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NO. 5
fl..l. Wfnnil A Ir-rtfitl ntul
Dies as Penally for Act.
llmlly Johnson, n Domestic, Han (.Iking
(or Alcohol and In Satisfying II,
Suffer Dreadful Death.
Miss lvmlly Johnson, a domestic
who has hccn employed 'by Dr. nml
Mm. Nlchol (ItiriiiK the Inst few
months, drunk sonic wood alcohol
Tuesday evening before supper, not
knowing tliut it wn.s poison, nud
died from itn effects Wednesday
nftcruooti about 5:30 o'clock.
Miss Johnson unfortunately was
addicted to strong drink, especially
when In trouble or when having tin
attack of the "bluci." During the
past week she seemed to have Mine
trouble on her mind, and I ant Sun
day, when left at home with the
children, went into the drut: store
over which the doctor lives
found a bottle of whiskey and got
hoecHh!y intoxicated. Till wan
the ttccond time that she had done
50 since entering the doctor's em
ploy, the other occasion being about
nix mouth ago when tcturuini:
from Prineville on a cold day,
where she had gone to take out
naturalization papers. The doctor
and his wife liked her work so well,
however, that they were putting up
with this failing, using their influ
ence to get her to stop it. Alxntt
supper time Tuesday evening they
noticed that she was again slightly
Intoxicated and acted mtccrly. That
evening the doctor and Mrs. Nlchol
ucitt to church taking the children
with them, Miss Johnson also at
tending the scrvircit. When they
came home, Dr. Nlchol started to
light one of his gas lights and
noticed that the bottle of wood al
cohol, which is used to heat the gas
burner before lighting it. was
empty. This aroused his curiosity
as he had filled the bottle the day
before, lie turned to Miss Johnson
and asked her if she had drank it,
insisting that she tell him for it
meant certain death to her it she
liml ntul nothimr was done. She
denied having taken it, but later
Mrs. Nlchol succeeded in getting
her to admit that she had. 1 he
doctor ut once did all he could to
save the woman, culling in Drs
Coc and Turlcy as soon as they
could be found. The stomach pump
was used, strychnine, nitroglycer
ine and other strong drugs were in
jected to titimulatctl'c heart. It was
thought hhc would die during the
night, but she was brought through
the first attack and was left with
the puis acting well and resting
comfortably. She continued in this
favorable condition until late
Wednesday afternoon, when the
poison liegan to get in its most
doadly work and she died in spite
pf the efforts of the doctors.
I'uuural service! were held yes
terday afternoon in the Ilaptist
church, Kev. Tavcnor officiating
Interment was made in the Bend
cemetery. Miss Johnson was 43
years of ago. She had no known
TO THE PEOPLE oi Western Crook County
IsTe BEND MERCANTILE COMPANY must reduce their assets to CASH. A great
sacrifice will be made to close out the iarge stock of merchandise.
Store closes 10 a. m. on
relatives living hereabout. She had
recently filed on a timber claim and
homestead but had made final proof
on neither.
Dr. Nlchol said she was an excel
lent worker and aside from this one
failing, was nn ideal servant, oblig
ing, hard working, pleasant and
faithful He anil Mrs. Nlchol were
so well pleased with her that they
hud decided to offer her a home
with them the rest of her days if
slii' would conquer that one bod
habit. The doctor says tlmt If ev
eryone docs their work in their re
sMfctivc spheres as well as Miss
Johnson did in hers they will, in
died, do well. Kvcryonc has some
leading fault. Hers was one that
led ultimately to her death. Other
wise she was n good woman.
PrlcmJs (lather and Do Honor to
Marlon Wleat.
A merry crowd ol Ucnd people
gathered at the home of Mr. aiid
Mrs. L. I). Wlcst last Monday
evening to help Miss Marion cele
brate her uirtnuay, me auatr King
under the auspices of the Christian
Ktidcnvor Society, In which Miss
Marion is a faithful worker.
Contests, with prlrcs for the win
ncrs, were the feature of the even
ing. The first task consisted In
finding peanuts which had lccu
hidden about the rooms, the search
being limited to five minutes, II.
J. Ovcrturf found the most and got
the first prize, consisting 01 giHicu
peanuts hanging on many little
ribbon streamer!'. The booby
nrlc a nildcd and ribboned
clothes pin went to Mr. Moore.
C. S. Benson then played an
instrumental solo which was op
predated by those present.
A drawing contest followed, the
various artists being blindfolded
and told to draw some animal or
fowl. Mrs. W. T. Coscy got the
grand prize, a pretty tie or ribbon
holder; George Vandeveit the
booby, a child's tin toy.
The next contest was the event
of the evening. The gentlemen
present were required to take two
pieces of cloth, which had been
properly cut out, and sew them to
gether into a pair of trousers. The
work done was something wonder
ful to behold. One diligent work
er, when asked how anybody could
ever get into the trousers he had
sewed having sewed them too
far replied, "That's the other
man's business not inltic." In
this, George Vandevcrt won first,
a beautifully dressed doll, and Mr.
I Sherwood got, the Itooby.
iNcxt was n guessing contest 111
which the answer to a scries of
questions constituted the various
coupes in 'nn elaborate menu.
Here Mrs. A. II. Grant won ihc
grand prize, n pretty hund-worked
collar. The booby, n small bottle
of perfumery, lay between Mrs,
W. 11. Sellers and George Vande
vcrt. Cuts were drawn and George
rot the perfumery.
After the prizes wcro awarded
Miss Wiest was presented with a
lutudsoufc fur scarf of Japanese
mink, a gift from the IJndcavor
Society nud other friends.
Refreshments of ice cream and
cake were then served after which
the guests departed, having passed
n most pleasant evening.
Hues For I latching.
Indian Kuuucr Ducks. Kastcrn
prize winners. Wm. 1 Downing,
Ucnd, Oregon. 1-4
Land Office at The Dalles
Will Soon Be Opened.
Charles V. Alooro of (Irons Valley Is
Appointed KciclMer; Louis Amo
tion of 1 1 00 J River, Receiver.
President Roosevelt has appoint
ed Charles W. Moore of Grass Val
ley ns register of The Dalles land
office to succeed Michael T. Nolan,
removed, and Louis II. Amcson of
Hood Kivcr as receiver of the same
office to succeed Miss Anne M.
I.ang, whose term expired March
3. These appointments were
recommended by Senator Ilouruc,
and were concurred in by Setiator
Several candidates for these two
appointments appeared In the field.
As each name was suggested Sena
tor Ilouruc requested Land Com
missioner Uallingcr to examine in
to their records. This was done,
and it is said that Messrs. Moore
and Amcson were appointed on
account of their fine records of in
tegrity and ability.
It is expected that the office will
be opened for business before May
1, or just as soon as .Mr. .Moore
and Mr. Amcson qualify and their
bonds arc approved. The Dalles
office has been closed since the re
moval of Nolan, except for the
receipt of papers.
The news of the appointments
was received with pleasure in
Ucnd, as many here have business
at the land office held up on account
of the vacancies in the office" of
&. P. Co. Office at Redmond
Busy with Buyers.
RKDMOMP, Or., April 16. Wednesday
your reHrter saw Vic O'Connor, ales
man for the D. I. & I. lands, and he
said there wre 13 buyers In the day be
fore. That is only a sample and it is
Kolng some. While we were in the of
fice papei were lclng made out for J.
P. l'rlee. late of Yukon. He bought an
Ho in I&-I4. 1'yatt and Leonard had each
juit bought out in 17-14.
Work is expected to beejn shortly out
on the Central Oregon canal under Lou
Mr. Kcnyou and family arc late ar
rivals from North Dakota.
Jack Keueliau'a baby has been very
sick and is still quite low. Its parents
have it In Ucnd.
CM. Retinoid was in l'rlnevillc late
ly looking for hay for the I) I. & P. Co.
We believe that P. S. Stanley "111
expected in at any time.
At the educational meeting 1'riday
ulKht some one's horw, wc did not
learn whose, slipped his bridle and
started home witk the saddle. We do
not know whether he has been found
or not.
Thursday, the undersigned came
nearer being under the weather than at
any time since coming to Oregon. Itveu
at that it did not interfere with his do
ing justice to three equare meals, kctting
out 80 current slips from our own little
cottage garden Uck In Ottunina, Iowa,
nml doing various other chors
K. C Imnielec was circulating a peti
tion l'rlday asking to be appointed road
overseer vice h, U Welch resigned.
We took pleasure hi signing it.
1'isnk MeCuflery pamwI iwr pUec
yettcnUy vrlttt Implement! ami ed In
the wkoii presumably bound for hit
farm in tin Sitter country.
Tl first fishing party of the season
pawed here yetrdsy, aUo the first
automobile on Saturday.
The Indies Aid nucU with Mrs. Jack
011 Thursday the Jjtb, the Kuehre club
with Mr. McCaffery the iSth.
Mri. Mums has hail an attack of the
grippe but li belter now.
It. C. Park.
Is Now Ready to Receive Mall Other
Tumalo Notes.
Tumam), April 17. Chs. L. Olst was
at Tumslo yesterday. While in Tumalo
he and Poitmastcr Winer completed
the arrangements to open up the OUt
pottofficc, so now that office is a full
fledged United Slates poslofficc, a thing
that has long been needed. The people
of the Gist nclghlwrhood will not have
to go seven miles after their mail in the
future. Any one who wishes to send a
letter to the MeCalliiter neighborhood
can dlreet the same to Gist and it will
promptly reach them.
James A. McCall has been appointed
mail carrier from Gist to Tumalu. Mr.
McCall will carry the mall until the
postoffiec department turns It over to the
regular star route contractor. Mr, Kcill.
Mr. Kclll will have to include it in his
Ilcnd-Tuinalo route after the first of July.
Mr. Ifarner was in Tumalo .yesterday,
He has n fine farm 3i miles northwest
of Tumalo and lie knows how to farm.
P. P. Ground, from near Tumalo, has
sold the relinquishment of his homestead
to Jens Hasselburg. Mr. Ground has
not been havinc the best of health this
last winter and he has concluded to re
turn to the valley. While wc regret very
much to loose such worthy neighbors
yet wc are glad to welcome Mr. Htsscl
bury and family in our midst and we
trust bath parties will bo benefitted by
the change.
Postmaster Winter of Tumalo Informs
us that he has had the honor of naming
two pott offices in Crook county, both
Tumalo and Gist. Mr. Wimer was Instru
mental in sending In the petitions for
those office and the pottof&ce depart
ment gave him the privilege of turning
the oflieea The next wove will be to
net a daily mail on the route front Ucnd,
Tumalo and Gist, so we arc informed.
Wc arc sorry to hear that John 11.
Wimer is confined to hit room with
something like typhoid fever. Dr. Coc
is atteudiug him and we have no doubt
but the doctor will pull him through all
P. P. .Smith passed through Tumalo
yesterday on his way to the Dorrance
mill. He informs us that they have the
mill thoroughly repaired and In good
running onlcr and will no doubt soou lie
turning out much fine lumber.
T. W. Ilakcr is improving his fine
homestead near Tumato. He will do a
lot of fencing and other improving.
The winter grain on the Star ranch
looks fine. We think the people are
missing it very much by not doing more
scdlujj in the fall as fait sown grain it
what counts, in this country. Grain
sown 111 Pebrunry. or early March will do
very well and almost as well as seeding
in the falL
Rosland and Dig Meadows Notes.
Thedaucing "bug" has struck this
part of the woods, and Mr. Caldwell's
(Continued on page 8.)
Rancher on Crooked River
Makes Gruesome Find.
Daniel P. Powell Succumbs to Heart
Pallurc at Prlnevllle-Othor News
Items of General Interest.
V. II. Kcchti, who has a ranch
25 mile up Crooked river, un
earthed the skeleton of a white man
while plowing a short time ago,
says the Prinevllle Journal. The
gruesome find bore evidence of age.
Many of the bones crumbled when
exposed to the nir. The body was
buried about 12 inches below the
surface. The people of that local
ity have no theory to offer that
would seem to fit the case. Wheth
er the man was murdered or died
from natural causes will never be
known. There is not enough frag
ments left upon which to base any
Pioneer Passes Away.
Monday morning Daniel Powell,
"Uncle Dan," as he was called,
passed away at his home in this
city from heart failure. Mr. Powell
had been suffering for some time
from bis heart, but the city was
shocked greatly at his death, for
only that morning he bad eaten a
hearty breakfast and wasseeminglv
in good health. Death came sud
denly and almost without warning.
Daniel F. Powell, the sixth bon
of Joab Powell, the pioneer revival
ist of the Willamette valley, was
born in Missouri 79 years ago. In
1850 he crossed the plains to Ore
gon and settled in Linn county near
Scio. Thirteen years later he mar
ried Miss Mary Carey, and a few
years later thoy crossed over the
mountains into Crook county,
where the family has ever since re
sided. Four children and his wife sur
vive him. The children are: Mrs.
Mittie Prine of Lewiston, Idaho;
Mrs. Elva Allen of Eugene; and
Farmer aud Archer Powell of this
city. Prineville Review.
Sajo Rats Are not so Numerous.
Jake T.ooney says that sage rats
are not as numerous this season as
they were last, although he is still
trapping a few. Lost year, with a
neighbor, he killed about 3,000
sage rats inside of about 30 days,
and even after that slaughter, had
made no appreciable thinning out
of their numbers. This year they
are not nearly so numerous, and it
is geuerally believed that the heavy
rains during the long wet season
drowned many of the rats while
they were still in their holes. One
rancher who dug up a winter's nest
of the rats, found six dead ones but
Hone olive. Madras Pioneer.
Earthquake at Hood River.
Thursday cveniugabout 4 o'clock
while Mr. Leach and another gen
tleman were blasting stumps for
J. J. Calligan, they put two blasts
under a big stump ai:d tftcr th
shot ran to the stump to sec what
execution had been done, when
with a rumbling noise and crash
such as accompanies an earthquake,
a block of earth too feet square and
10 feet in dcoth slipped down the
bill for 50 feet carrying the fright
ened dynamiters with it.
The strange part of the Incident
is that the slipping earth opened up
three springs, the combined flow of
which gives Mr. Galligan 20 inches
of water. News-Letter.
Kicked over the Heart.
Last Friday morning as Bert
Snyder was tending to the horses
at Ahlstrom's barn, one of the ant
mats kicked him over the heart,
Bert does not remember just how It
happened, but he walked home and
told his mother upon entering the
bouse to fix the lounge for him so
he could lie down, that one of the
horses had kicked him. He passed
into unconsciousness immediately
after telling his mother what had
happened, and remained so all that
day. An examination was made
and a bruise the size of a horse's
foot was found just over the heart.
Saturday Bert felt better, and by
Sunday he seemed to be all fight.
Lakeview Examiner.
Regarding a Bend Cltfjcesj.
Mr. Sawhill, recently of Ohio,
came in with bis wife and baby this
week to make their future home in
Bend. Mr. Sawhill has recently
acquired large property interests in
Bend and will take charge of the
bank there about the first of next
month. He comes to our valley
with high recommendations both as
a gentleman and a financier and
the entire Deschutes valley Is for
tunate in having him locate among
us. Laidlaw Chronicle.
Clutched Blado of Sharp Knife,
Yee Li, proprietor of the Palace
restaurant, met with a painful acci
dent last week. He was about to
decapitate a fowl; it became-obstreperous,
.and in grasping for its pedej
extremities he clutched the blade of
the knife, which he held lu his
right hand, and all but severed the
third finger from his left hand.
Lakeview Herald.
Notice of Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice is hereby given that the
firm of C. P. Brown & Co. has
been dissolved by mutual consent.
All outstanding accounts should be
paid to C. C. Brown, who will pay
all bills against the company.
5-8 Cas. D Brown,
C. M. Wkvmouth,
Elmer Niswongkk,
Bell Home- Tomorrow.
Don't forget the game of base
ball tomorrow between the school
nines of Bend and Prineville.
for Creditor.