The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 02, 1906, Image 3

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Jn a Condensed Form fur Our
A Hoiumo of tho Lots Important but
Nut Lota Interesting Events
of tho I'flit Wook
"New York chafluurs nro on strike.
Mituy tlttttln aro taking pinto In Culm
to settle revolutionary grudges.
ICIiik Kdwanl In said lo have stock
In n big Chicago tttllioi inuituK)1y.
Three members if tlm Toledo, O., Ictt
trmt have been ordered to sorvu their
Jail sentences.
Unltrtl HlAtn Senator Rayimr says
tlm trusts havu Kruwn "I ntl " Imukw
need protection.
Rubbers blew oDii tlm unfa In tlm
Oilln.O lilo, hank nml escaped with nil
they could rarry.
WIIh drseilloii la Increasing alarm
ingly In Chlnagiki. Families to tlm
number ol "SO ern deturted In 1006.
Mr. Peary I coudlleiil that bur linn
IimmI has found tlm north He, hiiiI ex
HH)t4 to hear Iroin hi in tliu Inat ol No
winder. Secretary Tail li declined n plain
on tlm Hupreinn In-nth, which Is indi
cation tlmt Im would Ilka tlm presiden
tial nomination.
Flvn inure IhhIIpii IibuV been taken
Iroin tlm mini ol tlm burned tenement
house In Kansas Oily, 'l'lili uifcka
eight knnwii iImiI.
A cargo ol SfiO.OOO singing hlnl,
mostly cmmrlpa, arrlted at New York.
The prevalence ol anarchy In Moroc
co keeps tlm ministers abut up "' tlm
Tlm Frtneh parliament It again In
iimibIi fires nro limning over hun
dreds of kcim In Southern California.
Tlm new battleship Minnesota md
cf"i fully stood a foiu-haur endurance
A Ban Francisco deputy sheriff alwt
and killed a wlfo-lmator wlw resisted
Tlm recent iIkiIIbii nl Hunt Fe e Ul
cer a mi dominated by Standaid OH in
terests. Secretary Itiwt Iim asked Japan to
punish tho pcrpetratora ol tlm recent
im I mtil.
TliriHi mltirri were found dead In a
mine near Philadelphia. Tlmy had
Inhaled tfKi much gaa.
Kvury oim of tim H6 pollca captains
In New York city except ono has been
changed "lor tlm good ol tlm. service."
Tlm statu ol Arkansia has been given
Judgment nl 110,000 against tlm Ham
mend Packing company lor contempt.
Over 400 Ufa prcaorvera washed
ashore no tho VrKinla coast, and ll la
believed to Indicate a inarlno disaster.
Ilatrimati may rctlrn from presi
dency ol Union 1'ntiHlc and confine Ida
attention to completing n ocean-to-ocean
Ol 41H inna of preaorved meats con
dcmimd In london recently, 'H torn
oanni from tlm United State and 232
tuna from Argentine Itopulillu.
A mob wrecked a stereoptleon appa
ratua In New York city that was being
U'ed In election uxlilblta by tlm Indu.
pendent Muncilpal OAiierablp I.eeKiio.
Hantoa Dnmnut linn won a $100,000
air alilp prlxn In Franco.
Anna Held, tho aotrei-a, had $ 101,
OOl) worth ol JokuIb atolen.
A wholecalo Increaio In tho aalarlea
ol poalal olurka la proponed.
Kx.Henator llnrlon la n prlvlleKcd
lirlauiuir In tho Ironton, Kiturna, J.tll.
rrealdent Hooaovolt will atop at Han
Juan, I'orlo Hlco, on lila way back
from Panama.
Knilllili women nro oreatliiji dlaturb.
4iiicoH In tlm liouao of comtioiiti, clamor
IiiK for aiiflriiAU.
Trlbuimen am torrorltlnt? Morocco
towns and troops may Imvo to bo sent
to uratoro nrdur.
Jloro ltuaalan aoKlnra aro IioIiir r
rcated, charged with bolon(5liiK to rovo
lutlouary orKauUatloua.
Harrlman haa purchaacd Flah'a In
toroat In tho Illluola Contrnl railroad,
KlvliiK tho former control.
Tho Now Yoik Llfo Insurance com.
jiany la threatonod with Injunction pro
ceudliiKi aiialuat election methoda,
Amanliaa Just died at Plttibuut
who, the paat tivo years has lived and
clothed iilmsul! on an &vorK l3t
cents pur day.
Preparations aro bolnu made for
lPreaUlent HooaeveU'a trip to Panama.
Snow Falls, In Hornn Sections Accom
panied by High Wlnda
(Jhii)eiini', Wyo., Oct. 83. The
wnrt aliirm known In yeara for tlm
mason now priivalla over WyornliiK. It
Is necoinpaiili'd by hexvy anowfall, and
In aornn reclloua very IiIkIi winds. Thu
Union l'ncllld has mow plowa out on
tlm untlro lino between horn and ('(
den. Wtstnf (Ircen Itiver, WyomliiK,
thu Him Is hlooknded, and all commun
ication nhut off. All wires are down.
A dispatch from Urenu Itiver rays
tlm hlKlmat wind known In "0 yvais
is now blowing, wllb the temperattiro
10 dexriTS above xero, and snow falling.
Ornt ll.iimari near (IrniiKor was found
dead and another man was found on
the track iinronrcloun and badly (men,
One hiilldliiK at (Iri'on Iliver was de
inollrhixl by the wind. Tlm news from
Northern and Central WyomliiK re
ports practically tlm same conditions.
Hlockuieii aru apirelmnalve of itreat
Iokicb, as tho torm rnrim iikiu them
unprepared. Thu atorin la all)htly
abating here.
Volume of Sulphur Water Swampa a
Salvador Town,
Han Halvalor, Oct. 23. Teleocapblc
uoinmiitiliatlnu with Interior polnla
haa been rcntortil, and newa of thu ills
nater wrought by thu terrific atorm
which ha rwept over thu country la be
ing recrlvrd. Ovr 100 perrona wero
drowuetl In Coalepetpiu. A vaat itian
llty of sulphur water was thrown out
ol the Oliillo vol ano, anil inundated
the town ol I'aucblualoo, killing most
ol the Inhabitants.
From other oliitsal(o reports of ter
rific dtvaaiallon are coming In. I'linl
nrnto and other towns aru reported to
liavn been awept away by the Hoods.
Tho rchooner Atelerm, with a num
ber ol pnaaengera on Imard, haa been
Irat between Curluto, Nicaragua and
Aaiapala, Honduras. Kvuryljody on
Itonnl waa drowned.
Tlm Ihoda liavo disinterred a number
ol corpst-a Irom cemtlerle and aru car
rying them down the atreams. Ilia
reported that thu rallroada In llondur
aa have suffered rerlout daiuagu.
of Sale to English Syndicate Is
Not Credited.
Washington, Oct. 23. Tlm Agricul
tural department olllclala aro very
much Interested In thu report Irom
Chicago that tlm hlg parking homes
are contemplating a glirautic company,
to Iki financed bv Kngllsh capital
They do not look for thu carrying out
ol any such project. For yeara tlm
parking oompsiilea have men straining
i very nerve to create the Imprnaalon
that they aru acting Independently of
eaecli other.
Olllclala hero declare that notwith
standing the rigorous beul Inspection
mraaiires now being enlorced, the pack
ing hnnes am being operatwl with a
big profit. They cannot see wherein
them would bo any terlnus disadvant
age for tlm packers as the outcome of
such a deal, for foreign corporations
would h absolutely at tho mercy of the
respective atatea,
Set Adrift by OaldwIn-ZolRlop Polar
Expedition In 1001.
IlnfUlo, N. Y Oct. 23. Two buoy
messages, sot adrift from Franx Joeef
laud by tho Ilaldwiu Zelgler polar ex
pedition In 1001, bavo been found and
forwarded to Kvolyn H. llaldwln, tlm
founder ol tho kxpwlltion, who is liv
ing In this city. Thu measages were
picked up on July 10, 11)0(1, on Mullet
Island, by Captain Htienoraon, of the
Arctic whaler Gottfried, and forwarded
to tho United Htatea Ktatu
They were mailed to Mr. lla'dwln from
Washington and dullvured to lilm to-
Tho measages aro typewritten on film
paper, and show tho effcola of their
Journey in tho Arctic sea. Tho mes
sages wem an appeal fur coal, tho lack
of which forced tho expedition to turn
Insano Kept In Filth,
Havana, Oct. 23. Governor Magoon
visited tho national asylum this alter
noon and discovered a doplorablo statu
of affairs them. Ono tnonsnim bix
hundred and sixty peraonsof both sexes
am crowded Into lllthy and dilapidated
bulldlna with a capacity for 400 per
sons only. They aro Bleeping on hrok
en cots, rullrs ol tho biBt American oc
cupation. Congress m ado an appropri
ation to onlargo tho asylum, but tho
money wib never expended. The con
dltloiiB today nro very llttlo bottor than
under Bpunlflli ccr'ol.
Clemoncoau Is Summonod.
Paris, Oct. 23. As was expected, M.
Olemlnceau, minister of tho Interior,
was summoned to tho palaeo today and
Intrusted with thn task of formipg a
now ministry. It will take him four
days to choose his ministers and anoth
er four or Ave days for the new minis
try to agree on program.
Sheepmen In Wyoming, Colorado
and Now Mexico Suffer.
Whole Country Dotwoon the Rocky
Mountains and Missouri fllver
Under Whlto Pall.
Denver, Oct. 23. Hnow, wind and
cold havu oxttndoil over nearly the on-
tiro country between the Itocky moun
tains and tho Missouri river today,
causing heavy lots of livestock and
fruit. Tulcgraph wires have been pros
trated and railroad schedules disarrang
ed. The atorin Is almost unprecedent
ed for sevurlty at this teaeouof the year
and takts rank, according to the weath
er bureau, with the snowfall on April
22 and 23, 1H85.
Up to 0 o'clock this evening about 20
inches of snow had fallen In Denver
and Indications were that the mow
would continuo all night.
Locally but little da.s'ge was done,
Hheo.-meu in Wyoming, Colorado and
New Mexico, It Is believed, will snffar
heavy losees, as they were unprepared
for such weather. There nro hundreds
of t ni of sugar beets an.! thousands ol
barrels of apples still In tho open In
tho northern part of Colorado and
should the cold continue, the damage
will be very great to tho ranchers.
Telegraphic service throughout the
West Is badly hampered and trains in
definitely lato.
Tlm billiard which has boin raging
in Pueblo and vicinity since early Hat
unlay afternoon Is slightly abatod this
morning. Itallroad and stroet car traf
fie Is badly crippled. The Illo Grande
west ol Pueblo has suff died moat from
the snow, which is unusually heavy
along Its line, ranging from 10 Inches
at Florence to 30 inches at Iluena Vis
ta. Trains from tho Kast aro generally
from a few minutes to several hours
late. Cattle and other stock on ranges
suffered from tho wet snow and cold.
Colorado Springs reports that the bill
iard, which has been in progress for
tlm past 48 hours, broko this mwrnlng.
Trains aro somuwhat delayed. Tho
temperature In Colorado Hprlnga this
morning waa about 16 above zero.
Increase In Railroad Aues.modt Sup
plies All Funds Necessary.
Madiion, Wis., Oet. 23. All the
state taxes, with the exception of the
tchonl tax, which was reduced to hall
of ono mill, wore remitted today by the
atnto board ol assesion. There is al
ready so much money In tho stato treas
ury that none of the olllcials know
what to do with It.
With tho prospict of moro than 2,
600,000 coming In from this year's
taxes, bt ite Treasurer Kmpf threw up
his hands In despair and said thoro waa
no way to spend It. Accordingly Gov
ernor Divldson, Hrcretary of Slate
Homer and Mr. Kempf mot today and
decided to remit the taxes.
Ths railroads aro footing tho bills.
That, in tho main, is tho reason for the
action today, tho drat time such a
sweeping movo has hoen made In the
history of thu statu. It Is one of the
results of Senator I-aKollette's long
right when ho was In thu governor's
chair. Under thu new ad valorem law
thu rnada pay about $2,(100,000 annu
ally, or ono-thlrd moro than thuy did
under thu old licenro tee system.
Tho amount of taxes remitted Is $1,
818,236. Instead of raising this
amount from thn taxptyeis, tho admin
istration will deduct It frui tho gene
ral fund of tho statu to meot c.rain
fixed expenditures. Tho school tax,
amounting to 1013,080, goes back to
tho taxpayers iu tho support cf the
public schools.
Rollef Fund for Winter.
Washington, Oct. 23. Tho executive
comnitttuo of tho Ited Cross has finally
approved thu estimates of thu Ban
Francisco rollef commlttoo for tho con
tinuance of tho relief work In that city
ui) to July 1 next. Originally placed
at 10,000,000, theso estimates have
been reduced by a little moro than
700 000. Moat of thu money is already
In sight, as tho Bn Francisco commit
too has n balance of $2,382,000, with
unfilled subscriptions subjict to call of
$000,000. Tho Hud Cross propoi.holds
a little over 12,000,000.
Blizzard Coats Texas With Ice.
Dallas, Tox Oct. 23. Wind blow
Ing at a velocity of 00 miles an hour Is
"weeping across the plains county in
thu Texas panhandlu, with blinding
sleet and snow. Grass la covered with
ire, but cattle arolngooij condition and
the loss will not be heavy. At Chan
nlng a blltxard la raging. In the Dal
las territory the torcperature has been
in tho 70's, but at midnight Isjalllng.
Buildings Razed and Packing Plant
Destroyed by Fire.
Halt Lake City, Oct. 22. For 24
hours this city and vicinity was swept
by a wind storm of unparalleled sever
ity. In addition to three serious acci
dents to persons, property has bcn
devastated over a wide area, a fire
fanned by the wind has obliterated the
now plant of thu Utah Packing com
pany, and n monetary loss of appproxl
matuly 2C0,000 Is vntalled.
During tlm full period ol tho storm
trains havu arrived 'rrcgularly or not
at all. For much of thu time the street
car survlco has been at a standstill, and
tho ukctrlc lighting plants aro out of
The burning of tho Utah packing
plant, north of tho city, Is the most
serious single loss. Tho building had
Just been compleetd at a cost of f 100,
000, and was to have been put Into nse
in a few days. Tho project was inaug
urated by Western cattlemen and was
in opposition to tho large packing
bouses In the Kast. The causo of the
flro lias not been ascertained. Only a
small fraction of the loss is covered by
Kulned buildings, fallen chimneys,
broken windows, loomned signs and
toppled trees throughout this and ad
joining towns are the most common
souvenirs of tho storm and apgregito an
Immense loss. The wind attained a
maximum velocity fo 62 miles an hour.
For hours at maintained an averago
speed of 38 miles an hour. The local
weather bureau has been handicapped,
but expresses tho opinion that thu
storm Is local and with little effect
north of Ogden or south of Provo.
Cuban Hurricane Crosses the Island,
Leaving Death In Trail.
Havana, Oct. 22. More complete re
ports have been received by Governor
Magooon and show that the recent bur
i lean, which swept across Cuba, has
caused greater damage than waa at first
supposod. Scares of lives are now
known to have been lost as tno result oi
the storm.
The worst reports come from the Ua
tabano, on tho south coast of Cuba, the
point where tho cyclone first struck the
Island. Forty fishing schooners are
now known to have been lost. Many
corpses have been picked up floating In
the bay, and it Is bslleved the dead at
this point alone will reach nearly 100.
The majority of the victims aro Spanish
Oshormen. Wreckago from tho vessels
which were destroyed litter the shores
for miles. It is believed that several
amallfchooners were swept out to sea
and lost, their crews perishing.
The town Itself suffered severely.
Nine bodies have been removed so far
from the rnlns. On every band are to
ba seen evidences of tho storm's fury.
Houses wore blown down, trees were
uprooted, and devastation has been
wrought generally. A conservative es
timate of tho damago in that city is
1000,000. The greatest damage waa
caused In tho lower portion of tho city.
Tho upper section away from the shore
escaped almost miraculously. The
wharves were badly damaged, in many
cases completely wrecked.
More Delay for Hermann.
Washington, Oct. 22. Representa
tive Dinger Hermann will not be placed
on trial in this clt- on tho indictment
charging destruction of 36 ofllcial let
torpresa copybooks until sometime alter
the Christmas holidays. No definite
arrangement for tho trial has beon
made, but tho court's docket Is now so
filled that It will be lmpoealble to bear
the case within tho next throe months.
Since the case waa last postponed at the
time Mr. Heney waa called to San
Franclaco nothing has beon heard from
Hermann and his whoreabouts aro un
known to tho court. No anxiety is felt
on this Bcore howevor.
Quake Wrecks Trestle.
Portland, Me., Oct. 22. Two earth
shocks lait night destroyed about 100
feet of n temporary highway structure
which crosses the upper harlwr. The
first shock was felt at 0 o'clock and tho
second at 7:07. Itoth shocks were
light, but were distinctly felt by pedes
trlans. Accompanying tho rumbling
waa tho sound mado by tho cracking of
tho timbers of the temporary structure.
It Is feared that great damage has been
done to tho foundation of tho now high
way brldgo nearby, for which 260,000
was apptoprlated recently.
Soldiers Go In Pursuit.
Sheridan, Wyo Oct. 22. Ten
troops ol the Tenth cavalry left Fort
Robinson. Neb., at noon today from
Gilletto, Wyo., to round up the band
of marauding Ute Indians from the
Whlto Rock agoncy, Utah. Tho com
manding ofllcer Is said to have Instruc
tions from tho Wor department to take
the Indiana dead or alive.
Snowstorm In South Dakota.
Bloux City, Iowa, Oct. 23. Dis
patches received at the Chicago, Mil
waukee & Bt. Paul office in this city
stato that a heavy snow storm with
wind prevailed all night on tho Rapid
Oity extension of that road in South
Dakota. The snow is drifting and
buowpIows have been ordered to Cham
berlain and Preeho.
I'erhiipi tho moat remarkable of all
rellgloUH colonic tlmt accept the Hlble
hh tholr only guide has Ix-en ostahllah
wl at Waukesha. Wl. In the mineral
writer belt the colonist nro known n
tho "Holy Jumiwrs," legally they ore
liicorjoratvl an tho "Metropolitan
Church Awoclatlon," and for everyday
purpo they call thonnwlves members
ot the "Hollnena" band.
In n Mmso tho colony la communlMIc,
but Its underlying principle Is opposed
to the stnndardH of buslnoM. No com
mercial or Industrial feature is Inter
woven In the enterprise. Thero are
eighty ncrea of corn and vegetables, but
this will not support tho hundreds who
have identified tliemsolvoa with the
movement. There la n printing cuii-
llehmwit, but no profit on the book
or immplilctK.
Tho Ird will provide," assort th
colonist, who devote all tholr time to
religion and unuiatorlal matter, with
out providing for fwdlng, clothing or
houHlng. Yet the loader In tho move
ment were formerly auruwu unu sue
cowiful business mon, while the rnnfc
nnd file nru In Intelligence nbove thu
average of tho kind who usually Iden
tify themselves with a rollglous craze.
For tho tlmo being the Holy Jump
ers aro a great attraction nt Waukesha
and n marvel to every rolwr-mlnded
person who visit them. Duke M. Far
son, tho most extraordinary person In
"religion" In tho country to-day, stands
at thu head of the Jumpers. Ho amass
ed a fortune In tho bond business In
Chicago and was regarded a n mil
lionaire. Ho drifted from the luxuries
nnd extravagance of city llfo deeper
nnd deeiier Into religious mnttcra until
finally he sold out what was left of hi
husluos arid dlniKsod of his real estate,
devoting hi tlmo to spiritual matters.
A Methodist with Inclinations toward
"shouting," he occasionally filled tho
pulpits of promluont churches In Chi
cago until thoy came a time whon tho
exuberance of his Joy caused him nud
hla friends to commit disturbing ex
cesses, and then thoy organized what
was constituted a Metroiwlltan Church,
Into which thoy have put their money
as well aa their faith. Tlw organiza
tion Increased and a thoy feared jo-
llce Interference In Chicago, thoy moved
to Waukesha, whoro thoy bought the old
The Faithful Housewife:
lliiltetl tho Wrouir rUh.
It Rometlmcs happens that tho euro
Is worso than tho disease. It was In
tho ca8o of tho mother who tried to
brenk her llttlo Theodoro of tho habit
of taking sweets off tho Bldebonrd.
"Wo often huvo boubons when thero
nro guests to luncheon," Bho said, "und
although Theodore promises not to
touch them ho always does."
"You might do ns I did In tho aamo
clrcumstnuces," suggested tho neighbor,
I smiling remlnlscently.
I "What did you dor
"X carefully removed too tnsldo fill
rountaln Springs Hotel, on cnormoni
atone structure containing COO room's
besides the grand dining-room. Thero
are about 300 iersons In the colony,
nearly nil adult, while Farson Is th
leador by common conent Another
Important itorvmago Is F. M. Messen
ger, general nii"rlntendent, who for
years va general manager of the
Grosvenor Cotton Mills nt North Gros
venor, Conn., and who, since Joining tho
colony, ha twice refused offers of $13,
000 to mnnago mills. He looks after
the physical projierty. Kdwln h. Har
vey, vice president, ha a chain of lodg
ing houses In Chicago, which were pat
ronized by 2,000 men every night Ho
gn up this business, with Its largo
Income, to Join tho Jumpers. His wlfo
Is treasurer.
Henrd and viewed from a little dis
tance, ono of the regular Sunday night
church Korvices of the Waukesha en
thusiast resembles a cross botweeii a
foot-ball rush and a red hot political
convention. After tho services bavo
been opened with song It takes about
one minute to dovelop tho demonstra
tions which have given the colonist Uio
name of "Jurniwrs." It I doubtful If
thero Is an athleto who can perform
tho physical feats done dally by many
of the members of this congregation.
No aoonor Is tho fervor of the congre
gation fired by tho singing than th
Jumping begins. Tho word Jumping I
not used figuratively. Dozens and
sometimes scores of the worshiper
break luto o perpendicular dance, which
consists of Jumping straight up and
down with most marvelous rapidity.
The Jump Is not merely "the raising of
tho Jumper on his or her toes, but a
clean, flat-footed Jump with both feet
several Inches from the ground.
Tho whirling of fanatical Arab der
vishes has stood for tho climax of phy
sical demonstration In religion. Any
dervish who will learn how to stand
tint-footed and lift himself by his boot
strapsor nnndnl thongs as do tho
"Jumpers" nt Waukesha will havo nn,
accomplishment that will surpass hla
old-tlmo calling.
Dlvlno healing Is one of tho most
pronounced of tho "Jumpers'" beliefs.
A distinction Is mnde, however, be
tween surgery and medicine. "Tho sot
ting of a broken bone." explained Mr.
Farson, "Is a mechanical process tnd
the first aid to nature. Still even In
surgical cases wo hnve had tho most
remarkable Instances of tho power ot
prayer to facilitate healing."
Can't You Put That In Your PolUI-
tug from n chocolate drop and stuffed
tho shell with red pepper."
"Did It work?"
"It might Imvo worked," replied tho
neighbor, "If Johnny had happoued to
spy It. As It was, I forgot all about It
In tho press of other matters, nnd at
dluncr-tlmo tho guejt of tho evening
got It"
Secretary Under what head shall I
put down tho cost of tho operation per
formed on tho baroness?
Ttnrnn Itanornl rennlnL Translatt
- 1 od for Tales from Blmplichwlmu.