The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 04, 1906, Image 7

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    !. Wll ICnoiiBh Alnna.
Tlir' graft ntnl vll ewywlitro,
Ami jet, ami yt, my lirnthr,
Dili world la kiioiI ! would uot aro
Jimt now to try nnotharl
Mutt InUrMotmtaln,
Stnd poital for
"Voot of
Truents "
lov K C
right a-
way. It's
purer and
more efficient
than any Dak-
lug Powder that
costs three tiinci
as much.
25 oz. for 25c.
A Friend
THAT thin, lllllo, 10-cenl Dot of
When arrled oonatanlly In
your Veit'lWket, or In "my
FLady's" Purao It will ward oil nlnoty per
cent of Ule'i ordinary lite,
Hat ona of lha air. oandy tablet oon-
I lined In thai -Vest Poket Box" whenever
you auafeet you need one.
It ean'l hurl you, and la euro tnauranco
laealnit aeiloua atokneH.
Want of Bierulio, Indoor Employment,
I weaken tho Bowel MtHOloa, Juat as they
weaken Arm and Lee Muaolea.
Tho Muaolea loao tone, tenalon, ttrencth,
to force the food onward.
And tho loncer they atay In that atale
tho weaker they Leoome, booauao tho leaa
' eierotsa they est throunh the alow paaa-
8 Ol food,
Caaoareta contain tho only combination
of drugs that acta on the Muaolea of tho
Dowel and Inteallnea, Juat aa Cold Water,
or Eaerclae, ast on a Laiy man.
They act IJVo Eaerolae.
When you have Heartburn, Collc.Coated
Ton jue, Suipeoled Dreath, AcM-rllnc-lt-throat,
Cavbelehlnc, or an Incipient Cold,
take a Caioijret.
Remember, all theao aro not merely
Dlaeomforta, but Indications of a aorleua
Hip them In the bud eat a Candy
Cascaret. Caaearet don't puree, nor
punlah tho alomaoh llko "Dlle-drlvlne"
They act llko niCTClsa on tho Bowel
Muaolea that propel Pood, and that aqueeio
tho natural Dljeltve Julcea of tho body
Into Pood.
Caaoareta ward off, or euro, the follow
ing dlaeasea:
CottttiatiaH If at Rrtath
Viliauiitttt Diiihlts
The Life of a Bag
depend on how
honeilljr It I mad
arc made on honor, of tho boat mater
ial. That la why they outliyo other.
You won't need to order bag o often
If oyery order .p.clfle. "DEMIS."
Mad for
Bemis Bro. Bag Co.
P. N. U.
No. ir-o
IV tc
Mention this paper.
Ilaan Hound Soma,
Ilia niimiarrlit w worn and torn
From conatnnt declination,
"They ran't dnjr," ha alil, "to ray
Work n big circulation I"
Clttrriaml Iadr.
you know
the secret of
the Wave
Circle ?
kDon't dctoy ,
day I
:; rj
Jaques Jifi. Co.
Chic aid
in Need
IitJigtitlon f.hf.tfA
J)yiftfiut Iharrhixa
Tarfiid I.ivtr I-'latulinct
Afiftttdicitlt llivtt
Rhtutiuttiim Jauttilie
Catarrh A'ttuira
Cotie Vtrtigo
Scrofula PimpUt
WetHiinly Troubltt
Worm llUtchn
'J'fltt hltxttna
Utttrt DyttnUry
In auh oases a little Caaearet In tlmo la
worth fill dalUra worth of Treatment
later on, to say nothing of the Buffering,
dlaoemfort, loss of Dullness Energy, and
loss of SeoUl Sunshine It aavea.
A comlnc Headaeho can bo warded oft
In aherl d"rder, by i. atngto Caaearet, and
tho cause removed.
Heartburn, Caa-belchlng, Acld-rlalngs In
tho throat, and Colicky feeling aro auro
algna of bowel trouble from food polaona,
and should bo dealt with promptly,
Ono Caaearet will atop tho coming trou
blo, and move on the Bowel load, If taken
at the first algna,
Don'l fall to carry tho Veat Pocket Box
of Caacareta with you constantly.
All Druggists sell them over ten million
boxeaa year.
Be very careful lo get tho genuine
made only by tho Sterling Remedy Com
pany and never sold In bulk. Every tablet
ata ped"CCC."
Wl want to aend to ear frlrnai a bcaotiral
Frrnch-OulfrifO. GOLD I'LATED llUtiBOrj IlUX.
hard-enameled In color t. It I a beauty for thi
drtulnc table. Ten cent In itampt It atktd a a
neaiart ol rmd filih and te corer cett at Caturi t a,
with whlchTHaTntnty trinket It loadrd. tio
Send to-day, mentioning this paptr, Atidrei
SttrUac Ktmtdr Cooipaor, Chicago or rUw York.
Portland Trade Directory
Nm and Addrat In Portland ol Kpr.
tentative lulnt at Firm.
rilUTII hL'I'I'I.IKMi Kodak devlnln( and print.
'! writ rr piltM. Wnmlard. Claike a da.
MATlIf I.ANTKHNM- Wttaitr iu, l7u"T
l'l irl on Iinl.ini and Mlhlr.
KMHTIC ItOIKllVinufr-irltr, Urw.rKnTlo
1l ttt mtuuffintnl ItUukai WimkI.m. cirW,
IIOIIHKHcr ll kind for ! al vtrjr rMaaM
l-rlc.a. liiulr 27 rnl HI,
TItUHNXa aanton arpmal r (iiarantaa (It la
diimI dimrullratM) WooJaM, Oim a Va.
AHTirKUAI, KVKSi rrrrtatmrahi.a
auflnmil mm! on apivovali Woudard, Llaika ti
UllKAM MKIAliAlOUH-W (uaianlr b U.H,
Hrpaialor lo b lha li.n. Will lor ftaa Calais.
MKK'nrMTIIIN(llluirin A rtadlalan. xda
uinia Alfrad tlanlamla A (Vl rvrtrct slaluaa.
tv.rrlliliir In nif n't rurnUUIni. MecrlMu and
BIlIU lltftla. OpiMMll Halamc.
rilKK I.AM) IN OIIKdOK undrf t. Car.r Irtl
fallonacl. froruatala. WrUalodar.
I'ouklti and man n-. II. B, Cook A C&, til
Aliltralratl, Voillaad. Ortion.
OUI.THY OOII-If you waal your tna la lar
iur, ii,wf niuiurrjM larneuiar about 1'U.
KlNA I-UUt,'rilY r&Kllb-Arni Sllfl Co,
I'Mlland, Urr-oa,
TAIlAIUH-CMoaibUWooltnMIII l"o.. IMrtland.
Or. IImi iiyl clolhf inad lo maaaurorhtap,
uurirmurauianlliu lnur Mrlacl Ok
Walla fthai aa BKam.-l&a MJ b. . m
" ivi ww BfMi aMU fafKartaW
flANOn A OIKIArra flldral piano houa on I'a
clna oeaat. CViani anl riauoa ou taiy airmnU.
will Air lUb llua quoit jrouaprlca. AlltnA
Ullbtrt'lUmaktr Col, Po UauO, Urtgon.
Human llalrOoo.U-nwIlchM, I'ompadour. Man'
Toup.faaiiJ Wlt bnl qualllri prlct
ttnd ror Ira t lot llali mall ordtra a arwclallr,
1'arl lltlr nloro, tut Wultlnilon all. Kal IM.
rowarlullr warranted '1115. All aliaa and
trU at loweit prtee. Writ for eatalof,
Portland, Orcsoa,
AupIh I'll, m I'mtiiiiiir,
Arrnritfn In a ilirn nirtliuii linking
IInIi niiIIiiIiIi) tor kctvIiik uh ninny n
lili'x, ruriil ntiil imrcil, im It will hold.
i' ill the vow en vll Ion with n mixture
of iNitinl tinrU of IniIIiiI cliitniit".
alnmil tIniM, Nitiltil rnlnlim ninl will-
iititx, nil clioiHit lino ninl inoUti'iiisI
wllli Iciiimi Jiil mill hwii'IimiciI to
tiiatc. Midt xiiirnr mid IhiIIit In hot
wntur In tho iroKrtliin of one tnhlo-
MHMiiirni of Hinriir nml nni' li.ilf Irn-
HMfiriil of Imller for l-ncli npik nml
ono cup lio wnli'r for llvo iipjilcii. Pour
tlila ntnr tho ii)ili' nml lmli fn-
qtii'iitiy, nililltiK moro wntcr If rlwInL
Tln-ro Nhoulil K Juat n llttlu rteti tlilrlc
ailrtijt "it Urn lnl. Ht-rvo Imt with thin
crt'iiin or i-olil with whlpjM'it crrnui.
.Nil I llnra.
I'fntuttJt, nlinomlM, KiiKllali wnlmita
or iviiiia tuny lie uacil for thla canily.
I'rvjinro the uuta hy ri-inovlii tlio In
iht cioitIiix mid chopping tliciu. Then
KTviiHO tlin bottom and nidi of a
hnmil, ahnllow tin pnn wllli frwli but
tor, nml put the nut into It, nprvnd.
Inn thcin evenly. Put one tiotiml of
Kmnulutitl suKiir, with hnlf n tenciijK
ful of wntrr mul n pinch of cream of
tnrtnr, Into n kettlo nnil boll until
thick, but not tiw lirlltle. Pour tho
Irup over the uiita mul net nwhle tn
cool. When nllKhtly ntlff in irk off Into
wide Iwrn with a nharp kulfo nml let
atniul euTHl lyn, when It will he
roine Hoft nml ilellrlnuK.
lrr AiiihII I'rulln,
Dlvlilo N-leil ornnu'iM Into IiiIhs ninl
run two of the lobe on n kiiihII atlclc.
On miother of tlmie thin hkfwent lm
iwlo ll .MhIaku trrniKH. Hull n
Imp n iKjinnl of Kraiiulutt.ii MiiKnr mul
kiii or (inn wnter nml do not Mir
while ookliiK. Try often hy ilmpplng
H llttlo III Ictll Hlter mill ulimi If la
brittle mill n Inhhijionfiil of lemon
Jtilnr, remove from thu lire, et In nil
outer ihiii of wnl.lliiK wnter mul dip
tho fruit -covered atlcka Into tlu nlrup,
tiiriilnc them oter mul over, then luy
Iiik onvnxiil pnMr to dry.
lUhrtl Kkko.
Put In a frjrlnjr imu mul melt nno
KviieruUM tnbletiiKKiiiful of butter; atlr
into it one teaiootiful of flour until
Kinootli mul frothy, tnkltiK enrw not to
brown. Then draw the pan bnek and
mid, Kruduully, one nipful of cold milk,
Imlf n tcnuiHMiiifiil of ault and a dash
of pepicr. U-t thu auuco boll up once,
then pour Into u di-ep citrtbvu pic plate.
Inlo thU drop elKht v&pt. Place tho
dUii In n uuxlernto oen, mul, when the
WW nro Juat not, acrvo luinicillutely
In the aniuu dial). Uiirulah with pur
ley. ,
Mliirrtt Vent nml Kjjira.
Take nomo reiiitimitM of roast or vtiil, trim off nil browned
lurtM, mul mlnco It very tlnely. Pry
n tlnely chopiml union to n llk'ht brown
in Home butter; add a InrKi) pinch of
Hour, n little Mtock, mul the minced
uniI, with clinpiKil imrxley, iepior. Halt
nml iiutmeK to timte. Mix well mul let
the iiiIikv Kr.ulunlly cet hot: hiHtlv
mid n few dww uf lemon Juicer Servo
with Hlpix'U of brend frlcil In butter.
mul tho imnuhiil ikk on top.
CtiorolNln Oualaril,
Melt over tho tiro twu.outuv of lin
ker's chooolato with n little water mid
mid n cupful of sugar, Hull two in lu
ll tea mid H)iir Into u quart of bolllm;
milk. Add one tnb!ciooiifti of corn
starch (Unsolved In n llttlo cold water,
with a teaniKKinful of vanilla, and add
yolks of four wull ttcnteu vug. Heat
the whiten stiff with u HHiuful of iww
dered ruixnr; put tho cuntard tu cupd
mul pile tlio wlilteK uu them.
To ('out lliei tlvrn.
If when you urn baking nnythliiR
tho oven Rets too hot, put In it basin
of cold water Instead of leaving the
door ohii. Thin cool tho oven, and
the steain rising from the water pro
vents tho contents burning. When
cooking In n KH oven n basin or tin
of water should always Ira kept tu
tho oven.
llm Salad.
Cut lino piece of boiled lihm. Maku
n dresaliiK ns folio wh; To one-half cup
of limited butter add two we) beaten
cubs, one-half pint of vinegar, celery,
salt, pepiHr and salt to taste, dessert,
spoonful of sugar and ono teaspoon(ul
of mustard. Mix smooth and boll until
It thickens to tho consistency of cream
and pour on tho ham.
Fur Krilujf,
Put la tho rlglit heat for frying when
It litis ontlroly ceased bubbling and a
faint blue Binoko rises. To teat It
throw In a small pleco of bread, and (
this turns brown at onco the fat If
There is nothing more distressing than an itching, burn
ing skin disease, and upon the return of warm weather those
who are afflicted with skin troubles find the symptoms appear
ing find know that they will be tormented through the hot
summer months. The blood is heated with humors and acrid matter, and as they are forced
to the surface the skin seems to be on fire. The treatment of skin diseases with exter
nal applications is all wrong, because they do not reach the trouble which is in the blood.
The most such treatment can be expected to do is, allay the itching and burning and cover
up the trouble for awhile, but as soon as it is left off the disease returns.
All food taken into the body contains, in some form, the elements necessary to sustain
the different parts. One portion is used for
lit. ,ni,; t Mw1 nHi.l.M -- 1 THE ITCIHNO WAS ALMOST UNBEARABLE.
n.s. .....rn,.6 viuiwu, """"'V-' " iiiUiJUlv.,
one for bone, still another for fat, and so on.
After these different properties are ex
tracted from the food there still remains a
portion that is useless, or waste matter,
which is intended to be disposed of through
the natural channels of bodily waste, the
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels. At this season
of the year, however, these organs become
torpid, dull and sluggish, and fail to perform this duty, and tlicsc accumulations remain in
the system and arc absorbed by the ulood to ferment and sour, producing burning acids and
acrid humors. The blood cannot properly nourish the system while in this impure condition,
and begins to throw off these acids through the pores and glands of the skin, producing Acne,
Eczema, Tetter, Psoriasis, Salt Rheum and skin diseases of every description.
EOZEMA appears usually with a slight redness of the skin, followed by pustules from
which there flows a sticky fluid that dries and forms a crust, and the itching is intense. It
is generally on the back, breast, arms, legs and face, though other parts of the body may be
afflicted. In TETTER the skin dries, cracks and bleeds, and is often very painful. The acid
in the blood dries up the natural oils of the skin, causing a dry, feverish, hardened condition
and giving it a leathery appearance. ACNE makes its appearance on the face in the form of
pimples and black-heads, and is particularly disagreeable because of its unsightly appear
ance, while PSORIASIS, a scaly disease, comes in patches on different parts of the body.
One of the worst forms of skin disease is SALT RHEUM It discharges a watery fluid, form
ing sores and producing-intense itching. The head and face arc the parts usually affected,
and sometimes the hair falls out and a mass of sores forms on the scalp.
These and all skin diseases arc "due to the same cause burning acids and humors in
the blood, and until this vital fluid is cleansed and made pure they will continue. The best
treatment for all skin diseases is S. S. S., a remedy that is purely vegetable, being made en
tirely from roots, herbs and barks, and acts directly on the blood with a cleansing, healing
effect. It neutralizes the acids and purifies the blood so that the skin, instead of being
blistered and burned by the fiery fluids, is nourished by a supply of cooling, healthy blood.
It goes down into the circulation and forces out every particle of waste or foreign matter,
Alt k!W) UWiU YkS taaUW Aak4Atl4StY. UU
blood. Nothing equals S. S.
general health. Write for our
Wc make n6 charge for either.
Coalda't It.
Poe There Is that exquisite creature,
MIm Penrllne, over there. Unlock for
me tho door of hope by Introducing me
to that mixture of wromnn and aogel.
Practical Friend Can't do It, my
boy ; don't know tho combination. Bal
timore American.
iriTP ftrmantnUjr Cartd. Xoauotntrroaanta
lllu anr0nldar,UHortr.Kllnt'Urtal'trT
lttort r. Hnd tr Fr I rial bollU and trrallao.
r.lLH. Kllu,Ud..MI ArcbbL. J'hllaJ.lphU, Fa.
I'ronf f III Availability.
Traveler I uiuat get to the railway
station as soon as possible. Which of
you has the fnatcHt horse.
Cnbmnu (pulling a paper from hla
pocket) Here, read this I Thrco years
ago I wns fined four marks for fast
drlvlug. Uusoro Qesollachnft.
Mother will And '. Tlmlow' Boo thin f
Ryrup the txit remedy louto (or tbalr ehudrta
durlug to ittlhlui rrlod.
sbmo Krrooi.
Archie Ktkrtp (at tht play)
MDon't the air ra htavj In beret"
MIm Tartun "I hadn't noticed It It
may be that you are (mutually er -light
Ba1rd tbl evening.
It w dco.1 bttd prvotloo, will Md cur. The OU-Uonk-Cur
St. Jacobs Oil
la ready hrty tor aU farm ol muacular achta or , (rem
IT CfJSM aim
Wktn yon tt dental work don. 8t
ttm and tiroottlon all tht way throuith
lo our offlct, but w do lemper tuilnea
wl(h a lltll companion for a uervou
talltnu W try lo uiak It a palnlat
Dr. murdtvant, tneclalUI on child
ren' iMih and recalailng,
WISE BROS., Dentists
Falling Ilultdlng, Third and Washington
ga-iu. to p. in.t Hundaytotola,
Main sua,
DU. W.A, WiaK
builds up the blood and cures all skm diseases promptly
and permanently. S. S. S. docs not leave the least par
ticle of the poison for future outbreaks, but entirely rids
the blood of the cause for all skin diseases.
S. S. S. tones up the system and regulates the
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels so that they will carry off
the natural waste and refuse matter through the proper
channels, instead of leaving it to be absorbed by the
S. in the treatment of these troubles and for building up the
treatise on skin diseases and any medical advice you wish.
Cnto the corarnratnt we bow
And lnd a reverent ear.
1'if rathr land It caaa, I vow,
And be a financier.
Waahlncton Star.
$100 Reward, 9100.
The rtader of tht paper will tie pleated to
le am (nat there la at leat one dreaded dlcM
that aclence ha ben able lo cure Inalllti
itgi, and that 1 Catarrh. Haifa Catarrh
Cur lithe only poilttr cure known to the
modlca! fraternity. Catarrh being a coattllu.
tlnnal dlaeaae, roijulrc a cumlltutlonal treat
ment. Hall' Catarrh Cure la lakan Internally,
acting directly upon the Hood and mucoui
auriacea ot th lyium, thereby deitroylng the
foundation of tho dlteaio. and alTlnc the pa
(lent atrtugth by bnltdlns up the conatltutlon i
and ualatlng nature in dclng tta work. The
proprldora Ear to much lalih In It curative
powrlhal thy offer On Hundred Dollar
(or any caae that it tall to cur. Dad tor llat
ol teatlmonUU. . . . . .
Addrtl. r. J. CUE.1EI A (.V10iOO,U.
Bold by dragglat. 16c.
UalVa faulty 1'Ula are the betU
A Rarltr, Indcad.
"Do you know JluksV
Tby tell me be la a very kind
heartod man."
"He Is. Why, that fellow won't oven
abuao tho senate." Pittsburg Poet
to vmou UT,
Dtt,T. I'.WISK
-'!" , ... n.....,...l-,J
Dear BIr My body broko out with a rash or eruption
which In aplto of nil efforts to ours oontlnnod to Ret worse.
Tho itching, oupuclnlly at night, was simply terrible, It
would almost disappear nt times, only to return worso
than over. I had tried stony highly recommended prepa
rations without boneCt, and hearing of B. 8. 8. determined
to kIto It a fair trial, and was Inexpressibly delisted
when a few bottlos onrod mo ontlroly, removing every
blemish and pimple from my body. I shay not fall to rec
ommend 8. 8. 8. whenever an opportunity ooonrs to do so.
Esoondido, Ooi L. MARNO.
Dr. G. Gee Wo
Th1 wondirfat Chi
t Doctor It railtd
great ptcantt nt carta .
p4t without Optra- n.
(Inn th.l ar vllrai. u. t4
to dl. lit curtt with
lboa woudriful CUi
tin titrtM, rooit, built,
barka anO veg ablta
that art tnllrtlr u
known to medical tci
tnc In Ihia conu.r Tbroun lb uat or (boat
harmlna rtruntlea tbl, fauoui doctor knoft
IbtacilouorortraOi) d Strtnt rtined at whl.-h
ht tuccntrully uttt la diffrrtat dlttattt. lit
cnaranltat lo curt catarrh, at tbraa, lung, ibrav
rU.umall.ui, ntrroutnru. tlomacn, lltrrr k OV
n.jrt, tic. i hat hundred! ot letllmonlalt.
Iharaeamodtralr. (. all and htm I'ad.nU
out or tbt city wrlla lor blankr anderculart.
162i rirtt $U $. C. Cor. Morrboa
Unlton papar. PORTLAND, OREGON.
W. L. Douglas
W. L. Douglas 94.00 Cllt Edgo Line
oannoi Deoquaiioa at any price.
jTV' t&.iff&We THAN AMY OTH Eh umsiwss
II I could lake you Into my three Urge factories
t U rock ton. Mat., and (how you th Inllnlt
car with which avcry pair ot hoe I mad, you
would realli why W. L. Douglaa SJ.SO ho
cod mors to make, why tbty hold their thapt,
lit belter, wear longer, and ar ol greaftr
tntrlailc Iu than any albtr 13.90 hoe.
W. L. Ooueiam Strong MmUm A far
Mmn. sat.BO, S-J.&ir. meym School
nwMm,, 9V.U0, ,9t.7M.$1.BQ
, CAUTIQN.-JulUl uiionia.lng walDouif.
la tho j. xko no ubtlluto. Kon genuine
without hi iwiu and prle itampod on boltora.
fiut Color C y(i utttJ ; tay ulll net trottu.
Write (or Illuitrated Cataloc.
hj jjm
Xaaemift UtrruSOj
ranota -fciJ "r.
raicia 3 ( r . -Ij
rrTTTPsTl ri3
Uffgg iJuiYe.iei-
tLl-ctrg HI Cahtal 2.5oqooc
T. I UOUaULS. llrocitoa.