The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 04, 1906, Image 4

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Jl-)a, a Ml A
"For every man a squnrc deal, no
less and no more."
. .So
ThtCC t90DthlrtH4HIIIMMItMltMHIt
(Invariably In advance.)
Remit by bank draft, postal money
order on Bend, express money ortlcr, or
rcgistorcd letter. Make all remittances
Payable to The Bend Bulletin.
Stage and .mall Schedule.
from Shsnlko via rrinevllre... -7 p. in. dally
Jrom tekerlesvand btlver Lake - .. -
t a. in. dlljr except Tut.
Prom TutsaloTuea., Thur. and SaL... H5 p. m.
from teldlaw dally except Sunday p. in.
Vor Shanlko rla lTiuenlle 6 a. in. dally
Fur tekcriew and Silver Lake...-
' ..-.T-p. m dally except Sua.
For rumaloTue.,Th.ars. and Sat......f a. n.
For teldlaw daily except Sunday ....J p. m.
r-OM-OrriCB Hooks Week day;
n. Sundays, from 1 1 a. tn. to u n., and halt
hour after arrival of all inaila from railroad
reaching Dend before S p. tn.
TnLKriiOME Omen Hocss Week day, from
TMa. in to 9o p. m. Sundara and holidays,
from Ss a. m. to it noon, and from jxu p. tu. te
0 on p. ra.
FRIDAY, MAY 4, 1906
At the June term of court at
Caldwell, Idaho, the leaders of the
Federation of Miners, Moyer, Hey
wood and Pcttibone, will be placed
pn trial for the murder of Ex-Governor
A legal battle will be waged in
this little Idaho town which will fix
the attention of the whole country
, upon it and which will be font: lit
by the best legal -talent stimulated
to its highest effort.
The murder of Steunenbcrg is
one of the consequences that has
followed the Coeur d Alcne strike
of 1892 with its record of murder
and violence on the part of the
federation, offset by outrage and
disregard for law on the part of the
state authorities. Steunenbcrg was
apparently a man of strong charac
ter, with the unconscious bias of
a man who has long identified him
self with certain interests until he
looses sight of the means in pursu
ance of the end. The couflict
waged between the Western Feder
ation of Miners and the state au
thorities of Idaho at Coeur d' Alcne
was duplicated on a larger scale in
Colo-ado at the Cripple Creek, Tel
luride and Victor mines
In 1902 the people of Colorado
passed an amendment of the consti
tution providing for an eight-hour
labor law. A large majority of the
legislature was pledged to vote for
such a law but to this day it ha-,
not been passed and no one can any
more doubt that the corporations
and political corruption was behind
its defeat than that the unions and
their political sheriffs and other
officers were responsible for the io- v
Jeuce iu the gold camps. Each sort
of lawlessness, darkly planned and
secretly executed, comes to the sur
face in destruction of property , in
hunger and want and assassination.
We cannot defend for a moment
the lawlessness of unionism an
archy of the bludgeon; but on the
other hand we cannot excuse that
other lawlessness anarchy by trick
en' that underhanded, crawling
lawlessness that corrupts legislatures
and courts and breaks the higher
In the zeal to serve the interests
of his class Governor Steuneuberg
trod upon the rights of American
citizens; in their blind rage, after
many years bis victims struck him
down and at the same time inflicted
permanent injury upon the cause
they sought to serve.
Under the present law regulating
the Interstate Commerce Commis
sion, the railroads have the power
to fix rates ou interstate traffic and
any shipper who feels himself ag
grieved may attack that rate in
court as being unreasonable. If
the courts decide that the rate is
unreasonable the shipper may re
cover the excess charge as damages.
The theory of the law is plausable
but In practice it lias been a failure.
The interstate commerce com-
mission was created in 1887 and in
1 " ' ,' j.. ,..,. ... 1
spite of its existence, great mono-
poller like tne otanuara un ora-!
pauy and the beef trust have grown
up, monopolies that owe their ex
sisunce to favoring rates granted
bv the railroads, It is said that
there is not; a single case on record
where a shipper has recovered ex
cessive charges under this law.
la th Hepburn, bjlj now before
the senate it is proposed to give the
conimisioti the power to cstnblish
a maximum rate after the complaint
is made and after all interested
parties arc given an opportunity to
be heard. The rate then established
will continue for three years unless
sooner dcclaircd unjust by the
courts. While under the present
law the shipper has the right of
appeal to the courts, experience
has shown that this right is of little
practical value. Under the Hepburn
bill the burden of an appeal is
placet! upon the railroads and if up
on a review of nil the elements of
the situation the rate established b
the commission is found to be so
low that the carrier is transport
ing at a loss, it will be set aside; if
not the rate will stand.
The zeal with which the rail road
interest) are fighting this feature of
the bill indicates that it is an effec
tive remedy for the evil of rate discrimination.
The most shocking details of the
San Francisco horrors is the ap
parently wanton killing of citizens
by members of the state militia
Reports come of the shooting in
cold blood of men and even woman
and children. The justification of
fered was that the victims were rob
biug the dead or were breaking
rules necessary to maititainc order
in the burning city, but the reports
of eye witnesses sho,v that these
killings in many instances were
without a shadow of excuse.
The mast prominent victim is II.
C. Tildcu a well known merchant
who was shot by n party of Cali
fornia National Guardsmen while
riding in his automobile engaged in
relief work. Another witness tells
of the driver of a bread wagon who
was unable to instantly stop his
team when ordered to do so by a
militiaman: the soldiers gun was
discharged and the driver shot
through the head. Another man
was shot while ransacking a trunk
which investigation showed was
his own. After n great battle or
after such a disaster as that of San
Francisco, it is the custom to
shoot on sight persons caught rob
ing the dead, but it seems almost
incredable that an American citi
zen would shoot down a fel
low citizen without the fullest proof
of guilt. All were standing in the
presence of a great convulsion of
nature which should impress mu
with a realizing sense of their own
weakness and make them more
merciful to others.
The farmers' meeting which is to
be held in Bend in the near future
should have the cordial support and
co-operation of every person who is
interested in the development of
this region.
The interests of the settlers in an
irrigated country are closely identi
fied, much more so than in a com
munity where humid farming is
practiced. All depend upon the
same source for prosperity the
water supply. Each water user is
bound to consult, to some extent at
least, the convenience ot his neigh
bor in the use of the life-giving
stream, in a new irrigation com
munity, too, the majority of the
farmers have had little or no ex
perience in handling water for irri
gation. Their success is absolutely
dependent upon acquiring such
knowledge. Ry means of these
farmers' meetings the settlers can
come together in social intercourse
and at the some time gain much
practical knowledge of irrigating
through discussion and the ad
dresses of experts upon the subject.
The chief objection to farm life has
always been its isolation; the cause
of that objection may be largely re
moved by frequent social gather
ings like these farmers' meetings.
Let everyone attend and do his part
toward making the coming farmers'
meeting at Bend a success.
Chinatown Laid Dare.
from The Orrgonian.
Tales are told, partly mythical, no
doubt, of the secrets of Chinatown laid
bare voiceless but suggestive by the
earthquake and fire. Joss houses and
mission schools; stores filled with quaint
wares and repulsive looking edibles.
opium dens, gambling hells ami theaters
wltn tlielr gaudy trappings all
down nefore the firy hurricane. Iluild-
ings and contents burned like paper, and
fro'" ra WRlit-cmcil yellow men
carry Hg their children, moneybags or
hUch 0 their 8tock , tra,ie 'as thev
could seize ns they ran, and grotesque
looking women, some of whom Itohblcd
painfully. It was as if I'tiry were scourg
tug and putting to flight gnomes ami
furies. The flames made clean work of
what had for years been iliicjcan, eating
even into the subterranean ways of un
derground Chinatown and driving out
occupants who lived there in dismal
gloom and uniinagined squalor,
As reported by eyewitnesses, there now
remains on thl once populous she only
holes and runway, ho'tlK depth of
which the police never knew. Those
holes pit the hillside like swallows'
nests. I'ncovcrcd Ijy lire, they disclose
the burrows of liumun creatures who sel
dom saw the HrM.
This umy x to sonic extent n picture
of lutid fancy, but there is enough of
truth in It to suuataiilintc the statement
t the results of the ureal f
i- swept San I'rnuelsco w
fire that but
orc not all
Reveries of a Tramp Pedagogue.
(Continued from letter published April )
Zindkl. Wash., April sist. As the
ferryman takes me over the river and
visions ot the distant cemetery accom
panied by ghosts,, elves and luis
flit through my muddled mind, I im
agine I am crossing the river Styx Into
the lower region, the realms of Perse
phone, and my imagery ha a great deal
of reality when 1 ant res pec t fill I usher
ed into the austere presence of the presi
dent of the school board.
Did you ever have the mortification of
meeting one of these veteran "rural
decstrick" combinations of clerk and
president of the board of eddicntlon?"
lie invariably is quite bald, with shaggy
eyclirows and lirass spectacles that poise
half way over hi prominent noe, one
Ikw is broken brt anil is held secure by a
cord loon around his ear. He never
looks through his glasses, always over
He is the "decstrick" squire, deacon
of the church, township assessor, rtmd
supervisor, chairman of the local cam
paign board, reporter for the depart
ment of agriculture, volunteer weather
olxerver, insurance, fruit tree and light
ning rod agent and fourth-of-Jnly orator.
lie is the unquestioned authority of
the eommi'tiity on everything front the
scientific excavation of a pon hole to the
planting of potatoes in the moon.
He ha memorised every joke of Avers'
almanac since its puldicntion and knows
the "foreign phrases" iu the appendix of
Wclister's I'tiabridgcd "by heart."
lie has a complete library consisting of
the Bible, Shakespeare's Works, State
Code, RundMcNallys Atlas, Hills' n an
us! ami the White House -ook book
And if you sltould tereltance be u candi
date for teacher iu the "decstrick" and
do not posses the c- nveutionai Imld
head, long under lip, red hair and glae
you are looked utton with suspicion, aa
an impostor ou the iwdagogic fraternitv
and must undergo a rigid "quizzing" by
the "decstrick" clerk as a test of scholar
ship, ability to govern ami aptnes to
After partaking of a I10t1ut1f.1l repast
of elloH-legged gump a la fricttsec;
punk, Java, extractus liovinu: II j-o
lacteal fluid: mashed murphies angels'
food and deviled eggs; printer's disgrace:
sunshine, liquid atr, seldom seen; library
paste and wtrclcM telegraphy pudding
then treated to several hour discourse
curompssaing a period of American his
tory and local family genealogy of my
lordship, the "deestrick" clerk, from tlie
time of "Honest Abe" up to he present
age of dishonesty, ami concludes the
evening's lecture bv a side-splitting joke
from "reek's Had Boy" ami you retire
The next morning you meander to the
"seat of war" ami if you expect to find a
school room with frescoed ceiling ami
upholstered furniture you will lie sadly
disappointed. The apparatus usually
consists of a Imse-lstll broom (nine straws
on each side,) a three-legged stove float
a leg at the battle of Slill-oli.) a two-legged
chair, an axe that some benevolent
citiieu of the "decstrick" presented to
a former teacher that he Jnul a grudge
against and a water bucket tiuaqcuaiuted
with the "Gold Dust Twins,"
Guess I '11 quit that s a good thing
to do, the assessor is liable to show uji
most any time, so it 's "my move;"
I'. Miu I.onni'.M,.
Just a Little Scotch.
A tall, raw-boned immigrant got mixed
up with a stream of Italians at I'.llis Is
land, New Vork Harlior, ami the efforts
of the inspectors to learn his nationality
created more titan a little amusement.
As the Italians nasscd in line, the attend
ant would ask, "Hall an?" nutting the
accent on the "an." I'inally the big
fellow came along, "Itall-an?" asked
the official. The immigrant looked puz
zled "Greek?" asked the attendant.
Still the big fellow answered not.
"Sprechfit "te Dcutsch!" No reply.
"Parle vous I'rancaisc?" A pur.led
look was the only sign. "Habla Usted
Kspanol?" Nothing doing. "Irish?"
Instantly a flush of pleased comprehen
sion shot athwart the big follows phiz.
Then he replied iu the commonest if not
the most approval vernacular "Naw,
h 1! Scotch!"
John Coombs Has Steady Job.
Madraa I'loueer
John Coombs and Will Wurzweiler, of
rhnevlllc, lined up on opposing sides ol
the fight over the republican nomination
for county treasurer, ami made a wager
on the outcome of the contest, the pay
ment of which wager is giving the win
ner considerable satisfaction iu addition
to the pleasure he extracts from the
daily adornment of his nedal extremities,
Hach of the parties to this bet agreed to
polish the other's shoes for thirty con
secutive mornings, if his opponent's can
didate for the treakttrcrship should win
the fight. Wur.weilcr was supporting
W. I', King, who won out by 38 major
ity, and now every morning it is said,
wurzweiler takes a comfortable scat ami
smokes his cigar and rends his morning
paper while John Coombs gives him an
up-to-date "shine."
The New Army Rifle.
Scientific American,
A new magazine rifle will be issued to
all of the Infantry and cavalry troops lit
the united States before the end of May,
The new bayonets have been manufac
tured, and the Ordinance Department
now has 011 hand a large quantity of the
new small arm. which will be immedi
ately issued.
notici-: for i'u.HjIcat.on.
DciMitttuciil of the Interior.
Land Offlce, The Dalle, Oicce-u,
April i,m
Notice Is hetcliy given !" (""ir1"1
named settler lis filed notice or his Intuition to
make dual piouf In support of Id ,VVi J'11
that Mkl pnmt will I made lAjr 1 1 k ,.
U. 8. Couiwlsslauer. at hi "!" Ill Ireud.
Otcgun.oii May it, w. vlt
David llltl,
of Lava. Orema. anil K No. !!. forlhceWi
iiw ami w(Jiie, v S. lp . r 11 e. w hi.
lie names the fbtUmlng wltnews l wove his
continuous residence iihi ami cultivation uf
Midland, vli:
l. C Uulmby, W I'. Vandrvcit and II. 1'
West, all of Cava. Oini; William IHoek of
Bend, Ottfjon
at-mii MICIIAHI.T. VOI.AN. UeeWer.
Timber tend, Act June j, is-.
U. S tend onlee, teWevlew, (Ukuii,
Mateh JJ, ipA.
Net lee is hereby given that In omittance with
the mwistoui nhe Act af Cuturejs r June J,
lj. entitled, "An act tVr the sale of timber land;
In theststesafCallfnrHUi. tMRH, Nevada, and
Waihlniiton Territory," as eatemlnl ta all the
fuhllc land alatr hy Act of Auintt 4, S;,
Daisy It. Iliawn,
of (tend, county fCfmk, ttrtc of OtreeH, has
this day filed Im this ufnec her awwn statement
No. .. for themuhw of the aw J, ecs. In
II a,r lie, n III.
Mid will offer tiroof Iu show that the land
KMittit la imoic valitahle lor IU tlmUr or lnr
than lor agricultural Hfces, and to estab
lish her culm to Mid Uml tfwr the J. J.
Smith. L'minlv L'lrrL. at Ills iilatr of business at
l'linevilte. OicEon.on HaliUday. the ylhdsyiif
June, lvn.
She names as witnesses A. It. Itstsbcltrl. 1' It
Marian. Wi. IMMwIh, Ami C. I Drawn, all of
llcml, Orreun
Any and all er4tis cUlmluc adversely any f
the abutc itfsciiMsi UMi are ir-inf.ini 10 nie
their ctaims In this odlce oner bctare the atl
9II1 day of June, yA,
a-j4 J N WATHON. KfKlstrr.
Timber tend, Act jane J. 17.
V. S. teml onke. The lMtlcs. (Hetwi.
Jnly , lfA
Natlee is hereby given that In owHUikt with
tbe.rsissrtke AdofCMjcfrss l June s.
1S7S, entitled "Ah act roe the Mir f timber laads
la tbe states af Calwornia, Ott icom. Nevada, ami
Wasbiuf tow Territory, " as eslemltd K all the
uttbite bimt states by act of Asemt 4. iSist.
Tbesstmc W. Mmntet maan,
of tvml.ciMHty ofCiooV.. Male of Ofersw. has
thn d Sled In this ofWce his swskh statement
N M fcc the parcbase of the He(. sec M. f
19 a, r ije. w w.
Ami wilt atlrr piunt to show that the land
suaght is mote valuable fur lis limber or stone
than for aicttculluial tmrUMes audio esUblMi
his tUim to Mtd land befof r the Cvaaly Ctetk at
1'rlaeville. iHfgoa.oH Ike alb day af Jaae,
lie names as wilaesses Charles 11 Mtown,
Tbeophlle M Michel. WU'.iam HaHw'M. ami
fraacU Martoa. all of Head. Iireaoa
Aar ami all nersows eialmlHt- adversely the
aboeestast-nbed lands arc remaessssl la Abr Ibetr
claims iMtbsaonsccosi or bervre Mid Vh day of
June. IV.
a-JS MtCIIAI!I.T NOIMN, Megtste.
Timber tend. Act June
17. H. tend Offiec, The In ties. Oregon,
January la, v
Notice is hereby given that In camidtajMe with
the pro'Wnu withe Act of Congress of June t.
17. cMllled. "An act for Ihesabrof tlmU-rlanJs
in the aUIMut California, tHegsw, Nevada, ami
Washington Territory," as cilemted ta all the
puWk taud Mates by act of August 4, !.
toletlle 1). Keed.
of nend, county of Crook, state of Oregon, has
this day (lied In this office her awern statement
No. 174. foe the ixtrchasc of the nH swt. sec 1.
li tta, r ie.w m
Ami will offer woof to show that the land
sought is more valuable tW Ha timber or stone
than (or agricultural purtMes, ami to eatabUsb
her claim to aatd Uml Wvoie II C IfJHs. V.
a Commtssloaer at bU office at Heud, Oregon,
Oh the ith ir of (une. iot.
Ulsaa os.aiaaaaa aa a salikKaaa liataa V- j'laa-ail I lasuaa
K- Keed. OasKge Hate, and Johu Htetdl aU of
wenu, iHegsm
Aur and all
Kitsoua claiming adversely the
ads are requested la Me their
ahnvp dasarlbed
dalms tn IhM otOcc ou or berate said 14th
uayoijuue, im.
aA-JS MICl'AKf. T NOf.AN. Register.
Departmental the Interior
V. H. tend Offke, The Palles, Oregon.
Aril I, KA
Notice Is hereby given that the following
namesl settler has Alesl notice of his Intention Io
make final proof Iu support of Ids claim, ami
that said nrsof will be made before the County
Clerk, at rrlucctllc, Oregon, on May h, hs,
JonatHtn II. Vliuent,
of hUtera, Oregon, on II It. No. 13015, for the
cHseK. sec 10, tf 15 a, rioc, w m.
lie names lac fMlowlHg wimessaa to iitovc
his continuous residence M andeultlealion el
sahl laml via
W. N. Cobu. W. T. lidwarda, C. II. IViler, and
K C. I'ostcr. all ol Maters. Orewin.
at-ttill MICIIAIM.T. NOI.AN.Kegliler.
Timber tend, Act of June J, 17,
V. H. tend OfAcc, The Dalles, Oregon,
IH-camher j, 1905.
Notice Is hereby given that In cum4lanre with
lh provitiona of the Act of CongraM of June y
itTt, eritlltrl "An act for I lie sale Jftimlier lamU
III the states ,f California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as eateinlrd tu alt the
;nblk laml state by act of Angusl 4, ii,
CImiIu I). Kowr,
of Iiend. counly of Crook, slate of Oregon, has
Hits day filed in Hits ilfie tils sworn aialtincril
No VM.tot Hie purchase of the iiw)( of secit,
lt job, r ije, w in.
Ami will offer proof to ahow that Ihc
laud sou rlit la more valnatdc for Its timber or
atone than for agricultural tiurnutaa. and Iu
establish his claim to aald land !cfolc II C.
I'.llis, U. H. Comiulssloiirr, at hla olnce In
llend, Oregon, on the tth,dayof June, A.
He names aa wluessra: lohu Klrhll. Inhn llloss.
Thomas J. Tweet, slid A. II. heala, allof Ikiul
Any and alt persons cUIimIiik adversely the
above-described lands arc miueslcd Io file their
claims in this olflee on or before llir aald nth
daof June, wb.
6-J MICIIAIir, T. NOF.AN, Keglsler.
Timber Land, Act June , 8vS,
U. H. I.aucl Office, The Dalles, Oregon,
I'chnury is, to.
Notice la hereby given that In compliance with
the provision of the Act of Congress of June 3,
1S1H, cntilltd, "An act for the saleoftliuher lamia
n the state nrcatirorhlu, Oregon, Nevada, and
Wasliltigton Territory," us extended to all the
public land state by act of August 4, ify,
John 0. Klatca,
of Oranlle l'alls, county of Kuohoiiilali, stale of
Washington, has tills day filed In till office lit
sworn statement Ho, 31)17, for the purchase of
uic scj , see 33, li 19 a, r 13 e, w ill.
And will offer Proof to show that the land
sought I more valuable for lis llmlxr or atone
than for agtlctillural purposes, slid to establish
hi claim to aald laud before the couuly clerk al
I'riucvlllc Oregon, on Ihc vth day of June iv6.
He name aa wlturiutes; K. I Jordon, ltd Hyde,
If. A. 1'o.ler, all of I'rlnevlllc, OrcKoiiiaud Mar
shall N. I'oxofOrsullc I'slU, WaiTiliikUu.
Any and all person claim lug adversely the
above described lands are requested Io flic their
claim In this office on or before the said otli
afr-Jg" "UC 'fiicJUUL T, HoUlf, fcuUlcr,
Tlmlicr tend, Act l June i, 17'.
U.H. Land tllllic, the Dalles, (lirgiin,
Msteli i, 14.
Notice Is hetcliy ulven that In compliant Willi
theptuvislHitaulilur Act r Cmigtrss l June 1,
iT! entitled "AU act fur the sale of Umber lands
In the states of Callfw lila, OieiroH., ami
Washington Tettltory," as eileudssl tu all the
public laud sliitH liy set of Aiiattsl 4, lr.
vti 11. nmitii.
of Heud.esMtHtytvU'took, state if l)tvHi. has
thisdsy fllesl hi llibs nlnce hef awimi statement
No iMI.fiK the purchase of Ihc sHeK, sec ,
andnHney olset 7, tt l a. r lie, wm
AIHI WHI Oiler llol iu snow nisi ,nr mini
night Is more valnalde for lis timber
simie than for agtkutluiol txiriswes, ami to
sh uer Claim IO aaui wim iwrore 11 v.
Ifllls.l' H.VomHilsssiHei, at his iilSce III Itemt,
IMeguu, ou the 14th day ol June. !.
(lie nameaas wIlucMes Nkholas Hmllh, Dsm
llelslHC. H A Malher, all ol ttend IMeeoH.aml
John liluss, of Hitlers Oregon.
Any and all Iwisous eUlmlng advcesely the
,um1m.IIu.I Uiuls ale lauoastMt to AU their
claims In this olflee on or befixe aM 111I1 Any of
Kill day
MrtillAltl. T. NObAN. Urglslcr.
Tlmlier tend, Att June J, tt.
V. H. tend timec, The Dallas. OiegvHi,
December la, losj-
Notice la lirtrby given tltal In csuudlanee with
te iHovistous oft lie Act of CougreM ot Johc 1,
IS7S. entitled, "An act lor the Mleufllmbw lands
In the stairs of California. tHegstu, Nrvuda. ami
Washington Territory." as cilemhM to all the
public Isnd stales by Act of August 4 taut,
Christina M Italhrr,
of llend. county of Crook, state of Orrguu. has
this day filed in this nface hrr awotu statement
No m. forthc jmichaseof the wWi. It 7,
s6,anducriiwi( and l.atl,se 7 ti iss.t 11 e,
w in
And will offer toot to show that the la ltd
sought is more valuable for lis timber or stone
than for agrtcutloral portms. ami tu a-stabltsh.
her claim tu uM laml before II C Hills, f.
a Cnsumlsstuuer. at his oroesr Iu Heud, (Hegsm.
ou Ihc IHhiVay or June. -t
Hhe names as witnesses lohn Hletdl,
Kever, Nicholas Hmlth. and I (van ,t r
iWr. al
of Heud, Oreguu ,
Any ami all Hrsous dalmlug adversely Ibe
above deser ibed Uuds ate rMMMtd ta Abr Ibetr
claims in tbss off ou or befaev sab! Ijlh day af
I sjaaA IfjfJfA.
Tlmbef tend. Act Juste j. ij.
I'.H lH IMa. TJk UalWs. treafsm.
pecetrspec, a tra$.
Notice is betefcy trtveu Ikwl in wmuUsoee with
Ibe ruoettbaus of lac Act of Cojres of Jaac ,
1S7S. eulhbM. "Ah act for lis sal of tlmbef tamsi
im the stale of Otliaxnta, trtvasm, Nesaila. ami
W'asbtogtoa Tetritocy," a eslenslnl la alt Ibe
auolk laud stales by Ad af August 4, I,
tteoege (MttUeb.
af Tuasahs. caunlyof leswk. stale ot (Heeou
Ibis day filed In In otfVre bis laws stale
Xo nt. roe Ibe pufclse of lb
.ti.lp i. r 11 e. w m
of see
Ami will offrr reosr la bw ibat the laud
south I is mote valuable fur lis tlmbef or staue
than tar agikulluial purposes, and 1st establish
bis claim la sab! laud bcrofcll C Hills. I'. H
Commistoaer,al htsutlhw Iu He ml. Otegsut, em
Ibe Ijthday afjuue io
He name as witnesses John II. Wlmer. I'rtsl
I' KmHb. U'lllUm J Maker ami W. J lllgbtawer.
alt af Tumabs, Oregon.
Auy ami all etsHua etslmlor advrtssly the
abusv-leserltrstUiHlsateree)usts Is. Ate I Keif
Claims In this ortWe ou or before the said ijlh
day af Junr, HA.
aa-jS MICIIAIir. T NON, MrgMer.
Timber tend, Act June j, lays,
V. ft. I,amlOme,Tbc IVsHw. Oreran,
IWVsJWwGC, at t4
Natke la hereby gtveu that m coaadsaucs- wltb
Ibe p-ostimosoTlhe Act of Courts af Inue 1.
ireM, eulHM "Ah act fW the sale of Umber Umis
ia the statoa of CaliforuU. (Heavo, Nimla. ami
WafhtugtuM Territory," as etlemiesl la afl the
public laud stales by act of August 4. ifc,
AHuaC. Huyd,
of Heml, couuly of Crook, aula of tHagou. has
Ihlsday Atesl la this oMre hrr sworn statement
No. T751, for the imrcbaae of Ibe ahjneK of
sees, ip is a, r 11. w m.
Ami wilt offer woof to ahow that Ibe Uml
sought Is more valuable for lis limber or stouc
than tor agricultural purposes, and tn e-stabtttfc
her ctalm 10 aald Uml bslore II. C. Ills, f h.
Commissioner, al hi ulbee Iu Meud, Oregon,
on the tjlli iUy of June, ly
hhe name as witnesses John (HeblU, Albert
C. I.Hcai. Ttmmaa Tweet, and I'rank Duller
worth, all of lkml.Oregi.
Any and all iiersoua eta I ml 11 g adversely the
ale-tMertbd mihIs air rcHuesled b, t tbetf
ctaims in ins orncc oti or wrore aaM ijlh it
ijlh iUy of
June, ii,.
aaVys MILIIAHI. T. NOI.AX. Kegtster.
Timber tend. All June J. lays.
t. . I.arid OlSre, The DaUe. Oregon.
Deeamber S, I'
Notice is hereby given that in eumdlauar with
Ihe provision orthe Act of Congress of Jiutc 1.
ilta, entitled, "An ait for the sale ofllmUr Umis
1" tVstslMgf CallfofHls. OregsHi. Nevada, ami
Waslilugtau Territory," a caUudrd to all the
public laml states by Act of August 4, liyr,
Robert r. Harrington,
of I'rluevllle. county of, stale ofOrsgou.
has this day riled In this offer hi sworn state
ment No S7SJ, for Ihe mrchase of the eUriwK
and eUswl, sec is, tp ms, r 14 e. w m
And will offer nroof to show ihai Dm i.,ul
sought is more valiiaUe for llsltwlwt or aiuue
inaiiuragricuuiirai piirpusee. ami to establish
i,r ,ciiut tu i.t 11111 iKiore 11 1.. Iiuis
17. h. Commissioner, at Ills office tu llend.
Oregon, on Ihe irihday of Jhiic. iiA.
He naintaae witnesses IiavM it Klewart, Una
rllewarl. arid John lllos. all of I'rlnev.tlc. Ore
gon, and Klchard King, of llend, Oregon.
Any and all person claiming adversely the
slwvc-ileacTllicsl lands are miuesleil tu file tlielr
claims Iu III office 011 or lrfiri ili ,,n. .1...
day of June, I'il. '
s- MICIIAIILT. NOI.AN, Keglsler.
Timber Land, Act tunc 3, iSfS,
U. H. tend Office, The Dalle, Oregon,
I'vTiuifvr o, i'3.
crchy given that In csxnpllaucv with
ii orthe act of Congress of Juiiei.
I "An act for the sale of timber lamls
December 0, lyrj,
nonce i iicrcn
the provision
1S1S. crililled "
In the state of California, Oregon. Nevada, and
WashliiBtoii Territory," aa eletilrd to all the
puUlc Uml states l,y net of August 4, lft,j.
I'll K. Klewart,
8.ii!s;.,.!5'saf?,.sf,': -:ssk. .? u '.
V . V. ' V".. ""' oinw uer aaoriistule
men No. J7Ht for the purchase of the l,t 1 and
' ,"'!l1l.w "C y- IP o s, r 14 e, w 111.
And wilt offer proof to show that the laud
sought I morevaliisUe for ID tlmhtror alone
than for agricultural purpose, audio establish
her claim tnauld Inndalicfore II. C. Kill, f H
Couimlssloucr.alliUofUce In llcml, Oregon.'oii
the ullidny of June, loufl,
Hhe name M wltncssv. John IiIom, and
Joseph iiiinicr, of llend, Oregon, David v.
bctwart and Kobcrt r. Harrington, of I'rlnctlllc.
Any and all person cUlmluv ailv,-r.iu
at W a 11 ',, . -- ...-. .. i
c auovMicscriiu laim arc reiiuesttd Io file
Ihelr claim Jn this olflee ou or before said nth
davofjiiiit, Iyu6. .
ol MICHAl'.r,
T, NOI.AN, UegUtcr.
Timber tend, Atl June 3, it
II. M. I.sml DMis-.TIic Dulles, Oiegun,
ismiary j, iou.
Nolle Is hotstiy flren Dial in lumptlsuer with
the piuvtsloua of Ihe Act
tlhr ACtnl Cousrtws in In nr 1,
Cougrtws id jniie
1S7S, enllllnl. "An set for I lie salt of llmbet Umis
W'sshlHglou Trllllory,
a etleHiltsI t atl the
mtiillCiaiHi siaies nv
V Act of August 4. IVI
I'haite a Idtwaids,
of I'lltirvlllr. uuhI) of Ciuuk, Mate ofOieuiHi
haslhl day Alfd lulbta oljw hi swum stal,
men! N Ji fu its punts of Ihe awty uf
see tj, tp lv s, r 1 e. w m
And will otter woo ft show that lite laud
sought Is mot valuable far Its limber ot stun
IIish foi agiliullural purpose, snd to establish
his claim In said land before II C Hills t' H
Commissioner, al hlsofllca al Hand Oiegou, uh
the 13th day of June, iy
lla names as wllneasos j. N Hosier, Hl.hanl
King, James Hunter ami J M tewieuc. all of
lit ltd, Oregon
Any and all parse etolmbje rolerrsrly hr
bvvdscTlhwl lauds ale rtaM Iu Sl then
ciaun in this ttu or befbr sbt iyh y
BfteT I UI4 lttrlra
aijia .ICIIAItl,T. NObAX. Negister,
TIMt tend. Act Juue 3. iM
f a
tend OwWe, The lulfss, Orefun.
Aptll 4lh. I'f
Not lee U hereh giveHlbal Iu csmtpiUitre wim
the pewistiMsatw Iheact or oogtass 04 iuhv t.
lara, eaiulesl "An act fetlhr sale uf limlwr laml
iara,ealUwsl "An art a Ihe sale ol limiwr laml
In tlte rMaies at CallraeuU. (Heeou, Nrad. and
Waihluatnu Trtittae y " a eslesulssl to all lb'
I'ublk teud Male by act uf At giM 4.
buten W Nsuusau,
f fliauile I'alls. roualy of Huobuatssh, Slsl
te of
e hii
Washington, has Ibis dsi Aled la Ibis 1
awsWHsalensHt Ms ivs. rvr lb parshsse
Ihc se )f ot ise jt. ip tu s. r it r, w m,
And will offer powf Io snuw that Ihe Ismt
MMghl is mirtv vtabb Air Its timbre he Sana
than I'te agrkultural pue posa Hd 1st sarVffb
bis claim lusabi land bemte lb Hpgtiler Slid
Meeetver all he Dalle. (Hegsm oat the rrth day
ufjuu 14
He Ham as witnesses Mas Ktus. lobu
Stales. Prank Campbell srset freak Krus. all at
elrauHr I'albt Vahlutt
Any and all pimaus cUlmlNar advrtset) lis
abote-dr-crihea) Wad at raautsH tie Ibetr
claims Iu IMM
m tstrsje aaM rtitt day af
Juue, ia MICIUKI
NtMN. Heftier.
rtsabet tetwi. Act loa y itS
V A. tesat OtsSte. Tb Pasta. QreasM.
Marcft atari, 4a.
Natsra U bertbr tti that 1st csS!lanea wtth
lis pews to at. of lb act af Cataacaw af Jsmm j,
lAut eutHlssi -am t Am Ha saS tilartar lasat
tlbettaMnofCalisVaU.ltsvai. rSevad. Mat
Wauusal TeetUusy," a .eslsuded Iu all lis
I'aWk teud IsUUs by set of Aagast 4. ik.
Ape usee II (.jrasn.
af Head, roualy nfi'rawk. stale f rreeaast, las
Ibis day Alert la Ibis atstrs bis tmnm tirMtt
No ja for Ibe pan of ike a t, If. w If
NHSWlfVKlK fl.lplf ,r II. WA),
And will off. r Monf la mh Ibat lb
msghl 1 ssfr talualirr rm lla llaslaf or
ibaa bu aarbulluial bsirsvss. sad io nti
Ms claim I said Uod beti Ibe Carnal e Cbjek at
rvmiue iitrgow ua ia 1 ta aay at July, ).
Ilr HaisMs aswUuesM P N. t Ilea of tjaltttaw,
JHas.u H W nibts 1 1, Turarr traaTMairir H.
..ffs. in insj, 1
Auyasal all
r aud aU Jrnaaws rUlmuM aaiitaewiy star
-ueslsnaw7t rrae4b ft'lM
Irs ibis as- as as- Urate bl mhlUf af
y Ml.' HA Ml, f. NulkW, NsvsV
cbvHu iuly. k
Thstber tessi. Act Juts , it.
V. k. teud (ts.Ts Dalre. Of.
AtSttJ j, aaaA,
Mailr Is besebv assrs, thai N siiaaptiajigi wrtb
lis HtawtsSoa of tb Act Caairast jj jutt 3,
Itsa ewtstWd. "Ah set foe Its ! atawteaaC
iallK stale ofCalibwa. isrvajaa. SetsaV iA
WW"T"'M",'' sllW to alt lb
pubtk Usui states by Act ot Aagssst 4, lass
Harry K NaMtbu,
fPoetUud, enaaly 4 Mall
gm. Iws Ihls iU Slesl la 1 hi
stsleusent No raa. for Ibe purettM trf Itsa Lasts
1 aud 4. sec is t 1 1. ) and 1. w i, asnl Lata
I aud v aec 3. la i . 1 it r, w us
i wttl offer sasarf alsase UsM tit
sougbl Its asuer valuable A H tlsslarr a
Ihau fcr aitv icuUueal pAtasiaajiai to astab
hi ctalM io sbl Usui kasuv Use Hiajtols
and K resteer, al The Dalle
day uf June, laat
tMagaat. m lit aftsj
HeHiHaa wetness IImn Asm. Itv
wi ,-viissna, inrsjo, i v Mara aaat AUIIIe
Luaas. ot nesal, Otgs; Mlelssei 0C
Auy ami all asmsas rlaltala adas!-
we .iuv ismm are nwuftaa to Mtolssist riaiass
.L. I.hj. m . .J L '
att or IwAtr I ft sM tWi Vr or
J Hr1T ItrtsSf,
sss-ii MICIIAHI.T. MtlLAN. Maglslar.
Tlrubrr tend, Act Juue 3. teyl,
L'. . teud IMhcsr. Tb Iksrbrs rtensau.
Matafa SI US. ImS
.ik rbf ivu thai la rsmstrisauac wh
bepruvisoflbaAaiorCougi" .'
f!Ti' 'lil"." ft?1 ""f th Ml ofltalaVaVtraa
I'nWle teml States by set of Autfu-t 4. 1,
I'rank (llavw.
ol Krdmoud.j rounly uf Cttaak. staU uf Olegsm.
lias thU day
y Hlssl lu Ihls urac bU swsmh stale
jAoj. lor llrt iMtrckase of Us e k trf
...b... Sfu A. - i- .. . "i "
..,,. r. nu.imiH IHtrcnas uf IA se
. . ip ai a, r 13 r. w m.
And will offer tuuof U show that Ike Uad
7"i " uotst vaiuaia Aa- iu lliulser ar stostr
uT Mr4'eulimiMa. audtu oslaWUh
I Is claim to satif Uml braee lb Coaaly JnT 4
I rllievtlU, Oregon, an Hi 1 jib day 7 Jetlf, Ifrst.
fi.,iJi"M"i,i?.w.'."Mm sBl1" 1'Hm.lrft.rltSt.
OregpH. and W II aiaat. h. W II, KHcy ami
Chart Htanbuiough, all of lletnl, II eW T
Dalluiciit of the Inlerlor.
I' H. Uml OfTic Th lallaa, Oregon,
, Artll, 3, IV.
Notice I hersliv uban tt. rti,...i
named settler haa fft,rnil ..t 1,1. l...T..l.. ...
make iwiiMiuuilon iuol In upHHt 7iif fTalm.
and Hut said proof will be made before II. C.
itnis, 1; n. touiiiiissioutr, Ht liisofnirlu llcud.
orcguii, on June nth, iv-.. vlsi
John fiulhraiiMii,
of rtciid, Oregon, on II. H, Nfl. 1440, ff ,c ,
sec 11, Ip iv. r lor. w 111.
n,.,,H.,.,?.mw "" f"ll"wt"K wlllltsssau lu prow his
Miiiiiiimii, rsuk-leiife ii(hiu and cnlllvailou 1,1
salil UihI.vUi
f)lluB llitlll Jnn 1 s.,1
.,.,. . .ivi. -',-" .. "!."L .r"".""i """
- -" iiivuMuiw luue, an 01 IKiul. (Irruiin
4or aiiiii
Ikkioathd Iani I have a few
choice tracts from .jo to ibo acres
each that can be bought nt a bar
gain, P, jit Tompkins, Uank
BttliaitiE. 43U
Any and all peisona claiming ailvwsely Ike
alve deasr lunl lands are rssjnestriTle fife their
claims In till UfK, f uf.w, .aid 10 Jay of
Jiily.ii. MICIIAHI.T kui,an, Kriktir.