The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 29, 1906, Image 8

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mmitt i am
Sw3. V"
di the Deschutes River in Western Part of Croojc
The Townsite of BEND
County, Oregon.
Center of the new Irrigation Development covering
At Gateway to
the Great
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s jLw L'a k . y n: a xx
1"Bal rtV y7V A; V -V "V "V' X A. W . -Y "S. "VCVIv. . . . A
h r;v wwAv C"i-x
U .X-bJw-x. X-"XX ,y"X V X X "X. W V"X. -x . X -
M f --X "Vy "X. "X. X V "XiXX'XX. v-x." M M. vX "XV 9 X. " f f X -r- tfn' W-y
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H X. X. Y 2VX ATaVAY Xv x. X.-V- a xv w i I I i I I I I -J
if sfX A"yyXftxx K)7Ar xni j f s. j
V X. "Xv X."" f J. X. X X X. ' "X . X. M - V , " 'fcw J 5 1 J r 11 i ii i ! ii i ii
1 X x. xv Xr'xy - - D-x 4 '' ' ' 1 iLJ-
iWxr LnJ, Act Juut J. 17
V. 6. tnd OtBct, Tit DUe. Orr$c,
Mitch mJ V
he ,wt.len of the t f "P.jSifSLft
ItM I n Wte by net of At(vt . l.
Sctl tyon.
ofnend Hfctr Creek. te of Orewi. h
No. HA fr h rbeiiH b!.w
AsdwiUotMr pitJoMo Sw lh 0 UbjI
htUertoJe it. ttatatr or e
Ju cU.m l. W Und lAre tbr Colr k t
rnnenHf.Orrton.ontbelJtbyofJuly. .
UcBUurBiittica U.B.OUe.on-iJtaw.
Orrmn. K. W Cir. I. D TufTitr and Mry B.
un. Ml of d. Orrisoa.
Any and all jrMn.clalIn itawlllje
oUt-JcCTtbCTl land, air mjtttd to file tarlr
rUim in thl office oa or ttfcre uW ltth day o
jiTt".. MIOIAK&T NOUAN. RtfUter.
Timber Land, Acr June j, jtiS.
V. S. Land Of&ce, The DaUea, OfTfoa,
March . tot.
Notice U hereby idrea thatln complUnee wHh
the prorialon oT the act of Coor.Tor Jbbcj.
iS7!cBtUled -An act fee the aale of tlmbeeUBd
WaahlnitoB Territory." a eateaded to an the
puMlc UBd auteaby act or Anrut4, l,
Arthur W. Ooatint.
ofThe DaUea. county of oo. alate of Ottcoo.
haathtadaynlrdinthtaofSce hla. aworn afale
meat No. .f-e the purchaae of the aw V of
ec 14. tp W a, r to e, w m.
And will offer proof to ahow that the Und
aoufhtl.niore raloahle fcjr U tfanber or atjae
thaafirarTicultaral party, and toe. tabHah
hi claim to aald land befire the KefiMer
aodKtcef-ratTbeDaUc,Oreton.on the mh
day oT Auc(. !
He BBe a wilneaae Frank K. RoatiBE.
vrilltamO. Maaon. Michael O'Connor, aad 1.
U leVoU". allofThe Italic. Orejon
Any and all penon cUlmlnr adrerjely the
abovr-deicribcd Unda arc requcted to file their
claunatnthUotncroo or txfureaaid ihdayol
Aurutt. lygo
jVaio MICUAUL r. NOLAN. Recirter.
Timber Land, Act of June J. 1S7S.
C 8, Lad Office, Lakeriew. Oretou.
MaysS, luo.
Notice I hereby f iren lhal In compliance with
theirorirfouoflleactor Confieja of June 1.
isya. cuUtlcd " Au act for the aale of limber land;
In tbe.Ulra of California, litcjon. Neeada and
Waihlustoa territory ," a eatended to all the
puUiclaudaUleabyact of Auua 4. 'V,ne
fjltowinx pern lave filed ia thi offlce their
aworu autcmenta, to wit.
Gcofce V Couch,
of Mldlaw. county oi Crook, atate of Oregon.
woruaxatcmeutNo. jwi, for the jwrchaw of
lhewje.ecs.tpna,rt6e w m.
Othorne Kdward,
oTHcnd, county of Crook, atate ofOregon, .worn
Hatriuent No. Jioi. for thewrha of the awjj
uw4 eii.arfneK.c54'BwX aeoo, tp , r
'Vital tlhey will oflf r proof to how that the Uad
wight U more -alaalJe for It timber "atone
than for agricultural P"yoa, nJ -mi" i?
iheir claim to aaid land before II. C Mil. U . at hl.officUl place oTIjane.t
HBd, Crook county. Oregon, on Wcdncaoay,
Aujrual 15. lo o.. it M.rion.
?& . Daytoa. aad C,or W Fickle of
SaS'SSTOtVtrEM. ail orScnd-Oreio-
Abv irnd Ml perUn cUimlag adverjeiy aay of
the abore land are reiueted to Blclhclr claim
uthUoo7orefore the aald 15th day ol
Augtuu, fjoo, AyATSQK.Ktalaler
A Afchi Ay s,L yf TvL - , :-
Mr S5sJ -Ji 4lj " f"j " i ,
'" it iM Xr t X. X. X 'AsJC X -vX.jbJ3. ! r1,. I .. .. .-. ' 1 .. j i . m .1
IHrfmn,t q(the Inttriqf.
t. S. Land Q(lce. The Dalle. Ortjon.
, May it. lo6.
Natiee it herrtiy girta that the Mlowinc aansed
xttler hai filed Bottee oi-hn Intention to nuVe
fisal tnoof In uppt of hlcUir. and that aaid
K oof will be nade txfore te County Clerk, at
tactile, Orcrwv, a Jane if, ijc, nl;
DH4I V. 1'atthlne.
torMara.Orrrao,ou H. K. No. 4M. fw the w.S
r X aad w S bw K.aecil. tpija. T lae, w i.
He Bant the tellowinr wilaeueato erere hla
cm'tiBBeaa ftttjeaee upon aod cultlrMJon ot
aak! taad. Ha.
Saawel uiekl. it V Winter. HetbrrtOUtier
Bad Thoaua ArnaM.aH otSllft. Ocrjc.
Wll-jonell MICHABI.T. NOLANi KegUter.
Department of tV Vilcriot.
V- S. Land Of&ce, The Dalles, Ocetoa.
May it, A.
Na(lce li hereby aim that the foUowinr-named
settler ha filed notice of hi, intention to make
final proof la auprxut ofjbfvcaiB. and that aaid
Woof will be made before the County Clerk, at
tlTincvflle, Orrrou. on Jane 9, yo6, tu
Jeaae V. Winter,
ol Sifter. Orerea, oa II K No &04, far the Lot
I. Be X n X and a ) bc X, arc !. tp 1 a, r 11
e, w m.
He name the foHowiar wilncMe to crore hi
csbUbuoui reklcncc upon and cultlntleo of aaid
toad. rU.
D. W. Harthlnc. Samuel Wieht. Deaa Cyru
aad Harrey Cyrua, all bfMtter. Orrgua.
Desert Laud Viaal Proof.
I' S. Land OfHcc. The Dalle, OregoB,
May 4.i".
Notice U hereby gtren that Reorge W Mlmer,
uififf at lmtrv Crssirr of Tumalo. Oreeoa.
ha hied aoliceef intmlkuj to make proof oa hit
draert-laad claim No. jar, lor the aMaw.awJi
new aadBwUMC.aecn. tp6a, r It e. w m,
befcre the County Clerk, at iTinerilte. Oregon,
en the I :th day of July, tyui.
He man the roUowiag wltueaaesto prore the
cotxnlttr irriratioa and reclamation of aaid land
laseph N Hunter, of Bead. Oregoa, Charles,
11. iipaue a. Taernwafcl icoaoa, anu cnarteai..
1mer. all of Tumalo, Oregon.
Timber Land, Act Jane J. tl;.
V. S. Land OSce, The Dalle. Oregon,
April 11, 190&
Notice U hereby giren lhal la compliance with
the proriioo olthe Act of Cougreaa of June 1,
iStS, entitled. "An act for the aale ol timber land
in the atate of California. Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," a eatended to alt the
public Und state by Act or Augutt 4. l9,
Kirk Whitcd,
of Redmond, county of Crook, state of Oregon,
has thl uay Bicn in inia omce ais .worn siiie
meut No. i6. for the purchase or the e.Siwy
audwhsc)iofstciv, Iptja, nje, w in.
And wltl offer proof to show that the Und
sought is more valuable for it limber or atone
than for agricultural purpose, and to
nishlUh hi claim to aatd land before the
Count Clerk at rriuenUc, Oregon, on the loth
day of August, 1000.
He name a witaesse. Henry K. Tlnttey,
Kugene C rark. Meade K. Landr. Frank ft.
Morrill and Frank GUM, all of Kedmcnd, Ore
Any and aU persona claiming adversely
the above-described Und arc relocated to
tie their claim in thU office oa or before the said
10th day of August, igoi.
U1C1LUU. T. NOLAN. RrtfHcr
PrprUncnt,of,tlir Intetjor,
V 8. Land Office. The V,5" Oregon.
May 11, 1906,
Notice U hereby riven that the Coltewlne-nanm!
ettlcr ha lied notice of hi intention to make
final proof in aupporl of hi claim, and that said
prooCwIH be tsaJe beVre the County Clerk, at
rrinenne. uregoa, on June w 17 hi
Samwel Wkal.
f Sitters, Orrgea. on. II. K. No. lofA tor the iw
X arc s tp J a, r ! e. w a.
He namesthc inUowlnr wltnessc to prove hi
eantinaouit residence upon and cultivation of
uiu una. na.
lir0eri i.iawr. i. u. r.itn.u. jvu vjihi
nd Harvey C)tua. all of miners, Oregon,
mi-juncij MICHAF.L T- NOLAN, KegUtrr.
Herbert Rbsrr. I. W. Fstthlnr. Dean Cyru
Timber Land. Aof Jane 3, l.
V. 8. t?4 QSee The Dalle, Oregon,
May 11. 1 too.
Notice I hereby given that In rempUance with
the provisions olthe AM ol Congtesa of Jane 1.
ilrs, entitled "An set for Ibe sale o) timber Und
in the stale of California, Oregon. Nctada and
Washington Territory," as eatended 10 all the
public Und Mates by act or August 4, u. the
following-named person hare, an Apnl 14.
too, filed In thi office their wm rir)pcBU,
Walters. Nlchot,
of Bead. County of Crook, Slalr of Oregon, iwom
Utrmenl No. v9, for the purchase of the a K
nw Jf.secjt, H w y.ec9, lpi. r He, wm.
Dora A. NUhot,
of Mend, County of Crook, State of Oregon, sworn
statement No. iM, for the purchase of the Be V
sec ji, tp is s, r 11 c, w m,
Thst they will offer proof to show that the
Unds sought arc mere valuable for the tlmlier or
tone thereon than for agricultural purposes,
and to etlabllth their cUimsro aaid land before
II C Hill. V. A. Ceromtwioncr. al hU efnee in
Uend, Oregon, on July 17, un6.
They name the following witnesses John
Mow. of bitter. Oregon. Joseph N. Hunter,
Frank ilutlerworth. Walter S. Nicbol, Dora A.
Nichol and K. II. Mutilg, ftfUend, Oregon.
Any and aU iirrsonsdalmlnc adversely any o.
the abovc-dcKtihcd Und arc requeued to file
their claims In IhU office on or before the said
Ijth day o July, 1906.
mil-July ij MICIIAHL T. NOLAN, KegUler.
I'nlted Slate Land Office, The Dalles, Oregon,
May it , 1006.
A sufficient contest affidavit having been filed
In thU office by Oliver Thorbjornson contestant,
agairut homestead entry No. 11545. made Oc
tober 6, loot, for seSi.w, arc i. nc) UWJ4.
wliuetf, secJ7. tp e, w m. by Carl
AaelFrtt' which il I alleged
that said Carl Axel elterson bss wholly aband
oned said tract, lhal he has changed hi resi
dence therefrom for more than six month Ut
putt, that said tract Is not settled upou aad
cultivated by aald party a required by Uw;
that said alleged absence was not due to hU
employment in the army, navy or marine
curpaoflhc I'ntted Mate In lime or war. said
bsnles srr hrrrli notified to aDDear. rrsuond
and offer evidence touching said allegation at !
10 ociocK a m ou juiy 7, igoo. ncuic 11 .
Kills al' H Comiuissioaer. at hit office In llead,
Oregoa. and that final hearing will be held at
la o clock am on July 14, Iyu6,lforc Ibe Keg
Uler aud Receiver at the United Mates Lnd
Office in The Dalles, Oregon.
The said contesUnl having. In a proper affida
vit, filed May It, loufi, act forth fart which
bow that alter due diligence persons! service of
this aotlce cannot be made. It U hereby ordered
and directed that aach notice be xivca by due
aad proper publication.
jlliua Buimiii, a m.v.-ittnmci.
t J 4 4 i 7
14 ta of
j ;
( At IX t f t
M ft' ' ft1" t I mi 1 1 i I
Timber Land, Act June J, il?t,
V. 8. Land Office, The Dalle, Oregon
March I J. i'i.
Notice I hereby giren that In tentplMKce with
the of the Act of Cengrc.. ol June J.
i7, entitled "An art lor the sale of tlmlvr UaU
In the state of CallforaM, Orrgon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory ' ai eatrndnl to all the
puMk Uad atate by act of August 4. i,
fUmuel L Clark,
ofltend. County of Crook, Kufc or Oregon, ha
thUday fed In tkUufBt-e M swoch statrment
No. 14.1. for the purchase of the w U w y, sec
17. se ft se Jf. ec ll and nw X bw ofsec. tp
19 a, r ije, w m,
Ami will offer proof to thew that the Und
sought is more valuable for Its Urn tier or itsne
than for agricultural purpose, and Is estsbUih
his eUlm to said land before II. C. MtU, U. h. hi office In liend, Oregon, on
the 17th day of July, 1906,
le name a witnesses Archie Faille, Michel
Morrison, Charles Iloyd and John Meld), all of
Bend, Oregon
Any and all person 1 claiming adversely the
above-described land are requested to file I heir
clalmi in thl office on or before said 17th day of
July. 1006.
roarHu MICHAHLT. NOLAN. RrgUter.
Timber Ijnd, Act June J, it?,
17. 8. Land Office. The Dalles, Oregon,
March tth, lyri.
Notice it hereby given that In compliance with
the prevision efltic Actof Congress of June y
it. entilled ''An act for the sale of llmUr Und
In thrStse of California, Oregon. NcvaU. aud
WMhlagtan Territory," a rilemted to all the
l'ubitc Land Mate by act of August 4, itai,
Frank Class,
of Redmond, county of Crook, state of Oregon,
has this day filed In thi office hU sworn state
ment No mi. for the purchase of the ae I4 o
sec. 10. tp m a, r 1) e, w ra.
And will offer proof to show that the Is ml
sought I more valuable ftw Ita timber or Menr
than for agricultural purpose, and to otaltllih
hU eUlm 10 aald land before the County Clerk at
ITIuevflle, Oregon, oa the nth day of July. lyA
He name a wilnese: John Mom. of fvlMrrs,
Oregon, aud W II. Maati, t. w II HHey and
Charie btanborougb.alt of Mend, Oregon.
An v .nit all firwina rf.lmlMw .Hn.ulu II,.
above-dcscrlled land are rrquoted to file their
eUlm in thi office on or before aaid nth. day ol
July, vrA. MICIIAHI, T. NOLAN, KegiUcr.
I' 8. Land Office The Dalle, Oregoa,
May 10 , 1906,
A officleut contest affidavit having been filed
in thi office by Wtnficld C. Griffin, contestant,
agaiut homestead entry No. IJJja. made Feb
ruary rj. lyi, for the wJnwK, clt'iiwif. awf
ntii, sec ii, tp It , r lie. w m, by J oil u II
Kheridan. Contestee. in which It is alleged that
aaid John H hhertdan ha wholly abandoned
aald tract for more than six month last past
that he ha not cultivated or Improved atd tiact
required by Uw lht he ha not settled upon
said tract, thai said alleged absence was not
due to hl employment in the army, navy or
marine corps olthe lulled Mate iu Ibe lime of
war, aald parties are hereby notified to apiear,
respond and offer evidence touch log aaidalle-
Einon ai 10 ocioca a m. ou juuc 15. lux,
efore II C Hllii, al" S Cornmlwlonrr. al hi
officrln Beud. Oregon, aud that Dual bearing
will lie held al 10 o'clock a. m. ou June
u, ioj6. before the RrgUter and Hecclrerat the
United Matealand office at The Dalle. Oregon
The aaid contesUnt having, in a proper affi
davit, filed .May 1, Iyu6, forth facta which
show after due diligence personal service of this
notice can not be made, il it hereby ordered and
directed lhal aoch notice be gtveu by dac aad
proper publication.
ISUHU MiCiLUtt, X. VOlMt, EteJaUx.
, VE.l
- .
J f J f
w I 1 If
it i t t 7
A V C.
Z J 4 S i
i. 9 1 t 7
1 ' '
t a t t 7
I Z i t
' j f T 7
I 111
Timber Lacd, Art June j, ll?t.
U. B. Land Office. The Dalle, Otegon.
Ftbfuary , 10.4.
Netke I hereby given thai In cempUaHCc with
the provision, olthe Aft of Cengrrs of June j.
lT, entitled "An act for the aak of timber UmU
In the states of CaHfornta. Orvgen. Nevada, aud
Washington Territory," at rttesuted 1st ail I he
public land sUt by Alt of August 4, lr.
Jesse Iturtlf,
of llend. county or Cffok, Mate of Orrgoa has
IhU day filed la thi office hi sworn statement
No. stay, for the purchase af the KkK of sec
14, tp tsi, r e, w m
And will offer proof ta show that the Und
suught 1 mere valuable for It timber or stone
than fot agrMultnral purpfes, ami to establish
his claim to said land before the County Clerk,
at ITincvtllr, Otegon, on the lyth day or July.
He name at witnesses Gtlcb C. MeaMlt. Jahn
II. IMwards, Jahn N litlwaids, aud WflHam )W
wardi. allsf htstrrs. Orrgon.
Any and alt person claiming adversely the
aMve described lands are requested to Ale their
UliHi In this office en or before the aald iih
iniHulvfi MICIIAHI. T. NOLAN, Register.
Tlmlier Land, Art June J, lift,
V. 8. Land Office, The Italic, Orrgon,
March It. 1900.
Notice Uherelivvivrs Ihst In cnMitJuttM. teiib
the pruvtsloH ol Ihe act of congress ol June J. M
vniiifn. ah set 1st inr sie oi limner laniii in
the state of CaHfornU, Oregon, Nctada and
Washington Territory." as extended la all Ibe
public laud state by act of August 4, isyl
Archie rattle,
ernend. County of Crook. Slate of Orrgon. ha
thl day filed In thl office hi Hern statement
No. jijj. for the purchase of the se V of s j, p
II t. r 1 e, w ru. r
And will offer proof to show that the land
sought U more valuable for 111 timber or slime
than foi agricultural purposes, and lo establish
his claim to aald Und before II C 1011s, V. 8.
Commissioner, at hit office In liend, Oregon, au
Ihe 17th 4y of July, iyn6.
He name a witnesses. Kauiurl II. cUik.
Mkhel Morrison. Charlra Usyd and JohH Mrtdl
all of neiid, Orrgon.
Any and all person claiming adversely the
abovr-descrlbcd land are requested iu 4l
their claim in Ihls office sri or Ufoic said Ulli
day ol July, iuo.
niavi.(ii HICIIAULT. NOLAN Kcglsltr.
Timber It-dJ, Act June j, iljS.
U. 8. Laud Office, The Dalle, (iiegon,
April t, louo.
VyJ Iaa I at tiarakii alsia, L4 I u . . . . . , . .
.-..... ........ a,,,i iii.i in cwnipiianrc wiwi
Ihe provision of the Act of Congress of June 1
lift . entitled. "An iac for thesale of llmberlanu.
In Hi. .1.1. aII-HI...1. ,, ... .
;r. i . . X. , ' '" "'vgwii, ,-tcvaiia, anil
Usihlli.lnn T.rrlfiirw . .... Il .. -,. ..
public Und stales by Act of August 4, ityi.
Harry It. Northup,
f Portland, cuunly or Multnomah, .tale orOie
gon, hat thl day filed in Ihls office hlttnorii
ralaltatnaoi Vrt BiU- fTnas Ilia. a... ..a. .. .
3Dj4, ci5. I.oui, 1, jtinij, jvee 19, ihJ UH
1 at tilt tVa-a v- - a n - . a, . ... " "
Allll avlll AtVara. Vta-Aisf ,. t. al .. .
---- " w..i t"i w -iiww in 1 mc
lattiil BUallgfht In Innra B-.tita.t.ta. f..m ta .....a
nl!l-j . . ,.?NU 10""" negistel
aad Receiver, at The Dalle. Oregon, ou the iMh
liah Is I at tains n al.l U.l 1 ar ... ...
,!e-D?mla ?: Homer Augel, For.
orrortUnd.Urtson; A. C r,uc miU Mit A
7r";";,r',T'.i; "?i n u tonnor and
L.C DcWoir, of The Dalle, Orrgou.
In. .nd .11 ..sau ..1. l .
..--j- - - m"i- iwwioi aurerscly
the above Unda arc requested to file their cUima
. ,M- .we wh we wviorc inc aaui tn uay ol
Juoe, Ijoj,
S" MirMK-.T.MOlJLM.aU4ur. :
Town has Grown entirely in the jw.nt yMr, the jmnt
office tin thin only from April 3, :o..
Haul Iims cxctllcut public Kltooln
ami complete public water works.
The Pilot Butte
Development Co.
Proprietor Townsite
Timber Land Art June j 17!
I'. 8 Land Office, Lakevtcw. Ofegoti,
April r. lyV
Notice U hereby given that In romptwnrc with
ir tiiMMriiibrik s.4 ..i , ....:
i:. enlliled An set fur the safe ollwlwUiJ.
,.M.,h,'0l'llfoU tMeaosi. KersiU ,!
sis .. .. 1. ; - t
Trtliey as fsleded ta aU Ibe
jWw Utsd Male he art o I Auntst t, I as Ihe
Mtowtag aasaed iwtswt have filed Iu UWs otc
their urum Mtwia4t. lswK.
HesKge W FHse.
of I..WI.W. CouMjr s-f Crook. Male oT Oregon,
warn Malesaeat t. hi. for the bW J
the e H ne X. sc m. nw aw K m u. tw If sw
U k M. if ms. rite, wmi v
Allrnl T Vaakum.
Malerueul No wA, for the purchase tiflhe ae 1
y k. . e .w m. . Tc v . .,,). iV ;, i
That ther will affer proofs to mw that Ihe
lands sought air mote valuable f k the llmUr or
?i,J.,tV.,r'.lJ.,f"il fr wllaf
?lr?uW'.,'.hJh.',rrt;,H lodU2TUfore II
. IBUt. I H lommlMtMrr. at his olneisl tdac
ofbus4us.atHeiHl truak Csu,v. t,fg. en
Ts,l.r,ih,,,hdayofJuly.iViJC' ",""'
They name as Hmh F. II Msilan sti.l
5IJWngofl..blUw.J F Mioud aaVrAllVi
Heal, of fiend oieriw o W Itekel. Ihitaw
Oregon, ami AlftedT Voakum. Jtotioiiwl
."J '." 'r.f?"f sialmlHg a.lvrtly any a
lilrri.:7;.T, sna ' isie.i t n e
!r.i?-I?'i',i,'b.t?5m " M "Mr IhesaM
7th day f Jaly, raw-,
" Ji j
N WATSON. Register,
Tlwbtr Ul. Act Jnn- j. 1(74
U. 8. Mad OAVe. The lulls., Or,,.,
., , !-' . tv.
iVPiiili'..8r,h' A? "K CaBgreJ af June C
lunr . Lkf :iBJC.f ,,W ""nimbrVlamfi
IM the state. f CaBfo.01. Orvgwti. Nevada, ami
Washington TeiiMary." a eaiWrsI ta all lis
trnblk land stale, by Act .f AugSsl , ,Z 'M
I'ladT li..i.i.
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Timber Land, Act Juuc J. Itjl
V 8, Mud Office. The Dalle, Oregon,
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