The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 08, 1906, Image 7

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When the
Hair Falls
Then it's time to net! No time
to study, to read, to experi
ment! You want to save your
hair, and save It quickly, too!
So make up your mind this
very minute that If your hnlr
ever comes out you will use
Aycr's Hnlr Vigor. It makes
the scalp healthy. The hair
stays In. It cannot do any
thing else. It's nature's way.
Tha bait kind of a taitlmontal
"olit lor oyer alxty year."
Ut iiU, Ajmt Uo.. I.OWJII, MM.
Ai.w Mananaiavara i
CSUUtr PtCT0il.
Nrll )innrlantlla,
' Mr. Klili'itcr lind made hi tint pub
5llc itiM-ch. Ill eublrct wm eood- the
lulijiiltlr of ludmitrlal economy mid
he hoped hi trontmotit had been ade
quate. Hi wa nut otiro. Ho waited
for III wlfo'a verdict, but alio wo
itrnngi'ly silent.
Kite linil listened to Mm from the gal-
ilrry of tlm town Unit, anil lie bail Jintf-
frxHn.lnl her to inert blm nt the door
afterward, nnit to injr, a aoon a they
were out of hearing, "Ob, It wa simply
great, Kddyl" Hut they were half-way
Ifiinc, nu J alio bnd aald nothing of the
"Well," be began, awkwardly, wbrn
he could Ix-nr It no longer, "wbnt did
Pyou think of my etochr
"What you inlil wn all r Ik lit," the
answered, with guarded enthusiasm.
E'llut It seeinod to me ynu didn't make
the inoit of your opportunllle,"
"Opiwrlutilllc!" rrpcted Mr. Hide-
iner. "What ao you mean, Mnej-
"Why." Mr. Hldener replied, "you
hnd ever mnny chance to alt down
before you did."
Mr, lllondlne My late husband wa
gjcahnis to the last.
Mr. Neighbor Indeed I
Mr. lllondlne-j-Yes. Juit before he
died be rnjurstsd m not to wear
itiotirnlng for htm and be knew I look-
fid better la black than anything elae.
Dalatllir Ka ?.
Tbe author had been dragged faint-
ftng from a crowd of eboppere.
"Almost Ilk my last book," he aour-
Inured, recovering bla muii,
Tb llateners, being of delicate per
eviitloa. knew then that tha hook hart
'fallen dead from tbe pre, Philadel
phia Public Ledger.
'H(IWAIII) r. lllinoN -A.uf.r nd
tl l.uillr, ColorMu Hpwlm.a ilr OoM.
mi.r. Wad. II i (laid. hll. r.Iiei (laid. Mei XI no of
OiirMI Mllln ..lp 4
Alll prim II. I mbi ud
niffWIlfl MMICII.O.
Woaal luok. lulxnili Na
It It midc or Die but
rtatcmk in fclKkorjtlow.
fullr oiAJMtc4, ui o(4 j
r ciiUt Jc!cr cicneKcrc.
n co.
Cortland Trade Directory
jJNimti and Addrc.Mi In I'txlland el Uk
MKlallv rirmt,
las ? -
rilOII) MLI'l'I.IKM) Ko,t., rt..lo.n ndllnl
11Idi will rur pclr.a. Woudard, I'larka A Va.
MAIIO I.ANTKIINH- Wltl.r7,a,l,oHI"oi
nlwt prlwt ou Ijinl.ipi and Mlld.a.
KLAMT1U IIDKlKllVlNuriporiart, llrc.. Knllto
Illl fit. Ll.iikai Woodard, Clalka,
.UUIIHKH of all kind, far ! at rtawualila
tmptWti. luqulr HI Kruui HL
TMUHHKH tul on approval! wa (uarantaa 01 la Woodanl.Clarka AUo.
AHTiril'lAI, KYKH rrjr .had. and thapai aa- ..ot tu appro all Woodard, Cltika Vo
VMKAM NKI'AllATOItM-w'i tutranlM tha U.K.
lali.paralor Iota Ilia batt. Wrlla lor rM catalog.
fliUnlweod Co., rmh and Oak,
MKN'aCIA)TUINUlluBuia A r.ail.toa. aal
tall AIIT.d Dtaiamia A to.', coiract clotuaa
jlhlng la m.a'a rurnlihlaji
Marrlton and
itMtt. oppo.ii. potiomo.
MUI.TUY rooi)-ir roa want aur htni lo la; ror fraa itart
loraagka writ. for Itm particular! about I'
MINA 1-OUI.TltY VKKDu-Aciut Mill. Co,
t IB! w C
flANOH A OIKIANH Oltfttt plaao konaa oa !
'fine coaal. Urgaat and 1'lanoa on taaf pantnla.
1 'Wrlta Air lltu Itua quota you prloa. All. a A
jjillbtrMlainaktr Co., rorlland, Ot.ioo.
Ut court, and potlilnn taourtd wh.u iraduatad
till. nlT.r kowt onljr for tliort Ulna. Wrlla for par
, 0nd Thralra llulldlng, Portland,
p jBjat im
t r. N. U. No. 32-t
HKH wrltlaa- to dvertlaer plau
wautiaa iui paper.
Illplomaer' nf Ha-Sf Inlaler IS, J,
I'halua with Veriuunl Parmer,
13. J, I'holpa, fonncr United Hlnte
Minister to Kngtand, wn building n
now tnblo on hi homo plnce nt llur
HngUm, Vt IIu wnntod to put It on
tho linn of bin property, mid In doing
o toro down part of n atono wall which
marked tlm boundary mid which stood
hnlf on hi Innil nnd half on tho land
Tim workmen, luteail of otherwise
disposing nf tho atone, n thoy had been
ordered to do, throw It over thn line,
nnd Mr. I'hnlp fen red trouble, with till
neighbor, who wa a clono-flstml per
son, nf a temper noun too aweet nnd
rory Jnnloua of hi right. An Mr.
I'lielpn wn nliRerrlng tlm progress of
thn work on bin stable) onn lny ho aw
hi tielghlmr looking rnthwr cmwi nt
him, it hn thought, and went over to
lilm prepared to liniko hln penco nn twist
hn might, baring It In mind to any
that hn would haul nwny the Mono at
hi own rout, which would burn Imsui
qtiltn an eijKuidlvo tindertnklng.
Hut hn did not propose that nt once.
Ho went nt It another way,
"(m1 morning, neighbor," aald ho,
"I barn Ikvii meaning to spoak to you
about that atonn for omo time. I sup
lon It Isn't worth anything"
Thn uggetlon of pollii rnlun had
It Immediate rffect on tho thrifty
Vntikeo nilml. ae, perhaiMa, tho diploma
tint bnd thought It might
"Vnl, yaa. Mr, rholj, I ih'd think
that thar atun might Im wuth Quito n
good donl fer bulldln' puppoaon."
"I'm glad to know that," aald I'hclpa,
"but I can't ue It n woll a you cnn.
You aru entirely welcome to my half of
Bo the ronult of that Interview wn
pence, and not war.
HnvIm guide havo a way of flatter
lug trnvelera, n beguiling habit much
npprtclntil until olio learun tha ino
tho of It. Mm. K. T. Cook aaya. In
her lok of travel, called "From n
Holiday Journal," thnt Hlinotid, her
guide, uiprvftevd gn-nt ndmlratlon for
Iter power of walking.
"Madame climb like n cluimoln'imlil
Hlio wa delighted, until bo rvinein-U-nnl
thnt till inlglit li tho ciutoin
of tlm proftwilun. Mkn the chlldrun In
Heine' ballad, guide had probalby
Mad tb very Mil aptvebra
To many an old rat alnce.
One day Mm. Cook nnd bur huaband
tnrteil on another expedition, till
time nccumpanletl by two guide,
Hlmond and Hertrand. The latter a
tall, allent young fellow, alao prutrnd
ed to !x loat In amaaetnent at inadam'a
"Moualuurnndmadnmo ought certain
ly to aacimd Mont Hlnnc," aald Bltuotid.
"Mndamu would do It capitally,"
"Mint would, liidevl,H aald Hertrand.
"Mndamo would be. very proud of
nmmdlng Mont Hlane," contlnuil
Hlmoiut. "Would ho not Hcrtrnnd)"
Hertrnud ioko grnvely: "Tivo good
guide can Mfely take nny oneany
old gentleiunii or Indy up Mont
Thl wn not ko flattering, but Hl
mond continued:
"It I n inert nothtiig of nn expel.
tlou. It limy nffect mndnmo unplenn
nntly nt tint ; Mho may Ut n llttlo Hick
with mouutnlti elckuewi, thnt I nil.
Hhu may turn n llttlo black In tho fnev.
Hut wo will get her to tho top."
"Ye," Hertrand courludcl, iiennlvo
ly, "two g'xl Kilde could do It'
ll Chit Itvcn.
A waiter, with pnrtH of two KjunHli
plea pIiiHteretl over bin fmv, clmcisl w
limit v!m wiin reHimiiMllilo for hla np
lenrnnco out of tho roNtnuniut nml
down (lurk utreot tho other night,
much to tho tillllcutlon of tlm pitHKem
hy. Tho mini wuh hulled by n patrol
linn, nnd nccompmiled by tho Irnto
wnllur, wuh letl buck to tho reHttitirnut
to oxpliiliu It r-eeuiH hn wUhetl to buy
two iKjunnh plea for in cent, tint wnH
lufonned they worn 10 centH atrnlght
Tho cimtomur grow IndlKiiitiit HeUlug
n pto lit each bund, "Hero gov 'M
ceitta' worth," ho abouted nml chpetl
it pto to each of tho wnlter'n cheeka.
Tho man wna reloitrKHl with n lecturo,
nfter ho pntd for tho plea. Chicago
Inter Ocoaiu
Her Sole Ohjeet,
Twin Yc, I'm cngagwl to Mr, Horn
Jeaa Orncloual I don't think you'd
want to innrry him.
Teas I don't but 1 want to ahow
thnt I cnn If I want to. l'hllndelphla
ltorr a lleputMtton la Maide,
"Tliey toll mo," anld Thomjaon, "that
you npponred nt tho fitnry tlress bnll na
u full flt'dgwl hlghlniidor,"
"Not kilty," replied Illllltuni, who la
eateemed it grent wit Clovelund I'luln
Kxporlonco tuny 1h n Kront touchor,
but n mnn'a experience with a woman
dootfit't teach him acnao.
Attain! Her natter Judgment,
"Ain't you rather young to be left In
charge of a drug store?"
"Perhaps ao, ma'ams what can I do
for you 1"
"Don't your employer know It' dan
grrou to leave a mere boy like you In
charge of inch a place)"
"I nm competent to sorvo you,
mndam, If you will make known your
"Don't they know you might poUon
come omit"
"Them I no danger of that, madam ;
what can I do for youT"
"I think I better go to tho atom down
tho street."
"I can aerre you Juit as well ae they
can and a cheaply."
"Well, you can giro inn a 2-ccnt
atnmp, but It don't look right," Hous
ton Post.
Our Teadraer TVnrhlp Iteroea.
The name of many heroes bare been
prcaerred for poitcrlty In tho nomen
clnturo of place In tbe United Ktnte,
erldouco of our tendency to Indulge In
hero worahlp to quite an extent We
have pontofllcc bvnrlug tbe name of
every I'reddent down to and Including
Itooret Only two of hi predecei
nor aro lacking In tha Hit of count leu.
Naturally, the favorite In tho naming
of town and couutle 1 Wiuhlngtou,
and he I tb only President for wboui
a Btate ha been named. Hut other
thnn l'reiildent enjoy thco honor.
Huccenful aoldler, allor, tateraen,
editor, uutbor, Inventor, the heroe
of ancient hlitory and mythology, and
even popular actor and athlete tharu
a like dlitlnctlcm. Our Hit of poit
olllce I long one and ocntaln name
from almoit every language, living and
dead, and cboaen on almoet every con-
labl principle or Impul.e. Two
countle In Kama preeent a curtoui
awoclatlon of Idea. Oreelry County
ha for It capital a town called Tri
bune, and Ulyaira t the county teat of
Dealnti Cannot De Cured
br total application, u lhajr eanoot nach the
dlataMj lane U only one
Mar lu cuiart.aiu.M. and that I. br eouttllu.
tlonal raraadjat. ialnia It by an In.
nain! eondltlnnollti luuruat lining ot the
Kutlachlaa TuU. Vibtn thlt tuU It iDllaiorJ
toll have a rum Mini aound or imcerfact
Inr.and nh.n lilt nllrdr elottd, Daainut It
tha rat ult, and unltit the Inflammation can be
laktn out and thlt tub reitoitd to IU normal
roudlllon, li.arlur will be d.tlroad loretar)
nliicaioutol ttn ara by Calarth,
which i nothing but an Indaned coodlllun ot
tha-inuroui auriatfi.
Wa will lira Una Hundred Dollar! for anr
rata ol D.afnfti (tautad by catarrh) that ran.
not t cured by llall'a Catarrh Cure. Band tor
V 1. CMIXir A COHToltdo,0.
Holdbf t)ruk.lil..7K.
llall'a family I'lllt are the Uik
Waalad Is Ua.w,
"I had a tramp for dinner to-day."
"la thl med of hlmr aiked ber
buiband, poking hi fork Into tbe meat
rather autplclouily, Ilouiton 1'o.t
The DITr?a.
A. II. Klrkland of Hoaton I conduct
ing a fight agalnit the moth. He haa
Imported from Zurich great quantity
of moth parailtea, and with tbe help
of the llttlo creature ho and tbe peo
ple of Maitachuactta hope to obliter
ate the moth completely.
"Our work may lc"ecd,, aald Mr,
Klrkland recently, "or we may err
omewherc, and It may fait. It rauit
uccccd If wo make no mistake but
then, you know, mlitnke aro common.
"MUtuke are common everywhere.
I heard a lawyer and n doctor taunt
ing otio another thl afternoon about
'"You make a good many mis
take, I MipiKxc,' tha lawyer ald.
"'You too, no doubt,' ald tbo doc
tor. "'Hut doctor' mltake are often
burled deep under ground,' aald tbe
"Vc. aald the doctor, 'and law
ycr' mlntakc often awing six feet In
MotneriwIU And M". VNmlow't Boothlng
Pjrrup tha bait remedy touia lor thilr children
during tb tttthlng rHo.l.
HprnktnuT In All Candor,
MIm 1'encliley Mr, Sxonnmore, hnv
I ever given you good rcaion to think 1
preferred you to other young men and
wauled to marry you?
Mr. Mpoonamore No, to tell the truth,
you nover have. I learn from the other
fellow that you kit. them good night
when they go away, tho innio a you do
A AVett VlrclnlMii'a Awful Illitroti
Through Kldnvjr Troublai,
W. L. Jackaon, merchant, ot Park
eraburg, V. Va., rayai "Driving about
In bad weather
brought kidney trou
ble on me, and 1
anffered twenty yean
with iharp, cramp
ing palni in tbe back
and urinary dlaor
den, I often bad to
get up a doaen tltnea
at night to urinate.
Rttantion let in, and
I wa obliged to use
the catheter. I took to my bed, and
the doctors falling to help, began using
Doan'a Kidney Fills, The urine aoon
came freely again, nnd the pain grad
ually disappeared. I have been cured
eight yoats, and though over 70, am as
active as a boy."
Sold by all dealers, DO cents a box.
Fp.Ur.MUburn Co,, Buffalo, N. Y.
entile to llnlld Cllr Kali Without
Coal to Tax purer,
Kenttln pinna to build n new city bnll
without n bond lanuo or n dollar of coxt
In tho taxpayer, according to tho New
York Tribune. It I proponed to do thin
from tho proceed of tbo defalcation
of a former city olllclnl nnd, Incident
ally, tbo great appreciation In value of
bind which nt present Ho twenty feet
under water, Tho acheme I probably
without parallel In the hlntory of west
ern cltle.
Hlxteen year ago Henry Krug, the
city treasurer, defrauded for a um ap
proximating $2.V),(XX), nnd nn the hard
time hnd ntriirk Kent tie many of
Krug' hondfiiiicn were unnblo to make
good their Indorsement. In the reunit
ing Milt to enforce payment mnny of
the IkiiiiI signer turned over to the
city piece of procrty thnt at tho time
were cotinldered of llttlo value. The
city had no clwlce and took what It
could get At the time It wn ttcllcvcd
that the city had recovered only about
one-tenth of the money lot To-day
thl property rcpreacnta value of over
$1,000,000, and aevernl week ngo one
block of tide land lying under water
wa wild to tbo Union Tactile Kallroad
for terminal purjww for $.141,000.
lor year thn municipal building of
Kenttlo havo been a dlxgrniv, the mnln
ncc-tlon being a collection of rnmbncklo
wooden building thrown together n
the demand of tho odlct-M required.
They nm a fire trap nnd frequently
threaten to fall down. Hut now, with
Homethlng like $100,000 In tbo general
fund, obtained from the "Me of city
pnirtr, the plan ha been rmggcMtcd
of eelltng atlll more land nnd liking
tho money to erect an olllco building
for tbe uo of tho various city depart
ment. Ho popular I the propoacd plan that
aeveral men hnvo offeretl the city utn
ranging from $7W),000 to $1,000,000 for
It Stoldlng of tide Innd nnd hill prop
erty, while other hnvo offered to nell
It on amnll commlMlou, all with the
uuderntnndlng that tho money goc
Into n mmlem fireproof building. In
like manner tho county mny obtain n
new building, for It own much Innd
obtained on Judgment ngalnat banks
that held county deidt nnd which
fnlletl In the hnrd time. Tbo preKent
county building atnnd on a hill 400
feet above tho city, the alto being
worth $100,000, while n alto purchancd
flvo year ngo for that aamo sum nnd
now valued nt $4r0.000. He In the
heart of the city nnd within cany
reach. Thu n defalcation and bank
upcnlon have done a good turn for
Kenttlo nnd wilt result In new public
buildings for tbe city and county.
Srcludrd Spota en the Sea Given to
tha Untll.N of the Air.
Scattered along the Atlantic const
aro bird cities, great capital, of Ulrd
land where tho nen birds congregate
In countletut numbers, anys tbe Four
Trnck News.
On Gardiner's Island, nt the end of
I.Hig Inland, la tho flh hnwk city,
where, under tho protection of tbo fam
ily owning the Island tho ospreys have
learned to neat uiwi tho ground, in
ntead of upon tho highest trees, na on
tho tnnlulund.
Tellcnn lulnnd. In tbo Indian lllvcr,
riorldn, Is tho metropolis of tho peli
can folk.
Fur down ou n rvmoto Islet of the
Went Indies, containing only four white
InhnbltnntH, tho wary flamingo tribe
hn hidden Its. capital.
On Cobb's Island, off tho Virginia
const, la tho tern metropolis, where tbo
birds of that family "most do cungre
gnto," TIicm birds wero so fiercely
sought for millinery puriHwcti for some
years thnt several sjuvIch were exter
minated, but they arc again multiply
ing on C'oM i'm Inland, where their nests
nnd downy llttlo aniid-colorcd chicks
cover tbo ttcncli.
At tbo mouth of the St. Luwrcnco Is
Hlnl rock, tho greatest bird tenement
house In tho world. In tho clefts of
Its precipitous Blden nest thousands
iiK)ii thousnnds of enormous, snowy
gnnnets, stnlnte, Kremullerllko putllns
nnd eliln crowning atonny ietrels,
"Mother Carey's chickens." Tho nxk
Is absolutely lienchless, nnd tbo visitor
Is drawn In n crate to tho top by tlm
lighthouse keeper, who dwells thereon;
tho birds surveying tho whirling as
cent with motionless calm.
All theso bird cities nnd others In
tho Kverglndes of Florida, mid along
tho Malno const, are protected by tho
American Ornithological Union. The
union secured laws and paid wardens
to protect tho birds In their cities at
the breeding season, confident that dur
ing tho rest of tho year tbo feathered
folk will preservo themselves from ex
tinction. Though tho gun is forbidden, one
may hunt them with tho camera, a far
mora skilled and dlltlcult sport
The lSdltorlal Oplnlou,
"Don't you think thnt n (school for
tho purpose of teaching peoplo to wrlto
pootry would till a loug-felt wnuti"
"I think u school for tho purpose, of
teaching tliem not to wrlto poetry
would till n longer felt wuut'! llous-.
tn I'ost -
ft- wM'-Fl'c .t??-J. R?5??iJui'i fed
AStfelablc Pr cporalionfor As
similating the rood aiulRcSula -ling
UteStomadts ondDowcls of
Promotes DiiicalIonhccrrur-
nessnndRest.Conlalns neither
Onhim.Morpliine norXincxal.
Apcrfccl Remedy forConsUpa
tlon , Sour Stomach,Dinrrlxca
Worms .Cormilswns.Fevcrish
nrss nnd Loss of Sleep.
tmmwm aaaekkaa.a
FarSuiile Signalure of
exact copv or wsAaeot.
Ho Hope of Atrrrement.
"I am torry to hear that Wrlnktln
and bis wife can't lire torttber In peace.
Tbir Ii too much obitlnacy on both aide
that' the trouble. Iin't HI"
"Vci; he's a itandpatttr, and the' a
CITO Ht- Vital Past aod all Krrmia DtaM
rll O PnnaiaBllr nnd br Dr. Kllo.'a tlrrat
.rr Hrlorr. tad ar KHKK tl trial botU. ami'.Lil.kll ArcbHt.,11Ua.,l'k.
Akaeadlaar lha Declaratloa.
"My frltndj," exclaimed tb candidate,
in a One bunt of disinterested patriotism,
"I don't want thl office if you think I
axa unworthy to fill It I"
Hire be (topped aod took a drink of j
"And I mlt-bt add." be proceeded, "that
my candidacy U not the result of any cor
rupt political bargain."
"Tea, you might," Interrupted an old
farmer In tbe audience; "but If jou did
you'd be lyln like Sam Hill 1" i
Elevates Water
!EailaaPVh3aeannraV TSBunHsH
JHJT ay U?CtOUf fe sJtSaan&'-aa "l X '' J kflsW MoaaLwLaP ?a1aSLBaaaaaaaaaaaaW
Eft 'iSmmmJVtm3g - W'9W$-'"'Si' 3iV V rj$3$& :5kiaiiB
QCBBWHSkiaiaK" $4jLJ ' " S- - - 'H
laW SaBBauf BBIBaPC,JeaeaeaiaeaeaaaaWtin ?'dr9ptaTBBBBBlHwBLs " ' VK
THE COLUMBIA HYDRAULIC RAM is a mP!y comtructcd and
inexpensive machine that can utilize a small fall of water for the purpose
of raising a portion of it to any desired height It is the farmer's friend in the
"dry season" and is indispensable to those owning land high above ditches. It
will furnish water for domestic purposes, even elevating pure water of the spring
by means of the impure or muddy water, as found in some streams. Requires
no attention. Practically no cost of maintenance, there being no parts to get
out of order. A ram will pa for itself in a short time. Every ram installed is
giving utmost satisfaction. We keep a large stock constantly on hand. Write
to our Hydraulic Department today for illustrated literature
.. Columbia Engineering Works
Tenth and Johnson Streets : : PORTLAND,'! QREGO ' "
For Infanta and Childron.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
T Mann iMMin. acw ton errr.
Didn't Mind the Machine.
"I hope," aald the renter of room No.
1107, "that tb rattle of tbe typewriters
In my office doein't annoy you."
"No, air, It doei not," reiponded the
cruity capitalist whoae office wa No.
1100; "but tbelr gabble doe annoy m
exceedingly." Cblcag) Tribune.
To Drtak la Mew Shoes.
Always ihako In Allen's root-Eje, a powder.
It cure, hoi, kwealloc, aching. rwolUa feet.
Com corn i. Ingrowing nalli and bunion. At
alt dnif tin and inoe ilorti.Sle. Don't accept
anTiubatltnu. Ham pie nailed rREE. Addrai
Allen 8. Olmited, L Boy. K Y.
Ill Tarn Comlnar.
"Tbe boys are saying that Garmaa
cleaned you out In tbe little gam you
bad at tbe club tbe other evening."
"He did but I've bought tbe lummer
hotel at the resort over In Michigan where
be always ipend hla vacation. Don't
aay anything to him about It will youf
lj w