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The Roupell Mystery
By Austyn Granville
CHAPTER XII. (Continued.)
Time was precious with the detective.
ll thougbt of the prloncr then languish
lo In the dungeons of I Matas. lt
tut both bill in hi pocket, took up his
hl and arose from th table.
"Then I am to understand that raaiUwe
prefer to be cited to appear before the
tribunal. I think jour witne' fee and
mileage will Amount to about one-o,urter
of the mm 1 offer."
Klthrr the threat or the sense of loss
It Implied brougbt Mine. Ueeuantln to
lier senses. The little beady eye dilated
again, aud she put her hand upon the
"Don't pa; I will tell you everything." I more like business," remarked
Canupie. "Now tell me all you know
You tt I keep faith with you. Here
tire your hundred franc. The other
hundred are your when you hare told
your story."
"I don t know ranch." Mid Mm. Heau
tantin. "I knew MonIur Graham only
a a customer. He waa a pleasant, civil
tran. a little siren to drink, I should
Judge. I sbould aay nothing but hli af
fection for hi little eon kept Wm froa
coin to tbe doc."
"His son I Waa Monrieur Orahaau
then, marriedl"
"You don't know much about him, evl
deotly. I know he had a win. It miut
bar been hU son. He waa very like
"l)o you think you would rrcoenlte
Monsieur Graham's portrait, it you saw
The detective drew out the locket and
placed it before her. Mme. Ileausantln
took it In her hand, adjuited It to the
light of the hop window, and examtned
It carefully.
Tula is the portrait of a rery younr
man. The man I knew waa older than
this. Where did you get it? Yes It U
the portrait of Moatlenr Graham. I
would know It by ereral thtngs. He had
a peculiar way of looking."
"What waa lhatr
"He looked dawnward. at a alight an
cle, habitually. He nerer looked one
etralght In the face. He also wore an
eye gUaa, like the man In the picture."
I Tbe detectlre dre out tbe second note
and balanced It dexterously between bla
Tell me where be lived, and thl If
your abo."
"He lived at No. 20 Itue de Santin.
It la an apartment houe. The aame
concierge I r.lll there. He can tell you
more than I can."
M. Cassagne handed the other note to
Mme. Beausantln, took up hi bat. and
bidding the laundress goodIay paed out
Into the street.
The man In charts of tbe apartment
oue at No. 'JO Hue d 8ntln waa a
abort, dumpy man, of tbe name of (Jug
batoff. Though be poke French fluent
ly, even with tbe accent of a native, bU
high Tartar cbeek bone, hi oblique
yes, and gutterat Intonation when unduly
excited, aufficicntly attested hi Ituaalao
In Gocbatoff, the Russian. M. Cas
sagne found he had a far more difficult
person to deal with than tbe little laun
dress, pliant by reason of ber excessive
creed. With GughatolT, wbose political
opinion now constituted hi whole life
tooth r, mere gain w a secondary con
ilderatlon. He devoted all hi (are time,
which waa comiderable, aa hi wife did
most of tbe work, to the discussion of
politic. He wa one of those men of
whom people uy: "He would sooner talk
politic than eat."
lie I'arislin detectlre now felt that
while hi progrem no far had been uatU
factory, the greatest caution on bl part
vii necessary. He had een tbe mo-it
likely case rulfrO by too hasty conduct. .
He did not suffer himself to be unduly
elated by tbe extremely satisfactory out
come of b's Interview with Mme. Heau
wntin. He went about hi work with the
greatest deliberation, A man leu a mas
ter of hi difficult profession would bare
at once excited suspicion, which would
bare resulted In tbe Itussian' closing
bis mouth forerer. M. Cassague arolded
thl fatal error by tbe rery deliberation
with which be went about fail work. HI
first tep wa to find out tbe kind of man
be bad to deal with. In two days, be
bad possessed hlmswlf of all necessary
Information. On the third be continued
to Ingratiate himself with tbe Janitor, In
retard to whose antecedent and pecu
liarities be had been so careful to make
himself acquainted.
On the fifth day tbe mornlnr train bore
tbe detectlre away from Illol. tbe richer
for tome very Important Information. He
had shown tbe portrait in the locket to
GughatoCT, and tbe concierge, like Mme.
lieauiautin, had declared It to be tbe
portrait of tbe American Henry Grahain.
In addition he bad actually persuaded
GuchatoS that be bad been all tba time
entertaining In Henry Graham a spy of
the Itussian government, that be, Cas
sagae, belonged to a friendly circle of
French co-operative Nihilist having It
headquarters In I'arfa; that Graham had
been at on time a member of tbe circle,
and that be was about to betray bis late
comrade. Gughatoff, to whom a spy
waa a red rag to a bull, bad greedily
wallowed this remarkable fairy tale of
tbe detective', especially when the latter
bad produced a skillfully prepared docu
saeat la JUssAan which ot only com
weeded bin to the oSoe of all good Nl
hUtafe, but eraa fare a dWiact account
f tax ekjeet ot Ma tIeo aad minutely
described bis person for purposca of Idea
True, Cassagne wa the author himself
of this useful p.ter and had forwarded It
two day prevlouly to D'Auburon In
Paris, where It had been translated Into
Russian before being returned to Illol.
Hut happily th concierge was Ignorant
ot this deceit, and the plan had therefore
succeeded perfectly, llurnlng with hatred
for the supiKVted spy, Gughatoff had told
alt be knew ot his late, guest, which wa
aa follows -
Henry Graham bad redded In Illol
some six or seven years, during which
time h bnd had correspondence with two
persons coly. Gnghatoo knew this, be
ratw, latterly, Graham, for fear of cred
itors, had rarely left bla apartments, and
Gughatoff had mailed his letters for him.
Tbe Brst of thee persons was Mme.
Itoupell, thus again establishing beyond
a doubt tbe Identity of the Henry Gra
ham of Illol with the dissolute brother
ut the Ute owner of tbe Chateau Vll!e
neure. Tbe surname of Henry Graham's sec
ond correspondent had escaped tbe mem
ory of the concierge In the course ot
years. He wa posltlro. however, that
ber first name had been Helens, and that
she had resided at rtelllers, a (mail village
In the department ot the Loire.
This second correspondent bad also
been a lady well-educated, refined
lady, be should JudgJ. for he had been In
tbe habit of taking up M. Graham's mall,
and the envelopes had been fine and deli
cately scented, and bad borne a crest and
monogram on the ontslde, such aa were
only used by persona ot rank.
Aa the train rushed across the land
scape, Cassagne relapsed Into a medita
tive mood. The thought recurred to him.
wa thl woman, after a laps of so many
years, yet alive, and would It be possible
to find her If Graham waa the murder
er, a he now believed, tbe person moet
likely to know of hi present whereabouts
would be this one the woman who. In
all probability, bad been bis wife. He fell
to studying bow old this boy could be
now. He calculated be must be nearly
thirty years of age. for old Gughatoff,
tbe concierge, bad given tbe child age at
about ten when Graham had left Illol.
and a little more than twenty years had
elapsed since that time. If be could find
blm, be perhapa might yet be In com
munication with his father.
When Henry Graham bail left Biol be,
too. had turned hi step In the direction
of Ilellier. For Gughatoff had forward
ed several letters to blm at that place. It
waa toward Ilelllers, therefore, that be.
Cassagne, must hasten, there to pursue
his Investigations; but first of all be
would go to Paris. He must find out
what M. Iblanrbe had accomplished. He
must also receive the report of bis as
sistant, who meantime would not bare
been Idle.
Tbe first thing M. Cassagne did upon
bis arrival In I'arls waa to bail a cab.
Jumping In. he bade tbe man drive to
tbe apartment of hi friend and aulst
ant. IVAuburon. lu tbe Hue de I'rorrnce.
It a about noon when be ascended the
staircase and rapped loudly on the door
of tbe vestibule. D'Auburon came out
himself to let him In. rubbing his eyes.
"I have been up pretty nearly all night,"
be said, yawning terribly. "Walt till I
get a bath. Then we will bare some
"Confound the fellow," exclaimed tbe
Impatient Cassagne. "I never call on
blm but be Is either In tbe bath or just
about to take one. It I the one thing
against hit making a good detective. He
Is too fond of water."
A minute afterward D'Auburon appear
ed In a loose dreeing gown and Turkish
slippers, (winging two enormou Indian
dubs In a manner that threatened de
struction to tbe chandelier and orna
ment. While he wa thu engaged, Cassagne
had arisen. He was walking restlessly up
and down tbe room. Tbe splashing of the
water bad given him a sudden fit of shiv
ering. 'Hie sight of his friend wasting
precious time on what he deemed a friv
olous exercise, also Irritated blm. Sud
denly his eye fell upon a card In tbe
reveller on the center table. It wa a
yirj elegantly engrave! piece of paste
board, surmounted wltb a coronet em
bossed in gold. Its Inscription read;
Tbe VIcorote de Vallar."
"Ah," exclaimed Cassagne, "that' the
man to whom I procured you the letter
ot Introduction. You managed to get
"Yea," replied D'Auburon, "and be call
ed when I wa out and left hi card. A
great financier be I. I'resldent of half
a down big companies. He baa made
one fortune and ha twenty Iron fn the
fire, all of which he manage to keep re-pt-ctably
heated "
"Neter mind blm for the present," In
tMTupted Cassagne, Impatiently, Tell
me of t'habot, above all, I nant to know
what the prefect of police ha accomplish
ed. How many men has be got on the
"Who are theyr
"Vougeot, Itemoul, Vllleroy and Cou
"None of them la up to much except
Vougeot," mused M. Cassagne, to whom
tbe detectives named were well known.
"Vougeot I a pretty smart fellow. What
U be doing?"
"He I shadowing Chabot. Ho far he
baa accomplished nothing."
"Knur tell ma what baa ItaDDened. Tbls
man Chabot. Is monsieur I prefect still
serious in bi diim tnat u u in
way UapHeatsd (a tbt etlmtV
" ssuredly, but ther U a mora aUurd
phaw to It than that. Whom do you
think, In addttlou to Chabot, monsieur la
prefect ha placed under surveillance T
"Oh, I can't tell. The mau lu the
moon, perhap."
"No, not so bad a that. Hut, deter
mined to cover all potut, I suppose, he
ha placed a watch uinm the movement
of the American, Dr. lNnul Mason. That'
not all, INwr, honest I'lerrev the butler
at the chateau, a man whom you jourselt
riamlned and raid wouldn't hurt a tly,
has also been Included. It la positively
shameful to penult such bungler a U
blanche to squander the secret service
fuuds lu such fooleries. Another fellow,
I understand, haa beett haunting tbe park
at Vllleneuve, and wa nearly hot by
one of the keepers, who took him for a
poacher. They hauled blm before tha
mayor down there, and the man bad to
tell hta whole story to clear himself. The
prefect waa raving when be heard ot It.
He discharged him from tb force,
".More bungling," remarked Cassagne.
"Who waa Itl"
"Utile TTifflet."
'Hunt him up. Iny blm well, and tell
him to keep his mouth shut. He may
know Just enough of the prefect's plana to
be a very useful man for us. Meantime,
what have you found about thta Mon
slew Chabot )"
'He la an adventurer, one of tb de
cayed gentleman class; belong to a cou
ple of club; haa tire eiitre Into some
very good and also some very question
able society. He has become afflllated
wltb the vlromte and his set only within
tbe last year or two. They ar In several
scheme together, fitely he haa been
making some money."
"And the vleonite, you say, Is an able
"Very, I should say. He floated the
City and Ruburban Messenger Company,
and wa shrewd enough to withdraw be
fore It went under. He Is, a I told you.
president of the Mutual Credit Com
pany, and a large operator on the Hours.
lie appear to have been very successful.
Ills wife, the vlcomtese, has doubtless
been a powerful factor In tbe making ot
hi fortunes. Ah, but she Is charming.
You should see ber. It was ber Influ
ence, doubllew, which secured the co
operation of Monsieur Colbert-Hrtnp'Jn.
the banker ot Itue Hauffmann, fn that
deal. He as a haughty old fellow and
never would have entertained the busi
ness proposition ot de Vallar If It hadn't
been for the vlromtewe. 8b sat next
to htm at dinner. The next day the
prospectns of the Montalnbleau Charcoal
Company was Issued, and the name of
Colbert-ltemplln was on the board ot di
rectors." "Who told you all thlsT
Told meT Why, I w there myself.
Tbey put me In as writ. IxKk, here I aa
In bis; type. See!" v
Cansagne's eye gleamed with delight.
He felt proud ot bis pupil. He sat and
listened while hla pupil rattled on, think
ing deeply, aa was hi wont. Irrsently
he pulled out hi watch.
"It I two o'clock." be raid. "My train
leaves at three-thirty, and I have a few
matters to attend to before I atari. It
you have occasion to wire me you can
find me at that address."
He wrote upon the back of a card:
"IUptist Goulet.
"Care Potlce Headquarters,
"Ilelllers, Iep't of Loire."
That will be my name for the next
two or three days; at any rate, a long
aa I may find It necessary to stay at
Helllerc. Don't telegraph unless my pres
ence I absolutely necessary. I leave that
to your discretion, Kep an eye on Mon
sieur Chabot. and procure a man at once
mtino aacx.
Itnrati at Cum,
The relation ot a jwrfoct stand - In
.'rtaiod crtt yield ha been effee
ually demonstrated that tbe best meth
od of storing grain
becomes a matter
of vltnl Uitort'st tu
all corn grower.
A teal wnt uiitiU
last year tu dotcr
mlno what the ef
fect of atorltu
corn In a dry
room, on rack tn
the barn. In ttw
warming oven ot a
stove and In a
corncrlb would
baro n the ger
minating power
of the sel tbe
following spring.
The twr cent of
germination wa
lowest with the
."orn atorvd In- tb crib. n would lint-
irally be expected, a the wa
txpooe.1 to tb widely varying tent
lerature which prevailed during th
vlnter season. Tbe germination waa
(radically the aame with tiw sample
itorvd In a dry room and on racka tn
I barn, though tbcaa methods of stor
ng had but little advantage over the
iso of tliu warming oven. Considera
te difference waa witnessed, however,
n the strength of th germinations
tan corn kept In tha a-vcrnl waya In
Heated. The grain from the corn
rtorrd In tbe crib ahowrU the least
'Igor of germination, the best result
cl(ig obtained from the cum stored
in tb racka In the barn, followed
utt closely hy that stored In a dry
room. Tbo corn aloreil In lht warm-
tvr oven germinated fairly well In
ill except two Instances. In one thn
termination waa remarkably low, duo
iltber to a poor car or to tbo fact that
3u corn may hart been ovvrbeateU at
ime time. Exchange,
IImvt Har Ton
"By method that are perfectly prno
Icable to you-w at tbe college are get
JtiK fifty-four ton of liay from twelve
tcrea, Flrt we have our land well
JltixV said Frofesaor Gilbert, of tbe
klalne station. In addrraslug n recent
'annera meeting. "Why 1 tbero o
iiuch rundown In ml. I It low In fer-
alltyj No, It ha been l)lng In terns
o long. Tbero nre Iota of fertility,
rred to Hie height of nck and I lieM
lu plnc by iiiwiii of an Iron rod which
1 fastened on the upright about twu
feet from the imttwii.
AKrlcitillura's AmnslMaT Orfltvlh
How can any country be lrd P
whoso farm In the lt tilnn yean
have produced tlfty three thousand mil'
lloiia of ilollnrt' worth of crop!
No wonder that tbe report of the
H,mlirr nf Aireti-tiltiiro It full of
thnnkselvlnt- flavor and that be U uu
affected by causes for gloom tint work
on other men. Tbe valuo of tbe farm
product for 10OT I nearly en and
one-hnlf billion of dollar; 10 lr
cent al?e thnt of J WW, when all rec
ord of ctvnn were broken: 2.1 per rent
over 100.1, and oT r cent over 1800,
More than 3,000,(100 acre of land
thnt ul to be conaldered ratuele.
"the Ixime of tlw cactiu and th prai
rie ds:.M are now producing f.TO.UW,.
WW worth of crop, every year, and
thee cro are dlre-tly due to Hv
retary Wilson, who lmjorteI tb 3lrl-'
Itrrrnuean durum wheat at first
cot of $10,000 and saw that they were
(dantnl there. Irrigation farmlnr. due
wholly to the department, will thl year
sell crop for not lea than fMO.WM.-
000, which I not contempt Idle, tn view
of the fact that th Department of Ag
riculture costs only about ft 3,000,000
Yet the work of the department la by
no tnrtin on such a scale a the nut
ural resource of the country warrant
ami will one day make possible. Mtir
veyor declare that not one-half the
farm of to country JM.OOO.tsi)
acre, to tie exact can b classed as
Improvnl land, and only nne-thlrd, or
2yo.000,ono acre. I fruitful. Many
year wilt pas hefor all this grmind
I rut utxler cultivation, but the time
will come when It will be producing
abundant crop and supporting hun
dreds of millions of human beluga,-
Chicago Journal,
iltnwui. nliosithorle acid and notaah:
m.r r.. m .--
to keep tracn or ir. raui tason move- U,t t neeO U plowing up and rota
ments. Totally unnecessary, you sayT'i.-
Not at all. He may tie the deepest villain
of them all, and have called me In merely
to keep the other side from retaining my
arvlr thinking llist lir atleh a aten ha 1
.Ht.i t.i .jir. th. Imnnulhlilrr of mr,"owlng It over ami over again. Then
being put upon his own track." ! with oat and grass, and the next
Charles D'Auburon lost sight of the! fear you will hare a good crop of
sublime egotism of his leader In his ad-jrrasa, and clover the next year. A
miration of the manner In which be left',xxj rotation of potato on ami land,
no point uncovered. His movements In ' ISRar commercial fertilizer: the next
"1'Iow poor land In the fall, and by
mrlng there will be air In It, harrow It
veil In the spring, pulverize It by hur
the case were to b compared to Ibos
of a skillful general, who, before the bat
tle actually commences, dispose of hi
men to the utmost advantage. What In
other men would haVe been vanity wa In
M. CasMigne simply an expression of con
fidence born of. his self-reliant nature.
(To be continued.)
Ho Circa fur Johnnr,
Johnny "Can, I go 'to tbe circus,
Father--No Indeed, I wouldn't
think of letting you see audi A degrad
ing exhibition."
Johnny Then won't you please
take me to the menagerie? Teacher
says we ought tn see the animal."
Father "What I Pay full price tu
soe only half the show? I guesa not"
After Twenty Yesrs,
Mm Hardnpple tat piny) Thai
ttmr leading lady look the samo af
she did lu tlio last act?"
Mr. Hnrdnpide "Yea, and twenty
year nre upKel to elapse between
the Insr and this one."
Mr. Uardapple ''Do tell I And to"
think alio didn't wash her face, once
In all that time."
II Was Immune,
"Aren't you going tn bathing?
naked Miss Pepprey.
"No," replied Cliolly. "You know,
they nay there' a bujce shark lurking
around the beach these days."
"Yea, but why should that aland
you? They say It's a man-eating
hark, you know," Philadelphia
'ear cover with table dressing, then
tata and grn with no fertlllb-r; the
lext year, groan nnt clover, with top-In-NHlng
of ferttllter. Our mixture of
n-n seed to tbo acre I eleven ikmiuI
luiotlir, alx redtop, four red dorer nnd
'our nlslke.
"For the top-dreiwlng .1.VI jiound to
Jie acre of n fertilizer currying .1 per
ent nitrogen, 7 tr rent phoiH.lwrle
triil, 0 per cent potnali. The grna
ibould be cut while In bloom.". After
ixplnlnlng why It hould be done, ho
ontlnued, "After the flrat croji I tt,
ICO pound of the aame fertilizer to. tlio
icre aliould ho npplletl."
IJasllr Made Baar Holder,
I describe n houdy lack holder, use
il on a farm. It ha two upright
lece of 2x2 and a two-Inch plank two
feet Ions which
tbo upright pieced
arc fastened to.
About four or five
India from (ho
top bore two hole
t x actly oppoalto
ach other And
7 I a c o through
these bole a long
bolt Take n ploco
of plank or board
and cut It to fit
between the two
lprfghta nod place the bolt through
hit board no it will work easily. Cut
hi board In a half circle to fit the
wck. Drive nails through thl board
iround tbl half circle to fasten sack
n. This board can b raised or low.
BAU llor.DXB.
Convenient llsrmek.
Many basket hay racks are built tn
such a fashion In the rear that to climb
Into them present an especially Irk
some task to a man, more so after
having lifted bay or pitched bundles
all day. In the sketch presented ot the
liar sack.
rear end of a rack we have tried to Il
lustrate how the tnsk of climbing Into
the rack might bo tnnd easier. Hut
little extra work and material will he
required and at the same time the roil'
tents of the rack are held wry nearly
as good n If the end piece extended
clear ncross.
fertiliser fur Onions.
Professor John H. Hmllh, the Knto
tnologlst of the New Jersey Hxerlment
Htatlon, lu a bulletin on the cabbage
nnd onion maggots, Junt buurd, refers
to tlio miiiwlly of n quick-acting fer
tilizer In conjunction with planting at
the right time, nnd rrptcnlihc the fo
lowing formula, rwouimcndrd lu ear
lier report t Nitrate of odn, 700
liouud; acid phosphate, l.Otx) pound;
muriate of txdnidi, JKKI iioumla. This,
he. said, In the case of radishes, can ba
applUxl as a top dressing nloiur thu
roM. leforo they nre pluutcd, or Juit
after they nrn up, nt tbo rnto of C00
liouud ier acre, Hlmllar nqllcattons
can be made on turnip or onion. I
believe thnt n fertilizer compoundftl
after thl forumln, or tlio abdication
of tho three Ingn-dlents separately, nt
a proportionate rate, would In limit
case bo followed by good remilta. Tho
combination hn about fi er cent nitro
gen In Its most avnllublu fonn, 7 cr
cent phosphorlo ncld, and 7Hi l'r cent
potniti. A tou of It would cost In the
lielghlxirhood of f,12 to ai.
I'riipcr I'rull I'ncUlnir,
A great many farmer nuil fruit
grower seem to Ignore tho condition
attending tho Journey which their
wnre must tnko before they reach the
hands nnd eye of the coniumors. Thu
method of transportation, customs of
tho trade, tho markets' fashion as ro
gnrds style, size nnd form of package,
nil must be well understood, fur they
nro a Important as thu growing of the
''Tile government of Bpnlu hat Just
started In to foster Its agricultural In
dustry by sending touring Wcturer
oyer the country.
Blood Humors
Cunmvmlr pimples. bolls, hives rutm
er salt theuni, or sum uilisr funn ef rut
tloni but vmellms hr ill In lh iriUin,
ImllfsU.I lr feslliK t Unruor,
loss ot spltlt er gsntial Uibllllr, tl)U
tsilitnv sn fsklng out
KtHvl's HsrsspsrIIU pels tliem, retiarates,
strtlKlbsni and tones lbs wliojs srsteia
This Is Ihs it iltmunr e' Ihouianilt aiuitullf
Aeeei'l ne substitute, but Insist on bating
Hood's Saraaparilla
In uiust It'liiM furtuor tn rheUle lMiti
kuouss8olJtab. iMldtttMtl.
It Is stated that at least 20,0) -ur
aillrs In I.Iberia at covered with Jom
rubbcMte forests.
Una ( rnllnvv,
"I'll gle you a good two-foot rut If
you want It," slid the painter.
"Hand It over," rejoined tb carp,
"Don't wear tight shoe," mid the
twltitcr, with a Urge, open-face grlu.
The Artist's Hrnsh.
"Mr. D Jour said I was a perfect
stcture," said the tint der girl,
"Yes," rejoined dear girl No, 3. l.
asked me If your maid wasn't a pro
fessional painter."
What I said lo be th largest ttleirapk
tlrcult Is tb world U'lbat between to.
dan sod Tthersn, lbs capital of PsrsU,
It la s.Oix) mitts long and b divided late
twtlv ctlons.
Within lb Itst four year Frinc fca
record'.) M.(W aulrUe. while In Italy
the numUr bs been only H,00d,
Elixir tfoerum
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