The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 01, 1906, Image 4

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t "For every man a square deal, no
tess and no more."
One ycar................"..M..,...t3('
StK t210tlthe,t..MM, ,. .IM....MM, ...... W
Three tnonthj(..M,lfe...M....w.t. .50
(Invariably In advance.)
Remit liy batik draft, postal money
order on UemVexprcss money order, or
registered letter'. Make nil remittances
payable to The Bend I.ullctltt.
Stage and mall Schedule.
lrom Sluntko tI frinerllte -.7 p. m. dally
Prom Ukeeievr ami Silver Uke... .......
-.I a. m. naiiy except nin
from Tumalo Tne.t Thura. and St-...t.iJ p. m.
from Uidlavr daily except Sunday,........! p. m.
Vot fihanlto tU rrlncvflle 6 a. m. dally
For .aVeTiew and Sliver Lake. -
.. .-7'3o p. tn dally except Sun.
or Tumalo Tuea., Thura. and Sat...S a. ra
For UMlaw dally except Sunday .....J p. m.
VOT Officii Hows Week day;Sa.m.to3p.
a. 8unday, from ll a. m. to ti tu., and hall
hoar alter a rrlral of all mail trom railroad
reaching Bend before S p. ru.
TKiF.riioR-0riCK Hoe Week day, from
7x0 a. m. to 9tx p. xn. Sunday and holiday,
from Sm a. m. to i. noon, and from S"oo p. in. to
:oo p. m.
FRIIJ'AY, JUNE i, 1906
It may be that Crook county will
.always be a mere tail to the Prttie
. 5 vjllpkitc. It may be that Crook
,, rvequn will ahvnys pour its taxes
v il tp-finevillc's lap; It may be
"liff feo PnueVille gang will always
,bcVs iown to and worshipped
, a.thc uui really noble institution
,nBtcilM'-,n. If the people wish it
,tbi,H...J they may have it to their
heart s content. It is a really glor
. ious thing for the taxpayers of
- Crook county to be permitted to
. - build an clcgaut court house for
Princville, and pay public officers
foc.ncglccting the public business,
,, for setting up jobs to plunder the
; county.
.... This is the Priueville idea of al
..,,toi tin..... .t r .iJ"1" u wiu iukc 50,000 vines to
" J -"--
. ty-orM expresses a different notion
Priueville kicks and bites, bucks
and rears and paws the air, squeals
and howls and squaks, and goes on
a spree more dreadful than its ordi-
t nary state.
.- It is safe to say that no part of
,. -Crook county desires that there
' Wiall.,bei -inadequate facilities for
, -.transacting the public business.
The lack has not been of facilities,
': Jjut of men to do what they receive
pay for doing look after the pub
lic interest. This court house
teal is typical. An important
measure, ot interest to every part
of the county and every taxpayer,
Is kept a dead secret in Princville
in the hope that it wpuJd be fasten
ed on the community before it
-should be discovered. If there was
real need for a court house at this
-time the Priueville ring would have
nothing to fear from publicity.
But publicity-kills such jobs and
jt has killed this one, or given it a
fatal wound.
The public, it must be remember
ed, has some rights. Wheu a
"court house is built. the taxpayers
pay lor u. it tney do not want a
new court house is it for some petty
ring to say they must have it and
pay a pretty price for it? If they
do want it would the ring be afraid
to discuss the" matter openly?
A new court house will cost the
taxpayers of Crook county 50 to
$75 each. Yet it was to be con
tracted for in secrecy and the as
cessment roll so manipulated that
'those who get the most benefit
would pay least.
Taxpayers, how do you like it?
The plans for the proposed new J
court house specify Priueville stonei
-J -- ..,Mviuiv duwu.
uuu uricK. 1 uc pians also were
first open for inspection May t2 at
Salem, at Portland on May 18.
Bids are to be considered Juue 2.
Could auy contractor, who is unac
quainted with the price pf Prinevillei
stone aud brick, get a letter of -inquiry
to Priueville and au answer
'thereto iu time to post himself arid'
theu submit a safe bid? Some nee
pie ore so queer ns to say tlmt such
rt thing could not be done in tlmt
limited time. The contractor who
nlrcndy hns hnd the opportunity to
suck the juice from an $18,000
county high school , plum lives at
Salem. He Undoubtedly; . is well
posted on local prices at l'rincville.
Can it be that there is a little secret
"hobnobbcry" in the letting of this
court house contract?
Kvcry vote cast for Baylcy will
be a most effective rebuke to the
present htgtVhaiidcd action of the
Princville rinp andhc court house
craft. A vote for liavley ntcans a
blow agaiust boss rtilq and corrupt
politics. Every complimentary vote
cast for another candidate, no
matter how worthy, lessens by one
Uaylcy's chance to win, lessens by
one the protest against Princville's
grab policy. This is not the time
to cast complimentary votes for a
friend. Vote for Baylcy and fight
this court house craft.
There is a strange idea gaining
prevalence in Western Crook coun
ty, a belief that the county's busi
ness should be couductcdin the in
terest of all the county rather than
for Princville. It may be a revolu
tionary idea, but tliCj people ale get
ting tired of the carism of the
county court and the Princville
Liquor Dealers Fighting Equal Suff
rage nnd Favoring the Local Option
The liquor trust, like the other
trust, has set cut to fight the
equal suffrage amendment. The
Brewers and Wholesale Liquor
Dealers' Association of Orccon
has sent out to all the retail liquor
sellers a secret circular declaring
!. H!l ...III f. !..-.. .
J ffluFAflf
oman suffrage,"- and urg
ing each of the 2,000 retailers to
secure 25 votes agaiust it. The
circular says: "Every retailer can
net 25 voters. Besides his em
ployees, he has his grocer, his
butcher, his landlord, his laundry
man, and every person he does
business with." This hint of the
wholesale dealers to the retail deal
ers to coerce their employees nnd
their tradespeople is quite in line
with ordinary corporation methods.
The circular encloses a postal
card for reply, with significant re
marks, "You need not sign the
curd. Every card has a number
and we will kuow who sent it in "
The liquor trust Lnkca it for granted
that the people who will stoop to
hv-lp it in this dirty work will not
want to let their names be known,
even to the postman. When it is
thought necessary that 'even a re
turn postal card should be anony
mous, it shows that public senti
ment 111 favor of giving freedom to
the mothers and sisters of Oregon
must be strong indeed.
its enemies would not be so anxious
to cover their tracks.
This secret circular from the
liquor trust has been made public
and is likely to turn out a boom
erang. Ojtr-cox Equal Suppragk Am' v.
The Circular Letter.
The secret circular above refesred,'
to follows. It is thus seen that the
wholesale liquor men claim the,
fatherhood of the local option
ameimmenc uuu it evidently is
drawn in the liquor business in
terests. This should decide all
voters who desire good govern
ment to cast their ballot against the
proposed local option amendment.
Tlie letter reads:
I'orixaxu, May al. 19.j6.- Dear Sir.
1 wo ijms are to ie yotwl on at the elcc-
iiwijune 4 which are of vital import
ance to every liquor merchant in Oregon,
without exctjption. "
The firit ifrwoiuau Miffrage.
lie secouu u the amendment to the
Iosfl option Jtsw.
. J'fiiiT6
thin association have
iio.VaiI ,.,l (, l., (I, ,. ,, ..f
diest: u-.atter.
So far as the amend
iiieut ja the local option law i concerned
they liave pn pared the aiiieiidnient,
ilefemled its title successfully in the
supreme .court, and placeil it 011 the
Jlut. lwImr ffta III liMllllur ftlpv ratmit
'hf themselves pass the local option
aineudtnent oc iiefeat woman suffraire.
- 1 naupart oiyuio tvork is up to tlie
retailcro. We tvflte this letter to
Earnestly ask j m; to help. ., 1
It.vyUl 4ke.- 50,ooQjQtcs.,U.ilefeat
woman oiutrajje. It III. take 50,000 to
PawUyaiuculuteirt lo tUe local option
law. There arc rctnllcrs'tft Ortyoin
Tlmt mentis every retnllcr iittisl lilm
self brltiR In 25 votes clcctlqtidim
Kvcry retnllcr enn get, ax .voles', He
sides his employes, he liasflit fttticcr,
liU butcher, his landlord, his liUitulry
men mid every person he does business
with. If every man til tile business will
do this we will will. , l
Wc enclose a$ bAllrU show iiif how
these two liuvs will nppcAf on the linllot
mid how to vote.
We also enclose n postal enrd ml
dressed to this nssocintlou. If you will
personally tnkc ae friendly votes to the
poles on clectkui tlayjoul give cncli one
n ticket sltowiiiftivhOwMo vote, please
mnll the ixlstnl ctVd Utck to us nt once.
You need not sign the card. Kvcry card
has a number and we will know who
sent It. .
Let us all pull together and let us all
work. Let hs each get 35 votes.
Yours ery, respectfully,
DkaV.krs Association.
There is no small amount of
philosophy wrapped up in that old
saw which says; "He who laughs
last laughs best." and those people
and papers who have maintained
that a railroad would be built
through Central Oregon nt no far
distant day, arc about to have the
last laugh over those who have
diligently ridiculed such statements.
The Madras Pioneer states present
conditions concisch when it says:
Some of our exchanges have Ixrcit in
clined to ridicule our optimism in re
gard to the railroad situation, and our
publication of occasional news Items
telling of some new move In the railroad
game with icfcrencc to this section of
the state has evoked several attempts at
.urcuMii from other Crook county papers.
Notwithstanding this we still Mlexc
tue transportation proiricm for Central
Oregon is taking definite form .utd tlmt
its solution is now a question of only a
short time. This is due to a good many
causee, but npt the least of them is
the menace which the presence of th
Hill line 011 the north lnk of the Col
iimlHa U to the security which Ilnrri
man ltas felt in this section at all times
during the past.
With a Hill connection possible on
the north bank of the Columbia, the
water level route up the Deschutes will
not remain much longer unoccupied,
although the indications now arc that
independent capital has gobbled up this
cIioIm; railroad opportunity, and that
Ilarrimaii will bac to deal with them
for the Central Orcguti field, of which
the Deschutes river is the gateway.
The Citizen's Duty.
(LalUlaw chnxtKt.)
It is the duty of every man to
register if he has not already done
so and come to the polls iu June
and cast his ballot for the national,
state and county officers. It, is the
duty of every good citizen to parti
cipate in the machinery of govern
ment and by so doing ashist in
purifying politics. Do not stay nt
home and then find fault with the
people for electing bad men to of
fice. If you voted and yet unscru
pulous men are elected you have a
kick coming, but if you do not vote
don't say .anything agaiust the
officers elected.
'TATK ov ohxooh
U Jattiw Coat! for Hand rtttt y -H. 0.
J. I'rank Mroad and AlbartMrU.'l
llattdW., ItHaa.
K. M. Jamiey, lviida)il j
To 8. M. Jaanry, IMradaat-
In the name of the Male of Oragtw
Voa an hateby required la antwar and aaawar
tbe cataaUlnl fled aaaiaat von fa ik ak .
lit ed eotirt aad eaiiatj on or before the rib day of
July. ro6 aad il Voa, (ail ao to appear aad aatwer
JJ IdalHliaTt will lifhc fadgawul agaiuat you for
.....n.v.fjy. H)rjg -.Maarawri lor lac uircct
payntentafraottcy. to wit I'or 18c balance of
an account for the rare anu Iredlng ol a (ram of
horaca the property of defcodaut. furHHdtad al
hla Inttancc and rouueat. Ulwrrii Ihr ink day of
inwnwn, -(raa. ana ie inn oay o Marcn, 1000,
aaiouulliig lofno.
nn avrnHHitia taroniMnea bv order ol II.
.. H 'Ttl, .... . . ..-
hllit, Juttkc of the
reacr, lor Iknd
No. 1. Crook Couuty, Oregijjiqwwle and entered
on tneiiit ilavorMav. louct la ,i i,v ui.iri,
order it It praaerlbtd that wiuniont be imb
lithtd for aix wecka in a uew.iuinr iHiMlthetl Iu
trook County. Oregon The date of the firtt
jiuWicntlon of thlt tuminoua la May it,, io6
.. . II C HI.I.I8.
C K Hkwaox, Jiitticcofihel-racc
Attortir) fjr I'UiudfTi imsjuiijv
Thadc MAflKS
Anron lending ft Vclf b and deaerlpllnn may
mc uiiuMn rraa wiictutr an
ile cateiilable. Coaimuiitrt,
llonaitrlctlreoiirtdanlfal. HAHDEOO onl'ataou
lent fraa. Illdetl agatier for aaco ring patanta.
I'alauia taken Ibroueli Muun A Co. recti M
lrM UM,Z,,'IHtnnt charge, la Iha
A banjanlely llloitrated jeeaktri Jtwaeit clr.
bA-biiractaniiia oarnL-rHrt; a
orniontha,L Iiul4t)rli)leldtaltr.
H Pa ii,;ii,:Vik-Ynrt
titati etaoa, tW r BC, Waiblrgtos, D. u
HOTEL KI3DMOND Call nlill seb
Notice is hereby given that the
State I.niul Board will receive .seated
bids until two o'clock r. M. JUly
34, 1906, (or any interest the state
may have iu the following described
unpatented Swamp Lauds, to-wit:
The NEtf , N$ of Sli X, SVtf
of SKtf and SEtf of SWir of
Section 24 and Wj of Section a
Tp. as S., U. 6 !:., the lands
Section 25 licing unsurvcyed.
All bids must be accompanied by
an application and affidavit to pur
chase iu accordance with Section
3302 of Bellinger and Cotton's Code
ami declaration as provided by Sec
tion 3303 and by cash or check for
full amount offered.
No bid far less than $1.00 per
acre will be considered.
The right to reject any and all
bills is reserved.
Applications and bids should bo
addressed to G. G. Brown, clerk
Statc.I,and Board, Salem, Oregon,
and marked, "Application and hid
to purchase Unpatented Swamp
Lands." G. G. JJKOWN,
Clerk State Laud Board.
Dated this 26th day of April, 1906
t'. S. l.ant OfTkt The Dalit, Otffon,
May la , 1904.
A uflkltnteuntut IThUI hairing tn Mnl
In this ciffirc hr WlnfirM C CiHSh. nralrttaHt,
again! Iiewrolrail mtry No. ijayt. matlr !'
ttury 7. ivl. fw Ihc wShwV(. hKhwU, wi
ncH. " 11. IM M . r lr. w m. hf fntin K
Hlwhlaii. Cmlntrr. Ih MhKh It ! ll.l tkt
Hkl John I' ShrtHUn hat wholly ahamimtAt
MMlrart for motr Ihan mMth tail iMt.
that Ur ha h ctlllatrtl or litiiKnl ukl iiart
Mtttlml bylaw that hr hat mtt a-rttl-l Hm
iwM tract, that ukl alUi-nl alMcmr i imH
(Ih ta hl tinirfoynunt In iht army, navy or
marlnrnK. oflh I'nltnt Mtatralu th llm of
war. ukl iMttla arc hrrcbv HotlAil 10 attnrar.
rrttHHl and nrr rvtonc touching aaMall
tallon at 10 u clock a m oh June . Iv.
rfVfr II C Ittll. a f S Cnmml4oMrr. at hit
arTMclii Itcml. Oregon, anil that Ilitalhrarmg
will l hrhl at 10 o'clock, a m. on Jiinc
Y.f UIotp ttw Krgittcr ami Hrctinratlhc
I'tiltol Maintain! other at The Itallea Oregoti
Theaakl contetlant hatrlng. in a lgr am
ilavll, nlnl May t, ivuiS, act forth foctt which
how alter due illllgeiKr Jwrnmal terv4c of I hit
nolkr can not l mailr. It It hereby ordered and 1
directed that inch notice I ! by due awl
wuiier tmMtcatkHi
nil7 MICIIAKt. T UOUAii. Krgttter.
Timber Iitd, Act June j lf,
V. H. Und OfScc, The Ktllet, it gon.
May 1, f.
Notkr It hereby given that In tMt4larec wtth
the iHoikm
t of I he Art ot CoaataM at laae i-
the Art of CoagfeM of Jane
fTa, cnlltkd "Ah act for Ihr tale of Umber lamia
rinrtairoi iiihim
ula. IWevtMi. Mmm.
In the atalet of California. Oregon. Ncrada, ami
Watkringten Territory
at eiletutcd ta
II Ihr
. Ihr
MitaHclamltlalat kyAct of Augwtl 4,
following named jn oa. on Ancil .trd and May
ntd, ly4, Avad in thlt oAtcc I heir awotn Halr-
Oracr A Joaca
oi Head, county at Cm., atatref Orraoo, twotu
atotctatntt No. JtM. for lb ntrcltat tyf Ihr aeK
nW. J". H K and twncX. ' .
r lie, wm
Cora A Jotwu
of Bend, county of Croak, ataU of IH raoa. awoca
Matratrat No raya, for lb kwefcawc of the n
awK.aoca. ndMrK. mcj. ta mj t. r 11 e.
That Ihry wilt olrr tantoia ta ahow that Ihr
lamia toaght arc mote valuable for the timber or
taar inrrcoH inan lee agrlcallural tnnaain. aad
u nnawa laetr ciaiavt 10 mm laaoa befon
C- Mitt. V h. CamatttthHMr. at hb)
head, OftNrOM. on the 17th tUyof Jala. itM.
TNy knt at wttactaea I'lauL O. Mlavae.
Oraca A.JOHct, Cora A Jonaa. t'rUHg C. Ctx,
roaiu Mjaataaka tra.1 aaatua ma aatta 1 1
Any and alt 11 at to in cialmlng attearaaty the
abevKbiKiibrd land, arc ieoaMed ta k I hair
foirnt In Ihlt oer cm or before the aM 17th day
at jmj, tfn.
Timber Mnd, Act Juue y it,
U.K. Mad Office. The IktUet, Oregon,
July , Iu6.
Notice la hereby given that Iu r.miUamrr with
iMpftnriaiaaaoriavc Act of Cong I eat of June l.
laya, eMIXHal "an act for lh tale of timber lamia
la the atalat of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
WathlNgtou Territory." at ex ended to all the
public land atatea by act of Auguat 4, iSoe.
Thoodoec W. Jmmeemauu,
of Head, county of Crook, .(ale of (u.i hu
thtaday flail In Ihlt oflkc Ida tworn ataumeat
Ni w, fur the Hirche of the nejf, t-ac 54, tji
il. r ije, w m
And will offar woof to thow lhal the land
tough 1 1 more valuable for itt timber or atnae
than for agricultural purjMMct. ami lo eataMlth
hit dalm lo wld land before the County Clerk at
rrtorvlilc. Oregon, on the ttk day of June, tori
llenamea wltuettet' Charlea I). Ilrown.
Thtoiihlle at MKhel, U'll'.lam Haldwin, ami
I'roncia Marion, all of llend, Oregon.
Any and all iieraom claiming adversely Die
alovc4leacrllcalaiidiaiartiuMtMl r Mr nJr
claim. In Oil. dlU con or IrtlorcuUl i,th day of
MICIIATtr.T. NOI.AN. Hegltlc.
Timber Cauft, A of June 1, 1&70,
f 8. '.and omcc.The Dallei, Oregon,
December to. im.
1 Nidhr It lirrrtglreh lhal In ciniipllance with
tli- in.iia:iia I' Ac- uTanigrcM of June j,
I ; ciilllled r'Ajl art i(T tboTalcof llmUr landt
in uic.iaic.o, uu-iiruu, urrgnn, Nevada and
W flthiiigtoii Territory,' at cxteudal lo all the
public laud ata'cif by act of Atigutt 4, 1891,
Ct'urlcal), Kowei -of
llcnd, coiiiily dr Crook, alatc1 6h Oregon, lilt
thli day filed In Dili olficc hla aworu ttatcluciil
No 2767, for thepurchatcofthe uw of ace i,
tp 30 a, r 13 c, vr m.
And will offer'' I'WJPf i tQ alio that Ihe
land nought .It more ,plu(il.leHJ&r Jl tlmhcr or
,".c .""S1! lu,grlcuWiyRlVrtVfea, nd lo
rilahllth hit clsdu W MiiJi.fti1il,UltV II. C.
-.1111, u. n, ccuiuiiatioiierr Ml, MO uTice
Ind, Oregon, on Ihe i:tli,dy--litiir''Si
Klllt, U, H. Ccuimlaalbnerr. -At l.fu ug'ice in
in 1
Ifcniuieaaa wliiritct: John Kicldl.Jolin IllotJ,
TliouuaJ. Tweet,
anu fl.i. ncan, ; o; lit nil
Any and all peraont claiming adctticVilie
aUivc-dcacjlfr-d l,Ud arc reiucttod, to, file llidr
tlilimlu trtliofllctoniorlicfore tlie. faM' mli
au hflaaka --AJC ' - - - - T- i
-3e kichaii. t. Nor.AN, Ketuttr. J
Tlmtltt Uml, Act ol Jilne J, t?J,
U . ft. l.Mul onkf, "l lit Daltra, Oickum,
Maltli II, lpOi
Notke UJIficly ilvrti U1 1" oimplUnw "
tlir iJiv
i-MOIMiil me An u vuiiMir" im jiMir .
isis. riillUttl "All act lot the Mle nfllmw !"!
In the ttt or California, Orritmi. Ncvml
WaslilMRtnit,T(tiloiriV "I xifnlrl I" i
public Uml visit Uy ait of Ailt i, ityi,
Ncvmlr. ami
all Hip
(.Via II. Hmllll,
oMltitil.rotiiityuf CrtMik, stale ofOnioii, lis
IhUdayntcdlulliU ufttve ll
n utc iter nworii
worn aiaifiiKni
Nu. Mi, for tlie niiivhate
Miivline ur Hie k,1d m.
and nltticWv sec fitP l, r lie, w in
Ami will dlicr pinol lo mr thai Die Uml
mu Kill It mure,. atn!lc for lit llinbei or
Iviie t tin ti lor. sitlrtilliiral i,iirit, and In
etUtillth rx Claim tu Mid litnd- llir II C.
Hlllt, If rt, Cvnuiiittoncr, nt lilt nlltce In llcnd,
tlregtni.oti Die Htlidsy ol Jiinc, i
hlir names at wltiirttct' Nklndat Hmltli. Dan
llcUlitar, It A. Halter, all ur llcnd Oregon, and
John lilott.urhltlcu, Oregon.
Any and all tvttout cltlniliig ailrertely Ilia
alMitc-drtrtllrili1atldl,airrplitcd lo file tlirlr
claims In I lilt oilier oil or bclore aakl Mtli day ol
6-J1 MrCIIAKL, T NOLAN. Hrgliter.
Tlinlier !i ml. Act liliie i, tS
V. H Land OlTlre, The Pallet, Oregon,
lieeeiiibrr ly. I.
Nnllcc It hereby given I lit I Iu rm.llliife with
Die iKutttkmanllhc Art ol Congiai hi June J,
ijs. entitled, VAk art lor the wite-iiftlmUrlaiHlt
In the tiatea or California, (lie ion, Nrtaila, ami
Watliluglou Irrrllory," at rtteinlnt to all Die
mibtlc laud tlate by Act of Auguit 4, l.
ChiittlnaM Mlhrr.
of llciid, county of C1M1V, tlate if Oregon, hit
Ihltilay Aleit In thlt nltkr Iter tnrn tlalrmrnl
Nit irs, forllie twichateof llit teutwU, ltt ;,
arc6, andnejtuwft and l.oll.tec 7 in 1st, r lie,
Ami will elTrr proof la thaw I lit I Hie land
aooght It 111 ik e valuable for III timber nt ttooc
than for agricultural niritrt, aiM tu etlaldltli
ner Claim in aam latin irfmir 11. v. inut, u.
H Cummltaloiier. al IdioRier In lleml. OrrgtHi.
on the I Jtli day of June, ly4
nhe namft at wIliiMtet' Jehu Mcldl. John I.
Keer. Nleholat tinillh, ami Itean A lUlher. alt
ol llcnd. Oregon
Any ami all mraont claiming adeeivly the
aiMiecileterllinl lamltarr if.inetle.1 lo nie llmr
dalmt liijIhltolTVcroH orlxrwc tahl IJIIi day of
juue, iyv. 1
aA-JS MICIIAItl. T. NOLAN. Kegltter.
limWf l,aml. Act June J. 1S7.
V. M. Mnd IMIke. The latltoa. (Hegtto.
Iiecemotr, a ta),
Ndkr I) hf eby given that In cLMHUee wHh
the iMo'ktiuwt 4 ih Act of CuttjtoM taf Juiw ,
ore. tHiHHHi.f-Aii acr roc tiw aair of untawr uhai
ih the tlalea f CallfoeHM. OrMHrn
Witada, and
WathlHgtoH Tel iHoty," ai trntentM la all the
o all
pontic land atalet ay AM Awgwtt 4,
droit IMIUrh.
f Tumalo, CMtaly of CnW. ttaleof (HevoM. hat
that onter hta iwmm il,l,wwl
No 154, hrlhrotttchatcoflhcMk tek. oftec
ii. tinat. r new m
And will ofltf tieoof
to ihow that Ike Uml
for Hi timber ne aianc
aoughl la more valuable
than for agrlcnllural ihiiimmm, and to e4aktlh
hit claim la uM UndlKfofcll C lllllt f it
I' hrtolRcc In Hend.
inr inn uar or jane Ki 1
iichimmhihhh John 11 winter. I'red I
I' nm 11 aj, w uibun J Maker and V, J lllghlowtr
all of Tumalo. Oregon.
Any and all teegnt clalmlni
tireoHt UlaiLn.
adercatly Ihf
. , ' , "."r1 "" 'eaaemett ta mt iwa-tr
rtalmi 1 In I hi. otfxc otior belarr the kail ijtk
aborrilrwribetl laadt at fMaratatl ta Mc lawtr
Timber Mrtd, At June J. laX.
U. H. Mod tWkrr.Thc Ik.Ua.. OcaatM.
Natlrc la berrtnr gtrra I hat In a
., .. T- .. "I
"F oii.ata. at ine Ml of vattarea of Jaair t.
ya. taiiticd "An act Ibe Ih Ml of Uatlm laawU
in im atatea at Califotala, otaatw. Nrvaoa. aad
r TOHaaio itrvmary." at ratemtm to all Ihe
paMic Uad taalea by ad of Auaaat 4. itai.
ofltetal.cmialyof Crjotl. tub of rh-egoa. baa
IbitdaraledialhMoAce bet awora MaUtaeal
No mi. for the parcbaae ef Ihe aHaaV of
era. lpna,r ne. wm.
tad will oiler taroaf lo thow that Ihe Uad
ought awee valaabie for iu Umber or atose
Owajoragrkalluralpurp.-,. .ad to eMahltah
ber rlalm lo aaul laml brfuee II C Klllt. f. a
aa Ihe ijth day of Jaae. iaa
Ithe nataea aa wflareaee Jaha MrNtlt. Albert
,"YriTl ,mSmmr " Nti rraak MaUtrr
worth, all of Read. Oregon.
ayaadajl ptfyt rUlmlNg admaely Ihe
Ibuta daiiiibatl laoala -- -,. ai.'.kT.
rUlma la thk after aa ur beibto aald 1 Jib day af
Java, ipii,
Timber Uad, Act Jaae j. NT.
If. S. Uml OMca. The Italia., Oreatm,
lleceMber , itaf
.J,aik'Ji r.yJ that la coapliaoM with
IM, enUlled. "An act for Ihe talc orUmUrUatC
fe'T."" Cfllfoeata. tNeaN.ST3
Uaahlugttm Tetritoey." at eaTeudad to all I he
bllc Uad Kale, by Art of Augatt 4, lag,
Poliet I Harrington.
of lt laeeille, euonly 'd Ctouk. atalc of Oregon
uaa uim aay rural in Ihlt oflUr hla ewvr H tiabf.
meat No ijtj. for the putchaae of Ibe eMnwlr
aadrHawyTarriii, IpjCa. r 14 r. wm " "
Aad wtll offer tieouf in akuaw ,i..i .1.. ,-j
ought it mote valuable for Ita Umber of aioar
S..7 iiu5 . .. watiaea, aati lo ealabllah
huucU,.,M"" -M "" lrotr II C llllta,
IT & I tllli aaa 1 a-akgtLaa aaav a l.l - if. . ..
.. -..nn., , m, nia.onwa ih iieitd.
Oregon, on the iithday ol June, n
llnantttaawiliHMH fhieM a.tMrwatl. Una
Wewait, John Wo.,, uf rriHevdle, Ore"
gon and fncNarVl King, of Hand, Oregon
iA,!'"LiV, JfT lmlng atvefaetv tb
bavattaactlVMl Umla lie iciueiteVl lo Ala llarir
2ri? jft.." " w Ume ih
-r ICIIAl1I.T.NOI.AN,legl.lrr.
.. a
TIniIjct Uml, Act luuc i, HtyJ.
V. H. tjailil Ollkc. Tilt lUllaaQregoii,
11 . ape a,
win oiirr prooi io allow lhal the laud
nought it 11.ortval.10l.le fur ll. lln.lVror loi.e
hrcii,;;o7j,,1nc:.c - AWKA
Joh'Tlr'rfe'' JKL". '!?....'
hetw.,, ,, hob,,, .tf.XTXlWlZttZ,
h hilr V...I..T. Iu Thlt'TOucirTtrfu SUB .f.1,!
UHV Ul llllltF. Iixkfi. "1"
-6- MtCIIAKKT. NOLAN. KtHilr,.
I I I I I'l-lV" tt,---..
. .- ,,.-,- a . a . . ..
Read Till BUIETIN.
.icelebyg.verilhatil'r '1, N0T,0H F0l PUIIMOATION.
SSSS Ihe'" ' f-'" -'"'"
1 un.1 IUIM y n "f Auguit 4fc !-.. , IdtieialoHa nlbr Act uf Collate, of Jim. J,
ri',ini.i ,,,"","' .'"ll1;,AiiartfiirthrMleoflliiilrlai..f
1 ,'.'.. !,yi,",f Ctook' 1' Hirgni, "' '" Wpilif'iriila, Oiegnu, Neiwla. mid
...Vm?1?" I lllU ."lcc '" ""uriiilate , ". ""lHn VVrrttory," a e.triuUal lo all Ihe
incut No 717,forllepiifchtcofthel.oiaiid I'nWIcUiulalaiM by act of Augutl 4, iko.,
3au(ieHiiwj(iarc, ,ptoa r 14 r, w 111 I
Tlmlirr Land, Act June j, m;g,
U. H, l.aiid Offlce.Thc llallet, Oregon,
Jaiiunry j, .,,t,
Nrtllcr It liercliy given dial In TOuiaiire with
lheiiuvlilouiiillticAcliir CoiigtrM of Jutlr ,
l7, eiillllcd, "All acl Htr Hie aaleof tlmlitr nll.
Iu tlieflalctiifCallliiiuUi Oregon, Nevada, and
Wellington Territory." aaetleuilfd iu .ll the
iiilillclainl tlatft by Acl of Augutl 4, ityi
" Chartnart, lulwardt,
of I'rllicvll'c, -mini" of Cliwl, tlnlc (.fOirtim
haalhla day filed Iu (lilt olfite lilt awioil tlalr
liieui no iir, lur uir purcuate 01 me iwu
trcij, tii IV", r tor, w in
An, I will irrr t iniHiflu thow thai tlie Ian, !
uHight It iniirr Valuable ful III IlinUr or im,t
than for agtlciiltuiat iuruea, and to
hit tlalin to tnld laud Iwfoie II c milt, l H
Comiiilttliiurr. al lilt iiltlr al lleud, Orrg 11
ll ijthdayof June, ivi
lie uammat wllnettrt J.'N llunlrr, Hlvhara
King, jamea iiHinrr ami j. i.awicuec. all '
11 in
kny ami all peraoiit dallying ulrtraaly Ihf
f-drterllMil lamltarr letAiealMl in nl. 11..1.
rlalmt ih Ihli Hmcc on or beloir Mkt ijOi day
of June. Iv'i ' '
aij J1 MICIIAItl. T. NOI.AN, ItegUlrr.
Tlmtxr Land, Ail June j. ityi
K. I.aud Olfinr. The Datlva, Oiegon,
AtUtli. I-
Nolhrr It hereby given that In com HU net wiiii
Ihr irltoo
in in
Hie ait of Coiia-iKa of Imhc
rullltrd "AN act lor the aale o( tlMtbec lamlt
In the HUletollallloiiila, Oregon. Newnla. au.l
W'aahlugtou Tmltory " at rtlemVeal In alt Ihr
I'liblaC Laml Hlalra liy acl of A, gnat 4, Ifcai,
IjhciiW Nulinaii.
fdratille I'alt, rmiuly of hnuhmnlali, Ntalr ?
Wathlngloil, hat tint nay flltal In Ihlt nriMT In.
twotu tlalemenl No 7. fur Ihe puKhtac ni
I he ae U of nee ji. I, w a, 1 14 e, w m,
Ami will Hirer I'lwf la thow lhal the lau.l
ought It more valuable foe Itt timber or .
IImh for agricultural MirHite.i, ami la ltWi.n
hlartalm IauM laml beforr Ihr Kegltter an. I
HerHverallhr IMIIet. orrgmi. an Ihe nth !
ufjune. fi
Mr namet at wtlnteaei Mat Klate J. I,n
atrt, 1'iank Camnbell and frank Krute. all ,,1
rtranlte lalla, Wathlngton
Anv and all wtwii eialmlnt- attvetalt lk
almvcMleKribrd Umlt arr lnHlrd tu file Ibrh
cUimtlH lhitonvtenor lielareMid nib da
Juar. iwta MICIIAItl. T NOI.AN. heglM.i
Timber lind, Art June h i7
V , tndtM. The laHa-. Otegtm
March nM, l'
Ntarbe tt bete by given Ihat In cuaipllaNce n
Ibe peaviainaa of Ihe act ar Cnttrtrat id Jim- 1
lira, tainted ",n art lur the tale of litabei l.i
In Ihe htalea at' Calieurnla. iiieaaH. Netada h.i
Waahlngtoa Terrllaey. ' aa rtlead.,1 la all 11,
ISablk Und Maiet by art ih Aagatt 4
l mill II. I.ytxtt,
ofllead. nrnuly of Cftaik. tlalr of Iheaua ha.
hit day Hied In thlt offtee lilt wm eUtenieni
Na al. tut Ihe pMCbtte of Ihr N tt Ha tw (,
Nw X aad Mw K tw K atec Jt. Ii t.r ll r w 1.,
And wilt oiler imiaf Itt abate that Ihe Un I
Mag ht hi mnte valaahte fa Ha imkrr or tl.m.
than fur agrtrtdtaial potjwtrt lad Iu a-t4tl.lai,
bit claim la tatd land beehtr Ihe LotHtly Clerk
rnamjie. otegoa. wNlhr iMhday or Jalv. v
He aanttwi atwHiia.a P tl.tllUtof lAkllaw
fhegam, X W llllrt, I ll Turner and Mary It
Ulhtt. all of Urad UfeotHI.
Any aad all prraottt Claiming adeettrly Hi.
abora-Vacetbiat Undt are ivaiirate.1 la hie Ih.i
daliH. In Ihlt aebe oa ur belbfe told nth dav
July, itatt MICIIAItl, T NOI.AN. Reglan.
TlNahar Mnd. AM Jua j, i7f .
.The liallr IMrtjon.
A kt 1, Ita
Netarr ta arraW gteen lhal Ih cotapliaaa-e wHh
Mtaof lae Actor Cttaataaa of June 1
of Cttaataaa of June
r .tL m-tZ. HmI. I-...I
laTfl. eatWIeat. "Aa aat
far IbcMle of Matbti Unl,
la lawawtataf CaUfaraK thTMaa. Nevada a.i
Waahlagtoa Tertlloey," at ealettdixl la all Hi.
auMic Mad tialtw by Act af Aaguat 4, iyi
Harry K Norlhap.
ofrortlead.eaa.aly ul hlullautuah, alale ol ..
gata. baa Ihla ita tied IN Ihla efare bla aa.,m
Malrment No take, foe Ihe pari hate oflhe I ..(.
I aad 4. tec li. IHt 1 , 1, 1 aad 1, aev iy. and I 1
1 aad , ace at, tp la a. r 11 e, w at
Aad will offer proof lo hotr lhal ik
Uad aaagbl a noee valuable far IU liml-i ,h
aaa me agruuuutai parpawaaad to r.1.1
tu claim lu taldatad baaote Ihe Hrgiai.i
ectiyer.alTbe Italltm. tHaauai.aa lb, .u.
day of Jac,
lleaaaaraaa irllnlatu llaaaae ianl l.
real II flakvee. and llaiinan " ----- 1, .,1
of r-ueiUad. (Megoa, A C iJttaa aad Na-W t
Utoat. 04 Bend. Oregoa. Michael O Coai. .11 1
L. O. HeWair. ol The IMtot. OrMtag.
Aay aad all pertatw ttaltalag adtiar
Iha above laadt are tauaeatad W 1W1 belt . i,m.
lalhltaeacranae beWaa tile aaW iMh i-t "i
Jaae, lata,
aralu MICIIAIM,T.MO!eAN. Neglatar.
Tttaber Uml. Act Jane j, i7t,
V. ft. Uad Otacv, Tha IhkUaa, uregnn
March ilk a'
Natlca la hereby given that la eotapltam. uiili
iha protkaloat oflbe Act oTCoaiireaa of Jum ,
i7. ralllled "Aa act for the aaW ortlmbrr I.ihI.
(NlhcataleaolCalllbcala, OregtMt, Natrada aud
Wathlnglun Irrrllory," aa e (leaded lo all Hi-fufalk-
Una Malet by act of AafMal 4, -)
Vraak lUaat.
of Kedmond, coualy of Crook, tlaae af Oitgiu.
bat Ihla day it. In ihla affica bk awotu ti,.i.
Meal No Vt, ha- Iha pucbtvM el Ihe ar (, o
arc. a. Ip aut, r ije, wm,
And alii oHrr p,m,f to teeow lhal Ihr tulid
wighl it hmmc valaabie for Ita Umber ot an.ur
than for agricultural ptttltatca. aud tw etaabliti
hit rlaitu fc tatd land before Ihe Coualy Ikiku
frlHevlllc, Oregon, m the i4h day of July. t
lit uawet aa wltinmaa. John Ittatt, tafHIMrit
Oltipi, end V II. ilaau, O W.TT Pie ami
ClurttM tanUiougl.,all of lieml, Ortgtm.
Any atul all iwiwu. lai.,!.... .i..ub !,
atarrt-tutiiaaiiaiultararefiuailttltu fllr their
- '' i .." .. ---".- ". !, ," "-
July, itfio.
aim in inu anwe on or bettH
cl aakl Itlli nay ul
ornraiiile I'MII, dngiily of riiinhoiultli, italcnl
natnjiigtoii, haalbjailuy tiled III lliliollicc hit
-yy.,1 lairmrni r'i, JIII7,
lierlt K,l. IHtJ fur II.m ill
""'f te
UrC.4lAa r Mr, Will.
Ami wUrtrjrr, iirrtof In ihow Hint the land
ll-irr, mrtof In thow Hint ihe Uml
ll'tirhTl .ealualila fur III tliuhrr or ttmic
a 11 IbrVigrlt
t claim lot
lifIMtliTuani.gid to
t4ld 1 InJiilVcUirclhc comity clnk at
rviihlh,, ll. nil. .U.. ..e ,.... ..-j.
hit claim la 1
I'rlncvittc Orcgu
II. on,... . . ' "rM-,'1 "mr "I Jims IV.
It a a, V V,"11"!" " . JOIUOII, Ull ll)(ie,
If.-.-ti0fr ",".'" l7''';Nll,e. ircgou,uuil Sar
hall N. I'og ufOruullc ViX., Waahlnglon. ;
AllVailll all ai.y,ri l.l...l ...I ...j k..
uayofjunr toofi. , v '
MICJIAKI. T, NQltM, Ucftitt..
Timber Uml, Act June j, it.