The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 09, 1907, Image 6

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J : 1
IVin Mnrtlal gaicd at the hunter In
"What do you moan)' ha asked him,
"I don't understand you."
"You will soon do so, my friend," said
Valentin "How long have you been
roaming aboutT"
"Nearly two month."
"In tfant rne you are well acquainted,
I presume, with these mountain V
"There In not a tree or a rock whose
exact position I cannot tell, nor a vrllil
tnvsst trail which I hare not followed,"
"flood; are we far from a apot called
the 'rrt of the Chlchlmequcel" "
"I know the place, to which you refer,
and hire often campus! there oa stormy
night, because there ti a deep cavern,
txeevated by human hands, and divided
Into several passage, every turning of
which I know."
"I was not aware of the etUtence of
thin grotto," the hunter said, with a (lad
Mart, "and I thank you for bavin? told
tne of It. Are w any treat distance
from this terraeeT"
"In a straight line, not more than five
or six miles, ami. If It were day, I could
show It to you, but as we must ride rouuJ
to reach the caravan rotd, we hare about
three bourn ride before us."
"That U a trifle, for I was afraid I
had lot my way In these mountain,
which are ttrarce to me."
White mylnc this, Valentine had risen
to explore the clearing. The storm had
ceaied. the wind hid swept away the
clouds, the deep blue ky wa studded
with brilliant stars and the moon pro
fusely ahed It rays.
"T( a magnificent night," the hunter
aatd. "It la t midnight, and I feel n
Inclination to sleep. Are you fatlguedT"
"I am nerer so," the Tlgrero aniwered
with a aaillr.
"In that case, what, do you think of t
ride In this magnificent moonllghtl
llraro! that It what I call speaking. W
will jo. If you hare no objection, aa far
aa the Kort of the Chlchlmeques."
"I n about to propose It; ami, aa we
ride along, you will tell me In your turn
what motive compelled you to com to
thru unknown regions."
"Aa for that," the hunter said, with a
mite, "I cannot satlafy you; at any rate
not for the present. Hut be eaay. I will
not put your patience to too loos a trial."
"Thla happy meeting ha already made
a different man of me," th Tlgrero said,
he rose.
The hunter laid hi hand on his shoul
der. "One moment." he raid to him . "be
fore leaving this bivouac let ua clearly
ogre as tti our facta. so at to avoid any
future mitundersttndlng."
"Ue It so," Don Martial anaweroi.
"Let us make a compact in the Indian
"Well aald, my friend." Valentine re
marked, a be drew hi knife from hi
lelt. "Hern Is my aavaja, brother; may
It serve you as It has done aw to avenge
jour wrongs and mine."
"I receive It la the face of that heaven
which I call aa wltne of the parity of
my Intention. Take mine la eiebangs.
rind one-half my powder and bullets,
"I accept It as a thing belft-glng to
roe, and here la half my ammuiUon for
you: henceforth we cannot fire at on
another, all la la common between ua.
My horse I yours."
"Mine beloocs to yon. and In a few
moments I will place It at your service."
Thru the two men. leaning shoulder to
shoulder, with clasped hand, eyeayiied
on heaven, and outstretched arm, uttered
together the following words :
"I take heaven to witness that of my
own free will, and without reservation. I
take as my friend and brother the man
wboa hand Is at this moment pressing
mine. I will help him In everything he
aaks of me. without hope of reward, ready
ty day and nlgbt to answer his first tig
ual, without hesitation, and without re
proach, even If he asked for my life."
There was something grand and solemn
In this simple aet, performed by these
two juwerful men beneath the pallid
moonbeams, and In the heart of th des
ert, alone, far from all human society.
After repeating the word of the oath
they embraced and finally shook hands.
"Now let ua be off, brother." Valen
tine aald , "I confide In yon as In myself .
we shall succeed In triumphing over our
enemies. Ily th bye, I must warn you.
brother, that If yon are not mistaken, and
wo are really following the road to the
l'ort of the Chlchiiseque. we shall prob
ably meet aeveral pensxu there, they are
friends of mine, with whom I have an
appointment and I will Introduce them to
They set out again, still folio) ing the
windings of the track, which gradually
grew steeper: and. after a very algxag
course, reached the terrace half aa boor
' "Thla Is certainly th pUce." the hunt
er exclaimed.
"llut jour friends V the) Tlgrero
The hunter without sneaking discharged
his gun, and at th sound three men ap
peared, though It was Imposalhlt to say
ubeace they came. They were Belhumeur,
JJkdc E& and Eagle-head.
About five or six league at th meet
fross) th ot wfcer Valentin and th
Ti(?ro saet, a car ran, composed of some
t perse, (Mas! halted oa Mm km night
aaj alsmeat at th tamt motasmt a th
- -
hunter In a narrow valley.
The caravan wa lodged on the bank of
a running stream, the nuilo hsd been un
loaded, a tent raised, fires lighted, and
when the ntilmnt were hobbled, the trnv
elers began to make preparations for their
On of the travelers appeared tn belong
to the highest class. The rest were only
servant or Indian peon. Still the Ore
of this person was tuost simple, but his
stiff manner, his Imposing demeanor and
haughty air, erldenced th man long ac
customed to give orders without admitting
refusal. He had passed his fiftieth year;
he wa tall, well built, and his movements
were extremely elegant. Ill broad fore-
hrad, hi buck eye large and flashing,
his long gray moustache, and his short
hair, gnve htm n military appearance,
which his harsh, quick way of speoklng
did not contradict.
Among the rwons two men more espe
ciI1t attracted attention. On wa a
rtkin, the other a half-breed, with a
crafty, leering manner, who, for sjme
reason or another, stood on tnot familiar
term with hi master; hi comrsil-s call
etl him No Carnero, and at times gave
him the title of Capatat.
No Csrnero was the wit of the cara
van, the tunny fellow ever ready to
touch and joke. The redskin wa a tall,
thin, dry man, with angular features and
(loowy and sad face, illumined by two
Naik eye deeply et In their orbit. I.Ike
mot Imllatu, It was Impossible to form
any opinion as to his ar, for hi balr
was Mark as the raven's wing, and his
parchment skin had not a single wrinkle.
II had engaged at Santa K to act as
gable to the caravan, anil, with the xcep
tten of hi obstinate silence, there was
every reason to be satisfied with him.
The pons railed him The Indian, or
sometimes Jose mocking term, employ
ed in Mexico to designate the India min
es; but the redskin appeared as Invn.l
hie to compliments aa to jokr. and con
tinued coldly to carry ont the task he had
Imposed on himself. When supper was
ended the master turned to the capita.
"Carnero,,, he said to bL-u, "though In
three remote regions, w hav but little
to frar, still do not fall to place sen
trie." "1 have warned two men. ml amo,"
the capatat replied; "moreover, I Intend
to make my rounds to-night; eh, Jose,"
be added, "are you certain you are not
mistaken, and that you really lifted a
trail? Do jou know to what nation the
sign you diu-orered beloncs?"
"Crow," the redskin answered hoarse-
"Caral!" the master exclaimed. "If
they are Crows w shall do well to be
on oar guard."
"Nonsense" Camera remarked with a
grin of derision. "Indians tell as many
lie as old women."
The Indian's eyes Sashed; without
dtlgnlng to reply h drew a moccasin from
bis breast, and threw It so adroitly at
the capatax at to strike htm across the
face. Kurloaa at the Insult so snddenly
offered by a man whom be always conU
red inoffensive, the half-breed uttered a
yell of rage, aud rushed knlf In haud on
the Indian.
Hut the latter bad not taken his eye off
him, and by a slight movement he avoided
the desperate attaek of the caparax; then,
drawing himself up, he Taught him round
the waist, raised him from th ground as
easily as be would have done a child,
and burled him Into th fire, where be
writhed for a moment with cries of pain
and Impotent passion. When be at length
got out of the fire, half scorched, he did
not think of renewing the attack, but sat
down, directln: savage glance at hli
adversary, like a turusplt punishes! by a
"Th Indian (a right." said th mattrt
coldly, "this moccasin bears the mark oi
the Crow nation. My poor Carnero, you
must put up with It, for though the pun
tshment yen receives! was severe, I am
forced to allow that it was deserved."
"The dog will pay me for It with his
traitor fare," tb capital growled. "I
am no man If I do not leave hi body as
food for th crows h discovers so clev
erly." "My poor lad," hi master continued,
with a Jeer, "you had better forget this
affair, which I allow might be dUagrrral
to jour self-esteem ! for I fancy you would
not be th gainer by rrcoauueoiug th
Th capatai did not answer, but looked
round to select one oa whom he could
vent hit spltr, without Incurring risk;
but the peons wer on their guard, and
offered him no chance. lie then mad
a signal lo two men to follow him, and
left the circle grusMius.
The bead of the caravan remained for
a few momenta plunged In serious
thought, he then withdrew beneath his
teat, th curtain of which fell behind
him. and the peon lay down on the
ground, on after the other, with their
fret' to the fire, carefully wrapped up In
their sari pes, and fell asleep.
Th Indian then looked aearchlnzty
around him. and, rising negligently, went
slowly to crones at the foot of a tree,
though not beor h had taken th pre
caution of wrapping himself In his buffalo
Er long, with th exception of th sen
tries leaning oa their irunt and motion
less ts statues, all th travelers wr
plunged la deep !ep.
An hour Ubs. r aaythlng disturb
ed tfc silence that prevailed la th camp.
AM at otwo elaguUr thing kappsned.
The buffalo robe, under which the Indian
w.rm sheltered, gently row with nu nlirnwt
Imperceptible moivmciit, aud the) red
skln'n faro appeared, darling glance of
lire Into the gloom. In n moment tha
guide raised himself slowly along tit
trunk Of the treo against which ho hnd
been lying, embraced It vlth hi feet and
Im mis, aud with iimlulntlnitmoscments re
sembling Hum of reptiles, left the ground,
and raited himself to tti first brancheM,
among fthlch he disappeared.
This ascent was executed with such
well calculated etounca that It had not
produced I ho slightest sound. Moreover,
the buffalo robo left at the foot of the
tree so well retained Its primitive folds,
that It was Impossible to discover, with
out touching It, that th man It sheltered
had left It.
Hefore selecting as his resting place th
foot of the treo In which he was now
concealed, the guld had assured himself
that this tree, which wa very high and
leafy, was Joined at about two-third of
Its height by other trees.
After a few minutes' hesitation, th
guld drew In his belt, placed tils knife
between hit teeth, and with a lightness of
movement that would hare done honor to
a monkey, he commenced literally hopping
from one tree to another, hanging by his
arms, and clinging to tht creepers, wak
ing up, as be passed, the birds, which
flew away In alarm.
This strange Journey tastes! about three-
quarters of an hour. At length the guld
stopped, looked attentively around him,
and gliding down the trunk, reached the
gtound. The spot where he how found
himself was a rather spacious cletulnr, In
the center of which bl.ted an enormous
fire, serving to warm forty or fifty red
skins, completely armed and equipped fur
This detachment of redskin was cer
tainly on the war trail, or at any rate on
a serious expedition, for they had with
them neither dogs nor squaw. In spit
of the slight rare with which the Indians
were wont to guard theouelvee at nltht,
the tree and deliberate manner In which
the guide entered their encampment prov
ed that he wa expectesl by these warriors,
who evinced no surprise at seeing him.
but, on the contrary, Invited him with
hospitable gesture to take a seat at their
fire. The guide sat down silently, th
chief standing by his side. This chief
was still a young man, his marked fea
ture displaying the utmost craft and
boldness. After a rather lengthened In
terval, doubtless expressly granted the
visitor to let him draw breath and warm
hlmnelf. the jnang chief bowed to him
and addreed htm deferentially:
"My father Is welcome among his son;
they were Impatiently awaiting Ms ar
rival." The guide responded to this compli
ment with a grimace.
"Our scouts," th chief continued,
"have carefully examined the encampment
of the Yoris, and the warriors of th
Jester are ready. Is my father Guru
mllta satUfiedr
Curumllta laid hi right hand on hi
chest and uttered with a guttural accent.
"I'gh!" which was with him a mark of
the greatest Joy.
The Jester and his warriors bad ?en
too long acquainted with Curumllta for
hb silence to s-ea strange; hence they
yielded to his mania, and giving up the
hope of getting a syllable out of his closed
lips, began a conversation In signs.
The redskins Uive two languages, the
written and th sign language. Th lat
ter which has attained high perfection,
and which all understand. Is usually em-
pJeyesl when banting, or on expeditions
when a word pronounced even In a low
voice may reveal th presence of an am
buscade to th enemy, whether mtn or
It would have been Interesting for any
stranger who bad been prewent at this
interview to see with what rapidity th
gestures and signs were exchanged be
tween tbee men, so strangely lit up by
th ruddy glow of th fire.
At length this silent council terminated.
Curumllta raised bis band to beared, and
pointed to the stars, which were begin
ning to grow dim, and then ten the cir
cle. The redskin respectfully followed
him to the foot of the tree by tbt a I.', of
which h had entered tbelr camp. When
he reached It be turned round.
"May the Waeondab protect my fath
er!" the Jester then said, "ills sons
hav thoroughly understood hi Inten
tions, and wilt follow them literally. The
great pal hunter will have Joined hi
friends by this hour and b Is doubtless
awaiting us."
"It It root," Curumllla answered, and
saluting for the last time th warriors,
who bowed respectfully before him. th
chief set led the creeping plants, and rais
ing himself by the strength of his wrists.
In a second be reached th branches and
The Journey the Indian had mad was
very Important and nevsled to be so for
him to run such great risk In order to
have an Interview at this hour of th
night with the redskins.
Th chief recommenced hi aerial trip
with the uai tlghtnes and th sam
good fortune. After a lapse of time com
paratively much shorter than that which
be had previously employed, he reached
the ramp of th white men. The sam
silence prevailed in Ita Interior; th sen
tinels were still motionless at their post
and th watch Area wer beginning to ex
pire. Th chief assured himself that bo ey
wa fixed on him that no spy wa oa
tb watch; and, feeling certain of not
being perceived. h slid stleutly down th
Ire and resumed th place beneath tb
buffalo rob which he waa supposed not
to hav left during th night.
At th moment when, after taking a
final glanc around, th Indian chief die
appeared beneath his robe, tb rapataa,
who waa lying athwart th entrance of
th but, gently raised hi head and look
ed with tranT fixity of glanc at th
plat occupied by th redskin.
(To b ceatteud.).
-.. -
. J? L
llHiiilr llnrii Device,
Illustration atiuM n itovtco for
1h, which should lo In owry
Till Ihiv, mil) tn tuiido of nuy
n lay
dlmctiidouN itcslrcsl mill roiiclic from
tho loft to Just utsiMi tho umugvr lu
tho stall li'liiu, plncltiK It ut n height
so Hint the liorso can Kct at tho Imy
tvitdlly. An shown In l ho cut the lx
stiould be whliT l tho bottom than
at tha ton to protciit the Imy from
ImUltiK. Tho oiioit spniv Mow should
bo tlttiM with tun or nwrv llittit Inm
bur to prvu'iit tho milmnt from imllltig
out too much of tho Imy at n tlmo
and unslltig It.
In tho lower part of tha drawing la
shun n tl slutted Isitlimi, which U
used In tills box so ttiiit the chntt mid
dust tuny sift through. The top of tho
Nx, In the loft, should U csmTnl
with n lie'tvy slattisl nrrntu.vmint for
the pittr1' of U'titllntlou. It should
be mndu of ttlntit nul'lctciitly heavy to
bear the weight of a man If he should
ti on It accidentally, ami he IiIiirvhI
EOo.MmiCAt. hav nox.
at otm end for easy handling. Thcso
hay boxra may bo tnado of Inch ma
terial, ami will cost hut a trifle, com-
(MinsI with tUi saving of hay and their
csmrcntrnciv -
TUSH of I'trlit Jllee.
Tho apple twit of Maine I sufTrrliu
from n visitation of rich! mice, which
hnv devii tn ted the orchards, s that
It will require several yoar of enrvful
nursing before tho apple crop will l
uii to standard. Ihrwo animal nro so
tiny that It soohi lnisistlMo Hint they
csiiiUI chuo so much ibiUHijrc, but the
ocrlotintfMi of them I due liot to their
slxe Imt their Duwtora. They Iwvo
btvn allovrtn! to multiply very rapidly
In the past few jeara by the destruo
tlou of their natural em-tule. too
rruwa. Jays, shrikes, ush and hawk.
Theeo bird ho lwn kllltsl off In
great uumbvra by tho farmers because;
of the damage they are Mtps4-d to do
the crop and In thus disturbing na
ture' balance the fnrmcra have
brought down Uon tlwinselve nu
equally If not moro serious trouble.
The m leu attack the fruit tmt,
gnawing the bark from the base, so
that tho treo I oerlouvly Injured and
often klllrd. Tho State agricultural
export are working on tho problem,
but they are unablo to offer any solu
tion, except that of prt-ctlnK the) nat
ural eneuiltM of the mlco. I'olsonlng I
not successful, for the reason that
other animal are dvstrojcsl at the
aa ma 'time.
Tatktnsj I'omr from Windmill.
If you bare a windmill It ran easily
he nrrnnRsM to run tho grindstone, bono
mt'rr. frssl grinder, etc. Tho cut show
n good device to convert the
periK-ndloular motion of the
wlmlmlll Into a horizontal
one. The bar, b, I cotimxt
tsl to the windmill pitman,
n, so that It may be attached
at will. The wheel, c, and
shaft, e, should bo of Iron
or steel. The short pitman,
h, may bo of Iron or hard
woosL The axle bar, d.
which hohls abaft, e, rljrld, pvnulttlng
the pitman, b, to revolve wheel. e.thould
be of heavy Iron, Onuly secured, and
braces! to pump at platform. tr'arm
aud Home.
Itexltop and altlke clover are best
adapted to moltt aolU and wilt prove
profitable crops on the low place In
the farm where timothy or clover will
not do well. If tho ground Is uneven
or bossy, run a spading barrow or disk
over It until It It brought down to fit
condition for seeding. Then ow eight
pound of redtop and four pounds of
alalke clover Jer a -re.
Ily cleaning up the farm you will In
crease Ita value and when It It cleaned
and cleared It will cultivate more eas
ily and cheaply and giro large rotors.
"'skiSn' ..a WW lSi-"tAwsV:wii!i'S
isyn-144-i s"s r i. - - .m-w
r i"i. n k.-Ta t I
mi-!v , . .v..:
full lleiintr Apple.
One tmtiirnll)' e.xievln tt Kentucky
Urodtn't to ho Imntlsmue, Ho It I '"
Kiirpil-' Hint Ihe tirtiuo Poll Hemil
lini lfi sohHti"!
us .tiipMi-litle for
n new npplo which
Iiiih urli;iu.ilis In
the lllue tlruiw
country. Tho up-
pie, iuvtrdlug to
tho thxicrliitlou by
the Htnte oxlicrliucilt
hi Alllt-
atnthui, Is not
only u beauty, hut hns other pM ipwll
lies, Tho iipples r mMiietlliii ileelHT
on one side Ih.tu tho other, hut Ken
enilly unite ammelrli-nl Tho welcht
wm to nvcritKe a fraction nle half
n pound. Other ilnta are
Color, iloii purplish red, sometime
nniiplv'tely so, nunlu only or lamely on
the issil side striped, with deeper
putiiln nml pale waxen jellnw, when
fully rliv, with oeher Jellow, the strll-
ntntrnvUiiK ntnl extending Into the cav
ity nt tho calyx end! umrknl with evi
dent oeher yellow dit, these Ixvuiiillut
esiKH'hill," consptniiius where the pur
plish nsl Is dis'ps-st; nxloti aUiut the
ealyx end sometime extensively waxen
Flesh whlto at first, becomlnc crrsjny
when tlioroughty rlH; itauir not strlk
lug, hut pleasant; subacid; skin rather
mush, thus calculated to protect It
from IntsH-t niti! fungous Injury atsl to
render It a phxl shipper ltlo Sept.
:Z While It I adapted only for fall
tts. It rli'hs nt a lime when few ap
ple a ml are lu n condition for
the taMe, tho early om tsliig IsHig
eouo aiMt Hm late one not yet suitl
clently rle. It keep -ry well, !
i hiiI iii,- Dually lu (KtoUr mellow ami
agnvablo a an entltxt npphs. It ciV
well l-rfore this Dual cltaugo, HMklttg
K.mI Mlier, hut proving css'lally ao
cvptoble when Itakrst. t'lifertuiMlely
Hie cut cannot show the rlrhn of tho
coterlng of the -nll IteaHty. In twsir
lug It Is a regular as IUmho Iteauty
or lU ti Davis.
I.tmp.ulplinr-nll Wh.
I'mm exinrlmeti, rarrlrsl on with
chemically pure time am! sulphur. It
np".ar to tho author of a government
bulletin that solid sulphur Is net ills
solved by Mllng flftwn minutes, but
that tho Nsst results are obtained by
boiling from forty Die to sixty mtn
ute. A boiling ps-rloil of one hour
Is sufficient to dissolve nearly all of
he sulphur, hut the thlosulphate are
soiiN'w'uit ItH'reasesl by n lutigi-r j-crloil,
Halt apparently has no Influenoo
uim the nimpHltlou of the wash In
s far as tho sulphur compounds are
colirerned. Tho slight difference In
tho composition of the wash, at usst
by different Investigators, have little or
n Inriuoueu umiii the time requires!
for boiling. When lime am! sulphur
are uses! In quantities there I
more than enough llm to dissolve the
sulphur. Theso substance mjr bo
uvd In the proportion of ime pouw! of
lime to one am! one-quarter pound of
sulphur. About twenty-Are Htttd of
sulphur to fifty gallon It a maximum
It appear that the use of air-slaked
lime ha no Influence on the eotn po
sition of the wnsh, and that thero Is
likewise practically no (llfTeretifo In
rumposltlon whether flower of sul
phur or flour of sulphur I ux-d. De
tailed note aro also given on tho com
position of HiiMv-sulphur wasti with
tartlcular rrfereuco to tin- different
kind of sulphur rumoundt. It It
found that not all of the sulphur It
Ullvcd by the heat gem-ratisl by
caustic aoila, but tho suggestion I
made that a wash containing ten
pounds of caustic ota and nineteen
pound of sulphur per fifty gallons of
water nlHiout llmo may give satisfac
tory result.
Bsleollna- Sllleb Cotes.
That one oow can be made to do tha
work of two hns boon found to be
easily acvompllshod by the svlcctlon of
the bs-st Individual. A Vermont daJry
man, whoso cow producett 1U0 pound
of butter each per yisar, bat succeed
est In getting 100 pound per year from
cacti cow In the herd. Dairymen In
other section have done fully at well.
It I claimed that If one cow gtve-t
at much as formerly did two, there
It a sarins In stable room, labor and
care. ThI cannot bo accomplished,
however, unlrs the cow am nn.i
on the farm, or purchases! from lm-i
proved breed. Feed, of course, It'
an Important matter, also, but a good
cow will giro moro product from the'
food eaten than will an Inferior cow!
that tt fed In tho tamo manner.
Iind owner Interested In eitabllth
Ing commercial forett plantations, abet
ter belta, windbreak and uiowbreakt
ami la planting tree to reclaim thlft
In: sand and other watte lands, will
bo given practical aattitance by tho
forestry aorvlco of the Department of
Agriculture on application to the office
at Washington,
There I a medium In feeding which
It It beat to follow. It give to each
animal Jutt what Ita system can read.
Ily asetmllate and make use of, no
more, ao 1.
I'lneupple Mini airaisliertles.
To isteh meillum sltisl pluefipple lnV
one tixniipful of grMimUtiMl sugar I'nr
mid core tho pineapple, out lu lre
or lu sqtitirv. Alii some sugar with
the plueHpple, adding enough water to
melt the sugar. Itoll briskly for tlflrcn
lnlnuteH. Then fill tha tan almost full
of fruit. Thru siur on molted tr
nitlu, b'so new tops and ruliU-r. If
xisllie. When tho can has cooled
tulllclently, dip tha top of eaeh rati la
liielte.1 irnili.
Wash mid stem tho strawlterrlr To
each quart of Iwrrle allow one quart
of gramilalei! sugar. Ikill briskly fur
fifteen minute. Then almost nil th
en ii with the tarries, 'touring on top
llieltrsl paraltln. Hcald. WImii ni dip
each top In molted parnlflu. Htrawlr
rlei rnutieil lu Oil way aro lUllcluui
am! will Weep their color.
Warm two cup of milk and put la
one-hatf nip of butter; let thU butter
niftru, but not turn to an oil. Itt
four rgg light a for enke am) Una
add to the milk and butter. Add four
heaping lnl.leootu of Hour and t4t
all ban! anil fHrlously. tilt liutlerts)
cup thrvo-quartcr full and bak la
a quirk otrn until tkssy nro iHtffi-d up
welt and browned. Turn at one out
of tho rti ofi tu a warm dUli, rut
gash lit eorb ami fill with a l"i'ful
of Jolly or pHi. Cltvrt the gnsh sis!
dreslge the top with powdered sugar.
airxxlierrr lev I'rrisi...
fVal.1 we pint uf milk In a dnuM
Isjllor, add one scant tablesposmrul of
Dour blendes! In a lltthi nihl water,
stir until slightly IhlrkeHed and rk
for ton minute. I test together BH
VC aiwl two cupful of sugar, add ta
the eookrst milk am! stir until tiikk
em! Ilka ruotard, strain and set ttiite,
Hull, wash ami rub through a slervoo
qwart of ts-rrlrsv, To tho euld ruttard
add one pint of cream, put Into IS
frcrxer and turn for a few minute un
til cold. Add the lorries am! one u-bts-spoouful
of Iohmiii Juke ! frreio.
Hardlno salad Is a dollctoo luncbroa
or lea dish, demote the skin and !
from six big Mnllnrs and cut Into tlay
plesv. t'lace these In a salad bowl
with stv, rob! boltis! rgg cut In quar
ters anl one Ue, flrui Ji4 cut Into
strl and Ihrvsi cold boiled hitsl
cut Into dice. If you like I ho fl.rr
add half a liMtsmful of finely
chopps e4il.-s aHd then faur labl
tsM of Krevwh dresHdng. Jtwrvo vef
f'siHrvrHlna !,
A freh egg w III sink whn placed la
water and rest iw Its aide. If Ibrr
wrwk oM It will InclliH) slightly with
the sMiall em! down, If Utrrs mointii
oh! It will stand on the small end, aud
If older tt will float with large end
out of water more or lew, according
to ago. Popular Mechanic hating ap
parently untile experlweots with gis
egg. Is riiHlwlWv for these stati
t.emon CsMiklra.
1'our Cllli of slflisl rliuir op t,..neh
for a stiff dough; oho (eoeupful of
nutter, two aijx of sugar, the Juloe of
one lemon and the grated x-vl fna
the outstds, three nags, whlp)Hs tff
iignt. neat tiMiriHighly racli Ingredi
ent, adding, after all It In. half
tonsiiooiiful of soda iIIssoImnI lu a If
niospounriii or milk Hull out at an)
ixhjkics and bake a light brqwu.
t'hiteiilnte Wnfr.
One-hnlf of n cupful of light brown
sugar, ono-lmlf of a cupful of gruo-j
liiteil sugar, om-half of a cup of gratrd j
hitler clMK-olute, one nml one-half fup-l
fills of flour, ime-quarter of a teasj-
flll of Hull, mill t..iiww, ,v- vmillll.
Mix to a soft itouzh. roll out Itttist J
at n time--thin and cut Into tlnk
Hike In n iiKHleruto oven.
To 214 pound of rhubarb, washed
and cut in Inch piece, add one cupful j
of vinegar, pounds uf sugar and on '
iHiuespoonrul each of cinnamon na i
clores. 1'ut nil tu n preserving krltH j
unu tMiii steadily fr mf nu hour Ml
In Jelly glaiscii, co'erltii; tlw tops with i
pant mil.
. .v. . ,- irirnuurrnes,
Add tn 1 iwninil,,,wwl snd
I....-.. I M. t --
wntliei! trawlierrle half cupful Mipo
ooii nvo minutes, put them In J"
close and turn the Jura upside daB
every two minute till cold. They wm
" ak up n great deal of tho Juice ui,
luoa line.
"n "oasisiaiioas. i
I'cwtcrware thould bo waahed In bM
ML . m ..
water with a lino allrer and and
terward iwllsbrd with a leather.
A crust of bread put Into tho wtrfi
In which green are boiled will nborl
ii oDjectlouabla rankucsa of flaror,