The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 27, 1907, Image 3

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In a Condensed form for Our
Busy Readers,
' r Resume of the Less Important but
Not Lass Interesting- Event
of the Past Wosk.
Smallpox Iim broken out near I'
l-.ll, Wash.
An assay office ha been ealahllshcd
at Albany, Oregon.
Jatrua Hamilton Lewis It a candidate
(or Kovomor o( llllnolt.
Goldtlcld mlncownrr lay effort at
compiomlso cotuo too late.
Leital holiday are ovrrln California.
Iecemlcr 91 km the Inst.
Tho battleship fleet Is well oft the
Ploilda coast ami all la well on buird.
Jananete are anxlnu (or Admiral
Kram to vlitlt them wllh hla battleship
Itxprerntatlv9 Scott, ot Kanta,
would prohibit dealing in future on
The Ant train Itaa ted under the
Hudson river at New York throuKh Uio
MoAiloo tunnel.
Tlie total Iom to vcaael prop rty on
(he treat lake amounted to 1743,000
(or the season ol 1007.
The Illlnola Hmupree couit haa de
clared unconstitutional the law forhlud
ding aeculntlon In thoater ticket.
The Searchlight Hank A Truit com
iny, ol Searchlight, Nevada, haa bn
looted by tho president o( thu corpora
Friction between Cortelvtm and
Hooaevolt may irault In the realisation
ol tho former.
Michigan elccltrlc mad managers ray
they a limit operate at a profit (or Im
tlmn 2 rent a mile.
An Atlanta liner arrived at New
Virk a fowdayt ago with only seven
tlral c1at pstaeiigora.
Ororsn Hex Clarke, blind tlnee birth.
Iiaa lutt graduated from the Unlrenlty
of Chicago wrlltt an A. II. degree.
A Now York man haa had hla name
-chanircd (rout Crooko to Croohe, be
cauao hla wctheail would not accept
noli a name.
The Hiinieme court of Illlnola holda
that tho a itl-clgarctte law does not
prohibit Uie tale ol clgarettce made
from pure tobacco.
More than 100 all steel patrongor
nr flll be In moon ilia Pennsylvania
railroad between IMttaburtf and New
York ahortly alter January 1.
Tlio llnrr Oceania, which li Juit
tailed (or hurupu from New lork, car
rled 85.107 monry orders, worth $1.
11)2,422.26, which la a record enrgo.
The regulation requiring soldier to
ataml at aalute while the "Star Span
ittod llsruior" U lielng played It modi
Hod no a to penult tho turn to ttand
rrct and to taluto only at the lait nolo
jf tho muilc.
The rxar and tho douma will clash
on tho rebuildlim ol the Russian navy
Cortolyou denies Hint ho li a candl
dale for tho Republican presidential
Wireless messages from tho floet
jhow that It la making good progress In
Ita Joniney aoulh.
llntlo inoha havo defied 'tho Federal
-court's ardera and deportod nonunion
telephone linemen.
Kleotrlo power haa been cut off at
Goldflold and the mine have had to
nuipend temporarily.
Juatlco Oould hai enjoined the Amrr
lean Federation of Libor from boycot
ting tho Ruck Htovo A Range company,
Tho lUto does net aeem to Ihi making
much proirriss In tho Pcttlhono trial.
Judgo Wood will not permit Colorado
labor trouble to be brought Into tho
Johan Poulsen,of tho InrrmnP-oulaon
company, of 1'ortlnnd, told the Inter
statu Cominorco commission hla com
rauy rouhl mako money oven wllh tho
inotvnsod lumber rato on railroad.
Aon attempt was made to hold tip a
Northern Pncllflo went bound train 10
miles eiiat of Hpoknno. Ijuit ono mnu
was caught and nnothor woundod. I)y
iinmlte and other explosives woro alio
A Montana foteit ranger haa boon
killed for a doer.
French troops have repulsod an at
took ot trlbcimcn near AlnBfa, Algeria.
llio Japanoiia ambassador to Fiance
donles that hi coantry la after another
foreign loan.
Carnegie would base the Issue of pa
per money on the gold reserve Instead
of government bonds,
Husslan I'eaaanta Worililp Picture of
Han Franolnco, Deo. 17, American
tlilnk n great dial of i'rcftldent Thoo
tloin Itooaovitlt, hut It hn Ixjcii rnorv
ed for ttiu Hum I tin poananta settled In
ltiiitoni Hlborla to ruvuionco thu well
known plctuiu, wlilch ahowa tho gleam
of loeth, na that ol a rnlnt. That limy
do aw I married to bo n fact bj Alex
wilder (J. Denbigh, who arrived on the
teatner Siberia, and I now itaylng at
Uio Ht. Franol hotel.
"The KXiplo there aro of tho loweit
data of ItuMlnn tieaannla, and know
nothing about the cutalde world,"
old Denbigh. "In every houte, no
matter how oor It ma be, there la
euro to be an Ikon of tome kind, and If
It la ixxtlble for tho owner of the
place, ho alto ha a picture of a anlnt.
"Tho picture of our prraldent haa
gone over tho world, and can be found
In many queer placet. I remember
nuking one of my mm from the Ural
mountain dlttrict. who had never
heard of Ilootevelt, what picture ho
had in hla trnt. He at once told ma
that It waa one of Ht. I'cUr without
the Ix-nid and with tptca on. Curiam
to ire itxih a picture, I went to the hut
and found that It waa a chrorno of tho
preildent of the United Ktate. Tho
man anturoil mo that he had the beat of
goud fortune ilnoe he had obtained tho
picture of th 'holy aalnt.' "
What It Cotta to Conduct ArTalra of
Southern Republ e.
Mexico City, Dec 17. In oongrce
yrtterday the report of the mlnlaier of
finance waa read and the budget for tho
corning year wru made public. The
tlmateu rroelpta lor the corning year
total f I0.1,3t5 000, while tho expcndl
turei will reach $103,303,843, leaving
an ettlmated tuiplut of lfll,lB8. The
total Increaae or Ihla year a builgel la
lfl.6U5.27fl. the largeat Item In the In
crtare lelng for $1,307.6(111 for main
tenance of the department of war.
The rorenue fur the flacal year luat
ended total 1114.0113,000, the expendl
tore $IOO.SOM,133, leaving a mrpliM
(($14,077,080. The turptua of the
pmvlou year, $20,010,081, and the
falling off of the paat year, waa due to
large aurca apenl In public works 117,
208.008. Minuter Llmanleur main
Ulned that the recent orlala In tho
United filatea would make lUtlt felt In
the coming jear in Mexico, In Uiat In
vratmenli would I eurta I lot, Inter
eat rate am higher, but thl would on
ly affect mining Indmtrle. He believ
rd that In the end It wculd work for
good rather than evil.
Commltto raking; Contribution to Be
Sent to Mononga.
Fairmont, W. Va Dec. 17. The
permanent relief committee, headod by
Clownor Daweon, to provide for the
wldowa and orphan In dlttret through
the recent exploalon at the mine of
the Fairmont Coal company at Monon
gah, today prepared an appeal for fund
that I being aent to chambeia of com
mrrre and kindred organisation all
over tho country, Contrlbutlona of
clothing, toya for the orphan at Chrlrt
mat time and alinllar donation aro to
bo tent to W, II. Mooio, mayor Of Mo
uongah, and cliRlrman of Mia commit
ten, looking after tho temporary wanta
of tho victim.
Tho appeal ruiya that fully 250 wld
owa and 1,000 chl'dieu are left without
any ineaua ot tupport. .A near at can
ho determined. $60,000 from all eourva
ha been tulttcrllxxl. Tho committee
feela that a total of $200,000 will be re
quired to inrry on hn relief work. All
check thould ho rmido payable to thn
Mononvah Mine Itelief committee, J,
1", Band, irettaurer, Fairmont, W. Va.
Mich Ol btrue
Pantn lUrbaru, Cal,. Dtxj. 17 A tol-
ephono uicirago from Knnta Maria, 60
mile north ol hcie, brought the Infor
inatlon tlila afternoon that tho Union
Oil company had alruok a wonderful
guaher which thiow a vaat atrenru ol
petroloum over tho derrick and contin
ued to flow at tho rato of 7,000 hnireli
a day, At the prr-ivtit pi loo ot oil thl
mean $.1 600 n day from thl one well.
Thl I the lecoml largcit guahor over
atruok In Cnllfnrnla. The laructt waa
n 10,000-barrol woll, butlthualnco
docllnod conaldorably.
Flat Money Have tlfa
Pan Rafael, Oil , Di. 17. Brownrl
Dunbar, a iiroinliunt Inaurnnco broker
of Honolulu, while on hla way to meet
n party of friends last night, fell
throouh a cattle utinrd on tho narrow
gnugu truck of the Northweatcrn Paol
Ho rnllroaa anil caught his font to that
ho would hnvo I'Oim oruthed to death
bunoatli an nnnroachlug handcurhad ho
hnot IgnlUnl & olcnrlng houae cert Ilia to
and uaeil It lor a unngor algiml
Forty Uvea Loit
Lon dun. Deo, 17, -Tho gale along
tho Drlttah roast on Friday and Batur
day, which was described by Ouptuln
Jutnoton, ol tho steamahln Ht, Louis,
a Uio worit lu hla expcilenoe, aubold
I the Iom of some 40 Uvea.
I - lar a i r auimaia in hi i
Thursday, December 10
Waahlngton, Dec, 10, Thoaplrlt tf
rivalry tlinl for live year luis alter
nately amoldored and hlunil between
John Hharp William, of Mliila ppl,
Irrvder of tlie minority, and David A
Do Arinoud, of Mlsiourl, culminated In
n flat fight today on tlie floor of the
houae of ropretenlatlvea. The bloat
of Do Arinond earned hlocdtoilowdown
tho faco of Willlani nnd only tho fore
Iblo Intervention of frleiidacutthocotn
l)rtt abort. I) Armond b,to away a
uufled none.
Hpenker Cannon today announced Uie
committee aaiignuionla (or tho Hlxtlelh
corigir. Many change from tho laal
congrea aro rnado, but In the main thr
metnhera who had heretofore hold Im
portant olllco! wero rotalnel in them.
In tho nlgninenU Northweit mem
Ixirt havo been placed aa follow:
Orrgon Kill, on naval aflalrt, Irri
gallon and land; Hawley on agrlcul
luro and claims.
Waihlngbm Jonee, on rivers and
hnrboie; Cuahrnan, on interstate com
meico and private land claims: Humph
rey, on election, education, merchant
marine and flalierlra.
Idaho French, on Immigration, pub
lic laticla am mine.
During Ita two hours and twenty
mlnutet' ttwtlon tho houao got down to
actual work and trantactcd considerable
bualneat. All that had remained to
mako thl poealbl was the announc-
merit of the committee appointment
which waa made today by the speaker.
The several chairmen became alrrt with
regard to their right, and forced the
reference to com in It tee of several prop
osition on which Immediate action waa
deelred. Till wai pot accompliihed,
howover, without mora or lean debate,
which at tlnien grew warm.
The II rat monoy appropriated by tho
prraent congrct was awarded today.
uie ameunl waa $60,000. and It If to
he used In supply of the teed deficiency
caused by the deatroctlon by fire ot the
government teed waiehouie In this city.
Tho houto will meet sgaln on Satur
day, on which day adjournment for
Chrlatrnaa holldaya will tx taken.
Wednesday, Oectmber 18.
Washington, Deo. 18. In tho aenato
today letolutlona woro Introduced by
Tillman, aaklng tho Intorttate Com
merce commitalon to report whether
any corporation engaged in interstate
onmrnerco It tho owner of tho clock of
any other corporation carrying paaeen
gen and freight, and calling on tho In
trMtate Commerco commitalon to de
fine the Fcdoral law and the laws of
thu state In respect to control of the
liquor traffic under tho Interstate com
merco law. ,
Thcoo resolutions provoked consider
atno debato and were Anally refeired to
committee, though one ot them waa
transformed into a bill,
Culberson spoke on his resolution
calling on tho committee on flnanco to
invest Igata and report upon tho cause
of the present financial stringency and
to recommend moaurc for the proven
tloi) of a recurrence. Thu roolutlon
wa referred to the committee on 0
Thoscnato, on motion ol Allison,
atrrecd to adjourn until Saturday and
a(Ur loutlno business on Saturday to
adjourn until January 0.
Tuesday, December 17
Washington, Deo. 17. Aside from
tho appointment of committee, which
took place at the beginning of today's
rcalun of tho senate, the need of Im
provement of tho Inland waterways was
tho chief subject in that Ixxly today
Nowlaud. ol Nevadu, apoko for two
hours on hi hill providing an Inland
waterway commission and (or tho de
velopment o( inlauJ waterways of tho
Tho eonato adopted tho resolution ot
Dick, extending Uie time allowed to
militia of tho tcvtrnl atiitee, torrilorle
and tho Dlsttluct of Columbia to con
fer in to the provisions of tho act of
June lil, IW). which was necetuary in
order that the uillltla of novo'al rtates
might Uko advantage of appropriation
that ho been made,
In tho venato comuilttoa aialgnmonts
Fulton get hla old ohalrmaiirhlp of
olnlma, Is transferred from military
nftrtlre to Jmllolary and goe oft tho Ir
rigation ami publla tienltti comiiuttee. '
llournu is chairman of the tlaherlcs
rommltteo and Is a memhorof the count
doloiisoa, poetolHeoM and pool roads,
publla henllh ulltoaua and oxtwiutl
tore cf tho depnrtment of justice.
Beuutor Ankeny It ohaliman ot Irri
gutloii and l'lle of Uio oount and inau
Hawlev Preients Mamorlals.
WHshlncton, Doo. 10, Renresonta
tlvo llnwley has presentod to too houso
thu following momorltls ( the Oregon
Btuto Iglslaturot Honso Joint mo
morln No. 54, favoring legislation for
the relief of settlors on unaureyod
nndst eennto Joint resolution favoring
tho pensioning ot voterans ot tho Kan
nook war; aenato concurrent resolution
No. 20, favoring tho promotion of Col
onel Jntne Jackson to tho grade of brig
adier general on tho retired list, and
senate Joint resolution favoring an In
orease In pensions of Indian war veterans
-.,.TtllllltM -
lar survey. Otherwise both nro un
changed, llcylmiii I unchanged. Ho
rnh Is chairman of the standards and
weights committee.
Monday, Dscember 10
Washington, Doc. 10. A speech by
Senator Tillman, filled with denuncia
tion of thn president, tho seer clary of
tho trraaury, and tho department of
Juatlco, of financiers arid "captains of
iruluitry, was the chlel subject ol in
'ereat In the senate today. HI re
marka wero laued on hla resolutions
directing an Inrcatigritlon by tho com
mlttco on flnanco of the recent bond
lasnea by tho Treasury department and
ot tho laautnco ol clearing houso certio
cates throushout the country.
'tho two senators from Oklahoma
were sworn Into office today. Senator
Money presented the credential! ot
Kobert L. Owen and Senator Culberson
tlioao ot Thomas P. (lore, the blind
The terms of th two senators then
were drswn by lot. Senstor Owen se
cured the six-year term and Senator
Goro the two-year term.
Senator William 1'. Frye waa today
sworn in as president pro tern of the
Senator Culberson Introduced a reso
lution directing a congressional inveatl
gallon of tho rouse of the present finan
cial stringency and calling on tho com
mittee on finance to recommend meas
ure for tho immediate relief of the
onntry. He desired to have this reso
lution considered at once, but in Uio
absence of Senator Aldrlch chairman
of the committee on finance, It was al
lowed to go over. A number of other
bllta were Introduced. The sonata ad
journed at 3:16 p. m.
Waahlngton, Deo. 10. Representa
tlve John Sharp Williams, ot Mlult
alppl, today Introduced the old Blaine
bill to admit Into all porta ol ttie unit
ed State free of duty all product of
the American hemisphere upon which
no export duties aro Imposed whatever
and so long as such nation thsll aomlt
to it port free ot all taxes certain
United States products.
Tho houre setalon as limited to 25
minutes and little business beyond the
Introduction ot bills was transacted.
The speaker announced tho appoint
ment of the committee on apropprla
tlons. ltoth houses agreed to adjourn
on Saturday (or tho Christmas holi
days, the receas to continue until Janu
ary 0. Tlie honte then edourned until
Bills for the Northwest.
Waahlngton, Dec. 20. Congressman
Humphrey, of Washington, haa Intro
duccd a bill providing that any pawen
grr veoael engaged in trl-wrekly trade
between the United Btetca and foreign
porta alia 1 1 be exempt from entrance
and clearance fee and tennage taxes
while such servlco la maintained. Ellis,
of Oregon, Introduced a bill authorii
Ing payment to officers snd enlisted
men of the Second regiment, Oregon
Volunteer Infantry, for special servlco
In the Philippines the dlffcrenco be
tween travel nay allowed thorn on their
discharge from service nnd tho rato
provided by law at the time ot their
muster into service.
Letters Will Reach Fleet.
Waahlngton, Deo. 10. The Navy de
partment today rent a wlrclera message
to Captain J. 11. Murdock, of the bat
tleship Khodo Island, with the Atlan
tic fleet en route to Trinidad, Inform
i"g hun that hi wife, who haa been
seriously 111, Is belter, F r tho beuo-
fit of friend and relatives of the Bailors
on thu battleship, tho Navy depart
ment wishes it mado known that mall
matter dcetlnrd for the 16,000 men
afloat In thu big ships can be sent at
the regular rato for domcstla post
age. Meat la the Only Food.
Waahlnglou, Deo. 17. Tho peanut
diet, the man who upholds sauerkraut
aa the panacea of all stomachic IDs, the
exponents of herbaceoxs living ot all
kinds, receive a body blow In u bulletin
Juat ieauetl by tho United 6tateti depart
incut ot agriculture Tho bulletin was
prepared by Dr. II. B. Grtndloy, profess,
or of gen oral chemistry nt tho universi
ty of II inols, and allows that all kind
of meat nro more easily digested and
inoro completely nesimllated than any
other olnss of food.
Hear "acsark ObJ -ctlona
Washington, Deo. 17, Tho proposed
new beet Inspection regulation of tho
department of agriculture was tho sulv.
Jeot ot a hearing glvon Ly Secretary
Wilson., t dny to h oommltteo repre
senting the Amorlean lleof Packer'
association and other packers through
out thn country. Tho packers were re
quoatcd to submit thoir objections In
wr ting, with tho assurance that Uioy
would bo carefully considered.
New Northwest Postrrasteri
Washington, Deo, 20. Postmasters
appointed: Oregon Dale, Harney V.
Sliulls, vice Craig Thorn, resigned.
Washington Balkum, Mack Hlday,
vice Klass Bewmer, resigned.
Agricultural College Makes Interest
ing Expsrlm nls.
11 A. V Knlatljr, Ont'in AsrlctiUural roller
In taking n walkover tho farn at tho
Oregon Agricultural college, looking tor
Interesting nnd instructive object la
son, Ihore may be rccn north of tlie
old bsrn and Just to the south of the
path lending to tho orchard, an enclor
ure containing tome serf interesting
experiment. Thl enclosure contains
an oblong box probably ten feet long,
three feet wide and three feet deep. In
this box are installed (our galvanized
Iron tanks or not, each holding aprox
Imately 600 pennd of soil. Kach pot
is provided with a dadnage spout so
that all water leaching through Uio soil
in there pots may be collected and
measured and Analyzed.
Many farmers practice bare summer
(allow and the quoatlon often aria s as
to the go d or bad effects atialng from
thin practice.
Should tho practice of bare rammer
fallow be discouraged? It was (or the
purpose of answering thl question that
Ihcso experiment in .he galvanized
Iron pots wer started.
In 1B00 all nobs were filled with the
same toll thoroughly mixed so that
each pot w s Men. lea! with tne others.
Since that time part of the pots havo
been bare summer fallowed, whilst oth
er have been growing crop, usually of
grain. Tho teachings from each pot
daring the rainy season have been care
fully raved and analyzed with the result
that invariably the leaching from the
bare summer fallow pots carried from
two to over six time as much nitrogen
as did the leaching from the vot that
had not been bare summer fallowed.
The first few weeks of leaching In the
fall carry moat of Uie soluble nitrate
nitrogen. The amount of nitrogen
leached out of the soil in one month in
the fall was equivalent to approximate
ly 0 pounds per acre In soil not summer
fallowed and over 40 pounds per acre
where the soil liad boon thoroughly
summer fallowed.
From the plant food point of view
bare summer tallow cannot be recom
Bummer fallow aerate the soil, con
serves moisture and oxidizes the oryan-
lo matter of the soil, converting much
of tho organic nitrogen first into ammo
nia compounds and then Into nitrate
nitrogen: that is intoa form which eat
llv leaches from the soil and la lost to
the farmer, whiht organic nitrogen does
not readily leach out of Uio soli. At
time lore summer fallow may be do
slable but usually It Is to bo con
Director of Experiment Station Says
It Haa Been Overdone.
Dy II. T. French, Director Experiment Station
lluarow, Idaho.
In response to numerous inquiries
regarding out experiences with IJromua
inermlt, I take occasion to present Uie
following brief account of the results
thu far attained on theexperimtnt sta
tion farm.
Uroome grass lias been growing on
tho farm In small plats, and in pasture
field, for aix or seven years. Where
it ha been allowed tostand unmolested
it haa produced a dense sod, snd com
paratively little growth alter tho second
or third year.
Whete It has been re-seeded, or Uie
ground disturbed by harrowing, it ha
made a much belter growth. Around
Uie borders ot fields where the land 1
cultivated tho growth is rank and coarrtk
My opinion ot brooms gras it, tlu.
it hs been somewhat overestimated for
general use; but that It has a plco as a
grass to Ik used In out-of-the-wiy
places, where it can not, on account of
tho nature of the soil, form a dense tod.
Such a place would bo found on atony
land, or rocky hill sides.
It will produce one or two good crops
on farm lands, then It should bo either
plowed up and a crop ot grain taken
oft, or els given a g"od discing to pre
vent Its forming ruon a douse sod
This grass, Uko most of tho others, will
do best on rich mo at land; but at the
fa 'no tlmo will withstand severe
drought, if the sod does not become too
All kinds of stock seem to relish eith
er the graas or hay mado from it it it is
out early.
Publications on Farming.
The following publications of interest
to far met s and others havo been Issued
by the Agricultural department of the
rederal government and will be fur
nished tree, so long as they aro avail
able, except where otherwise noted,
upon application to the superintendent
of Document, Governmeut Printing
Office, Washington, D. C:
rarmers' Bulletin No. 40 Irriga
tion in Humid Climates. By F. II.
King, profersor of agricultural physics,
col le no of agriculture. University of
Wisconsin, and physicist ot the Wis
cousin agricultural experiment station.
rp. -, uga. . a feu io ui uio uei-pa-y:
nity, advantages, and methods of sup
plemental irrigation in numia regions.
Ciroular INo, 05. Irrigation From
Upper Snako River, Idaho. By H. Q.
KftsohDariier, rp. to, ugs. i.
Circular No. 87, Instigations ot
Irrigation Practice in Oregon. By A
P, Stover, Irrigation Engineer. Irriga
tion lnvestliiat Ions, office of experiment
stations, rp. 30, fins. 4.
Sixteen Dalllesiilps Start Out fw
Pacific Ocean.
Sight Is Ope That Brings Forth Ad
miration of Every bpectater.
Many Being; Foreigners.
Old Tolnt Comfort, Va., Dee. 17.
Sixteen bard hitting, steel belted Amer
ican battleships, gusa bristling asd
burly of girth, bat sparkling white Is
their Immaculate dreesinajs ot peaee,
started away yesterday under the dax
sllng sun of a doodle winter sky, em
their famous twin test expedition ot
14,090 miles along foreign aboree and
in changing clime to tfa wett eooat f
the United States. President Roose
velt, on the bridge of his cruiser-yacht,
the Mayflower, personally led the mag
nificent four-mile Hue of fighting ves
sels during first stage of tba voyage.
From the anchorage grounds in Harap
ton Roads to tho Uoreahoe bend of
Chesapeake bay hla eagle-crested Sag of
blue pointed the way to the fleet's new
home at tho Golden Gate. Then, when
tho wide reaches ot the sea were visible
through the wide-swung capes of Vir
ginia, be turned aside and, coming to
anchor again, reviewed the paaslsg
The blue of tho sky, the stretch of
green sea miles, the glistening of tpot
less hulls, the rail ot foam-crested bow
waves, the cheering of talors afloat and
friends ashore, the breeao-blowa steals
ot "Anld Lang Syne," floating acreea
the waters, the blare of trumpets, tfea
ruiile of drums, the Sash ot signals and
tba boom ot m1qIbk cannon marked
tho departure ot the fleet, presenting to
the people who watched it a spectacle
they will never forget and to the world
at large the reality ot the trimmest,
most homogeneous, most tnorosgnly
equipped, most mobile and felfrellaat
oeuiblge of first class Battleships ever
gathered in one command.
There will not be a ship is jtbe Use
old enough to have smelled powder er
to have taken the shot of Manila or
Santiago stories written scarcely 10
years ago In the history of natloes. All
we-e modern of deilgn, examples of the
Si-greesive seagoing ny which the
pretident has declared to be to esse.
tlal to the peace ot tbe coantry.
Attaches of foreign legations and em
bassies at Washington and many cor
respondents who have seen war service
on foreign Journals freely declared that
yesterday's naval display was the moss
Impressive they had ever teen. The
facility with which tbohlg vessels were
handled, tbe manner in which they
wero maneuvered Into single column
formation, and the perfect alignment
which was maintained to tbe southward
turn from thn cape called out the warm
est admiration. The thrill ot the beau
tiful marine picture waa felt until the
last Ind blown spiral of smoke was
lost on the horizon.
Tho flrat patt ot the fleet's journey
will hriLg It to Trinidad on Christmas
eve, and there, amid the heat of the
tropics, the Christmas celebrations will
he held. Hundreds of guod-byw tele
grams were (lathed to the ships by
wireless telegraph as they left the road
tead and had turned down the aoulh-
ern const.
These vessels made up the fleet which
sallrd yetterdsy under command of
Rear Admiral Robley D Evans:
Connecticut, 10,000 tons; Louisiana,
16,000 tons; Kansas, 10,000 tons; Ver
mont, 16,000 tons; Georgia. 14,948
tons; Virginia, 14,043 tons; New Jer
sey, 14,048 tons; Rhode Island, 14,943
tons; Minnesota, lo.wu tons; ihiio,
13.600 tons, Maine, 12,600 tons; Mis-.
eouri, 13,600 tons; Alabama, 11.53
tons; Illinois, 11,625 tons; Kearsarge,
11,626 tons: Kentucky, 11,626 tons;
CuUtoa, supply ship, 6,726 tons; Gla
cier, supply ship, 7,000 tons; Panther,
repair amp, 3,330 tons; Yankton,
tender, 976 tons.
All Qu t In Japan.
Toklo, Deo. 17. The announcement
of tho tailing ot tho Atlantic fleet ot
tha United States navy has not been
received by the newspapers of Toklo or
by the governmeut officials. All public
men who have been interviewed by the
Associated Piess representative accept
tho sailing of the fleet as a foregone
concuUion and It is not likely that the
actual start will cause the ellnhteet rip
ple of excitement. Everyone accepts
Uie assurances of friendship offereer by
America concedes the right ot that na
tion to send its warshlpi to the Paelsk.
Gold Movement 8106,380,000.
New York, Dee. 17. -The Guarantee
Trust company today announced the
engagement ot $800,000 In gold for im
port. Lasard Frerea have eotraged an
additional H.600,000 in gold for iss-
port, This makes the total