The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 24, 1907, Image 7

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    Bad Blood
li Iho canto ol nil litimorn, eruption,
bollt, pimple, torofuloiit on',i'Cffoiiiit
or tall rlicmii, wH m ol rlicuinn
Htm, ontnrtli niM otlwr trouble. Tlio
KrnU't blood roiiifdy for nil Hippo
doublet, proved by lU uncqualcd
record o( euro, It
Hood's Sarsaparllla
In unit! llqtilit fam or In rJioooiatitl
Uhlets known mi Onrantntio. lOOiloiri tl.
1i owl wit iliorllnit tin Jtytlnl (o
"I know I'm a (ougli proposition," r
knuwlrl(ri Hit Jny, "Hut Imnr run you
eipevl iii lo turn orrr nw lent wlicii
tt tree tr only In limit"
Then wllli irocklm tcrmin, li went
tnj stole lint HiAl a trusting robin Ltd
Just built.
Mnlhrt will find Mr. Winston rVwthlnt
Irruplb.b it remedr to iimIui tlxlrcullditu
luilug lh Uettilug pttlod.
Id l.laM HUlorr.
Htm I'tlrh mi preparing to leap Hi
awful gorg tt Nltgtra (ill.
"If anything happen to nit." ht iM,
"Ttrytxxl will It wt Utiuh I
took t drop too mndi."
Thtn, without waiting for tht crowd to
tumlls, lit Jumped.
Kk.ka litis Vsur SJisea
rM, A Milit, ll make tlih!
(! sr, It It crtln rtirolor
or n rbe I
ta.ating, esl
fold by all iirutiliU. flirt THs. TllMpttk-
II nulled rillX Addr A 11 a S, Olmsted,
IUy,Kw Yuik.
I'liaianl rap Hie.
"I never knew before whit tlm tlttl
(lilmney back of tbo gat ttoro wat
for," mM Hi ittrl tt tlie rtme out of
the kitchen and ttood In the doorway,
"but I know now. It wat built for
the mire. There It n nnt of them In
tbert now at ulco and warm can
W l
Profit by lh Exptrlenct of Ona Who
Hat Found rltliaf.
Jamea It. Keellrr, retired fnrtnor, of
Fcnner HI., Caienovla, N. Y,, tayti
"About flften year bko I tuffcifd with
my ick ana kiiitiojra.
I tloctorrxl and tutcd
many remedlr wllh
out getting relief. llo
Klnnlnic with IKan a
Kblnoy 1'lllt, I found
relief from the lint
tor, and two boiitt
rratored ins to good,
touud condition. My
wlfu and many of my frlendt Into tued
itoan't Kidney I'lIU with good retullt
and I rtn MirnctOy recominrtnl them."
Hold by nil doalcra. 60 cent a box.
Kotter'Mllburn Co., Huflalo, N. V.
Use A
Wick Blue Flame Oil Cook-Stove
Because it's clean.
Bccauso It's econom
ical. Because it saves
Bccauso it gives best
cooking results.
Bccauso its flame
can bo regulated
Because it will not overheat your kitchen.
Becauso it is better than tho coal or wood stove.
Bccauso it is the perfected oil stove.
For other reasons see stovo at your dealer's,
or write our noarcst agoncy.
Made in three sizes and fully warranted.
Th iCW r riycanntt bo equated
CCtLVO JLtQ-Tfip for 1U bright and
w r-a ateady light, almple construction
' and abtolute aafety. Equipped
with lateit Improved burner. Mado of brait throughout
and beautifully nickeled. An ornament to any room,
whether library, dining-room, parltror bedroom. Every
lamp warranted. Write to our nearett agency if not at
your dealer't.
I . .u
Aro ilway reported when
Seeds are planted. Why ?
best on this Coast. Our
, Annual tells all about our
Fcrtlllxera, incubators,
r Ak ( BMk Hfc
. .1 Tnu. IlinW.
FertUnd, Oregon
till ( Gtnvarnllii Heard nt mi ICn
Mllali llnllnnr MIkIIkii.
Young Htoveiia wna on hit .rvnjr north
to fiid tlio weok mid with hit pririuita
nod felt In a particularly Jovlul mood,
tiiyt Tld-llltii.
Tho train In which he wna trnvcllnjc
ttupiKHl at tuiiill vIIIiiko ami nt a
farmer, who waa tituiiU'HiiK up nnd
dowii tho plntforiu, enmo oppotlto Htii
vent' compartment, ho wan inked by
that youth If be I""' thnt tbo DuUu of
lvoulilni wot In tbo train.
liiinu'ilUli'ly tho mail allowed great
luleri'tt mid tnldt
'Not It hur
"I think bo It not," nntwered Htoveiia.
"I only nkfd If ymi kn.w that ht wtt,"
Tim farmer tald nothing but contin
ued bit walk ou tho platform. At he
tiiliie oppo'lto tho uliulotv again bo ro
marked that tbelr towu had Utii
perlonoliiu tout oxcltemeut.
"Wbat't the mutterr Hlvront atked.
Tho authorities wouldn't let tome
fulk bury a womau," replied tbo
"What waa tho reaton for rcfuttngr
"Hh watu't dead," waa tho laconic
And then ho atrolled nwtjr, leavlne
youug Ktoveu blUntf bit lip.
Tfprvrrller C'alrh Cnlal,
Tim employer hMikeil on with a pn
tleI oxpreMlnn wbllo tbo new ttenoc
rapher carried the typewriter acrott
tbo room and plnced tt on a chair In
the Immediate nelcbborhood of ateata
"Ill lx ready In Jutt a minute, Mr.
Tv ," alio mid, "Tho typewriter Rot
cold while tho bent wot turned off, and
It ttlckt drrndfully."
"Hoot tbo cold affect themT" bt
atked. "Tbat't tometblnc new."
"Vet, tlr. I find that It doet, very
much. Koine machlnet regularly takt
cold If left lone In n cold room. It't
enpeclnlly bard on old mnchtnet that
are pretty well worn, making them very
unmanageable imetlmet, I're known
tho cold to remain In an old one until
It had been temral hourt In a warm
room, when It jradually became better;
but utually n machine yleldt to Hire
or four mlnutct of warmth." New
York I'rctt,
I'la Iro an4 niamaad.
Wlien Iron U proierout preclout
alonea are alwayt In tht aacendant.
Iitt year the production of pic Iron
reached the enonnout total of ia.000,-
000 tout, tho price roto and at tht
pretent tlmo Iron product cannot bt
obtained at dellvfrlot tooner than four
to all moot In. Katt year tho United
Htatea ltii)ortrd dlamnndt to tho value
of 3 1,000,000, by far tht largett
amount In our blttory. Diamond! and
pig Iron travel up and down tbo teal
i The t Finest Gardens
Portland Seed Co.'a "Dlimorud Brand"
Because we tell you the kinds that (row
handsomely Illustrated and descriptive
Seeds, Plants, Koses. spray rumps,
Urooders, poultry ana ueo auppuea.
260 WiWtiticll4UWr l
ItC tHk N 201 (rat M ... '
-r- StoKart, 'Wash.
I PpuB&nc I
It It entlnmkil thnt Mexico will pro
duco W) jwr cent itioro copjier thla year
tlinii In nny provlout yeur.
In tho cr liter of nn oxtlnct volcano
In ICentucky a ilnmond reef hat been
dlHoovenil by tomu Joliunnetburg proa-ji-ctort.
Tho cfliml ncroi CnjMj Oxl will lo
coiutrut'tcd under tho Joint niiirtvI
atou of tho railroad coiiiiiiIkmIoii mid
tbo hnrlKir mid laud coiiiiiiIhuIoii of
Among tho new bulldliiir being erect
ed off Khameeii, In Clinton, wbvro tbo
riwut lire ovurri.l, nn hoiiio four-tto-rhil
bulldlngt. nod the lofty character
of tho biilldliiKN gem-rally la In ttroiig
coutratt with their Nurroundlngt.
Light green Jndo In tbo favjrllo gem
of Chliin, mid It It dlltlcult (o gut tho
ttoiie In uncut form tvn In China.
KoinetluHii, tnyt Ountul (lenerul Wild
er nt Hongkong, a rich Chinaman' cf
Into will coiitUt, In part, of n lump of
Jade, Kometlmea ll cnu m obtnlnl III
matM weighing ouo or two pouuda.
Hut oven the lending Jeneler of llonic
kong utually obtalu It In cut form.
Ona of tho aulmiil curlotltlet of
Houth America It tbo "oil-bird," or gun
rbaro. It breed In rocky cuvcii ou tbo
mainland, nnd ouo of lit favorlto
linunU It tho Inland of Trinidad. It
la) a lit eggt In n neat mndo of mud,
and tin? young blrdt aro prodlgoutly
fat. Tho nntlvet melt thu fat down In
clay tott, and product) from It n kind
of butter. The vavek Inhabited by tbo
blrdt aro utually acVeMlblo only from
tbo wn, and thu hunting of tbcm It
tometlme nn exciting i)rt,
The great witar.ict In Iho New Itltcr,
fonuetl in the ltnwrlal Valley, Cali
fornia, by thu fftcnpo of thu water of
tho Colorado Klver, hat beon likened
to Nlgarn Knlla. It varlcit from W to
100 feet In height, and It from I.S0Q
to &X) ynnlt broad. It llkewlto r
MMnblea Niagara tu eating backward,
or upitrvam, but It progrest In this
direction It extremely rapid, amount
ing to about ono-thlrd of a utile tier
day. Till nrltet from tho fact that
tho channel of tho ttrvam It cut
through tbo fragile material dctolted
cvnturlct ago by tho Colorado Hirer nt
tbo head of the Culf of California. It
It predicted that If the eciie of tbo
watert of tho Colorado la not arretted
before the cataract hat cut lack far
inough to unllo the New lllver and
tho Alamo Ilher, tho ImMfUl Valley
will bo entirely ileprlviM of Itt Irrlga
Hon ttreaui. Thlt cntaruct may bo
called "man-made," tlnco Itt exlutenco
It duo to hit luterfervnco with tbo wa
tert of tho Colorado.
I'arteo and philanthropy aro almott
convertible teruiN In llombny nt leatt.
Tho lato Kir Dliuhaw Manockjeo IV tit,
who received tho tvond nnd Intt bar
onetcy conferred on nny native of In
dia, wat tho greatctt benefactor of hit
rnco and city In hit generation, mid
hi only aurvlvlug von, Mr, Homnnjco
Dlnahnw l'vtlt, hnt carried on tho fam
ily tradition with grvnt credit Tho
Murimmo of l'vtlt dorlved from tho
French. Over u contury ngo Mr. ltom
nnjco'it nncvNtor wiu agent to n French
firm, nnd bcliiR of short stature rvcolv
cd tho nlckiinino of "lo jHtlt," which
1ms bcou bniuleil down over sluco na
tho surname of this family. Mr. Horn
aujeo wan born In 1820 and educated nt
Ht, Xnvlcr's Collego. Ho entortM his
xnthcr'a 11 rm lu 18T8 and has becu
prominently coiHiectid with tho com
mercial life of llombny ever hIiico. Ho
Is not merely tho prlncltuit mlllowuer
lu western India, but n lending nuthor
Ity ou Qnauce and banking. In 1S09
thn goverment apolntod him mctutror
of tho Uombay Leglilntlvo Council, nnd
ho has acted over ten years ns a di
rector of tho Honk of Uombay.
Wo occasionally moot a man who
ought to etuy at homo and send his wlfo
Women of temperament aro often
tvomfa of temper.
My Hairisl
ii in mil nn 1
Do you like It? Then why
be contented with It? Have
to be? Oh, no! Just put on
Aycr's Hair Vigor and have
long, thick hair; soft, even
hair; beautiful hair, without c
sinclc gray line In It. Have a
little pride. Keep young just
as long as you can.
"I m flftrwen T'r oM, b4 mUl t
mbU, rer hlr w. ihj rT. Hut lo f
mIi VIor r.alotwt lh iwlarml
rolnr l nr blr ra now lhi I. no '
..If lu Uim,"-J, W, llAttuli, VoaMtr
CtMk, Ul.
MU br J. 0. Iff Co.. Iw.U. If m,
ijers sfencm
Coinpanlun.lilp of llU,
t V III you go and gowilp with your
houtemald or your ttablo boy when
you may talk with klngt and queens,
wbllo thlt etenial court It oien to you,
with Itt society wldu nt tbo world, mul
titudinous at Itc dayt, the choten and
tbo mighty of every place and time?
Into that you may enter alwaya. In that
you may take, fellowship nnd rank ac
cording to your with. From that, onco
entered Into It, you can never bo out-1
cast but by your own fault. John Hut
kin. I
atar-Kl-llara I.abarrr.
Kami laborer In Kngland are not
migratory. A certain farm In Wlltthlre
bat a regular ttarf of tlx men and two
bora who hare acrred for the following
perlodi: Forty-Hi r year eight montht.
forty-four year eight montht, thirty
two yean eight montht, twenty-ils
year teven montht, fourteen ycara'
leven montht, four year cleren
montht. five yean its months, three
year nine month. There It thut an
irgregaU period of 1T0 years oX tcr
vtco, Prle t Proflrlencr,
Herkimer Jamra, the well known eel
lutltt, wat talking In New York about
tho bill of $22,000 that Dr. Frank Hill
lug presented to the Marshall Field
"It teem a big fee," tald Trof.
Jame. "Hut whenever phytlelant
fee teem extortionate I think of a
certain famout eyo tpoclalltt.
"A patient of tbU tiK-clalltt'a com
ing to pay hi bill, growled:
"'Doctor, It teem to me that $200
It a big charge for that operation of
mine. It didn't take you over half a
"My dear tlr,' the other anawercd.
'In learning to perform that ojieratlon
In half a minute I bavo tpollcd over
eleven peck of uch eye a your."
I'hlladelpbla Itecord.
0 Wagon Acntnal Frrlaht Train.
In tbo Cope of Good Hope colony
many of the thort railroad tranche
and extensions do not pay on account
of oz wagon competition. In tho report
for the year 1003, recently Issued, the
trafTIc manager of one of tlio line re
port a In regard to a new nlncteen-mllo
, branch that na there wat a very plenti
ful supply of wagont and an abundant
, aupply of grass during tlio teuton ox
wagon ratea ruled low and the railroad
secured little general truffle.
Tho lvliul You Ilnvo Alwnvs
turo of Gluts. II. Fletcher, nntl lias been iuatlo under his
liorrtonnl Huporvlslon for over HO yenrs. Allow no ono
to tlooolvo you lu tills. Counterfoil, Imitations nntl
sTust-UH-pootl aro but Experiments, nntl endanger tho
hcjilth of Children Exporlunco nKuhist Kxpurlment
Onatorln is h lmrmlcas substltuto for Cnstor Oil, Pare
Rorlc, Drops nnd Muothlntr Syrups. It is lMensnnt 1C
contains neither Opium, Morphtno nor other Nnrcotia
Btibstauco. Its ntro is Its triiaraiitce. It destroys Worms
nnd ulliiys FtiVtirishncMs. It cures Diarrhoea and "NVlml
Colic. It relievos Tcothliifr Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates tho
Htomneh mid Dowels, K'lvlnir healthy nnd natural Bleep.
Tho Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
Tie Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars tho
In Use For Over 30 Years,
Sign of Comlnar fiarthqaak.
Can an earthquake be "felt" ap
proaching nt a ahower of rnln can bo
felt and a fall of tnow? On tbo III
vlcrn In 1&S7 the hornet laid their enr
back and gavo every sign of unefltl
ncs. In Chile the bird have been
obterved to fly Inland Jutt before a
convulsion. In Talcahuano In 1KIS all
tbo dog fled from tho city, Tbee ac
tion, of course, nn a scientist who ha
collected n valuable iltt auggetta, mny
bo inero coincidence, for bird will fly
Inland and kitten become nervoux
when no earthquake I nlgh. On the
other bnnd, a tho lower animal are
tlngulnrly ncntltlvo to any change of
weather and to pressure of tho air
they "may oven be contdou of ub
terranean movements which do not
como within human ken or are even not
detectable by the moat dellcato Instru
ment." I)r-mnrn!!ird.
Friend of Ctndldtte ningo, how art
you (cttlng along with your campaign!
Candidate No; Infamously, Haven't
you teen tht opposition papert?
I roree of llautt.
i Toor fellow! He atudlcd the French
Janguage for three year."
"You don't aayy
"Yet, nnd then he went over to Tarl
and tried hi best to pass t a native
"Wa be aucecMfuir
"No, ho wns tripped up on one word.
When he had occasion to write 'sou'
ho forgot nnd wrote 'Sioux.'" Chicago
HOWAHD n. JVMQX-Aitn ri Cb.ral.t.
LdUKUolor4& HpwlDMn rrl--.l UM.
WlT.r, it-ta. II t natd. nilrr,twi uoM, hwi Zla or
lcfrr.l. CrnM Imi. ililUof ioT.lot--oil
fjllprlr. Hit wat oa arpimtlon. Cootrol.nd I'm-
tlrwakuUcltd. lUImnafl CrlMut i'
tualluak. HffiMHifl
kl till) u Cli El sMlM It til Elll
DlSrsri KkI Qstclu WrrtiOiTtii,
NOTICE- Tbelollowla nnounrrmnU sr
Iron trading buitnrtt men tad flrmt, nd r
well worthy jour rarclul Trading. Til Hit
majr contain Juit tht propmltloa you ar look
ins lor.
Mini In tor (ooklrt dvMrlbtnr oar guaxanteed
inntucnt at Jamleson Park, a suburb of
An Intntmrnt Ik re rnjoy all the Menrilr
nd rrolHtlon orTurM br a ravin banker
lllelnniranreeonpanj. but lb return will
nl Irom U ir ot to 100 pr rcot an lb In
TMtntnt. 11 m mall rnn lull rrtlculn: a pottal
rard will bring tbcm.
Spokane, Waiblng ton National Bank. Bet.
The onlr trcti on the market where too ran
rnntrart to Mil Tour crop. Ten Iralnt a dajr.
Abuodanraol water Trie llofi.W per acre
tuj pajmenu com In or writ lor r'tlcu-
Bpokane, Wathlngton.
110 EttTena
110.00 a month will buy you a t3.000.0l) bear
ing orchard. We rlear, plow, plant, Irrlgata
and ear lor your orchard four years. The fruit
will male your payments after that. 1'ostal
card will bring free book.
Fpokan Wuhlngton
WE BUY Timber Lands from owner
bTAUKS IIHU.,11 Bernard, fpoiaoe. Wash
Coeur d'Alen Besernatlon will open toon
choice land 3d mile from 8Hkane. Coeur
d'AK-na Ketervatlon Ateney, 17-1 Ezehang
building rpokan. Wash.
Ilotiirht lins borao tho slunn-
Signature of
Banking by Mail
On isrlngt depotlti of a dollar
or more, compounded twice
every year. It it Juat a eatr
to open Baying Account with
nt by Mail a if you lived next
door. Fend for our free book
let, "Banking by Mall," and
learn lull particular. Addrcu
Oregon Trust &
Savings Bank
Portland, Oregon
Sixth and Washington Sts.
Tht Ittett dttU eoneernlnt the eoittni
Hon ot tli-ClilrMO-.Sew Voik AlrtJn Kail.
rov wilt U lound In tbs'-AIr UneNm.-
which can U had lr ot any etpttu by wrll
Uf tii
Portland, Oregon.
Otfart 0)e tl.cwhtre.
342 WuhWt.n St. PtUW. Or(
l . .. ,
ina roruana inganu namei w.
Will beUd toalte you irtleulara about
lu beautiful Ceramic, Motale, Enameled
and EneauiUe Tile, wboleral and retail.
Writ tod
mm ll.u.,.DUd Pftaarl fm
ltlT Plrijliei"l WrW( i wimwii-i
All dealers. -TO-ISo ptga. Bampla and eooraalr
tiftur In eolr i evnis awl dlf naruo.
roclate CiNuinwiu Cw., Oaklaad. Val.
Doe not tnlarna tht instrument or
change style oJcsm, mechanism alt below
keyboaM; opertte piano action abstract
direct, and precisely as regular piano key
do, securing tht same eipreaslon a tht
trtlst can by hand i can bo entirely removed
from tht piano In Art minute' time, and
that without tht use ot a screw driver.
Write for Free Booklet
Wish. Wiih. Orcfoa
No. 20-87
HEN wrttlov to a4vrUrU
hivhiiwh euiti papvr i