The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, March 15, 1907, Image 7

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Pure Blood
certain If you tako JIikhIV HurHnpurllla.
'I'lllH IH'CUt llll'lill'llli) nilMM lliiwn i.iiiiiIIiiiiu
fmM mill holla tlml npjHmr at all nciikoiih;
yiriirf miriiflllii unit 1i..ii.i ....
piuii mi ........ ...... ,-, rniiu llll-lllil 111 t'l VI'IMIl,
ilittitrl Itm'lf I'liiiiillv wull to. anil hIkii fiiii.u iKu.
' ' ..... ..J.l-
f)nh ami all rilotiuteli I rouble ciiich iIihi.
Milium mill ftii I it f tlk fiiii'i.u ii....ti..iiii i ...... 1. 1....
P'"" ' .. uimn nui iuiiii mjllllll'N,
KVDUHJ HIHl lllllb lirt'll li'l'llll,
J Onrsntnhs IV Hmmx b prefer inwIWnn In tab.
i( ftiriti. Ilil HnratrltU I turn put up H sIhmsi- .,
MltiiMlirllr. KiihUIkiM Hell Ih Ihn usual ,"" '.,.
aiilil fiirni Maraalalia liava Lli.ull.illw 11.- ...... "'...!""
"-iwiii.iirai.n, allMlflll lull. Ml W; wink '
(U'AiUNTcr.t) .under tint PimmI and Drugs Act, Juno IK), 11KXI. No. 321,
B) ''- a" Hr
n, mi
li it
A ftlnnr' IiUhk,
The singer Mt tint Mill (if tho practice
if i;ln panted heavily, "I mini; one huii-
jffted ntiil nliirtyeU mite tlmt Unit,"
U mill, "without oiifn taking breath."
"Indeed! Tlmt mint lm n record."
'.No. Tin record la held by four
tjtv Pounds, I'uiiitiU tiig threat hum
Jml mul sixteen notes without rcaplr
itton In IMK Tim renin! previous to
list wn hold by 1'nrliirlll, with three
lend red notes. Norman Halmomt hu
ling Imu hundred mul rlghiy-nweti
pete In till way, Tin averog man
ttM hardly slug flftr not without
ktthliig; to tin1 atugcr two hundred
would bo nothing. Philadelphia Hullo-
A llfurd In Wilbur Away.
t Miss Acuin Jack Hansen Uu't fat,"
i ti he?
Ml n Nrwltt Net flt nil: lic' qultn
Jjrsrtiful ami iiium-ulnr. Vliy
' Mt ANriim I li!nml to mention
iMm to IIm Jlltir. ami iba ubt: "Oh I
liti't bn illieuiilncly luuO"
' MIm Newllt Ab. yon. Kli rrjpflwl
Mm mihm wrvkn neo and nlic mail l'
' wum bn ilklu't i4uo away. l'lillailnl
Hln TrcM.
1 lln Calnra Affrl lxlilllr.
. Tlicr are kkJ and rrll rffecta cren
la color, not only In the limrlMIc ar-
raiiKPinriit of tbcm to Hi" trnliHMl ryo
!of an nrllit. but In plain itrry-ilay nsl
ami bill and crrrn, to any uotblne of
Acrordlnic to Mntlral Talk far tho
J'llotnp, If a (xtikiii m rvnnnml In
room with piirjil wnll. ltb no color
tut purplo aruund him, by Hm rml of n
uwiitli tin would bo n rnrlng mndiuan.
ficnrlft hn crcn worw fff-cta. Illur l
tfry dipri'liiK ; lirliro "tho blura,"
(Irrrn la (jullo MoUiln. and yellow
llw tin good rffrcta oil tho rliloli and
(ptrlta of tnoit proplt
A Kla Ihat tlrnnsht nralli.
Courtablp In Hpaln la rrsulatnt by
It atrlctrat ftbjUPltP. A l c
drniwii, n yoiinjt man la nenr Ml
lotin with Ida flaiMw. Nwr Malaci
a bwuitlful yrninc sir! of 30 WiHtlttiM
mlclilo by ilrlnWInc it nip of ottte In
whlrh ptlMiru Jwd lwi dUaolvwI.
It appear that tho clrl had ln drlv
rn to the ilwd by thn odrir cow
turn t a of nHichlMim who bwniuo nwnro
that luil.Klvi'ii h'r aro'thirt n
kiM. 1iSRtm-Mnll.
I'uur Clirlaliiina I'nrr,
A di'li'tntloii of fellow towiiiinnii-n n
ri-iitly I'lilhsl on Itufut Id Civul. of
Midway. Ky., lo niiicrHliilnti him on
tint mt'lpt of a ('anifRlo initial.
Am hl friend Hem tnklin; lenvo
Mr. (.Viiiilm Mlnlieil (hem nil u merry
"And I hope." lip endpil. "tlmt you'll
lime n morn bountiful dinner t tin n fell
to Ihn lot of a yoimi; friend of in I la
in t yi-nr.
"lie. thp xir clinp. wait aloppliiR at n
choap New, Vnrk boanlliiK Inuite. nud
on t'lirlitmni day. niter ho bad eaten
ii turkey neck, a potato and a vptlntrr
of ddrn mlnre pie, the landlady until
to III m, aa htt no Jut ua (ho weak
jwiffeo waa broiiKht on:
mi.'ddrrr !dro-tla-.tabJe, Mr.
'"I niiiKt. madam,' Mid Kmltli, cr I in
ly. 'It'a hard noml, and my teuth aro
not what they ued to Im.'"
Ill Cnnalnnrr,
A atory la told of (ipnernl Sir Alfred
lloraford, wIm Mleted In n n-IIUalu
army. A Miller onre MiiiKht hla pwr
mlMlon to marry, mylnic he bud two
Khm1 coudurt bait( ami I'-V In iho
parlnga bank. "Well, ro own)'," Mid
Kir Alfred, "and If jou come bark thli
day year In the aame mind you ahn'l
marry. I'll keep the vacancy." On thp
aunlreraary the aoldler n-Hatel Ida
repipat. "Hut do you really, after a
year, want to mnrry)" "Vc. air. very
much." "Hcriceant major, tako hla
imino down. Via, you may marry. I
never believed there wna ao much con
atancy In man or nomau. Itlcht face
Quick mart-lit" Aa the man left tho
room, turnlmt hla head, he aald : "Tank
you, air. It lati't tho anmo woman."
An i:nrll lllddl.
On one oraialon when bo waa buay
(reMdeut Lincoln received a tllc6
tltHi of men tw were entli-nvorltiK to
hurry the miliic of wmiio ctty bill.
When they entered I.lncolu lookwl up
cnively. and Nthl:
"If you call the tall of a aticep a
1e ww many lega will tho aheop
"Five." aald the ajMikpainan.
"No," Mdled Unoln. "It would
only liave four. ChIIIhs tho toll a
b woiiWu't make It one."
The delegation decried In dlacom
flture Si.ndny MwKntlne.
M-f-! i lTTfi
T IM'ff Ii" iW"
AYcficlauIc IV cpnMllonror As
almllnllnj ilicFood mulUcfluln
Unft the Stomacla nml Uowvls of
rromolcs l)iecallon.Cliecrrul
neasnntUlcsUontoliwnclllicr Opliini.Morpltliio norUtuiraL
UyJM Smi'
W iwa-iw---- -
AocrTccI llcmcily forConstlpa-
V-nt Sour atotaaclt.uinrrnocn
Wofps .Convulsions .feverish
ica arollQB9QFSiEBK
FncSiinilo Sifinntur or
For Infnnto and Chlldron.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Boars tho
t Ifv
fT Alt
For Over
Thirty Years
" tm wtuaoP"T-
"Ooctor, nlmt la khiI to Inko to cura
tlio rcdueon of my none?" "Tho pledKe."
Houalou I'okI.
Knlcker rrlmltlvo men plowed tho
earth with u ahnrKtned ntlck. Mocker
Von don't menu to miy ;olf datc-il
buck that furl KclaHfira.
"The iloctom linvii finally njcn-od
Ukiii (ho ciiiim of Jlnk'a lllneaa." "Did
tlu-y hold nnother i-ommltiitloiiT" "No
il Mat-mgrtmii." Headllijht.
"Men-, hold my tunn n minute, will
you?'' "Klrt I'm n niemlier of Con
KreMj" "Never mind, Vou Iwik lion
t ''II tiiko a cliniK-o." Courier
Mra. Ilenpock fthamc on you for
KrowlliiK atMiut Dr. HoIiin. Didn't he
Jii't brim; you hack from tho Jawa of
death mid llPUN-ck (wearily) And
Jmck lo tho Jawa of life, Borrowed.
Woman Now, If you don't lenvo at
once I'll call my IiuhIiriiiI and ln-'w nn
old Harvard footbiill player. Tnimp
lidy, If yer love him dnn' ciill him
out. I lined to play wld Vale, Judge.
Cynthia Oh, what n world thin la
for ii woman; I do wUh tho Iird had
made me n maul Molly Why, my
dear, iiuiylxt bo did mid ' you Jtiat
haven't found lilm yet. American
'Then' la only one ordained mhvdon
nry In the world for 000,000 lieHthena,
your excellency," aald tho cannibal.
"Wj-II, I gut mine," aald tho cnunlbal
chief, ruhbliii; hla lljia. Vonkora
"John, dear," wrote n lady from the
continent, "I em-lomi tho hotel bill."
"Dear Jane, I cnclo u check," wrote
John In reply, "hut pleaw don't buy any
more hotel at Ibis price they aro rob
bing you!" TltllllK.
"Why don't you let Willie play In the
utrcvt with the reft of the ktilnT Mild
Mr. WImi. 'Tin Hfruld It will iniII hla
clot Ilea!" wua tho wlfe'a niiHwer.
"Thiinderiitlonl" excliiluieil Wine, "wo
mil buy clot lieo, but wo can't buy
brulna ("Clipped.
Mr. Dnnl (to her liulmml, who
amolla a utroinc cwiiim- of k'hh iiik
whero and la iiImiiU to atrlke a match)
Vou'ro nou-r after looking for n leak
wld a IlKhted iiinteb. .Mick? Mick
IlouijJ your whlatJ Thoy'ro wfety
matchei! Ilalf-llollday,
"Doctor, can't you kI' mo aomettilnj:
to relievo my alei-pleiwnoHar' "Vcaj I
could prcacrlbo n aeilatlvo, but dnica
would do you im real Kixxl. Inatend of
that let mo recommend n lan:e, fat
onion, to lie cnten raw Jimt In-fore ko
Ink to U-d." "Why, doctor, thafa ex
actly what keep mo awake." "How
Mn It poMlldy have that effectr "My
wife eata It." CIiIchko Tribune.
Ilolmiti Vou IimiIi nil broken up. old
man. Wbat'a tho matter? Cralk I
iiille.1 on MIm 1'ruynn laat nlclit. and
'no ixwiier had I entered the wrlor tlinn
her mother appeared and dcumndiM to
know my Intentlonn. "Tlmt mut bnvo
U-on rotln-r omlmrraimliiK." "Yea; but
I that waa not tho worxt. JutU " tho
old lady llulahcd ajieaklnc MIm I'niyn
'ahoutinl down the atalnt.'Mauimn, mum
I ma, ho lon't tho ouo!,M Umdou Tit-
A Si-otHiuan tho other day wont to n
Iondii dentlHt with n toothache. Tho
dcntlat told him ho would only cot re
lief by ImvliiK It out. Sitit Mtm, thou
I iiiuat hue Raa. While tho dentlat
waa Kottlntf It rwuly the Swt beuu to
etiunt hla moiioy. Tho dent ltd wild,
Houiewlmt tiwtlly. "You neetl not py
until It'a out.'; Tho Scot replied: "I
ken tlmt, but na yo'ro nUait to inak' mo
inwinM-loim t lldt Want tU HfO hoo I
utan'." Sport Int: Tluiea,
Tho publlc-Hplrltcd lady nieoti tho
llttlu boy on the atrcct. Tho I.ndy
I.tttlo Ik), luivvn't you any homo? Tho
hlttlo Hoy Oh. yoH'in, I've K'ot n home.
The l.ndy And lovlnic nrinta? Tho
I.lttlo Hoy Yw'in. Tho Lady Aro
they brliiKltiK " "l to bo n k1 nml
helpful cltUen? Tho I.lttlo Hoy
Yca'm. Tho I.ndy Will you nk your
mother to como ami hear n talk on
"When Doe n Mother'a Duty to llcr
Child HckIiiV next Snturdoy after
noon? Tho I.lttlo Hoy (explosively)
What'H th' iimttor with you, inn I Don't
you know mo? I'm your Itttlo lioyl
Cleveland I'lnln Dealer.
A I'rrroitnllve of tht rulptt.
Doctor Hnwin, u Now KiiBlnnd clorsy
mau of Ioiik K, was reproached by n
friend with mo pronouuclatlon which
wa not "iicconlluK to Welmtur."
m..i.ui iii iiln imrlsli. and tha
Ulliniv. ... - . --. -
douKhty old dlvlno wan not llnjwawl to
Iki BimblMM with the dictionary,
"What rlKiit mm vonsiur to iuimiw
my pronouuclatlon?" ho demanded,
htiUK'htlly. "II" B " of W l"lrl8"'
loner. "' M ,0 ut hU l''""K,
Hon from mo, nml not I from lilm."
Ilenriloil Vulluro l.urwoi.1 lllrd,
Tho lament bird of prey In tho world
la tho bearded vulture, which measures
from wIuk tip to wlK tip s much us
ulno or ten feet
Could aim irrni- Hnmt,
"Dor.toc, my wlf aaya lit la setting
"Tell her It's becauio the l getting
"Do you bellrra Iip la di-af enouch
for that to be wfc?" Ilouaton I'oaU
Tht l I.AXATIVK IIIIOMO Oullilne fllml
Urlr ntflMl iemxllM mimpiIkhx ilteett
Tim flrtl ml rirlaliol Cold fMt Ii WIIITK
I'ACKAOK Willi r.Urk nl Ifl lettering, ami
bean Die lnlure ot K. W. OIlOVK. .
In I lie C.'fimlnK llnr"
Hiiabauil Maria, tlila la eolng to b a
cloiely contrntfd election, and we've got
to get everybody out. You'll have to
hurry, or you'll bo too late.
Wife Oracloux, John I I can't vote
lO'dar. Tln-rp'a no in In lalklnx about
II. I haven't a thltu Ihat'a fit to wear to
the polla.
Mothers will find Urf. Wlnriow'a rjoothlna
limp tha tMit remrdr to urafor tbelrcbllilros
lurloj tbo teathlnt pierloi,
Jrla llnrk nl Hint.
Ncwcil When you any nnythlns
that innkcH your wlfo misery what doca
li! do threaten to return to her pur
enta? Oldwed Worae tlifnl'thnt She ro
penta iine of tho fool things I aald
during our cotirtahlp.
Color NpIipok In Knap.
A woman who wanted aoap of a
certain make nuked for u blue cake.
"It doean't come In blue." aald the
clerk. "It la nuido In yellow, white
mid croon."
Tho woman aemed itlaatiwlnteil and
finally boucht another brnud or aoap
In tho dedred tint.
"Tlmt la n queer, fad," aald the
clerk, when alio had cono out. "Many
women nre carrying tho color
achemo to audi extremes nowadnya
that tbcy-uac aoap that mntches the
furuUhluci of the room. In order to
meet this demand manufacturers arc
turning out Kiaps of almost very
known tint. The color they ore mot
deficient In U blue." New York Sun.
Ifnrmonlnna Itplntlnn.
The Mnrrjuls del Orlllo, tbo first
liualmnd of tho great Italian actre,
HlHtorl, had aa pcraonal valets only
tho iiiont riulck-wltt'.-d young fellow
who could help lilm In tho practical
Jokea In which bis eccentric Mul de
lighted. In one Instance, says a writer In
the New York Times, the mnrquls was
sitting at n plnno, trying some church
music, when n new oppllcant was ush In. He did not stop playing, or
oven glance round, but began to ask
questions. The answers evidently did
not npixMil to him, for he suddenly
struck a loud chord and, following the
tunc of the music, chnutcd In a heavy
"You will not do for me."
Then ho rose, and without a look
at tho man started to walk out of the
room. The applicant quickly stepHil
to the piano, and striking the keys
with both flats, chanted back solemnly
lit the aame air:
"I'm very glad of It, becauso I don't
like you a bit I"
Anyone clxo would have had the man
thrown out for hla Impudence, but the
marqula piiuicd at the door and smiled
"I guess we shall get on nicely, after
all," he said, pleasantly. "See my
mngglordomo und leak to him about
I'AZO OINTMK.ST Ii nareleo I teenr aaf
coeof Iclilnr, I', WMillnfor protra-llDf
lln In 6to II dfor montf reliindedJOc
Hallway Maxnatc I don't see how the
sccldrut could have happened. We run
our road on the block ayntem.
Cnreaaonable I'erwMj I know It.
You're o buay running out blocks of
watered atock that you can't pay any at
tention to tb way you run your trains.
Shale Into Your Shcf
Alten'i Foot ' A powder. It aakea H)ra
ornewibova (n-leMjr. It Ii a certain core lor
wratlns. talloua and het. tlrel, arhlne lt
Polil tir all HmrrUn. 1'rlro ae. Trial park.
axamaill KHKK. Adilrcu Allen B. Olnuted,
Lcltey, New Yolk.
Mrs KroM-HliodrH Still, In the city
there la more coins on. You havo ever
mi much more variety than we do out
here. I
Mrs. Avnoo Ah, me, yes! In the laat I
year I hare tried cooka ot aeventeen dlf- !
ferent nationalities, and haven't found
one to ault me yet.
Don't Push J
The horse can draw the
load without help, If you
rcduco friction lo almost
nothing by applying
to the wheels.
No other lubri
cant ever made
wears so long
and saves so much
horsepower. Next time
try Mica Axix Grease.
Standard Oil Co.
Portland Oregon
Stimulate tho Blood.
(Iran Ireth'i 1111a em the great blond
purl it r. Tlicv ire laxative mid h'oed
Ionic, t ey act rtpially on I lie NipI, the
kl-lnejn and the tki , t Ha ileantllig llie
Kit-in by the nn Ural titlol of tin- b nly.
Tliey Mtmtilate the Wooil mi aa to enable
nature to tlir w oir nil m irHd liuniom nnd
mire i-ll tmnUliii art lug from nn inipure
t ito of t o McxkI. One or two taken
rtrry nljit wit proe an invaluublo
lviio . jilll contnl"!! one p-nln of solid ex
tinct of nrnpnrll'n, widen, with other
v lunhlu v-g tnlilo produci. leake It a
MuckI purlllurofexcrlleut character.
Ilrandreth'a I'll s hate been In ue for
jverncenliiiy nud urw a Id in every drug
nud medicine rtorr.clt.icr plain or sugar
ousted, A I'pellr Uiperlment,
A very' pretty effect may be productsl
by using some nulllnc dye In nowdenil
form In alcohol. Till a small glass
with tho alcohol nnd drop the smallest
portion of the dye on Its surface. It
will shoot down through the liquid,
like a strand of color, dividing Into two
branches, which will subdivide again
Mini iif-iilii itnlll rnii luave. nmiariilillt.
" - " ' nounca uaiociuiK'c. nupisnun
an Intertetl plant In miniature growing ramedlr. and ir ootutantiy faumc to cure
before your eyes. An arrangement If &;ll)$fc
mirrors tuny no mane to in row me re-
llcctlon of this on it screen or a wall,
nnd the enlarged shadows will be very
Interesting to watch.
St. Vltoa Paar and all Serroaa OI-u
.Im -.mJt .m II Lllli'. IIM.I
.vifri ilniiorr. bona for KllKK S trtM botU an4
lrtauaa.ur.iuii.iviinc,fcaMrfwvDw " .
Not Quite In Ilia I.lnr.
Kind Hearted Woman Why dia't
you give up your Idle, uaeless way ot
living and make a man of yourself? I
don't suppose It ever occurred to you
that even a person ot your itamp might
tie useful In settlement work.
Goodman Gonrong No, ma'am. I've
done a little flat workln', but work In' a
whole settlement Is too dog-gone rliky. ,
There la more Catarrh In this aeetlon ot the
country man iioini uiajca pm ....,
and until the laat lew jean waa auppoard he
lnaurable. FraKrratmanr 'earattuetorapro
ma....m...i i, i.wi .iiua,a. ami irccrtLulocal
,. ..! ... ...mlanllp ffBlllnV Ifl HUM
with local treatment, pronounced Utneuratle.
tlelencebai proven catarrh to Us a conttltu
ttonal dlaeaM, and therefore leoulreseoiiitltu-
VoaCerfol Home
Thla wn -AtittX CO-!-
Doe r M rallxl
cr. at bmiw ba cur a
nH wlllKMI ilr
tiaiSat art. ttn tit
ti ill. Ha run b
ttvxw woodtrrat I hi
n" brbs l" a. b'xta,
barka aad rural w -
bat an ntlril nn
kninrn to Ri'.ll-ml a I-
him Id ih a cvMtnr lir ircti Uiim or tbOMO
liar m'i M r mKju-i. Tli a I luotdnr r knows
toaa..tanofov-raOQOinrr ni rmdl awbJcni
banaMaacfaafalr In ditUrant dlavaaai. Jle
ruaraa mute racatar-b.a bmvUnr, threat
lb DoialVara, ni-nrtaa rat, ilomacb. titrr, k!4
trri, tir.: hi buivrU et I ititnoolala.
Charen mod' -al. Call ami hLn. la Unta
cull or tba c-.r wrfi fTMan aao-lrircotan.
bn4atamp. CO.NhlU TATIO.N lUKK.
The C. Cec Wo Chinese MetCdne Co,
162W first SL. S. C Cor. MorrlMO
Mention paper Portland, Ortffoal
II Ilnpiirna i:rrr NIkM.
At tho end of one of tho, nos-dons nf
the world's convention of t)io Woman's
Chrlatlan Teiuiwrunco Union lu Bos
ton, Mrs. U M. N. Stevens condemned
the habit which so many men hnvo
of going out between tbo nets nt the
"I am In hearty sympathy," snld Mrs.
Stevens, "with a woman whoso hus
band wild heartily to hor, nt tho end
if an Intorchtlug drama:
" 'Jove, what a play. I don't bellevo
there was n dry eyo In tho house when
the curtain went down ou the third
1 act.'
"'No.' said tho lady, bitterly, 'but
thcro t-cemod to bo tho usual number
of dry throats.' "
A Woman Who Has Suffered Tells
How to Find Relief.
Tho thousands ot women who suffer
backache, languor, uritmry disorders
ami oilier Kidney urn,
will llnd comfort in
tho worth of Mm.
JanoFarrell, ot 000
Ocean nvo., Jersey
City, N. J., who Buys
"Iroiteratonll I Inuo
said boloro in praiso
P of Ikinu's Kidney
Pills. 1 bail been
having heavy back
aches nnd my goneml health was affect
ed whon I began using them. My feet
woro swollen, my eyes puffed, and dls
sy spells were frequent. Kidney action
wna irregular and tho secret ions highly
colored. Today, howover, I am a well
woman, nnd I am confident that Doan'a
Kidney Villa hnvo made, mo so, und aro
keeping mo woll."
Bold by all dealers. 60 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
tlonal uleaf, ana innreium nwrawaiiuM
tlonaltreatmepu llaU'a Catarrh Cure, tnanu.
laeturedbyK J.Cheuey ACo..Toledo.Oh o.t;
the nnlr conttltutlonalcureon the market. It
It taken Internally In dotes from lOdrou to a
ieLK)onlul. It acta directly on the blood and
muo hs aurlacea ol the .yatem. They offer one
hundred dollars lor anv cao It lalU to cure.
Bend lor circulars and teatlmonlals.
Address. K.J.CHl..NEYd;CO.,Toledo,0
Bol.l by llrUR(lala.7ae.
Hall's r'amllr lulls are the belt. ,
Thr Sufi Anaifrr.
"I have already said 'No' to you, Sir.
Vere." said Miss Hute. "I don't seem
to bo able to mako mysolf plain, al
though I have tried"
"Ah, MIks llute." Interrupted 1'orcy
Vere, "you couldn't do that, no matter
how you try."
"Well er of course, I shall nlwnys
bo glad to have you call upou me, Mr.
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Sherman, Clay & Co,
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V, N. U.
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$3.00 AND $3.50 SHOES iF"i&S
Mmi's Shoes, S3 to WI.SO. Itoya- Kline. .! to UX.'iS. Wuuu'n'a
bliona, SUtoMLSO. Sllaae.'&Chlldrau'a hluia,J.'43 lu Hl.OJ.
W. L. Douglas alioos nro tocoguuod by oxtHirt Judges of footwear
to bo the bout In stvie.Ut aim wear iirouucwun tuts country. rcu
part ot tha shoe and every detail of tho making Is looked after
und vratohed over by skilled shoemaker, without regard to .
time or cost. It I could tako you Into my larce factories ntl
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,H, llrotnii,UK
Color more toods brighter am faster colore than any other dye. One 10c package colors silk, wool and cotton equally well un4 W
uarantccd lo give perfect results. Ask dealer, or we will send post paid at 10c O tuKaage, Writ far fice booklet how to etis,
leach and mU celers. M0NR0C DltUG CO. ValomUlc. Missouri