The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 08, 1907, Image 3

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In n Cwiilonscil I'orm for
Busy Readers,
A (Ultima of tha Less Important but
Not Lata Intsrestlng- Events
of the Past Weak.
I'oihj Ixh) lii repotted to bo seriously
Tho Commercial HUtn hank, o
Oiand Island, Nob., linn ulio Km ilooii.
Finland lmn twsHed n Mil prohibiting
tho manufacture or linixirtatlou of nl
1'nrlf l I ml In are 'threatened with
famine, having experienced thu worst
niroutli slnco tHIil).
Itollablo ri'Mlt fiom Karutagh, Him-
lau Turkestan, my but II 00 iM-rson
iiuct death In the recent disaster.
iOeueral Booth, of tlio Salvation
riny, Ima arrived In Now Yoik from
iKngUml ninl wa given n great ireep.
It Ion.
JlrllMi railroad employes bnvn voted
'a general alrlkn and tlirrn seems
little likelihood of n settlement being
Tho governors of Georgia, Alabama
Snil Nnith Cnmlltin linvo united to
ico thu rUY to lHy nuw lawa
! In those slate.
lit It nn noil nerd that 21 steamer
lo Ih'oii chartmed to brliiK coal run!
dir atipnllM from Scotland for the
rAinerlran ilect which U to vlall tbe
Oklahoma bank will reopen Novcm
sr 4.
A tblnl death from nligua haa oc-
sttrd at Heat tic
.Montana bankf nro doing, btulncr
adet iiotinal condition!,
f Him tlio Nnvalo Indiana have leon
killed or raptured In Boullicrn Utah.
William I). Haywood will muitnrah-
lily lx thu Socialist cnndldato for prra
California bank aro alinot nil lg.
rihorlng tint holiday proclaims! by tlio
Tlio Groat Noilhorn mid Northern
I'aolllc railroad will not uatond con
Postmaster Qcneral to Mako Hocom
mendatlone In Report.
I'lilliuliilphlii, I'd., Oct. 20. I'ost
uuistor (lout ml von ).. Mover, lit n din
nor at tlio Union U-aguu olub hint
night, iimiln mi oddreis In wlilcli ho
in I led nttriition to looomtiiondatlona
which ho purpuao mukliiK in IiIm an
until ioxirl for tho consideration of tlio
next emigres, On tho question of por
col K)nt ho tuildi
"I ahull recommend tho sumo rate,
12 cents a pound, mid tho wimo limit
of weight lur parrel, wlmthor Intondod
for point in thli country or abroad,
which means ii reduction of four conla
n K)tind and Incn-aso In tho maximum
wolKht to eleven pound.
Taking no tho rum I parcels pot quo
lion hn aaldi
"I shall recommend a purola post
system on tho rural dollvary routed, n
Hx.'ll rato to m charged on pnikagea
for delivery from tlio distributing olllcoa
of I ho mini route, or If mulled by n
patron of any rural route for delivery
to a nation on tho same route cr at the
distributing olllco of mid loute. Tho
rato would lm live cent for the flrat
muriM anil two conta for each nddltlonal
pound, up to olevrn 'wunds, Thla
would bo n groat boon foi Hid armor."
Regarding postal ravings bnuka, tho
postmaster general soldi
"As mi ovldcuco Hint It is not llio do
alro of the government to romoto with
the private saving tank In obtaining
tlojMMilta ol tho eoplo, I ahull ndvocnto
a rato of Interest of 2 per coot per an
mini, or I or cent r-oml-annually and n
limit of IflOO, not more ttiau $260 to bo
deported lu nny rfiin year. My own
lieilcf I that far from It bolni; n detri
ment to the ratnblhihed bnuka, It would
lx In tho end an advautnKo. Now, In
order to net thla money Imck Into tho
channel of trade. I purpoeo lr -uik con
Kirra for authoilty to placa tho lavlnga
in tlio National lawika."
i1 ii ''
bank raahlor nt Charlton, I ml.,
meantKo royltiK tho bank waa
lleft a
wrecked ami committed aulclde
Tho Umlatnna leKlalatmo ha been
tllo.1 lu oilrn aeMlon to imt law a uov
ernlnn public arvleocorioitloru.
l'ho Knok Ilmud rallroadlina laid off
every eonatiuctloii crow on necount of
appnauhluK wlntui, tho olllolali My.
Two arrcaht have len in ado In Chb
aKO for iteallnu rix-oid In the cno of
John It. Wnlah, wiraker of tho Mil.
wiui kce nveiiuo bonk.
Now York bnnka nro furnlihlnu mon
vy to inoo oropi.
Tho Union Pacific ha atoppod much
ronitructlou work.
Nobrnakn olDalala havoiovoroly inub
bed tho Japimaoooniul.
. I'oitv rnlloia have been davouied by
aiiiuaia nwr lhh Horn.
Tho Clerman Itnporlnl bank hna rala
el tho dlncount rato to check gold ox.
Mirny ol tho Inrso banka In dlfforont
airt of tho country mo absorbing tho
amnller onoa.
Immnnao crop oxpoita from tho Unit.
d Htiiten will fotvo Importa of forotKii
money mid rellovo tlio atrliiKoncy.
Within the t few daya Bojrotnry
orlelynu hna depoalUxl 100,000,000
wlth'tho vniloim buoka of tho country.
I'roMldont Hmnll declare that tho tub
4'Krnph oortora strlko la over notwltlf
emnuiiiK jmn no nan ucou tloiioaea tia
Governor Btokca. of Now Jomoy, Iihh
tdKiiod it bill for n direct prlmaty und
direct election of onutors a I in I lur to tho
Orexon law.
Knnaaa Imnka ronmln opon but pay
. nil ilomundH by chock.
Thu WoHtvrn Union ha ononcd n
number of llo bninoli olllcors in Chi.
Oklnhoum linn proclaimed n public
holiday that run on bunka may Ik) pro
vontod. A HkIiI inonoy nmrkot Jms auapondod
work on tho now Dupont 1'owdor woika
nt Tacomn.
California Sclonllil Oetlavaa Ha Haa
Varlaty UurpoiilnfC Iho Tokay.
Htoekton, Cnl., Oct. SO. An entirely
now kind of grapo la Imlng devoloped at
tho Kovernuieiit oierlmrntal atatlon
near IxIl, and I'rofeaaor II. 0. Una
mnnn la of tho opinion that It will re
ult In a Krapo that will excel tho
(anion Flamo Tokay, which haa given
I.odl o much fame. Tho now variety
la aomowhat imllar to the Tokay In
texture and color, but la lmeivlou to
tho rain, la much firmer ami can bo
ahlpped loiiRer dlitance without dnin-
aKO. II arar to Imi a croa between a
lokny and Karerra nml la of an Im
proved flavor. If properly dovelopel It
la expected to become a moat protltnblo
l'rcfeior Uuimann la duo to nrrlvo
In Loll thi week and ho Intend to ret
out about 30 varieties of crepei, flvo
different klnda of each variety, for ex
porlmonlnl purpowa. Already 130 va
rletlea of Kiape aro belli;- crown at tho
atatlon, and It I bellovcd that tho
vlnejnrd will rrrelvo creat bendlta
from the extKirlmenta Iwlmr inado at
the Mntlnn. Additional nppnmlua I to
bo Inatalled nt tho plant In tho way of
thermomelora and rccoula of tempera
tures will lm mado bo ai to make coin
IMiilaona with Krapo Krowlnu- polnta in
rranco, Hln, Italy and Boulii Africa.
Naval Oiricara Expect Appropriation
for 20,000-Ton Daltleihlpa.
Wnililniitoti, Nov. 1. It la Ihoopln
iouof imvnl olllcora Kcncruly that con
Kteiuj, at tho comliiK eoaa.ou, rhould
povldo for two now l!0,000-tiri Uttlo
ahl, to bo companion ahipi to thoxo
recently iilecl under contract. Navy
men Ix-lluvo It la n kooI Idea to build
tip tho ruiyat force In unit ofouridilpo
encu, oacii amp oi ino unit to lo Idtnll
nil with tlio other three. If thla policy
could bo adopted, tho navy cculd Imj
enlarged mora ranldly than If tho plan
Hie coiiiiniiHiiy ciiatiKcU. tor Itittance,
If tho noeetiMry appropriation could
bo obtained for two ahlp of thli typo,
contract could bo let for thorn not later
than the flrat of next AtiKuat, and they
would follow nloriK Ira than a year bo
hind tboahlpa recently contracted for.
If I hero hmi Id bo any radical chango
In hlpliullilliig lH-foru tho next con
tract could bo nwarded. tho olllcora
concede that tho government would bo
jiutlllod lu mollifying Ita plaur. For
tlie tiretrnl tlieio olllcers aro rontent
with SO.OOO-tm lttleiihlp, and nro
uoi lavoiauio to tno Immeillalo con.
alrurtlon of ahlp of 22,600 or 6,000
ton, it n I en congreaa ahould eo fit to
appropriate for more than two battle
hip nt tho approaching aeailon, and
no one look for any audi abnormal op
propriauona ai win lime, ji congree
authorltc two now U-.ttleahlpa in tl o
next nnval appropriation bill it will bo
doing inoro than many friend of tho
mivy expect. There I a general feel
IriK that congiras will rather be In
cllmxl to hold down naval appropria
tion, and nuthoilxo ono rather than two
Trail In Rainier Forest
Washington, Nov. 2. Hupervlwr G.
F. Allen, of the Halnlor National for
eat, Washington, haa Juat ln-en author
Ixeil to expend 11,700 for tho construc
tion of trull, cabin and pasture In
hi foreat. Thn muney la now avail
able and tho work will lo liegun at
once. The greater part of the amount
authorised will bo used for building a
fine trail system which will Increase
tho oflcctlvonoM ol tho ranger force In
nil Hum of work. Lack of trail In the
Italnlcr forctat hna horotoforo caused tho
lorn of ronsldeiable time lo forest oil).
cer traveling between Important
Prosecution Will Follow Completion
of Tobacco Case.
Washlnitton, OcL 30. If Iho govern
ment la euccersful In Hi aoixuio of 8,
760,000 clgaroltc from tho tobacco
trat nt Norfolk, Virginia, under tho
Mhorrnan anti-trust law, ono of lis next
proceedings will bo against tho Guggen
heim smelter trunt, of which thn Fedo
ra) Mining A Hrnelllug company, ooer-
aung in waaiungton and Idaho, I a
conatlluont. Chnrle Sweeney, of Spo
kane, ono nf tho director of tho Fede
ral company, la heavily Interested In
Portland really.
When queatlonod regarding Uie gov
ornment'a action rolatlvo to other
trusts, If successful against Iho tobacco
corporation, a responsible official In
tho departments Justice replied:
"The government will not bo limited
with reference to any other trust."
"What about tho Standard Oil and
tho smolter trust?"
"The government will not bo limited
with rcforonce to any other trust," the
ofllclal reiterated.
An investigation lias been soins on
Into tho rmelter tmst for many months.
Tho government haa a mass of evi
dence. If It procctdi against tlio smel
ter trust and tho Federal company it
will solxoall interstate ran controlled
by tho Guggenholms in all their con
tituent companle.
President Set Apart November 20 as
Day of ThankSRlvlna;.
Washington, Oct. 28. Tho presi
dent' annual Triankeglvlng proclama
tion, Iwiucd Saturday, selecting Thurs
day, November 28, for tlio people to as
Minblo to piny that they may be given
atrength so to order their liven as to do
servo a continuation of tho manifold
hirelings of tho past year, triumphant
ly declare that nowhere in the world
I there such an oppoitunlty for a freo
people to develop to the fullest extent
alt powers of body, mind and character.
"During the raat year wo have been
free from famine, from pestilence, from
war," It declares. "Our natural re
source aro at least a great as thoeo of
any nation. Much lias been given tia
from on high and much will rightly be
expected of us In return. Intoour csro
the 10 latentf have been entrusted, and
we aro to bo pardoned neither if we
squander and waste them, nor yet If wo
kldo them In a napkin.
"Wo should earnestly nrar that the
spirit of righteousness may grow great
er in tho heart of all and that our souls
may be inclined oven more toward tho
virtues thst tell of gentleness, for lov
ing kindness and forebearanco one with
another, for without these qualities
neither nation nor Individual can rise
to tho level of greatness."
Want Time to Get Money On
From the East.
Action of Portland Clearing; House
Necessitated by Refusal of Eastern
Banks to Honor Balances.
Secretary Tnft has had another oloso
call In tho Philippines. This tlmo an
nutomobllo ran away with him.
Tho stoamor Finland from Now York
for Dovor. Kngland, struck near that
port and Is suppoeod to bo badly dam
Works of Extension Planned to Cost
Several Million Dollars.
Han Franclaco, Oct. 20. lteptesont
ntlvo Joseph It. Knowland vlsltod Maio
Island navy yard today and had nn ox
tended conference with Commandant
Phelps mid Civil Knglneer Itockwoll.
Plans and eatlmatoi wcio given Know
land for tho Improvements desired at
Mnro Island, which call for tho extend
lluro of sovoral million dollar to mako
thi atatlon tho llnest naval establish
iiiriit In tho world. Tho spur dlki,
which were designed by II, II. llosneau,
now of tho Panama Cmml commission,
mid havo proved such a sueciwa In deep
onlng tho channel to tho yard, will bo
greatly extended at a cost of savoial
hundred thousand dollar. Tho stono
quay wall, to which veaaola under re
pair aro tied, will also bo extended
about a mllo southward toward the
magasluo. At proeout tho quay wall I
so crowded that many of tho shlpu
havo to llo lu mldstieam or nt a point
below tlio llghthouso.
Prison Official Killed.
Bt, rotoraburg, Oct. 20. Gonernl
Muxlmoffaky, dliector of tho dvpiut
mont of prisons of tlio ministry of the
Interior, was shot and killed today,
Tho general was tho first rcuponslblo
olllolnl oonnoctod with tlio Itusaian
prison. , A youni woman who haa not
boon Identified, presented horeelf at
tho weekly reception of General Mux
Itnofftiky and lomiilnod nulotly in tho
crowded anteroom until It was her turn
to entor tho goiicmPd prlvato ofllro.
When oho was lu his mosonco tho
woman flrod sovon shot.
Conditions Scsro Officsrs.
Washington, Oct. 31. Bo serious aro
conditions In the nrmy that as soon a
congrees convene It will be aaked to
correct wrong that menace the entire
organisation. Tho facta wero admitted
today at tho Wur department. Deser
tion aro on tho Increase; tho standard
of recruits far too low: pay Is too
small; there Is too much promotion by
favoritism; enthusiasm Is lacking: fear
w tropica I service Is general and tho
alieenro of the canteen has led todiunk
cntitf and disgrace. Theio state
ments are made In olllcers' reports.
Railroads Aid Favorites.
Washington. Nov. 2. In a com.
plaint 11 Its I befoio tho Intorstato Com
incrco commission 223 railroads und
transportation companies aro mado de
fendant by tho wholesale drygoods
dealers of Wichita. Tho complalnU
allege discrimination against Wichita
in favor of Topoka and Kansas City In
shipments from tho Atlantic seaboard.
Pensioners In the Northwest.
Washington, Oct. 30. Tho annual
reirait of the commissioner of nonslnn
shows that on Juno 30. 1007. there
wero i,tva pensioner lu Uregnn draw
ing annual pensions nggregnt nu tl.
i.. . ... . -.. - -
u.j. inn. in wnsiiingicn inoro wore
10,303 pensioners, drawing $1,352,034;
In Idaho, 2,205, drawing 2112,300, and
in Aiusaa oo, drawing iu.uuii.
Oklahoma a a Stato.
Waahlng'oii, Oct. 31. President
Koosevolt will proclaim Oklahoma a
state on Batuiday, November 10. Tho
prestdent mado this announcement to
day to Governor Fronts, who brought
to Washington a certified copy of tho
new constitution.
Civil War Pensioners Decrease
Idly Durlnp; 1007.
Washington, Oct. 20, Tho decrease
of 18,000 in tho number of pensioners
on tho roll at tho end of tho fiscal year
1007, as compared with the year previ
ous, 1 the feature of the annual report
of Pension Commissioner Warner just
Issued. This Is tho greatest doorcase
In the history of tho pension buiean.
Tho total number of pensioners June
iiu, iimj, was vui,37l, and the total
valuo ol tlio pension roll at thst date
was MO,850,880. Tills Is greater by
14,013,131 than the valuo of the roll
for tlio year previous and Is accounted
for by tho higher rates of pension pro
vided tor by the act ol February, 1007,
under which act thero hod been enroll
ed Juno 30 o( tho preeont year 116,239
Tho total number of pensioners on
tho roll on account of tho war with
Spain waa 24,077.
Increase Railway Rates.
Moxloo Olty, Oot. 20. It was nu
thorlUitivoly statod today that a gene
ral lnomuo In the railway rates ol tho
country would so into effect) In the
near future.
Oregon Railway Mall-Clerks,
Washington, Oot. 31. Molton Vor
non, of Portland; Italph W. Knott, of
Albany; J, 0. Coonor. Thomas E.
Thompson, A, It. Lota nnd F. K. Bco
vl llo, ot Portland, aro appointed mil
way mall clorks.
Government Buys Silver.
Washington, Nov. 1. Tho Treasury
department today purchased 200,000
ouucoa of sllvei nt (10.041 cents per fine
ounoo, 100,000 ounces to bo dollvcrod
at Now Orleans nnd 100,000 euncoa in
8an Francisco.
Army Activity In Philippine.
Washington, Oct. 20. There are
strong Burfaro Indications that Import
ant military developments aro looked
or in ins I'liiiippino Islands In the
near future. Chief among the things
pointing to uint conclusion Is the fact
that .Major (ieneial Leonard Wood.
commanding that military division, and
llrlgadlcr General Taskerll. Bliss, com
manding the department of Mindanao,
havo arked for further service In the
archipelago. Geneial Wood will start
for the United States next month by
way of Kurope to take command of the
department of tho east at New York.
Alter a brief stay It. the United States,
General Wood plans to return to tho
Islands and loeumo command. Gene
ral HIIm also has asked that ho be con
tinued In command of the Philippines
for another two years, following his
present term of scivlco In the Islands.
Utas Qrowlng Restive.
Washington, Oct. 31. Tho tribe of
Uto Indians which more than a year
ago wandered awny irom Ita reservation
on In Utah and threatened trouble In
Colorado and Wyoming bv threatening
to toko tno warpath and raid ranches,
is leportod to havo again broken out on
tho Cheyonno Illvor reservation, in
South Dakota, whero the trlbo was
given temporary quarters. At tho re
quest of the secretary of tho Interior,
tho War department today ordered
troops from Fort Meado to the scene of
tho troublo.
All Plans Complete for Fleet to Sail
for Pacific Docembsr 10.
Washington, Oct. 28. Secretary
Metcalf today announced that It was
definitely settled that the Atlantic fleet
will leave Hampton Itoadson December
10 for Its cruise to the Paclfio coast.
This onnounccmentfollowed a confer
ence held at the White Houso, to
which tho president summoned Secre
tary Metcalf, Rear Admiral Evans, who
will command the fleet on Its cruise to
tho Pacific, and Rear Admiral Brown-
son, chief of the bureau of navigation
of the Navy dcpaitment The confer
once waa called to continue more in de
tail the cabinet meeting discussion of
naval affairs. The discussion related
particularly to details of the Atlantic
fleet's cruise to the Pacific.
It Is understood that matterswere In
such shape that the president won thor
oughly Informed on all important items
In tho Itinerary. Admiral Evans, who
baa been confined to his apaitmcnte on
account ot an indisposition, looked and
declared himself to be much improved
in health. The bureau of insular
affairs today received a cablegam from
Governor General Smith, of tho Philip
pines, asking that tho Atlantic fleet be
permitted to visit Manila during the
week beginning February 10, In order
to attond to pie-Lenten festivities.
The fact that the fleet will not have
arrived in Pacific water by that time
preclude this.
31 r. Metcalf statod thst the Question
of allowing newspaper correspondents
to accompany tbe fleot was discussed
and the conclusion reached not to allow
newspaper men aboard, but that officers
of Uie fleet would bo designated to send
such news as might bo thought desir
able to make public.
Now Rural Crrrlers Named.
Washington, Oot. 31. W. E.1 Child
has boon appointed regular, Sherman
Lyon substitute rural cantor, routo 2.
nt Barton, Oregon.
Rural Carrier at Sunset,
Washington, Nov. 2. David M, Mo
Canco haa been appointed regular, and
DnnriM Xfllla llliattll.ln Wi.vnl ......I....
touto 1, at Sunset, Wash,
Roosevelt 40 Years Old
Washington, Oct. 31. Sunday was
President Rooeevolt'e 40th birthday.
No celebration marked tho event. He
did not depart from his customsry Sun
day program of worship, work and rec
reation. Tho day was spent at tho
Whlto House llresldo In a quiet family
rejoining. Congratulations In lartro
n inn bora by mall, telegraph and tclo
phono wero received at tho Whlto
House during the day.
Mora Government Forest.
Washington, Oat. 31. Tho presl
dont has ordered tho withdrawal ot 34,:
005 aoros of land In Trinity, Shasta and
Glenn counties, California, along tho
eastern border of tho Trinity national
forest, and it is proposed to add this
noroago to tlio forest.
Special Land-Grant Lawyer.
Washington, Oct. 30, It Is an
nounced that Traoy O. Becker, an at
torney of Buffalo, will be appointed
special assistant attorney general to
rovlew the Southern Paclfio land trrant
cases in California and Oregon,
Two Roads In Missouri Make Money
Under New Law.
Kansas City, Mo.. Oct. 28. Having
found tho two-cent fare profitable two
of tho railroads operating in Missouri
havo decided to give the now law an
other month's trial.
Herbert 8. Hadley. attorney general
of Missouri, said this morning that he
had Information from a reliable eourco
that two of tho railroads operating in
Missouri had found the 2-cent fare to
be proflttable.
"The auditors of two of the railroads
say the 2-cent rato has proved profit
able, while others take a different view
ot It," said Mr. Hadley.
"The fact that the railroads can't
ngroo on tho proposition caused them
to decide to give It another month's
trial before going into court again. I
shall not take any further steps In the
niattor unless tho railroad make a
move. I shall be satisfied if they do
olde to continue the 2-ceut rate indefi
nitely.'' Brain Worth Six Millions.
Now York, Oct. 28. It was learned
today that Morris Rosenthal, tho
Standard Oil's $1,000 a day lawror. Is
originator of tho unique defense to b-j
mado by tho 100,000,000 corporation
In tlio government suit to dissolve it.
It was bis concoption ot the defense
that caused tho 6tandard to employ
him nt the unprecedented ealarv which
began last spring. Estimating Rosen
thal's salary to represent a return ot 0
porcent in property value, his friends
here figure that tho actual market valuo
of tils brain exceeds $0,000,000.
Considers Suez Route.
Rome, Oct. 28. The United State
coniuls at Naples, Palermo and Messi
na hr.vo recelyed Instructions from
Washington to ascertain what amount
ot coal and provisions the three oltlea
can supply on short notice. The In
quiry Is bo I loved here to Imply that Uie
United States Navy department contem
plates seadlng part ot tbe Atlantic bat
tleship squadron to the Pacific by way
ot the Sue eanal.
Salem, Or., OcL 29. By order of a
proclamation issued late last nhrht br
Governor Chamberlain, Oregon banks
will enjoy fivn btulncM holidays, In
which Interim it Is expected that thn
situation In the East will becomo mora
clarified and the cc. t banks will be
enabled to secure the cash balances das
tnem irnm New York.
This action was taken at the instance
of the Portland clearing bouse commit
tee, which met last evening to talk over '
Uie situation with Governor Chamber
lain. The bankers arrived in tbe city
by special car.
Briefly statod, tho situation as de
scribed to the governor is that Oregon
bank have heavy deposits of cash in
the East and tho Eastern banks refuse
upon any conditions to send money
West in payment of demands. There
has been no run or indication of a ma
by depositors upon Portland banks.
Bel loving that In one week they can
effect a satisfactory arrangement with
county banks and also arrange tor the
enipment ol money due tbem Irom the
East, the banks asked that the remain
der ot this week be mad? a legal holi
day. November 2, tbe last day men
tioned In Uio proclamation. Is Satur
day. Monday will therefore be the
next banking day.
It is understood that the Pnrtlnn.!
bankers sent telegrams to all banks In
tbe state notifying them of tho fMa.
ance ot the proclamation. The purpose
Is to prevent calls for money from
country bank, induce them to cloeo for
tbe week and bring tbem together In an
arrangement that will satisfy demand)
beiore next Monday. That Portland
banks aro solvent and in fact werefnev
er in better condition than they aro
today, was asseited by the bankers who
waited upon the governor.
Governor Chamberlain at first doubt
ed the wisdom of tho action requested
by tho Portland bankers, but when the
situation regatding the locking up of
funds In the East was explained and
the necessity ol checking anr stringen
cy which might arise as a result ot thla
in tho West. Mr. Chamberlain readilr
Witness In Ford Trial Testifies That
Bribe Money Is Entered.
San Francisco, Oct. 20. Such rapid
progress was made yesterday by tho
proeecutlon In the Fod bribery trial
that It the defense, adopting its proced
ure in the former trial, declines to put
in any evidence, tho case should be In
the hands of the Jury within tbe week.
Twolve witnesses wore examined, alt
but tho last ono of whom wore conclud
ed with. George WJIcutt, secretary
and controller of tho United Railroads,
testified to Uie unconcealed surprise
and manifest distrust of the prosecu
tion that tho books ot the street car
corporation do carry as entries tho
1200,000 with which Ford and Ruef are
alleged to have bribed the supervisor
to pass the trolley franchise. The wit
ness waa directed to produce tho oorpor-.
atlon's Journal and ledger.
Ends Land Grant Inquiry.
Portlnd, Oct. 20. B. D. Townsond,
Special United States Attorney for Ore
gon, will complete his Investigation ot
the Oregon A California (Southern Pa
cific) railroad grant In this state In a
few day, when he will submit hla re
port to United States Attorney General
Bonaparte. Mr. Townsend will noh
discuss the result ot his investigation,
which nas covered several month and
haa Included a careful research of all
the records and documents pertaining
to the grant and Ita terms.
Georgia Negro Lynched.
Macon, Ga., Oct. 20. Passengers en
the Central Georgia train coming from
iiyrou, ua., brought an account of tha
lynching of a negro named John Wllkea
at that place last night. The negro
robbed two small boys ol 75 centsj.
When Marshal Johnson made an effort)
to arrest him the negro attempted to
shoot the officer. Quick work prevent
ed thla. At a late hour uuknown per
sons draggod tho prisoner from the jail
and after carrying him a short distance
the body waa riddled with bullete. lb
waa then buinod upon a log fire.
Buys Bar Gold In London.
London. Oot. 20. The United States
secured all the bar gold offered today
In tbe market, totaling nearly $5,000,
000. Tho prioo paid was 19.50. This
is 3 cents higher than previous, quo
tatlons, indicating the keetmeM ot the
competition. Both Paris aad' London
bid against the United States.