The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 29, 1908, Image 3

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In a Condensed Form for Our
Busy Readers.
A Resume, of tho Loss Important but
Not Loss Interesting Event!
of tho Past Walk.
Illshops In thr Mrllioiliit Kcticral con
ference pasted Hie lie,
I'rancc may hac In rrcognlrc Mtilal
llafid m sultan nf Morocco.
Tlir laic Governor Sparks, of Neva
l.i, was n great cattle breeder,
Ilcforr (he battleship licet travel for
(tic Orient It Mill c muK.inltil.
Inability lo net it l"Mnl of nrtiit ration
m conilmiiiiir the ilrcct car strikes at
lorliitiil, Ohio,
The Presbyterian general assembly
waul minuets lo pass a law making
Sunday an uhsolulc Uy of rent.
Ilaron Takahira, hiwticie amlatia
ilr lo the Umtril States, says critlci
of' lilt iroilr nrc limly uud that war
i Minor arc unfounded,
Admiral Kvaos hat called Uxin the
pietidcnt mid received congratulations
sm tlir sMceestful triii of the battleship
licet from the Atlantic lo the Pacific.
The gu eminent liai itartcd a mil
fur ii dissolution of the New linen
mail's merger with the llosion and
Maine and New Kngland trolley loads.
In an aiblrc before the Hanker'
club, of ClifvHgo, Ilryau said unless the
people were nssuicd their deposits were
fully itemed ihc go eminent will have
in start tanks
The Mexican Kovernuienl has start
ed prifcrcdiugs ngamtt Martin Jacoby,
iiiillionairc and head of a large uiercan
tile home, lie i cliargcd with misap
propriating hctwecu $3,000,000 and fa,-
In n speech tit llarrlthiirg, Pa., Urynn
Kid tin favored tha direct primary.
(levrrner Hparht, nf Nevada, U very
low, nod bl physicians say lis cannot
Major Jamr P. Melndco I to sue
reed 1'olonr) ltoestlcr as government en'
glnrrr at Portland.
Arbitration of the street ear trlVo
jl Cleveland, Ohio, has ln-en arranged,
liut ik) inn rioting continues.
One man km killed and 10 Injured
in big Chicago fire, which destroyed
4100,000 worth of property,
A tornado passed through a farming
retlon near Clay Center, Kan., destroy
ing much property nrul killing three
Thn steamer Lutltanln, from Llvr
khiI for New York, tins beaten her for
mer record for donalng tlio ocean by
nevrral hour.
Oklahoma' rtAle guaranty law has
Mood tie tct. A bank failed and In
side of nn hur tho depositors wero If
ing paid In full.
lUwisevelt Is preparing to veto the
public building hilt If rpBgrc don't
pas an nntl InlMH tlon hill, and the
eaate'a mall suUldy prevision.
Mar Wood' stilt ngnlmt Senator
I'lat for dlvoree has been dlttfllssod, nnd
nun has been nrrottid on tho ground
Hint nli was never married to the sen
ator Urynn say Alabama primaries wort
n vivtory ovor tha trusts.
Henatir Donby, nf I.oiilUnn, has brsn
rrrltrtd by tho U'cUlalnrf.'
Tho rrpubllean national convention
-will open each day with n praytr,
A federal grand jury has begun aa
Investigation of tho New York cotton
Night riders continue tn do much
lttinago by burning tobacco barns Is
A maa ha been arretted In Chicago
for obtaining money while posing as a
Vnlled Htatts nrmy oflloer.
Reluraa from tlio city election at
Denver indlcato that the demoerutlo
candidate tor mayor will be elected.
It Is wild Urynn will support Culber
aiia for the deuiocratle prealdentla) esn
illdale If he cannot get the nomination
The pupil of one of New York'
arhools havo been appointed sergoant
to report misconduct by the regular
A New York mnn haa killed bli father
nnd hlmsolf because tho son did not like
u soennd mnrrlngo by hi father, who I
Ii yvnr old.
Tho Olilnnio boycott sgnlnst Japan
has crossed tho occun, a numbnr refus
ing to imll from Hun Fruucisco on a
Inpnucso stcainor.
1'nper trust ofllcials deny all ehnrg)
of n eomblno, i
Urynn ha curried tho Alabimm dem
ocratic primaries.
Ileybiirn of Tdnho threntens to tnlk
tho dry homostond hill to death In tho
Oemmander Jtobert T.. Tenry aayg he
can renrh the north pole for an outlay
of $50,000.
Atlantic Unltloslitpi Start North, Olli
or Qo South.
Bun Vrnnelscii. May Id. Tho Allnntio
llita of Imtlleshlps, nftcr II! day of
ii ii vn I piigenntry nnd iiinrrymnhliig In
Hun rrmiclsco, sailed yestunlny itiorii
ing nt 10 o'clock for l'ugnt Bound, ar
riving ott Hciittld on May SI. Ono-hnlf
of tha ships will dock at Ilromerlon
navy ynrd while at the north, and the
others will return here for repairs and
painting ueiientii tlio wator lino.
I'lay days In l'uget Hound will bo
over half tho month, nnd then tho of
licem nnd men will resume tho usual
routine of man o' war life. Orders' call
for thn rrnsseinhllng of tlio fleet In Han
Kranelieo harbor not Inter thnu July 3.
On July 7 tho fleet will sail for Hono
lulu, and after a week' stay tliero will
go direct tn Auckland. j mviiiq uvvt ui niiiiuiru ciuinuiP, I
under rommnml of Hear Admiral I)ar-l
ton, aallod south Hunday morning at fl
o'clock, and Hear Admiral Hperry, In
command of tha Atlantic Meet, hoisted
for tho first time hi commanding ling
uf blue, Ilclng Junior In lineal rank
to Admiral Dayton, Admiral Hpnrry
was compelled by nnval regulnllon to
lly n subordinate (lag nf red so long
ns tlio l'ncine nest rrmalnnl at this
Tho long linn nf armored cruisers,
which sailed fnr Hantn Ilarhnra, was
headed by thn flagship West Virginia,
nnd Included thn Colorado, Maryland,
IVnntylvnnln. Tennestiw, Washington
and California. Thn protected erultsr
f'hnrlnttnn, llngshlp nf lten,r Admiral
Hwlnburnn, alsn sailed with tho fleet,
but her destination I Monterey.
Condition Are Orowlnp; Dollar Under
Prlnca llo't Itute.
Rtoul, Mar 19- -Conditions throuch
out Curen are improving. The deter
inlnation of Prince I to, the resident gen
eral from Japau, to suppress the dl
orderly element, so that the peaceful
farming population may do their work
In the outlying districts, where armod
band aro harrying the farms and vil
lages, I shown by tho prompt arrival
of reinforcements of gendarmerie mim
berlng about 0,000, who will be scat
tered throughout Corea.
I'rinre Ito has Issued strict Instruc
tions to Japanese soldiers nnd civilians
that they must not treat thn Corean a
a conquered people, which they art not,
but that all thn rluhtt of law nbldlng
citlienn must be respect! under pen
alty or severe punishment.
Knur thousand Corean pollen, nnder
Jnpanrm officers, will bo enlUtnd and
tralnoI. tour humtreI new telephone
telegraph office will ho established In
thn district infested by revolutionists,
so that easy communication may be ha I
will) thn noiiiiers ami ollcn.
Thn crop prospect throunh Corea is
I'rinre Ito today attended the cele
bration of thn SSth anniversary of the
opening nf Chemulpo tn foreign trnde.
lie was acrnmpanind to Chnmulpn from
Heoul by his suite, a number of foreign
consul and the Corean minister of ngrl
rulturo. Chemulpo was en fete. At a
bampiet. Prince Ito. la hi addrrsa,
spoko of the peaceful and friendly de
velopment of Corea In order that the
Corean might, In the future, have Inde
pendence nnder n (table government,
and become a friendly and prosperous
ally of Japa.
Dals;ati From Entire World Coins;
to London,
liondon, May 10 nolccnte from a
thousand dioceses scattered throughout
tho world havo been selected to attend
tho Pan-Anglican congress to bo held
In Umdon in Juno. Thesn delegates,
Including laymen nnd clergymen, will
In tnct eases be accompanied by their
bishops, and if the prophecy of thn or
gander is fulfilled, tho congress will
rank nmnng thn great gathering of
religious worker.
Mont of thn American bishop havo
sent their acceptance, nnd, ns rnch
dlocrsn in tho I'nltcd Htnte will nlso
send onn or more clergymen or laymen,
America will bo well rcprctonlntoil ns
regards number nnd nbllltyj nil the
colonies will have their spokesmen and
missionaries from every portion of thn
globe will eomn to tell of their work
among native trilxa.
The programme embrace problems of
a dlverso character, nnd In order to get
through the list of paper tho work ha
been divided Into six section, which
will sit simultaneously' during the week
of June 10 to June 22,
Aid for tho Unemployed.
New York, May ID Alexander Iaw,
who was delegnted to convey to Wash
ington a resolution passed at tho recent
convention for tho unemployed hold
here, reported to n gathering of unem
ployed tndny in Manhattan Lyceum. Ho
said that Congressman Fornes, of Now
York, hnd promised to introduco in tho
house of representation tho resolutions
of thn convention calling for n largo
public work to furnish employment for
tho idle. l'rosldont Roosevelt, Mr. I.ixw
reported, hnd been too busy with the
conference of governor to grant him n
Venezuela Pay Debt.
Cnrncns, Vonezualn, May 10 Tho
Vonetuolnn government todny mndo tta
monthly payment oa account nf the
foreign claims, despite thn curtnilmont
of rovenuo roiultlng from thn closing of
tho port of Iii (luayrn. Thero have
been no new eases of bubonic plague for
four days j should four morn day, go by
without a esse, the pert will be it-opened.
Friday, May 22.
Wnshlimtoii, May 'i'i - The oinniliui
daunt hill was coiitulcrcil ny me ncn
ale today mini i unlaced by llic retain
Hon lo extend the period during which
no penalty will he cnfurcrd for violation
of the commodities clause of the Hep-
mini inn. Aiuncii luumreti oi i'iiitm
ol (Jrruon how much of the tolnl nunro
prialltu curried by the claims hill was
for Southern war claims, nnd was lold iwo-lhirds were of that character
and one-half of those for damages to
choice property.
Aldrich sitggetlcd that the time ought
toon to come lo nop allowance of this
kind of chums arising IK yean nftcr the
war, when the government could not
secure witnesses who knew anyiliinu
Jihoul litem, except Ihosc who arc re-
lieil upon iiy tin- claimants to prove
t he r losses
trillion said he would offer nn amend
ment (but would do Just what was de
sired Washington. My w The senate
amendment to the iKHtolTicc appropria
tion hill extruding the ocean mail soli
hlicvto steamers plying on the Pacific
Ocean to thr Orient and Australia and
on the Pacific and Atlantic to South
American ports was the subject of warm
drlwlc hi (he iHititt- and finally caused
the reJectHMi of Ihc nmferriirc report
by n vole of 11.1 lo lilt, There is little
prospect that Ihc hulis i-otifercs will
yield to the senate
Thursday, May 21.
Washington, Mny SI. Tho proceed
ing of thn senate led ay, ns U usual
toward the elusn nf rt no-wlnn, covered
n multitude uf subjects, including n
prnlmble flnnl announcement on thn cur
rency question. Announcing that the
conferees of thn senate nnd house on
thn currency bill would bo unnbhi to
ngren la congrewt I to ndjourn nt nn
early day, Aldrich rcwrll from the
committed un finance a joint resolution
creating a national monetary commis
sion, to be composed of nine senator
and nine representative, to Investigate
all matters concerning the banking and
eurrecy aystein of tho country, and tho
resolution Has passed without debate.
The u-natn passed n bill appropriating
100,000 to cnnbln the secretory of ngrl
culture to eo otcrato with state for tho
conservation uf forest. It also pro
vide for n commission nf the inmnliers
of the iwnnto and five from tho house
to study the whoto question of the
necessity, desirability nnd legality of
thn pure has 0 of forest land by the
I'nlted Htate and lo n-ort to tho next
The iK-nale todav passed tho general
deficiency nnd military academy appro
priation bill, thr last of thn great np
propristlon bills.
Washington, Mny 21. Thn house
spent another busy day todny. After
n protracted debate, tho conference to
port on tho District of Columbia trac
lion bill, permitting tho laying of
street ear tracks tn thn t'nlon ntatinn,
sua adopted with the provision for uni
srrasl transfer ollminntcd; tho confer
enen reort on thn agricultural appro
prtation bill was nizrecd tru the senate
amendment which increases! by $1,000,
00(1 thn public building bill appropria
tion were disagreed to, nnd n confer
rneo askod, nnd bills wero pasted n
Kstnbllshini; In tho interior depart
ment n bureau of mines nnd providing
for tan cooperation of state for tho
eunsnrvatlan of thn fonst nnd waters
nf tho White und Southern Applnehlati
mountains, and tho npiiointmont of a
national fariitt commission.
Wednesday, May 20.
Washington, May 30. The senate
today passed the omnibus public
building bill, Inserting not only the
numerous amendments suggested by
the senate committee on public build
ings and grounds, but also a few pro
posed by individual senators. As
passed the bill carries a total of about,()00, of which (i,ooo,ooo is for
building contracts. The larger appro
priations for new building added by
the senate included: Uivcrsldc, Cat.,
1185,000, Kvcrrtt and Walla Walla.
Wash, $140,000.
The limit of cost fixed for the sub
treasury building In San Fxnncisco
was increased from $373,000 to SG25,
000. The senate amendment provid
ing for a new office building lor the
departments of state and justice to be
used jointly was retained, the ulti
mate cost of which is limited to $2,
aoo.oon, and it is hinted that if this
item is not retained the bill may be
allowed to fail. The amendment ap
propriating $400,000 for purchase of
an embassy building in Paris to be
used as nn office and residence also
was accepted by the senate.
Washington, May 10. The confer
ence report on the sundry civil appro
priation bill was submitted to tlir
house today nnd action on it lias been
postponed until tomorrow. The re
port of the house conferees showed
thats-nbout 40 of the 103 amendments
under consideration have been dis
agreed to,
Chief nluong these arc the appro
priation of $3,000,000 for the purchase
of n site for the department of com
merce and labor building; $000,000 for
the purchase of two stealers for the
Panama trade; $000,000 for the
Alaska-Yukon Rxnositton of Seattle
nnd upward of half n million dollars
for new revenue cutters and light
ships. Tuesday, May 10,
Washington, Ma 10 Th senate to
dny passed bills providing for tho eon
tliiunncn of the Porto lllenn regiments
of infantry and authorizing tho s.ilo of
lands at thn head of Cordova Day,
Alaska, to a private corporation.
Washington, Mny 10 Tho honso to
dny again showed it capacity for work,
and with adjournment In mind, con
tinued tho eleanlng-up procom, Tho
conferenco report on tho legislative ap
propriation bill whs agreed to; confer
enco report on tho agricultural anil
fortification appropriation wero re
ceived. Tho bill making an appropriation of
IC0O.O0O tor representation by the
Cnitod Htnte nt tho Toklo exposition
wns passod, a wero also the two omni
bus bills embodying 40 scparato meas
ures having to do with public land and
matters In tho territories.
Pending n voto on n bill providing
for tho isauanco of lease of public
land In the Panama canal tone, a ro
cess was taken untl' tomorrow.
The omnibus territories bill, embrae
ing IS rnnnstire favorably considered
by committee, wn passed, under sut
pension of tho rules, Tho various pro
visions of tho bill deal exclusively with
Icgljlntion pertaining to tho territories,
tho most important nf which is nno
regulating tho sale of liquor in Alaska
The pnitige of thn bill In thl manner
was to limit tho debate to n minimum,
to oTivinto at least 14 roll calls.
lly the provisions of n bill, tho secre
tary of tho navy is nuthorixod to ac
cept and cam fnr gifts, such as silver
services, presented to vestals) of the
Monday, May 10.
Washington, May 18 In the sennt
today Ilulkley of Connecticut, called up
hi bill for the restoration of tho negro
soldiers of tho Twenty-fifth infantry,
who were discharged without honor by
the president Id-cause of the Ilrownsville
affray. Ilulkley explained that owing
to the unavoidable absence of Iodge ef
Massachusetts nnd Kornkcr of Ohio, he
would not do moro than call attention to
hi bill. Ho hoped to again call it up.
Ito said ho was satisfied the people if
tho country did not approve tho post
ponement of action until next Decem
ber, a agreed upon by the senate. He
declared if poiuible he would secure ac
tion during tho present session.
Washington, May 18. The passigc of
the house today of the general de
fielency appropriation bill, carrying an
Appropriation of $17,308,672, marked
tho completion by that body of the last
of the great supply measure. The bill
was put through under suspension of
the rules, with no tlrno allowance for
general delmte.
The republican leader in thr house,
through a majority of the committee
on ways nnd means, today served final
notice of "no tariff revision nt this ses
sion." Itepresentative Clark, of Mis
souri, moved In tho rommlttce an omni
bus favorable report on SO odd tariff
reduction nnd tariff removal bills, most
ly Introduced In the session by demo
crats. Tho motion was defeated by a
solid votn of all the republican mombers
of the committee.
Saturday, May 10.
Washington, Mny 10 Practically the
whole dnv in the senate was spent In
eonsiderntion of tho bill concerning for
est reserves in tho Applaehlan and
White mountains. It wa finally paesol.
after n speech of nearly two hours'
duration by Senator Teller, of Colorado,
In opposition. It carries an appropria
tion of $5,000,000, nnd it dinners of
imstlng tho houso at this session nro
A a first move to redeem ihe repub
lican promise of revising thctari(f, the
senate adopted a resolution authorizing
tho finnnro tnommlltco to take up ma
subject of tnriff rate nnd to employ
oxert to prepare information to assist
in tlio revision or tne aeneouics. ino
committee is nlso to report na to legis
lation, reciprocity or otherwise, neces
sary to enact in order to seeuro equit
able treatment for Amerlcnu products
abroad. Tho committee will Bit tlurlug
the summer.
Washington, May 10 Tho process
of cleaning up preparatory to adjourn
ment wn continued in the houso todny.
Tho sundry civil appropriation bill
was sent to courerenco; the confer
enco report on tbo military academy
bill wns ngrced to; tho general de
ficiency appropriation bill was rcjvortcd,
nnd the following bills passed i (Irant
ing compensation to government em
ployes for injuries in tha service nnd
authorisation of the continuance of the
inland wutcrwnya commission.
Test Commodity Clause.
Washington, Mny 10 To facilitate
a final decision of tho constitutionality
and construction of tho commodities
clause of tho railroad rata law, It is
proposed to institute nfcxt month in thj
nnma of thn Vnltod States in tho circuit
court nt Philadelphia, n number of suits
against certnln railroads engaged In In
torstato transportation of nnthraclto
conl from tho mines in Pennsylvania in
violation of tho commodities clauso of
tho Hepburn act.
Poorhouse Causes Death.
Washington, Mny lOQrieving bo
causa ho was compollod(to go to tho
almshouse, Dr. Chnrlos lft Warrington,
for moro thnn 35 years a practicing phy
slclnn in various parts nf Now Jersey
towns, died in tho Wnrren county alms
house, whero ho had boon for tho past
ten day.
Mexico Takes 8teps to Improve Sit
uatlon by Adjusting Duties.
Mexico, May 18. f.lmantour, tho sec
retary of tho treasury, Mng Inter
viewed concerning current rumor
about tha Intention of tho government
to tnka soino positive and active meas
ure to improvo tho financial situation,
limited himself to saying that tho only
measure proposed by tho government
for any such purposo will bo presented
to congress for its Action, and consist
in abolishing the duties on the expor
tation of hemp, for tls encouragement
of it producer In YuenU- The see
retary addedt "In reality, our economic
situation doc not Inspire either anxiety
or fear of any etas. Thero ha never
been a period during the economic
stringency abroad and which ha affect
d the whold world, that there ha been
in Mexico a moment of the fear of a
panic or anything like it. Moreover,
the attention of. tho government of
Mexico to the financial condition Is not
n thing of today or yesterday. It be
gins always at the first sign of an epoch
of stringency in any of the money cen
ters of tho world; and tbl constant
vigilance has never ceased. The gov
eminent, watching affairs in tbo money
world, docs not bcliove nny extraordi
nary measures nro necessary In 'the
present situation. Tho normal con
dition Is everywhere ro-cstablltocd, nnd
our banks, following my instruction,
have maintained a system of circum
spection and caution, limiting their op
eratinns to Affair that offer ample se
curities. The solidity of our banks is be
yond doubt, nnd they are in a condition
to meet whatever contingency. The fact
that business condition in Mexico att
improving dally is very atisfaetory to
tho government, and our financial con
nections, though thero ha never been
hero grave fear of trouble. We are
like an individual, wbo suffers an at
tack of indigestion, which doe not en
danger hi life of health, but for th
moment annoys and takes away bis ap
petite, obliging him to let his stomach
rest a little. This rott is, in both
cases, tho only remedy necessary, efH
caeious and beneficial."
Appropriations Now Exceed Those of
Previous Session.
Washington, May 18. The present
session of congres, to end this week,
la a record-breaker. The appropriation
of tbl session so far authorixed exceed
those of the first scs-sion of tbe 59th
congress by more than (300,000,000.
The total appropriations made up to
this timo aggregate approximately
854,844,807. This amount will be in
creased by the general deficiency and
omnibus public buildings bills and sueb
otner rueacure a may go tnrougn be
fore adjournment.
Tbo session bos also established a
high record for tbo number of bill,
resolutions introduced and considered
and for tho transaction of excentive
business. There have been 7,127 bills
introduced in tho senate, and 21,940
in the bouse. In the senate 00 joint
resolutions were offered, of which 30
were pasted and nine have become laws.
Tbo senate considered 184 simple reso
lution. Up to this tlrno 115 bills and 15 joint
resolutions ' hnve become law. The
senate baa passed 484 bills, 17 of which
were omnioua pension bills.
British Hold Great Demonstration! Fa
voring Import Duty.
IOndon. Mar 18. A great armr of
men nnd women interested in tbe bop
industry in Kngland, estimated to num
ber more than 60,000, held a demonstra
tion in Trafalgar Squaro this afternoon
in favor of Imposing a duty of $10 on
every hundredweight of hops imported
into this country.
Special trains brought in thousand
from Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Worces
ter and Hereford, the great hopgrowlng
counties, whilo tho east end of London,
whence emanate almost all tho hop
pickers, furnished a contingent perhaps
twico as largo ns tho growers and la-
ltorers from the provinces.
Attcr pcing marshaled on victoria
Kmbnnkment, tho demonstrators with
banners flying and bands playing,
inarched to the uaro, where Knglisb
men with n cricvanco always have been
accustomed to Assemble. Speakers from
ii air n dozen piatrorma harangued the
multitude on tho ruin of tbe industry
through the dumping of American bops
into Kngland, and resolutions were
adopted by Acclamation calling upon
tho Government not to delay In helping
to re-establish the industry and placing
a duty on all imported bops.
Six Killed In Tornado.
Now Orleans, Mny 18. A tornado
Svopt across the central part of liouls
iana late this evening, killing six nnd
injuring moro than SO persons. Chat
aignler, I.a., ISO mile's northwest ot
Now Orleans, wns practically wiped out
nf existence. Chntnignlcr wns n place
of about 100 Inhabitants. Crossing tho
Mississippi river n few miles below
St. Krnncisvlllo, tho twister dovastcd
onn of tho finest, timber sections of tbo
stnte, destroyed ninny tlno farm man
sions, toro down nil fences In its path
nnd injured many people
Chicago Employs ChtnesnJPolice,
Chicago, May 18 For tho first timo
In many years, tho Chcngo police de
partment has ongngod Chinese detec
tives to aid in preserving peace in
Chinatown. The result of tho trial of
three Chinamen of murdering a wealthy
Chlnoso merchant has so exercised the
Chicago Chinese that further warring
between the tongs Is feared.
Streetcar Strikers Wreck Cars
With Dynamite.
Police Find Box of Explosive Intend
ed for Olhsr Cars Attsmpt
at Arbitration Falls.
Cleveland, O., May 19. A Broadway
street ar wss partially destroyed by a
dynamite torpedo last night. Whll 35
passenger wero In the ear, no oa. for
a miracle, wa seriously hurt. A paaie
followed, and a mad rush for tk exits
waa made.
A suburban ear was also damaged by
tho explosion of powder on the track.
Tbo floor of the car waa smashed
through, and ono woman was severely
After 1 o'clock yesterday morning a
Detroit avenue car was dynamited near
Ono Hundredth street. The track were
badly damaged, but tho single pasnger
and tbo crew wero uninjured.
At 12:30 o'clock a small box, -which
the police say contained deadly ex
plosives, was found on the tricks at
ilrosdway and East Fifty-fifth street.
The box wa discovered with a sax lean
than 500 feet away.
At 1 o'clock rioting began near tho
Windemere barns, in East Cleveland,
when strikers cut six trolley wire.
Linemen for tbe Municipal Traction
company turned oot in force to repair
the damage, but were driven bask by
a gang of three bnndred mcs.
America, Germany and Japan Hold Off
World Powers.
London, May 10. Limitation of aaval
armament may shortly be agreed to by
the European powers, according to a
statement mode by a high British gov
ernment official, who said:
"White England has no immediate
Intention of Issuing invitation to a
congress for the reduction of warship
construction, nevertheless work I be
ing done to bring about an understand
ing among the powers to this end. Tho
effort that aro being mado are unof
ficial, and considerable headway already
baa resulted. Within a year Is it very
probable tbe gronnd will begin to bo
cleared for an understanding.
"Three governments at present stand
opposed to armament limitation. They
are tbe United States, Japan and Ger
ms ny. Apparently It baa now beeoma
a et policy of the United State to
lay down two battleship of tho Dread
naught type yearly. This mean thai
America will never enter any interna
tional agreement that will sot recognlxo
her right to mantaln a fleet superior
to tbo mikado's. Nospresent hope ex
ists of Japan acquiescing in sneb a
proposal, and so it is bopeleso to ex
pect tbe Americans and tbe Japanese,
ean be counted on to sign a naval re
duction pledge."
Lawyers Begin ArgumentstoTJury In
Ruef Case.
Ban Francisco, May 10, .Taking ef
testimony closed and argument wero
begun today in tho trial of Abraham
Ituef. on the charge of bribery. Assist
ant District Attorney Hcnev opened for
the prosecution, and was followed by
Henry Acb for Ituef. Ach did not finish
until a lato hour lonigni. tomorrow
Honey will close, and it is expected that
Judge Dooling will deliver his instruc
tions to tho jury lato tn tbo alternoon.
Preliminary to tho opening of the nr
gunicnts, threo witnesses wero briefly
exnmined. O. II. Vmbsen, tho real ca
tato man, was questioned by Mr. Ach
regarding the checks which were passed
when the Parkside money was first
drawn out of tho I'nlon Trust Com
pany's bank, and later, in two portions
of $15,000 cneh. from the Crocker-Wool-worth
Dank. Joseph E. Green, of tho
Parkside Company, was recalled by Mr.
Heney to show that William n, Crocker
bad not been present at the mcetina of
ex Mavor Scbmitt and William J, Din
gee. Dlngoe followed, and no contra
dicted Oreen by saying that, to the best
of bis recollection, both Mr. Crocker
and Mr. O'Brien were present at tho
Hard Times for Actors.
New York, May 10. The coming sum
mer gives every promise of being tho
hardest one in years for the members
of the theatrical profession. It has
been a long time since thero bns been nsj
disastrous n season theatrically, as this
one just elosed, and thero is no prospect
of nny better times for tbo actor for
many months, in fact, until nftor tbo
election next fall. In the height of tho
season it was estimated that more thnn
S.000 actors nnd actresses wero out ot
work in New York, tho largest number
of unemployed in tho profession for
many years.
Troops Leave Treadwell.
Junenu. Alaska, May 19 Forty
soven enlisted men and nno officer left
Troadwell Sunday morning for Fort
William 11. Seward, Alaska. These,
troops havo been staloned nt Treadwell
for some time, owing to labor troubles.
It is thought advisable to leave a fw
soldiers there, although th strike I
thought to have blown ever.