The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 31, 1906, Image 8

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The Townsite of BEND
On the Deschutes River in Western Part of Crook
County, Oregon!
Center of the hew Irrigation Development covering
... -
N . .... AVA
t li Self
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fete i rrfW AlJ AV VZ NAA
mtsw .vvOs aNay vk a ' MM' 7 FFFFFFF
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I zV v-7 vXOy t vv xyv u Uj 1 I I I U I I I
l- t y y n?v Y-v Xv
1 vxw I'ltlTITS"'""
a Wy AYxVVy XNCro ju
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' C J 5 rf tf
f s 7
At Gateway to
the Great
JL'd JLo
TiTo Town has Grown
nlmoat vntircly iu the yvitr. tlic jxiit
ofllcc tlMtittg oiilylfom April 8, iy.
Deiid ha txccllcttt public nJiuoU
ntul complete public wntci wuikn.
: The Pilot Butte
Development Co.
Proprietor Townsite
Timber Ijiml, Act Juu j, itfl.
H. 8. taod Office. The Doll., Otteon
Juoe ith, 1906.
Xotlee U licrtbjr glrrn that la compthscc with
heproritloMorihcActorCottirrMet Jyiw t.
-nw nn iwi .v - or iimijer uiuia
rtUtrtofOilifomia, lrrgca. NeTMU, mod
ftflta tU ty net frf AMgiMt 4, &f.
thUdtv fifed It. ttMffc h wom totenit
J. J4. the purchae of the : Tmc if, ip
lf, r tie. wis r
And wilt o&r proof to haw that the Uai
MttchtU mere valiuUe for IU t hater or Hon
aDrrarieltunlpurnow. nd to nUblltta
hKdalra to taul Urvl before IJ c. Wll, f. K
&ra.fe,ne?i.hlJ,0w,B,,sd' Or. on
Me Mhdayoroctobcr, tyb
Mn,jCUm L. fcitteo. all of b4, Oregon.
LwI' JPT0 e,lB"e rtrly the
2i3VZiiiAad' "'' regutMed to file their
Sftaber! t$i a mW ,Mh dy of
aio-ooi ' UICIIAVL T. NOLAN. Ke.Uter.
t Timber M-jd, Att Jaae j. itfi
. J,8. Land office, The Ballea, Orecen,
Iue 1IUI1. io.
Timber tand. Act June j, 1I7I
U. 8. Land Office. The Dallea, Oregon,
June n. iy.
?TotiCe Is hfhv vin tliaf Im MH.ft.M. uiiI.
the p-o((oin of the Act ot CongreM of June 3
i7 entitled 'An art lor the tale of Umber Und.
In tbeaute cfCaiituriiMi Oregon Nrrada and
Ti . """j rjfientin ko ait me
h". " ca uy net oi AUguH .), l9i,
Cart Theodor Jobaaaon
of North aklnia. county of Yakima, Mate o
Hahlngtoa. ha thhi dav filed in tW. oec hw
twarn atalemcat No. iojC. the pwchaic oflhe
"K fnc i . Ip il a. r 1 e, w m
am will offer proof to ahow that the Und
uaavie ir
ought la more vali
rlla timber or atone
pMnloraiMiailtiiratparpowa, and to etUMUh
i.MinivHu iim Kate 11. c. WIU, V ft
CommlMioner. at hi oiboe la Mead, Oregon,
on the iith day oflteptemoer, t'A.
Henameaaatvitnewea' Arnt Auue. Theodore
Ausc. Anton 'Aune and John MiKraore, all ol
Bend, Oregon.
Any and alt penena cUhaiflg adrtraely the
AaaOVra-liaaWniaaMl laiula at r ..a. a. ..-1
analiaa In thi nffiM m a Ktf..- -,l .. j- a
... ..... V.HV v w, ,,v - inn r t
hcptctcibcr, wt6.
fu7 MZCJMtft T.rfOLAM. KwUtcr,
JC0ce U fer. B!ewlht Ih complUwc with
liar lirAVUafll.k faftliaf aaa . a-.. .ar .
lari. entltkd "Ajfafe for the aateof tlMher Unda
.-,., v....... . n . , tnT HW w iiMser lamu
In the !Hataf Cil'fWnU. nr.uu.. w-.i. .i
Waablngton Territory." aa exUadad to all the
1'uWlc Caud bUtea by act of Atguat 4, ijj,
Clara L. ISatteu
?ZlB5MSf?u?!yof,c,tl4, "u,e o- Orei. ha
thUday filed in tbla office her attorn tutameat
" Mil for the jwrehaae of the aKawU'. awjf
It. aeciraudnntrKaeoe, tw 10 a, r 11 e.
And will offer proof to ahow that the land
aought la more valuable for IU limber or atone
than for agricultural twrpoaea, and to aiUih
her claim to aaid land before II. C. .(Ilia, V. S
irmmitour.alhloffiorli Reed, Oregon, on
the 1XI1 day of October, iy.
Khe iianiei aa w(tneei. Mlenael I. .Morriaou
Juaetihtt. Hunter. John Meidl ! Uigh Tomt
Una, ltdmund I Hatttu.Kll ofUeud, o'agon.
Any and all per win clalwlfig adverly the
cuima Iu this olficc on or before aaid 12th day of
October, 199. '
'05 '3KCH AHL T. NOLAN. Kegl.ter.
T.mbeTMud,Act Junej,i578.
a. 8. Land Office, The DaUea, Oregon,
Notice la hereby given that In compliance with
IU proviilojiaoirtlie Art of Congrea of June s,
ItiVi' WW r",' " of tlmUrufiA
In the atatcaof Cal ICurnUi, Orruon. Nevada mid
, Wa-hlngto,, Territory" iiTJSXi tTTfl "'he
." public laadataua by Act of Augut4, 157,
Hallle Mi Whltted
of flciul, county of- Crook, atate of Oreeou
ImathU day filed7 in tl.u ofnet 1 lir.worn JtaT,.' Kn sum. fnp Hi .it.rl.... ..r.t .V i".
.7 V ' r-' wi tuc ai bl tlie a, rue, wm.
Aud will offer nroof to ahow that the land
aoughl la more vafr-able for Ha Umber or atone
thaw for ogriculti.-aIpurpoaa, aud to eataMUh
her claim to aaid Wd before JI. c, ',,
I H. CouimUaloner. at hla office in liind
Oregou, 011 the nth day ofneptembcr, io.
Hhe naiuca ai witueatea- William 11 BtaaU
urUeachutca, Oregon; Thomaa W. Trlplett of
licud, Oregouj l'rank Rlaaa of Kedmotid, oiegou
and KobcilA. l'uelt of Tumalo, Orrgou.
Any and all peraoua claiming adversely the
above-described landa arc rcqucilcd to file their
claimalnthfa office on or before the ulfa day
ofttcpteinbcr, 1906, '
' uUSy MICHAKL T. NOLAN.Hfglatcr.
C Mtf'The'Biilletln's new irrf.
tiou departmcat.
Timber Land, Act June j, i8j.
IT. 8. Land Offlee, TheDollea, Oregon.
Jcne 4, Ktf.
Notice la hereby given that In txmpUance with
the provWona ofthe Act of Congrea of June 1,
1&7& entitled, "An act for the aateof timber Umi
:" . . ," -iiiornia, urrgon, Nevada, and
Vtaabington Territory." aa extended to all the
public Uad autea by At of Augvtt 4, ,
uatewood T. Callllian
oflfetK!. county of Crook, atalc oi CregM. haa
thU day filed in thU ofUe hit aworn a alement
, & for ,B PM'chirte ofthe my. ofthe awlf
"faecNoij.tpiaa, rue, win.
And will offer proof to ahow that the land
ought U more valuable for lit tmler or atone
thaa for agricultural pna, and to eaUUtah
bia claim lo aaid land before!!. C IfllU, V. H.
LommiAAlAti.r at kiA..fT- in ti...H n...AU
the .Hh d.; of KepT.mlr, wV "M-""
IIenamraaawitiieoa. John I'erguaon. Jtmea
Any and all iieraona claiming advcrwly the
Ay of heMember. tvA.
Julo-t; MICIIAKf.. T NOLAN. Keelater.
Timber Lund. Act lune 1. iinrt
0. 8. Land Office, The Wallea, Oregon.
Volley la 1im1uj !.... .!..., .
., .. K.wV in.1 iii cwmuiuiiiee ariih
Jj ,rorT, ?rt Art of Congrew of Jime j,
ttji, enlltled, "An act for the aalJof tlmlier.UniK
'vn.i,,.t.t.,e Sr 9'""", Oregon, Nevai'i and
Washington Territory." aa catcuded to ill "he
. .tj piwi(ll I1IC14 111 this
office their awtrnsutenfeiits to-wlt.
ISdward Muruhv.
orThe Dallea, county orww;p, atale of Oregon
aworn atatcinent No A. fipYd'ln thla office 'Slay
ii 1406, for the purchoie of the aejnw ', iiejAw
U, IMa a and 3, arc 30, tpj a, r loe, w 1 1. 4
i errence t.'jln.rwy,
orThe Dallea, county of Waco, atari of Orea-on
worn statement No' J911, filtj May "i jAtor
lliepuici.. ofthe aw a. J C,;,
That thev will offer proofs to almwMhat the
Uudaaougfit are more valuable for the, nuiber
or stone tlirreon than for agricultural purtioaVa
Tiii ti.iiHi. " ""' ie iana oince in
The Ilallea, Oregon, on August 3iat, ijrxS. M-
nn'n,r," "VT "i1 .'V"."rjnr5 w'incaa.yi
Terrence C. Murphy, .. tj. OcWolf ai d wWim
. Mason of Tlic liallcs, Oregon.
Timber Land, Art of June J
I', 8. Land Ofike Lake view Orrgon,
Jaly it, 17.
Notice Is hereby given lhat In compliance with
the provisions oflhe Act of (.ongre. of lime 1
i7. entitled "An art for the aalc ut timlier tauds
in flta af.ta nll'alifnra.a ... ar-a.-... J
--....- -....-.....,,(.,, .nVni .iriMi anal
Washington Territory." s rstrnded to all the
B MM Uad states by act of AugjuM 4. i. the
------ . .- -- . aMa .aaj naafa, .a. .aju, ajaaakaj
tbetr awora statements, to-wlt.
Herman Kaiser
ofrhllipsburgsuic of .Montana, sworn aUle
m.Vl Ji ,,i r tkt ! H"e sw'neK.
nMneK. ae 10, and nwnw sec it. Is lis, r 13
e w m r
ISdward Palmei
of liiillpbug. stale of MonUaa. sworn sUle
lwtNo3i(i,fortheinielaM;ofwKaw'. 11 U
"K eKawf. sec . Ip M a. r i e w m
That they wilt offer trooft to show lhat Ihe
land sought are more valuable for the timber or
stone thereon than for agricultural purposes.
!!h ,h,r ul fc 1 U-ds before
II. C. JtUls. V. H. CemmiKdotier. at hk atec in
HtVf1 Iltraaatl AJ1 La(si.l.u a a. - Ii .!... ..Iiai ..
ThtV tlBttta lallHHl... lf....-i If t .-.-..
SV Wtaw, orwi: Whi NymroMcrr nil
Ch-rlMliovsJ.both if iKnd, OrrsMi; Ww1
l'Alwer, IfrrnwM Ktr. j,hI !7iMUrtck Cv
Kroger, all of J'hMlpatmrv. MonUiw.
lMuas.,1.11 . .. . a
:.'. -TV" j.7.5". "AnK """"i? "
! . 1 j 11"! ' " are reurie.i 10 me
IheircUlm. in thi 1 office on or tefefr the said
lilt glal V ml ranivA ...
jr... - i wvhtuvj, la(vV3.
bmvoij j. M WATSON, Hrghter.
Timber Ajyid,' At of June j, tlj.,
V. OvLand Omce, The Jalle, Off gen,
January , ift.
Vaiilaaa. la a..a... ., m. s.a ... -...a. ....
.. "-" pjaaiww a'"" liaall Ifl VatfnHflCC Wt
J" ' P"vMon oflhe .et of Congre of June X,
iJ. ciititlMl -ah act for the sale of UfnaWr mmft
u la. u aiu kyi.tlL.!. .. ar ... a
.;. . . " " waiMIWtaiMl, WlVlCWfl, nCTSUB B Wl
Waialilaa anH T.ala..d., ..-.. I a aa il.
... ."" -,ia7, aa jta-Ma, m nc
public '.and suita by act of August 4, ilfi,
Cksrlall 1ata.l uii
of lie nd. county of Crook, atale of Oregon, haa
this (Uy filed in Ihta office U aworn Ktalcmriil
No, JJ7I, for the purchase of the uw),' ofeci,
l', to a, r 10 e, wr m.
And will offer (iroof to show that the
And sought Is more valuable for Ha limner or
,-Mone than for sirionllural nurtmsea. and lo
establish his etaim to aabl laml befoie (lie
tjouuty Clerk at I'rliievllle, Oregon, on life till
aaaijr Wl WWJaivr, lyuv.
Henainetaa wiliiesses. Betlle lirlcksou, of
llend, Oregon, and KoUrt I,. McMiirtrcy, or
1'rlnevllle, Oregon.
A tStal S n4 daa... a ' !...!.. .1.. II.
AlafaVt-WiakMa-a-llaavl fat. .1 - .....lull 1.. ilia. .I..I.
claimj in thU office on or Ufwc Uir Mfct 1th
iiayofOctotrri it--6.
WH M!C1IA1.I T. SOUAU. KcitUtcr.
TimWr, Act June j, iSt.
I' 8. Uad Office, Lakencw. Oregon,
Jutv ?, ih4
Notice Is hereby given that in compliance with
Ihe provisions oflhe Act of Congress o June J.
i? entitled. ' An act for the sale ut timbrr Umls
in the stales of California. Oregon. Nevada, and
Washington Territory. " as eatended la all the
publK tand stale by act of August 4, itaM,
tteorge W Muderly
ofPttacville, rnunlyof Crook, stale of Oregon,
haa Ihisdar filed la this otace hu shoth stale
meat No. jim. for the imrahaae of the nSnwu
wKK IM aiKnK m . Iiii 1. r u r m
And will udVi pW to show that Ihe Uad
fwght U more valuable for its limber or sloae.
taan lor agrtcaltural parnoam, and lo
establish hu culm to said had before II C
lOUs. I h. rsimmisstoHer. at hU ofbee at Kriwl.
Oregon, oMlMlarday. Ihe l)lh day of October,
1 1 a- lit aai as & s .. la..ui. Ill aa j. ..
eflWUw, Orrxm. HKti V llitinun (
J,.ftf.rll,r Otmwi jon k. IUkIW mf Jw
Atiu atul sat I ....... J.ii.. .1
I 'l. i "a IT'V". JMIiWIHftT HiriiY
the -bovfH.f.crl! UfnU arc reiuMtcl (o
Bla. Iluiaala a.. 1 .. at. I. . at -".. .
lilh day of October, f.
aie-ou J. N. WATUON, Kegltter
Weparlmintof the Interior.
V. 8. Land Office, The Dallea, Orrgbu.
July 3, ly5.
.Votlcc Is hereby given that Chartea A. Kpjlu
hour, of ileild, Oregon, bu filed notice of hla In
tention to make final comiuiiUtlon proof in
"Pffrt ofhlsclolin. vl: II I.. No. 14.W0 made
April jS, ij&s, for the uw, sec ij, tp 17 a, rtie,
..An,l.i"'f ' ,'',l, P.roor wl" ' l"'1' 'fure H. I'.
InllS. IT tl f,ltl.t.l.l....a. a t.i. A,n. 1.. . 1
"-.--.. ...-...,...-a,i,iii,,ani. Ull!vt; III I1C1IU,
Oregon, ou nepteinber nth, iciA.
,, ....... mc louowmg ( 10 prove
III. rlltlfmiltia ........ .1 . I.' . . -.
i' i . V , "VM" "lfii mm t-iiiivatiioii
o(.saldland,vlX r J
wniiaiu v. mid toUrt A. J'uell, ol
Tm."lorre,0i''Voh" !?. of Water. Orcion,
nnd Carlyle 0. Trfplctl.of Jet,d, Oregon.
-.- IS
Timber Land, Act June J, it,
V 8. Mnd Office. The Ihillee, Oregon.
, Jane J, io6-
, ""i Hereaygiveii inai in compliance wIlHJ
tlia l a ....1 . I n.i . r . ..V a - .u-&n
.... anvTaaaama a in Ml IWIMiraa .a June J, m
....ara. aa.a.araa .. t - aaita; Iiitlttar lataHt. 1H
tlaa. aula la. i.f ..lll. a-. a. a .
"" 7-'a aa. vaflHaTNW, tIVSa, nrVSHSO SBM
WaahingUiH Tariltory, as extandatl Ui all the
public laud stairs by act of August 4, iyi.
TbaVUUa W TfltaUll
.H."'l'u."ty,fCfo0,c-,H' of Oregon, has
this day filed Ih this office bU aworn stalemrnl
NO. JaTja for the DUtCHJMe Of Ihe eVallwtl' aaar n
Ip 19 a. r ipe. wm
And will offer prof lo show that the Und
SaaUaflll t. mwlHMm aaluaUa fua la. Il.l.- ... -.....
a...- " a.a. - .-..aa-a-a IW, laIITIa1M aitC
than foi agricullHral uuruosea, and In tatablish
bis cut Iim to imW lam) before II. C. I0IU, f. 8.
ComiHtasioHrr. at hu office In lieud, Oragou, on
the lath day of October. I,.
lie names as witnesses Josenh N. Hunter.
Michael J Morrison, Carlyle C. trlnlell. fuhu
Zachartah atrostd
uevUlr, eswnlyaf Crjwk, stole of Otegoa.
4 atalrmenl No 11M. ftt Ihe paiaae of Ihe
Ii. awKa-rK. ee 1. Ip it s, r 4 e w m.
Itlosa, Aifdle M. Trlnlett. all
AllVBIul all ttaama... al....l.... ..I ,.. at.
.a" -"a - -taai -llllll( HUVTISeiV tIC
atiove-tl-scrlhetl .lauds are rtiic.Ul iu illc
their claims In thla office en or befareaald lilh
day ol October, 191S.
alo-nit M.CIIAHLT. NOLAN. Hrglsler.
Timber Land Art June) i-a
I" 8. I .and Offi.e, IjiVrMrw
July '
Notlee Is hertliy given lhat in eamplisiu-e with
Ihe f vislous uflhe Act of voaglrw t,f '.iMr .
is- rnlllM "An act for the sale oi limUr Isnds
iHlheMalnofCallfiitNU. Orrgon, Nrsla sml
VVsshlHgtxm T-tttlmy. as ralratlrd to all Ih.
public and stales by art ui Auaast 4 1S1 Ih.
fullowtag-iwiaed petsoaa have gird im this omr
their sworn statrtaenls. lo-wil
It r.a.l.. I..II
aa . ajaji mil
of r.reenvitle.Vt twfclagtoti nmnly. slate of orrgon
aan at.irweaii n. uj. aw lae pMreaa. of
IheawKaeK.HMnwK. swCnvK-tt4. Ip 11 s,
r ije, w m
of II iuevitl
laVhll L Balls
of UidUw. Crswk rsmnly. Male of Oregon, sworn
ataltmesil No ji jj. for Ihe purchase of the el.
ej(. sw), neH, seKnwi;. sec 4. tp ns. r 1 r wm.
Jennie I1 Hill
flvf I -taaaititvilfa asataaUtilu af 11'- .1.1.. a .. m
I lasuat asvAett lslau,a.i awt .... - .
I. 1 I ""in ift. rr inc put'
w m 3
Til I lias, tswllt a.(T aajr.a. .1 .a .. ..
...... ,,.a., ,,, aM re-.r-aj aj IMWTW Ull IHC
UihU MMghl lire H.KC- vuluabtr for k tmfer or
f lniaU I.' tsl ltvMitaalawaaiAju.a. .1 1. 1 . -tf -a V. a '
1 - "nmr"i-7nn , m nn ni7M UMCC
of iMMtai html. Crook CotiHly, (HticTw
"""-.' " faaaaas- art tHetri, Wf
They nme as wilaesM II Taylor Hill of
ll.aaaaiHalla. Il.aiuu. L.a L. aia a ...
, V "" ' a' '" a-afaiB IBSfaaaaB f ITIUC
ville. Orrgon, John C Mile and I'. II Marias.,
?"". """ w. uisgvn, ami aimii M. Mealea of
Head. Oitgon.
!i 1 TT 1 !!, S""" e irsjuosieil Iu lie
IPelr cuius Iu this office on or Uforr ibeaaW
XlnUy of October, lyo..
'" J N Vt-AlsMIN. Keglster
tKerinalral iksiUsu 1...K-...
"tr-taiy r sstatv
"t.ury ,.( Trraeury
eervtaiy of later tor
Jecrrtary of War . ..
iemrlat aaf M.a-.
Urtrtaiv of Comawrc
AllaWavaaf - -
tetay of.t irtcsslM.
u r u. 1
leli. M nti.w
K A Milch...
W II la'.
. I 1 hnastasM
Vtctue II. M.u. 1
I) II Cml.U 1
James Wibs n
tr"r aaata p 1. la,,,,,,,
T!? iHMfSMsSt.. ..j. 11, A4-rm...
lUlrv .-J'"t.'"."r'a.:.,".,, - J K Whlltwy
twy ami iiawi Catsa 1 H. .,,
V. a. as-i-Li. . "" '""
v. as, .niars..,a,. .- J
a-, .aaaHSH ...-a,.... .-.,,
HuiHeme Jdga.
C. W. I'altou
Ntairer llHtusn
N. U'lUUmsun
C. II. W'alveHon
K.I. He.
I'. A. M001
ai.vit.vTi! juitscwf. iimMicr
Alias? ney...
. W. rleadahaw
...I'tauk Mtneftr
Timber Mud, Act June j il;,
V. K Mnd Office, The Ihtllfs.oiegon,
Notice Is hereby given that In rompiUncc with
lhejKvilti4(riheArlnfCaMgr-s of Juuc 1
irsg, enlllls-l "An act for the wleof limber lands
Im Ihe states of California, OreuoN. Nevada, aad
Was ilnglun Territory," aa eafcHdeil Iu all llir
taUlallC UlMl Slslaai law Aaat i.r A. ,....-. . .a-.- !i"
I ..' . - .a a f.n V, ,.uNaa. a. aaa.
ioinwiMgiuHil-roiisluvtHi July v !,
t!1S!&ZTlZk'ZT o't borrow Th?l.u.k.,in from your'
1 11-a.r MJ0U4-UX. x. HoiVaUf, &cfKcr. J 1-tJi.liboi gub.cril). for it.
Timber Laud, Act ol June j, 1878,
V. 8. Land Office, The Dalles, Oregon,
. August 7, 1906,
Wfice la hereby given that in compliance with
the fcrovtilniis ot the Act of Congress of June j,
;, entlUetl "An act for the aole of timber lamls
In. be statee of California, Oregon. NeefiUf, and
waaMnglon Terrllory," aa extended id all the
put lie IjiiiI slates by act of August 4, io.,
KM M VIM,.,!
of lUiid, County of Crook, stale of Orer.on, has
IllU tldO ril-,l ll. aaflt-a. a.-,. a.. .Il ..-..
--- j "... aw,,,. a. .a ata.M.a .lailliiaill
N 3j, for the purchase of the licK rec 7, Ip 19
a, r i e, wm " " y
A ...I alll aT . .-.., a -f .!.. .1 A
a,.... -ft. 1 uii.i tUfj rj BIlilW 11111. .11C IUUU
ovgllt la more valuable for Ita liber or
tour than for agricultural purpose, and to
establish his claim lo aaid laud before II. C.
..His. If. 8. Cominlssouer, at hla office In Jlcnd,
Otcgbu, on the Dili day of November, 1901.,
...'''"."" " wllncea: Waller 8. Nlclrol,
HtrhSt.l It Vanah.H la.t... all.-...... tf -.. I.
.: .1 " . ""iiwiii jaa.ti, ma.iuvit., laiilia
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That Ihey will offer proofs lo show IfVul the
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mo-oil MJCHAKL T. I.0LXN.Hegliler.
Wail ted.
To contract to deliver 750,000
feet of logs, to commence Mny 1st.
Hawkins Ukos.,
, Subscrlpe for THE HULLl'tlN Aldtn.
aud study its lfrltratIoucl.Minrtmpni 1
8. 8. Slearu.
Tltlt C0IIKTH.
!-.1aI"iM!J tH"!i!",, MninUy Iii each month,
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