The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 01, 1907, Image 5

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S"9 t&
And continuing until the entire stock is disposed of.
Everything in stock will be sold at wholesale prices;
local hits.
Iltliry Hedge has bought tli
tlyle Tnplttt house In I.ytlo. ,
Mm JoUu Kynp relumed Wednes
day afternoon front mi extended vis
it Ibc Kast.
'A (tendl mill fulir given free
tli every ice tablet m tlt Cor-
OIniK Store.
Hound A intn'a watch. Owner
mlmvcMHM by urffrlnx jnojwtty.
Rj cm Henry Matter. '
November magazine are arriving
ilie new ataHit regularly. A Awe
uncomplete nMoituiCHt.
Mi, dcoritc Jiroslvrhoiu i c-
fflig: a visit from licr sUter. Miss
rautuer, of Winona, Minn.
Wi S-lb girl was bom ;a Mr. and
R. Ke4l Tuesday evening.
other and child are doing will.
mt. A. II Oram anil ion Hasan
turned Monday from a visit of
reral b at the okl Itoiue in
Walter Deukl returned (o Ills
ubmetcnd near llctiit Wednesday
ter spending tint an miner near
Iluod River.
Krank ITcniley was hauling grain
liny to ttic Aunc barm week
torn hit farm near Redmond. He
got t6 er ton for oat ,lwy.
I'all minii have begun In.thl sec
00111(1111 one or two welcome ahowttrs
have Killed the dual and jMt tlie
road in witch bettiT condition.
The AM Society of the M. U.
chtircU will hotd a business tucetinic
at Mrs. S
C. Caldwell's
nftornoon a t
Mr. and Mrs. J. II
Onell left Demi
this-wcek and will spend the winter
at Snwtell, n suburb of Santa Mou
lcu,Cnlif. 'i'liey will rutnrn to Ileud
next spring,
C. I,. I.owther wax tip from lite
Crooked rivur farm yesterday with n
load of pumpkins. He was ped
dling them around town ut a
cents a pound. Ileud people will
now, feast on those delicious old
fashioned pumpkin pies.
Foot Warmers
Just the thing for a
Hobos, Whips Haras
flvcrytliliig'ln l.unlhtfr (loods at
In reason.
ftcpnlrinir Neatly and Promptly
Su MuUiji liutMliiji on Urccui bitrrct.
Horse' Slioeiiig mid
General Biacksmiihiii
i t.'r
JLrat'Cft' K'p dimrnillced.
l .
i .
' Hn ' ill thB "l'l KUoKloil skppi ,
- n - i
wrgwwjn mm
Mrs. Tiirlcy returned to Jleml
Monday from an uxtemlod visit in
Step in a nil examine the new line
of cutlery just gotten in by the
Corner Drug Store.
Sweet pntatoesaud cranberry sauce
for your Sunday dinner. Von can
g"et them at the new stand.
Mrs.. 0. Johtiiton, ofColutn
InK O. . arrived in Item! Wednesday
evening" to took after business in.
terests In thU section.
Von should see those handfomc
imported Japanese awl imported
glnta urns and vases at the Corner
Drug 4or. They are the hand
sotncsl ever shown in Ileud.
I'ather Hkky write 1 1 M. J. Mor
rlsou that he will return from' the
east nml will be in Portland On Nov.
.,, ami that he will make n visit to
llsnil Ha soon as possible thereafter.
The youngsters of the town were
wry tame in their dettredation last
night and Hallowe'en pautcd off
very quietly. There was practically
no property damaged. ll:nd boys
are pretty well behaved anyway.
' J esse Stearns and K. A. llaldwin
arc extweted in Ik nil tonight ac
companied by Mrs. Wynne of West
Virginia. Mt.s. Wynne is a friend of
Mm. VIrgina Kendall, who U now
in Demi, and amies with the expec
tation of investing it property here.
About 5 filing were inade before
Commissioner Hills last Monday,
the day when the timber lands in
thii section were thrown open to
filing. While some of the filings
were for lands in the I.akcvicw dis
trict, most of them were for tracts
in The IJaltes district.
l)r Coe reports the following
births during the pant week: An X t
lb. Idylmrti to Mr. and Mrs. L. C.
Tillery last Wcilnnlay; a i)-lb.i;irl
born to Mr. and Mrs. !. K. Tliomp
son Saturday; and a 10 lb. boy
born to Mr. ami Mr. Geo Cyrus,
living near Sisters, lust Kritluy.
Mm. P. F. Smith tenderoil n
Hnllow-o'eu party to her two young
soui, Lawrence am! Wilmku, last
'evening to which a number of their
boy and girl (rieuds were invited.
A jolty good time was had by the
young .puopht witli t;mnus and
nnmeomentfi suitable to the occasion.
Ms J. Kelly has bought the Henry
Hedge! homestead lying east of
LlWtul, the consideration being
,$t8oo. Mr. Kelly will make his
home there and develop the place.
Mr. and Mrs; Hedgeti will spend
several months at llnrlow, Oregon,
hut exited (o be back in Ileud dur-
Hiik the late winter or spring.
. KcMer & Myers of Towell Unites
ureiu the vicinity of Redmond with
their threshing machine' and
threshed for iiheruiitu Hros. The
largest yield yet thteshed bv this
muchiuu was 67 bushels of oats to
the acre from a field .grown (by 15.
II. I.ockycur. Other fields have
yielded as high as .15 and 50 bushels
to the acre.
"VS V. Hoge audrsister, Mrs. Vir-
fiiuali. KcudQlJitil iWJieeungi w.
Ve;, nrc visiup nt;thb J. ;K,' Saw-
bill home this week. Mral Kqudall
f . .. . . - - - . J . '
is dtttigntcr-iu-law of Mrs, Anita
K'ctvlall, vho vlajtecl Ueud several
1 fik
Bend, Oregon
weeks ago and who was so highly
plonked with this section tiiat she
will probably take up her residence
tit Hetid in the not distant future.
The junior Mrs. Kendall will also
locate here.
The Pioneer Telegraph & Tele
phone Comjwny has made quite an
improvement in ita local office by
installing a machine Hint is known
as the "pole changer." Heretofore
when central derlred to ring up any
number it was ncceswry to give a
crank several turns to generate the
current. This is all done away
with by the new machine. All that
is now required is to make the nee
aasary connections, pu'l the cam lev
er, and the jK!e changer dous the
rest. The new machine is a great
labor saver.
Dan Mc&rly? living near Red
mond, was badly smashed up in a
runaway last Saturday. He was
thrown against n tree and his left
collarbone broken, the left shoulder
badly wrenched, and his lirad and
the side of his face sevcrly cut nnd
bruised. He was unconscious for
some time and it is not known
what started the horses. Dr.
Tttrlcy was called to dress his
wounds and says that Mr. McCarty
will be around in due time, al
though he will be a pretty lame man
for 11 week or two,
Should Drill Deep Wells.
M. U. Parker and . Hoyt of Ft.
Klamath arrived in Silver Lake last
Thursday. Mr. Parker is a real cs
tatc dealer and while here bought
Jack Partiu's river ranch, paying
for it $0,000, Mr. Hoyt bought
several head of good horses of local
stockmen, to take to the fort, on
speculation. Mr. Parker is an old
newspaper man of Mcdford, and
mucc he came here to Kastcru Ore
gon to live he naturally takes a
great interest in the development of
this part of the state. In his
You May Have Them
A( Cost...
We find ourselves crowded
lor room and overstocked
with a line of goods that for
the next 30 days we are going to
offer nt cost. Come ami make your
selections early and gut the pick of
the lot. Those goods Include:
l' Pate I'nuder OA
Per Ikjv how only JLUC
Sjtlro Pnt INnultr
Pur Ikiv how only
KUitiatt Pace lVwtr
Per l. nuw only v , . .
MrtMtttal fl.iii1.v!f.M f nflb.1.
, I'oiinurly fdoo; now r lxittl..70c
fplorltlu Water--
Ptirmorly.sorj now ner bottle. . . ,'IUC
Plorltla Wafar-,-jjc
kite now 15C
Mine du I'ray's Tooth lotion
I'oriitvrly 30c, now only 50C
l'lyslnn Almon.1 Cream -
l'oiinvrly 50c; now only ook,
Cri-wm of Citulicil Rote
I'oruierly 50c; now 00C
Woodlnrk'HnndoUiiliiltic Ilkir n
'Tonic, formerly fi.oo;tiiow...,,.7l)C
CliaiiiU'rliiin's Hnlr Oil- .
1'oTincrly soc pur ItottK') now ,,..IOC
Toilet Glyccriiiq
I'ortnetly 50c; now only 35C
. ', -.- . ?
. Seo our window display
finig Store..;
Opinion artesian wells are destined to
' play n big iiwrt In the reclamation
of I, ike and KIhiiihUi rottnty Inntls. ,
rfitd he Ik-Iicvm the people of this
fection sltoiild lieein at once to Intrc
nuch wells. He reports that there 1
tire now 1 1 artesian wrlls in the Ft .
Klamath country, includiiiK Wood
riwr valley, and that the farmer
there find thetu worth ten time
their cost. Silver Lake Oregouiau
lumato Items.
'nikAU), Oet. jo The rains ef the
past week have been fine.
Mr. batttell f Orcxoti City ttoptwd '"
TuiWib) last wight on his way M Iike
vicvr. CtHirtney's baihir has been hailhig hay 1
in tlii viefNity the last few days, j
Wittier Ik Jensen have water in their
Iticlt ngoiu afur bavins; ituatfortwo
HCJ. doiug neccMary work.
Dr. Coe naaatit through Iters today
going to see Mr. GUI' mmi, mIki ( still
low with typhoid fever.
The GiiMott Ditch Co. are at wk 011
the liead o( their ditch am! wiH greatty
increaae the capacity of tlwHr dlteh next
Several timber croiMr patsttl throtigli
her last week going to the Sitter
G. W. Wiiner ts. Son Imv jtt tin
Ithed plowing 45 acre of ground which
they IH aow in Pubriinry.
Iltty a Farm.
The following quotation from an
agricultural tmpcr is going the
rounds of the mess: "liuy a farm.
young man. No matter how small '
it may be' buy a farm and prcparr
it so that your laud will provide
you a living. Twenty years from now
the man who owns his farm will be
independent and will have nt com
mand the means of .1 livelihood
The expansion of manufacturer
cannot go on forever and there will
come a day in this country, as there
has in others, when the supply will
exceed the demand, and the only
absolutely sure occupation will be
fanning. Uuy a farm while one may
Atnny Will Conic To Oregon.
Ilusincas men returning from the
Hast arc unanimous in their predict
ing an enormous immigration to
Oregon during the coming year.
People residing in the great cities
of New York, Chicago, Ilrooklyn,
Philadelphia, Hostoti, Pittsburg,
Cincinnati, and other population
centers never expressed so much
anxiety to hear about this country as
at the present and the same idea is
reflected through the correspond
ence of the Portland Commercial
Club, much of which is originating
in the cities uamud above.
A Small Hoys Opinion.
A small Kansas boy was once
called in to view his new born baby
brother. He looked it over with
dissatisfaction nnd finally asked:
"Mamma, where did this thing
comtf from?" "An angel brought it,
Jimtnie." "Wuz you awake when
he came?" "Certainly, Jimtuic."
"Well, then, mamma, all that I
have got to say is, that you are dead
easy. I'd like to sec nny old nngcl
put such n. looking thing on me.
Hut reckon we arc stuck unless I
kin work Johnny Green to trade it
sight-unseen for one of his spotted
pups." Kx.
I'br Sale,
Hardy, acclimated and well root-
rod plants.
Blackberries L,awton, Merser
enu, and Kalhburn.
Currants Red Dutch, aud White
I.ogatt Ikrries.
Raspberries Cumberland (black
cap), Cuthbert (.ted), -and Golden
Queen (yellow).
Strawberries Clark's Seedling,
the famous Hood River. 3ttf
Par prices, etc. address,
I,. D. Wikst, Ileud, Oregon.
Poundmnstcr's Notice.
The undesigned, the iomulmastcr of
the City of fiend, has in his iHisNosimi
one red heifer, yearlitijf. crop on left car
nml rwallow tuik on nuM ear. Notice
i IitK'by kIvciI to the owner of said
heifer Hint if hnniu Is not claimed and
the 'liarKes paid therein, it will be soM
ftccorduiK to the ordinance iu such c.i c
uiailc mill provided.
Dated t,hU Utday of November, 1907
J II. PU.KV, rouiultiuutcr ',
Notice of Poundmaster.'a Sale.
Notice U hereby given that,4on Satur
day, lite 9U1 day of November. 1907, at '
10 o'clock, a. 111. I, will sell at public out
cry tu the ltlulieav bidder for cash in
front of the nostoQicc in the Qitv of llcnuM
uni- f vxiVUrier ",l" crop on iit,
ear tyutwvidlovfotk on right cur. SaiJ)
heifer tvfis taken up by me pursuant t
ordinance, mid will be sod to me.' t
chargiii'aiul cxpeines' thereby p'rovldei?.
J. H. Iir.v.
Pouiidtuiater for the City ol Html. Or, ,
Special Sate of Hardware
and Stoves
For the next 30 day A we will close out our entire stock of
htrdware and stoves at prices to suit yoa, as we do not wish to
carry this line in connection with our furniture department
Come in and look over t)t Mock. lJelow we quote a few prices.
Water pails, former twice 40 to 7$c, talc price 30c to fOc
Tea kettles, nlckle, former price Ji. 75 to$a; now SI.25 to 51.50
Tea kettles, ttranite. fm'r n're Si. jo to $3.s6: now SI to $1.50
Wash boards, former price Go to 90c; sale price - 50c to 75c
Coal oil cans, former price 35c; sale price 25c
Hotter moulds, former price 35c; sale price . - c
STOVIiS. former price $15 50 to $30- wle price 3O.50 to 526
A new line of furnfjure expected next week. Watch next week's
ad. for prises.
f J. I. WEST,
Some of the Things
Central Oregon Realty Company i
(Succcttor to C. D. Brown & Co. )
Central Oregon Real Estate
Timber and Desert
' Wc buy or sell your land no matter where sitamtcd. We can sup
ply you with any class of land at any time. Call on as or write for
further particulars. '
Par mm
Shop and
IUtiis in
New House, New Furniture, Rcasouablc Rates. Good Rooms
Always Reserved for Transient Trade.
Sears & Roebuck are very good
people, but they arc uot going to
give you a dollar a bushel for your
wheat, nor a cents a pouud for
your potatoes, nor 50 cents a dozen
for your eggs, nor a cent for any
thing you've got. Better spend
your money where you make It. A
wonderful amount of merchandise
is ordered by people in this vicinity
from mail order houses. These
people refuse to support their home
merchants. What a roar they
would make if the merchants re
fused to buy their potatoes, eggs
and other produce.
Are von n uhrrJUr
fOht ItM l4fO24lAMIKIt(K DlkVfA COLA
1 Kin mr
We Have in Stock
Canned Goods
11 Teas & Coffees
I Tobaccos
...S. C. Caldwell's
Lands a Specialty 1
Bono and
J Underwood
Typewriter j
For Speed
Safety, Surety
A Solid Roadbed Is essential
Visibility and Speed
tho Underwood (tabulator)
Typewriter are supported
by perfectly balanced con
struction. .
J '
" t
Underwood Typewriter
l?o, 68 Sixth St., Port!a.hV6ro
' ' ' 1 li ai.ii