The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 26, 1907, Image 5

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HuslnesH I at the Ilcntl
hosL-lric III esc tluyt.
All the latent niairazinci nt the
postofticc news stand. I7tf
When you want a cool drink call
nt the corner drutj More.
Mrs. IvriliimtiliuH tieen ou the !ck during the puat week.
For Kent A houie for rent.
Telephone Mrs. C. A. Jones.
Frank Gloss, of Kcritupiid trans
acted butilncM in llcnd Tuesday.
W. I'. Wilson left ou Inst SaUir
dny morning's stiic for Portland,
Arthur Johnson has accepted a
position in the Corner UniR Store.
N, I. Wcldqr Iiiih a fine line of
wall paper Mutinies. Look tlicm
over. I7f
Hoineiuade ice cream ulwiiya ou
Jiaud nt the comer drug store; al
ways frcth always Rood.
''Dad" West is ni'niti in chtp,v
of the Drnkc lawn, the finest W'n
by Iouk odds In Crook county.
C. V. Merrill now has his. .stock
of t;oods moved Into his south
ImilditiK It makes n fine store
W. Iv. C.ucrlu, Jr., nud family
will arrive in llcud the first of next
. week to spend the balance of the
summer. , ,
The Madras hchoot district has
decided to furnish nine month of
school hcrcuftcr bcBinuinB next
Mrs. Creed Triplet! left for her
home ut Myrtle l'oiut last Saturday
niorjiliiB after a visit of several
weeks in l)cndA
Charles Slauburrouifh and his
brother-in-law last week purchased
the corner lot cast of the post
oflicc, payiiiB $800 for it.
Among those from I.aidlaw who
attended the GcrkiiiR vs. , Smith
contest Monday wfcrc J, N. J). Cer
klnjCi W. T. Myers and G. 6. Cor
king. Crook county fruit is coming in
plentifully, the postqffice, newsl
stand havitiR received... apples,,
lynches and cherries. All home
Brown. , i!
The Pilot Unite sawmill la run
ning this week. . It has .an or
der for' 100,000 feet ,of lumber for
, the D. I. & P. Co nud arc sawitif
, to fill that order, s.,
K. 1'. ltattcu Is spending the
week in Portland attending to bus
incs-i matters nud ulso visiting Mrs.
Hattcn, who is taking treatment in
a hospital there,
Mrs). C. Mi Redficld nml sister,
Miss FIt.iuaurlcc, .of, Redmond,
passed through Pcud' Hh,i week on
their way to thy VnndcvcrJt ranch
nt I.ava, where they will visit with
Mrs. Vaudcyctti for it few days.
On ncc6int of his- intention to
move to. Hood -River Dr. W. S.
Nichol has resigned as u member of
the llcnd scbQol board. 'A special
meeting of the district tvjlltye called
to elect his successor on Monday,
(Jack Ifergu)ti has n large .patch
of potatoes on 'his place In the Ar
nold ditch section that is doing flue
under dry farming. Thcre'ls rf line
growth of vines and n fair yield of
good jilted potatoes Is already
assured. ,. y
Frank Mny bus returned to Ueud
after an absence of two or three
years III Alaska nud elsewhere.
Mr. May owns 8a acres of flue laud'
near Powell Duties nud comes back
to put' it under cultivation. His
has milch faith, itthhifbuntry,
C. M.-'Rcdftcld harcuted1 the
Ovcrturf housc'How occupied by Dr.
Nichol nrtd 'Vic O'Cwnor the
O'Nelr-'cotrag formerly occupied
by R. 11 MutiiJr. These gentle
tutu, with their families, will oc
upy these two hottsikKai soon the
lVl.'tt: P. Co. offices nre moved to1
Watch Tin's Space
for run nuxt hargain
The Man Who Sells Furniture
I- ;;; fo.rriV'.rttt
C. M. Mudd of Laidlaw was a
llcnd visitor Tuesday.
Geo. h. Simmons transacted bus
Incss in llcnd Tuesday.
The, very best of cool, refreshing
ice cream sodas at the corner drug
Ice cream social tonight 011 lawn
of Dr. W. S. Nichol. Benefit of
For first-class work in wall pa
pering and painting sec N. P.
Welder, ijcnd, Or. ' I7f
Mrs. Carl apd Miss l'.thcl Chap
man were calfers iu llcnd for a
short time Tuesday. I. Stearps, wife aud family
are expected In Ueud this week to
spend the remainder of the summer.
Tlier,cnw)ll be n meeting of the
II.....1 rA.a.tala.Mi.1 Mkw. l..u.-
day evening nt 8 o'clock, livery
progressive citizen should, b: there.
Frank Glass has bought the
southwest, corner lot of block 17,
directly east of the Pilot lluttc Inn.
Consideration f.150. Mr. Glass
will put up an office building and
will conduct a real estate business.
lie also plans to collect samples of
grain, vegetables, etc. aud have
tlicm ou exhibition there,
Several tine musical selections
will assist hi entertaining the audi
ence wlicn the Merchant of Venice
Is presented here, sometijuc iu Sep
tember. .Mr, A. it. Grant has
kindly offered the use of his piano
aud piaiiolo nud as Mr., Grant
has a largc.ulsmber of fine selections
from tlic,di!7ccnt masters, the aud
ience h sum of a musical treat.
1 .. . ,. v
Permission has; been granted the
Stanley-Smith Lumber Company,
of Hood Kivcr, Oregon, to con
struct and maintain iu'thc Cascade
uatiouanorest reserve three reser
voirs, dams and con,d)iits,to supply
water required for fiumiug lpgsnud
lumber. This company1 is fthe.vonc
of which F. S. Stanley qf the .D. I.
& P. Co. is one of the partner;.
The Heud-Madras-Shanlko .Stage
Co. has made a change in. its route.
It now runmftom Redmond to For
est to Ivamontn to 'Madras, .cutting
ou! Trail' Crossing and Culver.
Diutitrlstatiou is how nt joe, Wig.
on's. This route gives better roads
nud ciuibleo the stage to make better
Ift'ne; also to connect with the
O'N'cil line from Prinevlllc to Sis
ters at Forest.
The following business was
transacted at The Dalles, Ore., lund
office dYtrlng the month of June,
1907: Homestead entries, 143; tim
ber laud applications, 50; home
stead commutations, 34. At the
J.akeview ofticc during the same
month there were: Homestead cu
tties, 8; timbcrlam) applications,
33; homestead commutations, 1;
42 ensh entries.
The contract for finishing one
upstairs room in the new school
house has been awarded to A. A.
Anthony for $810. Alt bids for the
building of a school house in the
McGlllvray neighborhood have
been rejected by the board and no
further action will be takcu pn tYiis
nidWer Until after a djrcctgr isclec!
cd to f.ll the vacancy ltii ihc board
caused by the resignation of Dr.
ty. G. Nichol.
It s quite probable that the bee
industry in this vicinity will take
quite a spurt next spring. A. H.
Grant has made arrangements with
Jack Summers of Prineville where
by Mr. Grant will- take orders for
swarms nd Mr. Summers will fill
thetm. from his largcapiary. Those
who have already signified their in
tention of procuring swarms nre
Geo. Simmons, Dr. Coons, I.. D.
Weist, Frank Newberry, and Joe
Rev. A. A. Mitchell recently, re
ceived n letter from n California
friend in which he said that lie and
a party had spent 5,00 for a boat,
had put in a Greater part of a day
on 1 ne ocean aim caugut owy one
small fish. When they lauded they
had to buy euough fish for a mess.
Hev. Mitchell lias sent them copies
of The Hullctin containing the ac
count of the Jtslt, barbecue iu fiend
that they may.. know where to go
the next ti.uthcy'30 fishing.
Quite a 4argc grading outfit of
menml horses arrived here Thurs-
day atternoon nud leu tins morning
for Portland vja. Sautinm Pass.
They wcre.parf of the Mason-Davis
crew that has bieb working on the
KlaitiUtU Fall:. Irrigation works.
They no'to Portland to becin urad-
ing on the electric line from Port-'
land to Mt. Hood. When they
reached here some of the people
thought the railroad construction
crews were already lK-ginning to
Jack Kelly and family are pack
ing Up, intending to star! on their
trip to llcnd, Oregon, 011 Wednes
day of next week. Their depart
ure will create another void in Wil
bur circles . lie was a Woodman,
and Mrfl, Kelly 4 very active mem
bcr of HtittcrcuV) Circle, so that
both will be missed particularly by
the W. O. W- Their many friends
wish them all the good things
which they arc sure will be coming
to them in Central Oregon. Wil
bur (Wash.) Register.
When A. II. Grant's bees
swarmed the last time about two
weeks .jigo, it was an unexpected
llappehing and Mr. Grant had no
hive in which to put them. A
cracker box was consequently
hurriedly "ripged up" afnd the bees
were induced to take up their abode
therein, in the meantime a new
hive had been, procured and last
aaiuruay jacK summers iransierreu
the swarm frotn the cracker box in
to the new hive. The bees had
been working diligently during the
two weeks as was evidenced by
a goodly amount of new comb, part
of it filled with honey.
Miss Orpha Pettit, wVnS 'formerly
taught a! Ashwood) dregou, has
made application for the position of.
primary teacher in the fiend school
and the board has decided to secure
her services if she will contract on
a salary of $60 per month. There
are several people living in Bend
who, .have sent their children to
Miss Pettit at Ashwood and these,
together with Ashwood people,
give her the very highest recommen
dations as n ppmary leaeucr. The
other teachers, MLss Rcid, Miss
Wiest, Miss Vaadevcrt, and Miss
James, have all signified their will
ingness to enter into contract for
the crisuiug year.
PorSale. -
Good buggy aud Hghf doihlc
harness; two Jersey fresh,
other fresh in about a month; two'
brood sows; 5j inch light wagon;
A 1 guitar and case. Inquire nt
at this 'office or address Box of,
Bend, Oregon. 10.32"
Attend' the regular Saturday
night dance a! the Club Hall tomor
row evening.
' Strayed.
. A dark bay m(ire with small
white spofv in' forehead. Brand,
quat;tcr"circ!e;.over , V, Return to
F. A. ShoUq'UK.t,and. receive $5.00
reward- with reasonable expenses.
The Best Candies Ever...
We have a large shipment of candles on the
way to Bend and expect it to arrive daily. The
goods include some of the finest chocolates that have
ever been brought to tovn. If you have, a sweet
tootli satisfy, your longing it titlr store.
Bananas, Oranges and Cherries alsqn hand.
Our prescription counter is in charge of n &
perienced registered pharmacist.
Headquarters for
Fishing Tackle
Centra! Oregon Real Estate
Timber and Desert Lands a Specialty
We buy or sell your land no matter where situated. We can sap
ply you with any class of laud at any time. Call ou us or write for j
further particulars. , .
I.,,, '.'. - ,1 ; - i-1'" --
gifor Ana
iUtiis in
Bond and
' Oregon
- ;'-i Jl
' "-" " : " nrt
m 00 mm immteii m , l nmmmmtd mm
'? t-t.
,- f n,
ailNERAL vwyi
Commission and forwarding
r sHaksko. , f rr.r.QREaoHiiQsz:
Large, 0im&HS Vmit.Csmkik'M 1
J'fonipt. attention juiid to tnosa '
'- . taror oc wiuimcii; pauonagc.
l" K
J. , WKtiGXt,
" notary t'tinuc
t t
Mre Ircrncr, Uk Iiuurtnc purely IkmJi, ktf vvH(iriD
Our Semi4itt!i!
.. Clearance Sale
h Now in Progress
Neither cosf noilms will fe tonsidwed.
Strictly Casi'
, f --
lH, .rJSff' .?
Th Centrai Ore-
&oti Banking (S
Tjf'Hfst- Company
" iKcoaroaATxu 1(04,
Capital 925,000.00
Vaa nmmmatlft b'm tfWi
From BEND to SHANIKO and All Interior Points
Transacts a Ocneral Hank
ing Business.
Acts as .fdinliils-tratOT, Ux
editor or Trtisteo of Batates
V ' '
Issues Drcft' aridS'Uank
Money Ordcra ort ail Forelen
Countries. - -.
Interest an Tlnio Deposits
i ; V
Safe DepoMr Bftx'ca.
rtr'e Insurance.
, v New and UjtQ-date Outfit
Special Attention to Traveling Men j
The Most Scenic Route frtentrai Oregon ;,
4 . N Best Eating Rouses ton Aiiy. Sie Line
.FdrRdtes ttflartd locators and, Tlpber Menf address
OE W., B
fir " "'.JIV '
Jolm Su-lill, IVeolileht
J. K. Sawhlll, Vicl'r'tsMen and
I c '
if -
Sallow-Hens Transformed
10 Duskv Bf.lllHr
A Jirk ilfn tromc jicimi1b- t
JWO ielictny ioft, undenpxcid
vi ih( radiant ghvr which indl
v,BhUthyf i"cfiveV!n. Kobtrt
ifte kceja thekh rtfined In qiulity,.
id) "'" "if 1117 Cap,llirito
(S) f?lrtr1'''0,e1'heIofhfchchanmw
r . iiiiiiuir
inn iinin,i..iiL. ti - 1
jj juilrti rtMkUi H allied be-
tJWluW ta txin n. Jr., I
Slirtlul like an tnmrrr.ntit.1. .(...
'JRJ'" W otf aeV, (ormt'ij: a
MddMifnuIJtthjfa&l prticrvinp a
.' " - Ilrlfftt IllVtn...! .....
, -.,..-.,iHn,uuucaijr,
rv -?J jw iMtuU T0t4 r
" ' . .
1 . r
;u7n ivrr ..-. rZ.wT z ,m
fcntC MTCK AifUU MltN TPtR'
. w4uutMncKvcmrn!LCHa t
RHKBt M JllliMl
- i'i .. .... - i-'i 1 ,
Are y6u a subscribw?
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