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Supreme Court Decides on Per
kins Alleged Misdeeds.
New York Llfo Company Money Ap
propriated Openly nnd Avowedly
for Campaign Purposes.
New York, May 26. The appellate
division of the Supreme court today
hsnded down it decision discharging
! otn custody George V. Perkins, whom
the Supreme court had hold to await
nction of the crend Jury on a charge ot
grand larceny in connection with the
campaign contributions ot the New
York Life Insurance company to the
Republican national committee.
District Attorney Joromr, upon
hearing the court's decision dlscharg
ing Mr. Terkins, said:
"1 shall appeal this can to the court
ot appeals and get a decision there."
Justice McLaugultn, who wrote the
prevailing opinion, raid:
"It the tacts set out In the deposi
tions upon which the warrant here was
issued be constrned in th most liberal
way cot aistcnt with a Jnditial deter
rolnallon, I am ot theoptnicn that such
facta do not establish that the crime ot
crand larceny has been committed, as
the same is defined by the penal code.
The defendant had a right to give ot
his own funds to the chairman of the
Republican national committee. The
relator made the contribution at the
request ot the president ot the insur
ance company with the express under
a andlng that it would repay him. The
money belonging to the insurance com
pany was appropriated openly and
avowedly by the relator, after all the
ticis had been stated to the finance
committee, to reimburse him for the
monev whichlhe had previously ad
anTd." Justice Patterson, while agreeing
that Mr. Perkins cannot be found
guilty ot larceny, raid that he may be
com pe .led by a civil action to make
restitution, Inasmuch as the officers ot
the company had no power to make the
contribution. Justice Ingraham rays it
must be understood the court is not
now concerned with the civil responsi
bility ot Mr. Perkins lo the company.
He continue:
"It was McCall who appropriated
the money ot the corporation, and the
officers or employes ot the company,
who obeyed his direction in making
that payment, without intent to de
more than carry out the instructions ot
the president of the corporation, were
net, as I view it, responsible for the
Justice McLaughlin rays:
"It cannot be raid that Mr. Perkins
did net have a moral da tea. eves
though, owing to the act that the pres
ident doubtless exceeded his authority,
he may have had no legal claim for
Defendants in WNRamson Land Fraud
Case FKa Revision.
Portland. May 2ti J. X. WUIiaaa-
ran. Van Gesuer aad Maries R. Beggs
filed yesterday, tbreash Judge Besaett,
their attorney, a revised bill of excep
tions with the clerk f the frdectl
court. The bill is a ts)mMt kcc
meat ol 1.6M typewritten pace. and
repredoce is a )arg measure the lesti
many t the trial in which tbey were
convicted of eoaspiracy to defraud tbe
A espy of tbe bill ' has be seat to
Judge HuuL ot Maataas, wbo is ex
peoted to
to Portland about Jaae
16. Jade
Haat rcsated to reeesve a !
tenser bill ot exosvtsoas preeeutoi by
tbe defendant. It is aeceseary far
eueh a bill to be accented before tbe
rarea. go to tbe higher court. Jodge
Hunt will probably pan upon this lat
ent filing soon.
Stir About Forest Reserves.
Washington, May 26. Considerable
stir was occasioned in tbe senate yes
terday over an amendment to tbe agri
cultural appropriation bill proposing to
give 10 per cent of tbe receipts from
forest reserves to tbe states ia which
tbe reserve are located, tor reboots
and pnblic roads. Senator Fulton pro
posed increasing the doeattoa to 20 per
cent, in view ol tbe (act that toe cita
tion of reserves materially reduces tbe
taxable area of counties, bat tbis pro
voked considerable opposition, and
probably will be withdrawn.
Foreign Commerce In April.
Washington, May 26. Tba fotelra
commerce of tbe United States far
.April aggregated. 1251,000.000, ot
"which $107,000,000 was in imports and
$141,000,000 ia exports. These figures
are given in a bulletin issued by the
bureau ot statistics, which cava tbat
only in one previous April in the his
tory of the country's export trade baa
tbe total of imports and exports reaoa
d aa much a.$ 200,000,000.
British Fear That Another Great War
May Como in South Africa.
Pretoria, May 25. Tho garrison hero
has been ordered to prepare to take tho
field, and It Is understood that similar
orders have been sent to ovoiy com
mandant ot British troops in South
Africa Tho situation in Natal Is
growing moro and more serious daily
and advices received trout the troops
that are operating against ltamhata
show that ho is receiving reinforce
ments from nearly every tribe in Zulu
land. Arms and ammunition are also being
rent to him, and all elicits of the colo
nial authorities to put a stop to this
traffic have proved futile. Zulu spies
are everywhere and ate apparently able
to keep tho leaders posted as to field
plans, as no sooner is a trap set for the
rebels than they escape from It. They
have also captured several convoys.
The fact that the colonial troops have
been unable to make any headway
against the rebels, and that British
regulars are to be called on, indicates
how serious the situation is. The
authorities are hardly in a position at
present to enter into a great Zulu war,
and it is understood that they will bend
every effort to crush Uambatal within
the next few days. All the regular
troops that can be spared are to take
the field against him, while the colo
nials will act with them and will also
try to prevent any other Zulu tribes
from reaching Bambata until he can be
Favored Merchants Testify Against
Burlington Road.
Kansas City, May 25. Testimony ot
unusual interest was biought out this
afternoon in the United States court In
the trial ot George 11. Crosby, traffic
manager ot the Burlington railway;
George L. Thomas, of New York, a
freight broker, and L. B. Taggart, his
clerk, on a charge ot conspiracy in re
bating railroad rates.
The principal witnesses were George
A. Barton, ot Barton Brothers' Shoe
Company; George W.Taylor, ot Robert
Keith Furniture Company; E. W.
Freyscblag. of the Freyschlag Mercan
tile Company, all of this city, and
Walter Kelby, of New York, ders: in
1904 and K05 for Thomas.
Tbe testimony showed that the firms
mentioned received large sums ot
money from mysterious sources after
freight bills had been paid; sometimes
in express packages, always from New
York, but none knew who sent it. On
the stand Freyschlag frankly referred
to an agreement with Thomas whereby
his firm was to receive 26 per cent re
bates on freight bills, and told Low the
asouty was deposited in New York to
the firm's credit by one Jacksea, wbom
he did sot kaow.
He coald not resaesaber whether he
or Tboeaas bad suggested tbe are of tbe
sane. At first be said that tbe idea
was bis, bat oa cross-exasaiaattoa be
changed aad raid that be eoaU not re
astoaber. He aisaitted that tbe nam
was used to bide "tbis hatiaees," a
terra all tbe witnesses today employed.
Immense Lets of Life at Umanka,
VJetoria, B. CX. May 2. Mail ad-
vkes from tbe Oriestt sute tbat aa
earthquake ranting great lors of life
and coasidorabie dasaare to prorertv
scarred at tbe begsansag of May at
raiaakai aad Tseiatty, m Mongolia.
Tbe Pekia Tisnee reports taat a cbana
several feet wMe was caused by tbe
The walkJ eity of TJaiaakai was at
atott eoosplesoiy destroy., tbe lors of
life betas very heavy. Ota-sub at
PWa baa received aers tbat tbe ea-
lasaity was of cxrettoaal seventy aad
arraagateaU wore being xaaoe tor tbe
relief of tbe people in distress.
Severe shocks are abe reporte-i frees
Foki a province of China, tbe asott
disattroas ia Chars Cboa prefecture,
vSere assay building were destroyed .
tbe lees of life was unknown.
Metcalf Gives Evidence.
Washington, May 2. SeoreUry
Metcalf, eomplrisg with a resofatiea
ot tbe house, has seat to tbat body a
long report from CescmitiFO&er General
Sargent, of tbe Immicrstfoa bureau,
giving the history of tbe eaferces&est
ot tbe Chinese exolasioa law. Tbe last
chapter deals with tbe Chinese boycott
of American goods and reproduces oS
rial proclamations of Cal&ete officials,
which, despite assertions to the con
trary, show that tbe Chinese govern
ment is at least sot discouraging tbe
Hermann's Trial In June.
Washington, May 26. Tbe trial of
Representative Hermann is new robed-
uled to take place in this city between
Jnne o and 10, unlees some unforeseen
obstacle should arise. Francis J.
Henry has notifitd District Attorney
Baker that be will come bark to Wash
ington to conduct the prosecution. It is
Mv.k.VlA (k . will Kj. vHcrwuwt rtf In
IftWtWI.7 ,MV WK 1... wv ,g-v.M w ...
three or four days.
Boys' and Girls' Aid Society of Ore
gon In Good Condition.
Portland At the annual meeting ot
tho members ot the Hoys' and Girls'
Aid Society, J 0. Alnsworth, W. It.
Gilbert and Robert S. Farroll were re
elected dlrrc'.ois, and Miss Helen F.
Spalding was chosen to fill the vacancy
on the board caused by tho resignation
of Mrs. W. A. Buchanan.
Tho annual reports ot the officers
showed tho institution in a tlouilihing
condition. Superintendent VV. T.
Gardner's report gave a thorough re
sume of the work accomplished by the
ecclety the past year. Under tho sur
veillance ot the society In Oregon,
Washington and Idaho there are 408
children. Of these there are 70 girls
who ar in respectable homes In Port
land. Assistant Superintendent Gard
ner has been appointed to look after
the children who have been placed in
private families to se that they are
doing well. In addition to this assist
ant the society now has county sdvls
ory boards to look after tho children in
the different counties ot the state.
Preparatinns Under Way at Salem for
Greatest Ever Held.
Salem The State Fair Board has be
gun preparations for the greatest State
Fair ever held In Oregon. A portion
of the money that would have been ex
pended for premiums Istt ysar, when
then was no Stats Fair, was used to
make numerous improvements on the
buildings and grounds in preparation
fcr this year's fair. All mam build
ings have been repainted, stuck sheds
and race horse barns extended and im.
proved and the racetrack has been re
graded. The board purchased a quantity of
park seats and chairs from the Lewis
and Clark air, together with exhibit
cases, all ot which will be used tbis
year to make the State Fair mora at
tractive and comfortable. Many strik
ing pieces ot statuary and Inside deco
rations have been removed from the
Lewis and Clark grounds to tbe State
Fair grounds, where tbsy have been
carefully repaired.
Epidemic Attacks School.
Aurora A teacher at the public
school recently discovered that one ol
the pupils had what she thought was
chicksnpox, and sent the boy home
with a note to his parents to quaran
tine him. It proved to be chickenpox,
but the pupil would not stay quaran
tined, and went back to school. The
rcbooi directors eoasslted a physician.
The doctor advised tbat the pupil be
allowed to attead school, on tbe ground
tbat be bad already infected tbe schol
ars, and sure enough he bsd, and sew
halt tbe cbiMera in town are affected.
WW Sentence Meklrum.
Portland If Judge Wolrerton im
poses the maximum penalty on Henry
Metdrasa, former surveyor graeral tot
Oregon, be will go to all with a sea
teoce of 218 years ot imprisonment
baaging ever bis head. If the court
imposes tbe heaviest fine tbe law alt
lows, MWram will ewe the covern
meat 21.000. Judge Wolverton set
Friday, June S, as the day on which
MeMrum will eosae before tbe court for
sentence. A motioa for a new trial
is peadiag in tbe ease.
Berry Pictesra Scarce.
Portlaad Pa (land emptoymeat
ageacaes are aot only besieged by rail
toad csairaesors for laborers, bat calls
are now eaasiag ia from Hood river
and Waste Salsaea straa berry fieWs for
pickers. Tboacaads of mea and womea
are wanted for this wotk and tbe cry
Jar help aids to tbe embarrassment of
labor agents wbo are already trying
with all their might to K--ure laborers
ior railroad aad oisutraeiioa camps.
Ackerman Resotres to Retire.
Salem J. H. Ackerman, state super
satesdeat of public instruction, has
announced bis iateatioa to retire from
pesiUea at the end of bis next term.
Mr. Ackenaaa baa tbe disttectioa of
being tbe Bpublican and Democratic
somssee, although be only accepted the
Bepubiscaa BOsiBatioa, and bis name
will appear on tbe official ballot only
aa tbe BepsbUcaacaadidate,
Klamath Land is Reopentd.
Washington Daring 1KX 5 1.600,
003 acres of pobhc lands in tb Klam
ath region el Orrgsa nstd California
were reaerrtd, pending investigations
to driersese tbe ieatihUtty of reclaim
inx undo- tbe Ela-uib irrigation project-
Eakf of tbis area is &ew restored
to entry, tbe balastce being reserved ar
las-da reUisa.W Jor noervoir silos or
rights of way.
Hop Proipocta Excellent.
Aurora Hops in this section of the
valley, tbe baxssar hop-raising district
of Oregon, are farther advanced this
year than ia forz&er seasons at this
time. There is a large acreage, and all
the yards are showing veil.
If Solvent, Insurance Companies Will
Not Do Oustod by State.
Salem Secretary of Stato Dunbar,
who is ex'Olllcio itisurauco commission
er ot this state, when shown tho state
ment that Callfonla anil Nevada Insur
ance, commissioners would drive out
companies that quibble ovor tho pay.
ment of San Francisco tiro losses, satd
that so far as Oregon Is conceriird he
cannot take any note of what tho vari
ous companies do In California or any
other stato so long as they comply with
the Oregon law which entitles them to
do business In this state.
There Is on deposit with the state
tteasurer $3,100,000, In interrst.bear
Ing securities, which tho 00 companies
doing business In this stato have put
up to secure the payment of any loss
they may sustain and which has been
finally adjudicated against them.
Fifty-eight companies have put tip
$50,000 each and two companies $100,
000 each.
Only one company has notified the
commissioner that It cannot continue
to do business in Orrgon on account of
California losses and that is the Trad
era' Insurance company, ol Chicago.
All agents have been notified to ceaso
writing insurance tor that company.
The $50,000 on deposit will be held
to pay any losses sustained hy Oregon
policyholders in that company, or until
all its policies have been legally can
celed, when the deposit may bo with
drawn. Mr. Dunbar salJ that refusal or Ina
bility ot an Insurance company doing
business In this state to pay any of Its
California losses would not be sufficient
reason for him to cancel their Oregon
All he Is authorised to do Is to look
out for the interest of Oregon policy
holders, and it the companies comply
with the Insurance statutes of this state
tbsy can continue to do business, as
they are solvent. If any ot them be
come insolvent they pot tbemselvss out
of business without any Interference on
the part ot the commissioner of Oregon.
Treasure Mine Sold.
Eugene A mining deal of import
ance has been consummated In this
city. Charlee Harding Park, residing
here, has sold the Treasure mine in the
Blue river district to J. Kowland Bags-
dale, ot Maccbestrr, Kngland. The
purchase price is not made public, but
is said to be the highest ever paid for a
mine in the district. The Treasure
mine has long been known to be one of
tbe richest properties at Blue ttver.
Mr. Park has spent much money In Its
development, and in the ertctlon of a
ten-stamp quarts mill on tbe property.
Cherries Ripening Rapidly.
Aurora Cherries are ripening fast
and all kinds ot fruits are ahead of far
mer years. The severe cold snap of
two days in March bad no appreciable
eCeet on fruit trees In northern Marlon
Wheat Club, 79k; bluestem, 74
7c; red. 7lc; va ley, 7ot371e.
Oats No. 1 white feed, $26; gray,
133 50 per ton.
Parley Feed, $23.60824 per ton;
brewing, $243240; rolled, $24 603
26 SO.
Hay Valley timothy, No. 1, $12813
per ton : clover, $7.6008; cheat, $63
7; train bay, $7gS; alfalfa, $12.
Fruits Applet, $2 603 60 per box;
cherries, $1 21.40 per box: straw,
berries, California, $1 3631 40; Ore
gou, 10316c per pound; gooseberries,
S-afic per pound.
Vegetables Asparagus, 7c(3fl-3e
per box; braas, 839e per pound; cab
b. $17682 per 100; greea corn, 00c
per down; onions, 103 15c per desen;
pa, 36c; radishes, 16c per dosen;
rhubarb, 3c pound; spinach, 90c per
box; turnips, $1Q1.26 per fad; car
rots, 66876c per sack; beets, 5c(3$l
per ack.
Onions Bermuda, 4c per pound.
Potatoes Fancy gtadej Butbanks,
oogooc per nnnurm: ordinary, nom
inal; sew California, 2c pet pound.
Butter Fancy creamery, 17, S3 20c
per pound.
Kggs Urrcoa rancn, 19820c per
Poultry Average old bens, 13VQ
He per pound, mixed chickens, 123
ISc; broilers, 20Q22ttc; young roos
ters. 124 9 13c; eld roosters, 123
12Vc; dressed chickens, 16c; turkeys.
live, l&SISc; turkeys, dressed, choice,
20 8 ISc; geese, live, 10811c; geese,
dressed, old 10c, young 12c; ducks, old
17c, young 20c.
Hops Oregon, 1005, llK12,4'c.
Wool Kaitern Oregon average best,
16321c; valley, coarse, 32023c; fine,
24025c per pound; mohair, choice, 2S
S0e per pound.
Vsal Dressed, SHQCc per pound.
Peef Dressed bulls, Sc per pound;
cows, 4S⪼ country steer, 696c,
aiution urease! lancy, 7Utc per
pound; ordinary, t(J6c; lambs, with
pelt on, Sc.
Pork Dressed, 7&vc per pound.
Largest Town In Alaska Sufl'iirs Heavy
Loss, liicludlnR Foodstuirs,
Fairbanks, Alnskn, May 32. l'lro
has broken out hem mill Is threatening
tho town with destruction. Tim Wash.
limlon-Alnskn bank Is burned. Tliv
(lames have oiosscd First nut) Hcconil
avenues, anil nro rusliiiiK "P uiiriiiiiaii
street with great speed. Tho National
bank Is doomed. Nothing can save tho
Heattlo, May .1!. A sprclal to the
I'osMiitolllgoucitr tonight states that
tho ctttlro business section ol tho town
of Fairbanks, Alaska, was destroyed by
a flro which stnrtwd In tho Fairbanks
building, a three-story frauio structure,
at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
Details ot tho disaster aro very ineag
or, hut It Is feared that tin food supply
of tho town has Imwii destroyed and
great suffering may result.
Nothing was left standing in the
section lying between tho water front
and Third avenue and Htacey and Tur
ner streets. Tho work ot the fire fight
ers was cnntcrcil on tho block of ware,
houses owned by the Northern Com
merclal company, In order to protect
the food supply of the town, and the
result Is still In doubt,
The loss is estimated at $1,000,000,
and It Is announced that the hravlrst
Interests of tho town are already pro.
paring to rebuild.
No lives were lost.
Fairbanks Is a mining town on the
banks of the Tanana river .n Alaska.
It Is the entreat for the miners In the
girat Tanana section, one of the rlchsst
gold-producing regions In the girat
country In the north that was bought
from Hu-sla by tho United States. The
output of the Tanana mines has lecn
enormous, inti the town has Istely as
sumrd tho proportions of a city, Mng
credited with a populalon ol about IB,
Conferees Will Recommend Foraker's
Original Plan.
Washington, May 2.1. An agree
ment on the statehood hill will I em
bodied In a conference report which
will bo reached this week, according
to Information today. What the terms
of this agreement will be cannot be
stated with preclseness, as the report
has not yet been drafted. The plans
which seem to Im acceptable to both
sides, however, are:
That Oklahoma and Indian Territory
shall be admitted as one state at once;
that Arizona and New Mexico shall l
allowed to vote separately on the ques
tion ol being Joined In one state; tbat
the vote shall be cast at a regular terri
torial election, when officers of the ter
ritories are voted ter.
The piepotltlen Is generally known
as the Foraker amendment at a year
Garfield Preparing; Further Sections
of Report on Methods.
Wsshlngten, May 23. Commission
er of Corporations James It. Garfield
stated today that he would submit to
the president further Information on
tbe result of his investigation ot the
oil Industry. iLhas not yet been de
termined, however, whether this will
be in one single report or several sepa
rate reports. The report recently sub
mitted to congress covered the question
of transportation and freight rates, and
.Mr. uarnrM is now engaged In pretiar
ing reports on the production and refin
ing ot oil, the control ot pipe lines, or.
ganliation, foreign trade and conditions
and competitive methods. The data
for tho first four has practically all
been received, and the report on com.
petitlve methods is well nnder wa.
Mr. Garfield aald ha did not believe he
would be able to submit to the presl
dent any of three reports before the ad
journment ot congress.
Readjust Philippine Coinage.
Washington, May 23. Senator I.oJge
today Introduced a bill at the request
ot Secretary Tatt for a readjustment of
the ratio of tbe Philippine coinace and
for an Increase in the elasticity ot the
prwm system, me bill is frame. I
npon tbe recommendations of tbe Phil
ippine commission contained in the
annual report and in brief authorises
the commission, with the consent ot
the president, to change the weight and
fineness of the silver peso and to recoln
the existing peso so as to adjust it to
the change.
dapansse Send S3 0,000 More.
Washinirton.Mav 23 Th. An.,u.
National Red Cross received $30,000
today from the Jspanrse Bed Cross for
me reuei ot the San Francisco earth
quake sufferers. This bring the total
Jspsneee Red Cross mntrlt.mlrm i
J $80,000.
Illllll IKJIIiUllil UlllWilllv
Acquire Coal lloldlnys.
Stock Paid for by Granting Mates ami
Discrimination In Distribu
tion of Cars,
Philadelphia, May 24 Fiirtlmr mv.
elatlons concuriiliiK stockholding in
suit coal mining companies by official
of tlm I'onusylvanla railroad Hero
inadn today when tho Interstatn Com.
uierco commission resumed its lnvttl.
gallon Into allegid discrimination by
railroad In thn distribution uf rsrs.
Three high official of thn railroad tr
vice, Vice-President John P. (lren.
Third Vice-President Hatuiinl Ite ami
William A. Patton, assistant lo the
president at Phlladxlphla, wrro the Im
portant witness? ot the (lay.
Mr. Patton was under ciiaminatlon
the greater part of the morning ami
was an unwilling witne. The pr
slstent qurstloriliig ot Mr. Glasgow, at
tcrnry lor the cuniiillon, lioworer,
brought out thn fact that hn hail sr.
quired stock, thn par valun of which is
$307,000, In various coal compsnlrs
without cost. He eiplalnid, howsrrr,
that he had signed notts obligating
himself for hi share of the losses and
Ireland hi belief that it wa proper
fur him to accept the stock under thrso4
Mr. Una rrad a stabnnnt to thn com
mission, in which he eiplalnid allot
his stock transactions, stating that Im
d d not !ellev he was lUUrrnl from
ownership lxcause ot his connection
with the railroad company, Mr Itra
satd that mot of hi stock was aoulnd
through his associations with land pur
chailng syndicates, which tot np tho
coal properties for development.
Mr. Green said that 20 or 30 years
ago it was not conshUrtd Improper for
an official ot the road to own cal com
pany stock, but that conditions had
changrd ami such holdings might not
now be rrgarded In the same light as
formerly. Ha Informed the commis
sion that thn hoard of directors of llin
Pennsylvania railroad, acting ujon tlm
Information that had been hroonht out
at the hearings, had today appointed a
committee ol five director to mike sn
Investigation Into the connection of it
officers with coal companies. Mr.
Green said ho did not own a dollsr's
worth of coal company stock.
Other witness tmtlfird to stock
ownership and discrimination In the
distribution ot cars.
Probable Disagreement Oetwseo Two
Houses on Question.
Washington, May 24. A growing
sentiment in the senate in favor ot
Mtklng the proposed eanal appropria
tion applkabte only to thn conitractlon
ot a sea Isvrl canal across th MIhuis
of Panama In accordance with the ma
jority rrport of the senate coinmltiee
on interocranlc canal Is proving em
barrassing to the administration, which
Is eoruiultted to the lock type. Presi
dent Hooeevelt todty discussed tie sub
ject with senate leaders wbo relied at
the White House, ami apparently he Is
maah eooeerard a to tbe autoc me.
As the result ot the president's In
quiry, an attempt will be iiisde t-xlsy
to ascertain how the senate stands on
the question ot canal type. Them
were too many abseotrea to nuke an
effective poll, but it was learned that
several senatois who had ben counted
upon to support tho administration
progrsm w vote for a sea level rsnsl.
Secretary Taft ha Informed the srnato
that, II the typo ot canal is not i'etrr
mined by convicts, thn president will
not nrsltato to proceed with the plans
lor a lock canal recommended by the
minority ot tho board ot consulting en
gineers. Shall Moody Prosecute?
Washington, May 24. An Important
conference was held at the White Houio
late this afternoon, participated In by
the president. Attorney General Moody
and James H, Garfield, commissioner
ol corporations. It Is understood that,
In connection with some feature of the
recent report on the oil industry by Mr
Garfield, tho. question considered wss
whether a legal remedy Is to bo applied
or whether the rate bill now pending,
when finally passed, will not famish a
remedy for some ot the matters com
plained of.
New Dominican Revolt.
Washington, May 24. News of an
other outbreak in Santo Domingo
rraohnl here today from a senior naval
officer on that station, to the following
elJrct: "New has been received ot n
insurrection at Macorls, Santo Domin
go, In which prisoners weio released,
tho rebels withdrawing. No American
interests endangered,"