The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 14, 1908, Image 7

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    ('In? mill dm Knlurr tlralt.
"Qiilnii,' until nn old tni'inlitir one
Any 'I lii'iml you worrying nlmut thn
mileage. Iil 7011 over lintr the story
of Cluy mill Dm salary grnlO'
'"No I replied.
"Wlii'ii Cliijr wo Hanker,' tio con
tinued, 'along about INK), tint crowd
raised tlu'lr salaries to II.MiO it jivir
There wu a great IiimvI nil over lint
country, unit when Clay ronclii'il home
In ICculiuky, Im found old nuo-nriiicd
John I'npe, a Federalist, nut nfter hi
(-nip tu bent tliw baud, and nil Hip Clny
ndhcrents ominously silent, Worrli'il
niitl auiloti Clny sought nut his old
burlier, wild liml ninny been enthusi
astic In his ndvowicy and who happened
to Im nu IrUliiumi. "I trust I may
count nu your hcurty support ns usu
al)" Clny naked "Knlth, Mr. Clny."
xtlil I ho Irish Inrber, "I think I shall
Mill' nt till lime fur tin" iiihii wlm ciin I
get hut inn limul Into tli" Treasury.""
-Kuctes Muganlue,
t'l.r foe SenaleUneaa,
A mre fur smalckiieaa, which n Ocr
mnii iliNtnr says he Im discovered,
consist In tlm sufferer lying nn hU
inck mid having handkerchief aonked
In hot wnter t luted very tightly
round hia forehead,
Libby's Sweei
Mixed Pickles
TKt firm, cHip quality and
dalicJoui flavor U v. hat you Jcl
when you Inilit on Llbby'9
Mixed Pickles nt your clenlcra.
Tliey are nlwnya (lie finest nnd
never iiiaappoinu 11 llio tamo
with I jliliy'i Sweet Gherkin nnd
Sweet Mklfjctt. Aik for them.
Libby's Oliycs
Tho cultivation of centuriea
marks tha olive proves of Sxiln
ns tho worki's lel.
Libby's Olives nre Imported
from the oklett and most famous
of thrse proves. The result Is n
rnre roduct, delightfully nppetii
lnj. Try ono bottle nnd you'll
buy more and never bo without
Libby's Preserves
Pure, rlpo fruit nnd pure suctr
In rqunl wti, cooked Just rifjlit
nnd timed to tlm second, in
Libby's Orcol While Kllr.h-
CD, Is tha secret of the extreme
superiority of Libby's Preserves.
Thrr c's none ns flood nt nny price.
Crocrrs nnd ilehcolessen stores
carry nil of Libby's food Pro
uuti.-t. 1 ney are wnr
rnntedthebestto both
you and the dealer
tl'rir fnr trtr
lvnVr v r I
llbby. HtNtUI
No. 32-OI
fllKM wrllli.a lnailvrrllaara ilaaa
inaiiiluii una ar.
LMl.i-J, .A' -1-1 1 W ' 4MWWffi TTJZW MJ .JWJJJ.-W.I
'llio Klinl Vim Hum AliMtyrt ltmiu'lit lnts liiirno tho hlcim
tittK tirC'lms. II. I'lottlii r, nml Iiiih licen liiittltt iiiiilcr Ills
lirriunuil Htiicr IhIoii for ticr !It yeurH. Allow iu tint)
to tlcci'lvi) j tin in tills. OninteriVltM, ImttntloiiH anil
', Mist-as. jjixnl " uro Imt l!p'rliiieitts, utiil cittluiigtr tho
liculth tit' Children KxpeiUiuo ugulust Ihpi.rliiu'iit.
Custoilu U u hurnilesM Hiilistlltito for Custtir OH, l'nro
Ktirlc, l)rtiH nml Nuiithliitr Sjriips. 11 in IMcusuut. It
ciiiiIuIiih nvltlicr Opliini, .Morphlno mil other 'urcotlo
riiiliMtiinco. ItH ntiu Ih Iih ;tmriiiittc. It tlcstroyH AVuriiH
nml uIIiivh l'ovcrlHlintMs. it cures Dlurrlitcu uml AVliul
Colic. It. rcllovoN 'I'Mvlhliiu; TriiuhlcN, euros Constipation
nml Kluttilciicv. It UNNlnilliitcri tho I'imkI, rcKiilutcs tho
Httiiiincli uml lltmolM, kIvIiiu; hculthy uml natural Muop.
Tho Chllilron'H l'nnnccu Tho IMothcr'N rriuiul,
Tlie Kind You Havre Always Bought
Boars tkp
In Use For Over 30 Years.
l.llerarr Mlaaajreemenl,
Col, Honker Why have Hansen nnd
liU wife separated? I
Major Moir On nrcomit of tin
difference In their llli'rnry I a Me. ,
Col. HonkcrTlicy must both hu mi
Major Mopper -Not nt nil. Ho was
tu love with IiIn typewriter, unit h
with young m'I,
It Curt Willi You Walk, '
Allen' fii'it Pi li amMaln curator til
Healllig.calliis.aiiil swollen, selling feat, Mili.
brat lliiugglil. I'rlia ,. Unrt'l aerai.tahr
Vii"tli,,,.1' T'l.,. '."rka" r"KK 'Mi'"
Allan U.OIinttH.I.e Uof,H. Y.
iii nun mila.
"Wlinl'n Hint nolsitl" nuked tlm vis
llor In tlm ntMrtiiiciit Ihmim.
"I'rolinlily snimi 0110 In Hip dentist's
iipiirttiit'iitN oil tint Iloor IhiIow gutting
II lootli out."
"Hut this secim-d to come from tho
Hour above."
"All, then It'n probably tin I'optcjs'
lathy cctttiik i tooth In." I'hiladolphln
.Vl.a.1 'llirr Unlit,
Maybe It didn't menu Just what to
tin cnsuitl listener It seemed to lliinli,
hut thla la whnt the fanner wuh over
heard to iuy to liU wife nn they hwik'it
over the mnrket reairt 111 the dnlly
Well, M'rln. Impi In up. nn' Hint
inenna we're wuth 11 kmmI linl more
todny'u wo wnn ylaterdny." Chlraso
Slnklnit Irimlilr l'r,
"Whnt diat tou du when de wolf
hotvl nt de 1I0T
"U'ull. still," rndlrd Ilrother Wll
llntua, " lima' Iniit'iirully iu'tR n Imp
frr do wolf nn" sells him ter a ilrcus."
-Atlanta Constitution.
I'urlrr MNit I'roar,
Ilrldo (teiMlcrly)Vo Intro fully
twenty minutes iMfere tlm trnlu romii,
when we iniint hid 01m niiother farettell
- lau't Hint I1I11.J
llrldek'riMiiu Cnpltnl we ran ko
Into tlie atntlou reatnurnut nnd mt
somethliu; toft'ther. Wleuer Hnlon-
WltXlllHtt ,
llrrnllrrtliiMa nf m Hilar ll'f,
"Vour far la fsmlllar." saM Hi pita-atici-r
with ih rusla. "Ilavrn't I run
afalmt ywi aimM'lirp l"fr7"
"No, air." nrnl tr inxrr with
tbt huatml lik In ln ea "Yimi'vp t rl I
s ituirn Hmra or murf tu run ot rr i. Ikii
I liavt alwaa li-o alila to itml' Id llui."
ftata ot OMo, t'llr "t Tulula I ..
I.inait iiunty, I""
frank J 1 liaurf mat r path lliat halt. Mm
taittirriitllia fiiwiil K i Ihniajf A Co .ilollu
liutlnrailntliat Hr nlTetnto,CHintr awt HH thai aa. nrm will Ihoinre
nl (INK III iMill-tMH ,.r rarh au
tvrr raj ..I I alarih that annul La rurxt til
Ida um u( llall'a Calairb Cia.
, . IMiNK J. nilKNKY.
Hwnrn to t-jfnre ma aiM uUrrltot In tar 1 rra
aura, Ulitlb ilar ulltrrvtMUr A II IWC
iiul A. W. Hl.tAHOS
.. Wr. , . . . . Notary I'uUle
Itali'a Putarrti Ctir U taken lntfriially,aM
arKiliiifily iimhi tlm Wii. arnl wurMtiir
aul lliatlitam fml lartMtlBHtijIalilirai
... ... r J CIIINKVAC0.,TtJo1O
Md tr alt
lata tlait't 1'aiully till, far oumllpitlim.
"I hnrp tiet'ti tidd." snld the nrtlr
wonmii, "Hint )uu nro singularly Int-k-lnk-
In tntt"
"WhAt U your Idea of tnctj" nskrd
MIm ('H)enne.
"I don't know. Whnt's your7"
'"I'nrt, nit a rule, la the nhlllty to
concent tme'a aurprUu nl foolish or Im
IHTtliit'iit remnrk","
lllMlilfiiua liiilluitntliin.
CorrraiaMMlriit .May I aik. Krnntor
, how luiicli )our rniHialii tint )oil)
I'mliirnt Nlntratiisii Aa to Hist, ynoni
I man, I nntk It a rulr to follow I lie arrlp
' turn I hijuiuilon, nut to lt my Irft tmiir;
know ttlutt my rlclit hand diwlli. lira ia
air, It's iiuuw of )our hlankcty blank butl
Signnturo of
CulllVHllfin ill Unm,
Com makes 11 rmik gruuth liothnlxifei
nnd Mow ground, mid for Hint reason
require treatment somewhat illfTi'rriit
from v tint I glten to wheut or outs.
1'hiutlng In rows In necessary not only
to HTinlt full development of tlm stnlks,
hut also to glw pli'iity of fii'illuj: room
to tlm roota. Com ronta. If tln'y himi
11 cliniKv, will inviipy fu-ry Inch to tlm
depth of from thru to lit it fret, nnd
tlm yield of the corn will dcend on
tlm tiiinpleleiiiiia of thin (uttlpHlloll.
The feedliik' Krnuiiil, or. In oilier word,
the (iir:i root M4ture, depeudi)1 iiihIiiI)'
011 the prejmrntioii mid tultlTntloti ot
the noil. It mny Im. limited In tunny
wm), mi (hut the farmer. Inatend of tin-
liiK from thrii. to the fivt of IiIh Held
jna atoll, will 11 m- only 11 amiill ortlou of
It. If the lain! Ih not prorn'rly ilriilmil.
either unturnlly or nrllllcliillj. the writ
roota niuiiot peiivtrnle Into the recloli
siiturnted with tt titer, for the "liter
shuts out the nlr. If hard pnn comes
tienr tlm i 11 rf ace the com rootn citutiot
riMih luo Hint, nml he mny ho cultl
tnllni; hut six, elcht or ten Inihm of tho
Held im noil. If the land Im- henry and
plouchrd ttet, full of liimpH on tlm sur
fnev or rititltiic on tlm plough pnn or
tiittoui of the furrow, the com nit
cnuiiot ntlllxe these, nnd hence his noil
Is limited. If he hns ploiuluM under,
In n dry time, conroe immure, so ns to
shut off the supply of wnter from Ik
low. the corn rimtH nre ncnlu llmltiil.
It l, therefore, nhoiit ns npceaaary for
the farmer to understiiud corn roots
nnd their dahlia nml wnya ns tt Is for
the aitrKiiin to uiHlerstniid the nnntoiny
or the a; stem, where the In mm He, nnd
wlient the nrlerles, rtMita, iicnes nml
milneli'a nre lilddeii under the skin.
The rtim plant. It will ! nvn, litis
ihi tni nail. The first roots start out
from the siNd cralu ami k down.
lilMTuintrrio of oiun uours l.f roil.
After this Hi., roots aw mnt out In
whorls of from to to ten. Am the plant
ndtitmv toward umturlty, thuae whorla
rlso closer to tho surface. Tlie tlntt
riNits thrown out Immediately iiImim- the
prlmnry naits run sldewnys nnd occupy
ten or llfleeii linhea Mow the surface.
'Ihwe littersl nwts throw out ilbrutis or
feeding roots, which run In eery di
rection through the soil and occupy
etery Inch within n rndltiM or from two
to the feet. It Is etldeut. therefore.
Hint If we plough otrn Immedliitoly
after planting, or after It Is tlrat up,
we nut plough ns deep as we like, and
generally the dirHr the Mter. When,
huuever, the roots lioglu to rise and
tKxtipy every mjusre Inch of soil within
reach, It will not do tn plough deep,
Our culthatloii must, therefore, be lim
it it I to the surface, nml with the end In
lew of killing the weeds and forming
tho mulch of dry dirt which will shut
off surface oviiNiriitloii, and spread out
tho wnter which Is continually rising
from tielow within rooch of tho roots.
Tlm older nnd larger the plant the
shallower should tho cultivation be. In
fact, If tho ground Is well prepared,
ploughed deep when there Is no dan
ger of cutting off the roots, tho only
thing tho farmer needs to do during
the Intter period Is to maintain tho
mulch of dry dirt on tho surface.
.1' I .-1" , '. V
I'.irn. Help l.eaa Kaiienalve.
rami InUir Is chenHr than It was at
this time last year and Is pretty sure
to continue so for tho season. There
has been some curtailment In manufac
turing throughout tho country, tho re
sult being that a great many men nro
out of work. With this condition fann
ers Mud that they can get help more
tendlly now iliiin they luno been able
to for several j ears.
It Is ascertained that where contracts
havu been umilo lu tho Middle West and
Southwest for farm hands the rate of
wages averages about $o per month low
er thntt Hint prevailing n year ago.
A common rate of pay for farm hands
nt thin Hum In f'J." per itli, nn nxnut
f,'!0 hint tM'iinoii. Compeleut men with
experlenw In nm-cIiiI depirtmonta ol
fnrmliiK ulll (1111111111111I more, hut not 1
much 11 a In IIKXJ nnd W7. (J'hhI lit 4
Nloek IiiiuiIn ntrlve V, to II., hut
nUne this there nre few men hlr. ten t,1011(lnndf, of ,Kjrc(, nn,j Kian,i9 Jt ptrfomiB the great and neccs-ary work of
for fancy fnrinliig or tlm specialties who rcKUjnlln(, our tc,pi.raturcii, an.l also nsitlnts In of the rcfunc nnd
are rot'elvliit,' more. wa9tc ,ntter of the nyatcm by the constant evaporation Hint rocs on
ioijm nnd limxtHirlpnctal Imnilnrniil" ti,ruKh tliesc little ttilK-s, To jicrform these duties the tissues and fibre
nro ofTerliu: their twrvlces for from (13 wJilch connect and surround the pores and glands must be continually nour-
lu f'-t) per month. I IslictI by pure blood. When from nny cause the circulation become, infected
ttinrrriiroutiToTtr Critar. with impurities nnd humors, it loa.cs its strengthening powers nnd begins to
A simple method of wnaiructln n disease nnd irritate the delicate tissues, nnd produces Eczema, Acne, Tetter,
cool, (iiitiloor cellnr In iH.nllllin where or some other itching, disfiguring skin trouble. S.S.S. curei skin diseases
tlm common house ctllnrs nnt too of every kin.l by going down into the circulnt on and neutralizing and rcmov
wiirm for unit iltirliiB tlm summertime.. '"K, the : impurities and humors. Itc hangca the quality of tliebloalfromnn
nt summertime '
iintivinir awtrii'
1 ' "","'(
ier nn pump,
Is shown In tho necompui
It Is 11 cellnr mnde iinilc
so iiiiii tne wnter piim Hii ny tint,
windmill hns n very cooling efftrt.
III plan- where It In dllhVtllt to ohtnlu
Ire, It will protc IndlHiU'lisahle to tlm
dairyman who keep n few cows. Am
other liiiwirlniit Item Is tlm fact Hint
a mnn iIih-h not llml It ncewinry to
oirriioon cLLUtn.
pull up all of the pipes' every Hum
Hint Im finds It iinnwutry to rt'imlr the
pIlKfi and pump. It Is conntriiclcd of
The top Is riMmforced with
ch stw! nls plncil ono root
nwrt ench wny nnd tho coiicretJ Is
nlmut six Inches thick. Tlm side arc
mnde hy lining a form nnd stairs
um also mnde of concrete nml nrj re-
MiforrtMl hy hiiihII steel rods. The cost.
Itmltidlng tlm labor, nmounteit to itlMitit
(U) In the west nml southwest It will
nlso answer tlm purple of 3 stonn
catr, which Is considered a tltuie on
all farms. I'nrm nnd Houne.
A rv Hfilnitle un I'Mriitera.
All entirely tmw Imt highly sticcetHiful
scheme to iMNirate farmera from theli
money has Ihvii worked tu South Du
kotii during the nasi few muuths.
An oily grafter calls mi a farmer ntsl
ma Los n hid for ids land. Tin. neurit
... ....n.i, ... .1 ors,. ... v, ue,
. I ..-! . , ... .. . ... t
K.i-n tv ruiiHi. ..a ..iKi. .." s-w .... tier,
nnd the fanner consents.
Then the visitor explains that he l
only nn agent, hut that he can sell the,
html at the price nttmed If the owner
will itgrcc to pity for advertising tit th
rnte of ,V) tvitts an acre. I
The "agenf pn.iul-es orally that the
Hdtertlslug money will not lie iwynhlc
until tho land Is sold, but this stlpula
tlon Is not contained lit tho contract
that the fanner signs.
In a few days he rcceltcs a copy ot
nu ml nml not ovurcourtcous demand
for money.
It Is said that tnenty-lwo agricul
turist were caught with this Istlt Id
Drown Comity and that one of the-iu
gai up f.tJO.
Thundrr nml .Milk.
To many Krsoi.s the curdling of milk
In it thunderstorm Is a mysterious and.
uulntelllglhle phenomenon. Vet, ac
cording to scientists, the whole process
Is simple nml natural. Their claim Is
that milk, like most other auhstut.ces,
contains millions of bacteria. The
milk bacteria Hint In n day or two,
under natural conditions, would cause
the tliild to sour are peculiarly bus
cvptlble to electricity. Klcvtrlelty In
spires nnd Invigorates them, as nlciv
luil, iKlne or stnuig tea HfTeets uwiu
Under the current's Intlueiav thoy fall
to work with amnslng energy, nml In
jl ' " JI
stead of taking it couple of days to onmatiaw wumit quite so strong oa doe
sour the milk they iuwHidlsh the task JrInal I"01'"- - '-" " I bring jieoplo
comn etelv In it half hour. With no
elivtrlc battery It Is vy on the same
principle to Mur the froslimt milk.
flu. Citlilllnu Molt., t
Atsuit ouo-llfth of the tlrst laying ot
eggs by tho coddling moth Is on tho
fruit, tho rest being on the leaves and
branches. Tho young larva that
hutches from the egg Is able to feed
on tho foliage to some extent and may
come Into maturity without entering
the fruit, although It rarely docs so.
About H) per cent of tho llrst brood
tluds Its way Into the apples at the
calyx, while thu rest cat hi at other
IKiluts, principally at tho stem. Only
about "8 ht cent of thu second brood
enters at thu culyx, thu others outing
lu whero thu apples touch each other,
or a leaf nt tho stem end. Tho aver
age life of tho adult Insect, or moth.
Is nttout four days.
Kuril. Tl.rcal.l.tu L'ompnulea,
Farmers should form organisations
for threshing. It Is well to have u imm
her of men help In threshing who uro
congenial. When tho thresher comes
Into the neighborhood nil know tho rou
tine nml all help stays with tho imuVlao
while It Is In that vicinity. There Is
no roam for boobies nnd stolta about a
threshing job. Tho mnn who shirks
should ho given a chnuce to Join au
other ring.
I .- .
O. S.
Tlj itti iai iif atMiIt nM nttlnr
,n'' l,lc l"Munucs nnu nuinors. 11 cuangca me quality 01 me wood irom nn
crid, fiery fluid to a cooling, health-producing stream, which, instead of
Irritating nnd inflaming the skin, cures and nourishes it by its soothing,
jlcajtjlfu, q,mitcs. Salves, washes, lotions, etc , may be used for any tern
, r ,.. 1 ll.. at . n(T
,.,n'o o 0 1.0. ..,ifl.t i,. t.t.Ci
ioil advice sent free. the SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLAHTA, GA.
itfmtrrr '( Srrillraa I'rull.
' fteirnre so far has fallnl to furnlnh
any eiplsnallou of the myslry of snllrs
fruits. Tliry are not tha outeome of the
work of man. Man rj'tuat lhm; he
rloa no roorr. Tltr eille oranje was
found In a state of sedlssnii. Vege
tarian. What n Woman Sara.
filnsleton I wuut to fltk you a ques
tion, old man.
WHdcrly Come on with It.
Hlnjcleton Docs n wor.inu attrnys
mean what she says?
Wcdderly During courtship she
diHin't, hut after marriage you bet sbc
docs. Chicago News.
Jnat a lllllvllle Opinion.
"We are so fond of worry," says a
lllllvllle phlloaopLer, "that If we ever
aaaanli vwa, taa ! Imm -arai'll (rnrrv satkrttlt llln
, fly , LIfU ,niJ jng too oflrn Wt
onr, Dr , man wuo PIK.Dt hi. Ilfrtlm
trying to find ut what he had to worry
about." Atlanta Conatitutlon.
Olvlnar Tlirm Credit.
"You know," said the distinguished
Oriental who manifests much curiosity,
"Hint the Chinese discovered the art of
printing from tyjie thousands of years
"yes," replied the mnn who was be
ing Interviewed. "And. Incidentally, I
don't doubt that they were the original
Inventors of the Interrogation point."
Washington Star.
afakliia; Allnrvaneaa for Illm.
Vou uied to know Tom, my nephew,
a"J" ' J'
' 'i " ? knw hlm .w.!''
Tom's a
a ,uui, mirtuim ,,r-.a M.M..
1 ....I t .l-.... IH.I VI"
-He's one of the .ucccMful operators la
Wall street now.'
"In spite of that I still think Tom's a
rood soul." Chicago Tribune.
Mile l.liitita on lllaliirr. I
Scott was writing the "I-ay of the Last
".11er wnien,' ne mutterei, with a
crlm smile, "with your kind permission.
ladles and gentlemen, the gifted vocallut,
Herr Spuytentuyfel. will sing the pathetic
ballad, entitled 'Mamma. Your Little
Itarllnt- I Tnn I'nll In Kal In, t.
l'or well lie knew that there would be
still later mlnatrel. with other lays.
During the test year Canada drew up-
en n Hum rinif-T tor .i iwmt
k Wrs IUI v 1WH9M-
Over iaVW came from the
mother country, and SI.000 from the con- whlen havo attained to world
Hnent ot liuroiwr. j wide ncosptanco through tho approva
Thi. llurkrt Shuuner.
..... i...i i. .i.i.n ...i.
"n .j.,.-! ttnh hi. little mteht n,i
And now he Is making fluent "call,"
at the bip with the sign of the golden
i.n,. nJ.",.Vr',',-,i'r: ,
bly lite? Vottr' Imxiwe won", more Hun
lf riifport ua."
"O. ics. It will. After we are married.
-.- avBaa Mini f aawTa i r -ra'
pet. I t.-on't hne to bring ..u anv more
liotlionnu honvrs, you know." Chicago
I.neU of Cu-Oieratlou,
I wish," Mid the rvitaUt. "Ilrotber
" ".' '" """" .." " lo l" out
of It for heresy "
Si. Helen's Hall. Portland. Or.
Resident and Day School for Girls.
Catalogue on Kequeit.
They ara Trained foe buslneaa In a business-like war.
Why not aorvOl In a reputable school that places all of IU rraJuateat
. -
nrwirt. r rt 4ltM Vvuft lf ittanf1 t(rf
t 1 t.r- .ti.-. . ' 1
ni, . cu. m... .1 t
Jtihnnr'a farrow Kaenpe,
"Johnny came mighty near choking to
death the olli'r day," said Mrs. Impaling,
"lie waa eating popcorn, and he got a
grain of It fast In hi wimlptfe. At least
that's where I thouzht It was, but when
the dortor came he aald It wasn't hi win U
pipe, at all. The loprorn had lodged la
hi sarcophasti." -Chicago Tribune.
Mothers will flod lift. Wlntlow's Boothia
rruth twt ramnlr to Oaofoj ttnIrtk'Wia
auilag tha leattilng parxl.
ttora Still.
"My wife Is getting to be rcry tire
some," complained Grouchcr, "she
doesn't vni to know her otrn mind
from one minute to the next"
"My wife," said Knttcbctt, "la tha
same way. Rbe's as uncertain a tho
"Huh! Mine's ns uncertain as tbo
weather rorecosts." Philadelphia
CtTC St. VltaV tsr aa4 mw Vlamm frmf
IIIJMUf cmf4 W I)r Kllaa'a Onat Nana IU.
tsrrr. S,4 far ratt SIM IrUI trail aa4 lrtla.
VT.K.U. Kllaa. IA.. SU Arch BU I hUaJaltla. ra.
Affrelrtl Illm Illfferenllr.
"Maw, what'a paw doing down In tbt
bawawnt? Patching tip the lee box?"
"No, dear . he'a putting new wire gauia
on the screen doors."
"How do you know?"
"Ity the language be Is using, dear."
Chicago Tribune.
I So roltte.
"She hasn't nny cause to be snippy
with me. The last time I saw her I'm
cure I did the politest tblug I could."
"What did you do?"
"We were on n car nnd when n man
offered me 11 seat 1 said to her: 'You
take It. dear; you're the older.'"
Kansas City Times.
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