The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 12, 1907, Image 3

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(iraml Jury Investigating Mam
moth Bribe In Day City,
After Monlht of Delay Arrangements
Ar,o OompUtod for Trial of
Cloit Huef.
Han Francisco, April !!. A now link
Iiim lieen ndded lo tint chain of evidence
which connect tlio Unheal Itnl I ruuilH
-with llm I will bribery deal. It In Hid
inont linH)t(ant link mill come from n
source v itliln tliocoinpitiiy. Tho kfaikI
Jury will soon return Indictment In
connection with till tuniiiiiioth bilb
or) by which Ihn sum of HflO.OOO wn
divided nmniig Mayor rVhmlti, Aim
ItiU'f mill llm aujiervisnr.
While no ilctinllo statement linn Icrn
furthcoming a to ihe inrii slated fur
indictment, thl tmu'li la certain thn
prosecution wilt direct It llro to Hiiro
litaiiehm c( tho i'orHinitluii. These
brandies) are thn control, represented
liy Patrick Calhoun, tho (president of
tho (tiinpmiyi the nctlvn management,
rcpreflentcd by Tlmriiwell Mullnlly, ntnl
tlio Uw ili'pnilinrlll, at tlio head ol
which U Tliey I,. Font. The next
nifk will determine where tlio blniuu
In to Im ptnoiol. It limy Im dlsillbuted
among nil three hrunehea.
Tint grand Jury tislny net up George
llattoii, former political manager for
Venator Prrkliia mnl morn recently on
tlio uilltlcal (tun o( tho Houlherti Pad
l!o, lor ltd special mark. It wn brought
out t lint Mutton had hern attorney for
thn lloinn Telephone coiiiHiuy before It
lmght It way Into Han Franclaoo. It
transpire Hint Congressman JiiIIiin
Knlm wn also attorney for tin com
Miiy during llm early tagc of Itit light
to enter Urn 8411 Fianclsco flvll.
When thn IrUl of Abo Huef on n
charge of extoitinn It called today in
Judge limine' court, pripcoutlon and
defense will allan MtlHMCI "leady." The
I'm l of thn many otpnncmenlJi anil
lntrfrriH.MH which havo caused thn
preliminaries to drag out ovor levrral
mouth, are at nn end.
(Final Stage I Reached In Matter of
Harrlman Line.
ChlntKO, April '.'.A dlnpntch to thu
Tribune, limn WiwIiIiikIoii i-nyii.
Thn final atayu III thn lincnlU'atlnii of
Ihn Hnrriiiinn altuatlon will Ix'trin on
Thuriklny noil, when the Internntlo
'Commervc conimlasluu will hear itri own
euunwd mid that of Involved rnllruid
In oiplmmtlou of H)litn liroiittht out In
the testimony taken.
FollowhiK nrKtinieiit tliu coiiiiiiImIoii
Mill refer nil teNtliiiouy to the altoiuey
Kelimnl, wlthnvlow to the llintltutlou
ol lepil pruwdhiK lor n dlaMilutlou of
thn comliluntion exlatinx nuionir the
Union rnoluV, Oregon Short l.lnn,
Southern Tncllto mid nllltil lliuv which
hnvn Ixi'ti (ound to Ih comHilliiK, mid
will preimrun reixirt for thu Informa
tion ol the prcidilcnt wherein will Imi
.net forth step which thu Inventlnutlon
ahowa will improve thu lraiiNoitntloii
fnullitlea t!eneinlly mid IctfUlntlnu ueo
eiwnry to Inmiru more antlafnatory Foil
tral reKiilatlon,
Hermann Hat Innlna;.
Waahinittnti, Arll 2, Numcroua
vrltnearc for thu tlofotmo wero plnctsl
on thu atnnd tixluy to luiHiu.'h thu tea
tlmony hrounlit out by thu ptomviillon
-thirlliK the put nuvcn winiksol thu Her
mniiii trial. Their atntomuiita, while
conlrndlctliiK oomlderublu teatimiuiy
-oflunxl by tioverument wllunwea, had
no direct bcurlnKou tlioprlnclpol point
nt loxio, tlioiih their deiilula hud thu
elfivt of wenkenliiK thu ironecutlou.
Henry Muldtiim, durlnx hla exnmlii
ntlon, teittlllnl that he cmIUhI to too
Hurinnnii nt thu reiuet ol II. I1. (bit
ley, Kon-ln-biw mid unauoluto couiuol of
thu defendant.
Hill Haa Plan.
MliniNinoIlN, Apill 2.--rrualdent J.
J. Illll, ol thu Oreot Northern mllrom1,
la horo nrraiiKliiK n voiuproinliio nitu
nicimure, which will Iki aubmltted to
thu h'Kialntiiru tomorrow, iicuonlliiK tu
mi nnuouiicoiiiuut uiwdu liy u rnlltniid
olllolnl today. Mr. Illll, It I enid, him
boon coiiferrlni? with hcml ol other
roiid, tryliiK to iiiuku u mulunlly mtln-
'factory iiimiiKoment. It I learned on
Kixxl niithnrlty tlmt tho nieiiauro will
bo mibmlttod to thu Iculslatlvo coinmlt
too In mi effort to aiihiiltuto It for IckIh
hitlon now pviidlnK.
Hoipltal on Mount Olivet.
Joriinnlom, April 2, Tlio foiiudutlon
ntotio of tlio now flortimn luwpltul upon
tlio Mount of Olive, wna laid Rundny
In thu prcnonco ol tlio Rovornor of Join-
naloni, tho other loul olllolul mid
ninny upwtatoi, to thu nccompanlmont
of ohcora or Kmpcror William nnd for
tlio etiltan of Turkoy, who gave tlio
land mid authorUod tlio construotlon of
itlio hoapltttl.
Mouth American Ropublfc Wanted Am
baisador al Washington.
Washington, April 2. CJiIIu'h fall
u ro to send h minister to Washington
to rcplucu Mr. Walker Martinez, who
ilhl not return hum uftur tlio Pan
Aiiiorlciiu ootiforoneo at Itlo Jaiwi'-o
Inst summer, him cnticd much torn
luunt. Thn neglect of thu Chilean con
gress to appropriate sufficient money to
innlntiilii thu legation hn Ihcii given iih
it reason for leaving thu American ml-
Ion In ilmrKU of Allnirlo Yuteliain, ti-o-lotnry
of tlio IckhHoii.
Hut II lin Jtrnt Uvoinu known that
thn rm I nium) wna hlililon ilcnp In
littiii-Amorlcan jkiIUIi-m. Chllu ihvld
l It woo M Im n kmhI him toliitvnun
muburanilor III Waahlnxtou, mill elcpn
worn Ukcn to il Inco ver what thu Unit
ed KlnloN thoiiuhl of llm proixNml rlo-
vnllon ol thu Clillcun repreicntnthu to
Tim niiKK'tlou tlmt thu Chilean en
oy iiiIkIiI Imi tnliu-il to thu ninlituua
ilorlal iiiuk ant nil Ijttln Amtrlui on
iMko mill a Kvnrnil nioveiiivul wna In
atltutttl liy thu Southern tt public to
Iienil on aucli a inovuuient. AiKntlna
IhiIiik unfriendly to Chllu wan erclul
ly opixiaetl to thu plan, no Uracil mid
Chllit nrn nlwitya nilnl na allien nod
ArKtntlrin did not wnnl her two atroiiK
rat rlvul lo ouUtrlp her III Alimrlcim
It hn not bi-en thn policy of thu
Htatn department to lend mnUu-aador
to any country which ran not he ranked
a n world power, and when thn Imtitll
liy ol thu rent of Houth America to inch
n chtiiiL'o U-cnuie known thn United
Hlnte iliH'Idisl that thu iliillilii hml
U'tler not Imj atfltntisl hirlher nt till
President of Weilern Union Explain
Recent Advance In Toll.
Nw York, April 2. ConcerniiiK thu
recently auiiouncl advnncu in tno
rntea chanted h) thn rompmiy, Colonel
II. C. Clowry, pienldcnt ol tlio Weatern
Union Toh'Kraph company, tonlKht
"There ha lx-un no Inrno Inrreaao In
rate by the telegraph companlea. A
number ol iidal nnd unproiltablp
rate Imvo leen Inereavcil to thu aland
anl of hcheduln, Thrro aHv'iul
intra wirn dinoriinlntlho nKlmt a
Inrtie iiumlet of place and wero orig
inally eatnhlUlird by couiN-tlni; com
imuleri, which by rearou theieol went
Into Uinkruptcy.
"M(Mt of thu rattv lucrrnail weru "5
rent for 10 wonl rntea. It cot nt
lenit 30 cent (well to handle uch iue
iit;cN for hnrt dUlnnci1 nt thu prenent
time. Thu IncienMxi In thecotol tele
K'liipll mnterlnl havu Ueii from 2fi to
100 tier rent within I ho last fow jeflr.
"In addition to thu recent Increnn
of 10 ei cent In thu iialarlM of nil
iiiAiiaKcr mid ojMuntoni, there hn 1hhii
lor )isr mxI n Inrite mid atmdy In-
cream In waisu of nil clam ol indi
vidual omplojcrt from month to month.
"Tlieru I no liicreaio In thu extra
word rntu, coucpicntly the newspa
per' rntea remain thu miiiio."
Qrow, Former Pennsylvania Con
Rreitmar Olea of Old Ae.
IliiiKhamton, N. Y., April 2. Kx
Connrosamnn (ialtinlm A. Orow dlisl nt
hie homu In Ulenwooil, l'., Saturday
a n icsiilt of n ijeiieral breakdown, nt
Irllmted to old ne. Mr, Orow wn
tilivte.1 to coiiKrcsri from tho W 1 1 mot
district of I'ennayhnuln n thu young
est momlier of that Uxly In 1851, nnd
niter retirement from public Ufa for
nearly 40 yearn hn ro-cntorcd tho lumso
ol repreeeiitatlve a congrfsainau nt
Iiukd from I'eniiHylviiuln.
When hu rutlrl fouryenia ao hi
public Horvlce In tho hoiiao extended
over thu loiiKcut porlod, nlthouuli not
root I n nous service, ol nuy man who
ovor Hut In that Inxly. During tho
mito-bollum day ho wn ono of tho
Ust known men in tho United States,
nnd In 1804 he emtio within onu vote of
huliiK nominated for vlco preeldcit In
plnco of Andrew Johnion.
Disorder Have Ceased.
Uuchnreat, April 2. It la aemf-olll-
dully Muted tlmt In mmiy dlHtrh-ta tho
peusmita nro ropnirin tliu ilaninno iiono
to proiK'ity mnl restoring stolon wU
to their ownurri, DlHturlmiicoa nro re
ported from Putiui In Moldavia, mid
many easca of plunder, InceiidlnrUiii
nnd uiiirhI conlllot In Wulnchln. A
iiumhur ol pcnmintii havu boon killed
or wounded by troop at Ijuiku nnd
I'atulolo. At llullcen, In tlio contor of
tlio dluturbed nren, nil tho rlnulMidorv
have boon cnptiirtl, Thu communea of
lltiorouinl ami l'ciiKiMil mo in revolt.
Suppre Newt In Ruttla,
Bt. l'oloiehiirit, April 2. I'romler
Rtolypln hn sent n circular to tho gov
ernor ol province ordering thorn to
prohibit tho printing ol new of thu
agrarian dlHonlor In Itouuinnlu, In tho
(ear that thoy might spread to Ruula,
uhuwn aroHS nodiiLinta.
American Dlplomant Prevent
bardmenl of Amapala.
WimIiIiikIoiii April A. Mr. Cored,
thu McnriiKiimi imIiiUUt. railed nt thu
Htnto ili)niitimnt today mid Impilred
wliiittiutliorlty rhllllp Drown, mnto
Inry of lint Ainurlcmi h'Kutloii to Oiintc
inula mnl Moniliirnx, hml for IiIn IiiUt
lereiuc with thu lioinbnrdiuont of Aiim
xila, llouditma, by thu Nlciini(min
Mr. Cor hi 'c advlccx fioin hla homo
Kovurnmunt ahow that Mr. Ilrown went
to Aninpnlti, jwrmiiuled thu Nlcainxinna
to tmns llrlnu foi -I hour mid then
went to In Union, Halvndor, whencu ho
IimuhI ii protect, HiyhiK that HnUndor
would rricitrd reio ml of thu Ixjiiilunl
iiicntniitt divlardtlon ol wnr apiltial
Hnlvador. Htnto ilftt.ii tnunt olliclala
relunu to dlnchjMu whut Mr. lliown'a In
atrtatlon luvti been.
I'rcaldetit Ibjnliln I atlll aurrouuded
nt AmnMla, iki (ur mm thu Plate depart
ment know, hut thu bombardment of
thu town by Nlcaraitimn KnboatM lun
Sttcknty, Speyer and WhllrldRe, Of-
tar Prldnt bu;B;eftlona.
WnchlsiKloii, April fi. Thupicaldent
lin rcielel commiiiilcatloiiM from A.
II. Ktickney, o( llioChlni.i(irrint Went
ein; Jninen 8'jer, of thu latiikltiK
llrm of HjMiycr k Co , of New York, mid
Frcdcilck WhllrldKc, n New York law-
yer, nil of them Imiimiik on thu rnlliund
altiuitlon. Mr. Htlckuey uiii'Ien num
ber ol RiiiHteiitlon which hu thought
mlnlit Im ol value to thu prealdent In
any legislation he iuIkIiI di-nile to rec
oiiiuiend to (Otiicre.
The president today replied to Mr.
Stickney'a letter and reipiested that Ik
elnlMrntu to aomo extent thu point ho
had alrendy brought out. Mr. Whit
rldicu haa Inh'H lutitetl tocomu here to
confer with the prealdent and I expect
ed hero within tho next fow day.
Slop Hitchcock Mathod.
WnahliiKton, April 2. Secretary
Gitriluld I alowly hut ()teiiintlclly
ellinluatlnK Hitchcock inelhcxl from the
ad m I ii IH ration of the Interior depart
ment Tho timet Important reform now
In contemplation 1 tho olimltintlon of
tho practicoof lKiiilrxiiliii'tlie clmnict
cr ol honcet men, Hereafter Intpcct
init otlioinl will ho held atrictly ac
roiininhlu fur their rrorti ruid when
over they nttnek thu rharnctor or record
of any innn, they mint nuiku K'xx) or
Ket out of Uio service There luut licen
altogether too much rccklctumcfa iu
Into year, nnd It hat Ot to atop. (Jar
lleld is ns nnxiouN as Hitchcock to pun
ish Kraflerri mid bind thieve but hu
will not tolerate rocklessneM,
Poital Agreement With Canada.
Washington, April .1. At n confer
eiico between l'ostinister Ocncml Im
inleux, of Canada, nnd 1'iwtmaster Gen
eral Meyer, of tho United State, in
thl city txlay,nnngreeinent wna reach
ed to amend tho postal convention ex
isting between tho two coimtric insofar
m it nftccta thu transmission of new
pjpei mid Kriodicnl known a eecend
class mutter between tho to countries.
Can in In acccpta tho tentntlvu proposal
of thl country that second class matter
mulled In ono country nnd addressed to
tho other might bemibjoct to u rate ol
1 cent for scuch four ounces or fraction
thereof on each bulk (Mckage, prepaid
by stumps uillxed,
Proiecute Polion Seller.
Washington, April 4. Tho depart
ment of Agriculture la making prepara
tion to begin prortecutlon under the
nuru food law mid Dr. Wiley ha given
Instruction to hla Insix-ctoi to nccuro
na soon a (losilblo the sample on which
the accusation will ho based, Tho
offending establishment have generally
Ihcii located, mid nothing retiinlns ex
cept to ohlnln aptvimena cf tho article.
When those nro procured chargcu will
Iki formulated mid aiiniilledtotho Unit
ed States district nllornoy in whouo
district tho offendcitt limy reside.
Delleve Neroee Ou Itleta.
Wiwhlngton, Apill 4. Captain 1'.
Lyon, of Company I), Twenty-tllth in
fantry, win tho only wlliuwd cxnmliuM
toduy in tho lirowiiNville inveatlpition
before tho senate eommitteo. Ill nei-
soiial vlow that negro soldier did not
do tlio ehootlng nttnu'led much ntteiiv
tlon, ns ho fald ut llrt ho was con
vinced of tholr guilt, but hla oplnon
wna ohaiigiM by tho report ol exports
who exnmliHsl tho aholla picked up In
tho streeta of Ilrownsvlllo.
Qeneral Humphrey Reappointed.
Washington. April 4. Tho nroaldent
ha reapiKilnted llrlgadlor Goneml
Churle F, Humphrey as (lunrtormnster
geitoml to succeed hlmaolf on the ex
piration of his present term.
New Ltghthoui Engineer.
WnshliiKkn. April 0 M. J. llmke.
of Oregon, was today appointed assist
ant engineer in tho V. S, lighthouse
set vlco.
Forestry Would Tax
line of Right of Way.
Washington, April 2. Tho Foreatry
Bui vlco hn submitted to the attorney
genurul the qucetloii of tho legality ol
tho pnictlco of so cluirglng couiinoiclnl
couiKinlo for tho right of conducting
water through tho reserve for tho de
velopment of jxiwcr and other purjKe
a to causo thorn to contrlhuto to the
eiHiiio of maintaining tho reeerve.
Tlio aorvico ha horotoforo oxacted joy
merit for pliellnea taking water from
the stream In tho tecervet, hut tho
right to do ao haa been questioned, nnd
It la now tho purpoao lo wuro tho at
torney gem-mfe vlow of tho point. The
Foreatry administration take tho posi
tion that tho coirinlce should iy
something for tho servico they receive
through tho consultation ol tho water
of tho streams on which they roly, and
they find their only opportunity iu the
chargo of the right of way.
r radically nil the water used by
them is conveyed through pipelines for
tho production ol electricity and the do-
ruanii la consuintly Increasing.
Express Company at Merchant.
Wellington, April 3. At the recent
session of congress the snnto adopted n
resolution directing the Interstate Com
merce eommlialon to Inquire Into state
ment that the American, Adam,
United States, I'aclllc and Well Fargo
l.xpres companies, or cither of them.
ate engaged through any agent in the
business of buying, selling or Jinndllng
on consignment fruits, vegetables nnd
oyster entering Into Interstate com
merce nnd to report the result ol Its
Investigation to tho senate. Today the.
coiumlhalon Issued nn order requiring
tho express companies named to (He
with tho commission statements show
ing in detail to what extent. If any.
they mo engaged in tho business Indi
Accept New Post.
Washington, April 4. Gecrgo F
I'nllock, thn ex-assistant commissioner
of the general land oldie, has accepted
a position In tho forest service. It 1 no
secret among the member ol thr forest
service that Mr. I'inchot hn wished for
somo timo to secure for his own bureau
tho advnntagoof Mr. Pollock's intimate
familiarity with public land questions.
A new position has now lieen created
which will put him in chargo of all
nuitleiH relating to public land in for
est reserves, claim, privilege, cllmi
nation, etc.
To Remodel Fair Ground.
Salom Twenty piieonett from the
stato penitentiary lmvo been detailed
under Guards Klmer White and Frank
ltenson to commence work on thn fair
grounds. All tho old buildings that nre
worthless will he torn downnnd replac
ed uy moucrn tuuciurc. bucii lumber
as can bo utllixcd will be saved, but a
general plan of reconstruction will be
carried out, and it I tho purpose o( the
board to get tho hulldincs and grounds
in tho beat condition Uiey liave ever
Invitation Reaches Rosen.
Washington, April 6. Huron Itosen,
tlio Itutslan aiultisradnr, called upon
Secretary Itoot at tho Stato department
today and Informed him ho liad receiv
ed from St. Petersburg tho invitation
to tho United States, to attend tho sec
ond Hague conference. Tho invitation
was In French and It was necessary to
make a translation before it could bo
handed to Mr. Itoot otliclnlly.
Consulship Given Manning.
Washington, April 0. latino A. Man
ning, of Portland, was today appointed
consul to Cartagena, Colombia. Mi,
Manning recently took the consular ex
amination for which ho was designated
by thn president at the request of Sen
ntor Fulton in John Iiurrctt. Since hla
examination ho has been strongly in
dorsed by Senator lloiirne for early ap
pointment. Dayton Comtnanot Asiatic Fleet.
Washington, Apill 3. Itenr Admiinl
James A. IXiyton, horotoforo iu com
mand ot the rhll nnlno snundron. todnv
assumed command of thu Asiatic Meet
nit tho relief of Hear Admiral Drown
son, who has been oidered to thl city
to roliovo ltcttr Admiral Converse, re
tired, as chief of tho bureau ol naviga
Contract for Life-Saving Tug.
Washington, April 0. Tho contract
for constructing Neah Hay (Washing
ton) lifesaving tug will bo awarded to
I'usoy A Jones, of Wilmington, I)ol.,
tholr bid being 18l),057. No Pacific
coast tlrma submitted bids.
New Washington Postmasters.
Washlntgop, April 0. Washington
postmasters appointed: Watorloo. Wal
ter A. Park, vice II. Thew. resinned:
Gibson, Thomas Willis, vice Guy War-
lug, resigned.
Only Practicable Way To Solve
Freight Problem, 8ys Hill.
Now York, April 1. James J. Hill,
president of tho Great Northern, taking
as a toxt tho recent action of l'reiident
Ilooaovelt In appointing a waterway
commission, said today that through
tho waterway of tho country, properly
Improved, must come tho much desired
improvement In tho freight-handling
conditions. The country, he said, must
look to it waterways for Immediate re
icf of tho freight pressure.
"If tho government would Improve
it waterways and extract from them
one-fifth of their latent possibilities,"
said Mr. Hill, "tho frelghl-handling
problem soon would bo nearer solution
than the railroads themselves can
ever hope to bring It.
"There lias been In tho past a feeling
among some rallioad men that water
ways development would bo inimical to
railroad Interest. I do not think it
would, and If thl idea lias not already
wnony disappeared It la In a (air way
of doing so soon. We realized that we
havo created in tho prosperity cf the
country a condition that call loudly
lor teller, and any mean to that end
would be welcome.
"Take, for Instance, a 16-foot chan
nel In the Mississippi from St. Iui to
.New Orleans. There Is no more Im
portant work for tho general govern
ment than this Improvement It might
cost (100,000,000, hut when it was
finished a single powerful tow boat
could pull from 30 to 40 tialnloads.
Heavy freights, requiring only moder
ate cpetd in transportation, would go
to the seaboard by way of the Gulf, and
there would no longer bo freight con
gestion between the East nnd West."
Railroads Take Revenge For
Cent Fare Laws.
Washington, April 1. In accordance
with their intention expressed somo
timo ago, the railroads constituting the
Western trunk lines, the Central Traffic
association and the Eastern trunk lines
havo filed with the Interstate Com
merce commission tariff increasing
tholr rateea on east bound grain and
grain product, to becomo effective
about Apill 1.
This sction wsa Ukcn, it I under
stood, becauio of tho enactment by leg
islature of some ol the western states
of laws regarded as inimical to their
Interests. The particular law to which
the railroads took exception was the
2cr nt faro act of the legislature of Ne
braska. When the new tarifls wero died, the
commission suggested to tho carriers
that tlio time (or putting the increased
rates into effect should bo postponed.
Tho carrier cheerfully acquiesced and
the commission ha granted the carrier
permission to pout and (lie amendments
postponing the proposed advances In
rates to May 1.
Honduran Rebels Will Make Qenoral
Qulterrez Their Chief.
Washington, April 1. General Dlo
niso Guiterrex, ono of the most prom
inent leader of the revolution In Hon
duras: against President Ikmllla, prob
ably will bo president of Uio provision
al government established by the Hon
durian revolutionist with the aid of
President Zolaya, of Nicaragua. A dis
patch received today from Commander
Wlltothalter, of tho American gunboat
Paducah, now at Port Lluion, Costa
Itica, states that It is reported there
that General Guiterrex is the favorite
candidate for the head of tho new gov
ernment In Honduras.
It Is also repotted in Port Llmon, ac
cording to Commander. Winterhalter'a
dispatch, that Prealdent Ikmllla is com
pletely surrcunded. The dispatch does
not stato oxactly where Senor Ikmllla
Is, but It Is believed that ho Is some
where near Amapal on tho south coast
of Honduras,
Dispatches received by tho State de
partment from sevoial different points
In Central America announce tho bom
barding ol Amnpnla.
Girl's Beauty Worth 31,200.
Pari, April 1. Twelve hundred dol
lars Is the value placed upon beauty by
tho Swiss Federal tribunal. It had
been spoilt by n dog's bite, and the
girl claimed damages fiom the owner
of tho dog. Tho local court nt Davos
awarded her f 800. The dog's owner,
a butcher, appealed and, when the case
came before tho higher court, tho Judg
es confirmed tho award and raised tlio
damages to 11,200, because tho girl,
who was 17 and had been very pretty,
had sufTeied tho "diminution of her
beauty" becauso of tho bite.
C liver, the New Governor,
London, April 1. King Edward lias
approved tho appointment ot Sydney
Oliver to be governor of Jamaica In suc
cession to Sir Alexander Swettenham,
who recently resigned tho office, giving
M the leaaon advanced year.
iws ToniOEEir
In a Condensed Form for
Bnsy Readers.
A Resumo of tho Less Important but
Not Lest Interesting Evenf
of the Past Week.
Carnegie lias given an endowment of
10,000,000 to Catnegio Institute.
All railway employes eatt of tho
Mississippi will demand more wages.
Cubans are caper for a decision as to
when the end ol intervention will come.
President Joseph Smith shy tlio
Mormon church lias ubandoned poly
President IJonllla, of Honduras, Is
gathering force to continue the Central
American war.
The amount of coffee being Import
ed into tho United States I decreasing,
but the Importation of cocoa is increas
ing. Kooeevclt is counting on compelling
congress at its next session to pas a
reform land law by enforcing present
Eight more indictments are coming
for San Francisco telephone men.
Htney has sent a warning to Detwiler
that he liad better give np.
England Is becoming aware of tho
fact that 75 per cent of the canned
goods used in that country come from
the United States unlabeled and that
English label are put on by the im
porters. A part of the outer wall of the Vati
can lias collapsed.
A denunciation of the czar mar causa
dissolution of the douma.
Uoojovelt say corporations have con
spired to defeat his policy In 1008.
Thaw lias been declared sane, but
Jerome will appeal for a right to aeo
the evidence.
John A. Lewi ha reached Chicago
from Mexico and will at once start the
fight to secure control of ZIon City.
Governor Swettenham, ot Jamaica,
resigned because he was ordered to
apologiie by his home government.
Tlio army quartermaster's depart
ment at Manila Is under Are because
the payroll has been found to bo pad
ded. Hcney has found that the telephone
companies contributed to both sides in
the campaign of Schmitx for mayor of
San Francisco.
Harrlman' lawyers are delending
before the Interstate Commerce com
mittee the right of railroads to water
stock. They also ciaim rival roads have
a right to combine.
Oklahoma elections gave Republicans
Six men were overcome by gas in a
mine at Lead, 8. D.
The Hermann defenso lias attacked
Hitchcock's method of conducting tho
land otHce.
Doctors in the Thaw caso have dis
agreed, some saying him sano and oth
ers insane.
J. J. Hill has formally retired a
president ol the Great Northern and his
on Louis lias Bbsumed control.
As a lesult of the city election In St.
Louis the Democrats jm In complete
control of overy branch of tlio city gov
ernment. All cities and towns of Colorado ex
cept Denver have just held municipal
elections. The liquor question was tho
chief one and in a largo number ot
place the temperance people carried
the day.
A letter (rem Harrlman to a frleud
published In Eastern papers, eaya
Roosevelt asked him to raise $200,000
fot the 1001 campaign fund, which bo
did. Tho president says tho statement
is false.
On tho liner Siberia, due In San
Francisco May 3, are coming a number
ot Chineso military officers being sent
by their government to the J la meat own
exposition to study tho warships ot all
NIcaraguans have captured another
Honduran port.
Ituet has appealed to the Sunreme
couit for release on bail.
A new movement has been started in
the South to end the raco problem.
The government Is to prosecute Hill
for violation of the 28-hour law for
Railroad employes are willing to
yield on the question ot wages but are?
firm foi nine hours
A storm at Havana drovo waves Into
the city, causing much damage. Man
Uvea wero endangered.