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Recount Leaves Mayor McClellan
Good Majority.
Declston Against Plaintiff Renders Him
LiAble to Suit for Heavy Dam
ages for Slander.
New York, July 2 Ocorge B. Mc
Clell.n wa declared to have been duly
elected Mayor of New York over Will
lam It. Hearst In 1906 by Justice tain,
bert yesterday, lly the jutleo' order
tbo jury returned a verdict to that
effect. The recount left MeOlelUin with
n plurality of nearly 3.000 and counsel
for Attorney General Jackson, who
brought quo warranto proceeding
against the mayor, was unable to prove
hU contention tnat tuo ballot toxo
were stuffed.
0. J. Sbearn, counsel for the con
testant, asserted that the Iwllot Ihixcs
wcro stuffed. Yesterday Mr. Shenrn
offered evidence in an effort to show
that Mr. Hearst wa defrauded of
(1,03.1 votes. He then rested his case.
Counsel for Mayor McClellan offered
in evidence the official returns of tho
election inspectors and the poll books
and tally sheets from the county clerk'
In his address to the jury, Justico
Lambert said that no fraud had been
proved in the case and if he should
permit the disfranchisement of citizens
on sueh slight evidence,, this country
would last but a very short time.
New York, July 2 The wind up of
tho recount trial J which demonstrated
conclusively that George H. McClellan
did not steal the mayoralty chair, the
property of William 'Randolph Hearst,
is believed to be the signal for other
interesting court proceedings. The
mayor and his advisors are now contem
plating the ndvisabilitv of bringing a
suit for damages, hminent lawyers
agree that a good sized verdict is more
than a possibility as the plaintiff would
be in a position to prove that he had
been mentally and financially injured.
Discussing the ease, a lending member
of the bar said:
"McClellan would be justified in
suing for $250,000. nnd a verdict of
that amount would, I believe, be up
held by the highest courts. From elec
tion day until the present time tho
Henrst ' papers hare alluded to Mc
Clellan as tho 'Fraud Mayor.' "
Many Small Craft Making Their Way
to Behring Sea.
San Francisco, July 2. Floating ice
In tho Itering sea is unusually heavy
this summer and a distinct menace to
shipping, reports Cantata Hagen of tho
steamer Grace Dollar, which has re
turned to this port after a cruise of -IS
days to Dutch Harbor. The floe were
so thick off St. George's Island that the
uraeo Dollar was roree.1 to lie oft that
port several days before the could
effect a landing,
Kevcnue officers on duty off the is
land report that several Japanese seal
era are already on the ground and over
30. more are making their way up the
eoaat. The illegal practice of those
ships at season resulted in n clash be
tween the United State official and
the illicit trader, with the result that
six Japanoie wore killed after landing
contrary to government regulations.
The large number of ,laneso craft
now on their way to the ground is
viewed with suspicion by tho revenue
oflicvra, who cxpeet more trouble before
the summer is over. To protect United
State interests four cutters are now in
northern water.
Demands Surrender of Refu
gees by British.
London, July 2. Tho foreign oflleo
has refused the request of the Persian
government that the political refugee
at the Ilritisb legation In Teheran be
lianded over to tbo local authorities
and at the aaino time it ha protested
with warmth ngalnit the action of the
shnh in post in- troop in tho neighbor
hood of tho legation. Sir Kdward Oroy,
the foreign secretary, said the refugee
would not bo given up without definite
nnd reliable, guarantee of their proper
Will Fly for Prize.
New York, July 2. Arrangements
liavo been completed here for what it
is said will be the first publicly tested
flight over made in America for a prize
offered for tho successful navigation of
tho air by heavier than air machines.
Tho teat will bo mado next Saturday lit
llamniondaport, r. Y., by Glenn H. Cur
Has in his new machine, tbo "Juno
Hug," which made it notable flight of
J,HU yards Inst Haturdny. .Mr. Curtis
has challenged for tho Scientific Amer
ican cup offered last year for compoti
tion of all types of heavier-thanair ma
chines. Fish Trust Pleads Guilty,
Chicago, July 2. A. Ilooth k Co.,
one of tho largest concerns dealing In
fish and oysters in tho west, pleaded
guilty Tuesday to having accepted re
bates from railroad companies. An Jn
dictment against tbo company was re
turned a year ago. j
Zeppelin's Airship Files Over Half of
Fricalrichshavcn, July 3 Count
Zeppelin today outdistanced alt world
records for Mccrablc balloon. He
remained in the nir for l'J hours, trav
crscd the grater part of Northern
Switzerland, and visited Zurich, Win
tcrthur and Lucerne, attaining an nv
crage speed throughout of 3t miles
an hour
His airship displayed splendid qual
ities of dirigihility, and answered the
slightest movement of the helm, while
its stability was quite up. to the
et expectations.
In the most desirable weather con
ditions, almost a dead calm, the air
ship manned hy a crew of four, under
the leadership of Count Zeppelin, left
its floating home on Lake Constance
at ! 30 o'clock in the morning Less
than five minutes later the balloon
rose about tooo feet in tho air and
turned her bows toward Constance
About " o'clock it had disappeared on
the western horizon
Telephone messages from Fraudcti
feldt, Windcrthur and other towns
soon reported the appearance of the
airship and her passage over the Can
ton of Zurich The giant craft re
mained ten minutes lio criuir over the
town of Zurich and the lake, and then
vanished from icw at a rapid rate in
the direction of Lucerne
It was about II o'clock when the
airship came into view at Lucerne.
a,nd the thousands of astonished tour
ists from all parts of the world, in
cluding hundreds of Americans, greet
ed her with loud cheers as she sailed
quickly over the waters of the lake
With the greatest precision. Count
Zeppelin guided his airship and pro
ceeded to carry out a long scries of
evolutions which included complicated
figures circles, the figure 8. sharp
turns, descents and ascents. He then
undertook a tour of the whole lake,
visiting every bay and indentation
along the shores Finally he turned
the noc of the ship homeward, cross,
ing the Alius range of mountains
Says His Fight for Recount Was Only
for Principle.
New- York. July 3 The following
cablegram was received from W It
Hearst in regard to the result of the
New York mayoralty contest recount:
London, July 1, torn The result is
more than satisfactory to me, and I
hope it will sufficiently satisfy the citi
zens for whom this long ami arduous
struggle had been carried on. I have
said from the beginning that the fight
was not to make mc mayor, but t
secure an honest count of the vote
cast by the citizens In the face of
enormous and unnecessary difficulties
that count lias been secured, and here-
after it will not be pmsible for elec
tiou thieves to commit frauds in sc
crecy and security behind the barrier
of the law
"Whatever election crime is com
mitted, be it "real or small, must be
publicly accounted fur. That has been
accomplished and it means mucn lor
the safety of the republic
Escapes Extradition.
Puerto Cortcz, Honduras. July 3
Francis I). Itailcy, president of the
Export Shipping company, of New
Jersey, wIm), together with hi
brother, Albert V Itailey, Charles II
H Myers and Captain A. Oxley, was
place.! aboard the Norwegian steamer
Utstcm yesterday in custody of Lieu
tenant P W Kerry, of th New York
K!ice department, made his escape
in a small boat from the steamer list
night. The boat was found on the
beach this morning Search is being
made by soldiers in the woods ami
swamps near by
Marooned for Months.
Victoria, IS C, July S Twenty
fishermen marooned for months uu
Victor island and rescued by two Bra
zilian training ships, were landed at
Yokohama, according to news re
ceived by the Empress of China The
men were left with orders to fish by
the Japanese fishery schooner Hokui
Marti on January 1 last, and were
abandoned They were found on May
30, and were starving when rescued
The Japanese police have arrested the
captain of the Hokui Marit at Yoko
hama for marooning the fishermen
Poisoned by Wholesale.
Saigon, Cochin China, July 3 Two
hundred soldiers belonging to the
French Colonial infantry were seized
with a sudden nausea in their Inr
racks here today The .unexpected
illness cannot he accounted for. and
it is believed the men arc victims of
an attempt at wholesale poisoning.
Prepare for Bridal Pair
Turin, July 3 It is reported here
that preparations are heing-madc at
Royal chateau at Racconigi for the re
ception of the Duke of Abruzzie nnd
his prospective bride. Miss Kntheriue
Klkins. d-uightcr of Senator S IS. El
kins, of West Virginia.
Plague Still Raging.
Port of flpain, Trinidad, July 2
Since Juno 21 there have been six new
cases of plague at this place thrco of
them terminating fatally. Pour eases
nro now nnder treatment, three of them
Pondleton,;Full of Men Looking for
Work on Farms.
Pendleton Harvest hands were
never more plentiful in Pcud'etou and
Umatilla county than they are today
Last year it was almost impossible
for the ranchers to get men to harvest
their hay at the prices usually pre
vailing for that kind of work The
city is now teeming with men willing
to work at almost any price
A feature of this car's
conditions is that the men .ill seem
to he strangers There are few old
faces anionic them, the men who are
accustomed to come in venr after vcar
not having appeared. When thrsc
men arme the situation from ilie la
boring man's standpoint will he even
worse, though the farmers are rrjoic
nig in the prospect of getting their
help much cheaper than for a number
of jcars vcar grain farmers were emu
pelted to plead with laborers to go t
work at ail) where from ja Mi to Jtl a
day The distance from town, the
number of hours ami the liquid re
freshments also figured '1 his year
conditions seem to be reversed The
working man is pleading with t lie
farmer and asking for a chance to g
to work at any price
The prevailing price is from $1 21 to
$1 Ju per day and there are plenty of
men to be had at thoc figures It is
believed the large influx of men is
from the cast, having been thrown out
of cmplojmeiit by the shutting down
of milis and factories.
Farmers Sign Contracts for Output
of Next Five Years.
Clatskanie A meeting of Nehalcm
valley farmers was held at Mist, tune
miles from here, Tuesday afternoon,
to make arrangements fur the cstah
lishment of a creamery at that place
J C 1-aiiK, a practical creamery man
from Wisconsin, lias been working
the proposition up among the far
mcrs fur the past three weeks, and
has succeeded in interesting them to
the extent of obtaining contracts for
five years to take all their cream at
within one and one-half cent per
pound of the highest market price for
butter, they also to put up su tabic
buildings and furnish the boiler for
the operation of the plant. Ilctwccu
4.00U and soon gallons of cream axe
shipped monthly from this district
to Portland creameries, and dairying
is yet in its infancy
Oil for River Steamers.
Portland. Two large nit itrr tn;
steamers, the Itowrans and Colonel K
Drake, the former towing a big tkrw
J mast. I steel Imrge. also Index with oil
have arrived at the tank at I'orts
(Ireater oaaatities of oil are Iwiog
brought to Portland earn month nn the
dozen or more of tank Nteamers that
are regularly employed in the nil trade
of the Pari fir riwut. The ItuseeraMs
and Coloael K. Drake earn have eawr
ily for about 111,000 barrels of oil.
This immense oil trnftle has developed
during the st few year. Ten years
ago an oil tank steamer was unknown
to this tHirt and there were mm large
tank along the river fur the reception
of the immoHse shipments of today. In
tkoe day the nil wan brought here hv
rait. Tho great increase In th demand
far oil Is due nltogetker to th fact
that most power craft plying out of
here have discarded the u of wood
or eoal for the lliuid fuel which i
hi ue h easier to handle, a (treat deal
cleaner and not nearly a bulky.
"Spotless "I own."
Grant's Pass A ladies' auxiliary to
ine i, rani s rs commercial cluli has
been organized with a large inemlier
ship fur the purpose of proit'otui;:
civic improvement It has already
laid plans for beautifying the city
More shade trees, prettier yard, bet
ter fence, wider sidewalks cleaner
streets and more roses and flowers
arc on the program The recent sue
ecssful rote show and flower festival
was the result of the women's work
The unsightly billboards of the town
will be attacked The women will
also assist the council in gettilig the
streets paved.
New Squirrel Killer.
Weston. Edward Anderson, living
on the foothills near Weston, has
originated a cheap and successful
method of exterminating scptirrcls,
which have caused much damage in
his locality. Locating a populous
(uirrcl colony, he goes out with an
criuipmcnt of newspaper scraps, sul
phur and matches At every lioV In.
places a slip of paper and a tcaspoon
'ul of sulphur. Setting this afire, he
covers mc ouzc witn weeds and dirt
i nc 'result is mat mc squirrels arc
ill smothered in their subterranean
houses. One pound of sulphur will
kill 200 squirrels.
Resume Work on Road,
Hillsboro. Several contractors re
cently have been looking over the
work on the Pacific Railway & Navi
gation between this point and Tilla
mook, and present indications are
'hat construction Is soon to be re
sumed The road Is completed for
about 20 miles out from this point
and six months' uninterrupted work
would complete the grade and bridge
building into Tillamook.
Largo Attendance at University and
High School
llugeni'. The milliliter school nt the
University of Oregon and tho high
school lire tiuw in progress, tho latter
having opened Monday morning. Tho
work nt the University of Oregon sum
iner school Is progressing verv imtlsfnc
progressing verv imtlsrnc
torllv. the Interest and enthusiasm of
those In ntti'iidiince being verv marked,
The Instructor lire: lllidngv mid mi
tore studv. A It Htveotsor; general
chemlstrv,' P. It. Shliin; ediiratmn, II..
I). Sheldon; llngllsh literature, Align
line Williams: tlermnii. 1' (I. (I.
and County Superintendent Dlllnrd.
cciiiuiiM insiory. ii e,, n. ni"! vvnoir scene was uK" r.i .,, . .. ' "" rifct,ag Hi Tabrla. The .piarl.t. ..f
...1ilh..mntle 1.. fc l)e(m; phvsles ,.f a burning ham whkh the bandits lB M,h , .vM,Va, .,
IV llovuohi Ireurh and Xpsnshh. Pro had fired ...taken ,. "their lMti.. vers. e.p.M
feasor (loriiii. Ihe lHlH.rat,.rv work I Usd only In her nlhld . the ' JrV A h fo
done in the f ernoo.i hours voung girl st.M.d terrified, slarin at , .MaeWsit oft., r-tf.,1..
he Urn. ('omiiv Normal Sehmd. the Kn.le..iie scene that met her .) , ! ' k , , fcrh ,,
which opened Monday i..ornli,K In he As she watched, before she had lime fc ,,",., ,m,t of Vr .,.
hiiKfHe high hool building, under lrt,t te.ilue what was happening, two i.f .V,., .,,,. ., ,..-Ji t ,,i-.i-, ....
iiirvMti of Superintended! AhlernmH ' I,,,, father's ranch hand, came rim mini UT. ."" . " "T1L .. .VTL . ".
for the first day .. nttendaiiee of l.'Md. ordered them t throw P "rXe "7 the I MlbjlM: "f ,hl
which will prohtthlv be Increased oiin , iiIP,r bands if V '7 l "ix .iii-Ii-J , -i i .
tom,.re tha'n 10. The purpose of this '"ft, "' ,.. OHf , ,he ,,,,,,, J "'--J ,J Vh.' f?.m ..I ."-' m
sch.H. is t pre, teacher, or their llirlli ,im,M.ll Hjmb from Uornen "Z?''"!,. .,
exninlHHtioiis mid the studies In which Rjnr n,lH)engle declared there ."" k ' k
thev are to be tried out nre ttuutht here
The school will continue six weeks
Special Provisions Made for Young
Women to Attend.
The State Hoard of the Young Worn
en's Christian Association are making
it itsie for young women to get the
iMticntlnnnl ndvnutnges of the tllnd
stone n ltd Ashland Chntuiniun Asem
biles under economical and congenial
social condition'.
They will open tierinanent hendniinr
ters for voting women. There will lie n
central reception tent, nttd small dormi
lory trill, (two single cots in mich trnl)
completely e.uipml fur romfnrt. The
iiriei per night will I 3.1 rents Simple
breakfast and lunches at 1,1 rents fur
those occupying the tent will I fur
nished Il is hoped that a large aunt
her vt young women will avail them
selves tif this pleasant arrangement.
II in Prances I'. (Inge, Northwest See
ri'tory, will I in ehnrtfe ttf the Iliad
stone rump, nnd Mrs. V .1. IhineymaH
if the Ashland rump. It Is pUnned to
make this n pleasant "house wrty"
for the- two week of the Assembly.
It wilt be n delightful nnd profitable
holiday for young women nil over the
state. All desiring to nv til themselves
of this splendid opxirtuHiiy should seHd
In their names as soon as ptAslhle to
Mix (lage, Ui .McMillan street, port
html, Oregon. The eitn is from July
7 to ID, inclusive.
Special to Cherr Fair,
Ponlmd The Oregon Electric
Railway company is nct(olittmg with
ocal business orianualioiu to run a
special train to Salem. I riday, lu'y 9
for the benefit of visitor In the Sa
lem cherry fair Portland people have
received an urgent Kcnrral invitation
to attend the Salem fair The electric
road has made special rates .It U
proposed ! run a special train that
will l-vr Salem on the return trip at
10 Mi p m, and get the ru unionists
luck to Portland about midnight.
Wheat Track prices! Club, fiHe per
bushel; red llusalan, bOej btuoatem, PUc:
Vallev. 8e.
MIIMnfT Ilran, tl'l per ton; mid
Ming", 0.60; shorts, country, ISSM);
city, SS; wheat and Iwrlry chop,
f 27 6fl.
Ilarler -Peed, HH por tonj rolled,
27.ftO;r2S.80i brewing, 2fl.
Oats Vo, 1 white, $27M por ton;
gray, 87.
NayTimothy. Willamette Vallnv.
fl per ton; willnmette Valley, ordi
nary. $1,1; Pnstcrn Oregon, I18.A0;
mixed, 10; clover, III; alfalfa, 112;
ilfnlfn mrnl. $20.
Dressed Ments Hogs, fancy, 8e per
pound; nrdlnnry, 7ei largo, flc; veal,
extra, He. ordinary, 0(27e heavy, fie;
mutton, fancy 8($0r.
Mutter Kx'tra, 2fir per pound; faney
2le; choice, 20ej store, (V,
Leg- Oregon, 17jtf?l8le per doren.
Cheese- Fancy c renin twin, 13e per
nound; full rrcnm triplets. Lie; full
rrenm Young America. He; cronm
brick, 20c ; Swiss block, 18c: llinhurger,
Poultry Mixed chickens, MflMMr
per pound: fnncv hens. 12c: rooster.
nej rrycr. wriil7c; liroiiers, infmi7e;
muck, nin,; spring, ir.fim.'(Mr;
ijeeo, 8f7M)iM turkey, nllve. lflflBlSe
for hen, H(f7jlfle for gobblers; dressed,
h nn i nc.
Pntntoes Old Oreoon. ncr
hundred! now California, 2f$2Jc per
Vrcsh Fruits Ornnffc. fanev. i3.2i
(fM.7f!t lemons, $(iB4.7(5: strawberries
J0ef77)$1.23 per erato; grape fruit. $r.7B
rt?.1.J.'i per box; bnnanns, f5ffflflo per
pound) cherries, $1(S)1.2.1 per box;
gnoBeberrle, fie per pound; nprlrnts,
$l(ri)1.2.1 per crate; cantaloupe, $2.7(5(75
3.2.1; blackberries, $1(77)1.25 par erato;
penchc. 00c$l per crntoj plums, $1
per crate.
Onion California rod, $1.0fS(iTl,75
per sack; TSermmlns, $2 por crateigar
He. lfl(J520e per pound.
Ifops 1007, prime and choice, OBla
per pnuniii oiui, sKyzjo per pound
TC..I l?n.l... fmm .
o mw "pa -.-.uaK,-s kva.-
shrinkage; Valley, J0(f12le. ,a memhr f .1 V. .'.'. :. ' '.'"" . " ' "'"."" " "m Voiiexuohm g
Mohalr-Ohoie., 1. per pouna. ,Thc fugitlvV, are 'in tVcnchid InT cave, Vos.rb'ir1 frm ,,,,i 'n,t J
Captor Uses Her as Shield
Fresno, Cal , July I Using the'
hod) of the girl he had hidnaput from
her father's house as .1 shield for his.
own Imdv. llrve Uogcrs held the
tMt4i. llinl bad run bun down at bay
f.. i.p.w .ii. Ii.uir v,ttrril.iv before I
may surrendering himself and the
iiuiii and oil man of Coaling.!, was re
turned to her parents She recently
graduated from the Holy Cross Col
lege, in Santa Lruz
I , Waked f
firing of .1 il
Waked from a sound sleep hy the
. . .ii i..... i.. . i. . ...i
iiriug oi ,i tinrcu ruic mn hi iw
of her ranch home In the foothills oi
the Coast range, she stumbled nut into
I the night to find herself staring Into
the muzzles of two rllles held ill the
hands of a pair of desperadoes Her
father and mother had preceded her
'and thev stood with hands up The
I, . ' , !,. M,.,t InsUntlv one of iht
no moiicv in the house ioer inert
upon forced the young girl In guide
him through her home, pointing out
ihe places where the family kept their
ptile and other valuable In vain the
child pleaded that there wa only 111
tents in her bureau drawer
When the search revealed uothiiiff,
the ruffians look her out. harnessed
one of the trams' lieloniciug to Domcn-
y . .. .1
ginr, liuitd'cd the K"l into it anil
drove olf Then Domrngine who had
been released, after promising in pro
tluir $J.(HW ransom, made us w) L,
IsmIIhm and spread the alarm Im I
mediately several posses started and,
st I in esierday afternoon Kisers
was overtaken at Jacks Sprints He
fired two shots, but seeing Ihe armed
oil men and onucrs swarming m,
gave up
He and the girl were brought In
town in an automobile A bit crnwtl
gathered and wotiM have lynched
Rogers hail not Sheriff Chittenden
pleaded with them not to take the law
into their own hands
I ovrall managed to cscspe. but is
stil' tiritiK toir-nrd Mis )nmritlne
said the men offered no plfront to her
Prlnco von Eulenborg Overcome ami.
Trial Is Suspended.
Iter lift. July t 'I he trial of Prince
su Eulenbcrg. nn the c ha rate of per
jury and suboriulion of perjury m
the scandal of, last year, was con
tinned in this city esirday The
hearina. are Itel" held in private
The tinner nlradrd not uuiltv and
declared that the Munich witnesses
had either been bribed or were mad
The court began yesterdat by taking
the testimony, of llaron Alphonsc dr
Kt'lhsrbild. of Vienna, who was given
precedence because he urged the ne
cessity oi his immediate retu'n In the
Austrian capital
The prince was attended in court
by a physician During the afternoon
session he was suddenly overcome
with weakness and restorative had !
be applied The silting was suspended
until today the nrince being removed
in an automobile to the Charily Hos
pital, where he is held a prisoner
Ulg Corporations of Country Pay Out
16,000,000 Dividends.
Chicago. July I There will lie dis
tributed throughout the United Slate
today a total of lOJ.uon.oon,' made up
largely 01 semi annual payment by
public coiporatmu such a railroads.
large industrial concern ami lunks.
1 His
immense volume of money, cut
"use from one end of the country to
he other, will, it is believed, start a
vre it business revival
It is eapected
in icau 1.1 widespread investment and improvtments, and will have ,
beneficial and hr icing effect in many ,
ways 1 .me important tcalure I that
railroad will have no trouble in get
inn iiiiius tor improvement ami work
is in sight for thousands of id men
ai me present time ihe situation i
peculiar in (bat not only in the United
.itaifs, nut in all great monetary ecu-
ivis in mc worm, money lias never
oeen more men 11 a laru nan ,.f
the money is in gold.
Dying Wish Qratlfield.
I n. A I-. -"-I ...I.. . -..
s .ukcics,, jiny 1 uimries
mmiicatcd with the S.-in niw.ol,. n-.
dais ami the letter was delivered a
few hours before the boy's death
Outlaw Hold Fort.
Fort Smith. Ark Inlv t in n,.i..
Sf...l... ..I..I.. .... I'HI'l
.iioiiiujr iiigui nciwcen
tirccn, a 15-ycar-old colored boy, who U"v ?! "r m"' pri'wi H'l'ort- Hint he h'f
ha been dying for several dsv at th. ' ,",",'w" '"' IH for Uiinlaskn
nclJnuUnloVe 'in thu'cS', n ed X 'T Jm "'?' t"M
away yesterday clasping a letter from "' '"' T' vl' ' "" ,"'l'l", '"!
his father, who is servfng a five ye" '''''O'h.trd.hl.i before he nw
sentence at Sin Oiifiiiln Jl,,i ,"r w1"' " hrokmi eg. In the ibiv
days "go Judge Ciinls I) W.lbu ' i"''1 "."rl", Mwl '" H"'r "", 'H
llii i Juvenile Cotirl wis iifor. ! ,1 V, 1 IT'0"1'' '''' 'l't Im hnttene.l ever
il!c 1 o ' whtT wa ' s MTe 2' V .' " ".. . ",w."' . ! "M Ihn . Mil
bcrcttlml. had begged for a let er 'self 0 " , rK ' ,'V, ""ll"""1"1 'it
from his father IudL.e Will, r 'fi,J.f. f'00 ,,,,,, ,,rr '''" urw, wwr Hi
oioiiuuy iiik ill nciwcen n unit. n,l
1 . a - - . a--s-ss sis tii'iiniiiiir 1 1111 rvittii s.r .. 1. sr.
cossacks take mr
Rebels Driven From List Hiifiiiji!
anil Houses PHIaiim!.
Russian Dank Simitar 1,500 Shah
Withdraws His Troops From
Urlllsh Legation.
Ml, Petersburg. July I. -Th fun-in
ulllee hi has received dlspnteh run
tlrmlng the rHirl of recent ripri
,"'""' ". .L.T"7 "' '".' T" .."
Tricked HI Enemlrs.
,ndN, .Inlv I A speelnl dlspairh
tu the Times from Teh ran, June lit,
applies a biag history of Ihe rtruis
that led tn Ihe recent roup d'etat U
cording to this M hum He men I rrtltm
old discarded roortleis deHtaMde.1 lh
IUmIwsjI frnSN the Mtaee uf a rllipo- ,.f
roMspirnluf A drlegalliin sm rsllr I
NpoN the Shah to ripel rvrtaln rnuii
il(.h,i iw
I. ' .,
rnvntllos. ineltMlNg ,mir lianmlur .
sm, tM of Ike Shah s m (
riiunrllliirs TTtr Mhah rifiir
, w tnmfti,n al .,lrllv pir
, ' lom kr 7 , ',,
J , r,yMt M ,,' ,
hmlur's wll.l borvuMeti gnll'ipr'l I trough
the WAIN tknriitickfares brsn.lishlng
sttnrd and rlflrs. causing is nil. I slam
peri sHtririrnly a whole rrgimmt ..f
rMaehs with gons ready fur attar,
fallow.) by the tribal ravalrv v. t l. il.
rrlrs of 'U.Bs; live Ik Mhah" an I
IhiMB with Ik trnllufi, " hall. I l.r
fur Ik palar
Tb lutaaars war all cIom.1 up n.
Ik peopU ran h far of their In.s
Th Shah's rarriasr. drtvea b siv 1
I hurs, was a fssstlag f ra tb gua
suuar frouaa.l liv lb H HiMirr
w hu It whs supposed had bM tllatsnssr.l,
eariirttal lir vrv karwwaN lb SI
enuhl war, rark with hi lift f-lr
In shoot aaylNjdv who H.lp;ht datr uj
inipm tb Sbab s itassss'
.Ml Ibis bHppenwl within Ira wlmtlril
a au witaiN annlber Im mImuIs bis in
jty was bralhlaat lb frab air f I
llaasbah. th tajral ganlra nutsl I la
M(ra khI Ijttrr ia lb .lav n
ojupm nasi tb crown prlar wat t.i th.
royal gardrn with an vaeurl of patj
hiirapMapa. Tbl so.., lraas lb rVn'rrl
of tb nivalis! artiviti and Ihr sur
ifMtadiag ganlras wt appfoprialr.l .
a Msjruiar casap rnal wbirh nuiims
ally iai-rvaixl It fnrrrs. Tb m-.I
n,-r- k.H r nisi r.r I J 111 surpris.- Sl
Meat. Iblahiag lb thing a 1 '.
imii iay mmb nia-ovrji their mistakt.
American Consul Secures lmvotiln
of Severn Penalties.
Sriml. .lulv I. A .tNNiNa atddirr rsa
atnurk 'I'buradav through tb .w.rf,.sa
Metbotliat mWsiuaarv ntpmlsra at I'.aa
Yang. II assaulted a foreaa earrtakaei
wllb a liayoa! phasing hlsn
1 a HsiMinaary raiiM.
Aaterleaa t'oaaul Hawwoas, whrn ia-
formed of th allair. rail.! at Ihr .Ian
aaa r.aidi-arv and demanded lb '"j
lanmeat or I Ha soldier.
Hv order of Prinr I In Ik mi
rrtd and imMllally Nl.nnd 1 1
two MniHth' hard labor Th r..i..rlJ
major, captain and lleulrnanls of Uu
rr-imrnl tn which lh anldirr
will li iiriplad bv a eonnNm'nt
from Ihr In sevrndays.
The prompt art ion
stgulllcant of th detrri
f I'rlnr.. 11 .
1 "MHiMrnni in tnw siati Mrusstsss t litis m 1 m
dapaa rrsi.lrat general that th. ll
u"a maintain a iiroiwr Mllilud tovsur.
fflgthi. Th ekarn atjain.l ihe )I
dler Haa tb violalioM of nn Aniiri.sJ
I wont, aad tb diaripllnlHg of th.- ..Ml
;er wa due to tb fact that uldir
'' " m rvgimeut reeently partirj
iM in th damaging of nil Amerlrsl
i'riiiarlan Mihwlumuv arhmd ltubiin
iMl " lJ- In that ra.r nil damage
'""rod by order of the resident get
Lonn Mariner Give Up.
Hn Pedro, Ch duly I The slunj
Hlnr, IS tun register bus reportel n
the Clistnm hnusn ('fii.lnlii '!
Confirms 90,000,000 Flno.
.iintciis, WtiiliiPNi nv. July I. VJ
WllmiiNtntl, duly I Tho court of en
mitlon Im confirmed tho decision
the civil court of first Instnticn eoi
flno of $'1
port. j
'IW''WIi Utoar"