The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 11, 1907, Image 7

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    General Debility
Day Iti nni) ilny out thnrn l Hint feeling
Of vraktirtNs Hint mnkcN tiurtloii of Itself.
I'OOll itocil tlllt fttriMIKtlldl.
HU-rp (loon not refresh,
It I hard to iId, Imril to bear, wbnt
llumti! I i cany, vitality In on tliu tbb, unit
tlio wiiolu nliiii lurtcri).
1'or ttili condition Inka
Hood's Sarsaparilla
It vltitUii' Ihii mood mill itlvi) vigor mm
tot It) to nil tlio orjtnli nml function,
In imiml liquid form or In chocolnted
lablcli known ui Onrantnba. IWdoicull.
Nni n flitiiil rinn.
Oyer It Isn't always a good plan
or it mini to try to make it iiuiiiu fur
Myer Why not?
(Iyer Well, I knew n limn oneo who
Irled It, nml liu was arrested fur for
Ilrre tlio fnr weairrn orator wninl for-
'Tcllow cMir-im." he rirlalaml, "ordi
narily I nay mi atti'tiltun lo ramiiflleii
ftliiliiler, tint iIik oniiilliliiln on llm iilln-r
ticket lii" lll nlHiut urn wi prlriti'ntly
ml imillrlriKlir tint mrlx-a ranee lirni
riswil In lie n virtu mill I nni collie lo
innill It I in wllli'iiit trinvrH!"
"J on runt ! liiMrr U'lliiwnl a limn
VHtli "liiirt Imlr, a Hi Wit neck, nml n bull-
nni: tare.
"Why nnt?" ilrniniiiltsl the nrnlor.
"'iim 'a nrln III nil. AtiywIirriM
ii tlili Hlnl yutrrr got to bare clima
plsliln' at Irani two nunc? I"
Rlnrr nf n Kltrtnfliin.
"Blip wasn't oiin lilt llkn tlin glrlt
who liidtilgo In public lllrtiitlons; mm
was m lull nml cold anil stately," began
tlio far conductor who obscrvi-a ttiliiK.
"When mIik cot In at With street I saw
her catch liU eyo Imiiit'illiilely.
"IId M'oiiicil ludliTcrciit nml ttirncil
IiIh head away. Hho wpicosrcil Into tin)
sent next to hint irml ho bet'iiiiiu ab
sorbed In looking out of tln window.
"Hho went to all sorts of trouble to
attract his attcnlloii, (lint girl. I miw
her iiiyMcir. I'liiiilly hIii- Jangled Iht
chatelaine loudly nml liNiknl at him
alluringly from beneath her long-lushed
"Then In turned nnd garcd at her
qurMlonliigly. Him smiled, n bright,
unnhaNhcd miiIIc, with tliu whole cur
looking at her.
"Koiiiothliig In that smllo warned
him, and" hero tlio iiindiictor paused
Impressively ami tried to hide the twin
kle In his eye "Imi reached out two
pink, rhnbby little liiiiuU to grasp her
dangling cliiitclnllie.
"Well, sir. aim kissed one of those.
chubby little lunula mid pinched bli
little apple red checks and then naked
the woman who held him a 'mention.
'Jticsa It was Ida mother and alio naked
how old he wan." New York Hun.
Mothers will nml Jin. w inflow's rjxthto
Sirup the foil remedy to uwfurlliiirclilldioa
duiluK the U.'tlilii t,ilod,
Hi-Islam are llm Kmitpat ainokpra. Oil
ImiiiiiiU Indue uwil for each n,nti, wiiimii
ami rbllil. Aihlr from Dili, Ml, 10') ixiuudi
of clear!! ara Imported annually.
"Clrlaln" t,r StnlinKiinr.
Tim origin of the tie of mahogany
a anld to Imve Imcii na follows: A
JVeat Illdlnii trader hrollicht hiiliie sev
ernl loicn of mahiiuaiiy na Imllnat for III"
hip. The trnder'a bmllHT. n Iiiidun
pbyalrlRii, Impi-iiril In hulldlni; n
jimiae. nnd bU brothpr atieeiHilPit that
the loRa would -re for tvlllni: t.enma. B, ,,,, ,
Ac tins on lit iniNHiil. t oelor snv ,, ,,.,,
prurrn in 111a worKiiieu niiiiriniiKiy, mil
tlirlr toola wrre not nhle to make nil Im
preaalon on the hard wood. The doctor
jjrderrd frrh IimiI-i lo he uind. and nt
kiiKtb PUn-niteil In llndlns luipleuielit
jlilili would cut the tliulH-r Dollulitiil
jrltli Ida dlarovcry he ortleroil a bureau
to lr made, nud 10 beautiful wna It
tlmt It attracted Keneral nttputlon.
Xpw York Tribune.
SHIt, l
Ulnca Uiipk Doan'i Kidney PIIU Not
SIdrIo Storm Hai Formed.
Cnpt H. 1 C'rute, Adjt. Win. Wntta
( , v., Iliininke, n., riiya:
"I h u fie r I n lonif, 1
limit time with my
Ihk'I', and felt ilnK
vy and Untie and
tlrnl all the time.
I lit fnuii my nan-
ill ttelulit, !i'jr, to
ZVi ' lS&.lt
IVrutlnr r'orxlupt r n Slui.Urr
t'nuapa NMllitra lliirh Trmililf.
A curloiia atory of lnve and rrtenm
eoinea 10 11a from the far caat nod tlio
fait that It la the love and reretiKO
Jf n Javaina monkey doean't nliatu
tho hiiuian Intereat In the nnrrallr
Nor ahoiild the furl Iht fact that the
a tin the crew of n
mp atixnner nhnte all confidence, In
Ita tnilh. It npix'ara Hint the aallon
who manned thla ateamer had collected
In Java a iuiiiiIxt of tnoiikeya for apv.
ninth e ptirpoaea nnd IIicm? ro con
fined In the hold.
Allium: l bciii wore two unuaunlly In
telllgptit aluilnna win) were rcleniuil
durlns tlje oynce and Iwrtnlttrd the
freedom of the chip. Unhappily n
aiiddeii alorm cnuio up nud 0110 of the
playful creature wan waahed over.
Uinnl. Tho remaluliiK one, who hnd
not een hla comrade' sudden taklni;
off, aenrched the ablp fiu huura and
llnally betook hlmaelf to the rlirelm:,
where he remained three daya, refin
ing food and aroldlui: all cfTurta to cap
ture him.
No doubt he held the anllora reajmn
albli; fur the death of hla partner nnd
It would nppear that he una formula!'
, Ine a fccheine for retent'e. Anyway
, Ibn third 11 1 i;b t he releiifi'il all the iiion-
I'rlnnrv iwa " ' ' "" ' ' r ' "")" ""
.,,,, IW1 trt. illinium inane ine iiuaeniine lor til
.. ... .m. ,.v-,
CoinliliiMlloii 'I'm, I.
Here la an Implement which la
equally tiH'ful In pullliiK tacka and 11ft
lin; the atoto lid. If there la a cnrM-t
which need tak
lot; up, run nud
get the Htnve lifter.
Thla tack drier la
tint like the ordi
nary article of thla
nature. It can nl
waya Imi found
when there la lire
III the miiKc. It la
an en ay cueaa that
the Mote lifter
doea not atray fur
inuiy from the fire.
and when It la needed to pull tacka It
ahoiild be an oaay matter to find It.
Thla lark puller la made In two pivoted
aectlotiH, mi that when the hk'IIoiih of
thn handle are drawn toKether. the two
jioluta of the tack puller open out. In
thla way It la atnilhle to Kct a (Mod
atroin; hold 011 the tack ami force It
out much more readily than with tliu
common tack lifter.
I l-tsr jg:rrrT f 1 i) "V. l'rrw'f"-f'r fjf .'"U. ' "lT'.v'-'fP"'r -,V ' , I.X.V., niiifiL.
' .i.u..'.,-. nf u "''wr' tj 1$tfi'V.; .,.:.. Jcf'c tg .-,: -
iJ".'!,WWiwstri III ft ') 'bW y J ' Vl wmwww")i
V ')' ' x' 1 vk .,. &J ' Arum j f
i IH " ' " mm-mww 1 , i. ' - i ,1 . . f U
uar.rui. 7ou
anlLIIUInu llrrnil.
Into a pint f ImiIIIiik water atlr n
halfteaniMNiiifiil of mlt and take from
the fire. Add terminally enough Hour to
make a very Nift dotneh. Hwt hard
for from ten to firiivn inlnutefi, then
cover with a thick cloth and ect In a
tery warm room for elxht hour. Into
a pint of lukewarm milk Mir a tia
pwniful of mtlt and eiauiKh flour to
make a MlfT bntter and work thla Into
the llrat mixture. When well mixed
cover again and ct In a warm place
to rlae until very Ilcht. Turn Into 11
wooden lain I and knead In enotich
flour to make an ordinary bread doimh.
Make Into loflVfi. Hd tin-He to rim.' and,
when llglit, bale.
Bjfyf8a' incut nnd I liavo M "'"''' ',''"' ''" nl"' whIcIuhI and
I A lKiL had to ut 1111 often ' faftiiRlit and It waa only after n inimlr
I kA J nt nlislii. I latd ot ,1"'1" '""' ,K',,,' """' overlaytnl that
luHtdaehea ami dlx
xy ppella 11 Inn, but
lliy worat riulierliiK' waa from renal
Colic- After I lietotn lirliix IKntu'a Kid
ney 111 Im I (iiHiial a i;ruel Mone aa IiIk
h 11 Ihiiii HI nee then I lime inner
had nn attack of snivel, and liato pick
the balance could I hi captured mid e
currd. And In all the foray a and fierce
rharttea the revengeful monkey waa In
the ran.
Whatever may Im? contended concern
tin; tho rciiMiuluj; power of the brut
creation, there hate been many lu
Q up to my former health nud weight, tmirca riH-ordiil of their remembrance
I am 11 well mint and kIvo I)o.iii'm Kid
ney I'llla cmllt for It."
I Hold hy all dealera. 50 con la it box.
Foater-Mlllmrii Co., llufTalo, '. Y.
(U paat Injurlea. And thla fact would
cent to islvo the atory of monkey ve'i
gen nee Mime acmhlmico of truth.
t'levelaud Plain Dealer.
TJvcry part of tho lwdy in dependent on tho Wood" for nourishment nnd
strength. When thin lifo ntrcnm ia flowing through the system in n tttntc ol
Eurity nnd riclmesH wo nro assured of perfect nnd tiniiiterniptctl liealth;
cenuHo pure tilootl ia nnturc'ti mtfctjunru nahist disease. When, however,
Uic Imdy ia fed on weak, impure or polluted blood, tho pystctu is deprived ol
its strength, disease genua collect, nud tho trouble ia manifested in various
ways. Pustular eruptions, pimples, rashca the different Kkiu nffcctioua
Show that tho blood Is in u feverish nud diseased couuiciou na 11 result of too
much ncid or the presence of eomo irritating humor. Sorca nnd Ulccra nro
the result of morbid, unhealthy matter in the blood, nnd Rheumatism, Ca
tarrh, Scrofula, Contagious Ulood Poison, etc., nro nil dccp-scnted blood
disorders that will continue to grow worse n3 long na the poison remains.
These impurities nnd poisons find their wny into tlio blood in various ways.
Often n Bluggish, inactive condition of tho nystcm, nnd torpid state of the
venues of bodily waste, leaves tho refuse nnd waste matters to pour nnd
form uric nud other nciiln, which nro taken up by tho blood nud distributed
throughout tho circulation. Coming in contact with contagious diseases ia
another cause for tho poisoning of the blood ; wo nlso breathe the genua nnd
fliicrobca of Mnlarin into our lungs, nud when these get into the blood in
ufllcieut quantity it becomes n carrier of disease instead of health. Some
rc no unfortunate ns to inherit bad blood, perhaps tho dregs of some old
oustittttiounl disease of ancestors is handed down to them nud they nro
constantly annoyed nud troubled with it. Had blood is the source of nil dis
ease, nud until thlu vital fluid is cleansed nud purified tho body ia sure to
inh'cr in some wny. For blood troubles of any character S. S. S. ia the best
T-'inedy ever discovered. It goca down into the circulation nnd removes nny
ind all poiaous, supplies tho healthful properties it needs, nud completely
mm permanently cures uioou diseases ol
every kind. Tho action of S. S. S. is so
thorough that hereditary taints nro removed
nud weak, diseased blood made strong nnd
healthy no that disease cannot remain. It
cures Rheumatism, Catarrh. Scrofula. Sorca
PURELY VEGETABLE nml UIccrS. Skin Diseases, Contagious
jiiuuu j'uiaun, tie., iiiui uoca mil. leave 1110
ilightcst trnco of tho troublo for futuro outbreaks. The whole volume of
)lood is renewed nnd cleansed nftcr a course of S. S. S. It is nlso nnturc'u
greatest tonic, inndo "entirely of roots, herbs nud barks, nud is absolutely
mrmlesa to nny part of tho system. S. S. S. is for Halo nt nil first clasa
Iruir stores, Uook, on the blood nud nny medical ndvtcc free to nil who write,
V' .
V .
':' r.
If more than ordinary skill in playing brings the honors of the
game to the winning player, so exceptional merit in a remedy
ensures the commendation of the well informed, and as a reason
able amount of outdoor life and recreation is conducive to the
health and strength, so does a perfect laxative tend to one's
Improvement in cases of constipation, biliousness, headaches,
etc. It is all-Important, however, in selecting a laxative, to
choose one ot known quality and excellence, like the ever pleas
ant Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co., a laxative which sweetens and cleanses the system effect
ually, when a laxative is needed, without any unpleasant after
effects, as it acts naturally and gently on the Internal organs,
simply assisting nature when nature needs assistance, without
griping, irritating, or debilitating the internal organs In any way,
as it contains nothing of an objectionable or injurious nature.
As the plants which are combined with the figs In the manu
facture of Syrup of Figs are known to physicians to act most
beneficially upon the system, the remedy has met with their
general approval as a family laxative, a fact well worth con
sidering in making purchases.
It is because of the fact that SYRDP OF FIGS
is a remedy of known quality and excellence, and approved by
physicians that has led to its use by so many millions of well
informed people, who would not use any remedy of uncertain
quality or inferior reputation. Every family should have a
bottle of the genuine on hand at all times, to use when a
laxative remedy Is required. Please to remember that the
genuine Syrup of Fins is for sale in bottles of one size
only, by all reputable druggists and that full name of the
company California Fig Syrup Co., Is plainly printed on
the front of every package. Regular price, 50c per bottle.
" t p
Lta.-.-.. -iV.-.
3 , . - '?"":';
1 ' ,
I '':- - -urn
rj sr t 1 . . . - :
C ..I
r -. . a' r-i
-1 -l
in. -.i.bfc.jy in.1 ii-
t-oviiiviiii. My.
Ciirimiiul I'lkri,
Krifih boiiie-iiiiide cocoanut cake are
nlwnya acceptable and tery eaally
made. Klthrr the freah or the denKl
cattsl cocoanut can lie uwd, the latter
being lexa trouble, and the former much
Ix-ttcr. Put two cupfuU of cranulnteil
incur nud one-third of a cupful of wa
ter oter the fire In n Hiunll nu'ate nance
pan, and aa nviii aa the ayrup bubblea
up, and roHa from the hinioii when
tried, It Mmuld be taken from the lire
nnd two cupfuli of nKimnut ndded by
,1, t?r,H(- HllrrliiE- ,ilil mifiiipli tit fulr It
11 i . .1... .. i . 111 A Snrfrltctl Crule,
. .... -1 iu....k ..I ,.... r -rtemember." aald the nielodrnmntlc
eiimu may ,. .,, ami tne caiioy ii- n utiwn arc iMnt , ,,,, ,fe t!nt
uu'ii ri'Hiij 10 drop 1 ruin n iniiioapiHin i
on aome oiled iaor.
QuforniaRg Syrup (q
Sfcr Frfcrclico. Col.
i-,' . ii-,.i',;k.l
K -t ""
-J'ft ... S
. . .-.r
Mtm W-ljij
U t'r:T
few York.JliVCJ
AVronc Time of Year.
Panienccr I uprOM! Jou knoir, Sam,
that your boir iro outline a melon.
Domn't It make jour mouth water?
Pullman Porter No. uh. I done loi'
my Intrreit In mrloni fur illi yeah, lilt
would be illrf'uiit. o' coV, If dcy wui
cabvln a 'pomum, iuTi.
BU Vltoi Dun ani ill Nerrom DIkmm
3 iwrmimnnjr rami nr it. mio imu
mm ItMiorar. Nncl fur niKK I3lrui Dum nd
triktlM. Dr. 1U ILKIIar, Ixl.Ml Atcli bU, ltiU.,l'.
lull priclllt trnl va aepllcatlon. Control and I'm
lrwnrkiotlItl. lXa(insct Luboaal -
Catalocue free. Tangent, Oregon
The dally awccplni: la one of the
thliiRH that can Im lewned conaldent'
bly If one la In i-armmt nNiut KrtvltiR
atrenctli. Ily plcklnj; up tlio airi
from the llMir and wlpluc the dint from
the furniture even the fninllr hIIIIih-
room need not be awept every day, audi Wo, tho underilgned. naro
money cannot buy,"
"Vet," ntiRwercd tho liniieounlous
pcraon, wearily, "but I had uuough of
them Ions iiro. What I want now Is a
clmnce." Washington Star.
Mow' Thla? !
We offer One Hundred Italian Retran) for
any caie of Catarrh tbal cannot bo cured by
tlall'i Catarrh Cure.
r. j. t,iir.r.t a i.u., rrora., toieao, u.
Known r. j.
All the btil breed
Ine and lndiiduallty.
Younc tok on hand
at all tlinn. t'orrw
tonileiire lollclted.
hatltfaetloa suaran
tel Aldrr-i
D. I. KtVT
Perodale. Orecon
the liedrooma will iln verv well ullli n Chener lor the lait IS yeari. and bellere him
toe iieorooma win no terj wtn wmi n p,acf,r honorble In all huiineu traniao-
KoihI awccpliif; once a winik. Iiom and financially able to carry out anrou-
HUli Timrla,
Inatend of wiinIiIiik the illah tow el n
tlrnpe Tniilorn.
To n (jtmrt of Concord craiH' Juice
mid n cup and n half of auptr and n
half cup of well-wiiHlied minute tapi
oca. Cook together In double holler
for hnlf nn hour. When iwrtly coolwl
add the Htlllly beaten whites of two
cuk'M. Hake In buttered pitdtlliiK dlnh In
quick oven for fifteen inlnutra, Serve,
when cold, In kIiihnch, with n tahleaiKion
of awcetened KrnK Julw.
Sold by all Uruzctili.
Uall'i ratally I'illi ara the beiU
tho blood and wucoui iur
tein, frlce 74c. ir botue.
TeiUmonlali roe.
Ilratloni tuade br their firm.
W kit di TaUAZ. Wholeiale Drureliti, Toledo, O.
WiLCiNo, K inn ah & Mabvin, wholci&le fru(.
fUti. Toledo. O.
even- ilar. have n cimhI hiiiiiiIv nnd wiimIi . iiriiniiireti taiert internaui, a.-f
,, ' ' , " i inicuirectiy ujon
thoiu all toKether once n week, but not laiei of the iji
with the family waahlin;. I'ut them to
aoak oter ulKht In atroiiK huiIk. and In
the moriiltiK put them oter a nIow (Ire
to conio to a IkiII. nnd lioll alaiut fif
teen inluuttM. Take them out and tvnah
throiiKli two watera, then put nut to
dry. They will need very little rubbing.
for you In
NEVADA cc0c!gpcnrd MINES
i.fflW-'iii cJ?CK!0N;Bf;ker
Meamltlrhei. 228 lumber Cichante
uwr lUily Marrauted. IIA. All iliei ao-1
it) lei atloweil prlrea. Writ for catalog-.
Portland, Orf en.
Best In America
We make Ibcm
Wo do not take order and peddle onrltabber
Mamt. tvli, Ete. Wo manulactiua our
own (roods. Oar ciulrraent la tho newest
and Uit mi ney ran buy. W rite today for our
"Uubberfelamp Catalogue."
Tin: ikutn-iiodson co,
Portland. Orecoa
Ml V nPWTAI m mmuss
B One Ihlnl off regular price for ihort time,
br II A Miurdeiant form.rlv of Tlio Pallei.
and lr K A Hitler formerly of A rllngton.
are with ui Tlieywlll bo (lad to meet their
old friend.
Third and Couch Streets. Portland. Occcoa.
Cruel Tliruat.
Tho Itnnl Such n atupld, ntsent
minded janitor. I gave him one of my
pooina to mall nud Instead of dropping
It In tlio man box on me corner
dropped It In tho wnstepaper box.
Miss Tabasco Hut why' do you call
him stupid?
5 Se S.
Onion (MliUir,
Half a cream cheeac, mm teaHjHton
of anchovy panto, two plcklea and two
tablespoons of pickled ciirl onions.
Chop tho plcklea, and atlr Into tho an
chovy piiHtu and cliceau. Spread this
mlxturo on tonat. and dot with tho
pickled oiiloiia. Thla uuautlty uiukoa
olght portlona.
Oruuue JlteriiiKiie.
Cut up orangea In small pieces to
uiako a thick layer on tho bottom of a
pudding dlah. Mako a thick boiled
custard and whun cool pour ovor the
orangea. Mako a mei-luguo of the
whiter) of tho eggs, aprond over tho top
nud slightly brown In tho oven.
Apple ('renin,
Six npploa atowed and mashed 'to a
pulp. When thu applea nro cold ndd
whltea of six egga lion ton very light
nud Hvo teasirooufula of augur, WhUk,
until Btlff, and sorvo with awcotcnod
crotuu llavorod to tasto.
DriiKgliti refund money If It falli to euro W
OHUVK'd ilgnaturo lion each Ihji. a&o
AVnrth IilratluM(lllir.
Bnplclgh A little learning Is a dan
gerous thing, they say.
Mint Caustlquo Well, why don't ypu
got a little and find out for yourself?
A Great Outside Remedy.
Most palim are of local origin a ''crick"
In tho hack, a tulugo of rheumatism u xoru
ursH nil out arUhig from it cold nro al
cured by oilUl o application. Theipiick
wt Mifvsi, and moid certain inethod a All
cock's Hinder, known tho world oter as a
unlvorsHl remedy lor pain. Thev net er fall,
they art proiniiily theyareclcan ml cheap.
You can uoriu'ht ahead l h your wotk
whilo tho lint Im; nrocess irocs on. Klitv
years' uau has gl uu them a great reputation
llutler'a I'lnir. '
Fob. 21, ISiU), (leiiornl Ileiijamln F.
llutlor presented to congress tho first
Konulno Ainorloau flag, maJo of Amorl
can inaterlala by American labor, over
constructed In thla country. I'lror to
that tlmo all American Rovcrnuient
flagH hnd boon iiiiulo of Kugllali bunt
ing. Slnco then nil our oillelnl lines
liavo been tho product exclusively of
American material nud Inbor, There
were twonty-elx stars In tho n.n? nt
that tltuo.
U0 . Y fca tHA.l .k. ..k f- H
i 9 m. vw-. tuc w iut oTcraoycar. w
i. . ,--iiijji - l . u 1 I nd are Hilt In the lead. Their aUolule
Ik' iLNrMB IN -1 aX'Q I certainty ofirrowth.tlielrtiucommoair
llilir Sii ' PViT-1ifci -fill I n:e ylcldi of delicious yegrtablca and I
IH illl TT I LHa LHHy Ift beautiful flowen, make thcut the tnoit m
lpHi,JKiiiil I ' ' PiW- .ti"m A tcllible aud the moit popular erery. M
I lafJli H'YU f MJA TTifr W Rk where bold by all dealera. 1007 .jfl
llZnnnSProM rl r-'VJ VTAllT P Annual free on rcquciLH
IrTanr.TT-iTM im wgpiisgig, tSw D' " FERRY c0- H
1 1 Jo y.V f-Trnf IA fjWTTiTQ? liJJTiiu-J.'1"'1 rilrtl -tmKk
III hi t'nnr KiiuLm VmIImv. IiIiiIi.i. tahvr.
M,(tu.MUiuli'p Vullry h mrekt-ni aiv air ad
lo alrd, iKXWmPr uuiteiop il, irrUau e Unit
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