The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 24, 1908, Image 3

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In a Condensed Form lor Our
Busy Readers.
A Returns of Itio Lets Important but
Nut Less Interesting; Event
of tha Pail Wotk.
Denver- Tim government will re
mime Investigation of Inint fraud In
Colorado, (Mull mill Wyoming,
Now York Dnliiiiiiilro Hull, aged
10 years, wiih crushed to death
Thursday by '"' uleotrlc (ruck, wltllo
ll'Olllllg H Klt klttun.
VnllJo, (Jul -A saving of 170.000
on lint estimates wim iiiiiiIii In Ihn re
pair ill thu transport Sheridan, Jut.1
t'ompleted lit tlui Muru Island Navy
Chicago Addison I'nrkUon, u re
tired Imnliitr ami farmer of ('Iihhi)
bier, liul., died Thursday nt Western
Mprlug, III., while on til way to Oil
Now York Tint entire household
furnishing of Mm. Leslie Carter
I'n) tin, Did actress, Mill bo hoIiI at
auction. They ant vuliii'il at $30,
000. Chicago -Tint iirrosl of three busi
ness men on charge of being tlui se
cret backer of matrimonial agencies,
l lliriatiiii(il by thu United Htntca
District Attorney.
Itlilra, N. V. Tim International
Halt Company' plant at l.iidluwvlllo.
near Ihl city, wax iiurneo Friday
Tint Ion In uillmatui! lit 1150,000,
Tlio plant employed 160 men.
Chicago Jim llln was Titled $&S0
nml Ham Keo 160 Thursilny for soil
Inx cocalim IIU'Knlly Tliey had taken
SO wedding rliiK and n baby' locket
In payment from women.
Helena, Mont Tint llausor l.akn
flood washed out 22 mile of thu
Orent Northern Railroad track,
which will tako tun day to repair.
Meauwhllo tint (Ireat Kail smelter
mtit remain Idle.
IteddlliK, Cal It. C Wilson, n
mlnliiK man of Dolmar, nged 07
i ear, ciimniltled sulrldit Thursday.
Hit had been drltikltiK heavily and
wa despondent over financial af
fair Once hit wa u wealthy opera
tor In Colorado.
Han Francisco- A. Kern and Clyda
K. Lemly, of Weil llurkoley, ham
ntarted by bicycle down tho coat to
Valparaiso, Chile.
Ht. Petersburg According to the
IttiR. the Admiralty ha decided to
order four 000-ton toriedoboat do
Htroytir from England. Tho vvuU
nru to liuvu iiirblno engines,
New York Tho Motor lloal Club
of America ha rnfuiud to postpone
tho race fur tho llnrnsworth cup. a
requested by tho Motor Yacht Club
of Ureal llrltaln. It will bo held at
ItuntliiKton Harbor, August I,
New York That neurasthenia, or
nervou breakdown I the most com
mon dlsetiso allium; Now York school
teacher and tho moil prolific source
of application for retirement, I ills
!loed In tho nnuiiul report of tint
board of retirement of tho Hoard of
Halt Uko City Flvu dUtlnct
nhock of earthquake weru fell early
Wednesday muriiliiK at Mllford,
Mouth of hero, limine wont Mhnkeii
and people ran from their home In
alarm, but no erlou damiiKo I re
ported. Tho shook went alo felt
nt Now house, Utah.
Chicago Nicholas Klein, aged 14,
nay ho vllmbwd In a Hauta le
frulghtrar nt Han Francisco to ntinil
n rldo to Mnrlutta, O., and visit hi
nUter, The door wiih sealed whllo
ho lept and ho favlod tour day on
hi journey hero.
Han Francisco l.luuteiiant Wil
liam H, llowun, U. H. A , now com
mandliiK u rnpld-flro batlury nt tho
I'reildlo, I to bo tried before n court
martial April SI for neglect of duty,
Tho day ho got tho order n revolver
ball struck him over tho kneo, prob
iibty making nminitntlou nvceary.
Philadelphia Confronted with
tho accusation of embezzling more
than $1,500 from tho Franklin In
ntltulo, of till city, of which ho ha
been iictuiiry mid treasurer for 22
jeitrn, llorhurt K. Hoy I wa soiled
with apoplexy when ho opened hi
paper nt breakfast Wednesday and
died shortly afterward.
Toklo Hakatanl, cx-MluUtor of
rinnnce, haa sailed on n tour of
Now York A campaign ngalnat
tho unlit of newly-hiitehed chicken
for KitMtor gift In bolng wnKud by
thu Hoc I nt y for thu Prevention of
cruelty to nulmnl huro.
HriiHHolH Tho government of tho
Congo Independent Htnto him IhbiioiI
ii reply to thu British whlto book
rontiiluliiK report from British Con
wulu In tho Coiiko nml donloa nil tho
charges of oppression.
Han KrnnclHco Tho pollco nro
watching two men suspected of drug
ging Hamuol Ollmoro, a rnco-trnclc
pluiiKor, who had won $7000, rob
bine him and killing him. IIIh atom
itch la being analyzed,
Oregon, Washington and Idaho Make
New llacord for Wheal,
Total 1007 drain Crop,
Wheat 611,000,000
Harloy , , .10,000,000
Out 12,000,000
tthlpmants b Water to April I
Whuat 37,700,000
iinriur 1,007,000.
Hh'pmentt Eitt by 1111 to April I
Wheal inn (inn
Hurler 2.724.000
Oat C00.000
Block on Hand prll I.
Wheat 11,260,000
llarluy 1,860,000
Oat 2,240,000
Portland, April 14 With thu de
parture thl month of envon char
tered hlp now loading at Portland.
mid five loading on Pugel Hound, tho
greatest nenon In tho hUtory of tho
North Pacific gralu trade will bo
practically over. There ant a few
strangling ililp coming nloug for
May-Juno loading, and at lean two
more utennmr will lend whuat for
tho Orient, but tho movement ha
been io rapid Ihl enon that May 1
will find tho liunlneM nearer cleaned
up than In any previous "big crop"
year, Wheu the return nro all In
for April, it w4ll be foud that Ore
gou, Washington and Idaho for the
flrnt ttmo In their hlitorr, hive
hipped (flour Included). 40.000.000
bilihel of wheat, and atlll have sonic
on hand to tide over tint dull season
until tho new crop arrive.
'I ho 1U07 wheat crop of (he three
slates wa a record-breaker by near
ly 10,000,000 bushels, reaching a
grand total of 68.000,000 bushels,
and un account of the good price
prevailing throughout the enon, It
moved more rapidly tironorllnnatelr
than any of It predecessors. Not
only wa the wheat crop the largest
on record, but barley, which ha been
steadily Increasing In prominence a
una of the great ttaple of the Paci
fic Northwest, alio established a now
mark with a crop of nearly 10,000,
000 bushels, Oat, eicluslve of the
crop grown In the Ia Conner dis
trict on Pugel Hound, I credited with
a yield of 12,000,000 bushels In tho
three state.
These figure which show a grand
total of 80,000,000 bushel of the
three lending cereals, are compiled
from accurate statistic, kindly up
piled by the railroad companies,
which moved the big crop and by
prominent grain exporter In vnrlou
part of tho three Mate, The figure
fall short of some of the earlier esti
mate mndw on the crop, and natur
ally are several million bushel
smaller than the government figure
on ot and bnrley
Washington's 40.000.000 bushel
crop of wheat dwindled to about 35,-
000,000; that of Oregon wa illghtly
nnder 18,000,000. and Idaho' wa
lomewhal over 6,000,000 bushel.
President Will Leava Matter Entirety
To HI Successor.
Washington, April 14 Should
Preeldont Itoosevelt' present desire
be realized, ho will spend Iho first
year after ht retirement from ortlco
In traveling outside tho united
Htatrs, Mr. Iloosovolt' Itinerary,
how over, has not been determined.
HI plan I to see iiimo of tho rugged
and Utile frequented portion of for
eign lands, a well a to travel tho
bnatuo track of the tourist. That
tint president will Indulgo In hi
fondness for Minting big game I be
lieved by those to whom he has con
fided hi Intention.
It wa at tho recent dinner of the
Iloono and Crocket Club In thin city
that tho president last told of hi In
tention for next year. Ho wna told
of the opportunities for hunting In
Alaska, and urged to nrrnngo for
trip there. This, ho said, would In
terfero with hi plan far foreign
travel and would have to bo consid
ered, If nt all, at so mo future time,
Mr. Itonsovelt Is quoted as adding
at thl time:
"If William H Tnft I nominated
and elected President, which would
bo very gratifying, It would make Im
possible criticism If I were abroad,
lo the effect that I wna dictating to
him and being followed, or that I
had dictated and had boon turned
down In my suggestion."
Crushed by Ice Float,
fit. John, N. !., April 14. Ilrlng
Ing tiding of tho sinking of tho
steamer (Irand Lake, and tho serious
Injury of several other caught In tho
grip of Ico floes, tho ft earn senior,
New Knundland limped Into port to
day leaking badly. Tho (Irand I, a Ico
wiih shut up In tho relentless Jawn
of two great Ico floea until her widen
gnvo way nml lior engniOH wero
ctiihIiciI. Her crow mnilo tholr ea
enpo. A rntch of 20,000 sonla wont
down with tho (Irand I.uko. Thin
cargo wnH valued nt $130,000 and
wiih Insured.
Populism Wined Out.
Topokn, Kan., April 14 Tho Pop
ulist party In Knnana la olllclnlly
dead. Tho Itcptibllrmi stato canvass-
lug board haa rofused ItH candidates
n nlaco on tho oillclal ballot because.
tho party at tho last state election.
did not poll 1 por cent of tho totnl i
vote of tho atnto, na provided by tho
now primary election law passed In
Jnnunry. Tho party In 1000 prllod,
fewor than 1200 votoa.
Pr,i,. Aorii it.
WahliiKlon, April 17 Injiinc-
Him ikiiIiiui Hi,, i. ,if iiii,
law ran only bo ImiiviI by n major-
liy or llirei) reillirnl JIUlKC who am
to pa upon them If ii bill that
piiMKiid the Hciinto toilay become it
, w Tin. Mil wi. .lri.ri.,.1 in Hi,.
clary rommltteo from u number of
nieiiMiiro under coiilderallon. It wiih
, reported by
Air. Overman mid Uh
provision worn explained by him to
tint senate, A substitute by Mr. Ilur
licit wa disagreed to,
Thu Overman bill wa opposed by
Mr. Iluyliurn on thu ground thai tho
urniit itlsliinnm litilwiwli tin. fmlitrnl .
court lii Iho went would opernto toltnln a having tho nnvnl policy to bo
delay the granting of neceary In- emulated. It wa contended Hint tho
Junction. Mr. Knox favored paago result of tho Inst Hague conferenco
or the bill and opposed Mr. Hey-
burn' iiiuiimentH.
Tho senate discussed at length tho'" ! f limitation of naval arma-
blll to amiroiirlatii the nroceitd froinimoiu.
the sale of certain public land to tho
reclamation of swamp land, but
made little progress toward It pas
Washington, April 17 -Tho army
In !riiilli-iillv i,tfi,r..,l ,,f mi Iiutiuikii
In pay. Tho conferee of tho aonnlo
mid house have reached an agree-
meiit on thl Item of the army appro-
prlatlon bill substantially along the
lines of the natu amendment, which
graded the authorized Increase nc -
tordlng to tho various brauche ofu7 " "r''"""
tho service.
No agreement him been arrived nt
on thu amendment to thu approprla
Hon fur barrack and quarter.
which ha Increased to thu extent. of Madden of IHInul. thero wa. ntrlck
$1,472.61.0 by the Heiiato. making en out of tho bill tho provision for
tho total $1,600,000.
Thursday, April 10
Washington, April 1C. Tho long
existing controversy a to whothcr
the t'nlted Htnten navy should have
submarine torpedo-boat of thu Hol
land type, a recommended by thu
committee on naval affair, wa net
tled In thu house of representatives
today when, after a lengthy and live
ly debate tho proviso limiting tho
secretary of tho navy to tho purchase
of boat only of tho Holland typo
wa stricken ou: Tho effect of thl
action wa to give tho secretary n
freo hand In the selection of subma
rine boats.
Washington, April 10 8tep wero
token today to draw the teeth of tho
paper combine, which ha put upon
Iho shoulders of publisher nn addi
tional burden of moro than $22,000,
000 In the last two year and now
propose to Increase thl sum to
I GO, 000.000. President Koonevelt I
back of thu demand for action and It
I suld that Hpeaker Cannon I In
fanr or mi! wood pulp,
At a caucus to bo held next week
this subject will be brought up and,
If Information I not forthcoming, It
I said a resolution will provide for
a speclul Investigation of tho print
paper combine by a congressional
committee, empowered to send for
persons mid ixipcr and to compel to
giving of Ustlmouy.
Wednesday, April 16
Washington. Anrll If. 11 v n vntn
of 199 to HS tho houso of roproen-itnoy own wholly or lo part. If that
tntlvea today decided against tho' ownership existed nl tho tlmo the
lire dent' nronram for four bait
ship nnd adhered to tho recommen
dntlon of It committee on naval af
fairs for two essuls of that type.
Thl result wan reached after a do
bate which lasted for four hour und
It wu received with applause.
The entire session wa devoted to
consideration of thu Increase provl-l,
slon of the naval appropriation bill.
A this Increase wna provided in lholBlnl, nni JnPn. in nno wun ni
last section of tho bill, thu measure) well-known vlowa on tho subject,
wa practically concluded with tho.llobson, of Alabama, pleaded for
disposition of tho provision. The
committee of tho whole concluded lt!
work und it will report lo thu homo
tomorrow fur u final vote un It pas- should havo n fixed policy with re
sage Igard to naval construction. A w'ar
" I between tho yellow and tho white
Washington, April J 5. Without race ho regarded n Inevitable, und
discussion or dissent or division, tho ho asserted that Japan's present mil
seiinto today, within 24 hours after Itary activity was with n vlow to the
thu winding up of thx spring race supremacy of tho Pacific and ultl
meeting at Denning, passed tho bill male!)' alio would clash at nrmt with
prohibiting betting In the District of tho United State.
Columbia. Tho bill waa culled up byl
Carter of tho District committee, and; Washington, D. C, April 11. No
after bolng road, wna Immediately I definite nrrangoment has yet been
put un Its passage. mado for tho contddorntlon of tho
Thu anti-gambling provision la u Fulton land urant resolution In tho
rider on a bill providing for tho
culm; of Bunnlnga road, tho prlnel
pal thoroughfare loading to the rucu
course at tho suburb of Hunnlugs.
Tuesday, April 14
Washington. D. C. April 14.
f'tt.i tiit.t.jn .t ll.n mililattlf' In utllt.
. ., i., .,. ... ,..v..uv..v ... ..-
port of his plan for an appropriation
for four now battleship concerning
which thero haa boon much l'cu-
latlou, waa received today by both
i ... ., n't....:. ....... ......
Hldornulu dolnv In tint readlmr of tho ll 8( ll"R " would aroueo those
moss ro lubotl tho roi o in d o momborii Interested In appropriations
m furthermore probably bo over-
Forakor wna oiiciikciI In making hllr",ort " tho "Pnkor, who would con-
mont wna received', nnd In tho houso
beeaiiHO that body wiih In commltteo
of tho whole on tho naval appropria
tion bin.
That tbo messngo was designed to
Influence tho houso to Increaso tho
number of bnttleahtpa provided for
In tho naval bill from two to four
wna generally understood, nnd tho
dispatch of tho message wits Intend-
cd to bo so timed aa to roach tho
Iioubo Just boforo taking up that pro-
vision. Piles' bill opening tho Spoknno In-jof
It wna enthusiastically received by.dlau reservation lands to settlement,
ii... ,iv,.rt... ,.f ,. !,.,.... vV .r,,
"nntU" Inter Kavo vent to their fccl -
lilt: by iiiitliorlzliu; it Petition from a
number of citizen of New York City,
which wan roan ai mo iiiHiniico ui
Mr. Tnwnoy, proleitlng ngnlnat "tho
extravaginico of pondlng over $00,-
lOOO.OOO for four battlexbliiH."
On un objection by William, Hob
"on wa prevented irorn reading
memorial from laboring men favor-
ing tho building of moro nlilp
Tho menngo wa a brief but vigor
ous contention for tho rapid davl
opmunt of tho navy. China wan hold
up a an example of tho "peace at
any price" doctrine, and Orent Ilrl-
uihuii ii junm wini uio muion woum
not, for sometime, If ever, ngrco on
Monday April 13
Washington, April 13. Unlooked
for progress wa tnndo by tho house
today. It considered tho naval op-
i "" ' lu""l"-u
Proprlatlon bill. Uhen It wna la d
llilu for tho day It had been only
uTpooil of, arid tho advocate
- " Hie four battleship were aligning
iHiemselve. In preparation for tho
1 ",, " ,hnt "UbJect, which prob-
Tho hope of tho officer of tho
navy and marine corps for an In
crease In pay were dashed to tho
ground when, on n point of order by
such Increase. On n similar point by
Mudd of Mnryland nn amendment by
Ilnrtholdt of Missouri forbidding
naval or mnrlno band accepting pri
vate employment in competition with
civilian musician was lost.
When tho provision relating to the
naval station at Alongapo, Philippine
Islands, wa reached, tho old contro
versy over tho fortification of Bublg
and Mnnlln Haya cropped out. Hob
son declared that any ono who would
choose between tho two would not
choose Manila Hay. Tho whole ques
tion, ho said, was simply one of de
fense "We cannot bold Hublg Ilsy ten
days," ho said. "Wa can hold Manila
Hay SO days.
Washington. April 13. The brief
session of tho senate today was de
voted to tho transaction of routine
business and tho delivery of n speech
by Scott, of West Virginia, chairman
of the committee on building and
groand. Scott nppealed'to the sen
nto to make adequato appropriation
fur public building In Washington
City. o that oillclal business might
bo transacted with the greatest effi
ciency nnd economy.
Senator Foraker today Introduced
nn amendment to tho railroad rnto
law passed Juno 29, 110C, providing
that tho commodities clause shall not
npply to properties owned by the
railroad prior to tho passage of tho
law. Tho effect of tho amendment
would bo to permit railroads to con
tinue to transport article mined or
manufactured by them und which
e-.rmo uni uecamo a law.
Saturday, April II.
Washington, April 11. Debate on
the naval appropriation bill In tho
House today resolved Itself In tho
milln Intn illsrimslnn of Ihn mini.
,,,,,.. ... . i.,..,n ,i, ni,
b',U,M of. war u' "
four battleship Instead of two for the
next flscnl year, nnd pointed out that
'from now on tho United States
wld-jHotiso. Whllo a privileged matter, It
Is not im highly privileged as appro
priation bill, nnd na long an thoro
aro apprnprltatlon bills waiting to bo
considered thero will apparently bo
no time to tako up thu resolution.
Chairman Mondoll, of tho Houso
public lands committee, who haa
-,,,. f ,,, .., n .-I,. ,lv
ri , ",".. ii ..r i. .... v ii. ..
hl ' "o Ho" en 1 It up nt tho f rt
;,,orV,n,,y,lvi,0,'IULu ii,0.i'n in
w' '"donvor to crowd It In
Inhoiul of any impropriation bill, for
prlatlon measures, lleforo long, how
ever, tho appropriation bills will havo
all passed tbo House, and then, If
not before, Mr. Mondoll thinks tho
resolution can bo called up nnd
Open Spokane Indian Land.
Washington, April 17. Tho aon
nto today confirmed tho nppolntmont
of Robert Walker na postmaster nt
Hmulon. Tho senato nlso passed,
otton Suburq Swept by Fire Four
(Jodie Found,
Boston, Mft., April 13, Klro yes
terday devastated tho manufacturing,
Itcnomont and retail section of Choi
i',w, uurnlng over ono quaro mllo of
territory and lovnllnc rnnnv of tha
city' beat tructurt, Uto lat nlgbt
four bodies had been rccovorcd from
tho ruin. Tho flro started at 10:40
u. m., and wrf not under control un
til 9 p. m., notwithstanding that half
of tho Hoston flro department's
strength nnd stonmcr from a, dozen
other cltlc and town wont to tbo
aid of tha Chelsea brigade.
Tho flro originated In tho rear of
tho Hoston Hlacklng Company'
works on West Third street, near tho
eastern division of the Hoston &
Mnlno Itnllroad, In closo proximity
io mo Kvorett uity lino, a terrific
galu from tho northwest, which at
times had a velocity of CO mllo an
hour, carried burning shingle, em
bers and myriads of spark to a ncoro
of wooden building, most of them of
cheap construction.
Tho flro started almost from the
oxtrcmo southwest section of the
city, and cut a path to tho end of
Maverick street at tho oxtromo south
eastern end of tho city, which bor
ders Chelsea Crook. This is about
one and a half mile from where the
flru began. Tho flame pread
through tho heart of tbo retail bus
iness section, which wa about mid
way between tho two extromo limits
reached by tho flro.
Among tho structures destroyed
wero 13 churches, two hospitals, the
Public Library. City Hall, five
schoolhouses, 20 business blocks,
nearly a scoro of factories, and ap
ward of 309 tenements and dwelling
houses. Among the places burned wore:
Frost Hospital, Children' Hospi
tal, Fltz Public Library, Stanislaus
Polish Catholic Cburcb, Chestnut
street; First Haptlst Church, Central
avenue; Central Unitarian Church,
Hawthorne street; St. Lake's Catho
lic Church (old building). Haw
thorno street; First Methodist Epis
copal Cburcb, Carey avenue; Elm
street Synagogue; Walnut-stroe-t
Synagogue; Chelsea Presbyter la a
Church; People's Afro-Methodist
Episcopal Church, Fourth street;
Unlvcrsallst Church; Second Advon-
tlit Church; Now England Telephone
ts. Telegraph Company's central of
fice; Austin & Young's cracker fac
tory: Chaplls & Sodden Car Com
pany's shops; Hoscnfolt Bros. three-
story rog-plcklng factory; the Tld
Oil Company's three Immenso tanks
near tho east end of Margin street.
St. Iloso s Iloman Catholic Church,
Broadway, loss $25,000; St. Rose
Itoraan Catholic School, loss $40,
000; Stato Armory, loss $100,000;
Sacred Heart Convent, loss $40,000;
Y. M. C. A. building, loss $75,00;
Boston Elevated Railroad station and
barn, loss $50,000; County Saving
Hank, Chelsea Savings Dank, Chelsea
Trust Company, the Providence Co
operation Hank.
Tho funds of all these banks with
the exception of the County Saving
Bank are still In the vaults. The
money and securities of the County
Bank wero taken to Boston before
tho fire reached tho building.
Roosevelt Wilt Demand Facts Abcut
Mukden Affair.
Washington. April 13. The attack
on Consul-Genoral Straight and the
servants of tbo American Consulate,
at Mukden, by Japaneso rowdies lod
by a postman has stirred tno admin
Istratliin to action. It Is regarded aa
a much moro serious affair than ap
pears upon tho surface, and prompt
action will undoubtedly be taken to
obtain the reparation that Japan haa
bo far refused.
A conferenco upon tho subject waa
held at tho Whlto Houso late tonight
by President Roosovolt, Secretary
Tnft and Secretary Root. It waa na-
sumed at tho conference that Mr.
Straight had mndo a report of the
Incident to Minister Rockblll, at Pe
kin, and that Mr. Rockhlll would
communicate tho facta to the State
Department without delay.
To Insure his doing no, cable men
sagos wero sent tonight to both Mr.
Rockhlll nnd Mr. Straight asking for
all tho facta. A reply Is expected to
morrow. A prominent cabinet officer
Mid tonight:
"1 don't think I am betraying any
Bccrct whon I say that tho decision
to sera tho fleet to tho Pacific was
largely determined by tho Insuffer
able tactics of tho Japaneso in offi
cial Inteicourse."
Railroad Pays Half the Lota.
Holenn, Mont., April 13. Real
donta of Hlg Timber, Mont., tho town
which waa nlmost entirely destroyed
by tbo tiro laat month, nnvo noon
notified by tho Northorn 1'aclfleJ
Railroad Company tbat they will bo
paid 50 cents on tho dollar to covor
tholr loasea Thla action la token
from tho fact that tho disastrous flro
which loft hundroda of peoplo home
less, wnB started by n spark from a
Northern Pacific locomotive Tho
decision Is not tho outgrowth of civil
suits, but la a voluntary action ou
tho part qt tho railroad olllclala.
Slxty.nlne Days In Trance,
Los Angolos, April 13. Mrs. Bou-
lnh Hawkins, tho woman who foil
Into n cataloptlc tranco on February
5. will tomorrow enter tho 69th day
nor sleep. Hor condition ia
parently unchanged.
President Opposes Giving Away
Water Rights.
Development of Water Power Rapidly
Becoming Monopoly Vould Re
quire Payment and Use.
Washington, April 14. In a spe
cial message today vetoing a dam
bill, President Roosevelt warnod con
gress that thoro aro pending In this
session bills which propose to give
away without price stream rights
capable of developing 1,200,000
horse-power, whose production would
cost annually 26,000,000 tons at
coal; urging In vigorous terms the
establishment of a, policy such aa tho
filibustering minority In the house
demands, which would safeguard the
granting of bridge and dam privi
leges and require the grantee to pay
for them, and definitely announclne
a future polley on his part with re
gard to prompt utilization of con
struction privileges by refusing his
signature to a bill that gives an ad
ditional three years to the Rainy
River Improvement Company within
which to build a dam in the Rainy
Rainy river Is the oalet of Rainy
lake, and forms part of the boundary
between Minnesota and Canada. It
discharges Into Lake of the Woods.
Is about 100 miles long and Is navi
gable. "I do not believe," says the Pres
ident, "that natural resource should
be granted and held In undeveloped
condition, either for speculative or
other reason. 8o far as I am aware.
there are no assurance that the
grantees (In this case) are in any
better condition promptly and prop
erly to utilize this opportunity thaa
they were at the tlmo of the original
net granting the privilege tea yearn
California's Most Southerly Seaport
In Gala Attire.
San Diego, Cal., April 14. Fete
days for tha American battleship)
fleet will begin to day when the 1C
battleships of the navy's most not
able cruise cast anchor off Coronad
Deach. two zntlee from San Diego.
8as Diego Is crowded with vUltora
and sightseers and never before In
the history of the city ha there beea
such an elaborate dtcoratloa of
etrcets and building. By day the
broad thoroughfares are a mas of
colors, the red, whlto and blue of the
nation being mingled with the yel
low and white, typifying the Golden
SUte California.
Triumphant arebea have bees
erected at many street Intersections
and Immenso signs that burn the
hospitable word "welcome" throngh
the darkness of the night are among;
the many features of the elaborate
scheme of decoration.
Governor Gillette, accompanied by
his entiro staff and a distinguished
party of guests, arrived last nlgbt la
three special cars. Governor uu
Old Men Made Peer and Younger
Man Promotsd.
London, April 14. Official an
nouncement waa made tonight of the
now Cabinet appointments and they
aro Identical with tho forecast made
by the Dally Cbronlclo a few days
ngo and announced in these dis
patches, aa follows:
Herbert Asqulth, Premier and
First Lord of the Treaaury.
David Lloyd George, Chancellor of
the Exchequer.
Lord Tweedmouth, President of
the Council.
F-rl of Crewe, Secretary of State
for tho Colonies.
Reginald McKenna, Flrot Lord of
tho Admlrollty.
Winston Spencer Churchill, Presi
dent of the Board of Trade.
Walter Runclmnn, President of tho
Board of Education.
Receiver for Lumber Company,
Spokane, Wnah., April 14. Judge
Wooda of Wallace has appointed
Fred B. Morrill of Spokane receiver
for tho B. R. Lowls Lumber company
of Coeur d'Alono, Idaho, and also for
th0 idaho & Northern 'railway. Mr,
Morrill la general counsel for both
companies. Neither company la mort
gaged or Incumbered with bonded
Indebtedness, The receivership may
laat only a fow months. Tho Ex
chnngo National bank of Spokano
caused tho receivership move by su
ing tho lumber company and rail
road. Flood Orowns 2,000 Chinese,
Shanghai, April 14. Disastrous,
floods aro reported to havo occurred;
nt Hankow, In tho Province of Hit
Peh. It la stated that 2000 persona
havo boon drowned. Seven hundred
Junks wero sunk. The floods are said
'to ho duo to an unexnected freshet.
ap-JTho water caught tho people uuex-
pectedly la the mlddla et the nlght