The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 02, 1906, Image 6

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The Trail of the Dead:
(Cororutht, 1003, by
I tin not know how we lived through
that first furious hour. Isiac Treherne
made no econd mistake, but crouched
nt the tiller, tricking the succession of
great seas that swung upon us out of the
throbbing blackness. Stun by passing
hailstorm, drenched to the skin. nt R ch
in K with cold. I tolled with a tin pannl
kin. 1 1 lint. haling until my back creaked
with stiffness and my hands conM eri
ly feel the handle. (Tradeo and the sail
or worked beside wo. o that we man
pged to keep the water under. Now ami
again a Iit In the rushing dark above us
showed hh Marnac lying by the steers
man's side. Was he alive or dead? 1
did not know, nor did I stay my labor to
make Inquiry.
The daylight came at last, the God
given Debt for which all poor marines
must pray in their hour of danger.
With It came a lessening of the wind
nud a fa lllnc Ma. Vet there had ben
nn an.yy menace in the brilliant color
that lit the eastern sky, and I stared
eagerly over the .muddy green of the hur
rying surges. Indeed, I wan the Brat
to sue a steamer's smudge of smoke on
tl'c we:ern skyline.
"Her be making for we, gentlemen,"
remarket our steersman, after a long
pure at the distant resei. "Happen her
would take 'e aboard. If you be so
minded. The weatlier be blowing up
ngain, and It's a long reach back to
"1 don't Cke deserting the 'hip. Isaac."
paid tJraden; "though, to tell the truth, 1
don't relish another day in the chops of
the ChanawL"
"Hain't no desartlo. sir. Me and
Jake can take her whoatn: and. to tell
'e the trath. horll ride the lighter for
the want of blm:"
He pointed to where Marnac Ml
crouching under an olUkln coat. Hare for
occasional shiver, the old matt seemed
to be no worse for bi handshake with
Death. lie received the sailor' remark
with a benevolent MtHo, "Doan't 'e go
grinning at me. yon wicked-minded old
tiied!" cried Isiac. "Twin only through
H"ii mercies tuat I'ror.ilence forgot
you was on boanl. We'd ha' been sunk
lor csrten, elee."
Within half an hour we could see
the twimer clearly, an ancient tramp of
the sea, bluff in the bows, Miuare in th
Hank, with a coloring of soot ami rntty
ir n. She answered onr signal with a
melancholy toot and stood towards us.
(iradra, who had been watching her ap
jir.jach at my side, turned and walked
"I hare already dropped your revorret
overboard. Professor Marnac" ho Mid
"but I nut trouble yon to ha ml me yon.
iiocknt-book. Money, yon know, U ofisu.
the mutt valuable of weapons."
11m professor obeyed with a genth
clock of nmueemrat.
'I trust. Sir Henry, that the note
nre not damaged." be said in the low.
musical tunex with which I was so fa
miliar. "Indeed, I was assured that the
case was waterproof."
".Vow, your loose gold. If you please."
"Here it is, Sir Henry, with my watch
mid chain. Observe that my pockets
nre now completely empty. Ah, Mr. Har
land, forgive me If I dm not notice you
before. I fear that those nautical adven
turer will interrupt your course of
mudl. Hid you hear whom the uni
versity have appointed In my stead? I
Fhouhl be sorry If my students, amongst
whom I always held you to tie the most
ptudiott. if not the most able, should 1
lung without a lecturer sheep that
have lost their shepherd. Mr. Ha Hand."
I turned from him with a feeling of
nausea. Mad or sane, be had done such
deeds as placed hint beyoud the inter
course of humanity,
The steamer was close upon us now,
nud ns she came rolling down the heave
of the swell we were nailed front the
bridge in a tongue that was strange to
me. liefore we could reply, a seaman
bad sprung to the bulwarks and sent the
rolls of a line splunlng over us. This
Isaac made fast, allowing n fair sjiaee to
Intervene between his little craft and
tlie rusty metal fabric that towered
uhove us.
"Uood-bye, Isaac," said Graden, shak
ing the little Cornlshman warmly by
the hand. "I will see to your check the
iu.msut I got to London."
"Doan't 'e mention It, zur. I was
right proud to take 'e. Nor do o trouble
nbout wo iiiii. Jake and I will bo mak
ing Polleven by midnight at latest
please be."
It was an anxious scramble they had
to swing out a chair for Mnrnnc but the
trawler was as handy ns a row-boat, and
nt last the three of us stood on the deck
of the stranger. A more ill-assorted trio
of bedraggled voyagers never ranged in
Hut If we wero strange to look upon,
vo were the group of men who confronted
us. They wero of the degenerate I.atln
breed, dark, suiall, uncertain In temper,
nud dirty by nature and training. Their
seafaring dress seemed as lll-sulted to
them as a sash and a colored cloak would
be to a British shellback.
"" asked one whom I took
to be the mate. "Eenglesho? What
"We are Englishmen who were driven
out to sea by last night's tftorni. If I
mar see the captain, I will explain,"
Mid my cousin.
Joseph II. llotilcs)
The man grinned his lack of compre
hension, l'lalnly hi vocabulary was of
the smallest.
"These men are Portugese, Sir Hen
ry," said Marnac. stepping quickly for
ward. "I know their tongue. Allow
me to explain the MtuAtlon."
Hut he got no further. My couMn'i
long arm shot out, gripping his i-ollnr
ttrtnly from liehind. With a gentle heave,
he swung the profeor front hi feet
and dropped htm behind u.
"l'tne t keep silence, l'rofeor
Marnac. Your explanations might he
somewhat hlad." .M he, with a grim
smile. And then turning to the sallort,
who had been watehlng the little vn
with evident surprlf
"Do none of you speak Kngllsh?" ho
They seemed to understand the ques
tion, for Mime talk, eked out by much
wpsthmtatlon. ended in one of their num
ber trotting up the Udder to the bridge,
where he dUippearrd Into the wheel
house. An Instant later a long, red-headed
man emerged ami came running to
ward tt.
"And hnre wnd 01 not hare greeted
yer honors before now," be exclaimed
in the moot strenuous of broaden; "bnt
'twas me trick at the wheel, and Mirer a
wan of tbee spalpeens wud relieve me.
An' what can Ol do fer ye now at all?"
"What boat Is this?"
"The l'ortuale ship. San Joseph,
fr'm Iluenos Ayres to Hamburg, wld a
mixed cargo, and a very mixed crew,
sorr. If It hadn't been fer a back an
swer whin the wine was in me. faith!
it's not In this greasy Hat-lr-ron that Tim
Make wud b after sswring."
"Do you speak the language, my
"Indade an Ol do, swor: an' good ral
son. seeing that 'tis fower year come
Chrfotnuts that Ol're been steward on tV
yacht Iv wan Iv th' I'ortngals no
bility." "That's good news. Ami now where
Is the captain 7'
"I'alth! bnt 'twas a Jool Iv a time we
were after har In' In the Itay last night.
orr, nn the old man's turned In. Th
second mate has gone aft. gatberin' bis
courage In both hands fer to wake bint.
Indade, sorr. 'tU a r-resolution that wud
put the fear iv the I.ord Into a better
man than bin,"
"Itather a Tartar, eh?"
"A strong man, sorr. an a good soa
man fer a greasor. though his temper la
uMt pro-dlglou. Itnt e. here he eomen,
ike a dook out ir a theater."
Ha was Indeed a flne ngnre of a man,
fully six feet In height and proportion
itely broad. Ills skin was very dark,
ml his rj9 of the deep bUckneiM that
I have since observed in Indian races, but
ery soft and glowing. II U hair, which
ie wore at a greater length than Is cu
.omsry amongst sailors, showed umbrr
his cap in glossy curls; and bis mus
tache was twisted back almost to his
He bowed to us with a deliberate cour
tesy, muttering a greeting In bis own
tongue. He spoke no Kngllsh, ami it was
through the medium of Tim lilake that
be offered hs hospitality. It was no
lime for explanations, so, guarding Mar
nac lietween us, we hurried down to a
large cabin where warm garments and
steaming cup of hot coffee and
ugar were brought by the worthy Irish
water were brought by the worthy lr.m
man, to whose care we bad been as
signed. Aa far as could be judged. I
had not contracted so much as a cold
in the bead, despite my long extMMure.
When we bad completed our chaugo of
clothes, my cousin beckoned me outside
the cabin, closing the door on our pris
oner. "I have asked lilake to take me to the
captain, for it is right that he should
know the true position of affairs," be
whispored. "While I am gone, you must
sit with Marnac. Kemember, do not let
him out of your sight for a moment."
"Very well," I Mid, and he strode off
down the dark alley of the passageway.
When I re-entered the cabin I found
Marnac mullled to the chin, under the
blankets of a bunk. He gave me one of
his quick, ovll glances, that was un
pleasantly reminiscent of nn aged rat
surprised In an iron gin. I had so great
a horror ami detestation of the man that
his mere presence, was a source of phys
ical discomfort to me; and when, sitting
up amongst his uri. ho commenced to
poster me with questions. I could endure
It no longer. I retired outside the cabin,
seating myself with my back to the door.
I was as woll there, I argued, as in the
Interior, and In n position Infinitely more
satisfactory to myself.
The garments they had lont me wore
thick and warm; tho dose of brandy had
been considerable. I was wonry from
tho toll of a sloepless night Thoso are
my excuses fur tho fact that In tho
courso of the next five mluutes I full
soundly asleep.
It was Graden who woko mo, a very
angry and exasperated Graden who
shook my senses Into with with unnec
essary violence. I started up, protest
ing against his treatmont.
"I thought better of you than this,"
he said, with his hand still fixed In my
"My back was against the door, lie
could not pass without waking me. What
docs It matter?" I grumbled, with very
sign of Irritation,
"1 told you to watch blm, to stay In-
sldn the cabin, and I find you snoring
hero. Nu mun oxouses, please. You
know the ability nf the man. Let us
hope he has not taken advantage of any
chnncos jou gnvc him."
lie opened the door cautiously, peeped
In, nud then Hung It wide with n great
oath. Tho cnblu ws empty!
Yet there wits no doubt as to his uinti
nor of escape. In the middle of tho
flooring there gaped a little hole, with
a heavy square of wood lying beside It.
On examination we found that this en
trance had nlo been birred by h grat
ing, which now swung downwards on Its
hinges, disclosing h wooden ladder, the
foot of whleh was Indistinguishable In
the gloom below.
"lie Is In tlM hold!" I cried. "He Is
hiding somewhere amongst the cargo!
Wo shall neter find him without the help
of tho crew."
Amongst the excellent points In my
cousin's character was that of perfect
self-control. There was no anger In
his voice to remind me of my blunder
when lie stmke again.
"It's not the hold, Cousin Hubert."
he said. "This U the ship's latarette,
where the food is stored. There are usu
ally two entrances, each similar to this.
If he has ec.Htl by the seitwd, It's a
bad business. It will mean he hsa found
n friend, for these gratings should be
secured. Hut It may be that he Is lurk
ing amongst the pork nud biscuits. If
mi, we ought to tlnd him easily enough.
I don't want to bring the crew Into this
affair If I can help It. It will be enough
If the captain knows."
"That's the blackest part of the Inck.
The ship caught it pretty badly last
night; they were right In the thick of
It. I found the ctptaiu on deck super
intending three or fnr sailors who wera
clearing away the wreckage of one of the
boat, lie was in au a ma sing temper,
and Hlake ad vise. 1 me that If I had a
favor to ask him. I had best let him cool
off a bit. So I dismissed the Irishman
and climbed up to the bridge. I should
think I'd been there abont twenty min
utes watching the work, when I saw a
sharp-looking ' I"!' onX fr,MM lh' "11'
panion ami go over to where the captain
was standing. They had a Bne pow-wow
together, looking up at me from time to
time. It rather puaaled me. and pres
ently I dropped tlown the stairs and
walked over to where they were. The
captain seemed decidedly chilly, and I
Mmn saw by his manner that he was not
wanting a talk Just then. Whereupon
1 came Mow. So kindly light the lamp
I see In the bracket yonder. Cousin Hob
ert, ami we'll go hunting again."
We descended tbe ladder, Oration go
ing Arst. ami I following with the lamp,
the light of which I endeavored to throw
over his shoulder.
It seems a cowardly thing to eouf,
writing as I am In the broad daylight,
with the bees amongst the Hower-beds
singing their song through the open win
dow, but though we were two to one, ami
our quarry an old man, uty cunsln bad
twice to rale me for the deliberation of
my movements. We (werel about
amongst the lurking shadows, with tho
thunder of the seas hammering on the
lrn sides without. Now ami again a
heave of the ship would send us stag
gering apart, to bring up amongst un
expected barrels. Perhaps it was the
want of sleep that bail Jangle. 1 my
nerves, but I knew in my heart that if
I were suddenly to catch a dgbt of those
wicked ees staring out from the gkiom
before '". 1 should shriek ami run like
a hysterical schoolgirl.
Hut Marnac was not there. The grato
of the second sulrway was closed ami
locked, and yet he had dlsappa."d.
Someone had heltd him that was plain
enough. We stood disconsolate amongst
the details of the ship's larder.
"Well, he's gone right enough," said
my cousin. "Hallo! what the deuce Is
He took the light from my hand and
stooped to examine something nt his feet.
It was a steel cylinder, about eight feet
lu length; n second lay beside It.
"Ammonia! Ho they run n colt stor
age ou boanl."
"How do you know that?" I asked,
"My dear cousin, If you can't remem
ber the iwrt that niiiinonln plays lu the
inrtuiifacture of Ice, I shall not attempt
to hallo! stop that stop that, I
He sprang forward, caught his foot
In an empty sack, and fell heavily, ex
tinguishing the lamp. As ho did so, I
saw an arm reach down and draw up the
grating through which we had dtisceuded.
A key clicked lu the padlock. Graden
was on his feet In an Instant, and to
gether we rushed to the foot of the lad
der. In tho (Mitch of grey daylight nboro us
we could so the fflco of the captain
looking through tho bars, nud peeping
tlown beside blm, with the sweetest dim
ple of an old man's smile, upon his lips,
was Professor Marnac!
There was a pause, filled with much
whispered talk from nlmve. Then the
red head of our friend Tim Hlake came
thrusting Into the picture. He seemed
much distressed nt tho situation,
"Paith; but 'tis not 01 that knows
fwhat to bohilvo," sold ho; "hut tho skep
pur here will have It that yer'ro a pair Iv
tlosprlte nud revolting characters. Ol nm
also to toll ye, glutlemeu, that yo'vo tho
very mischief's own choice of nt. Kythur
ye will let mo r-run through yore pock
tits wld mo practiced hand, upon which
yo may como up an' make us acquainted
wld yero glue.'al defence, or, If yo re
fuse, bo Jn iilier! but they'll clap ou tho
hatches an' luvo yo in tho dark."
"Toll tho skipper, Hlako," said my
cousin, "thnt ho has been grossly do
colved, for wo nro law-abiding Kngllsh
gentlemen. Nevertheless, If bo will keep
to his terms and hear our en so out, wo
consent to being searched."
(To bo continued.)
All good thought and good action
claim a natural alliance with, good
,ss.. rf. nc-vcrvisL- "WV
Cunt Hoot l,iiue.
Tlmo sttiit lii killing In-Hvt post
must usually be set tloun hs so inuiii
tlmo hist from the const ructht' work
of Improving tlif tilth of (ho soil, hiuI
Mttetiillng In the other needs of the
crop. Otvusltiimlly, limrmor, Hit Itn
proved system nf ciiltlvMttitti gets lid
nf mir Insect eneitiliH nt the snine tlmo.
This Is conspicuously the ittso 111 I lis
method riHtMitly proocd by Prof.
Iirbe. of Illinois, for iltHtrttylug llw
oim mot Uitiso.
Tin ihsI works Imvno to Isitli sweet
nml llt'lit corn. Tho smnll brown nut
nttciuls tin liiu mid Is rt'Ss)tnlblti
for cnrrylng It nlxiut the Meld. Pro-ft-wor
PnrluM found tlmt by using u
disk burrow one to thnv IIiiuh mry
lu the spring, before the corn Is plant
ed, from N to ICi per cent of the nuts
and corn root lice nro destroyed, ami
no further troattnont Is required dur
ing tin somsoii. The HcuIIr vlrtuei
of this remedy nre tlmt It Is simple,
effective ami good for tin corn, sine
th soil Is thereby put III n better state
of cultivation.
llfi- t'lilrUfll t'iiiil.
It lias leen proven by stntlstlcs that
tln raising of chickens Is tin- greatest
Industry In Oh I'nlted States. Of
courso (Ills Ineliltles
tlnse wini nro In
tilts business nu n
large ss-alo for pnif
It. nml nlso tlioso
wim prolmldy kwqi
a half il(Mku fowl
In the back yard.
er for bushier or
pletisure, r li token
raising Is nu Inter
en ting (Mistime tlmt
m,whI tn every-
ImmIj-. It Is claimed tlmt chickens
slHitihl lmt' hs inuiii eare as n human
being to Insure the liet rtults, nml
miMlern metlMsIs certainly tent I In tlmt
direct Ion. The rlilcketi osq shown Itere
Is a rimh! e.xaniilo. It Is sluipK itH
clent nml ilurnble. As slmwu lnre It Is
rwtnngiilar In fonu. l-lng iumiIo of
sheet inetnl. The top ami sides are
betit to sIin(h, with rtauge nt the lot
torn which isMinet't with the Mooring.
At encli side nre suiqsirtM which Imhl
the coop sllglitly alsiie tlie ground,
tetnlllltc to keefi tin roup tnolsture
prtHif ami ikwimiIImk ruin or other
water froni entering. At esicli etui are
(lerforntetl tloors, whlcli are very easi
ly held lu iMMltUm. At the ImiIIoiii of
each door Is au extension, tliMiigh
which (Miitseii a nnl, the latter extend
ing thMilgh the top of (Im ismp nud
nlso Into tho gnmml, previmtlug the
coop from Isdng tllspldcetl. In this wny
the fowl nre rendered safe ngulmtt the
attacks of Hiiluiuls.
At Wa-iiitliiK Time.
At woolilng time tluiro Is not su
much dmiger of losing the pigs na of
chocking their growth. Tho pig Is not
jut it Img, nml he chii hitnlly subsist
an tho hog does. A good ilonl of Hour
Islituotit In liquid fonu is needed, uliil
also kjiiiu tender grass. It doert
not take much grain, but they like it
bit of out, wheat or corn. Their teeth
eautiot bundle lunch that Is linnl;
lienco Hoftoulng It by soiiltlng will lie
U'ltellclnl. Sweet milk nml middlings
wanned with Imt w liter will Hpinml to
their Hpiielltei nt w wining time, nml
It need not be iiiuile ns strong hs wIimi
foil Inter. It Is generally known tlmt
tour milk tdiould not bo given. 1'luld
itml I'urm.
lloiilliiir ('roll finis lllt (.'Inter.
Crub grnsa Is 1 1 ho the dug In tho
iiimignr, It kills out every othor stem
of green gniss nml thnii turns brown
Itself. It million n co.iro nml ugly
cover lu tho luwti nud the individual
who iittomptri to eraillcntu It by dig
ging nud ctiltlviitloii limy bo entirely
without it lawn for two or three yours.
If nuy thing win gut the liest of crub
griisH lu it full' contiwt, It Ik will to
clover. In n number of Iiiwiis In Wash
ington mill elhuwhuro whlto clover Iiiih
furnlshi'd tho men iih for u lliiul vic
tory ovur crnb gruss. Tho whlto clov
er gradually IiiviiiIoh the nrwi ofcruh
grasH, replitiing thu hitter with n close,
iliirk-Kreeu carpet.
Home-Miulo Kerosene Kmiilsliiii,
Tho niniitmir can iniilto this very eas
ily ; Tiiku of hard hoiiii Imlf n pound
nml dlssolvo In ono gnllon of boiling
wntor; then add two gallons of koro
huiio nud churn thoroughly for ten tula
utea. Tho ellltiency of tho iireparntlon
depcmlH- mion thorough inlxlng. This
Htoek tnlxturo U illlutcsl four times
for acnlo or up to twenty times for lice.
Tho stronger dilution will lmvo ono
gallon of keroBcno to six nud a half of
wator. Whero tho woter Is very hard,
mo ono gallon of sour milk to two gal
lons of korosono.
1 -y.JtlSr!,--ir.-Vijr3
i uw-nt -j Aw fee:
i' UW v'U$ -"
rs.. s..-,-f?.
I)r- fitrmtnir.
The Ciiinphell system of dry farm
lug. which vvmh llrst trhit lu the neinl
mid ptirtloiH of Noith Dakota nml
nbout which inuiii has iippi'iircd lu
new spnpers mid imigiiKlnes within the
piist jour or two, Is doing greut things
rot' iimny piirthins of tho Western
Stiiles, where with it ralnfnll of hut
ten or twelve Inches ier milium humcr
crow of rtirn, wheat, beets nml other
croiw can bti grown. This system of
crop culture Is based en the eoiiserva
tnui of pt'Htili'Hlly nil of the umlstuie
In the will through a dust or surface
mulch, mid under It as high ns fort)
bushels of corn to the Here lme lieen
grown lu North Dakotn, llfly Imshels
of wlusit ier acre lu western Nobrnskn.
while better thmi twenty tons of beets
lme lieen prtMluitsI lu Coloritilo. While
this method of crop culture Ims little
Millie In thoso (tortious of the country
where there Is nu nbiiudmit rainfall. It
lot's lme u tremendous lmMtrt lu hII
territory where there Is fertility In
the soil, but hii minimi ralufiill of less
limit twenty Inches.
slii-i the Mitrhrl llettinnits.
Snys li Western writer on sheep
The uinrket culls for ilniqi with u difi.
ftn'e nml legs, mid It iitHe Ittts-t Is it'
ftilwilltiigc. There neter Im 'hvii tl
lime when it fair prollt emild not Ie
obtnliittt from the kitqilug of siieep.
Tuere nre lu the world to day Isi.ihki.h
lower snisqi than twnlie years Hg.i, cmI
the iMisumptloii of mutton mid wool Is
rapidly Increasing, hence It Is safe to
eoiirlutle that sIhh)i to the farmer Is a
safe prolllou. I'o not start on it
large scale: liegln low ami work up
The Western farmer does not like to ilo
this, ami you are no exception. Ymi
have neter planted the apple bts-nue
you dltl not expect to stay to eat the.
fruit. Von must rush on and do big
things. Do you not know that In the
piiIiohI ns well hs tin1 tegetahle world
mid' growth means rapid demy? limit
this live stock business nml then give
It time to strike Its roots deep down,
nml after It Is fairly rooted nllow the
top to grow.
I'nrr lit Oreltnril I'njs.
1 I lilt gniwers Hlsnit SaugHtuek.
Mich., Ime been lutay trlnimllig their
apple trees, says Country Gentleman.
Till J ears Hgo they were thinking of
ctittiitg llwrn tlown nml setting out
(temii trees. Today eiery Imlf
trei Is trimmed, nml If (lien Is i;
euoiirti manure, fertiliser Is Might for
these hslftlesd trees. Six yean ngo
one of Smutatuek's young farmers mar
lied n Chicago girl who ttsssl to shihI
Iht VHt-Mtloii there. She loved country
life, ami was h subasTllier to agricul
tural loagaxlnos. Her hitsbamrs or
chard was Just like the rest, iintrlmmisl
ami hail neter Iwii sprayed. Site made
him iHiy nmiiure. trim the tree, plow
nud spray. i"wo years ago he hegnu
to hire Ida neighbor' orchards. t
year lie was tin only one who bad H(i
(tie to Mil, ami iieare.1 ?a.lN).
droit- IVril tut the I'll rot,
Tln MaaachUs'ttM State enqi rtqsirt
contains an artbie by Prof. P. S. Ctsiley
mi "Some (.'hiiro ArftK'tlug the Profits
of Dairying." Ou the siibject of feed
ing dairy cattle tlie professor urges
tlmt feed lie produred ou the farm as
fur as (hmsIIiIii. I'stmlly the Ixwt prac
tice Is to purelweo only feetl rich lu
protein and raise the coarse fodders
ou the fanti. Cows fed on starvation
rations yield no prollt, mid those mor
fod with exNius!ve fetsl are nlso kept
Ht n loss. The (Nilut of highest prollt
III feed must bo determined by e.Xierl
ineiit and ciilcuhithiii, nml varies with
the locality ami circumstances of the
Ititsr Wny (o Del lllil of Minimis,
A method of getting rid of Mump
which bus been highly recommended
mid which, to he effective, should he
done now, Is an follows: Here n IhiIo
one or two I nchim lu illHineler mid
atsiitt eighteen tuiiiea deep Into, the
center of the stump. Then put Into
this hole one or two ounces of salt
peter. PHI the hole with water nml
(dug It up. In the spring take out
tho (dug, (Hiiir lu nlstut one-half gal
lon of kerosene oil mid light It, The
stump will smolder uwny to tho very
extremities nf the roots, leaving noth
ing hut thu tiHlioa, Panning.
I nip rot Intf flu. Ilrril,
Select ns fur as possible femiilcH
which conform to the Htmubird of ex
cellence of the breed. If this Is accom
plished it will Insure it uniformity In
tyMi tlmt Is highly desirable. If In ad
dition to this It Is (hihsIIiIu tn select
: cowh mid holferH that lire Hliiillnrly
bred they will be iiiuro likely to pro
duce uniformity lu lliulr offHiiiiug.
Cure of Miielilncr)-,
TlintiHiiiulH of dolhirH' worth of farm
iniiclilnery Is now Uing slilpjH'd Into
tho country tlmt will uovor iigitln bo
protected from tho weathur,
This uxiMisuro memiH an appalling
flnnntinl Iohh to tho fnrinerH, hIiico It ro
duccH fully one-half tho jhtIoiI of imo
fulnesH of nu Intrlcuto machine,
When buying your now Impli'montH,
promlso yourself thnt you will provldo
them Buoltor and tho beat of euro. Mnko
your nrrniiKemouts for housing boforo
you purchnao. Bummer rnlus aro as do
tructlvo as winter buows.
'.;.''''' ;.":, ''; ,'":--
r-5rnnlor M. C. Iluth-r.
DipepsIa U olten cstmsd by :atarrh
ol tho itnniHcli I'cruna icllevrs ra
tarrh ol the stomach and li therefore a
remedy (or ilyppopnU.
Hon. M. 0. llutler, V.t-V. H. Hen.
j ntor Irom Houtli Carolina lor two
trrmi, In a letter (rum Wsililnglon,
I). U write to tlie I'eruna Metlb
cine Co, as follow)
"I tan recommend IVmna (or il)
pepsin ond stomal h trouble. I have
twrn utlnir tour mrdltinr lor a thort
prrhid nml I (rrl vrry nmdi rrlirtrtl.
It I Indrril a vtnndrrful mrilUinc, lie
tlc'rt a good tonli."
Catarrh til tho tomacli li the correct
namii (or moil rates o( dyspepsia. In
order to cute catarrh of thu itomach
the catarrh mini bo rradlcntml,
Only an Internal catarrh remedy,
inch s Perutia, li available.
IVrnns oiB'tly meets thnlndlratlons.
Mattn Is th ovist llil-kly (Hipiilsteil
Island In the world. It has l,sl (ample
to the tHjuare mile. Hsrbadoes has l,(Cl
(HMiple to the square mlk.
SIOOKcward, 9100.
Thrts4ertsl thlti'SHir fill xAttA to
Iksih Ihsl Ittsre It st lMt one ttlssJisI 4u
thst tslsNM !. teit skis to ruts In sll III
IXti, and Wist Is I'stsrih llsllii slsrih
I ma it in only snllls euio .nwn lo ile
otvllot IrsleiMlty. istsntt Urns; eottiillu
tlimsl tllHisis, rHulrr on(iiiuurl ui.
msNt. Itsll'sCsurrht ursistsksnliilernslly,
ssllHg dlrseity us ttis ll.s0 sin! muisiui
urlsrei ol lbs yilsm. .t'i '-ylt Hit
(utiMJsiluHuMtis.llMSMi, and KlTlli Hi" !
Usui irsliglh by liUII'lllig up lbs cnilllutloo
anil sMlillng nature in iltii It work The
i.roi.tlslen fie to mueh Ullb In II cuiallva
(iHSMllist ihsy nilsr on llunlrxl "Us'1
lorsnycsMilhslltlslUtoeur. Msud lur IUI
raS?.BUK J. rilHNKT is CO.;T1oJo,U
BmM l.r.lrurUii,1&.
1111' f stall 1111 are the belt.
The phrase of "the grand old mn," a
applied to Mr. Olrtdslotir, U credited lo
th Her. Kdwflrd Lloyd Jones of Man
chester, ISnglaud.
Portland Trade Directory
Mime swl AdJlf itt In I'oilUnd ! Iltps
tnlsllx llutlnot rifmi.
hHilala la Im Hip Iwtk Writs im nx tslklu
HiKiiiuullg., (tali n. 0k.
I'M NO . OUIMNM- Msny nn r
v.rllu us rriMiit uiii.Mnr rsiostsl ufl.rr
Wrll It ilr I'tlou ul iihh mist An ban,!, W'rlltloiUy. oiibri I'm., I'uiiiau.l
Banking by Mail
On nnvliiK tlopohitH of u dollar
or more, compounded twico
ovory yenr. It Is Just ns ensy
to open u HnvliiKH Account with
us by Mall its II you lived next
door. Bend (or our (reo book
lot, "Hanking by Mall." nud
lourn full pattlculnra. AddrcNo
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Savings Bank
Portland, Oregon
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