The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 02, 1906, Image 7

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    W Sk I)o lk !
W m$Rmk you know lw .
EtW.W JT'!.je ,t "-TsVi- .M -" flT.I'Tk.
JM MnlSJ lC sccrcl of j
SimhI m the Wave
M lor K CV?M Circle ?
H way. It's W,TO """-" m
m purer and jIMIWKDoil't tlcby m
WL more efficient WF52?Cvk .1 M
m than any Uak- MflM dIlolIlcI W lf
mii.8rowdcrtIutlym faylM wk (J
M co,,, three time, $4 W jhJ
m, a, much. t&$$$W m jmtyi
k 25 oz. for 25c. MgT
L A ll&roetrs l M lillll 111 HI
". ,& PWlilff ifi
Ba Chicago r. u tiikuai.
I Tin- I nnineaa ( Ttitnife.
A Little Lesson
In Patriotism
UfMitl litrMt
limit many hi'itutlful thoughts,"
unlit tin Ionic haired hoarder, who
Imagine In1 Ih a iMirn ioct, "(lint I
jiriMM. to glvw to tho iiuhllc In the
near future."
"That's n Koit Idea, young man,"
growled tin fussy Imclii'lor, "It's a
cinch you could neicr Induce the pub
lic to buy ttii'iu "
a woman'sTkidneys.
Women havn so much to do, no many
pitliii to suffor, no many critical period
to go Ihrnuirh. that It In Important ti
keeip tlm kidneys well
nnil avoid tlio luck
ache, (waring lowi
pain, headaches, die
slnrss, UiiKtior ftul
otlior coiiiinon nlgm
ol Mk klilnryii. Mr
Charles K. Hnnth, o'
22 lloyden bt., Woon
socket, It, I., says
"My kidneys won
k Iroii clilltlhootl. and (or olght oi
ten years pail my sufferings wero tcrrl
lila. My buck was tty painful mul 1
had many annoying symptom besides:
When I began taking Doad'i Kidney
I'll In I weighed only 120. Today I
elgh 105, and mil In letter health
than for years. Doan's Kldnay Plll
have been my only kidney medicine
diirlnR tour year past. They brliiK
tun out of cVeiy attack."
Hold by nil dealers. fi0 cents n box,
Foster-Mllburn Co., llufllo, N. Y.
Anything llul Jnk.
These, alleged Joke nNuit the sum
mcr k'lrl who wl 'iik'i;wl Jut for
fun," rrinnrkwl the mlytil KjmMii;tr
n ho lot n oiuilc tHkly foil to tln
Hour of the cur, "make inn rwl wcry."
"Wlmt'n tli RiiHttrT" ijuurlMl the
ImnlwHru rirumitwr.
"I met tlmt kind of n Klrl lint mini
nmr," t'xplrtliiwl tlw it-iyiHl jmrty,
"ami thinking the Juku coinplli'm knew
their tiuiliiiHW, I cut cntrapM to her."
"Welir' cflld tlm h. d., a tliu other
jmuiMl to Hcht III ilH
"Hut Itmtend of nctliiB nccordliiR to
tic doM nheet," continued bo of the
id optlcH, "nlw Juniicd the hurdle and
married me nlxiut the time tlio leave
Iickiui to turn."
Tlif I nllliira ( Ttitnu,
"lcrytlilii you buy U niIultratH
nnwailny," cruiiibll old IVnlin. "excpjil
the atuff lliry put In minion crnrktri and
othrr Infernal uincblnoi. That iti
Irunirr frcry yfr.
Mollurt will flint Mn. Wlniliiw'a nonthlm
Hyrup itm Unt rmttr to u tut their child no
auiiuf iuo iwiiii iMixi,
U vrilimr,
Vlnltor Vou wm to hnre a hat clean
ing MlatilMiniviit In tcry block In tbli
tovrn. What' I lie ue of that?
Ileildent -No u at all. Trequrntly
joit can walk two blorki before you need
n hare your hat cleaned ocaln. Cblcaco
Mark TttnlnU "Ail."
In bin itrly llnrtford dnya Mark
Twain took nn nctlvu lutereat In bane
ball In iiiiiiiuiiu with moat of Ida fel
low oltUeim. While nttendliiK nn ex
rltlni; khiiio he lout n Knld-headcd urn
brelln, which he ndvertUed fur In tlio
local paper aouiuwhat after thl fiuli
Ion: "Ioat f 10 rewnrd; n Rold-liemteil
umhrelln wn lot by tlio uudenilKiieil
on the KramUtnud nt the bnnebatl
Krotiud on Hnturday. It wn probably
atolen from him while he wn en
Bncett In cheerlnc the llnrtford for
their victory over tlio Providence, nliio
prcaumnbly atulen by n reMiended,
freckled-faced Uy ntuit 12 yenr old.
Tor the Ixxly of the boy mid the iiui
brelln delivered nt my bonne, on 1'nrm
ItiKtoii nvetiuu $10 will be paid. Tor
tlm liody of the lioy or tlio umbrella
M-imrntcly Jfl for either, for tliu loy
nllve. tiothliiK under nuy clrctim
tanre." Till ndvertlneincnt wn
nlKiied with hi full iinuui uud address.
Tliff Viuitliful Idrn.
"l'op, ore lawyer always bad-tern-)eredf'
"Of course not, my on. What mndo
you think o7"
"Why, the wper are nhvny telllni;
about their cpntu exnmlnalloim." Hal-
tluioro Ainerlenu.
Murli In llvlilriipn,
Mr. Wllljnnu (exhlbltliu: It to vliltor)
I've had thin old iiiwridinum pipe forty
yearn, and I think a Rreat iWal of It.
Mr. Wllljamt Atui I cant minx oi
anytlilnR elv for twenty four hour attei
he baa oinnkiM it In I he linuae.
Trederlik l.ymiui 'J'reiimlii wn atlll
u Htudeiit In cuIIcku when the llrliik' on
Tort Hiiinter nroiiacil tho North mid
Kouth to wur. Ill
f " ' "" "k only dealru wn to
I jfj&hi!&. t'1" l'l""i hut hi
tifwL fiit!'r refumil to ill-
low nun in eiiiini in
ciiiim) of III extreme
youth, It wiih In
vain tlmt ho pro-li-Nled
hi duNlre.
When tliu Pre!-di-ut'H
H-roiid cull
IlUlWmuffflUll- "r 'r,"l,, "ru"K,'l
UtftuEj ill 111 lilll M tin. nritiiifrv In llii
iIiiiikith thnt lliri'iit
eueit the Kovoni
meiit, the futher
Kiivu hit niiifciit.
Vouiik' Treuiiiln'a
tlrnt duty wn iim-
nInHiik In tho defence of tho fortlllcu
tloiiH uroiitid WiiNhliiKton. Tor llftevii
uiiiiitliM ho devoted hluiKelf zenloiMly
to thl work. Tho exp'miire mid the
climate told on him nud hu wn utricle
vii with typhoid fever.
After hi rccotcry ho wn placed In
tho cnvnlry. HI llnti hnttlo wn the
terrible ouu of the Wlhleriien, nud In
tluit he dlMliiKuUluM hliimelf by the
jiioxt Knllmit conduct, under lire. He
won honor nt C'hlcka hominy. It wn
In thl hnttlo that n aont hIh-II wn
hurled npiliiMt liliu, wotiudliiK him e
U'rely. Tlirouk'hout the entire crtin
I hi I KM In VlrKluhi Tremnlu wn In ev
ery hot little, mid In every onu dl
pla.viil hi cniirflKe mid dlxrci;nrd of
til own llfo when ho mlKht help to win
the flstit.
It wn In the battle of Hatcher' Ituu
on the llth of February, lMITi, that Tre
liniln received the wound that ciiiimM
hi death two day later. He dliil In
the City Point Iloapltnl, Ylrcluln, kIv
Iiih up hi life for the mure he aerviil
nluuxit nt the time that tho cause wn
Thl picture of the future Cznr of
IttiKftln, only imiii of Cznr Nlclioln, wn
taken at Peterhof palace, llftccii mile
fniin -St. PeterxhurK. At the time tlm
Itttto fellow wnn practically n prisoner
i?i nsv$. tw$u&:w.wm&mflmwmbr
M mm mrpx&aKwjmBr
mw WjLi&QJJ&Xv&r
A5jirT?OKl! KtmsXSsrCAmtnJfSSCfjl tH
n Sw?ft.'rv.""' A ?J7vArf lOmF
iwrd not
be a cold
room In the
house If you own
Heater. This is an oil
heater that elves satisfaction
wherever used. Produces Intense
heat without smoke or smell because It Is
equipped with smokeless device no trouble,
no dinger. Easily carried around from room
to room. You cannot turn the wlclc too high
or too low. As easy and simple to care or
as a lamp. The
(Equipped With Smokeless Device.)
Is an ornament to the home. It Is nude In two flnlihes-nlckel
and lapan. Drass oil fount beautifully embossed. Holds
4 quarts of oil and burns 9 hours. 4Wrrh"''J,rI7,,,'d'
1)6 not be satisfied with anything, but a PERFECTION OI I lealer.
If you cannot get Heater or Information from your dealer write
to nearest agency for descriptive circular.
makes the home
.If I. i.I4 .... r.Utrt it rfnr. steady llpllt. I'itted
with latest Improved burner. Made ol brass th'oughout and
nickel plated. Every lamp warranted. Suitable for library,
dining room or parlor. If not at your dealer's write to nearest
H- ''
W ; fi
within the garden wall of tho palace,
which were heavily Kuardcd. Cossacks
patrolled the nelKhlxirhood day mul
night mid the royal children wore also
watched over by tin nrmy of guards,
(kiIIco iiKOiita mid hplca.
Tho Irony of futo reaehoH Its climax
In thl plmtogrnpli of Alexia Xlcohilc
vltch, tliu Czar of UuksIu'h only son
and ItiIt. All uucoukcIoim of tho ever
nearer rolling wnvo of revolution
which threaten to outrun the borrow
of tho French revolution, knowing
nothing of tho over Increasing terrors
of imixtmcro which dully strike horror
to tho lienrta of tliu whole civilized
world, the future Czar of nil tho Hits
hIiih playu In tho groumW of Peterhof
with hi Hlstcrs, u prisoner, closo
guarded by tho few loyal soldiers left
to his father. I.lttlo Alexis la chief of
all tho Cossacks and of ninny regl-
incuts, all of whom tiro In n stuto of
open or t.ecret nut tiny.
wn HBwa
ErM m I
iSV "... ,
No other remedy has given such perfect satisfaction as a
blood purifier and tonic or is so reliable in the cure of blood dis
eases of every character as S. S. S. It is known as "The
King of Blood Purifiers," and the secret of its success and
its right to this title is because "IT CURES DISEASE."
It is an honest medicine, made entirely of purifying, healing
roots, herbs and barks, which arc acknowledged to be specifics for
diseases arising from an impure or poisoned condition of the blood
and possessing tonic properties that act gently and admirably in the up-building of a run
down, weakened or disordered condition of the system.
One of the greatest points in favor of S. S. S. is that it is the only blood remedy on the
market which does not contain a mineral ingredient of some kind to derange or damage the
system. It is the one medicine that can be taken with absolute safety by the youngest child
or the oldest member of the family, and persons who have allowed their systems to get in
such condition that most medicines are repulsive to the stomach will find that S. S. S.,
while thorough, is gentle and pleasant in its action, and has none of the nauseating effects
of the different mineral mixtures and concoctions offered as blood purifiers.
As every part of the body is dependent on the blood for nourishment and strength, it is
necessary that this vital fluid be kept free from germs and poisons. So long as it remains
uncontaniinatcd we arc fortified against dis
ease, and health is assured t but any impurity, . Oentlemon:-S. 8. S is nned a a family madlelna In trar
, ' . . . '. , J J' home. Imyaelf havo taken and always fonnd It what It la
humor or poison acts injuriously 011 the SyS- claimed to be. It thoroughly cleans tho system of lm-
tcm and affects the general health. Pus- pu5ltJ0?,''.n(!"a!a" tho "PS'11,1.!' lmPi"ove8 " digeatioa.
, . .. . b. , , ,, and builds up tho general health. I have given It to my
tlllar cruptlOUS, pimples, rashes and tllC ohtklren with fine results. It promptly restoros tho appe-
diffcrcnt skin affections show that the blood JJ,""""- "Wn "?r a 8ruP,tIon- Jt.l verv fiao
. . r . , ... , .... blood tonlo and has my hearty endorsement.
is in a feverish and diseased condition as a Kus.itb,HtLobanoa, Pa. p. h. Thompson.
result of too much acid or the presence of
some irritating humor. Sores and Ulcers are the result of morbid, unhealthy matter in the
blood, and Rheumatism, Catarrh, Scrofula, Contagious Blood Poison etc., are all deep-seated
blood disorders that continue to grow worse as long as the poison remains.
But all blood diseases arc not acquired; some persons are born with an hereditary taint
in the blood and we sec this great affliction manifested in many ways. The skin has a
waxy, pallid appearance, the eyes arc often weak, glands of the neck enlarged, and as the
taiut has been in the blood since birth the entire health is usually affected.
In all blood troubles S. S. S. has proved itself a perfect remedy and has well earned the
title of "KING OF BLOOD PURIFIERS." It goes down into the circulation and removes
all poisons, humors, waste or foreign matter, and makes this stream of life pure and health-
sustaining. Nothing readies inherited blood
troubles like S. S. S.; it removes every particle
of the taint, purifies and strengthens the weak,
deteriorated blood, and supplies it with the
healthful properties it needs aud establishes the
VHSr SW BBPB By rrrAit mHlMf n lini? tin Ai,in1 omH .1- ...,1 I l rt..rl
J t LlWUb U,.U,.11IV. tl UU VUUU1, UUU lb lll Um 1UUUU
rUnuLY Vtut I AbLt especially bracing to weak, anaemic persons.
Rheumatism, Catarrh, Sores and Ulcers, Skin,
Diseases, Scrofula, Contagious Blood Poison and all other blood troubles are cured perma
nently by S. S. S., and so thorough is the cleansing of the blood that no trace of the dis
ease is left to break out in future years or to be transmitted to offspring. If you are in
need of a blood purifier get "THE KING" of them all, S. S. S. aud good results arc
assured. Book ou the blood aud auy medical advice desired furnished without charge to
Color mora goodt brltMrr and faster colors than any othrr d. On 10c package colors silk, wrool and cotton equally wet! and la
tuarantccd lo ilt perfect rnultt. Ak dealer, orwe will send post paid at 10c a paciuixc Write for free booUct how to dye.
bleach and mis colors. MONROC DRUG CO.. UnlonvUle. Missouri.
"Yes, they're Just llko brothers, aren't
"Nonsense I They're ughtlng nearly
all tlio time."
"Of course; that's what I mean."
Philadelphia Press,
Tor Infants and Children.
Tho Kind You Havo Always Bought
Boara tho
Signature of
"Mary, 1'vo Just ordorcd some arti
ficial I co sent up to tho house," called
John over tho 'phone.
"Dear mo I" called back .Mary. "Do
you think It'll bo an cold as tho other
CIT0 Hl- Vltui' Dura ana ail Xfrroua HlsaM
I 1 1 u perniananlly ruml by Dr. Kllua'a
.Nrrv. lu-aiorrr. Konil rur KHKlt fltrltl lltl and
IreaUio. Dr. 11. lUKIInr, l.L Nt Arcli HU, l'Lllt.,!'.
Eva Tea, when hu proposed ho
spoko In sugared words. Hut I found
out afterword they wvro not real.
Edua Perhaps they wero only jrlu
coso words, dear.
In Holland an unmarried woman In
variably walks on tho right side of her
escort, while a married ouo takes hr
husband's left arm.
Will da more Cleaning, mora Shining,
do It Better, with less Labor and Wear
on the Hands than any other article cost
ing Double its Price. j
All ilflr. Full slit naekat Itorax A Uoras
Foapi St-paio booklet uti tout tnlr iU-lur7lH in.
lOclor. rr flirlOoenu aml.ln.I.r'i name. l'A
CI 1'IV COAb I' Hull AX CO., Un.l.nJ C l.
power Sully warranted. 11 A All sires ami
st) les at lowest prices. Write tor catalog.
Portland. Orcton.
no matter how
, bad the weather
you cannot
afford to be
without o.
when you buy
looK for tho
MP s-'LJ.
it i
3.50&$3.00 Shoes
V.LDoughs $4 Gift Edga lina.
7 .So Oroltrl
W. I. ItulltfUt' Job.
Unit IIoum it (be imtl
vuiupVte In this country
ft- KV
j k4 A, Pj I
s, eOw8r wl
Wi An sh&m
wiflf ivr I w P
M.n'a Sboaa. S to S1.0O. Boya' Bhoaa. S3
losi.vo. wonuai onooa.,
Miui' Bt onuarau a snota, to ii.uu.
"You Hiiy tlmt wenltli brings you
only worry V"
"Yoh," nuswcml Mr. Hulllons.
"What kind of worry?"
"Worry" for fonr boiiio of It will got
owny." WuBhlujitou Star.
Try V. I Douclue AVoiueu'a, Sll mul
Chlltlren'a ahoa for style, lit uud wear
they xcel other makes.
It 1 could take you Into my largo
factories at Brockton, Mass., and show
you how carefully W.L. Douglas shoes
are made, you would then understand
why they hold their shape, fit better,
wear longer, and are of greater valuo
than any other make.
Wherever you lire, you can obtain W. L.
Douelas shoes. His name and price U stamped
on the bottom, which protect you asalast hljiti
prices and Interior shoes. Take no u6ij
ute. Ask your dealer lor W. L. Douglas shota
and Insist upon having them.
fatt Color t uti uuift tAey will rot utar brassy.
Write lor Illustrated Catalogol Pall Styles.
W. U UOUOUAS, Oept. U, llrockton, Alasa,
P. N. U.
ho, 43- 08
TyilEN writing to advertisers plcaso I
1 svaaai ) fa) !