The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 17, 1907, Image 5

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Mr. nuil Mr. George O' Nell were
llrud vinilorri during the week.
New Mock ol sIiooh just arrived
iiit Merrill's. Come in mill ee
K. C. Minor of Portland is vlult-
k Imk lii ltfititl with hli l). lf. 0.
Minor. ,
KoUtt Nolaud purchased a disc
drill tlili wtwk for wwou III rrtitclr.
The 1). M. handled the order.
U I). Wiwit rcxirt.i thut it:itoeH
which he planted Imt Noveinlwr
nre imw coming up '" llc hfije.
Mr. and Mrx. W. II. Seller will
leave Saturday for their homsleml
titnr Odelt and will hike tip their
residence there.
The kubjut ol lit v. Tavenor'it
Hiriiion fur next Sunday evening
will l "Decoration I toy Today
mid Every Day."
I'riiuk Olu-w is in Mend nearly
every week with ptonpective btlyur.s
hud ,wtt litre thiM week with futir
who purchased euil of town.
Dr. Merrill Ik liuviinr. mi addition
built on to the rear of hi north
Mure building whhih will 1m ued
two kilciwn mid dining room.
The member of the official
IxiMttl of the M. It. church, nre r'
tiiatU-d to attend a b'usiutiw meet
lux to us Held nt Dr. Mcliorf on
Monthly evening nt H p. in.
Next TucMlny Curlylc Trijdctt
mid family will leave for l'ortliviil,
where Mrs. Triplctt will tHkc
ticutuieut in n hospital. They ex
pect to lm gone several mouth.
Rev Mitchell, for the present,
will fill the Prcibytcrian pulpit in
llcud vacated hy Rev. George and
Will preach on (he second and
foutth'tiuudayMof each month in
the evening. The next services
Will be on May lG.
A. II. Grant hai made arrange
menu with the Hood- Kiver l'ruit
Growers' Awocintlon 19 handle
their fruit nt llcud. Orders for
Strawberries unci other Irtiit wilt Ik:
'taken by the catfe and filled at
their lowest price.
' MUm M. U. Nichol.1 of Portland.
iMeuographcr for King, Gucrin &
Koliock, came to lieud Ttieedity to
help In the work that developed
from the reorganization of the tele
phone compniiieti. She left for
Portland Thursday morning.
'. Mr. and Mm. it. II. Mitlg nud
baby daughter left for Portland
Thursday morning, from which
place Mrs. Mutxig mid daughter
will go to the old home at Pitts,
hurt;, Pa., for An extended vUit,
Mr. Mutxig will Inter return to
v Dr. J. S. Davie and W. I'. Hor.
ton of Granville, X. D., left tlmt
place yesterday with llcud as their
destination. They will stop at
bpokat-e, Seattle and Portland.
Tlncy come to look the country
over with a view of invitotlug and
are old-time friends of Robert
' Nolaud and C. C. Close, living oast
of Bend.
devcu years ago Ralph Patterson,
John Mnstcu and William Kverlug
ham reached the Ucud country and
filed on homesteads on the upjier
river. This week they made final
proof before CommtMia'ucr Ellh.
They are wull pleated with their
homuMeadK, believe tiYey' have a
"good thing" in them mid intend
to hold on. '
' II. II, Keuyou) (Yuitataut ciwhiur
of the ParnicM & Merchants State
."Hank of Granville, "N. I)., has been
Visiting during the past week with
Kolwrt NolutuanU family 011 their
'farm enjt of $cnd. , Mr. Kenyon
came to look thlsicauutry over mid
is very much pleased witji it mid
thinks it has a great future before
it. When he left Granville every
thing was still frpXctlip'light'the'r
Mr. Kcily b'h! 'was look-lug lor i bus''
acss faction.
You Need Furniture...
Of course you do.
always acceptable and can
the home. We have ti big
rockers of all descriptions,
chairs, dressers, bedsteads, stoves, pictures, etc.
And tho ood part of it all is that our prices
aro not tho robber kind. They are reasonable
Boiled Linseed Oil & Turpentine
Arc you planning to celebrate in
Ice cream social Saturday even
ing. Remember it.
Have you seen those new shoos
at Merrill's? They arc a fine lot
ami low priced.
It Is reported that an in flint at
Madras has died from an attack of
spinal meningitis.
Max I.ueddcmanu nud Don P.
Ilea of Madras were buiiucss callers
in llcud yesterday.
Pie pluut lor sale at J. II.
Onelll's between Tenth mid Kiev
011th on Irotmood Ave. Any
amount to suit costtitncrs. 9-13
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Brock and
Mies Jackie will leave lieud to
morrow morning for Portland
where they will make their home
in the future.
A large load of scrapers passed
through town Wednesday to be
umxI In lateral construction in the
vicinity ol the Nolaud and Close
farms cast of Hcud.
The ladies of the Catholic church
wilt give an ice cream social in the
II. M. hall next Saturday evening.
A number of fancy and kitchen
aprons will also he.ou sale
'i'lie Ilend Library and Raiding
Room will be open hereafter only
as follows- On Tuesday and Sat
urdays from 3 to s p. m., uud on
Saturday evenings from 7 to 9 p. in.
The dairy business i coming to
the front more nud more Jn the Rig
Meadows and Uoslaud country.
John Mnsten reports that he has
sold several De Laval cream separ
ators, far which )ic is agent. There
arc some eight or leu .now in use
in that section.
One of Andrew RobmSon's fine
large, iwiy horses got dbwn in the
stable Sunday night and in attempt
ing to get up injured Itself .ho se
verely that it would have died ami
was killed to put It out of Its mis
ery, it was 11 line animal and was
wortli about 200.
J.ast year Ralph Patterson Sowed
some wheat and alfalfa together on
Ills homestead on the river not fur
from Rostand. The alfalfa grew
well qud this year is again making
it appearance looking strong and
healthy. A few days ago Mr.
Puttcrsou dug out one of the plants
and was surprised to find a root
growth of 30 indies. As water
en n be found nt a depth of from
five to six feet any place on the
homestead, it is practically sure
that the nlfnlfu will live utitil its
roots penetrate deep enough to get
the necessary moisture from "below.
Heretofore it has been riuptiosed
that tile alfalfa would be killed be
fore its roots could reach lie mois
ture. Mr. Patterson Is now practi
cally sure that alfulfa grtfwltig will
prove a great success ou lii:) ranch
and states that he will seed n large
acreage to it as rapidly as possible,
his intention being to engage hi
Vhe,' drtify lAisimisd In which ho has
had considerable experience,
A new piece of furniture Is
be placed to advantage in
line to choose from
other useful and pretty
Bend, Oregon
Remember the ice cream social
Saturday evening.
It is reported that the 4). I. & P.
Co.'s sales of laud now aggregate
43,000 acres.
De Laval cream separators, best
In the world. J. M. Mastiin,
Uofllaud, Oregon. 9-12
Mrs. C. C. Close is enjoying a
visit from her father, Mr. Hunt,
from Granville, N. I).
Miss Anna Steele will leave Mon
day for Silver Lake to make final
proof on n timber claim.
Oliver 1'rickson, who was tried
Ht this term of court for stealing a
horse, was acquitted last week.
Mrs. O. S. Crocker wilt leave
llcud .Monday for a summer's visit
nt the home of her parents In Port
laud. Wc can furnish bonds to use in
payment of ditch lauds nt loss, than
regular price. P. I). I). Co., Mend,
Mrs. K. A. Sather and daugh
ters Gladys and Marlon and Miss
Corn will leave Sunday for an ex
tended visit in Minnesota.
The Dalles land office is now
open to transact business. Receiver
Aruetiou assumed the duties of his
office last Monday nud Register
Moore last Tuesday.
1 he lhillctiu had 11 news article
last week abdut Win. P. Downing's
Indian Runner ducks in which it
credited each duck of the four with
having laid 72 eggs In 77 days
from February 1 td May 12. We
had. no intention to misrepresent
matters and make the public believe
Mr.. Downing was counting his
eggs before tlicy were laid The
Bulletin was published dn May 10
and the last date , given in the
article was, May ;i, The dates
should have read from February 12
to May r..
Indian llumtcr' Ducks, stcrn
prize winners.- Wm. P. Downing,
Iiepd, Oregon. 8tf
Read The Bulletin's Irrigation
.' - m Uju.ii . am
Van Tassil k Davis,
Real Estate Agents and Locators
X(jrlAndlc Pariii.Latids and Town Ptotjerty.
. .. '
IfOii don't fiutl vh'a ybti want in the irrftjatodxbelt, givi
' ' ' .,
them rf call. They hare Improved farms at $10 to $15 per acre.
SEE Tr4rW AT v
r a3k.(aiS f ymt Aa
(Oitiltmicl from paved hi J; page )
U the amount of available water
that the hoil may hold at any one
tlinr. For instance, in the Twin
Falls Mil I found that one foot ol
Noil when Saturated contained 5 'A
iurhi'H of water, but that the nvHtl
able amount that it could hold wu
about one and a half inches. 1 1,,
then, water beapplfcd for that Mtil
nt the ratio of an inch and a half
1 yt niches wall Id be used for three
w i soil However, in view of
surface evaporation perhntH as
much as five or six inches wou'd
need to lie applied This would
allow for Mime percolation. I I-lit-ve
that sijc Inches is ample for
average soils and in many instance,
it is too much Ahere the soil is h-ss
than three feet deep. The depth
of water applied cn'n easily be as
ccrtaiucd if the head of water used,
the ucrcine being irrigated and the
time be known. One second foot
or fifty miners inches will cover
one acre one inch deep in one hour
There's NKWS in The Hulletin
'tolled Barley far Snlc.
In the Johnson building on Wall
street at Rend. 8tf
You ought to read The Bulletin.
It gives the NKWS
lieud is going to celebrate the
Fourth and don't you forget it.
Wall Paper...
Spend a plcawnt half hour look
I111: over my ll iwtKr niile at your
own home lttltij: cMnfortably in your
ciwy chair by the cry lights mid amid
tlir exact MUWtliiiUiigi where you ex
ct them to liat);- tbat" the ay to
elect ttull .ijwr. Kxamine ami com
Kre the beautiful deaiu., rxqulnlte
tint 'ami rich color cficcta to your
heart's content.
Pick out the exact pattern you w4nt
the one that really harmouiics.nitli the
furnUliliiK of your home ami with your
ideal. you mc the whole lliic tl(e very
latc.t ilclna tlic lovclict tints and
richest color effects, including the im
ported Mltcrnt in Moirr taptitry,
color blend, ingrains, vumiilwd tiles,
aanitns, sanltilc anil the beautiful pressed
leather effects of at prices
ranging from 7 cents up.
N I. WmriiiR, nenil, Oregon.
The Central Ore
gon Banking (b
Trust Company
iNCoaroiATKO ifH,
Capital $23,000.00
Tfnrisncts a Ocncral Bank
ing Udslncss.
Acts ds Administrator, I:x
ccutor br Trustee of Ostates
ifdes. Drafts and Dnrik'2
Money Orders ort nil Foreign
v 7, r
Interest on Tlfrfe Deposits
Safe Deposit Boxes.
Fire Ins' (irri rice.
John Stctdl, l'rcsidcut
). It. Saw Hill, Vicc-PrMldciit and
- Oregon
tut diau.m
A. C. LUCAS, I'ropriotor
Tabic supplied with all the delicacies of tBfc season
First-clay liquipinmn
All stages stop
Good Ufgs '.
Central Oregon Real Estate
Timber and Desert Lands a Specialty
We buy or 4cfl youi land no matter where situated. Wc can sup
ply you with any class of land nt any time Call On us or write for
,. further pirtu.tjl.irs.
Sirol- Ab
Hatiis in
New Houm;, New Ftlrniturc, Reasonable Rates. Good Rooms ;
Always Rcscretl fo. Transient Trade. "-
h. F.
Commission and forVvarding
Urge, Cotdrdodkjiti Wareboose. CoasigaaCBte SoTititel
Prqmpt attention paid to those who r .
' favor me with their patronage.. .....j
General Bldcksmithihg and Wagon Repairing
Our shop is located
Froni BEND to SHAN1KO and All Interior Points
, New and Up-to-date Outfit
Special Attention io TraVelihg Men
The Most Scenic Route In Central Oregon
s Best Eating Kousesx on Any Stage Line
1 (.,:
tfor Ratei toXaud locators, and Timber Men, address
F. O. MINOR, fiend, Or., drV,' J. BtCKLEY. Agt., Shanlko, Or.
t vi'-
rtobertlno alVw what verr wonian
inwt dcalrca perfect completion
It tirtniiH that aott, nto5tli. freilu
clwr tint f th cheek that tljnote
youthrulrtes It will brlnjr beauty
to Uwm who lack Hi It wilt retain
It (of. Udeo wht already tosscis It
It ill enibW',oi. to Succwafully
rompKtTli6-rviKi''f' VeHther and
time. bon't doubt dbn. argue. JUst
try It'oL'-itlne. Your CruguUt wilt
slvo you a. free sample. All drU
kIu keen Robertlne.
r -vwj
r ,., r t S.y.s
Fine Rooltfs and Beds
At the hotel door
Reasonable Charges
... u
opposite Baptist Church.
. 1
fHiM llU tijOvt4llHtI DtnA C010
Arc you t suUcfibt?