The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 16, 1907, Image 7

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attain, It c-onUlnfl no ttotnxh
At Culrutu AM-y Ih life. Heuilan.l.
ttbatOMa ha ImH fuUMil wllkll ( tv
nl la 41 (rum th fourth ceulur of
Cbrlitlan M.
Par a twin by I'etru fluarnarlua,
Irtl l(t (VlV) (Itrtt ! rnvnt
Ir III IMt4a . wlilU tm ij Nlritulu
iIkjI flc(.J CJIO.
,wrlrnin nml AMrtrin rslll ri
nt IhU VrjUm ta ui In (lit iltrrl
sicnl of lb m xfowlnf Imtutlr ttiU
ir m ner Ufar.
(rtur Innjuut Ull rtlit In vtt
AuilrtlntU. Horn lrlt ttt o
ffllnit it ! lLt It l tluiutt
.dint t (K)lfii Untune.
Ttie Court Hit jtatt at hnl tnbor.
iii'lt c't n cliiiu to learn a trade,
r man.
Ilurglar JiiiIcp, couldn't I Iv ir
UimJ lo liarn It tr er corriioDd
co cuurauT Tuck.
llr lllvvn A,
llneon Tlii avrii;u c of iiernona
rfitnt In Nrw Vnrk City ta 2-JH
ira and otiv out of Arc la a woman.
l.'sWrt- 1 atitiMMi tlio nee liable to
lUrn by tbu woman brlnw" tbe attT-
away down Yonkrra .Stnteatnan.
ul CaHrlulva
Koelrty Iifr Wbat I la Hit r a r
rt 04it that I am print to marry Col.
i i4xii ) Why, I don't fn know him I
Matronly Krlrtiil That t'M" nolle
I, my ilrar. 1 have Uofl marrlrj lo
-. l'rtiiarvtn for llilrlrfii yrara,
J 1 Jon't know him urn tI.
I'lraaiil fur Clrnc,
rii aliarp, nftrallnc voir of th
nig wowaii'a UMJther rant out ou th
II nljtht air.
'Marie, rom In th both thla mlnuttl
in't I told jou "
'Mamma," Inlrrruplcd an rqually
iri voire, airarln( to com from
nanhrr on lb front poreb, "thla liu't
,-k I Thla la ClarlK '"
Tlio Kind You lluvn AlwnyM JIotiRht lui.i bnrno tho nlgim
turo or CluiM. II. l-'lrdclior, and lms boon inndo under hlit
tiorMonnl Hiipervlnlon 1'or over tt) jcnrH. Allow no onn
to dotmlvo you lit tliU. CoiintorfoltM, IniltntloiiH nud
"iIiiHtMiMi;nod" nro butl'xporliiu'iitM, nml oiidunccr tho
Itvultli of Chlldron Kxpurlunuo nciilnNt lCzporlmt'iit
OiiNtorliv Ih ii Iiitrmloa nubatltuto for Castor OH, Lnry
Aorlt Drops nud Hnnttiluir HyrupH. It Ih I'leannnt. It
contulnit nulthur Ojiluin, JMonililno nor other Niucotlo
HiiiiHtitucc. tiH uuo ih tin t'linruiuoo. it ttoHiroyH voruts
nnd nllnyH Fov
Oollc. It rellovcH Toothing TroutdcH, ouro.i Oouatlpiitlou
nud Flaliilimcy. It iissliullateH tho Food, rojjulatoH tlio
Htontiiidi nud IJowolH, clviiitf Jienuiiy anil natiirui uicop.
Tlio Clilldrpu'H l'anaccit Tho IMotlier'H Friend.
Tlie Kind You Have Always Bought
Soars tho Signnturo of
In Use For Over 30 Years.
It h perfectly unturnl to nib tlio npot tlmt lnirtn, nnl when tlio jntinclen,
rvttt, Jolntn ntul Ihmici nre throbbing nud twitching with tlio jiIiii of
licuinnllitii the milicrcr l-i not to turn to tlio liniment bottle, or nomo other
itcnml nppllciitlon, lu ntt clloit to j;et icllcf from thu discuse, by jirodiiclni:
imtcr-iriilutloii on tlio llesh. Much treatment will quiet thu jialit tcmpo
rlly, hut cun havo no direct ctirutlva eliert on the real dlsonso Ik-cmisc It
C!t nut teach tlio Mood, whero tlio causa lit l-ientcd. Uhcmuifitlam lit mora
nit nkltt deep It It moled nml grounded In the Mood nml can only 1x3
ached by constitutional tieutiiictit IT CANNOT KUIIJii.l) AWAY.
Iictiimitiiini 1 duo to nit execaa of uric ncld in the Mood, brought nlxnit by
n ncctiiiiuliitloit ill Iho nyntctit of rcfusu matter vtlihh thu nntiiral nvciiuc.1
' bodily waste, the Jkiweln mid Kidney, havo fullcil to carry oil. Thin
(nan matter, romlnir In contact villi tlio dlfleient ncldit of tlio Imdy, forma
le ncld which in utiaotbcd into thu Mood nml distributed to nil part of tlio
dy, nnd Uicumntlsiii i;rti poisenslon of the iiystciit. The nchci nml palmi
c only nyniptums, nnd though they may 1 wattcrcd or tcllcvcd for n time
.' mi if. ico treatment, they will reappear nt the fimt exposure to cold or
impucKi, or nflcr nit nttaclc of itidtcotttiou or other irregularity. JUictimn
uitcati never be jwrnianctitly cutcd while the circulation remnlnn aattiratcd
ith lirltutliij;, pnlu-producim; titio ncld jhhou, Thu dlscate will olilft
nit tntiHcle to nuncio or Joint to Joint, nettling on thu nerveit, causing
flaiuniatloii nnd nwclllnjr nnd nucft terrible pnlna that the nervotifi nystcui
oltcti tdiattcrcd, tho health iimlcnnlned, nnd pcrhapn thu jwtlcnt becomes
formed nnd irlpplcil for life. 8. 8. 8. thoroughly ilcnusen the Mood ntul
novMtcit the circulation by iieuliulUliu; the ncldst nnd cxptlllni; nil foreign
dlcrioui the system. It wauus nnd iuvii:orulet the blood no that Intitcad
o( u weak, mmr i.ttcnm, constantly deposit
inir ncrid nml corrosive mutter In thu mus
cles, nerval, Joint nud Ikjiiwi, the lxxly is fed
nnd nourished by tlih, hcalth-nustnlnlniy
Jilooil which completely nud permanently
cures Khcuiuatiam, 8. 8. 8. 11 comtKwed
of both purifying nnd tonic propcitlcs
lint what in needed in every cnic of Itlictt
ll ,11 ,., .11..- ...I.,...! l.....ll..l !... I..
...mill, ihiwiliniliii ll'f jnuuiiii ! is,,,v, iiiiuiui lllf;ii.i4llHl, uufc
dc entirely of iiurifyiuir, healing extract"! nnd Juice of root, lierb nnd
ikn. If you nre nttneriiifc from Rheumatism do not venatc valuable titua
t'ltiK to rub u blood disease? nway, but begin the use. of 8. 8. 8. nnd writa
nhutit your ensa ntul mir physlclaui will j;lvc you nny information or
Vice dditcdftccotcharKo nnd will ncud our n)cclaltrefttie on Khcumatistu.
Kir llniry HkihiU'I, h) nti a t'nlofi
Itt ramllilalii for rarllawrnl. It Dm au
thor uf thU hull: Tin- lWatln tr
iIhi of lb Mtioralt la an arid awamti,"
llir l.luill.
Illsca The l)waoua nro rery rtclu
alve, I illnleritnn.1.
Dlittr Yi. Iiwhitl. Why, thry eren
tmr wire aertHii on their doora ntul
wliuliiHa k thi'lr l!li' can't K'vt out
mt aoelato with tlio die of their
nelshhora. '
The hlatory of many rare may r
rwnl In Ita battle cry. Tin. "HmimI!"
uf tlio JnpalipHo, tlitf "liKhashlmllalil"
of th IrUh, ami our own "Hurrah I"
have found their orlfilu far hack In
Although many nuthnrltlea have do
rlarrtl tlmt the word "hurrah" la a de
velopment of I hn Juwlali "llnnAunah,"
thu coiiN-nmu of oilnlun now that It
la n corruption of th nuelont hattlo
cry of thu wild N'iriHHiien, "Tur ale!"
meanltiK, "Thor aid un!" Konm-rly the
vMnt waa aix-lltt "lltiHa" ami pro
nounevd "Hurray." In on fonn or
another It la uacd by aliuoat every
Iaa i:l Wlnil."
Mlaa Akiio .Slack, amctary of ttio
International W. C T. U., told on th
Merlon, a ah wa ntiout to aatl for
Mvenool. n teinjieranco atory:
"A little to, olio eveulux at dinner,
Knzcd nt Ida father' far a Ion while,
nut then mM:
"'Papa, what makea your now ai
dreadfnl nnl'
"Tin eaat wind of eollr,, the fath
er altered with crmT haate. M'ma that
Juk of tHT. and don't talk ao much.'
"Then, fnun tins other end of tho ta
ble, (ho boy' mother aald aweotly; '
"'Yea, Tommy, pnai jour father the
mat wind, and be careful not to aplll
any on the table cloth."
inoNH. It citron Dlurrlioju uul Wind
"Why la Joiien urowliiK n henrdV
"Oh, I Ix-llrvo lila wife made him a
pri-MUit of riiiiio Ilea." I'uneli.
"lo you think wo ahould let tvoiuen
votit" 'Certainly. Why not? We let
them earn money nil other way."
"Bo ahe'a nlont to be married ni;ulu.
Do you know who la ttw Imky until V
"Yea, the dead one." IJetrolt Tree
Tho Man - Nono of their relatlvi-n
will Hitik lu them aline their elooo
llleiil. Thu (lrl 'i'liey oitiiht to b U
very happy couple, puck.
"I notice your daughter tlamiit with
audi cruceful, free inutemeutK.' "i'liey
nlu't free; alio tukea rre'lur paid lea
Mill." llultlmorv Aiiierti'iiu.
l.lltlo (ilrl (after n domestic aceiie
with lier mother) Tho Unit thins for
II to do, niittmiia, la to nKreu(to n av
uratloii. TruuiMtlaiitkTulea.
Duff Itowell Ullewa lu the eternal
fltue of thlupi. Cuff That' o; ho
wouldn't run for n ear If he hud a
wiilkliiK ult on. To ii Topic.
"Willie dret-ii," raid tb teoclwr,
"jou may ileflu the word nuNnory."
"Mouwry," Mid Willie, "la wlwt n
forKet with." Philadelphia llewrd.
"Do you favor any artlular acUool
or muak-r Jinked the Indy. "Ye, lu
deed," replied thu younj: man who llvtvt
lu a Hut. "I favor tho plauiiwlmo
eliool." PiKk.
Hector (altunllis a atrnmevr the
ohureli luonunwutaj .My grandfather
lu alinit lu thU cliurvh for eighty
)eira. Htntiutor la he IIvJiib? Vohtf
er Htatettfimu.
Alra, NelhUn Ar you nwafo tlmt
jour new hired girl U n Kxiiminibilllitl
Mra. Mettdowcrawi My paidutMa, nol
Kim toM me ho u n HaptUt Old
eni;o Dally New a.
I.lttle (Ilrl (ifllliiK of tho anrdeii of
Wen) Ye, Mummy, Adam nud Kvu
lived very happily theru till tint Kvll
One came In tho form of n mtrvaut.
Cauadlnii Courier.
Flrt Mttle (Ilrl When you grow
up nrv )ou colug to mhertUu lor .a
huIiniiil Kiwnd I.lttle (Ilrl No; I'm
Klii to U a widow. They don't have
to. lUrjr'a Wtvkly.
Mother-In Law llaa the jouus man
who Mini my life yeaterday culled
Uiii jou jelr Kmln Iw Yea, In
deed, he baa already ntado hla molo-
Slu. -l-lieneii'ie iiwt'iiw.
Clara You may not believe It, but
I aald "No" to K'Veli different men
during the (Mat winter. Maude Oh, I
don't doubt It. What wero iBey i)ll
Inc. ChlcBRO Dally New. 4
Mlatretw Why tlon't jou Udl thJ
eal Cook- .Surv, I've no clock lu tho
kltrhen to p li. Mlatrena Oh, yea,
jou have. Cook What punt la It j It'
ten minute raat. Philadelphia In
"May I nU your father for jour
hand to-nlKlit, MIm Ketehemr' "ain't
you wait until toimirimv nlht,
(ieorKO? I think Clmrll Chuuipley la
iMlnu to nak lilm to-nltflit." Cleveland
l'lulu Dealer.
AnxloiiH HouKowlfo (atartled by n
ernah lu the rotmi below) Thewl An
other of my beat Hirvvlalu tunvu
Kouo. Hindmud Never mind, dir; tt
tins fttopped tho cook'a aliiBlnt. Port
laud Onironlau.
Volcu from tho parlor Mary Ann,
dhl you Ret the milk for tho children
and rido lu beparate bottle? Mary
Ann -Yes, ma'am. Tho voleo Havo
l-Mdo'H milk lerllliel. Mary Aim
Vw, iiui'nm. Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Oock (who ha already wearied tho
pieaU with many hour) Now I vl(t
altiB you oiio moru aoui; and then go
home. Uttly t'anton me, but do you
nttach mucJi luiportnnco to tho order
of your proumiiill-irl'lUwiido ttlnettur.'
"Do you think you will leurn to llku
rn to Ilk
"I du1
your titled win In-lawi" "I du't
know," answered Mr. uuinrox. "i iviift
milto tell whero to ilaeo him In my
uxiH-uso ncvoiuit, Ho I neither a recro
ntlon nor nil luwstuieiit." Washing
ton titar.
Mr. Bcmpplngtou (In tlio mldat of
her reading) Here Is nu Itom which
anya that full-Krown rhluoccrosea wat
l'J.000 apiece, Mr, Berapplugtou
(meanly) Kli-ynh I And iBii't It n pity
that women can't wear them ou their'
huUT 8mnrt Set.
llualou ISowaliux",
Now Yorker (In Ilortton) I say
thore, boy I Muvo you nn extra t"
Iloston NowbIioj' I Imvo nn especial
edition Issued nt 13 o'clock meridian,
slrl Yonlters Stntesmnu.
Wutch nny man Ionic enough, nnd
you will boo him make u mighty bud
JMy Hair is
Do you like h? Then why
be contented with It? Hove
In lip 7 Olt. no I .Incf mil nn
I Aycf'B Hair Vlcor and hove
lone, thick hair; soft, even
hair; beauilful hoir, without a
slnclo gray line In It. Have a
little pride. Keep young just 0
as lone as you can.
fk, t,4l.
A Ut4tTJ.C,AfrOo-.lAw,Uf.
yn aim nuaEuimri r
encur pfXTotu.
On i:arrpttnn.
Mra. Wlckler Dear we I bow nil the
rcceaaarlea of life have tone up.
Vlcklcr No; they haven't all con
Mr. Wlckler Well, I ahould Ilk
you to meutlon one UiIdb that haan't
cone up.
Wlckler Certainly. My aalary. lb
Idatrnted Ijltit
IIuk nnd Mualrnt Tone.
The cniwctty of iloca to dlatlnulah
tnualeal totiea haa Itii made tho aub
Ject of elaborattt exterlmeuta by Dr.
Otto Kallaeber. of Iterlln, nnd tho re
sult havo lint betii lulled In th
prwcetllnira of tlie Iterlln Aendctny of
Pcleucr. lr. KaiiMmer irniniM lila
t1o2 to pick up and eat moraela of
meat 'et before them only when a cer
tain note wit a anunded.
CITP at. Vitaa Duir tail !t SmMi DtooM
lllo prrmaMBIIr Nm) br ' KHna'i lr.u
J.. f.f iuau-t.r. HalHt Ut KHKt. HtllW twlU. iM
Imilw lr. IL I LKIIat, IA, HI AttU lU. I'liBal'a.
Iluw lb Hull Wiiu ml Up,
"Yaaa, de beauty nn' chivalry ob
moketown minded In the ballroom."
"Mingled, yo' nny?'
"Mingled till 'lout 'leren o'clock.
Den. dey mixed." Houiton (Tcxaa)
CJnynlcIe. Wot Cohimlttlnir Illniarlr.
"Da vou Anil mr ilmiptitira fnlr lm.
provlnr, Mr. Bculcbtrr" aakrd itra. Up
more. "Imnmrlni-V aiiLI ih nmtemmti nf
Tocal tralnlnc. "Why, my drar madam,
ll'a r not th aam vole at all."
Mothtra will find Un. Wlotlow Roottilar
IrtupthaUilrsinrilr touofoMhtrchU4ra
luilua tha Uathluj ill.
CIrp ail That,
mWIk ta that acody-leoklng man over
Tliat'a nurrougha. He' a real mas
ter at eonatriictlng abort atorlea."
"Oh, an author, eh?"
"No. 1 mean ho can think up nny
number of wnya of telling you bo's
broke." Philadelphia I'rvia.
Watrr r.-em an ariemn wrll at Oatend
which ha been waatnl for fifty year haa
now bevn dlaeovereil to powa tnedlclnnl
qualltlr almlhtr 'n thu wntrn of Vichy.
Shak Into Vour Mxm
AlUn'a Foot at. A Tutr. It tsaiaa tltht
ornralioalirloair lilt a rritaln rotator
I w MlRf. rallom . hei, tlroJ, arblnc l U
foM Lr all KriircUu. l'rlf J. Trial pa-
ternIU.l KHITK. AddrcM Atlon B. OltailcJ,
Litoy,.-aw join.
A ntallucllun,
"So you nre one of tho men who
went wca't to crow up with tho coun
"No," answered tho prosperous and
aereno "I am one of tho men
who went went to nhow tho country
how to grow up properly." Washing
ton $tar.
Its Hail Knotiiih.
"Hero'a a note," said tho jiostal clerk,
"from a man complaining that bis mall
lan't dellveretl regularly."
"What'a hla namcV askwl tho hclef.
"JluhJ With that name you'd think
ho had all tho letter ho needed."
Philadelphia 1'rc.ta.
Helps the Wirfjon up
the Iim
Tho load seems lighter Wagon
and team wear longer You make
mora money, and havo tnoro time
to make money, when wheels arc.
greased w ItU
mica Me Grease
Tho longest wearing and most
satisfactory lubricant In the world.
! am flftrt yri 14 aiwl odU) r
ttntlf mi Imlr , v.rf r'af. I(l lo I
w.k A,r' IUIi Viror it(oi4 th cilinl
enlr to mr l.tlr t iiw it.r li feet arrr
t... ... t ..... M I IV II.MK..1.. llnuLI..
I Axle if
Illult )lrlroriiliiKlxl atnmllnK or III"
llrrrn Trrn I'rtiK.
l'eiv nnlmala hnr aurrhed tho nt
larka made by N-lewe iicm tli"lr repu
tation A weather prophrta. The gn-en
frojf Ih n cjmplnion exrHlun. He la,
lo lf Mire, it vrimkhg prophet, but plen
ty of i"flp!f atlll pin their faith to him.
liven ar -entli1e n Jounial aa Kymona'
MetitjroloKleat Mnraztne ban n kind
! wonl to any of the little fellow.
J Here la a picture of the frog'a ladder
1 widen la provided for thla weallier
prophet In (lermany nnd Switzerland.
In many hourea the trug la kept lu n
1 bottle half flllttl with water and pro-
tioti wiin n iniiuer, iiihi ine linn Hi
low la carefully wntehett na to hla le
havlor In uncertain cmdltlon of tho
ntmorphere. A number of weather max
ima arc bnwil uiKin Ida (future nnd no
thlty. If he remnlnn on one of the low-
. eat atepa of the Inddor It la considered
a aure alrji that ImiiI weather ta com-
' !... I... .....v.a .- ....... .1... ..'.IfcM H.t.t
I illffc. li ti-' t-im'im-J. jiiiiii i.Ji' nni.'i niiu
ream umiii me f.i'T" noove u line woaiu
er mny le eijxTted, nnd the higher he
alt on the utejn the finer the weather
I aura to be. He la nlto aup0H-tl to
awistt wrxTiicn l-Kornrr.
give warning of bad wenUier by croak
ing loudly before n storm.
The magazine anya that there la real
ly aome reason to believe that the green
tree frog la somewhat experienced na
regards climatic conditions and act ac
cordingly, In fine weather he skip
about among tho brnnebes of treen,
when at liberty, catching illirs. At th
approach of winter he seeks the water
a.nd flnda hlinK-lf n bed In tho mud un
til the following spring rails him out
to resume Ida war on tho dies.
Now the frog on the ladder without
doubt watches the weather conditions
keenly nnd rises to look out for fllea
when Uie circumstances teem favorable. '
On the other hand, when the weather !
cold and damp bo la reminded of win-1
ter and Instluctlvely retires to bury his ,
sorrow In tho Imaginary mud which
bo sees at the bottom of his prlKou.
Tlio notions In regard to courtship
and mnrrtago held by Tibbie, the young
Scotchwoman who presided over tho
Jnmeaon kitchen, were a never-ending
source of nmutkiucnt to her mUtresa.
"I've taken mo mind off Archie Mne
Itchlnn, ma'am," Tibbie nnnounced one
tiny, referring to n young carjenter who
had haunted her domain for koiuo
week. "He's no the man for me. I
can see that weel."
"What haa poor Archie done?" neked
Mrs. JnniPHon, her heart fllletl with Joy
at tho knowledge ttuit alio was not to
low her domestic treasure, as she bad
"U'h what be hna nn done, ma'am,"
responded Tibbie, briskly. "I put n
few testa to him. I tuhl, 'Archie, If ye
had a wife, nn come home souio day
to find she'd gono gadding with her kin
and left tho booo In disorder what'd
you dor And be looked nt me with
that foollBh wnllo o' his, nu' said he,
'I'd pul It to rights mysel'.'
"Again I tried him with churchgolng.
Bald I, 'Archie, If yo had n wlfo that
some Snwbcth morning would up nn'
tell yo tdio was too tired to bldo tho
thoughts o' sitting under tho minister,
what'd jxu doV An again ho mnlled
fooll&h nt me, an' aald, 'I'd go nu lis
ten for two.'
"And At last I tried him with the
vanities o' thla world. 1 aald, 'Archie,
If yo had a wife tlmt would tako aouio
o' your hnrd-earued money nu' ajK'nd It
for gay rlhboiw nu kickshaws to put on
herself", what'd you UoV An' he atullcd
broader than over, nn' nays he, 'I'd tako
my pleasure lookln' at her wl' 'em on
"So thon I up nn' told him he's
beat bo looking elaewtaoro for n wife.
"You'd bo a fearfu' pleasant man to
wed, I aald to him, 'but wwli easy
going ways would pa. train n lau like
"The nnawcr to overy one o' the threa
questlona ahoult! 'a' been, 'I'd tako a
Btlck to her,' an' you know It I
"So now wo vo parted, ma'am."
England baa 80,000 persona with a
sluglo leg or arm.
Baiing fnii!
On rsTings depoaita of a. dollar
or more, compounded tvrlco
every year. It I lost m eaay
to open a Havings Account with ,
ub by Ma I as If yon lived noit
door. 6cnd for our free book
let, "Banking by Stall." and
learn full particulars. Addreaa
Oregon Trust Sc
Savings Bank
Portland, Oregon
Sixth nnd Washington Sta.
Uvllln; Out (rom Vadrr,
From th i!;iih of her Inner conscloto
nt Mra. Slip?r had evolved a hideous)
mnnter In the shape of a bnman being;
but dMlilate of all th moral attrlbutets
of humanity.
"Still." ahe reflected, "no fair minded
person can accuse me of btlng a natnra
fakrr. I am not charting nature with
having any Lind In th production of
ttil monstrosity."
In elaborating the story, bowtrrr, sho
cleverly dodgd all responlblIlty by pot
'ms tbt entire blaae on a brlpttsi nd
' aauapecting studtnt of the can: f
tiCUiHi tn ! knit UtaEKl
Cthtif Kit! Qt'clir WiiKlhTssil
Ulr Going tlfcc
Oil. B. C WRIU1T.
342' Wathlncton St. Partland. Ortfw
Portland Oregoa
A GlrU' Fthool of th hlbet etatf. ColUjU
l Jflittant. Muilc. Art. Elocution. Ojm
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