The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 17, 1907, Image 6

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The nut morning did bring letter
from Arthur, la which h expressed great
urprlte and uneatlnest at tbe mltoar
dage of hla prevloua one, more etpeclally
on account of th Important communica
tion which It had contained, of which he
repeated the eubttance, and, aa far a he
could remember, the language, and again
naked Sir Launc whit step had better
bo taken In retard to It. The eplitle
then went on to itate that h had pro
oted to Mlet Orierson, but that lady,
having confessed to prior attachment,
nd. having thrown herself jpon hi gen
erality, he had at once withdrawn hli
own pretention!.
IVtplte the vital Interest thua Imper
illed, Sir Iunce did fully approve of the
course hl son had taken, and hit heart
welled with pride at thlt Inttance of the
young tnan'a ehlvalroue nobility of feel
Inc. 8Ir tnnce at one communicated to
Stafford the new which waa no newa to
Mm-of Arthur' rupture with the Oder
on, and the relief he felt at twine thin
secured from any further visitation from
Mr. Wylle.
He had taken a treat fancy to the
young artlat, and waa more free and
social In hli manner toward him than he
bad been to anj peroa 1nce many years.
The weather wai glorkmt. and what with
sketching the moat lorely scenery by day.
And engaging In rdeaaant and Intellectual
conversation by night, Stafford foand
time (lid on with the mett delightful
About a week after hie arrlral. how
ever, a drcumttauee occurred which caat
a doom orer renrrurauyn ana an iia
Inhabitant. Tbe September galea had
Juat begun to rape with grett fierceness,
and the eouthweat wind, so terrible upon
til coaat, itrewed the rock with wreck.
One dear, bright morning, while the
wind blew furiesaly. and the aea ran
mountain high. Sir Launco and Stafford
had watked down upon the thore. While
contemplating the aubtlme horror of the
spectacle, they caught s'ght of a email
craft, which appeared to be not more
than three or four mile out, rising and
falling upon the ware, and driving to
ward the ahore with frightful rapidity
Kir I-aunce took hla glass out of hi
ticket, and by ita aid desirled her to be
n Ashing amack belonging to lenrhyd
Other hid aeen her alo ; and In a few
moment the two gentlemen were joined
by aeTrral curieut watcher, among whom
waa Jenkins, the pottmter.
"If nalph Trtvethlek' toil." be said;
"It haa been oat diya beyond Ita time.
They mutt be mad to think of pattlnt In
during aach a gal, ami the attempt will
'cott them their lives. Look at herb
they ?an no more keep her off the rock
than they ran hold back the ware whh
their amr
Onward eaaae the fralt bark now
tumbling (at a gulf, now rltbtg Mke a
cork npon a mountain of water, and dart
ing forward like an arrow betere the
Wait of tho wind.
At Ut came the craah I The boat wa
veea to reel, eddy and !ak and then
three men were battling with the water.
Ha excited and ptty stricken wa Stafford
with the accae. that had It not been for
Sir Lannce. he woukl hare erat himtdf
Into the bolltnf aarf la the rala hope of
a? Ins them.
There were aasae rope thrown oat. but
all three tank. The next momtat. how
ever, one of the bodies roe again, and.
borne by a hue wave, wa haded Into a
Llad of natural bat la, hallowed out of the
Kranlt flooring of the he ten. In an In
tint both Sir Iuc aad Stafford bad
idunged knee-deep lata the batJa, and.
regardtcet of another great war that
dashed orer them, anj threatened to drag
then away te tbe aea, rcseued the body
of the drowning man, aad, aatidtt the
cheer of the spectators, brought It safe
to dry land.
He wa Unmedlatly recognised a
Ralph Trevethkk, tto eon of obi Jeha
Trcvethlck. lie waa laientlMs. aad the
blood flowed freely from a deep gth la
the bead. Sir Lauaea aettt off to Itedsala
for a doctor, and gare orders U thete
who took charge of the body to seed to
the Caatle for anything they might rt
qulrc la the thtpe of rettontlr or coea
forta for the poor fellow.
While they ere tlttinr orer their dte
ner a meeaeager arrlred at the Caatle
from Halpa Trerethkk. who had eltgatly
rallied, begging Sir fauBco M eoaae iUm
to hlei, aa be had a coaifewloa ta aik
which lay heavy a poo hi enlae.
Vrapj4ag hiaaaelf ap, for the ereadag
wa chOly. Sir iManee. arvMnnanled by
Blalford, atarted of on tie two mile'
walk to Kalph'a colUre.
It wa the aame habitation to which
the bodiea of a certain woman and child
bad been conveyed aoste ten year bark,
nd apon the aante bed upon which they
had lain wa stretched the form of the
dying taherman.
"I am sorry to seo yea so Hi. lUlpb,"
aid Sir lAoacc. kindly Uate jom ev
erythlng that yvu re-jalre ; If sot. do not
(ear to a for It, and It It can be got.
jvu shall have It."
"Uefori the night's orer I shall want
nothing bat few plank and a few fret
of earth t" said the atheraaa, feebly
Hut thank you all the same, Blr Launce.
Ooat doser, I don't want father to hear
sjrhat I have got to say,"
Jsir sat ijwa apoa the bsdaUe
n . -. ti)
at the djrlng man's head, nd molatcncd
hi lip with a Utile brandy.
"IV) you remember," begtn Halph, In
an almott Inaudible voice, "j storm ionic
ten year back, when a woman and child
was washed up and brought to thl very
cot J Well, you wa told they wa burled
'In l'enrhjddyn churchyard, but no earth
rover em. Ater you had gone, father
ten into one of hi mail, vlld humor,
and aald the ea would take vengeante on
ua for robbing It of It dead that the
bodies ahouldn't stay here, hut ahould be
ratt back agln to the waier we stole
'em from. So I and ltlll carried 'em
away a couple of miles cioivn the coast,
for fear of their being waihed ur arln
and found by any of your people, and
laid 'em down In Sandy Cove for the ris
ing tide to wash away. An 1 and thongh
the woman wa dead enough, I believe
there waa some life left In the child. I've
often thought about It since with a feel
ing that It wat wrong; but when they
told me to-night that It waa you who
palled m out of the water. L knew how
wicked I had been, and I Call I couldn't
die till I had eased my mind by telling
you this."
Sir Launc appeared much moved at
the confession, and a stern, hard look
gathered upon hit countenance.
"Say you forgive me. Sir LaanceP
gasped !Ulph. "I have many more ln
npon my mind that I would like to tell,
"llelng a dying man. I freely forgive
you, Halph Trevethkk.'' antwered Sir
I.aunce. "Hut It waa a cruel, barbarous
deed, that even aavagea would thrlnk
- ---rs. - ' .
--.. - -
Dtarai crio.x
from, so bratahilng I the effect of these!
vHe superstltiMt.'
Italtd) turned hit eye with aa aprral
lag leek toward hi father and hit ton.
Sir Ijiuace usMlertteed the apfwal, and
answered. lWy (hall at suffer from
your eosfeosioa. Rut let thlt be a want-
tag te theta. aad M all here. If ever I
hear ef any saore suck act. the who
etMMait Ihesa thau att reaaalu e xay
Ub4s another hour
The graxwlfalher, whose half-crated
brain eeaed te hare wholly cattapted
under the dreadful etUralty that had feu
ea upon hiss, t anted hit wild eye pa
the tfeaker, aad atuttered vaeaatly.
"Ooa't rob the ea of It dead, or 'twtll
take veageaace ui-ea yeu and your. The
eiaap of a drowniag hand will be a eurse
to yea through life."
There was aaother attentive rbteacr to
the tUhrnaaa beside Sir leasee. Thl
waa John Jenkins.
"IXd you say you laid the bodies In
Sandy Cover V he atked after a pause.
lUlah made a alight Btoreasestt of af
flrmatloa; tpeech was goae. After this.
Jeakla sat hhraself down apa a barroL
which terved the purpose of a sest l
the seantUy faralthed bt, aad fell teto
l!p returatag to the Castle, the two
cesUeexea separated for the alght, Staf
ford retiring to his own a put meat Str
Lauare to the library. He raag the beU.
and ordered DanM to be teat to Mat 1st
ateitalety. Hard aad eold at marble wat
hit face, whs the old xaaa troed before
"naalei." he said, "yon have been say
servant ilace I can first remember, aad
ervvd say father before me. but we mutt
sow part. Te-atorrew roomlag you saatt
leav-t the Cattle, and never cres kt
thrrshold again. Tou hare lied to ate.
ditobsyed ate, aad yielded up every feel
lag of htuaaatty to a wild lar-erttltioe.
Halah Trevethkk hat lost eeofetwed. en
hi dytag bed. that the hodWa of the two
uafertuaata ereaturet waosa I re-aaie!
from a wreck tea years ago were throw
halo the a srslo as sooa at I had Itft
the hut. I left you to guard Ihesa, aad
the next day you brought tae srerd that
all effort t at restoration had proved abor
tive, aad that oa that xoeralag they had
bees buried la Tearhyddya churchyard.
Too were therefore regnluat of aad aa
aecoapl' & hshutaan act; and for
this you leave say houte."
Oaniel knew Sir Laaare Penrhyddya't
iaexerahle nature too well to otter a tin
gle word of expoitulalloB a fiat ooce
gone forth wa never repealed by hlaa:
and with a crashed look, ho tottered out
of the room.
Hy sanrUo the next morning, sobhtag
and heart broken, ho had tamed hla bsucs
ojoo Ponrhyddyn Cattls, and slowly and
feebly wended hi way down the foot
poth throoga tht dwarf woods.
A few hoar UUr, Jenkins ralgit have I
. nk - --- ,Er . sjrty
mjmmmtirjx f------------sssTsTK'xasTsVT sv -smbsjbi m-aasasau-"-m -.
'ajj'- "T-l"a BrT jiF "J fj!VjiBQSjBtiaaBk. ""
J-BB5fcataaswB-tasr VasC 'JsBF Ji&kVi-'SIsbsbsbsIEtvT 3bbb
been een ascending the nme path. Upon
nrrhtng at tho Caatle, he rvsjueslod to eo
Sir 1. unco, nnd ii titVred Into hla
prraemv. lie was clotetrd In the library
during the greater irt of an hour. After
he had departed, Sir I .nil nee tent a po
llle memagv to reiuet A (en momenta'
ronvcr-uUkm with Stafford.
l.onc and IntctvntiiiR wai the confer
ence between the two gentlemen, and
fraught nith future result of vital Im
portanre to mere than one personage of
tht story.
fortnight ha patted away. It I
now the latter end of September. A tine,
balmy evening, with no tott.-h of autum- the aaiuo plot during tlio year, audi na
nal chill to warn us of the pfng away c-nrly -yna followed by Into rabbagis or
of lumnirr. Through the on French tunitr-a may follow oulona; but tin
window, that Wd Into the garden In the ,, mUX rch ana ,
rear of the little SwIm chalet at l'romp- ... ,,. .. , .... '.'
ton aro .telling In the HrM faint .Uadow, l,h n "ur w fertll iw. One advitn
of evening. Half reclining upon a couch I '" wUn m" Kn1en I that during
Is Mrs. Cattleton: at her feet, her iwall, " -l-"7 acaaon atxue of the crop enn
white Jewelcsl flBgcr nettling among hla ( bo wntrrvxl by tlio uto of the hot or
hair, her hand daiped In hit, 1 Arthur, japrlnkler lnexerlcncM ern nlt-utld
"Hut. after all," the nuirmured, "I am , Mt oxmvt mttitiletn inxVa. tho first
only joir second Ke, and 1 cannot cnlTmrt ijUt tafro ,, wlMnt t0ll aimailt
dure the thought that any woman .hould . ,., . ... , , .
have ever lived In a corner of your heart
before I rilled It all."
"My darting." he cried, kitting the
hand that he da aped, "no woman ever
ha lived In the tmallest corner of my
heart but jou."
"Not Mlta Orler-Kinr
"No," he antwered. emphatically; "to
that I can truly pledge mvteif now, al
. , - . ,j. . nirairm-rry win inrivo aim
K LSBSif b7c!::,,,There,lw,eh;',;v7r - -fl "" -'"-'-
too many obttade. There wa. reason ''mo . "ftm revolve no care
which readere,! ueh a match In-po-albl;"'''-" ,h' P'nta liave bevn sot out. oth
upon my Me." r tn 1 run the cultivator down tho
"And what wa thatr a atked. eag- "Wi on ' twice, but It will pay well
etly. for any extra labor that may lo ap-
"Oh, a mere family reon nothing pUcti. bonerer. Tho largvat t-errles are
that yra would uadrttaad." he antwered, grown from plants In single atnola, but
"Oh ! but you mutt tell ," ahe cried.
coaxlagly. "If yu do not. t thill think
you are cvaoallng sometnlag from me,
and It will stake m wretched. You will
tell we, won't your"
"Aaother time, dearett not now. It
T "
, JS5' -w-"
is cm able.
than be tbe next time I eome."
Do you tbiak Mlta Orlersoa beauti
ful" tht atked, a flee gaining thlt petal.
"I tblok her wry amiable aad very
beaatifal " he aMwered. warmly.
"You talak Iter more beaatiful than
ate. perhaps," the mnrtaared, her head
till canted away from his.
"My dodlng. what could pot toe
thoughts lata that silly little Headr
Aad da pistg her face botwee hi
hajads, he drew rt towarsVt hits aad kitted
tbe pouttag lipa aad the ewoltttvz eyes. In
which the tears of wounded vanity were
beciawiag lo gathor.
"IJke an atea. you are fateiaated hy
goldea locks." she said petal ally.
"I am faseiaaled by ao loeka but
thlae." he arartaared. klstlag her hair
"I eaa seo ao twauty hi sagat httt what
reaaladt ate of the. You. waosa hundred I
matt have adored for who could y you
without adoring your
"Never, never P she aastrered. "I'a
til I met you, I uever met the xaaa who
could even touch my heart. Kvorybedj
said I had ao heart; hat you have fouad
one, hare you not? At sixteen, say
married ate to an old ataa eM
taough to be my graadfathor. Oh, it wat
hldeoua. horrihlr aad the taaddered at
the s emery.
"Hot way did you eeaseat to ttveh a
Meriaeer he asked.
"Aht that wa beeaase ht those days
I had aot fouad out that I had a heart."
the aataered. taaltiar. "f wat pear aa
orphaa. he, the old bub. wa rich; aad
"You sold your yoaag life to hideout
old age." added Arthur sadly.
"You are aot the first who has thai
reproached ate." she answered, in a toae
at toexpresimes todeeaa. "Ilut, reaveoa-
her, I wa little more than a child a
vain, aad aaabltieui ose. I had kaowa
poverty it was more lhn I could bear."
"Havt yea ttW a dread tf poverty?"
ho atkoi. aaxhratty.
"Oh, yes. yet; that I Btver could en
dare. I suffered from It when a child.
aad tht horror of It ateatory a! Mi ejiart '
to as. Tbe world show at that meaty '
"..? . "". I w ""' ""
woteo exnteace is a carve; iu If we
gratp It out of the beaten path. It rant
at sordid, aad cries out that wt havt
sold eared ret,"
(To be continued.)
Csvlaeee oa the tttasil Track.
The Chinese, alarmed by the man
ner In which the Indian and Cay km
teas lisva rfrtrea tbelra ami At tK -
ke. hsr. torestiMte.! eh- m..f., ..t
com to tho condutloa that all that onto X !r!,culr, weU "Up'd t0
U needed to brlnx thdr. to the for.Ith, 5" r, Stt U mautt ,0fi
ground again Is systematic advertising.
Never punish a child for a fault to
which jota nr oUlctod yoaxstit.
i JJh&t
amali rrwtt.
eretjoHttly two crn war be hrtd on
irvc satisfactory If the m-aon doc-a
not become) too dry. Tho principal
runrtll frulta arc- blackborTlea, atrawt-or-rlcn
and ratplmrrlea, but cwdx,rrlt--.
nirrant and graiw-s aro alo Includnt
Tho mott profltablo frulta arv those
that nxvlvo attention during tho entire
year. Tlio atrawberry will thrive and
the largest yield are obtained from tht
matted row system. The first essential
la to grt the young plant In the ground
as toon as posdble, so a to a ford them
aa opportunity to grow and make head
way before the dry tea ton comr-t on.
lllg-b winds and a dry soli will make
quick work of young planta, The row
ahould h Jutt wliVo enough apart to
admit of the use of tho horse boo, and
tho gnmrHl should to kept very looe
around the plants In order to guard
agaluat drought aa much aa possible.
ralilvailnar the Garde.
The majority of fanner give but lit
tle attention to gardening. They regard
the timde, boo and rake aa Implement
which tarolvo too much tltuo and la
bor. If a farmer dcslrva to grow a
corp of any kind he prefer to do the
work with a plow and cultivator, and In
a wholesale manBer. Tula repugnance
to uiliiff the swall tools. In order to
grow n supply of wvctables, haa been
the cause of depriving hundred of
farmers of luxurlc that would have
iwt but little If they had comldcrcd
tbe value of the crop from a garden,
and also the real coat coatparvd with n
ervp of grain or itatw. Hut there
are. however, soate farmer and their
wives who know how a garden help
to make a farm enjoyable, ami they
are the oee who will now enjoy the
work of planting the M-eda of the taany
different kinds of vegetable, for there
I ao portion of farm life to agreeable
as that of itrepartag the ground In the
spring for the ganles. There ha lvo
bh advance la the system of gardevtng.
While the hoe. rake aad spade atlll
hold a place la the list of garden tool.
yet they hare bcea per.-d-d mainly
by the single and double wheeled boot
and seed drill, which lave time and
labor and w bkh can bo used for doing
good work.
fralt Treo rianllwa.
lor fralt tree planting, when the
tub-soil la day and apt to to watrr-
igged, not only should It be wdl drain
ed tint, but the bottom of the hot
in which the tree am planted should
hare placed la thean aoate coarse rubble,
to art aa drainage also. Apart from
act) material helping to keep the root
out of the day below, It serves also to
keep them fairly dry and aerated, and
that 1 Terr lat porta at for the future
health ef the trvea. In waking holes
on tuch ground, threw out te fully
three feet wide and twdre Inehet deep,
lato each hole then put four laches of
eld brick aad mortar material, or
cilaker. or ether bard, coarse Material,
well trodden aad leveled. L'rwo that
put, If obtainable, piece of turf, upside
down, then three Inches ef aot!, and
plant the tree. In that way not ealy
will the roots to kept near the lurfare
aad to healthy, bat because the trees
are on alight monads, they ran to fed
each tumaer.with a mulch ef manure.
Too much treebie ran not to taken In
planting tms en tiff soil, to keep the
rooU ceor the lurface.
Beoaotaltlaa OarJea f pare.
If you have early pea, aow thea In
a block rather thaa In long drill. Aa
soon aa they are harrcsted, piast.
Kjuaah. Hubbard does well after early
proa If water 1 ample. If tweet peai
are grown, a row of onions may to
grown on each aide ef the pea with
out detriment to dther The evenrrvea
fore tho petu bloom aad may to bar
vested. Late cabbage may to set in
the row of early onion aad make
thatr growth after the ordoo harrest
TT .Ws-SuWS-s..11'
ana-' aaar . . xr .. wj..
IVedlnar Autum!,
In the feeding of nuliiiula tho f (inn
er, by hi kmwloilgo of tlio itlffcrvtuM
between Itrsli-formlhit fooda nml tlioto
that form frit, l ennlitod lo so etiintilim
tlie illffertMit fiiHl na to prtirlilo for
nil their wnnta. Knowlni; that llui "nl
litimlnoMa" (n!tn4((Mioiit fmxla) p ro
il uw tnusolo (lenn iudau) nnd milk, he
(hould, In order to nllow for lieat nml
fat "bitlniHM" tlio foods fur tlio puroo
of nroldlng tiHi much of tlio one kind
and not enough of tlio other. On nil
nvcrnge, the ptvtMirtlou of iiltrtigonou
food to the earUinneoous la na one to
six (llioitgli tlio pmjuirtloii 'imy vary,
necordltiic ti) drvumatniuva), or, rath
er, tie (Imulil add tlx times na much of
the cnrNmniHVMii nt ho doc of the nl
tMgenou. The omilltlou. himever.
nrfect the proportion, aa leas cnrNui I
rrtjulrrd In autumer tlmn In winter,
lietioe during the warm enon Ihe ni
trogen may be Increnmil and the car
Urn dlmlnlihcd; but. If the weather I
very cold, the proirtlou of carbona
ceous matter, on tlio contrary, hould
be Increased,
Ire4lrllna Krnal,
Ono of the moat linrtniit frulla of
the establUhment of the Mount Horn
weather o!ervitory In tlio Sierra Ne
vada near Iteim, Ner at an eletation
of IO.SOO feet, la the ill km very of a rule
by which the appearance of frost In the
Truekeo and Carson valleys below may
be predicted with positive aasurunce
from twenty four to thirty -six hours in
Ily comparing relatlvo meteorological
data for Kan Pranclsoo and Iteno at
O.a.10 feet deration, athl Mount llosn,
1000 feet elevation, n comtant corre
jwndenc I otnerved Utwren fall In
pressure and fall In temperature, ena
bling frost prvgnostlcatlona to be made
with certainty. Tho station was estab
lished originally with the Idea of gath
ering Information which would be avail
able In predicting the weather condi
tions for the illitrict farther cait.
wlna C-rn tor fixtder.
The alio haa o-aetl advantage to
dairymen In other countries where corn
doc not mature. In Ihigland. where
tht condition are unfavorable for the
production of matured cnn of com.
the farmers aow corn for fodder, ttore
It In the alio, thru grow a crop of tur
nips on the land, from which tliry took
the fodder. The aanio tystem can to
prartlcrd In thl country, but our farm
era are content with one crop, ami thus
do not ilerhe aa much fnxn the land at
la possible to bo obtained. The la ml In
Kngland la high, ami farmer pay high
rent, but they do not hesltaln to um
manure- and fertlllter freely, securing
large crop In return.
I.I ma fur Kanal,
There I a fungiit which sometime
attack carrot atnl turnip, rautlng de
cay at tht root, or a mlwhapen
growth, or a withering of the leave-t.
TbU atay be prevented by a liberal sow
lag ef alr-dakrd lime upon the ll. '
thirty or forty twshds -r acr and
harrowing It la before the seed I sown,
a the funga lives In the adl. llut It
It ttttially Udter and cheaper to put,
trie root crops on new land wncre thl
fusgua baa never appeared.
When farmer are busy In the spring
they are liable to neglect many matters
which ahould command thdr attention.
Get tht Implements In readiness and
sharpen the tool. The grlndttonei I
a valuable adjunct to good farming. If
thorough work la desired.
It la do eatler to keep poultry than
any other stock, aa labor aad proper
management mutt be used te meet tuc
cesa. !,esa capital may to required
with poultry, but It must bo Judiciously
expended, or a let ran result aa easily
a from any other aource. Exiwrlence
I of more value than capital In poultry
Tho food left over on the ground fer
ment and decompose In a very hort
time on a warm day, aad It therefore
toeoroe one of the mala sources of
gape In chicken and cholera In fowls.
tilth la the summer season thou; 1
never to allowed. It I wdl to da away
with trough entirely, fedlng only
whole trains and scattering the food a
much a possible.
It la, perhaps, tho proper system to
water tbe animal at regular periods,
especially horse; but animals differ
and may desire water at time when
they do not receive It. To give all anl
malt free acccoa to water It not con
trary to the Batumi law, aa they are
sometimes totter Judge of eating and
drinking, ao far a they are concerned,
than their owner.
Rnailage should not cott the farmer
over ft a ton, and fifty pound a day I
a largo ration for a cow, Thlt U forty
ration per ton, at 2V& cents a ration,
and hence will provide for one cow for
forty daya. There la no food that can
to produced at a lower coat The en
silage la not of Ittelf a complete food,
aa the best result ar derived when
hay and grain are also allowed; but It
cheapen the coat of the whole and pro
vide toccultnt food la winter, when
Chang occur from grasae to tbe regu
lar dry ratios of that season.
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Itriiett) Not The Idea haa occurred to
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Coialc Opera Manager lliat only
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