The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 27, 1907, Image 5

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Miss I-nnttto Osborn Is spending
tlic holidays wltlr licr parents at
Culver, j
Dr. M. V. Tnrlcy Is enjoying n
vhlt from Ills brother,' J. Tttrley,
from Idnho,
Mm. Kwcct will take orders for
plain sewing. Inquire nt West's
l'urnlturc Store,
Dr. W. 8. Nlchol of Howl Ulvcr
Is In lleud thin week attending to
business mutters.
Mm. W. l. Myers ami Mrs.
Wallace of I.ulillaw wcr,c visitors in
Item! last l'rldny. v
Mr. niil Mrs. Kol) McCanu were
in from their homestead Monday
shopping in llcud's stores.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wllcoxson
wore In llcnd Wednesday cvculng
in attendance ut tliednucc.
Mrs. C. A. Jones and son Qcorgc
came down from tliclr homesteads
to spend Christmas with friends in
A new change ut the news stand.
You can prVwurc hot Ilccf Tea and
'fainato Nectar. A nice winter
John Stcldl left for Portland last
Saturday morning. Wlicil he left
he expected to be gone about two
,MIs Cora l'crgusori a teacher
in the Princvillc schools, IS spend
ing the holiday vacation with tela
lives near llcnd.
" Mrs. Sill l'crclval left this morn
ing for her home near Voting's
nftcr visiting several weeks In. llcnd
with her parents, Mr. aud Mrs.
I.. M. McKcynolds.
Mrs. V, V, Smith and two sons,
accompanied by Misses Pearl High
tower and Vcrn Mackcy, went out
jo the mill Monday to spend the
two week's holiday vacation.
Don't forget tint the Woodmen
arc going to give a dunce in the
Lara hall on the night of Dec. ji.
That will be a good place to watch
the old year out and the new year
The sum of ftf wns subscribed
for the Christmas tree by llcnd peo
ple. The expenses of the tree and
exercises required J?j8. The bal
ance of fr) will lje turned over to
t'ie church to pay fuel and light
Special sale of needle work, wn
cr colors, etc. Por the u'ext 10
days Mrs. S.wcl will sell lift-over
articles from her Christmas novel
ties nt greatly reduced prices, Alto
remember she has twrufTiue paper
ior homemade candies, etc.
On account of Mr, linden's con
t nued ill lumlth it has Iweu thought
best to again take her to Portland
for treatment aud Mia nud Mr. Hat
tin will I'uve for that .place in n
dhort time. Mr. Iluttctt has runted
his place to Mr. aud Mrs. Prank
IS. A. Smith has returned t,o llcnd
trom several month's yvorlcon tele
phone Hue construction cast of
princvillc for the PUnicer Telegraph
fv Telephone Company Work wlU
b: resumed on the line when
weather become more favorable in
tiiu spring.
The engineers nt the I). I. & P.
tilicc nro busy these days getting
maps, field uotofl and other rcporU
ready to be filed nt the land office
nt The. Dalles nnd with the state
engineer. The maps nud notes nrc
those for the new, or north, canal,
water for which is to the diverted
by a dam In the Deschutes a short
distance north of llcnd. f ,
lkgiimlng tlu firiltt of the year
the mall route fiom Bend to Tumi
(da will be, discontinued, aud a new
route frdiu Lnldlaw via Tumalp to
(Jlst will be inaugurated, making
jrjps three Mines a week;, Bjfnjj
tiyjjl destined for Tcunhla will liavfc
to go to I,aldlnw. the hew route
will jIve the advuiituxcs of rural
delivery lo a number of nettlcrs liv
ing between I,tildhiw mid Tiimalo
The Dcud news Maud tins a num
ber of flue pieces of crockery left
over from its Christum sales. Tltuy
nrc bargains for ou lit present
Tim Mnorc of Bend, who
Co. been engaged for some time
In drilling deep wells on the
Kitted tract of the D. I. it P.
near Redmond and llcnd, was in
town last Priday on his way to the
railroad. Mr. Moore is on his way
to KnNisns City, Imyhc expect' to
return in a short time utid bcuin
drilling a new 1500 foot well for the
Irrigntlou company. A new Unll
lug outfiit will be secured for the
purpose. Mndras Pioneer.
No mall arrived in llcnd hist
evening due to the fact that the
road between Shaulko nud Princ
villc has become impassable in
places. It is reported (lint the grade
lias been washed out 11 short dis
tance below llaight's in Cow can
yon, making the canyon impassable,
nlso that the bridge at Bolter's has
been washed out. How long the
mail will be held up is not known,
but it is hoped that we will not
have n repetition of last February's
A number of llcnd business men
met last evening and discussed
quite extensively several features
to be incorporated into the constitu
tion am) by-laws of the new com
mercial club or development league,
whatever It is to be riamed.
Another meeting is set for Satur
day of next week at 7:30 sharp.
There should be a large attendance
nt that meeting as a draft of the
constitution nud by-laws will then
be submitted for the approval of
the organization,
County Surveyor McParlaud is
running surveys for n new road
south of llcnd. A petition to the
county court nsks that a road be
built commencing at the Prcd Shou-
quest place aud running past the
Jones, King and Minor homesteads
to connect again with the old road
a short distance south of I.ava.
Also for n road to be constructed
aud n bridge built over the Des
chutes river in the same vicinity,
said road to connect with the one
on the west side of the river. The
bridge petitioned for would cross
the river near Mrs. C. A. Jones'
The dance given by the llcnd
orchestra Christmas evening in the
Lorn hall was one of the most sue-.
chsful affairs ever given in llcnd.
In spite of the rain nud most dis
agreeable weather n goodly crowd
wns in attendance, nd n most
pleasant evening was spent. It was
the orchestra's second appearance in
public since its organization, nud
Foot Warmers
Just the thing for n
Robe, Whips, Horse-
Uverytlilnc in Leather (loads at .
In reason,
Repairing Ncntly nnd Promptly
I In Mittltf lhillillng 011 Qrcj;on Street.
Horse- Shoeing: and ;
1 General Blacksiiiitiflng
Ideated l'u tti old SiU'cMou'shop.
nil ''Hid In their praises of tin
onli'Mrn' iiiukIc lleud in eti
Uuil) I'iftimiitc in having so ex
cctTtat u inuicnl oruiinlrilliin
and ii wis 11 plunsure to listen 10
trior mmiy line selections duriuun
tb: vtiiing The hall was tastily
dtcor-tcii witli iniincunltii and 111
Imih, and was lighted by JiipiiucM.
lair, nt- The olchcMru will l
sa hivo 11 good ntcudnuce ut
tl'fir daucei, jitelitfnU from tin-(-ommvudtitory
words heard lnM
VA (Hlnilay evening. The reccjprs
at the ilor were J56
The ClirUtnus exercises TucMlny
evening lirouulit out an uudUnio
tJni crowded the capacity jif the
ei.iiiLh, 114 is the usual occurrence
on DiiKc occasiomt. A program 01
tCLitntious, dinloucH nud rotigs
was Kiveti that wns full of pleasant
and Interesting features. One num
Inrr deserves fjxrclnl mention a
dialogue in which Mr. nnd Mrs
Santa Gnus called tioti n number
of t)o4 and girls from llcnd, Ore
gun, lo help Santa get his presents
reudy for his yearly vfsit. The
little folks showed much ability in
this number nnd were apparently
free from embarrassment nnd self
consciousness It wns n very plcai
ing dialogue. In fact every num
ber was well given aud the program
held the attention of the audience
throughout its entire length. The
room had been prettily decorated
in honor of the occasion by the
ladies of the town, a flue large tree
held the rapt attention of the little
folk.s, and later in the evening a
real Santa Claus added to their en
joyment. Presents were distributed
and a bag of candy and an apple
were given to every child In the
community. Misses Orplia Pcttit
juid Marion Wicst had prepared the
'--. ..- .. mh.I iadl..aJ ata.h M I 11.1 V.&H
HUKiaui unu iiuuicu iiiv ujiiuii,u
Lunch Counter Man Jtoug'ht Stolen
fJeod from Boy.
T. II. Jones, who has bceu run
ning a lunch counter in Dauly &
Chatulwrs' saloon, has been ar
rested on n charge of grand larceny,
says the Princvillc Journal. It)
other words, he is accused of buy
ing stolen property.
Several complaints were made to
ShcrilT Hlkius recently tibotit petty
thieving nud that officer quietly set
about an investigation. The fust
complaint to be -looked into was the
loss of groceries that were stored in
the old brewery just north of the
Ochoco bridge. These goods'had
been shipped to rammers by Ilartcll
Ilros. of Portland and were stored
nt the old brewery until culled for.
The boys about town soon t;ot onto
that fact aud it was not long until
certain of the goods wcro missing.
The sheriff took up the case at this
point aud soon located the stolen
goods nud the persons that were re
sponsible for the change of locution,
T. II. Joum was found to be the
guiding spirit. Prom nu examina
tion held Monday it was shown that
Jones received the stolen property
aud encouraged the boys to steal
more. The Inds took rice, beans,
macaroni, aud coiTcc. Some of the
goods stolen were found in a, house
north of the red light district. A
30-pound drum of coffee aud some
other things were found there.
Jones furnished the boys with sacks
to get the goods nud when they
were delivered paid them n dollar
for the swag. As the young fellows
had been eating nt the lunch coun
ter they owed n small bill to its
pioprictor. This, of course, was
wiped out with the delivery of the
stolen property.
Jones hnd n hearing before Jus
tice I.uckey nud was bound over lo
the grand jury.
Taken Up.
At our ranch nt Tiinmlo, Or., on De
cember I, one wlhl sorrel msro weight
nbout 750 ll. White strip la forelieml,
both hunt fc(Htid fetlock white, blotch
brand on left shoulder, o(jc three year.
This marc hut been n, since
the full of lyaj ami Is' supposed' lo have
been loM tiy N'mmfUthlK luiliniif.
Ouner eau hne came by nrovluii'nvoi)-
erty ami paving feed bill ami aitvcrtUiug
ito. W.Wt mux. $ Sons
v .-'A
40-45 J Tuinaio, ur.
k -CoiQWed wilcat for sale, m t$
lb nUlie lleud livery & Transfet
Staoles. 30tf
church noVes.
A announced, the subject for
hint Sabbath evening waH "Chris
linn Science " Lawyer "Benson
i;veau interesting paragraph on
"ChriMiau Science us n Religion."
M14 leu Woa'it violin solo was
very much appreciated. Dr. Tur-J
lev Mkeoii "Christian Science ns
a Cuim," nud gnve it as his opinion1
Mm ihIiIi wns the prevailing cle
innit in the Micrcss of the work. In
mis talk he unve nwny some of the
M-eiets 01 the rirofession and tthowed
HiHt he tlid not belong to the close
onutuinioii hrJiicli or the medical
It' v Mitchell spoke of liavjng
VISiiK) the Belief Cure, the Truth
Cur. . the Christ Cure, the Paint
Cur!, and the Pnitli Cure, nnd
I'Miml jK-o'pIc in nil these establish
ments who cheerfully and earnestly
trained to the efficiency of the cure
that hus Jbrought thetn relief. All
tli"- euro establishments nrc ex-l-erinii'tits
to find out and demon,
-irate some large useful truth, and
the audience was asked to look
wit'i brotherly interest nnd sympa
thy on every effort of every man to
hnl truth nud health. Once the
(K-nplt- ol any g;vcu nation had one
faith 111 unison and only one, be
cuteifthcy had, two they would
be punished for the second one, but
111 our nation we have 122 religious
denominations. That comes from
freedom of thought, and some day
we Mill be united, but that will not
be until by study nnd conviction we
sec the Same truth. Then let us be
charitable and be thankful that
other men can differ from us hon
estly and In perfect security The
truth will come at last and ruake us
free. "And if the truth make us
free we shall lie free indeed."
Hie subject for 7:30 p. m. Janu
ary 5. will be, "Heredity." Dr.
Coe will speak on "Heredity as Ob
servable iu Human Life;" Mr.
Wicst, "As Observable in Vegeta
ble Life;" Mr. Cast. "As Observa
ble iu Animal Life."
Cove Orchard Does Ulg Uustne.
Win. Ilocgli, proprietor of the
Cove fruit farm, was in town yes
terday. Mr. Ilocgli has had au ex
ceptionally successful season this
year, the yield of all kinds of fruit
grown at the Cove having been un
precedented. He is stitl busy mar
kctiug his winter apples, or which
he had a large yield, and' he has
found it necessary to Imild large
store rooms and make other addi
tions to the improvements of the
Cove iu order to tnke proper care
of the large quantities of apples un
til they can be marketed. Mr.
Ilocgli markets all of his fruit in
this county, sending his wagons to
Madron, Princvillc, Hedmoud, llcnd
and other communities throughout
the county. Madras Pioneer.
liens Won't Work Overtime.
Can't some of our ranchers coasi
their old hens to do n little extra
work during the next few days?
The ladies arc complaining that
there nrc 110 eggs with which to do
their Christmas baking. Silver
Lake Oregonian.
There arc good papers and poor
papers. Subscribe for The Bulletin
and read the good kind.
Juw-tiKAtc The Ilulletm'u elubbing
offer. It w ill pay you.
Psclllc Morse liniment U prepared
expressly lor the nteds ol honeiaen and
rsnchftieo. It Is a poutrtul aJ pene
trating llnlflicnt, a remedy tor Merges
cits. A toothtof embrocation lor !
relief ol pala, ami the best ItaJment lor
sprains and soreness, Untqualed for
curiae the rounds and Injuries ol
BARBED WIRE and (v heaNac ruts,
aWa&km, urea and-ntlvs. Pacific
llerse Jalqpit Is htfjytwaated.
Na otaar hiso food or helpful la to many
ways, tyfl falls to satMy, e Uthor Ue
aH AUn to refund the pwidaw price.
KOVt, $ptMCfl. CQ.yOffM
tMttitt waanaaaag mbc
;; -r:' .. '.i - z-
iHMlffT ' Ml jinii ii mwmn laswaii
New Furniture
CHAIRS just received at
J. I. West's Furniture Store.
Rockers, golden ash, illuminated cobbler seat 0..., $ 4.50 j
Center Tables, golden oak, polbhcd, 0 '. 3.50
Center Tables, weathered oak, mission style, only 4.50
Dining Tables, golden oak, highly polished 18.00
pining Chairs, golden maple, cane scats 1.75
Dining Chairs, golden maple, perforated scats r.50
Iron Beds, white and blue enamel, gilt trimmings.... ..... 17.00
Iron Beds, white enamel, gilt trimmings 7.00
Iron Beds, blue enamel , 4.00
Bed Springs, hard maple frame, spiral support 4.50
Bed Springs, hard maple frame, steel band support...-.;... 4.00
nnd many other styles.
A Idad of mattresses expected next week.
Central Oregon Realty Company
(Successor toCD, Brown & Co. )
Central Oregon Real Estate
Timber and Desert Lands a Specialty '
If We buy or sell your land no matter where situated. We can sup
ply you with any class oY land at any time. Call on us or write for
further particulars.
Srior And
riUdri O'KANB, Prop.
New House, New Furniture, Reasonable Rates. Good Rooms
Always Reserved for Transient Trade.
Wood For Sale.
twill deliver wood in town at
the following prices:
. 16 inches long
S&4;00 a cord.
' 16 inches long
S3.5osa cord.
Tut in your yard on short noln
I'hone to me when yon want wool It
won't cost you any thing to pUone to
The Secret of a
w Beautiful Face
lies In keeping the skin rro-Nl
tcctcuajwcllucleained. Just
uh!n(J Ii not enouglj ilut
only leaves the delicate surface
more cxpotcJ to the irritation
of duti and cwin tomtrci
lets attacks of sun and
weather. After waiWnjj, njw
ply KolertIne and exjienence
its delightful refreshment.
You Mill aJmire the line-Ins
softness U iirturtJ to face,
neck and arms. It not only
stimulates a radiant clow, but
protects the skin from becom
ing coarse. Prevents burn
infr, tan and freckles.
J4fmr DrttU firm
fit uuflm trnJTM"
lSs rsr-s. J
I H19-241MMKI Hmtvcwa
. .Ti. , 1 M
There's news la The Bulletin.
SBTINO machine:
by traytnu tMi
reliiblf , honest,
hffih tirade mw
National Sewing Machine Co.,
PACrettV AT PCL,V(0K8. KX.
Tradc Marks
Aariine MniMng a sketeii and tMoiptlon WM
altiklf MCtfrtfthi oar tipUiu,H tm wbtb.r mu
ttoiSTiIl tkllr BJeatto 'VsjoSW oulUaw
.tiit f rw tildett .ucr
Cilwu taken tLruuU Mau X I
ntiiM notltu wllhoat rfc U tM
i uvuer iw Hwnuffl'MWH.
lute Mau X IS. rH4T
ur raIMn'
kM notltf, without cktr, la tM
A Nuiaaom Ar IllMtniM WMttr.
ealmlou ut utt 4bho innd,
jmt t four tmujibi, U .oia hi H
lr. ImM lrt
mmJ. Tmhi. si t
1 H bwm t
Sibw4m. Hauf Yrwlr
V U WuklMw, u. e!
,. e
Ml Astsmstla iTHBfl
vkiAAJ. 60 YEARS'