The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, October 05, 1906, Image 5

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    .. I nl i Ulii III
,; yi-
'" '""
Ovtd Kllcy wiih n Jlciitl visitor
Hntlior i;ol in it Inty.e loud of
fri!j;hl tlie firsl of the wtul:.
All tlic October niiiRH.itiiai con
ttovv he Inul nt the poxlolllce iiowh
iUanel. Tom Slmrp wit in llunri WchIiicm
ilay from hi Crookwl rlvar ranch,
a k"1 nt the Drake home.
tlph .Sheldon U hiIiIIiik im
..pioveinentn to liln rtfiduncu by
llavhiK il nided with .shiphtp.
.'-OcorRt; Hat vhn in town
WedtMrtday mid txk a loud of
Imrlwtl wire out to hi lioineatoiiil
up the river.
Mr. C. A. Joiim left Ttiewlny
morning for a btiiineiMaiul pltmiiire
trip to I'mtlxml. She will Iw gone
n week or iodyi.
Mev. 1'r. Hickey la expected in
Ilcnd today, rcmaiiiliiK until Sun
day afternoon. I te will welebrnte
Mium, Imr coufMioui mid lecture,
The fHther Mild nutter of C. M.
Kdflld returtiMl with him from
the irrigation conte Ht Itolw mid
will vUit at Redmond for ort
Dwring the diMgwiblc wind nnd
dust fltonn Ttteaday. word reached
liend that nt I'orrst the air wm no
filled with dual thai it wan almoat
Impossible lor rancher to .tec from
their house to their barns.
The funeral service of II. I1'.
.ll were held at I'riuevilie last
week Thursday, Rev. J. T.
Moore officiating Mr. Zell wit mi
Odd follow and the Prineville lodge
attended tlte service in it body.
Mr. and Mrs. II. W. I. akin ami
W. A. Gould left Tuesday morning
lor Shaniko and other outside
Kuila. Mrs. I.okiu will visit nt
Spokanu mid Mr. I.akin will attend
to business matter nt Spokane,
Portland ami elsewhere.
1'hlllip 1'rancitt is huddiiiK a
house on his rntieh MHithunt o(
town. The uinitt part will lc
two storittft high, i6xa.t feet mid will
have a lcmtto 1.1x34 fct. lie is
h1m building a barn aoxjo feet
with a shetl on each side 16x30
There is a change of time in the
Tti$ak mail staue. Mondays,
Nle(ays ami Friday the mail
now leaves Iteml at to a. m. and
arrives at Tuuialo at 1 p. 111. On
these sante days it leaves Tuuialo
at t.15 p. hi. and strive at Iknd
at 4.15 p. m.
, Mrs. Urake returned ftom her
vUit to Port la ml Wednesday after
noon and was accomaniel by Mtsa
Catherine Hum and Hiss Lijta
Woods, both of Portland. Mis
Hunts is the daughter of a promi
uetit lortlattd business man and
Miss Wood the daughter of At
torney C. S Wood.
HTq Central Ore
gon Banking (Sh
Trust Company
Capital S2.1.000.00
TrNttiHcts h (Jenurnl Dnuk-M
Acts us Administrator, U-1. '
....! I 13-. ....... i I
ubmor in 1 1 iimvc 111 uaitiiua -
l&itics Drafts and Bnnlc
Aloney Orders on nil 1-orcltfit
Interest 011 Time Deposits.
Safe Deposit UoAcs.
I'lro Insurance.
, I) I l(U C T 0 l &':
A. M. Drake, A. I,. Oowlwillie,
rroi(snt. Vli I.'roe,
J, M, I,twroucO SjWwtnry.
V. 0. Minor, Cssliiur.
Miih, L, J). WlKHT
P. I,. Tonlpklim left
for 11 trip to flood River.
Mist Mdrle'lohnson of Michigan
I viNitinjtVltli Mian Anna Johnson.
C. S. HeuMOii is building nu ad
dition on 'the south .side of his
residence, rtiunftirin'r2X 12 feet.
J. P. Johnson is bhildlng a sub
stantial addition to his building on
Wnll truut n lonu-to on 'the enst
Mrs. Klnic Riley and daughter
Mnry were in Huml Thursday from
their much five miles north of
C. II. Allen wns in Mend Thurs
day from his much nt The Mead
ow. He was on hi wny to I'riue
vilie after grain.
Miss Nellie IJwyor left this morn
ing for her home in Minneapolis
after a viit of .severnl weeks with
Mrs. John Ryan.
I.. I). Wiast hns been digging
his potatoes this wst week, the
prize one weighing two and a half
pound. They are the Httrbnuk
John Vaughn and family return
ed Tuesday night from a trip of
several week in Rogue River
valley. They brought back r load
of winter apples witii them.
II. A. Suther's fine new store
house i about finished and he is
rnpidly filling it witli merchandise.
It i good tight building mid
makes n spacious store room.
Kluier Niswouger mid Irrcd Ilttu
uel returned to liend Welucdny
from the Silver I.nke country,
where they have been cruising
timler preparatory to locating
While traveling through the
mountains 011 his recent trip to the
valley, "Hill" Hrock shot and
killed n cougar that measured
kcvcu feet from tip to tip. The
old veterans, Nip and Tuck, treed
the animal and "Hill" soon brought
it down with his trusty rifle.
Mr. ntxl Mrs. D.nt K. Smith
were in Ilcnd Monday from their
homestead in Tlte Meadows country.
They were on their way to their
desert claim over near Powell Unites
to look after a grain and hay crop,
They (dan to spend the winter 011
their up-river homestead.
Christian Hudeavor topic for Oct.
7: "Christ's Life. The Com
maudmetits He Left l's. Our
Obedience." Text: John 15:1-17.
Lender, Mrs. Rose Shook. As this
will 1ms the regular monthly conse
cration meeting alt members are
requested to be present to respond
to roll call.
A. M. Drake has donated to the
reading room a copy of Campbell's
Soil Culture Manual. This imn
phlet is written by W. II. Camp
bell of "the Campbell method''
fame, and explains in detail his
method of dry farming and shows
the remarkable results obtained
thereby. It is a valuable pamphlet
and makes Interesting reading.
H. A. Gelchell came in Tuesday
from his homestead near Sisters
4ud has been stwuding the week in
liend. Mr. Gelchell has bin re
cently returned from Whitman
countv and other parts of Washing
ton and Oregon and is glad to get
back to the upper Deschutes
country, a his health is so much
better here. lie will leave soon lor
a visit in Minnesota.
C. A. Chnpinnit received word
Hint he had been appointed one
of tlte jtt'dges of horses for the
county fair nt Prineville. While
this is n,uit6 nn, honor, Mr. Clint).
matt says that .he1 cannot nccept the
appointment An lie expects soon to
commence; work on his homestead
and will be too busy. Mr. Chap
man is A 1 horseman and' would
make a good judge. , ,
,' Dou't borrow Ylic llulletiu from vour
l.cghoMt chickcurt
ueiguuur -suuusriwi iot u,
I,. D.WItffli 'shot and fcflled a
hawk Inst Stttlday that tticasurcd
53 inches frottt'tlp to tip of wings
This boats all hnvk 'stories .4o fnr
Jv. If. Hnttcn hns 'plnJcd on ex
hibition in the rending room the
prize beet mid enrrots df.tlle sen
sou. They arc bcntitics, firm and
solid without a scab dr 'blemish.
Three beets weigh eight pounds,
mid the four carrots the snme
weight. The beets are the Market
Garden variety, the carrots the
Chnutcucy. They were both
planted May 0 and harvested Oct t.
Will Hrock mid his mother re
tut tied the first of the week from
the valley, where they have been
visiting and getting, fruit. While
nt Jtugunc "Hill" met Jeffries, the
chnmpiou pugilist, who had just
returned from n hunting expedition
in the Cascades on the McKcn.ic
river. Jeffries was disappointed in
that he got no big game, and
"Hill" has his promise that he will
come into the Ilcnd country next
year, when Hrock has agreed to
show him the bear in its native
haunts. Mr. Hrock and Jeffries
attended school together when they
were bovs.
On the walls of the reading room
will lie found three views of an ex
ettment station at Cheyenne,
where the U. S. government is
carrying on cxcrimciit work with
the state of Wyoming in dry farm
ing. At this station they have a
pumping plant by which they irri
gate small tracts of garden truck,
but the rest of their work is in dry
farming and they produce great
results, as the pictures show. The
views were presented to A,. M
Drake by HI wood Mead, U. S.
government chic! of irrigation in
vestigations, on Mr. Drake's Tcccnt
visit to the irrigation congress nt
One of the inept peculiar acci
dents that ever happened to a
bucking horse was that which be
fell Harney Iwis' fine bay pony
Inst Monday. The animal had not
been ridden for about a week and
when Harney got into the saddle,
in front of the Pilot Huttc Inn, the
horse began to buck. In order to
keep him out of the street Barney
headed htm into the vacant lot op -
, , . .
posiic me tun, ami as tne norsc
made a lunge forward it rrtt its head
against thv top of a down juniper
Harness and Shoe
ilriJM;. . lve ojienwl a re-
I.iwrv X. TratMfer
Co.' turn mimI will onfry a fall Him of
impii'm iciMir: i." lilw, currycomb,
liruhc, tiUnUeU, otc. Bring lit your
Will also continue to repair kho.
usauaax&taBiia& omaanwaafflffi;
(Slaughter Sale!
H ! I
Iiavinjc purchased the Chapman stock of dry
goods, etc., the same will be sold at greatly
reduced prices. This stock must be sold at once
to make room for a fine line of winter goods.
We have some fine bargains in
Dry Gooc's, Shoes, Ladies' and Men's Furnishings,
Crockery, Tinware, Etc., Etc.
4 uma,8tand OLO ...THE
SlIOl' N1
llvriis is-Motui.
Hotel Bend
' Ml
New House, New Furrtitlire, ftcnsonable Rates. Good Jldo'tns
tti... .; tJ-t
tree, A branch, about ns large
around as your thumb, pierced the
horse's head directly beneath one
eye anil rati straight into Its head
five or six inches, tlle'n broke off.
As soon as possible the horse was
thrown mid the slick pulled out
and the wound washed. As the
stick entered, it crowed the eye
lwck and to one side mid apparent
ly did not injure the sight. The
horse was turned into n pasture and
is getting along nicely. The won
der' is that it was not killed instant
ly. . .
Tunmlo Items.
Illghtower ft Smith are sawing
lumber and shingles at their Tuui
alo sawmill this week.
M. N. Neill and family will take
up their abode on their homestead
near Tumato soon, so we arc in
formed. Isaac Custar, father of Mrs. J.
W. Wittier, is Visiting his daughter
and friends in Tumslo country.
M-. Custar resides near Grant's
Pas when at home. Mr. Cttitar
is a vetern of the civil war having
gone through many hard fought
Lewis McCallisler passed
Tuuialo Tuesday. He was on his
way to Hend and Prineville. Mr.
McCallister has unite a crew of
men building a large irrigation
ditch from Scjuaw creek to and on
to their fine holding of land. The
McCallister brothers will have some
fine farms when they get water on
the land.
L. II. Root and family returned
from the hop fields in the valley
yesterday. Mr. Root reports much
rain and very muddy roads in the
valley and 011 the mountains.
Much fruit and hops have been
damaged by the rain. More es
pecially the prune crop lids been
greatly damaged. 'Flint means
high prices for dried prunes again.
Miss lithel Chapman Receives $5.00
Check from Pacific Northwest.
Miss Kthel Chapman, who is
working lor the free trip to the
Jamestown Exposition for the win
ner in The Pacific Northwest con
test, this week received a check for
$5.00 from the publisher as the
prize for sending in the most sub
scriptions for the preceding week.
In the letter presenting the check,
Mr. Hates, the publisher says:
"I met one of your cuitouiers at the
court houte, Mr. I' U. Downing, who
swWcrilKil fur fneml of initio. Mr.
lud jm!eel to get this MiUmrrlpUon ami
! r- nwtac ah wmrflmnu you very
I highly m to your iikUuxU of working
Itaxter ot Hurfalo, N. . I am very
and cotiKrAtuhttwl Crook county nu the
ri'!MFtiUtiou tli countv wouhl re-
1 " 1 1 1 ' .. . .!.. '..... ... ...
vrnt nt ic iff vwiiiiiifi fuuiv vis vui
Itaftteru trip."
The Mr. Downing referred to in
the above was in attendance at the
'Redmond fair in company with
Messrs. Stanley and Stearns. Mr.
Downing is a prominent business
nimt of New York.
Plymouth Rocks for Sale.
IfuH blood white Plymouth Rock
cockerels, your choice, $2,00 each.
26-29 K. lf. Battkn, liend, Or.
llONI) S1)
A. C LUCAS, Proprietor
Tables supplied with all the delicacies of the season
First-class Equiritncnt Fine Rooms and Beds
All 'singes stop at the hotel door
Z. F.
Large, Commodious Warehouse. Consignments Solicited
I'rortlpt Kttcntlon paid to those who
favor mc with their jxitrotiagc
1 11 1 III I MM11Wim Wt).
Leave Shaniko 6 p. m.
Arrive "Prineville 7 a.m.
Leave Prineville 12:30 p. m.
Arrive Berid 7:00 p. m.
Bend Xivery k
V. J. RODISON, Proprietor.
IIORSKS BOARDED DY THE DAV, WUHK OR MONTH Livery Rigs for Rent. 'Phone No. 15
KHtiflt;btjTn jtinnouBdo'rcKi, - tJend, Oregon,
General Blacksmithing and Wagon Repairing
BjM ' Our shop is located opposite Baptist Church.
WAT.! 9TRKKT. Opp B. M. Co.
THE finest stock of FRESH
MEATS in Crook Countv.
Cured Meats and Lard and all !
the Accessories of a FirstClass
Market. Everything new and
of the best. WHITE & HILL.
. No matter'hov t tho bird, no
u ft iirpht. vou can Drinir
jtraighfshooUnlr Winchester Kepeatine Shotgun. Results ate whafi
count. Tney ajw ays civ? ioq
8hoOtinp, and ore sold within
rflttf- Stni utmt gl edJrm on a
1- .., .'' . V : . 'i
and forwarding g
iC UllK j
.. . !
Leave Bend 6:00 a. m.
Arrive Prineville 12:00 m.
Leave Prineville 1 p. nu
Arrive Shaniko 1 a. m.
Transfer Co.
mtttei; how heavy Its pJurnago or
u 10 die whu a iuhk, nironir.
ucbi kjum tu itm, iuivn: nap
reach of everybody's pocketbook.
Mltul WfJ r,iir UrttttlaitraUJ.tataloiat. 'I
'...t....-,'t . i . LJ