirewer
In the freight claima department:
Frank W. Smithaon, a clerk In tho
Merchant' KxchanKfj Luther W.
Kool and lvdward F. Chanter, conduct
ora for the Pullman company, were ar-
rcatod. It la said 10,100 has been se
cured by tholr friend.
Thu thefta were accomplished by
forgery and the doctorinK of vouchers
for thu payment of freight claim.
Theno voucher ore night drafta an thu
Southern Pacific company. They were
cn by Gordinier and turned over to
Smlthson, Kood and Chapter, who cash-
, ,. r-....u-i..- ..... -,... -1...1.
v., t.tu.ii, viuiu.i.iui nun tuujiurr uium
In thu trolght claims department, of
which J. Al. lirewer is thu head.
1 Gordinier would take tho filled out
vouchers for claims and turn them over
to one of his confederates, who would
cash them. In some instances hu
forged assignments of claims against
the company In favor
sons, and his confedei
thesu llctitious signatures.
Lumber Going by Water From Pacific
to Chicago Hit Idea.
Chicago, Nov. 9. -Vice President
Fairbanks was the principal speaker at
the banquet of the Hankers' Club of
Chicago tonight. In discussing "Tho
Panama Canal" Mr. Fairbanks said:
"Hand in hand with the construction
of the Panama canal should go the im
provernent of our great rivers so as to
insure an adequate stage of water and
reasonable charges for tho transporta
tion of the products of our farms and
factories over large areas.
"Tho recent adoption of a constitu
tional amendment by the people of 1111
"i, cmriowcring tho legislature to
authorize a bond issue of 120.000.000
Kiving Chicago an outlet by a deep
v,terway to the Miss Isalppi river, is
un ""-"..i1 ... ,.Bn.. ,.Z . .p S
wc can indulge the belief that in the
course of a few years upon the comple
tion of this enterprise and the Panama
canal, lumber and other products from
the Pacific coast will be delivered in
Chicago by an all-water route, and that
Chicago will, In short, enjoy many im
provements and advantages of cheap
transportation which are to flow from
the completion of both of these great
Gct-Rlch-Quick Scheme Offered
vettor Fabulous Inducement.
New York, Nov. 9. -That they havo
uncovered a great get-rich-quick swin
dle, rivalling in magnitude that of the
Storey Cotton company, of Philadel
phia, is the belief expressed tonlpht
by postal authorities here after a raid
today upon the offices of George V.
Emanuel & Co., private brokers, on
Fifth avenue.
Two arrests were made by the polico
on complaint of postoflice inspectors.
Louis A. Prince and J. Walter Lebarre
nre held for the action of the Federal
authorities, tho postal olliclals are
looking for Emanuel, tho head of tho
firm, but believe that he has gone to
Emanuel & Co., nro accused of hav
ing used the mails to defraud by seek
ing to sell tho stock of n Mexican gold
mine which their literaturo is said to
have represented as yielding a yearly
return of 29 per cent to tho Investors,
fully guaranteed by an international
banking house. According to the post
al authorities 50,000 or more investors
,,BVe emitted money to Emanuel & Co,
to tho amount of nt least 5500.000,
Detain Wives for Tax.
Victoria, B. C, Nov. 9. A question
as to whether Chinese wives of whito
men aro liable to tho $500 head tax on
landing in Canada hns been raised by
tho arrival on board the steamer Em
press of India today of two British en
gineers who havo been working on the
Canton Kowloon railroad, bringing
Chinese wives. They hold that their
wives should bo considered as taking
tho husband's nationality, and conse
quently not bo amenable to the tax".
Tho question has been referred to Ot
tawa. Open Door to Revolution.
Willemstad, Nov. 9. -Tho treaty of
nnd tt is nlso announced that the gov-
ernmont will in no way Interfere with
rovo,utonttrv movement..
., .. , ,,
No MorB JaP wm Come.
Victoria, B. C, Nov. 9. Advices
were received by the Empress of India
today thnt Count Komura, minister of
.-.. -.-...-. ... -. 1
tui ea to prohibit emigration of Jnpnn-
ese laborers to America and Hawaii.
HlliLLIl 111 lUUlUUlll
vllle by Political Enemy.
Shooting Va Done by Robin Cooper,
Whoia Gather Was Criticised
in Carmack's Newipaper.
Nashville, Tenn,, Nov, 10.- -Ex Sena
tory Kdward Carmaek, editor of tho
Tensesiwan, wa shot and killed at
o'clock yetterduy afternoon on Seventh
avenue North, in front of the Polk
flats, by Itobin Cooper, a son of ( olo
net Duncan II. Cooper. Mr. Carmaek
was going north on Seventh avenue In
front of the flats, and Colonel Cooper
and his son, Kobin, wero approaching
Seventh avenue on Union street. Soon
,7 ' UK",n"after they eamo Into sight of one an
r of fictitious per-I u.Bcr tho .hooting was begun, Kobin
rates would forte Cooper, it is said, firing two shot
ami ftcnaior (,'armaeic one.
Colonel Cooper, It is said, drew his
pistol, but did not fire.
Senator Carmaek fell to the ground,
dying Instantly. Itobin Cooper was
shot in the right shoulder, but was not
oadly wounded.
It is understood that the tronblo
wan one of the results of a recent Dem
ocratic gubernatorial primary, in which
Carmaek was defeated. Carmaek, linen
ho became editor of the Tenncstecan,
had been caustic in cricising what he
called the Democratic machine, and had
printed several editorials about Colonel
Wtihin the last few days, it is as
serted, Colonel Cooper notified Carmaek
that theie editorial criticisms mutt
eeate. Another editorial referring to
tho colonel appeared in the paper yes
terday morning, and this i supposed to
have been the immediate cause of tho
A Senator Carmaek fell at the edge
of the street Colonel Duncan II Cooper
put his arm around Hobln Cooper and
both wnlkcd a few feet down Seventh
avenue to Dr. It. O. Ford's office, wbero
the slight wound in Itobin 's shoulder
was examined and treated. An ambu
lance carried the body of Mr. Carmaek:
to an undertaking establishment.
Carries Four to One Throughout tha
State ot California.
San Francisco, Nov. 10. California
has joined Oregon, Washington and
other states that have adopted the di
rect primary, and tho vote cast last
Tuesday in that state in favor of tho
new system is so emphatic that it can
not be wondered that even a boss-ridden
legislature was compelled to heed
tho demand that a direct primary
amendment be aubmitted to a vote of
the people.
In San Francisco a majority of nlno
to one was piled up in favor of tha
amendment, and across the bay in Oak
land, Alameda, and Berkeley the ver
dict was almost as strong.
Pnder tho new law California will la
future make all nominations by direct
vote, and party conventions will bo
virtually abolished, except for the con
trol of partr affairs and adoption of
platforms. The total vote of the stata
is not yet available, but complete re
turn from tho six counties casting tho
largest vote indicated that tho primary
amendment carried about four to one la
the state as a whole.
Virginia and West Virginia About to
Settle Long Standing Trouble.
Richmond. Va., Nov. 10 After drag
ging along for years, tho end of tho
famous Virginia-West Virginia debt
question Is now in sight. Eminent
counsels representing the two states
sssemblcd here yeston'ny for the first
formal hearing in the cato beforo
Charles E. Llttlefleld, of Maine, who
Has been appointed master in tba pro
ceedings. Tho Virglnla-West Virp'eli debt dls
pute arose out of the creit'on of th
stnte of West Virginia out of the orig
inal domain of Virginia, nnd the proper
spportionment of tho then bonded in
debtedness of the latter state. A suit
Is pending before tho United States
upreme court, and upon the ultimata
report of the master, Mr. Llttlefleld,
depends the adjudication of the matter.
Want Inland Wuterways.
Columbus, (la., Nov. 10 The Oulf
coast inland waterways convention,
which assembled In this city yesterday
for a two days' session, promises to bo
a largo, influential and highly inter
esting gathering. Tho convention aims
to promote tho commerce and Industry
of tho southern coast states by tho Im
povemont of tho rivers emptying Into
me gun nnu ine construction or canals.
Tho states chiefly interested In tho
movement are Toxas, Louisiana, Ten
ncsseo, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama,
and Florida,
Long Distance Wireless Record.
. tie, ttasb., isov. 10. The wire.
:vnV -v' "'V-tftn n ... Vi b...Vi.-
iron, ino armored cruiser west vir
glnls, of tho Pacific fleet, for lumber
with which to construct target.