The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 22, 1907, Image 3

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Now Coin Will Not Dear tho Wordi
"In Odd Wo Trust," I
Witr.hli'Ktnn, Nov. Ill In connection
Willi lllU UllllHxIllll l t lid WOltls, "In
hxl Wo Trust" Irmi tlm III) ttolri
pieces, tint In Ixi minted n( tlm now
omIiim ilctilnni'd by I hi? lto AiiKoatua Ht.
(lamlnis, nniliir the Ki'iHTrtl direction nf
1'lcsldciit ttiMjtovolt, It In mi Id Unit
tliesn word still Imi Irll (id United
Mate money o( nil denominations, ho
uurilhiK to tlm dcelxii approved liy tho
It roll lil not U) Irarurd dollnlloly at
tlm Tiosaury department who was re
hmiiuIIiIii fur Hut omission of I Im word
"In (lod Wi Timt," but It Is tinier
ntixxl Hint tlm department ha had
iiolliliiu. to do with tlm change) in ruin
di-slgna incept to carry out tho ir.lera
o( tlir pirsldoiiL
Ministers I'rotest.
Washington, Nov. H. Whllo tbu
lata ul Oklahoma will not I entitled
to have Ita star placed on the national
flag "? ll,(w baa already
Imtii given ItH place on tlio national
coin. Instead of tlm milled edgo urn
ally on United Htatwi coins, tbu new
flu gold pircra Jnit Udng pot Into clr
filial Ion liavti 40 ikUihI atara. Okla
liomn lua not yet been cillclilly u'liult
ted to tho Union, but will tat on tho
alitronth ot tbla lininllli when Ilia pre
blent Issues hla pcoclainatinu. (Icneial
criticism la beam nl tlm new gold phcee
In Wahltiglon, ami word baa la-en to
velvrd that a pmtcat la on tbu way
fiom vsilous Pittsburg ministers,
Kliiit theomlislon nl tho motto. "In
lod Wo Tnnt."
Mutt Mpsy Overcharge.
Washington, Nov. 14. In a decision
of tba Interstate Commerce commission
handed down to-lay by Coinmbalonor
Olenirtile It la crdolcd that the Great
Northern Hallway company pay to the
Pennsylvania Hteel company reparation
In Ibe mm ol f ,'133, cxccaalvii and tin
lo.eoiiahlo charges In a shipment of
lel Iroui Pittsburg to r-'oat'lo. It mm
lield by tbo eiimmlaalon Ibat tbo rule"
or rrgiirntl'iii nf the dnfcndanl cant-any
whereby freight charge were ool
I.VItsI himui a higher mlnlllltiiu loading
requirement than tbo ptscllcrs of tbo
carrleta yoveineil by tbo Mailer Cnr
HiiIIiIti' association rule would ,
nit wai utiieaaonsbln ami uujuit.
Will Hatlra the Disabled.
Wnshington. Nor. 14. Hilgadler
Oenernl John M, Iavle presided over
tbo deliberations nf nu army retiring
Ixiard, wblcb met at tbo Washington
barracks today. Ileforo this loin I am
to otnno for eiainlnatlun 17 nlllrrra
above the uradn of captain, who failed
to qualify for tbo riding tent dliccted
by President Itoosovelt. Tixtay'a work
of tbo 1kuiI was brief. Tbo otlleert
ordered lxfore It are llrl to Iki exam
I mil pb)ilenlly by tho medical ollx-cra
of tbo lxtinl ni In tbelr condition, nml
tbo lludiugs aubtnltttsl to tbo board.
Many Errors Wadn
Waolilmiton, Nov. li Herlouierrora
In battlerhlp rorittructlnn coutluuo to
Iki miilu by tbo Nuvy iloprtinrnt, ro
Kurdleax nl tbo wrnlnnn nl tbo Ixwrd of
InniN-cliiin nnd aurvoy, nrcorditiK to an
editorial In tbo Novemlwr ItNiio of tbo
Nuvy. It cbarxcM (but tboro nro many
Oi'lisU In nil of tbo now bnttli'ihlpt,
nrlaliiK fmin tbo boltor-ikolter mclbodH
nf p'liniiln nml bulldliiK. Tbn nor
trnnUatinii of tbo nnvy'a iiilminlatriitlnn
ayntem Ih cominemliil na tbo only cure.
Car Shortage tiarloua.
Wiiiblniilon, Nov. 14. Aoeotdlnu to
tUuro jiulcomplloil by tbo department
of Coiiimrrre nnd ltlmr, cur nhnrlnne
In Wynmlmr, Idabo, Montann, Wmli
Innton nnd Oregon la more acrlnu than
It whh n yciir n:n. In iiibalnnco, tbf
Increnno In tbo numlHir of nil a Imndlrd
for tho yrnr of 11)07 up lo (Into U
nllvbtly moro than uliriit per cent,
whlto tbo demand for earn Incieaiod In
tbo Hamo perlotl from 10 lo -0 'riont.
Will Dooit Heatllo Fair.
Wn'ililiinton, Nov. 13. I'rentdcnt
HooiovhII twlay nHurod Bonntor Ilourno
bo would nmko fuvorablo mention of
tbo Hcattlo oxKMltlon In bin fortbcom
Iiir incuHiiKo to eoimrom, tbo HPiutor
Imvlnn inmlo hucIi n reijueot on bohnlf
of tbo exK)altlon innmiironuuit. Tbla
will nmterliilly aid tho Northwestern
iloloKntlonn In tbolr effort to cituiro nn
tlonul iiattlvlpntlon
White and Black Vaterani Don't Mix
WHHliliiKton, Nov. 13. Tboro run bo
no nlllllatlon botwrtm wblto nml non'o
orKHiiUntloiiH ot tbo United Hpnnlnh
Ainorlcan War Volomna In tbo District
of Colimililii, n word Inn to n ilcolilon
rcmhrod today by National Comimtmler
Now Washington Rural Routes.
Vnihlnnton, Nov. 10. -Wunhlnittori
rural frco dnltvory routes ordorod estab
lished Fobrunry li Almlru, I.lnn
county, routo 1, population 300, faml
Ilea 71 1 PcuiIhuo, Kltsan county, routo
2, population 272, fain I Ilea 0o.
Bana'tor Heyburn Will Urine; Matter
Uoforo Corgfuia.
WnablriKlnn, Nov. 12. Hennlor lloj
burn, of Idaho, puroicatobrliiK boforo
i-oiiKrcioi tbo liiuo of tho Ioiik nnd tbort
haul In tbo form of nn iiiiiendincnt to
tbo lutiirilnto coininorco law prnventlriK
rallMitya fiomt'barKlriK moro to linul
fruliiht Urn point li- illnUnt (ban that
to wblcb n IcmiT rnto la charged. Tho
propoaal of Kermtor lleyhurn will In
volvo pinutly tbo Inula eontnlneil In tbo
complaint of tbo Hixikauo chamber of
comniercn, and If niloptod by conKica
and auatalriel by tho Hiipremn court
would nettlo for nil tlinii tbo much
mooted ipreitlcn a to preferential rntea
for tormlnal polnla iltuntcd on thin
Henator I ley burn ln bten kIvIok ez
ponlllon nf hla vlowa lately and bai nil
nouncril hla Intention to Introdiico a
bill of tbn character outlined.
Hlnco Kpokano'i romplnlnt baa leen
filed here ami tbo !ritratato Coinmerro
coiiiiiiImIou haa given Ita ritenalvo and
oitemltd bearlriKH to tho cane, other
rltlri), noUblr throunhont tbo Houtb,
Imvo tllcvl ilinlUr ccmnUInt. ao that
tbo coinmlailon In decldlnK tbo Hikj
knne raao really will l ilecldlriK half n
co to of other rate, Tho tamo tram.
Mirtatlon principle la Imolved In thorn
It bai Inren leorntxl that, not from
Inaction, but from ibalre to giro mnt
coreful couildorallou lo tbocaie, tho
coinmliilon baa deferred for ao Innrr a
time lt Until iiillnu. It It Kpnernlly
noitnltel that tin Hpokano cno ralM
itietlon which go to tbo whole theory
of aihlimry rate a'ljutttnrnl which baa
rbariieterliiod railway rnanagemtnt fur
many year.
According lo tbo contention nf Hena
tor lleyhurn, It I urijuat to Hixikane,
lloltn, Halt Ijiko or any other Interior
rolnt to rharga It tbo rato from New
I York, for Iniianco, to I'orlUnd, Seattle,
Han Franclcd) or Ix Atgelea. plua tbo
local dlilrlhutlve rule back lo that In
jterlor olnt. Iloargnca that tho Into
Irlor olnt are inailo to niflir for tbo
uatalnmoiil of tho theory of water baal
oouiHitltlon, which be nrguoa la largrly
tliooreatlrnl, anyway.
Advln nrn coming to Wnablngton
thatrblperi nl lloUe, Halt l-ake, ( hey
enne, Unite, llelenn and other Interior
town aro preparing1 In Imrk up tho
tru-niuroof tho Mnbo aenator,
Working for Mlnlra; Bureau
Wn.hliuton. Nov. HI J. II. Itlrh
nrdi, of ltoto, Idaho, la now In Vah
Ington oiideavorlng to proouro ntpport
from cabinet momlr (or tbo iopont
made by the American Mining con
un-at. of which bo la nretldeut, for tho
'creation of n department of mine nnd
mining, J-or several yenra Una mining
orgaulintlon lmn been Instating nn tho
etahlihinent of an additional cabinet
olllco to care for mineral inu'tcrt, nnd
Itlchanli' vlilt hero la In punuanco ol
the Mlloy dirilgnntiHl by bU nrgnnlta
Hon. Ho baa re'n thoaecrotnry of tho
Interior nnd other ovtrrfiil government
ulllelitla, aii'klng to Imluco them to
como out openly In favor of tho pro
"OH. I.
Asks for Forllflcitions,
Wnihlngton, Nov. 14. Congreea will
U) aakcl to appioptlato $21! (HI0,"00 for
fortlllrnticna nt tho nppronchlng aea-
Mon, Ten millions of this amount la
Intended for Imulnr poMraalonn. Tbo
annual rermrt nf llrlgadler Ooneral Mr
Konilo, chtof nf army engineers, wna
made public today. It nuys Hint In
carrying cut projects outlined by tho
nntlonnl coast dofenao Ixxird, It la pro
pooe.1 to qwnd 4,4HK,00() In Mnnlla
iortlllratlon., )1,U0.(KK) nt Honolulu
and nt IVail harbr, Hawaii! H.K'O.l'OO
In (Ituilanarno buy Culm.
Oortelyou Pl.ased at Situation.
Wnablngton, Nov. 16. Secretary
Cnrtolyou suld today upon leaving tho
oniiinei meeting, nnniiclul mnttors litul
not been conaldrrod during tho meet
lug; that tbo outlook was atondlly Im
proving, principally In Now York! that
rollcf was lining extended quite freely
lo mo Aiidiiio wrei, principally to Nt,
Louis. This did not Indlento Hint tbo
aitimtlon In tbla locality wna oerlous,
bo said, but simply showod u gonoral
onaliig nf tho etrlngonoy.
Wruld Accopt Japan's Invitation
Washington, Nov. 10. Btuto denait
merit ollloinls favor nroeptlng tho Inv
tntlon of tho Jnpuneso govcrninont to
pnrtlclpato In nn exposition nt Toklo In
11)12. If approved by tho proaldent
tbo rittoutlon of congrcpa will bo called
to tho matter with u viow to nn appro
nrlntlon for tho purpooo. Japan nhvnya
iiaa been prompt, It In mid nt tho do
pnrtmont, to Internet horaolf In eiposl
tlous hold In tho United Htutoa,
New Washington Cirrlar.
Washington, Nov. 13, Iturnl car
rlors apioluteil for WnthlriRtou routea:
Colton, route 1, Alfrod Bltupvm, car
rier, John Gtanley, sub; ltochoater,
route 9, Allen Jaruw), oar r lor, no aub,
Will Oe frepirod to Ball On
Hcliedultd lima,
Waah'ngton, Nov. 12. Hvory detail
of I io priirtlona for tlm nailing of
tbo battleahlp Meet to tbo ruulllc oiiuii
Is now well In bam), nnd by December
111, (bo 'dato on which tbo vcsvls will
Mia out of Hampton Honda, In review
Ix-foro I'renlilenl Hixwovolt, morubera of
the cabinet and high olllclnla of tho
navy, armngomuula for tho comfort of
tho men en roulo will havit lxen at
tendil to. At all of tho navy yardi
tho work of making nclcaaary repalra li
being ptiihod and tbeso will le com
pletixl by l)icernler 1. 1'rovUlous nro
IxdriK atornl aboard tho veatols, and
tlielr coal bunkers aro being filled lo
their rapacity. Four anchors will bo
carried by each vvatel so as to bo ready
for any emergency.
Tho coat of provisioning tbo fleet la
eiHmaledat about $37o,OOU, content
plating the feeding ol n force ot 1C,000
men for UK) days. Only this week con
tracts wore awarded for bend choceo.
raur-agea arid veal.
Aihantage will Imi taken of tho two
ocean crulirs to tnako aeveral trsta with
liio ptovlalona ntxaird tbulr priwerva
Hon, packing and handling.
Incidentally to tbo visit of tho fleet
to the I'nclflo coaat tho Navy depart
ment la making arrangements to obtain
a place fur iinall arrrm firing tboro, ao
aa to glvo tho men an opportunity for
practice In that cajaclty.
Confidant of Uenefila From Taft's
Visit to Islands.
Manila, Nor. IS, A feature of tbo
vlilt of Htcretary of War Taft to Manila
vras the prcaenco of Agulnaldo at sever
al of tho functions, for the lint tirno
alnco Ida capture. Dli-cuiilng tho vlait
of Mr. Taft to Manila with a represen
tative of tho Aaaoclatcd I'rcia, ho said:
"It la my belief that tho bcneflta to
follow tho vialt, to tho pooplo of the
Philippine, will bo greater than they
can reckon at tho preeent time. I am
at nreirnt unablo to form an opinion,
nflhaiiil, of the advantage, but I am
conlldeul that It haa done good. Tbo
Inauguration of the assembly lint gone
n long way to cement the friendship of
tho l'hlllpplnca with the (xiiple of the
United Htatea. It la tha fullllliiierit of
a solemn promts, which many expect
ed would not bo fiilllllcd. The eccre
tary of war did not bring Independence
for many oplo In hla jmcket, but ho
brought the means of attaining it. Ho
told ua how we can get it. Tho Fill
piuos aro thankful for tbo information,
and plcaacd at what tho rccrvtary has
done, cKrxvlally In tbo Interests of ed
ucation and agriculture."
Money Will Oe Appropriated to Carry
On the Work.
Homo, Nov. 12. Tho proposal to
continue the work of excavation aa
Hrrculaneum has become so tiopular at
a remit of tho efforts made by Charlea
Walditcln, profo-Kor of line arta in
Kings College, Cambridge, Kngland,
that tbo Italian government la about to
tnko the matter actively in hand.
Rlgnor IUa, mlnlator of public in
struction, uoii whom tbo work actual
ly depends, has prepared n bill to bo
presented to parliament which provides
for an appropriation of 1100,000 for
the purpose of removing tho houses
forming the modern town of Iteaina,
which le located orrr Hercular.eiim and
an appropriutlun of f $3,000 for the
actual excavation work. This latter
sum does not i'ino'udo tho aalnitcs of
olllclnla. In the meanwhile u xclal
commttalnn under tho prealdeucy of
I'm ft mo r do lVtra, of tbo University of
Naplcd, has undertaken preliminary
studiea for the commencement of tbo
I'-offPHor Waldntvln Is about to bring
out n large volumo allowing what lias
been done up to tho preient ami Betting
forth what ho considers noccarary to in
sure Uio completion of the work. Ho
will maintain that if carried out ac
cording to modern methods tho excava
tion ot Herculnnoum will call for nn
oxpondlturo of $200,000.
Quake Rules Town.
Ht. l'otersburg, Nov. 12. Tho tlrst
direct renorta from the scene of the
great enrtluiuake nt Kiirtagb, ltuselan
Turkottnn, about threo weeks ugo,
reached this city from a corporal who
accompanied tho rollcf expedition rent
to Jamnrknn. Telegraphing under dato
ot November 0, tho cotporal Bays: "Tho
town ot Karatagh was complotoly de
stroyed. Tho vlotlma nurnboicd nlwut
400 In Knraliigh nnd nbout 10,000 in
tboadj dnlng dlatriot of Denauak. All
tho villages In tho vicinity woro wreck
ed. Many more may bo dead.
Lives Lost In Italy.
Homo, Nov. 12. The rain storms
and Hoods throughout Italy continue.
Knllroaii track a aro Deing oarrlod away
In several places, and reports arc Udnu
received of the destruction of houses
and tho destroying ot cattlo. Boveral
human lives have also boon lost.
Til a illih that tba fixli Min, Apolla and
In Ihtlr plmlt i1r mlsht t enrlant of;
t'hr th milk ami Hi lionrjr of plnf
To fmhlan a ill ill rnoa rfrllrlousljr (Inn.
W)in lh aji-ll of Nu.mlf la gra up4n
And IIjh hoirlln alorra iplrll reran out of
tli north,
Tl)n Ilia lirirt li mail gliil, tbo' forl;Id-
ning Ih Vj,
11 th raalaj anl Hi light or th rleti
Miinikln pl.
Dfir tlm lionor.! illih that our grandmoth
rrs mul,
r.r th rwl ann wai gon or Ih forrata
rftf laid ;
IVtun Ih a-Hind of th wirwboop ra !ir!
In Hi laud.
And Hi I'urlltD tolled with hla muiWt at
Whin luwcrlag Wintaauot nw to aaornd
Th ttlrnt amoka aUnili that ipok of lb
And Ih !r and Ih inthr, th Ijni and
Ih rot
llild rla of blood to Ita atorm-amlttra
Yon arr ilalnlr at tbn, In thoa autumn'
of old,
Willi fruit Ilk a anowrlak and rrnlr of
c aplrra of India I'lng dtp In jotir
You are Jtwl and crown of lb bouakrp
rft art.
t th anglomanlie wall. If b will,
Tba liomag, jour Juill, w'll orfr jvt
And tit Ihli toait w'll riat till w
"All ball and long llf to lb brar pump
kin pi!"
Though jour bllla, O .VoTimbr, ar bar
rn and blrak.
And walling th wlnda la our fortti
which aak.
On charm wa will thrrlab ji, kp till
w dl
Tli a prld of Nw Hngland lb good pump
kin pi.
f A Happy Thanksgiving j
Tli good propla of th church bad
Arcdtd Ibat KimKhlng mint t done, and
at oner. Th treaaurtr, a young man,
who had recently come to th Tillage, had
mad a fluinrlat alatement that Octolwr
HunUay morning, uton which ceruln tier
on a frit very much aramUliml, Huch a
thing bid nrrrr lieen don In-fore not
ci en thought of; thrn It rerealrd the fact
that the Itrr. Vrlry Norwood had re
ceived but Jo 1. 75 for alt month ot faith
ful ii-rrlee. -
"I dou't believe In bringing up aurh
matter in tha rrllgloua nerrlce of th
church," growlnl Ilrothrr Cook, who al
waya iiroteatrd that It waa a wata of
money to pay tb mlnlater ao much ail
"I quit agree with you," re-ijxinited
Mr, ilarnr. He waa not a member of
the church, hut attrndnl hrcauw It wai
a rratM-ctabl thing to do gave you atand
Ing. "If thr things mutt cwme up ev
ery Kunilay, I ahall attfud church ele
where." Notwllhatandlng thla. It wai pnrally
agrernl that It was a ahame, and wme
thing muat tie done. Hut wbrn thing had
gone In a haplvaiard way ao long It wa
no raxy nutter to face right about. Af
ter aeveral week of drllheratton, the nee
canary aimtethlng aeemed ai far from ao
coniplUhment a ever.
"It's too ImiiI they do not colWt
the ;uitor'a aalary," remarked Mr. Hun
ter at th I-adlri' Aid meeting. Who she
meant by "they" wa not entirely clear,
Inaamueh aa ah waa one of the officer.
"If no one elan will do anthing, wa
muat," rejoined Mr. Allen j the various
memliers rnxklrd approval.
It wai xoon planned. The pailor had
received J.'l.To; they would pay hlia
f:W.25 fiiaka It even llflO and have
enough left la the trraiury for Incidental
matter. On ThutKday evening of next
week, which was Thanksgiving, they
woulil Invite themielve to the parsonage
and have a good time while making the
paitor happy. It would lie easy to pre-
I par something fxtra while gettlnc ready
lor inanxxginng. n wai io i a grann
secret; uot a soul but members of the
society should know a word ot It.
At tha close of tha builncu roe-Ming
ot tha Young People' League, the presi
dent made a clo scrutiny to auure him
self that all present were members; he
then proioed that, aa "they would not
do anything," the Ieague take up tha
"I undrtaml that we have nearly
altty dollars In tha treasury; wa could
pay the paator flS-W) bring tha salary
up to $100 and have enough left to pay
all bill and begin tha new year out ot
debt. If we do this I auggest that we
observe the utmost aecrccy and make It
a complete urprlae." All readily agreed
to the ilu and pledged tha proper reti
cence In tha matter.
Four of the moat faithful met after
prayer meeting to discuss the situation,
and decided that they muat at once col
lect MS.2A, the balance ueccuary to pay
the atx month' salary due. This they
proceeded to do ao quietly that no one
aunnlseil a general canvas waa being
mad, llefore Sunday the entire amount
was secured.
Krlday, after school, tho Junior Leag
uers met and decided that Inaamueh aa
tho Kfiwn-Ui folks would not help In the
matter, they would do what they could;
ao they voted to pay over every hit there
va In the treasury. Upon counting
?:i.2.1 was found to. bo the correct
"Oh, girls 1" cried little Newman, as
he mada aoms figures In the treasurer's
book, "It will make Juat even $7.1 anil I
hopo we can get enough to make It a hun
dred." After the choir had run over the Bun
day hymns, someone proposed that they
pay the proceeds ot the last concert on
the salary. The sum ot (.10.2.1 ; after re
ferring to the margin of hla anthem book,
the choriater reported that It would make
(82 all told. On Thanksgiving morning
they would call at the parsonage and sur
prise tha pastor with a check, tor this
amount, rerliap It wonld omwht
atone for the- sin of whlaprlng daring
th rmnn.
Thanksgiving day waa a trying time for
the Norwood. 'Hi rty was skk tha
night before and kept them awake; and
when lhiy did get to real, they overalnpt.
What with rushing lo get breakfast orer
and make reidy for the service at church,
prayer were xhorleni-d and th chapter
ornltted altogether.
"Oh, Wesley, I nrn o Mredl Every
thing haa gone wrong to-day," said Mrs.
Norwood that afternoon. "The children
niver were ao naughty before. What will
people say about Itotibla Ilghllng7 Tli
fUtvr barrel empty, the potatoes are all
gone, and we bar not a thing In the
hout for breakfast, only bread and but
ter; and the grocer sent n word yester
day that we could not hav another thing
until we paid him. What shall ws do?"
After which lengthy and somewhat Inco
herent p'ecb, she laid her head on hla
shoulder and found refuge In tear.
"Nerer mind, dear; th Iord will pro
vide;" then he slowly addnl, ss If In sn
afterthought, "vrme way."
A few mlnule later Pastor Norwood
waa bowing lo th organist, who allpiJ
a check In hla hand and said properly,
"With the compliment of the choir."
Juat ss they were seated, the door Mi
rang sgain, and thla time the Junior
league marched en maw and the aston
ished minister atr-x' i-cblea with a
check In either ban Then tha older
Clnctnnntl Pot.
Ix-ague came, and presently the Ladles'
Aid, and last of all the trustees, all add
ing their offerings and crowding th small
rooms. Kach party looked stiffly askance
at the others, wondering by what trick
ery their secret had become known.
After an hour of discourse and son;,
the treasurer arose ami said :
"A few days since our paator had re
ceived but a mere pittance for many
months ot faithful labor. While be had
wrought earnestly for the church and Its
societies, so thst, for the first time In
ears, all were In a prosperous condition,
lie unaelflshly forgot hla own needs. No,
no I Ilrother Norwood, you must permit
me to finish. Then one sodetr and an
other, by some strange coincidence, con
celved the thought of giving the pastor
a pleasant Thanksgiving surprise. It Is
needless to say that we have surprised
each other qulto as well. Hut best ot all,
I find that In tha few days ot unconscious
co-operation, we have increased the
amount paid on salary to Juit fire hun
dred dollars. This shows what we can do
It we all work together, I more you as
a congregation, that we Increase our pas
tor's aalsry from six hundred to eight
hundred dollars a year."
It was carried with a rush, even Broth
er Cook assenting. Pastor Norwood arose,
and with tears of Joy trlckliug down his
cheeks, thanked them simply. Sorn said
they sang the doiology as never before;
at leaat there were two voices that rang
out with a new Inspiration ot faith.
When they were once more at home,
and the children In bed, Wesley Norwood
again took hla wife In Ida arma and open
ing hla llltile at a place much marked and
worn, they read together with the guile
less faith of children, "And It shall come
to pas that before they call, I will an
swer ; and while they are yet speaking, I
will hear."
Centuries Old.
Days of festival thanksgiving have
been celebrated for many centuries. Un
der the old Mosaic law the Hebrews held
an annual harvest festlcal under the trees
and In tenia ot palm. 1 be German Prot
estants have an annual "Harvest Home", accompanied by religious ser
vices, and thla custom waa brought to
America by the early Dutch Immigrants.
Thanksgiving for ua to-day la a time
fo. rejoicing that life has been spared to
us and that we bare escaped many dan
gers, overcome wsny trials and enjoyed
many pleasures during the last year. It
Is also a time wheq we should retaetnber
i r? ffKYiSK9MWf(u.' vftrX - ' c?-,vve-l n Sk sr
kindly thos who have ben few fortunataj
and should put forth some apeclal sffortl
to make them happier.
Sharp Knlfo ot f.rtmtrat Imporlanea
In Cnlllnar Up I'nnl.
Home are Imrn enrvera, some after pain
ful effort achieve carving and some un
fortunate few have carving thrust upon
them. In order to become skillful la
the art It Is of lb first Importance to
bare a aharp knife.
I)anle Webster, so th story goes, one)
undertook to carve ths tnrkey at an old
fashioned dinner. The knlf wai dull aa
th traditional hoe and th bird proved
refractory, giving the great man mora
trouble than on of hla celebrated cam
paign speeches. Finally, after an espe
cially desperate effort to cut throngb tba
hide of ths troublesome fowl, the knlf
slipped and the bird turned a coropleta
somersault and landed In tbe lap ot a
lady who sat next to tbe famous man.
Hut even afrer this effort Mr. Webster
nerer turned a hair.
"Madam, I'll trouble you for that tur
key," said he, snd went at ths struggle
aim In with might snd main.
Hut we are not all born with the
aplomb ot th great orator, so It Is as well
to take the precaution to have tbe knife
Th turkey should always be served on
a platter largt enough to hold tbe differ
ent Joints ss they sre carved. It should
be placrd on the table with the breast to
the left of the carver, who commence-,
operations by first getting a firm grip on
tbe fowl by sticking the carving fork dec
down through the upper part ot the breast
bone. Now, holding tbe fork securely la
the left hand, take tbe knife In tbe right
and remove the legs and th second Joint
together by tbe knife around tba
Joint next the body. Then take off tbo
wings In the same manner and disjoint
llefore carving more from the turkey
It Is well to separate the leg and cut It
into two pieces. After this the breast ot
the turkey can be carved In thin, delicate
slices -villi the knife held flat against tha
I breast bone and faced away from the
i carver. Then the point of the knife can
' b Inserted under the wishbone and It can
ur ,iiirj, prTBM-u iwrawsm ami rcmoveu.
Good carvers now turn th turkey
slightly and without removing ths carving
fork cut the shoulder blade from tba un
der side of ths carcass. Each "helping
should contain a piece ot both white and
dark meat and a generous spoonful ot
filler Jelly.
Get a quart ot cider that Is fresh, boll
It three minutes with a stick of cinna
mon, a teaspoonful of lemon Juice, and.
If necessary, a little sugar, th amount
depending on the sweetneaa of the cider.
DIsmIvo a tablrspoonful of gelatin In
cold water, and pour th hot elder over;
stir until dissolved, strain through flan
nel, and put on Ice. It ons has sweet
pickled crabapples In the preserve closet,
the Jelly looks very pretty surrounded by
a row ot these I or, seckle pears, plcktod,
may be used.
In the Illril Court.
The Judge Now, sir. What Is your
excuse for not wishing to serve o ths
The Turkey Please, ypur ttoaor, I as
opposed to capital pualahnxat.