The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 26, 1907, Image 8

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Townsite of BEND
1 iTf J ;
n 1, I. UrV I I.
i i fi I'll
H U n t t
lii i i I
a y sj -
J1 f A u s- Ai
fc A yks VV Is M '
. III! I, I V . x . v X XV w y- U'i I i 1 1 1 t !- ii i il ii li I I i I . ' I I I I ' '
x x xv,;Nv ytt JX
5 7CXx VWXym S M
I y Vxx'YcVxX r .
I ywv '1111 11,
Or the Deschutes River in Western Part of Crook
County, Oregon.
iftcr of the new Irrigation Development covering
At Gateway to
the Great
Ar-',. , . ? i lii rn
1 i J J
is u i t 7
A V C.
l t J 4 J
it. i i $ i
r" i ' i i i i i" i l I I I l.l.l"?
t, J 4 S t
t l v f I 7
JLyfsJi L
:-i The Town has Grown
nltnoBt entirely hi two yent, tlic ws
onicc (latli)t: uniyirom April H, 1904.
IPER h ' AV E..
Ilcnil linn excellent public nchooU
nnd complete public wntcr worti.
Central Oregon Banking
& Trust Company
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traffic it could handle.' and they
left with tluy intention of hurrying
the completion of the Oregon
Trunk Line as rapidly as was pos
sible. Besides Messrs. Nelson and Greg
ory the party was composed of L.
G. Gray, president and general
manager of the Yukon & Pacific
Tailway; H. P. DcVrccs, a promi
nent Insurance man; George Danz,
of Thompson & Banz, railway sup
ly business; C. A. Cushing, real
estate; D. A. Robinson, retired
from active business but formerly
largest grain elevator contractor in
the United States, having built
practically all the elevators on the
line of the Great Northern. He
has large timber interests in Wash
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ere en and iiotio 1 by several, a it
was a dark night and the driven bad a
severe task to find romlt.
Allen Trobee was unutually busy Fri
day and Saturday limiting board trees
and fulling. He was accompanied by
V. II. Howard,
George Dogue is having quite a run at
the Kosland Stables and is doing quite
a business hiring out turnouts and car
riages to the dancers.
K, Clauson lias moved on the ranch,
close to Roilaud, recently vacated by
The Halcer girls from Prlneville are
stopping with us, wijh n view to settling
in the country.
Turnalo Items.
Ti'MA uo, Julj i ) Some liay is being
cut in these paru. '
P.O. Minor and Mr. Staats of Bend
passed through here today.
J, II, Winter and Arnold Rreisel were
at Sisters Sunday seeing the sights.
Lawrence 'Smith returned home Satur
day from a two weeks' visit at Vande
vert's. Mrs. Eva Steele and daughter, Miss
Anna, stopped in Turnalo yesterday, go
to their hou'esteads near Sisters.
Hirhiower & Smith had the miifor-
tuac tv hrk their ttttf feed emjine
one day last week and had to send to
Portland for repairs.
Mr. and Mrs. Goodwillie of Tlcnd
passed through today going to nnd.
T. A. Jetucn is engaged at present
bulldiug a house on his homettcad. I'.
V. Swisher is helping hiirtf
Why didn't I write last week? Well,
I will tell you I JUST KOKCOT.
A Letter from William Stephens.
KKRLAND. July 9, 1907. Hditor Bui.
letlu: A few lines to you from old ling
land and will say I am having a fine visit
with my relatives but shall be glad to
get home to Dend again, for Hnghind in
all its glory is no like independent little
HeniJ to live in. It is very nasty weath
er in l'.ngland, cold, rainy and blowing
hard all the time up to the present.
I and my wire arc going to London on
Monday next to visit my brother and
see London, and August jS wo sail on
the largest vessel afloat, the Adriatic, for
Oregon, and we will not stop until we
get there.
You know that I am reading The Hem!
Bulletin evvry week and am keeping
posted, for last night I had the pleaiure
of reading of the sale of the fiend town-
site which make mc feel liappy for all
of us.
I hope you all enjoyed the I'ourth nnd
had a good time. I should try much
have liked to be at the trout feast just to
show what a splendid mechanic I am at
eating, etc, for if I nay here much
longer I shall challenge O'Kane to a
measure around with the tax. line.
Shall be in Ilend about the lait of Sep-
tciuuci, w hiui K11111 rcgarus 10 an at
home will clone. I remain, Yours moot
renjKCtfully, WlU.IAM STKI'lfl'.XS,
Citizen of U. S, A.
TlmUr Ln., Act Junr j, ilri
U. S. !ml Office, The Italic, Oircon.
Junc4, ISO?
Motlcc l hereby (Wtn that In cotnptUnn with
the prorUiontor the Actor Con(te of June;,
f4. entitle.!, ''An ct for ih.' Mleef timber UnU
ln,lheittnofCllforiil. ortron. NevwU, iml
Wkahtncten Tefrttoty.- extewietl to all the
ptmncMixisutrtby Act or Autu.l 4, t,
1'rr.l W VVIIauu
oflTlneTllle, county ofCruok, aUIr el Ore(Hi,
hon Juue 3, lyi. (lint In thlaoince hla aoofu
alalinienl No 4I4 for the purthaac of lut 7.
!fne!(ntwa)f ofe 1,1pm, r He. w m
istul wilt offer proof to show that the land
aouchl la more valuable for Ita Umber or atone
thin lor crlcultursl uuriue, ami to eul
ll.h hia claim to Ml.l latul Ufarr II. C. Kllla,
I' h hlaoSicTallleutl,Orsoa,
on the 14th clay of beplcmber, f17.
He name aa wltnetv loaeph N. Hunter,
William II. Mlajll. Slatv II. Ilran. A. II.
allof IKnJ, Orecon.
Any anrl all feraona claiming ailreraely
the aborc dractllri larxtaare renuealeJ to file
their claitna in I hla office on or bcAirc the 11
14th day of beplember, loo;.
Jill ail C. W, MOOKK. KffUlcr.
Timber Land, Art June j, it,
U, B, lAai Otict, The Dalle, Oregon.
June 4, i7.
Nolle I hereby gleen that In complUnce with
IheprorlaloiiavTllK Act of Content of June 3.
I87S. entitled, "An act for Ihe sale of limber Unda
in the states of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Waihlagtoa Tenltory," aa extended to at) the
public land state by Act of Auguit 4, iS?j.
ItorenccA. McCauu
of Ilend, county of Crook, atale'cf Oregon, has
on July it, 1906, filed In this office her sworn
atatt-ment No. vft for the purchase of the nwj
And will offer proof to show that the land
ought I wore valuable for ita Umber or atone
than for agricultural purposes, and to eatabliah
her claim to said Jaud before II, C, Kill., U,
li. CouimiMlouer, aC his office lu Deud, Oregon,
011 the lilh day ofAugmt, lyo?
Hhe names s wilucaacs, lUrueat A. Ilrimu.
liolnunW Morrill, both of bend, Oregon,
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
sbove-desnibed lauds are requeued to die taair
ctalnu In ihla oScc en or bervrt aatd llth day
of Auguat, lyjj, '
Timber Land, Act June J, IS;,
V. 8. Land Office. The ftallea, Oregon.
June is, vri.
Notice la hercliy given that In compliance with
ineprnvMlonanririeAct or Congreaa or June t,
lr.. entitle.). "All act fur the ale of tlmlcr lamia
in me atate or Calllurnla, Oregon, Nevada, and
Waahlngton Tertltury," a extended tn alt ihr
publk land itale by act of Auguat 4, iVj,
John K, Hmythe
of rtend, county of Crook, atate of Oregon,
haaon January io, i7. ftlc.l In Ihla office hi
worn atateincnt No, s?l for the Iiurchaae of the
aeKw,W and lota Jnd4 of aec 19, and lot 1 of
ae jo in ip 17 a, r 11 e w tu.
And will offer proof to aliow thai the
land sought la more valuable for It timber or
tone than for agricultural purpoaea, and to
csUMlth hit claim to aald land Ufore II.
C. I'.llla, U 8 Commlaaiouer. at hla office In
Ilend, Oregon, on the 14th day of KcpUinber, ivo;
llenamea aa witoeaae. John II. Overturf,
ulmer Niawouirrr. Sflelial I. frrfan,i. Inhn
Httldl, Henry Tweet, all of Ilend, Oregon.
Any and all person claiming adversely
he above deacribed land ar. rmuatrcl In Ala.
their claim in thla office on or before the aald 14th
day of heptcmbcr, t'rj.
jll'-at) C. W. MOOKIi. KegUtcr.
Timber Iud, Act of June 1, S;.
V. S. Mnd Office, The IMUn, Oregon,
June 6. 1907.
Notice la hereby given that In compliance with
thcprovlaiouaorihcAetof Congrcaat of June J,
1S7S, entitled "An act fur Ike sale of timber laud
In the Ktatea of California, Oregon. Nevada, and
Washington Territory," aa extended to alt the
Pubtlc Uud Htalta by act of August 4, iv,
Mcllat C. Cop n
of Bend, county of Crook, atate of Orccou,
baaon, January 19, IJ07, filed in Ihui officeher
aworn statement No. 377J for the purcbaac ohhe
Xnejf and anwjl ofaec jj. tp ly s, ntc.w n
And wilt offer proof to show that the laud
ought is more valuable for lit timber or alone
naii tor agricultural puriivaea, and 10 (ttabllah
herds m to aad land liefi 11. iv Miiia. ti. u
Coaimluloner.athlaollicelnllcud, Oregon, ou
...v .. wj w, ,r)KU4uvf , fyV7
Khe names as witness, W. H. Nichol, Hrink
putterworth. Albert C Lucas, Joseph N, Hunter,
William II. rflaaU, sll of ileud, Oreguu,
Any and all peraous cUluine adversely the
aluvcleacribed land are renic3rd to file their
claim In this office ou or before said 14th day ol
Heptcmbcr, 1997,
Jlll-Slj C. W, MOOKK, KegUtcr
Department of the Interior,
Land Office at The Dalle, Oregon,
June m, Ivor.
NMke I hereby given that Levi C Whlltf.1 of
Ilend, (iftfon. ha filed not lev uf hi intention lu
make final file-year prrmf In support ( hi
eialm, via Homcalra.l Xulry No rests, made
March 1;, lyu, for the lie K ,f a tj, tp il a, r it
e, win, and that Mhl preur will lie made before
It C Ittlia, l ft. CtHiiiHlaaloncr. at hi office in
Ilend, Mrcgon. on Auguat ijlh, ly,7
lie name I lie following wltncaae Is pro,e hit
cuniiiiuMua reaittenee uan, and cultivation uf,
Iheland, vii.
wiiium 11 Hiaai. josepti N. Hunter. IWgeuhi
J Whllled, all of Ilend, Oiegon, John llloa. uf
Mater, urcgon. nauv. uuii, ol uedmeud, Ore
gon. jlll CM' MOOKK, Uegiater.
Department of Ihe Interior,
Mud Office at Lakevlew, Oregon,
July i, 1907.
Notice I hereby given that J. o. Dorrancv,
Admr. of Hamnel II. Dorrance, of Printline, Ore-j-vn.lui
filed notice ol lit Intention to mak
final Ave-)earpiuufliiauport of hi claim, vU
llomeatead Itnlry No. 11J7 made July j. lyo?,
lor (he aS!(.aUaV aec it and nctnwl
are 11, tli la, r y e m,
And that m14 proof will be made before Ihe
clerk of Croojf county, Clregnn, at hla office at
iine.wie, uregon, on trie 10111 uay 01 AuguM,
lie name the following nltuctm In prore hit
iron in
All of
coulluiuiu retktence npuu. and cultlralfun
ti.v b,im, via n. ii iiuuiuKancau, v i
llngahead. Joaeph Taggart, George Aline
igancad, W C llol
iH,.in.i,iw.mi iiaii.iirurirAimr ail
Koaltnd, Otcgon. Janus lllack of Ilend, Oregon.
Timber Land, Act Jun J, lift.
17. H. U.i.l omce, The Italic, Oreson,
June 4, lynf.
NMiee It tierehy given that In compriante with
lh pro.l.lonanf Ihe Aet f Cutieta M June X
IV. entitled, "An art fW the ulef iimUf
In Ihe atate nf California. llrriwH, Nevada, and
Waahlngton Terrllnry ' aaeatrrHaaal la all the
puMK huh titles uy Al ur Auguat 4, r-t,
Chaunrey r. lurney
of Bend, cmtnly of Croak, Mate nf (Heron,
haon AHgual in. ivA. Wr.l In thl olfire hla
worn alatemenl Nu saSl. fbr Ihr purena ef
sn.i u.iw)4iiwr, ui tee 1. 111 , nit
w m
And will offer proof to thaw llul the land
aought I more valuable for II timber or alnac
than lor agricultural porpwa, nrnl u, rMaUl.h
hll claim to mM tsml belute If. I' KWa. V- ft.
Commtaaiwier. at hla nfltcc In Ilend. Diegen, vo,
Ike nth day of Auguat. iy7
He iiamnatwlliieaa Mleharl J Msnlson.
loepli N Hunter. William II. hlaaia, Itiomu
a-amiMiler. all of Iknd, Hlvgwi. Joku Ma.
Mater, Oiegon
Anyandall tieraon claiming advery the
above-deM-ilbed lamia ale trn,Hatl 10 file llieir
claim lu thl office on or before aald ulli day of
Augual, Vfj.
Jl49 C W. MOOKII. Heglalrr.
I, N. WATKON. Keglttrr.
SAniit tu rtelllemciit and Knlrv
mint ol the Interior, ftrnerat laml IliArv u'a.l.
Ingtou, I). C , June it. .a. Ncllre It belt by
giteu that Ihe publielaiHlt III Ihe following dr.
acrlbeil area. teinHrrily withdrawn on July
Jl. iyl. for foreatry purpua and adjoining the
rreiuont National l'oit4. Oregon, snd not oth
erwlae withdrawn, rracrvtd or aprirbiirlaled,
will by authority orthcnecrctsryU the interior
berntored tolhHiMic domalu on tteplcmbcr
'. I'oj. and Ucome subject to tcltlriaciil on and
.iter that date, but not 10 entry, fllluir or telrc-
lion until ou and after October is, lyu?, under
thcuaualrratricllantat the Dulled Htatc Laud
Ofllcr at The Dalle, flrruuti. In Tuwm.Iii,,
,,,.,... 1, v,, npiiae leu ii"l, me aouinweal
iiarterofriectloiieletcii(ii), luTownihlptwcn
ty (to). Range leu f 10), hectloutoue (1), Iwo (11.
three (1), eleven (11), twelve In). Ihlrleen (u)!
fourteen ful. twenty thrrr fail. Iwriilv.rniir
and thlrty-aW (J4); in Towiialilp twenty (to),
aiauxetievcu li;, reciiououe i; 10 iwculy-lwu
(l), IkiIIi incluthe. Ihe aouthcatt quarter of Dec
Iweuly-aeveu (7)
R'd Tljd BulUtita't, Irrigation
!, .,, iii,iH.iiii tiiv aouil
Ion twenty-five (s), Hectlom
to thirty-four (u), both luclutive, and rtcctiuii
thlrty-dx (6)j In Towuthlp twenty (to), Kaitge
IweUefltl. theftouthwrat uuaftFrnflUl(n,. ...v.
en ('), all of becllon tlxlecu (16), the weal half of
Hcctlun aeculeru'(l7), Krcllunt eighteen (IS),
nineteen f 19J, twenly (to), the wet half of Hec.
t oiilweiily-oue, ii, hevtlous twenty-nine ImI,
thirty joj and the aoulliwett rpisrlcr of Heel Ion
thirty-one (jl), all houth and !!!, WilUmetle
Meridian, Oregon. Warning I hereby given
lhat no ntraon will he tarrmltic.k tu vain nt .
cie any richt whatever under auv ariilemrni ,.r
ii..- . -.... . i, 1 : .. .. . ' -..... w.
utupaiioii.iH-giiii prior iu raeiiicinoer as, 1007,
and all aiKh aellleineiit I hereby forbid,!,-,.
i;i.n Dknett, Acting Comuiiaaroiier of the
i.cneiai mhh uiuee, Aunroveui jkssk w.
WiLiuix, Acting Kecrctary of the Intcrfor,
Rolled Oarley for Sale.
In the Johnson building on Wall
street at Bend. 8tf
Don't read your neighbor Bul
letin. Subscribe for It yourself,
It Itf better to take many injuries
Department of Ih lulcrWr.
Land Olfo at The Dalle. Orrguu,
June j. Vrt
Notice It hereby given that Latins June.,
guardian It Iimim. Intaue.
w. ,.., in, i.iijiui,, ,in mm llfHIC HI lltr III
trillion 111 make llvr-vrar iiriMifln mim.,,! r .i.
claim, via lloinrtt.l Wntry Nu. tiaei im.l.
Kept 5, lfur theat nwM',wi( neU an.) uwU
.wofc. n.lp. to, raure 10 e . w In and
thai aald proof will be made latforc the nunly
clerk, at Wliicvlllc. Orren, un AHgutl iyj,
realdeiiceuKu,andmlllvatIoiiortlie land, vlt,
,W ; "'vetl, (ic-urfie ltteaj of Hand, Oregon
J:hlM"lKmiiy. and l'roucla II luvu of
I'rlnet tile, Oreguu.
! C W Moore, Krglaler.
Ikrairinieiit of the Inltllor,
lw Office sl The Dalle, Oregon,
lutiej, lyajr.
Nollre I. hereby given that Charlt A. Mall
bur rough, of llcnd, Oregon, ha Aleil notice of
hi liitculioii tu make riiiBl n.,..,., ,,..u.r 1..
aaal tlluHfl taf lild a.lalaii ! SI . - . a a
l'l"lll l ISSSI (.S0SISS1. mTISI I S II I lit- all ST BIS KlllfU Jn
vitv made Auguti 1, iyn, for the tvii; of tec 17'.
nun wtuiw made Iwforc It, c
Itlllt.U H ConunUaloiier, allil ofllie In Ilend.
Oregon an Auguat 11. i.
He names the fulluwing wllnrate to lirnve hi
coutluuuu residence mum, and cultivation ill
Ihe land, lo-avll Ovid W It Klley of Ilend, Ore
gou Prank (Hat of Ktdmoiid, Oregon, James
m.JX'J'JIH1. ,if,.''',l"l',w' "r, Wlllliin II.
hlaaia of fiend, Oregon
l'l- C W MOORIt, Kegltler
rreaklenl ,
Vtrr-PraaMetH .. .
Ntrteiary wf IHt
rWertaryafTrxatMry . .
iWerrtary ofNsvy .
iwetetary of CtMnwetse...
I'oatioa.ler tleeial....
Attorney Meneeat .. .
recrttary of Agrlalluiv
if4B141ajOCa, M VsftSfTMs)
Chalk W. Pajikaat
lAihu MuaS
JWrk II I'Mttlr
-. UmraK I'.nM
C J. HtMptrt
t)Kr Straus
tlewfge V J. lrr
James Wiim
Tieaaurtr .
Attorney Oenerat
Hupl. PitMk Inalluetiun.. .
male Illnler ... . . ,
talry and IW1 Csniml.attM,er
U. . HerMlur
- 0f ge K ChamUerlaio
V.W tlett
A M CraoM
J. II Ackrraata
W. H. tluani7
W lulMB
IkraiH Jr.
IW I- llaiilet
J W. K lilli
1 V A. Maori
IH. far
(T. 0 lli
Cengreaawen.. ..
Sonewe Judjet
W. I. Ilradititw
-.Frank MetHfee
,.1.. 1.
".', "a-.w
flchoof Hupt,
Commlaa loners
Tlie Pioneer Telegraph
and Telephone Company
Tclejjrams I'onvartleil to Any Port
of the World.
Telephone Cominiinlcntlon
with Portland, I'rlnevlllc and nil
s Pacific Coast cities,
Public Pay Stxttlohs
In Bank UtiMliiir at Ilend, at I.ald
law ami Powell liuttcs,
MeMenxcr netvlce to ally part of
Crook County south of Crooked
. Warren IIioks
-- Plata
. .. ., v Kiel
.m,.-,..J. .a I ollette
.... U. II. DinMwktl
n.n.V, K. Mil artaad
lit II luUy
Tlllt COVHT..
CiactUT Cottar - Writ Monday i May ll.lrd
Monday lu October.
I'ariNATK OiukT-l'litt Momlsy In rocli moolli
CoMI"toNKI.' CtiOkT - ira We.lnea.ltr
In Jaiitutiy, Msrtb, May, Juty, 5e.lralr
Slid November.
iikxn Heiiooi, Di.iHpjr no. ii
A. I,. ()o.klIIU
W. H. Mchol
C. H ilriiaon
( Mix Kulh I, K(M
.Mr. I'. I' Hiullli
... I ..M.....I
Aldermen .,.,
M..M hA
11 C l!lll
V. o Minor
O, H. lieiifiu
John II. WeutiK '
ll, I'. J. McDouiM
Millard Trlll(ll
lj. II. OnciU
JVIII enjoy reailhiK The llentl Jlultctln,
INSTRUCT you. Subscribe iiowt-
It Qives the Newt