The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 23, 1907, Image 8

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t fn, fcfuivb ifc-WnKli J
TWW r"-
SH0liI3KaffCL '
He it Ordained by the Common Couh
i ' of the City of Bend.
htc. I. No horses, mules, cattle,
-'Rep. swine, goat, chickens, geese,
iK-kk, or any domestic animals or fowls
'u!l be allowed to run at Urge or to be
1 erded in any of the streets, alky,
varks. or public place in the City of
liend, exrept when the wme are beinj(
driven through tt-? ttreets.
Sec. 3. Any sur- ' animal or fowls
found runninK at ' ,e within the limits
of this city may :ken up by the
Kundmatcr, v .eutjon the pound
inaiter shall gu nee to the person
uwnitiK such n .ds or fowls, or to hu
legal represent, , and sliall deliver
the same to the aloresaid owner or legal
representative only up-jti payment of one
f.l.00) dollar per bead fur animals and
twenty-five (0.35) cents apiece for fowls.
If not claimed on the day of notification,
i lie above rates sliall be the fixed charge
;r day, plus the actual coat of keeping.
I' within twenty-four 4) liours after
I'.ification, the owner or li. legal rep
1 -mutative refuse or neglects to redeem
He said animals or fowls they sliall be
hold at public out ry to the highest bid
der for cosh.
Sec 3. The c' marshal or night
watch shall be . ofticio pound master,
and shall conduct all sales of animals or
fowls and shall have authority to guar
antee debts incurreil in Keeping the same
which debts slia't ill all rases l paid
i ! the geiic nd of the city.
- 1. Al' ' -ipts from the iui
. . 01 Mile c. anii'uls or fowls as
. ..embciore provided sliall be distrib
uted as fol!ows
1st. The city shall recover all money
expended in keeping unimals or fowls
impounded and in advt-uilug the same.
3d. The poundmaw-r shall receive
the per diem charge set forth in Sec. 3
of this ordinance.
.vl. All surplus from sales shall be
turned into the general fund of the city.
Sec. 5. In case no one claims the ani
mals or fowls found running at large,
tlie'jwutidinaster shall insert 111 the news
paper published in the City of llend,
liavIiiL' the lamest paid circulation, a
notice of the same for two consecutive
weekly issues next following the taking
up of said animals or fouls. Anyone
claiming the aforesaid animals or fowls
after such publication sliall be required
to pay the cost of such notice in addi
tion to the costs emimeratid in Sec. 3 of
tills ordinance. In case 110 claimant ap
jarn, the same shall be sold at public
eatery and the receipts distributed tu
provided in Sec. 4 of this ordinance.
Bee. 6. All sales of animals or fowls
provided for in this ordinance shall take
j wee in front of the jxstofficc in the
City pf Bcud.
Sec. 7. Persons living in unfrequent
ed or sparsely inbaUUed portions of the
city and owning domestic fowls may ap
t.iv n ilia Common Council for nermis-
sjou to allow the some to iuu at large.
The Spokane of Oregon
Mr. Stanley of the Deschutes Irrigation
& Power Company assures us that work
will be commenced on the Corvallis &
Eastern extension into Central Oregon
within three months.
The time to buy property is now.
The Central Oregon Development Co
I'pon such permission being granted by
a majority vote of the Council, it sliall
not be unlaw ful for the aforesaid persons
to allow said fowls to run at Urge. Pro
vided, however, that, notwithstanding
such permission has been given, if any
person within the limits of the city shall
notify the marshal that the aforesaid
fowls are damaging his property, tbe
marshal shall order the owner ol such
fowls to take up tbe same, ami after
twenty-four 04) hours following such
order all the provisions of this ordinance
shall be in full force and effect against
tbe person mentioned at tbe beginning
of this section.
Approved August 31, 1907.
A. I.. Coonwu.uK,
Attest: II. C. Km.ic.
Read first time August 31, 1907. Ilules
stispenueu. ami passed August 31, 1907,
The undersigned company has this
day filed in the office of the Nssretary of
aiaic 01 inc state 01 uregou ami 111 ttte
office of the County Chrk of Crook
County, Oregon, Suppkntentary Artif'es
01 incorporation; providing, in mldittoii
to the original wers of the under
sinned, that it shall liave uower to fur
nish for sale or hire water to he used for
Irrigation and power purposes.
Pink Pokxst Rhcimatioh Co.,
Hy V. O. Minor. Secretary.
Dated Bend, Oregon, August 33, 1917.
The po3toflice news stand is car
rying a tfooif line of fruit these
days. It now has watermelons,
bananas, branges, and apples.
Columbia Southern
bouud North
, Uiil
, HO. I.
1 IIAlbY
! CAM,
. CAM.
I 44
1 40
J 04
3 'J
J 44
4 uo
....... nior.s
".-WaKO....... ...,,
-Suniniit ....
. Hay Canyon Junction..
...... loro
-Jrkluvlltr. ..
Craaa VaUey
.. . . -Wilcox
II 19
II l
II u
10 45
10 4
10 34
10 11
10 0$
9 37
8 40
Uslly ftSKeconatctionsst Blisniko for Anltl
opt, rriueullc, Iknd, llu.m, bllvtr Lake, Lake
view, Mitchell, Iayvillc, Antonr. Aahwooil, Cu
you City. John Vy City, and I'omII.
C. 1 LYTLIi,. bupcrlnttndtnt,
1', SildVA. tilUBlKOi I. ,
Ttmtr LbJ. Act June j. I:'.
V. S. U4 Oflkr. The ImUm. OrM.
IWiwhr ia, ivu
.Vatlcr 1 krty ilrr that ta cawpttancc Uh
he pmriatatM of Ike Act of CeartiM ot Jmik 1.
i7S, enuilsd. "Ah set for Ike 6 of lunbcr link
in Ik Halo U CallkwaU. Ie. W''l !
Wsthtaatou Territory." eatenofd ta sit tar
panne land Mate by mi of Aaeart 4. iSai,
Makatl K Nmi
nf rrlanrlll. roaaly or Ctuk. Mil of IHrgaa.
haa tkM day Slrrt lu tk nttc k aWora alala
awal No jW. lor Ik mrrkaw of lb iiSwV
arlawK aad iwa, ofa i, to if a, r 10 w aa
Aad will oner proof to akow ikal ike
teal aaaghl U motv nlHUtlot It Umber or
atoae tkaa nr rataltaral paniaias. aad tu
nUUMi Ma claiai 10 aaat laad kcwra Ik
Coaotjr Clerk at lurUle, Otegoa. oa Ikt talk
day of October. 1097.
Ha mbm M wMttMf. Mfbarl Moiriaoil,
f. N llaatar, Joba Mom, alt of html, Orvgoa,
aad Wartaa Ook, rViaevtlhr . Oneoa.
Aar aad all awo Satmia adaoraety
.h aboar duutkoit utadt are reaueasad to ale
tktr dalnw la tha 4 oh or bafart Ikt latk
day ot Octobar, iyJ.
C. W. MOOKK. Heitatn.
Itrtaifat of lb latattor,
Iad Oflke at Tbe IloUoai (Hteoa,
Jly 11. 190?
Notice I kenby (tH that
Htary Ht4ge
of Had. Oreaoa. has Mail ttotka of bla iHlaaUoB
to make (MaaTtaaawtaUun (Hoof la aapwart of
bs claim, via. Ilcanaliaal ttatfy Hu M4aS
mao jaiy iv. ftnr iwinawn ana una t aaat
4 of m i, la is , r it e, w in
AtallhataaM Mmf wlttlws4r Iwfwt II. C.
KUla V. g. Cuasailoloaat. at kU of tot In tatad, aaoktatbor 14, if7
lit Malta iIm following mMr to move hit
coatlaaoaa rtakltate apsci aad caltiratloa of lb
aaial C. CaMwaU, W Kay Wilklnaoa, alt of
Jatad, Orgoa.
soaf C W. JlOOkl!, Kcgi.lcr
lMrlwcutof Ihe liittilur
IjiiJ OOlte at The Iall', Orrgon.
Augual 1, nr
NoUec it htrtby giren that
Cora A l'trguwin
ot Html, Oirpon, has fitnl notice of her lutnillon
In make riHaltowmulattu jtroof In uipiKMt of
her ctalm, ris HpmMlfju! liutry No, 1461
made May A, I'M. fur Ihe wMtwW, tw nwk; (if
a 3. fl'i'l MXncH ofarcrt, Ijj 1 a, r ue, w 111
AndlhatMld Wo"f will h made trr II. C
KUu, U. h. CHiillHtr, at lii-ar'tfire In lit ml,
Orrgan, on rtclmlxrr 14, iy"7-
She namta Ihe following wltnetM-t o ptore
htr continuous rMmre uii. and ciiltlvallmi
of, Ihe laud, vii John l'erguaon, Oatouxxl T
Callllwn. Arthur!), lily, William Arnold, alt of
C. W. MOOKI!, Mrgi.'er.
I)Irtnitut of the Interior
Land Office at The Dallca, Orrgoii,
July l, Ivor.
Notice it hcrthy given that
Neil Kiuitli
oflleud. Oreeon. hai filed notice- of hi intention
10 inane uuaicoinmuiaiion prool 111 tixiil 01
.. .:,-- .-. : :
ma ciaiin. vii; noincaicaii jfniry .o. 17,170
made Apiil 14, 1'ij, for l.ota j and 4 of arc 19,
Ipiot, ril e, and Ihe cje)f ofaec 14, lu 19 a,
riot, wra I
Aud that aaid Droof will he made before II C
liUla, V. ri. Comaiiuloneat hit office lu licnd,
Oregon, on beptemUr 14, 1907
lleuaiucalhe followliiv wltnraaea to nrov lilt
coutlnuoua residence upon, and culllvallou of,
the land, via I'rrd A. bbonqucal, William 1'
Vandcrvcrt, Cort II. Allen, Utoigt Uatct, , N
Iluuter, all of iitud, Oregon,
S9-SIJ C, W. MOOKJi, UtgUUr,
TtmWr ttnd.Act Jnne j, lH
V. M. lAi 0c. Thr IMIn. Ilca.
Jaac 4, .
Notice ta nfby given that la coaipUaMe wllk
lb laTOtfaaaaa of ibe Act of Coagnaa of iuat ,
TS, rotitiad. "Aa act U Ikj aaWof tlaibrf Isada
la tbettaleaof Caltanwla. irf. Ntvada. aad
Waaklafton Tetritory,' aa ftnd4 t all tbe
public laad tUtt by Act of Aagatt 4. la.
Prrd W Wltxm
of r'rlaevtlt. coaaty of Crook, alat ol Ortfot.
baa oa June 5. loot. l la Ikla odicr kia Ma
Matrwat Tin 411a far Ik awekaat of lot .
awHaW ad wMaM of ate 1, ta lv a. r ilf.irM
nd will offer proof I" ahow that Ibtland
aoagbl M awn valaablt fur Ma llwbtr of aloae
tkaa lor agraraltural par boaoa, aad to eaiab
IMi hM ctalM IomM bad tfor- II C. Ittua.
t'. ft. Coatatlirtoarr al ki oe at Mtad.OfoaoN,
oa the nib day of hepttaibtr, !.
Ileaaaitas vllnriin towpk N llHHlar,
WUMaw II. (Haala. Mary H. Kyan. A It. Orant.
all of head. Oreaoa.
Any aad aO puton cUlmlflg advetKly
lb abate deaeHWia bad ate IMueMril ta tilt
Ibetr daiata la tbat oak h or btfoic lk aaki
I4tk day at Bepinaber, 1117.
jllS-ai C. W. MOOKK, Kfft.tcr.
TlmU-r Mrtl, Act ol Juiff j. iSyS
V. . Utod oflke, Tbt IlatUa. Olejoii,
Jua , i'vj
Notice ta btitby given that In ouMplMii wMh
Ikt pfovVaontoflbe Acti.f C"iirra of June i,
1S7S. ratlllnl "An art for ih tale of timber lanf
latbtatalaaorcalifurnia.Oieguu, Nevada ami
WathingtoH Terruory. 'at esteadrd lo all I lie
raldle band state by act oTAnguit 4. tayj,
ef Bfiid, rounly nf Crunk. alafSTofbOrfgnii.
Aad will ofler cour 10 tlow liatl2tlit,Unl
oogbl'ta ium vsluabl' for Itt IlinUr'or. ttnilt
Bar dalm to aatd Und U fof II Ck IJllStL ,
ComiHl.Unr, at hltoinc lu llendr OrtrgonT on
the 14th daybfrWolemlMI. iyv . 4Ht M
bh uautetM wllliru W H Nlchsl, t'ttuk
nuilerworth, Altxrt I I.ucai. Joarph N Jluntet.
William II Maala, alloflleiiil. iiicaon -, .
Any and all iwiaona claiMimg advtncly (be
alnve-deacribor land are rr'iuralrd lu hie their
tlalmain thUolfKc on ur btfoic Mid Mill day ol
Septeiubci, 1;
JIihij C W 1IO0KI', KegUter
IjihI to Htlltemeiil and J'ntry Depatt
men! ol the Inlarlor, lltncral Ijind (lifter. VVaah
Ingloii, II. C , June I j, fti. Notice la hereby
given that Die public lamia 111 the following de
Ktlbtd areaa, leuiKiratlly willidrawn on July
Ji. I'J, fur foreatry HirtMei and adjoining the
'rcliiont National Porrat. Orrvoil. and not oih
erwltc wltlxirawi'i, rcaertrd or nptiroiiilaleii,
will by authority of the Hrcrelary ol the Interior
be rcatowl In Ihe public domain 011 hcpleiubcr
. ivn. and become aiiMert In aelllrmeni oil and
after thai dale, but not lu entry, filing or aclrc
nun 1111111 on ami nurr icioocr . r17, umier
the uiual reatricllona at Ihe United Htatea Ind
niAic at The Dultrt, Oicl-oii lu Towiithlp
nineteen (19, Kaliue ten (in), the aouthweat
ipiaiter of Heillon elecn (II). liiTowiulilplwrn
ly (jo), Mange ten (lo), hecU'iiit out (I), two (1),
inrccfjj, eleven tu;, twelve 117;, inirieeu (141.
fourteen (14I, twenty three (j), twenty four (14)
and tlilrly-alx (yi), lu Towutlilp twenty (),
Mamie eleven (11). nVrtUnia one ( ) to twenty-two
(11), both lucluilve, the aoiilheatt iuartcr of Hec
linn twenly-llve (13)1 Hiclioua twculy-aevcu (17)
tothlily.four (u). both Inclusive, and Hrclinu
Ihlrty-tu (V.): In Towinlilii twenty (jo). Kanue
twelve (11). theaouthwea(uartcrofH(ctlou acv
eu (7), all of Itection alxtreu (16), the weat half of
bectiou aeveutcrii (17), ricrlloua tlfhtctu (18),
iiiiictern (19), twenty 110, Ihe weat half of Htc-
17 t'I' inc weat nan 01 r
it. bectloua twenty nine I
tlou tweiily-one
e ii 1,
thirty vJ and thtaoulhweit quarter of Hrctioii
lhiriy-oiici,all bouth and 1'Jit, Willaiurlle
Meriduiu, Oregon Warning it hereby given
that no peraou will be prrmlitcd lo gain or extr
rite any rliiht whatever under any actllciiicut or
occupation begun prior tu Hcntcmbcr as, 1907,
and all audi acttlcuicnt it hereby forbidden,
1'KkU Uknxktt, Acting CominuMlouer of the
Oenersl Land Office, Approved Juuu W.
Wiisojr, Actlog (jccicUry of the juttrlor.
aaa on January 14 n. uini ig inaioiae nvr
worn auiemeut No if;! fiir tht punliaieef ihe
HaeWaHdaWnfiVi.f -iatip i1r eT"
Tlwker Mad. Act J. i:.4
notici-: roi: immimcatiok.
V. !. Uad iiHev. Tk Iwlut. iMtraoa,
Juoe 4.
Nolle U ktf eby glvn that la rtneatbUM u
lb ptovtaaain of Ik Aft of v.oav ft Job X
a7 ratnaM, "An on air ia oi utaon Maaa
la Ik 4aoof talliuraui. Orveoa, Nevada aad
Watblaftaa Ttftltuvy." atleadd to all Ikt
public laad airte by AH af Aaaett 4. ,
CbHwy K. karaey
of Hrad. toaaty of Cruos. aute of nrraoa,
bat oa AupI 10, na. Hied In Ikla I'SV bla
awora aateaaeat No . lor tbt tmrrbaa ur
ltajaud taadawgawtt uf arc 1, Ip if a. r i
w at
Aad will oner Moof l ako Ikal Ibr taad
ouf fcl la wot valuable for lit tlwbrr at ekrat
Ibaa tar aerlcaltarat wiaow, sad ta tMabuab
hit cislM to aatd taad brfcrt M. C KUla. t. t.
Cowaiti ilanir M at otHce ta tantd
tbt Ijlkdayof Aatiwat, war.
lit nuia4 wHataata Slvrbatl 1 Marti itti.
iHorpa n iMBvtr, wiiaaM 11 muu, 1
PattelMtr. ail uf Kend, ortgou. Joba
a, r
Any aad all attnt tsalranur sdvttMty lb
abavtraWacTlbtd laad tie raoataitd lo Mr tbnt
ctalm In tbat oSSce aa or bribte aaat bMb day af
Aaenat, aavy.
JM ot C. W. MOOHH. Hgitfr.
Hoaailmeataflb latrrior,
Mad Office at TKt Dattav Orefaa,
Nailer la hrrrby given Ikal Lavlaa Jaaa.
gnardUn oflbatalata of John It. Joaat. Ifttaat,
uf ITiurvillc. Of eg on. hat ftlrd aoifc-a of bet l
trutlon lu nuke Nvt-year proof la eupport nf bat
claim. 111 lloMiralrad Kalry No iisjS wad
Hepl iyior Ihralt Hn',evK aelj aadawlf
aw 1 of arc , lp 1111, lauit tu r , w m aad
Dial aald uruuf will It made IwfWt itw cuaaly I'lliirvlllr, Otetfoa. on Aaeaats 1907
Hhr utmraat wilntaanlwurov htaeoallaaoa
rrai'lrm upt.H. ami cultivation of Ik laad, via
I1 niidrvrrl, l.tor ge MalMoi Had. Otcgoa
1 liarlea Mnutgomery and I'raHela 11 Maya of
I'rtucMllr orrgon
jfa C W lo., MaeUltr.
OTiClflfpU limi4U?ATlON
Ixuarluieiit of Ibr Interior,
' Mad Olflce at The ImMm, Oregon,
."'V ,-,. lunej, 1057
tltcelthrrOA piven that Chaitaa A ktaH
iHtrrmnhjolleiid.iirrKoii. bat Slcl nutlet of
hi'ittlenUpn 16 make linal hreyrar proof In
Minnort'bThia rUim. vn llom4tad llanvHa
9WinejAugMat,J, i'i furllnawl, of ac 17.
lp If, fur, win,
And llmladll proof will t Ulnt II, (.
lillll, U-rKCorninratkinrr at hit (illliv lu Und.
oretoe. airfAntntit 11. nm.
Ilr iikinralhnfultawiiiK HitnrMealu kivc hla
roiiuiiiiuaa ivkhi!) iiimjii ami rillllvatloil 01
tliclmi'Uto-wIll lvW W II Hltryof Ikml, Or
gun. I'rauk'n
"i. ' t'iruuii ja
K lieuhAin
n utniiaw urcgon wimiin
htnatt of llend. Orruvn
lljno . rr C W
MOOKI Krglalcr
Tlicirtoneer Telegraph
and Telephone Company
Telegrams l'orwardcd to Any 1'nrl
Mof the World.
s ;dirct
Telephone .'Cottiiminlcntluti
with l'orllnndi rrincvllle mid nil
racHic'Conlt cltfts.
PiibllJ Py Stntlons
In Hank Huldlstf 4t lluiu, at Laid
law and I'owdl Unties,
SIcsseiiKer service to any tiart of
Crook Coiiity0rttl of Crooked
MNtTltll "TATHf
vtto-fstadoaA H.,4,H
l-avwtary af .,.....
areittary af Tnaai ,.
isttury W ItMcrtat . ..
SrUry af r...
Wf1atr of Neva-
secretary of Cisjuim ...,
Poalalaatat 0rTt. ......
Allaraty Otawrsi ... ..
Clbarbja W. rMlbaakt
.Oearft a CarutvM
.....taaata R, UartoM
-.. W. M.Tsl
-C. ). tsjuaaartt
.Oeatf Van L- Meyer
... .WlMsM N- Mexdy
HemaiK ......
crtuty afasate,
Oearat Jt CboasbrrUt
Y. W. areata V
.... .n0.A.att 1
.... ,A. M. Craalurd '
......;. II. Aebtraaaa
TrtaaafafM M
Alloraey tVraerat , .,.
aaat. Pabtle Utatnattaaj.
w. . UMklwsy
laatty and Cead Qmmmttm.. ..). W. BaUty
U. iMi.vsra IC..W. sa
I J.
ICHiMoa aa
fWW afWapeM a ttsMt
- - J W. K. Wlla
ft. Mtaa
U. Italky
if w. ... ....w. t
Atiotiny.. ..,.,. .-TOjlaak Mtattr
J .-.. W. A nrll
l .........M.Wiaa IMowa
aatritf . ,.. ....M,..,HWMMiM-,MMW Ittuafc; rikiaa
f' "" -..-.m...-......W. I' bIM
"'". HnamHini.waHi.Ji (I, lat 11111
Mlisel ibtpl,.,nw-, 11. imiwbklto
Ha",af . mm.'m,Vi, H. McParisd
Camrnlaalsao,.,,.,., m I II.
CuettiT Cof ar - llul itaudar lu lit, third
.Monday In ItttadaH.
rawiAt a cmHr-.s(M Slomtay In ttvrh amaik,
CtMMlS4ioai.a CtMiar - lint WedaaJy
lu Jaimary, Jlarsti, lsy. jaty, aefltaibtr
and NoviMlir.
iiHNiiKeniMi, iiiamicr Nu. i.
Cleik . ..,
rHtldl ..
,.C. k. Iwnaotl
OIM UMlh I. Hi
111. I'. I', bmlll
'..tOMM....M..MI..aAl 1)
flood will It
II. C Kill
aa.lM). Ml'"
I 4 H. llrn-oll
AMrriiKii .
ohli II. wctltiiuy
mIiiuHi' f ilpUtl
Si tl t.xitlil
INhTHl'CT yon. Kttbscrilic tmtv-
It dives the News
All of it.