The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, October 16, 1908, Image 1

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NO. 3?
Contractor AIuUch Record
on New Building.
County Court Orders Viewers to Re-
port on ii Number of Proposed
Komi over the County.
County Judge Hlli.s tcturns from
Priueville nml reports tlmt woik it
piogtesslng rapidly on the new
court house. The building will he
under roof In nhout a month nml
the stone work will l finished in
in day. Contractor Shipp is do
tu v; excellent work and is fur ahead
of lime on his contract. Instead of
attempting to "do" the county, as
is M) often the case with contractors,
Mr Slilpp l npxirently striving to
in ike h record for himself, nml he
will succeed. lie U not only curry
itii; orR fully nil the specifications o(
lit-, contract, but is voluntarily do
ing uite a little work not sliptilat
cd in the .specifications. The coun
ty court is much pleasul with Con
tractor Slilpp'n work. It is Ai iu
every particular.
Half of Donation In Now Due.
The citizens of Priueville agreed
to donate f. 6,.oo for the courthouse,
which was to lc expended In build
ing a tower that should contain a
clock with four 6-foot dints, and
also iu Installing a steam heating
plant for the entire building. One
half of the sum was to lw paid when
work mi the towrr was cmnmeitced
and the clock ordcrel; the oilier
Imlf to he Mid when the heating
plant was installed. As the clock
)ia been ordered awl work on the
lower commenced, the county court
has notitlcd trie allien that half of
the $6,400 la now due and payable,
Act on Road Petitions.
At its trcent session the county
court took action on a number of
road -tition. On all the follow,
mg petitions, order wre Riven for
viewer to examine the' prnol
road and report. The projioscd
io.ids me n follows.
The R. II. JJayley toad. This is
a ptooed new road between l.aid
law and lieud. It runs directly
south of the main ittrcut of Iiidlaw
for about two miles, then crosses
the river and cornea out of the can
yon over a new route that reduce
the giade gteatly ami-makes u
much better road. It runs through
a draw a large part of the way, and
crones the Kiky and Stnubitrtough
The Ceo V. Winter road. Pe
tition to legalise the trovelcl road
running ncrM Hull Flat and aver
Mliwrd Ridge.
The .Swallcy-Coeu road. Petition
lor cut-off, leaving lUyley road
uenr Swalley place and joining Sit
ters road st Coon place.
Two toad between Paulina and
Suplee section one the RrauU A,
Smith road, Om other the Geo. H
Seiiecal road.
Outside of regular routine work
no other business of importance wan
I'locMng to Oregon.
Active publicity work has result
ed iu such nit influx of people iu
the nto-c active communities of the
Pacific NortliweMt that housing the
newcomers hns really become a
.serious problem in .some of the
towns. New residences are being
erected ns rapidly as possible, nml
routed long iu advance of their
completion, Iu sonic of the fiuit
districts, cnr.s loaded with house
hold Roods nre occupying the trncks
and the delay iu their unloading is
milking the orclmrdisU nppreheu
Hive as to trackage for their fruit
Pino Inhibits at I'rlriovlllo Pair,
Demi people returning from Priuc
ville the first of the week report
tlmt Indications were to the effect
that the l'riucvillc fnlr would be a
vrrv iirrHfnt pvimiI. A fmi lint
of exhibits Here on hand and more
were nrriving. The showing made
by the dry'fiirinlng section was c
pcclalty good. Tile exhibits from
the Irrigated lauds, while not ns
numerous n they tdiotild have
limn, ivpif. nftn i'irtf orwiil 'I'll,.
stock exhibit promised to be nil ex
tensive one ami large iiutnnerH 01
horses, nil lie. dwell, lint's nml
poultry were being brought iu.
llarrlmanTo llnve n Surveying Crew
Motioned 'llicro within n Month.
Porter Itros. Repair Outfit.
There Is not much new iu the
railroad line this week, but the
eotiiitry from Madras to the Des
chutes and down that stream to its
mouth is still full of Ilnrrimnn nud
Oregon Trunk I.lne surveyors. The
Mulletin has it direct from one of
Ilntriiuau's crews that as soon as
they finish their work where now
stationed iu the I)cchutf.s canyon
near Hunt's ferry that they will
be moved either to Redmond or iu
the vicinity of the crossing over
Crooked river. This will lw with
in a month, and would indicate that
Harrimnu intends to push Ins line
as least as far south as Rend.
J. X Hunter, who returned from
Portland the latter part of Inst
week, confirms in every detail tin
letter received by Thclhillctin from
him and Mr. Slants. lie says that
Porter Urns, nre repairing their con
struction outfits nud arc quietly
moving them across the Columbia
from the North Rank road. Their
horses have l-eu moved across and
thry are establishing camp near the
mouth of the Deschutes.
Mr. Hunter further slates that
the Oregon Trunk Line (or 1 1 ill
road) is alioul six month ahead of
Ilarrinuu iu ito surveying, atid
hence has a great advantage over
Ilurrtmau. Rurllieriuore, the
Trunk Line has secured right of
way from the government wherever
it line crones government laud,
and Senator Rand uf Washington
is rapidly securing right of way
across all deeded land crossed by
the Oregon Trunk. Iu short,
Messrs. Hunter and Stunts are very
confident. Irom what they learned
at Portland, that actual construc
tion will 1m begun within the next
30 days, and that the next few
mouth wilt see one of the Kteatcst
railroad building contests ever
waged in the Northwest, ami it will
lie fought out along the Deschutes
The local crew of .surveyors
working for the Central Oregon
Railroad, is now camjwsl at Red
mond and are working between
that place and Rend. They are
locating a line between Madras and
Plonsnnt Rldgo Items.
1'i.kuant Riikjk. Oct. 13. A irlur
lout tain we have been hatiitu. durlnu
the hmi a t hour.
Many sportsmen are now engaged Iu
shootiug wild gee.
Miss Dolly Hall, who Ihm been suffer
lug from nn attack of toudlltlt, Is now
Jacob W. ISftersou, who has been
spending the auintuer iu Hartley valley
At Hoik, ha rsturiied to the Doschules
vnlli-y, and says he feel at lioute again.
Vlts In Harney VHlley ueiu fi.50 n
ilciy for 14 Iioiuk wotW .mil i team
lirought the Ul;li waxe of y cents a day.
Clmd Irwin will t engaKcd nt ditch
work near Demi during the winter.
1'iof. Henry llewlus oouuniu'i-d hl
llvo-iiiontlm term of school nt Plcni.iut
Itldge Moiulny Ust, The profsor lias
n lino lnrgu hoiue nluiott coinplctt'il 011
his dilih forty, hi which He mid hit
fhinlly will soon rcililc.
lVtcrton & Nelson are pulling trees
for Sir, Giecii.
Mr, nml Airs. H, K. Sherwood niitt sou
l'Mikls were giiculs of Mrs. . Hull
buuony lor U loner, tlio day being cclc
brated in honor of the birthday of Mrs
Hill Man Husy in Vicinity
of Madras.
Portland Conirnltslon Ainu Ssys Cattle
from 'this Ctiinty lixcels Other
Items of (leucral Interest.
Men in the employ of James J.
Hill are hastily buying right of
way in the Atieucv Plains country.
according to one of the farmers
from that district who was iu tin-
city this morning, says the Priuc-
ville Review. The transfers of
property ate being made direct
from farmers to James J. Hill, no
attempt being made to conceal the
name of the purchaser or to mnke
tli v deal through the agency of a
third Mrly. It looks as though
somelody really menus business
about Central Oregon after all.
Crook County Stock the Rest.
K C Sharkey, commission man
at the Portland .stock yards, recent
ly told J. II Gray of Post, this
county, that the cattle shipped to
Portland from Crook county were
by long odds the best iu the North
west, including every county iu
Washington, Idaho and Oregon.
Mr. Gray received 15 more a head
for his cattle thnn owners of com
mon .stuff received. And this is
only one Instance Journal.
Will lU-Rln Drilling Soon.
The Madras Oil & Gas Company
expects to resume dulling at their
well 011 the west slope of Grizzly in
the next week or so. They have
secured the services of S. I,. Reek.
an excrie!iced oil well driller, and
he is extiected to arrive here in a
lew nays.
The new Star drilling outfit ar
rived at Shauiko .some time aero. 1
ami il is now being Mil up at the
well. The machinery will all be iu
place by the time Mr. Reck arrives,
and drilling will be resumed at
The well at lite present time is
down only 110 feet, woik having
been stispeiHied until the heavier
machinery could be procured. The
new machinery has u caiacity of
bout 3.000 fret iu depth, nud no
further trouble is anticipated.
Ahull Wheat limited to I'rlncWIIe.
Great quantities of wheat arc be
ing hauled to the mill at Priueville,
according to the Journal. It says
that one has only to vuit the local
mill to note the truth of the fore
going statement At almost any
hour of the day may be seen from
two to n dozen wagons full of wheat
awaiting their turn to unload,
while all Inside the mill is hustle
and bustle. The elevator, with a
capacity of 16,000 bushels, is over-
Mowing, tilled to Hie roof, nud of
this 8,000 bushel came iu during
the twst two week. In other natts
of the mill sacked wheal and loose
wheat is being stored for the fol
lowing ear's milling. It is wheat,
wheat everywhere.
Deep Wells for Prlnsllle'a Uo.
Three new wells are about to be
sunk by the city water company, to
add to the supply and for other pur
poses. When Mr. Gates, one of
the owners of the company, was
here n mouth ngo lie determined to
hnve the water system completely
overhauled, so that its purity would
be put beyond question. This has
been done, the new wells being part
of the general plan. They consist
of two eight nud four inch pipe
lubes, ench, with a cement lining
intervening to prevent corrosion,
Shorter Items of Interest.
Priueville has a case or two of
typhoid fever.
Priueville will ntueud its city
charter to conform with modern re
quirements. Sheriff Hlkins reports tlmt taxes
arc cnmniy in well for the wond
half of the ear
Mrs Ida MiKire, wfe of Rob'-rt
Moore, died at Wine ville on Priday,
O' t 2. aged 3O years
A luborer fell 40 feet
from tin-O R &, N bridge 'at The
I).il!os He will recover.
U. A Vnii is uu-elint; with
pleasing sti cess nrotiud Culver in
securing riylil of, way for the Cen
tral Ortgon road
W V King of Prinevillc has
purchased 20 stands of1 Italian bees
from J M Minkler This is the
largest collection of "blooded" bees
in the county Journal.
A man by the name of Clapp will
estiiblih an automobile tmssengcr
wrvice between Lake view and
Likely The tare will lie $to nnd a
r5-horscpover machine will be
Regaidless of what effect it has
upon certain business or any par
ttcular section, rare track gambling
is a thing of the past in Harney
county, and the .sooner it is reul
i7)sl that this is a fact the letter for
all concerned. Rums Tunes-Herald.
David Kccles, president of the
Sumptrr Valley railroad, and a
number of his lieutenants have re
ceutly visited Rums to look over
that section with the object in view
of extending the Sumpter Valley
road to Hums It is verj; probable
that the extension will be made.
Senator Rand of Vancouver,
Washington, who is f.curing right
of way for the Oregon Trunk I.iue
al iu the Deschutes, was iu town
the last of the week. He is having
good success iu securing the right
of way, which he has already closed
contracts for over most of the pri
vate lands crossed by the Oregon
Trunk survvy Pioneer.
Tlve south corner of Main avenue
and Shoshone street, with n front
age of 50 feet on the former and
125 feet 011 the latter thoroughfare,
was purchased this week by the
Twin Ralls Rank it Trust Co. for
$23,600. On August 25, 190.,
when the townsitc was opener, the
corner Jot sold for ?t,ooo and the
one adjoining for $750. Twin
Palls News. .
Tumalo Items.
Tum.m.o, (VI. 14 W D. Clark awl
family expect to more vxw frem their
place north of here to Laidtaw to winter.
Ctw. Spangli and family are expected
home from the Valley auv day now.
' John H. and Cbas. Winter received
uotice last week from Tint Dalles laml
ofltac tlmt Mtcma for their homesteads
wore at The DalUta office.
IJI1U Itdgington of Howl Kircr was up
to his hotiMsUad north of here lost week.
Cha. Thomthwaite ha rvlumeW from
Portland ami He understand wilt liv oh
hU hotutstaad tliU winter.
James Breen passed through here )
terday goliiR to Bend with a hack load
of furniture for Mrs. P. P. Smith.
We are having mum very slwwcry
weather at preMiit.
Huberts Bto., of the Sinter country,
siv hauUne hay to Heud, where they
Hud a reaily market.
Mr. Htlner parted through here today
with a toad of lumber.
I. K Wimer made a trip to the Wilson
mill today after a 4-uorw toad of lumber
for a bridge acroks one of the D. I. & P.
Co. a ditches.
Chas. Wimer utnil to Culver ve.tenlny
after another toed of Scotch l'lfe wheat
to MIW.
C. R. KhiRer, The Jeweler, 1060 Vir
ginia Ac., Indianapolis, lnd., write:.:
"I wn Mt weak from kidney tiviuble that
1 could hnrtlly walk n hundred feet, l'onr
bottlcsof l'oley's Kidney Remedy cleared
my complexion, cured my backnelie and
the irri'KUlnritiet dlMipjieared, nud I can
now iittcud to biuiuchs eery dsy, and
recommend l'oley's Kidney Kemcdy to
nil sufferers, ns it cured uta after the doc
tors mid other remedies had failed. C.
W. Merrill, druggist.
Will Pay Outstanding Orders.
Being prepared to pay nil out
standing orders against the district
from No. 391 to 471 inclusive, in
terest on same will cease on Oc
tober 20, 190S. L. D. Wikst, ,
Clerk School District No. 13,
Grow in Younp; Orchard
Owned by Carl Ehret.
Younic Trees Will Come Into Hearing
and Redmond Correspondent I!x
pects Quite a Heavy Yield.
Rhdmond, Oct. 11. Speaking
of fruit, Curl Iilirct has Rartlett
pears on his trees this year. Not
very many of course as the trees
were set out only two years ago.
II next crsoh is as favorable as
last year, 1907 was, we look for
quite an amount of fruit to Ik
raised in this neighborhood ap
ples, pears, plums, prunes and
cherries especially besides many
kinds of small fruits.
I. R. Whitney probably has the
champion cherry trees of the seg
regation, Montmorency, set out two
years ago
There seem to hare 'been but little
happeninK in this neitthborkoed the pat
week, of general interest. If there ha
been it has not come to the attention of
your reporter.
This afternoon the threading outfit
went west to Cline Halt, baring finished
for the present north of town. They
will tlireolt west of the river returning
here again later.
Tlte nndertlgiKi! will leave here the
middle or hitter part of ttw week to
meet Mrs. Park ami her father at Slwii
iko. There will be no Redmond notes
next week unless Greenhorn or some
other of the writer's near relatives will
end iu a batch. We ltope everyone
will feel perfeetly free.
We have no late word from W. &
MeKwinjc. bat ore sorry to report that
hewn taken with typhokl, Ii'm fever
mutting quite high.
Mr. Meyers made a quick trip to
i'nneville Friday, returning in time for
the social iu the evening.
We hate triad to keep out of these
note most of those stock phrases and
expreaviout stereotyped they are railed
in a newspaper oniee which always
come handy in reporting a seriea of en
tertainments of the mum- kind. Thia
time we are up against it, but we do not
feel like lettlnK the U.Res AM mcia
pass without mention. If ever they
I10UI one and everybody present doe
net have a good time we eartainly (.lull
make mentl-oti of it. Otherwise the
stock expressions are alw-ayi iu order.
At the latest one teverat new entertain
ers appeared Iwfore the oplc.
U. C. l'AKK.
rumnlo Farmers Are Indignant oer
Actions of Herders.
Tu.MAt.0. Oct. i. TwobamUofslieep
iassel here the patl week lteloa(ing to
Mr. Maxwell of Shamko. from all re
ports there were some ery ututtoii
hungry people near here. Unfortunately
the sheep got 011 one of the irrigating
ditches and the owner was compelled to
pay the damage. It Htems tlrangc that
these sheep owners can't be made to un
derstand they can not trample one's
ditches down, pollute the water, and eat
the gross right out of the very doorway
of the people In this country.
A great many nre getting very indig
tuitit over the action of the sheep men
who dtive their thecp from the Shuiiiku
country through here to the forest re
serve. When the owner of the sheep U
along things generally go all O. K., but
when left to hired meu to manage the
trouble begins. Rrom the way things
have becu going, it is predicted that the
farmers will soon rebel in force strong
enough to compel the sheep to keep the
county road through the farmint: coun
try, and not allow theut to trample
ditches, pollute water and cat up .the lit
tle range that Is left In this vicinity.
It is awful the mess of water that some
of the people iu this section have to use,
simply because the s&cp are allowed to
run tip rM dawn the dltehes, and atl v.
account of sonic tueaslcy little range
that hns )ceti overlooked by ranc horse
or cattle. Home of the people seem sat
hfied to even let the nlwep cross titer
places if they get a mutton in pay, bu
never think of the after damage In"
In doctor Mils and damage to tlK-irpa-lure.
Wake up, people! Take a tur
Me to yourselves anil any No! See that
the sheep keep on the eonnty road, an 1
you will kc a great change iu your pas
tare and cow range, if not iu the water
you have to ue.
Rend Applies to the District Boundary
Hoard for Exemption from the
County llljch School Tax.
Shall the Rend school district be
exempt hereafter from paying the
tax in support of the county high
school at Prinevillc? An attempt
is being made by the local school
board to secure that exemption, and
it is very probable the boarj will
be success'ul in its endeavors. Last
Monday, h. D. Wicst, iu behalf of
the Iknd board, appeared Ik, or
the district boundary board, which
was in session at Prinevillc, and
laid the matter before this board
After a lengthy discussion of the
matter, .and a careful consideration
of the law that exempts rt.rt.iiii
high schools from the county high
.chool tax, it is the belief of Mr
Wiest that the boundary board was
in favor of granting the Iknd dts
trict the exemption prayed for
However, the boundary board did
not feel inclined to take immediate
action on the matter aud postponed
a final decision until their next
meeting, which will be on Novem
ber 5. In the mcbutime the entire
board will visit the Bend hijh
-chool aud pass upon its efficiency.
If they are satisfied the Bend school
meets the requirements of the law
they will undoubtedly declare lh"
Dend district exempt from tbe
county high school tax.
There is a provision in the Ore
gon school law which provides that
any school district may establish 1
high school, and when that high
school liecomes the equal in efficien
cy of the county high school, said
district shall be exempt from t-c
county high school tax. The stat
ute is, iu part, as follows:
"That when anv tchool diatrict. r
union high school district, skill main
tain a high school which iu oil rc-pecti
ball tie equivalent in efficiency to tit
count v high school, which rftlctcn y
shall be determined by the dutnet bout)
dary board, such territory slull 1 ex
empt from a tax to support a county
high school."
That is the statute under which
the Iknd school board is working
to secure the exemption. There is
110 doubt, whatever, that the Rend
school is fully the equal in efficien
cy of the county high school The
course of study has b:en laid down
after due consultation with ami up
on the recommendations of State
Superintendent Ackenuau and com
plies with the state law m every re
spect. Hence the Rend board is
very confident that the boundary
board will decide in favor of the
local district.
If the exemption is secured it
will mean quite n saviug to the
Rend district. Iu 1906 the Rend
district paid into the county high
school fund the sum of $900, aud
tit 1907 the not inconsiderable sum
of 500. Should the local board
win in its present endeavors, this
sum could hereafter be expended
iu support of the Beud high school,
or could be deducted from the an
tutal levy nud would thus result lu
n saving to the tax payer.
The district boundary board is
composed of County Judge KIlis,
commissioners Rayley and Rice
and County Superintendent Ford.
Notice to the IHtbllc.
Having sold my business to Mil
lard Triplett, all parties owing me
are hereby notified to call and set
tle their accounts by cash or note
on or before Nov. 15, 1908, after
which date alt outstanding accounts
will be pat in the hands of a col
lector, 31-32 J. I, Wisif.